[UltraVid id=16 ]All right guys okay so now the stream is up and running sorry for the little delay here I tried to do something else this time I want to do a Google Hangouts because I had certain screens that I want to share with you this is something that you cannot do on the YouTube stream but in Vietnam apparently the Google hangout is allele yes I don’t know why that is but anyhow we have to roll with the regular YouTube stream here unfortunately I cannot share any videos or pictures on this thing but well we gotta make the best of it so people are tuning in awesome fantastic good that you found this one so hello Bobbi FX vegan made it again hey brother how you doing hi Bobby says GeForce hos high g-force steak Lynn says hashtag Flat Earth that’s still a thing I bozo phone police bozo salut Sava are you from Freiburg no I am from Leverkusen slash Cola what’s up what up hello Bobby showing this to then says sank moto shown in Busan or Deutschland I’m superior to everyone else in this chat says Henrique alright hi everybody hey guys I just want to inform you real quick in case you haven’t seen it I was on the primal edge health podcast with Tristan it was a really really good chat aside from the bad internet connection it’s absolutely terrible here I hope you can see me clearly so let me know in the comments if you can see me well other than that it was a really really good talk we talked for about two and a half hours or so Tristan is a really cool dude again shout-out to him thank you very much for the invite it was an open-minded conversation that we had absolutely amazing I know many in the vegan community think that he is a total asshole and he and I vegan and he wants to bash the movement I really have to say my experience was totally on the contrary super nice guy super good chat we exchanged ideas and that’s about it so if you haven’t seen it please head over to primal edge health and check it out on that note I’m gonna post the link in the description box just give me a moment here and then you can check it out for yourself it was a really really cool talk so one second place we go and let’s share this and here we are so that is the link to our discussion core talk if you will was a lot of fun and I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it as well so head over there with an open mind not with hate and check it out it was a really cool talk okay enough of that let me see what we have here in the chat okay so positive is Slovenia positive I don’t get it don’t get arrested man says FX vegan I’m producing good content thank you very much now I didn’t work out so it is illegal to have a Google hangout in Vietnam for whatever reason it is not available in this country anyways so how does your diet looks like right now asks orangutan there’s a really good question so guys as you know I left veganism behind for now this is why I called this stream beyond veganism because I want to clarify one thing straight off the bat I do not want to bash veganism I have absolutely no interest in that veganism was very very good to me in the first years I enjoyed it and through veganism I met so many beautiful people absolutely amazed experience I just have to say that on top of that veganism gave me the perspective of finally coming into let’s say congruence with my own worldview so therefore I loved it it was really really beautiful I don’t have any interest in bashing the diet but on the way unfortunately I encountered certain deficiencies and certain issues with the diet that I just couldn’t resolve no matter what I did hence I changed the diet up and s for right now I can still say that I’m eating plant-based in that sense but I’m eating eggs and I’m eating fish so I’m eating quail eggs and fish eggs I’m not even eating chicken eggs whatsoever because chicken eggs after the first week out of a sudden they started giving me a little bit of brain fog for whatever reason and I talk to other people as well and they have the same thing happening to them with chicken eggs I do not know what’s in them but somehow I cannot really focus when I’m eating chicken eggs with quail eggs it feels pretty good but with fish eggs on the other hand I feel supremely centered and aligned must be the DHA and the epa so therefore that is what i’m eating they’re both raw sometimes I have some cooked quail eggs but usually I eat it raw and about the fish it is mainly sashimi and sushi with certain exceptions here and there but only because of the price I have to admit if I could eat only raw fish all the time Salman and tuna and such a would would eat only raw fish it is much much better absorbable and the energy that you’re getting out of raw fish is unparalleled that is absolutely amazing and yeah the cooked fish on the other hand is obviously cheaper but it is nowhere near health wise or effective wise if you will when you compare it to the raw fish but yeah that’s basically what I’m eating as for right now I’m still open to try different things but as for right now this is basically how I eat but I cut Oh tofu I cut out beans completely out of my diet and I feel much much better alright awesome chat with Tristan says enhance your wellness yeah thank you very much I think so too he’s a great moderator awesome job at the interview I really had a lot of fun talking to him yeah there was another one says that the live stream of Tristan was great keto classic awesome thank you very much okay video is a bit blurry sometimes but for the rest it’s all good okay cool thanks for the feedback but we got to go we’ll watch the replay see you later fruit peace alright so and you can make a new what I eat in a day video yeah we’ll make a new what I eat in a day video and I already know that it will generate a lot of hate again as I’ve been getting lately many people got very very angry that it’s of course understandable honestly I totally get it I personally never liked that hate even when I was vegan I always thought it’s completely unnecessary because I was always open minded and I understood that certain people will have different needs that is just what’s going on but people cannot accept that they can’t accept that certain people really can not thrive from the vegan diet it’s hilarious you know because you see many people promoting the vegan diet and if you are objective enough you can see that they are not thriving themselves but they’re still promoting it and they really believe in it and when somebody drops out they blame him of course it’s not the diet it’s the bad boy Bobby that dropped out that’s just not true obviously because I tried it all I talked about that before ok Bobby why did you decide to chat with Tristan I’m sorry I still don’t really understand besides the platform you get from speaking with others it’s simple when somebody asks me respectfully from man to man to have a talk I will do so I really don’t understand why I wouldn’t it doesn’t matter if we share the same ideas or we don’t anybody invites me respectfully to have a talk why would I say no I don’t get it you see that in the vegan community and I talked about this with Tristan as well he invited goji man he invited other vegans they don’t say yes to his invitation so who’s wrong here if you are so convinced that your diet your movement works why don’t you step up

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