A Vegans Emotional Plea To The Paris Public…

[UltraVid id=203 ]How do we get there maybe all right so here we are with Paris AV so amazing that wherever we go on earth there’s always a cube of truth in the middle of whatever city it is it’s just amazing how far this has spread people standing there doing outreach with individuals who probably have never seen anything like what happens in a slaughterhouse before just worldwide viral vegan education it’s so good to see just walking up to it it’s just inspirational I love it there’s a fire inside your heart let it light up the world [Music] I think see you that mdn Wow this is a vegan hat yeah do you care about the oceans yes they’re basically animal agriculture contributes to every major environmental destruction we face leading causes of Amazon deforestation ocean dead zones global warming land use water use all these animals need food to eat and they grow the grain 50% of the world’s grain is fed to animals in livestock production we have starving people in countries that don’t have food and also the abuse that’s inherent in the industry can’t be avoided they are all no matter how high Welfare slaughterhouse you go to a bolt gun and a head slashed across the throat and dismembered into pieces sentient life like all other species they want to live desire a life of freedom and we take that from them when we purchase animal products so the reason we talk to consumers is because talking to industry when they’re making money off of demand is impossible they won’t change why would they talking to consumers though changes where the money goes and we boycott these industries and essentially they stop doing this to animals and the planet and that’s our only hope is basically consumers it’s really hard it was difficult it was hard to get here didn’t ya he was environmentalist but hard I couldn’t bring anything out come out of there why does the rainforest mother why does the rain forest matter for oxygen so so cuz it cuz it habitat for those native tribes there in Brazil ok because it impacts us directly so we care about human beings and our sentient life yeah he said he cared about the rainforest and I said well why does a rainforest matter he said because of our option I said it good so you care about human sentient life and I said for the same reasons you care about human sentient life we extend that to other sentient life we extend that same care that we do for human sentient life to other sentient life as well the rainforests obviously a lot of different species live in the rainforest you know chimpanzees and monkeys and tigers and elephants but we would say like yeah they’re all important species human beings are an important species but cows pigs chickens lambs fish the way they see realities not too much different to the way these other animals do in the way that we do as ugh too much of a jump he couldn’t it was human supremacists in his value system so I didn’t see he did yeah halfway through 14 countries just me and my man over there Abdullah the legendary cameraman the man behind the camera do you understand what vegan is vegan you know what vegan means I used to love meat – yeah I love the tech is – like the taste taste I used to like the taste but then when I see how it’s made it makes me feel sick and I feel bad for the animals yeah I feel guilty yeah put yourself in the animals body and imagine what it would feel like for them if it were you when we pay for meat you pay for animals to be hurt without if you don’t pay these places shut down that’s a good yeah [Music] there will always be people who will eat it but you won’t so so let me give you you know I’m yes at well do you hurt people okay why there’s always going to be people who hurt people if you stop hurting people it won’t change everything but it will change in your life you won’t be hurting animals anymore okay when you yeah it’s hard so it’s called appealing to futility when someone says if they stop consuming animal products this is still going to happen you can’t stop all the violence so why should I stop but you could apply that same reasoning in the human context and say look I mean people are always going to abuse their wife or abuse children or you know abused dogs and cats so why should I stop why shouldn’t what you know people would never apply that same justification in the human context because it would sound ridiculous you know we stop in our own lives because we adhere to a moral system and why should that moral system change when it comes to animals just shouldn’t every single person here in that cube every single vegan you see here grew up eating the flesh of animals you don’t have to only if you make a change now and you teach it’s hard but is it but let’s just talk don’t worry about everyone let’s just talk about you you the power you have you have this power well you I mean I can see you have a big heart your complete compassionate person that makes you sad because you feel what they feel that’s good that’s what I do – it hurts my heart every day and instead of now I try to convince people to stop doing this to them because you’re our only hope you’re their only hope the animals only hope this here challenge 22 you can try a vegan livestock where every time I think of you know eating meat when I first might think I think of the animals and I don’t call it me anymore you know what I call her animals I think of who I’m eating not what I mean who was it [Music] we appreciate the hat good one eh I feel like I’m in such a good mood right now hey considering we’re so tired like I was so tired before like I felt like death warmed up now I feel like Gary Yourofsky on outreach without our money this doesn’t happen thank you dude like I’m trying to get a card out

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