Are Pets Vegan? Dog-matic Vegans Say No | +What Pets Can You Feed Vegan?!

[UltraVid id=152 ]I’m like in today after many requests pets specifically is the concept of pets vegan are we just farming them for an oxytocin rush and then telling ourselves they’re having a good time or are they key to the human experience and help people empathize with animals and finally can cats and dogs be fed a vegan diet this topic is a hard one for vegans because we generally love animals and love being around them a lot probably too much from a selfish perspective we get a lot of benefits from having pets less anxiety more comfort and happiness and as this one study concluded they can even help you better recover from rejection but what about from the animals perspective let’s just jump right into the big philosophical question does having a pet get in the way of veganism and the idea of not exploiting not controlling and not inducing suffering upon animals from a purist perspective of animal suffering prevention it would be easy to say no sure in a vacuum may be a great way to reduce pet suffering is to not have pets at all you won’t be taking away the reproductive abilities by castrating or neutering them there’s no chance of you neglecting them and you’re not taking any animals out of their natural habitat well these are valid points I don’t think it is constructive to integrate these viewpoints into wider vegan thinking not only because it depends on the animal species but because there are already so many things that vegans can’t do which prevents people from becoming vegan in the first place there are things you can’t eat things you can’t wear and those are pretty clear-cut and shouldn’t be compromised but to say that you can a pets is a little much especially when in the US for example 60% of people have some type of pet to get a really good answer on this we’d essentially have to calculate the impossible which would be figuring out how much animal death and suffering would be prevented by vegans spreading a no pet message versus how much animal death and suffering would not be prevented if we scare everybody away by presenting ourselves as an anti pet cult one thing is for sure though pets play an undeniable role in connecting humans with animals and making them empathize with all animals including the ones that are regular for that reason and so many more I think pets are awesome and absolutely fit within a vegan ideology all of this being said vegans need to get their cruelty-free pet game on lock let’s do this firstly it is definitely not in line with basic vegan logic to buy from a breeder the commodification of animals was in the breeding industry the cruelty and all the forestry production it just goes too deep and there’s really no justification with how many animals are available to rescue but what’s the point in rescuing a single animal if you end up feeding it hundreds of chickens and dozens of pigs and other animals over the next decade this is the most overlooked aspect of being a vegan pet owner the pet is unexcelled if you have a pet piranha for example every fish that you feed it you in a sense might as well be eating because you are adding to that animal footprint as the person who decided to get a piranha yes the animals that you feed your pet are not going directly into your body but you essentially need to draw a giant circle around you and whatever type of animal you have and take responsibility for the animals that are getting fed to either one of you and I know some of you are like ah but I already have a cat from before I went vegan and don’t worry we’ll take a good level head and look at how to solve that in a bit but first I’ve asked the question can you even own an animal are they even yours quick answer this idea is generally why vegans opt out of the idea of animal ownership and instead go for the companionship title let’s be honest though this is really not a two-way street there are certainly some animals that own their humans now I can’t go all the way through this video without asking the question are we still exploiting our pets even though we think we’re giving them a great life and that we view them as companions it’s a sort of an abstract idea but vegans don’t consume byproducts from animals to avoid animal exploitation but in a sense we do get byproducts from our pets albeit not physical but for example we do use them for oxytocin or joy or comfort and the truth is how do you really know how much comfort and joy and animals Tirion singh unless you have of course a thermal-imaging camera and a veterinary scientist then you know exactly what they’re feeling the point is because need to examine this and their implications for example you should not keep an animal alive past the point where it’s suffering just because it might make you feel good and because you love it you still have to look at it the level-headed way okay now to the logistical question Ken dogs or even cats be vegan we know they’re not herbivores but let’s start with dogs from pet MD dr. Jennifer Coates writes quote the answer is yes dogs can eat a vegetarian diet and thrive even veganism consuming a diet that does not include any animal products though a little trickier is possible for dogs of course what you can find people that will disagree with this there’s no denying that amazing results have been achieved I usually stay away from anecdotes but this one from a statistical perspective is undeniable bramble the vegan border collie set the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002 for the oldest living dog at 27 years old 14 years later bramble is still number five given the minut fraction of vegan dogs across the world that is an undeniable fact about how vegan dogs can thrive and I also happen to live with a 16 year old vegan dog named Milo and let’s just say he’s doing a heck of a lot better than most 16 year old dogs which are dead he’s a little special but then again he’s always been a little special like any doggie diet a vegan diet can be done wrong it’s best to give your dog a supplement with or food with l-carnitine and taurine to cover the bases though they can make their own taurine with enough protein in their diet which happens to be 25 or more grams per 1000 calories so don’t feed them a high carb fruitarian diet back to dr. Coates quote the right balance of different plant-based sources of protein example beans corn soy and whole grains can still provide the needed amino since there’s plenty of vegan dog foods out there that need the Association of American feed control officials guidelines but yes you should definitely still take your dog for regular checkups final point there seems to be a nun proportional shaming toward vegans that feed their dogs a vegan diet sure if you feed them a crappy vegan diet will shorten their life span but so will being overweight like forty five percent of the dogs in the US but no one seems to be telling the literally tens of millions of people that have an overweight dog in their home hey did you know you may be literally killing your pet with kindness but kibbles mom’s food is not an excuse to kill your dog prematurely I also find evilly hazard is to be regularly feeding your dog the diseased and hormone pumped not fit for consumption animal parts as well as the processed foods that go into standard dog food when it comes to cats though the pushback is even stronger and understandably so cats are obligate carnivores meaning they require certain nutrients from animals for example they cannot make taurine at all unlike dogs along with a lot of other nutrients that are only found in animals to the point where most experts definitely advise against it in the words of Lou Olsen PhD and author on the subject quote trying to feed a cat a vegan diet would be like me feeding my horses meat you’re taking a whole species of animal and trying to force it to eat something that it is not designed to handle but does that mean it can’t be done without inflicting suffering well this certainly hasn’t stopped countless numbers of people from putting their cats on a vegan diet with the several different types of vegan cat food available some of which like many products in the u.s. failed to meet their advertised level of nutrients how old is a vegan cat food that meets guidelines fare well in this year-long study though none of the cats reached a taurine deficiency status three out of the seventeen or about eighteen percent of them ended up with low taurine levels all of the cats b12 indicator levels remained fine but they didn’t test for everything that a cat needs being a vegan if the cat also puts you in between a rock and a hard place litter in the sense that the low pH of a vegan diet can lead to blockages in the urethra of your cat this is more of an issue for male pads than female cats the pH of your cat’s urine must be monitored and you can also add acidifier like vitamin C to your cat’s water I think it’s important to tackle this with a level head if you are a vegan you do not want to be exploiting animals or supporting the livestock industry by buying pet food but you also don’t want to be causing suffering for your cat this presents two options number one feed your cat a vegan diet monitor them regularly with their pH and take them for check-ups and possibly put them at a higher risk of some issues or number two figure out a way to get meat without increasing animal suffering or supporting the livestock industry one solution that is work for people is talking to a local restaurant and getting their meat based waste but oh wait you’re a cat person so you’re probably an introvert other options could be be a free game for your cat and dumpster-dive for meat or you can go the roadkill route which is pretty gross all of these things I would be against a human doing for health and ethical reasons but a cat that might be suffering otherwise go for it and finally again there is no criticism of the widespread poor dietary practices for cats for example it’s yeah it’s not natural to feed them no meat but it’s also not natural to feed them a fish that is 10 to 100 times their size and loaded with mercury aka tuna in this study cats that ate the tuna diet too not just have elevated levels of mercury they also walk blessed vocalize less and played less yes played less now I can’t cover every species here but the final point is that most animals are not gonna do that well as pets we’ve had a symbiotic relationship with dogs for sixteen to thirty two thousand years which means they are quite well adjusted some scientists even say that we have yet to fully domesticate cats and they’ve only been living in and around humans for about nine thousand years which is why if you die in your home they we’ll eat you man’s best friend of me for you in conclusion give me ten million dollars to create the most well tested best vegan cat food ever made no one all seriousness is probably better if you don’t get a new indoor cat if you already have one just do your best to reduce animal suffering on all counts and if you have a dog just make sure you have a certified food that does it in terms of nutritional value and get regular checkups and maybe they will reach sixteen like Milo currently is or 27 like Brambleton as for rescuing other species just be aware of the animals needs make sure you have year-round outdoor space and make sure you start an Instagram account showing people how awesome your baby pig goat or whatever is so they stop eating as many animals alright that’s it for today feel free to let me know down below if you agree or disagree with any of my pet philosophies alright thank you for watching you

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