[UltraVid id=18 ]Whoa do you see all the vegan food here? Hello everyone it’s rose and welcome back to cheat lazy vegan and another video today you guys is something that I haven’t done for a very long time which is a grocery haul but it’s not just a grocery haul this is going to be a grocery guide for anyone that is new to veganism or is interested in transitioning into a vegan or anyone that’s just interested in a more plant-based lifestyle in general I know that this is vegan uary at the moment which is when people go vegan for the month of January and so there may be a lot of you that are very new and kind of overwhelmed with this lifestyle so I hope that this video is of help to you I have tons of recipe videos on this channel that are simple and easy and affordable to show you guys the vegan lifestyle is really not that difficult if you plan it properly and if you kind of are going into it with a little bit of research a little bit of knowledge so I’m hoping that this video can provide you with a little bit of that I actually have done a video like this a few years ago when I kind of first started my youtube channel and it’s actually very relevant today so if you want to watch this video and the older one both might be helpful to you I actually filmed that one in the UK when I used to live in London so if you aren’t living in the UK maybe that’s more relevant to you now I live in Canada so yeah all of these products that I purchased are from just one big grocery store meaning I did not go to a Whole Foods I did not go to a natural food store of any sort I just went to a plain old big grocery store I just want to remind you guys that you don’t need to shop at Whole Foods you don’t need to shop at Planet Organic of course those places are great and wonderful for a lot of things but the majority of the time I just show up at a regular grocery store you don’t need to go to those expensive stores to maintain a few can lifestyle so yeah I’m just going to go ahead and show you guys everything I got I’m also gonna go through how much everything costs at the very end so I hope you guys enjoy alright everyone here are the groceries lined up on my island here I’m standing on my stool so hopefully this cheap stool from Ikea will not break wish me luck hi this is totally old school cheap lazy vegan style I’m excited I’m gonna show you guys everything here I’m gonna go through everything and I’m also going to tell you in the end how much everything costs so you get an idea of vegan food costs spoiler alert it’s really not expensive to shop vegan anyways let’s get started alright I’m gonna start in this left corner here and these are kind of my grains I kind of arranged it in the best of my ability so bread really important a lot of people think bread is not vegan friendly that’s just not true a lot of bread especially store-bought bread like this is vegan friendly just make sure you check the ingredients list but most of the time it is actually big and friendly so I always like to get whole-grain just because it’s a little bit healthier so yeah we also have some pastas again people think pasta is not vegan friendly most of the time it is guys just make sure again check that ingredients list by the way if you’re new vegan and you’re confused at the ingredients list if it says may contain when it says may contain it is an allergy issue for example they may have produced this in a factory that also produces something that contains eggs so it doesn’t mean that the end product contains eggs they’re just basically covering their basis by telling people ok we do produce eggs in the same factory so if it says may contain eggs or may contain milk you’re still good to go unless you are actually allergic I still purchase things for example this thing says may contain eggs but it doesn’t actually contain eggs so to me that’s vegan lasagna noodles oven ready I love lasagna I love making lasagna it’s one of my favorite things to make especially for non vegans because it always forgetting tastes so good so I do have a recipe on this I seriously I need to do another lasagna recipe video because I feel like there’s so many ways to make a delicious vegan lasagna we also have some whole-grain spaghetti so yeah pasta bread usually vegan friendly ok right guys I bought some sushi rice because I wanted to make sushi so rice is very different depending on the brand that you buy depending on the kind this is sushi rice it’s basically like Japanese rice Japanese or Korean rice is gonna be stickier and that’s the kind of rice I like so yeah this is gonna be white rice I normally like to just eat brown rice but for sushi white rice is good noodles yay this is so convenient this one comes in a four pack which makes me very happy oh da noodles are so convenient especially this kind that is already precooked it literally takes like not even 2 minutes to cook up it’s cheap it’s super quick it’s so good oh my god I love you don’t know so much honestly this is like the cheap lazy vegan it’s a staple it’s really good to have especially for the days when you get lazy I always like to prepare for those days when I don’t want to cook when I just want something really quick and new da noodles are gonna be great okay rice is wonderful but it takes a long time to cook ludo noodles not so much literally you can make a meal in less than 10 minutes with uno noodles all right so this is kind of miscellaneous I’m just gonna show you guys I got two things of nori sheets these are roasted seaweed sheets this is great for sushi guys so if you want to make sushi rolls nori sheets are so delicious and they’re really really great you can also like cut them up into like little pieces and just put them on top of your rice stuff like that all right let’s move on this way I’ve got tofu you guys know I love tofu my store was out of extra firm tofu I don’t know why or the brand that I normally use so this one is medium firm tofu I have a full video where I talk about tofu so I’m gonna link that down below if you guys are interested in everything there is to know or at least everything that I know about tofu I’m not like a tofu genius but I love tofu so much so yeah this is my laughs and if you buy these most of the time these packages as long as you don’t open them they do last a really long time in the fridge so just check the expiration date like this one expires end of January so I still have like almost a month to consume this once you open it up though it only lasts like a few days in the fridge so that’s one source of vegan protein a lot of people wonder about the in protein so let me go through my other sources of vegan protein here so we’ve got different kinds of beans and lentils so we’ve got black beans we have kidney beans and we also have green lentils these are canned which means they are just ready to eat or can literally just open them up and eat it okay so I love having canned beans and lentils in stock so that again for those days when I don’t feel like doing anything and I don’t feel like cooking and I just want a meal in 10 I have it just ready to go but sometimes you have extra time and that’s why dry beans come in handy these are dry chickpeas you can’t eat these okay these are dry you have to cook them first so first you want to soak it for about eight hours if not longer and then you cook it on the pot with tons of water let it come to a boil and then once it comes to a boil you want to turn that down to a simmer and let it simmer for like almost an hour or until they are really really soft okay so they’re gonna like double in size compared to what you can see here the reason why I want both is because generally dry beans tend to be cheaper so if you’re looking to save money or if you eat a lot of beans it’s actually really good to have dry beans that you cook in bulk and you can actually freeze them I would portion them out and freeze them that’s what I do quite often so that whenever I’m ready to eat them it’s pretty much like having canned means I’m ready to eat them take them out heat them up and you’re ready to go but sometimes I don’t have cooked beans already in the freezer okay because my life ain’t always together and that is why can’t beans come in handy these are essentials guys tofu and beans lentils these are my protein essentials love these protein sources absolutely necessary I would throw them into pretty much every single meal that I have nuts and seeds as well which I have enough of in my pantry which is why I didn’t I didn’t buy any new ones here but yeah really really really essential ingredients right here whoo Wow my my arm hurts geez okay let’s go through these so diced tomatoes that’s all in French guys okay diced tomatoes and tomato sauce I love having some form of canned tomato either dice or tomato sauce this is so handy really really good for so many different types of dishes chili if you want to make a pasta sauce if you want to make I don’t know anything diced tomatoes tomato sauce I think are really really great ingredients to have I use them so often so really good all right now let’s move on to this little area here let’s go through the back almond milk avi any sort of non-dairy milk really really good to have you’re in your fridge and you can also get ones that you don’t even need to refrigerate so if you just want to keep them in your pantry until you are ready to have it then that’s also good yeah mmm look I have two frozen things here I love frozen veggies fruit these are really really great to have for you know smoothies for example we’ve got four berry blend I’m gonna use these for a smoothie really really really good to have especially berries because I feel like fresh berries go bad really quickly so it’s good to have frozen ones to throw into smoothies and of course frozen veggies are also a must really good to have around especially for those lazy days what’d I tell you just always prepare for a rainy day okay quite often again produce goes bad really quickly and maybe you’re busy maybe you don’t go grocery shopping very often maybe you just don’t find yourself cooking enough for you to have fresh produce in your fridge all the time frozen veggies are such an essential even if you do have fresh produce most of the time which I normally do but sometimes you know maybe I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping frozen veggies and they still have nutritional benefits some people say that frozen veggies are actually more nutritious because they are frozen at that peak time when they are when the veggies are nutritious I don’t know if that is true but I’ll believe it right here we have hummus really really great vegan essential this one’s roasted pine nut hummus hummus is just awesome you don’t just have to use it as a dip you can use it as a spread you can even use it as like a pasta sauce if you’re super lazy you can just take the dough hummus some pasta dough and just mix it together maybe make like a pasta salad really really really good sauces let’s get on with the sauces I have tons of other sauces in my fridge I’ll show you guys if I have time but this might be a really long video already so I don’t know one thing to note is that so many sauces dressings things like that are vegan friendly by nature honestly you can get so many different kinds of sauces and spices and all of that stuff here we go we’ve got pasta sauce I always like to have a jar of pasta sauce just ready again for a rainy day if I’m feeling super lazy literally it’s so easy to just cook up a bit of pasta and then throw in a bit of sauce maybe throw in some beans some lentils and maybe throw in some veggies and here we go we’ve got a full-on meal that’s ready in like ten minutes so this one is sweet basil marinara do remember to check the ingredients list for your pasta sauces sometimes they do contain some milk or some ingredients that you might not want just make sure you just peak that ingredients list after a while of being vegan you’ll be able to look at ingredients list really quickly you just have this like really quick eye to look for milk ingredients or eggs or stuff like that so yeah pasta sauce always like to have in my pantry we also have some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce this is so good I’m gonna make cauliflower wings with this I love spicy sauce I love Frank’s hot sauce is so good and I also bought some balsamic vinegar this is just so I can use that as a dressing or maybe I’ll make something like other sauces out of it but yeah it’s good to have around and we also have some sweet chili sauce I don’t know if you guys have tried sweet chili sauce but it’s so yummy it’s so good on so many different things I can sometimes use it as a dressing or even to dip my veggies oh my gosh it’s so yummy I love it so much I also have ketchup body a low-sodium ketchup all right I guess now we can go through the produce section now obviously produce is all vegan which is great I’m just gonna show you guys what I bought I got some blueberries I just wanted some fruit I don’t eat enough fruit and I think one of the reasons is because I hate washing peeling fruit so blueberries are easy to eat so love them antioxidants hi laughs I got some broccoli this is organic it was on special I normally wouldn’t buy organic but hi we also got some avocado I got two avocados I think these are already right throw them in the fridge I don’t need to explain avocados do I you guys know how great avocados are already we got some spinach spinach is like my must-have green I love throwing spinach into smoothies I love stir-fried spinach I love just finish everything and you can freeze spinach as well if it’s starting to I don’t know if it’s in the fridge for a while and you’re not having it just freeze it and you can actually use that in smoothies so that’s what I do quite often which is what which is what I recommend I got two things of King oyster mushrooms and I got two because it was on like two for something and I love King oyster mushrooms oh they’re so good they just have a really good texture I don’t know something about the chew and I just love mushrooms love mushrooms so much speaking of mushrooms we got more we just got some white mushrooms here self-explanatory green onion self-explanatory let’s move on here I got some ginger I thought I would throw some ginger into some smoothies and also I love throwing ginger into like a stir-fry it’s so yummy so that’s what I got that and we also have some garlic AVI onion avi mushroom we went through that and then here we’ve got a couple of Chinese vegetables we’ve got baby bok choy which I love so much I don’t know what it is about baby bok choy or bok choy in general it’s so good pick some veggies that you really like and stick to those because you don’t have to you force yourself to eat you know stuff that you don’t like unless you don’t like any vegetable then you might want to work on it next I bought this Chinese broccoli I’ve never actually cooked this so I’m not really sure what’s gonna go down but I’m pretty excited about it and I assume I have to cook it with a lot of oil and water but probably need to google it I want to cook it probably with some garlic and I just feel like it’s gonna be delicious because I don’t know I’ve had this in Chinese restaurants and it’s good it’s yummy and I also caught it because it was 30% off and last but not least I got some cucumber I love cucumbers they’re so refreshing they’re so easy to eat so convenient I always feel so clean when I eat cucumber it’s so good I’m gonna probably eat some with hummus very soon mm-hmm okay and there we have it guys oh my gosh looks like a lot of food right alright guys so that was my grocery haul and this entire thing which is going to last me a really long time has a lot of staples this cost me a hundred and fifteen dollars and twenty five cents Canadian so that right now is the equivalent of about $85 u.s. I’m not sure what it is in pounds I will calculate that I mean to be fair the Canadian dollar isn’t doing that well at the moment it’s actually pretty bad but yeah this is 115 Canadian dollars for all of this food which i think is really good especially considering I got some major staples here that are going to last me along time for example the rice we’ve got who don’t noodles we’ve got you know lots of beans frozen veggies we got sauces that are gonna last me a long time so it’s really really affordable guys it does not have to be expensive following a vegan diet okay it’s not like I was even trying really hard to be super frugal either so I was just kind of like shopping for things I needed and it just turned out to be you know 115 dollars and again it seems like a lot of money 115 dollars but think about how much food I can make with all of this I can already think of so many different meals I can make with all of this food these are some essentials I hope you guys found this video helpful or you know educational or entertaining I don’t know if you did don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up there you go alright so that was my vegan grocery haul its lush guide of course this is not the end-all be-all I eat a lot of other things as well these are just some basic things that I do like to buy on a regular basis if you guys want to see kind of like a pantry slash fridge tour let me know because I can do one of those as well some people requested that so I can show you guys kind of what’s already in my pantry so that you can you know compiled that information along with this information and kind of figure out all the things they can eat on a vegan lifestyle again I’ve lost the recipes on here on my youtube channel but yeah I wish you the best of luck I have done many videos before that are kind of catered toward beginner vegans and people that are interested in a vegan lifestyle so I’ll link some of those videos down below so you guys can get some more information and more resources from me I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy it or found it helpful please give it a big thumbs up and of course if you’re new to cheap lazy vegan don’t forget to subscribe for more vegan inspiration and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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