Vegan Strongman BLASTS Joe Rogan After Being Insulted In Podcast

Baboumian was born on 1 July 1979 in Abadan, the son of Armenian parents. He emigrated to Germany with his mother and grandmother at the age of seven. By the age of nine, he had developed an interest in weight training, which led him to pursue bodybuilding.

In 1999, Baboumian won the IFBB German Junior Bodybuilding Championship, and in 2002 he became the Overall Junior Champion at the Gießen Campions-Cup. Baboumian held the world log lift record in the 105k category (165 kg), as well as the German heavyweight loglift record (180 kg) and the title of “Strongest Man of Germany” (105 kg division). Since 2006, he has been competing at IFSA Strongman events. In 2007, Baboumian competed at the FSA -105 kg World Championships and ended up in 14th place.

Baboumian lifted 162.5 kg in his second attempt in the German log lift nationals 2009. The next year, he set a new German heavyweight log lifting record with 180 kg. In 2011, Baboumian competed at the loglifting world championship and placed 4th with a new German overall record of 185 kg. On 21 May 2011, he lifted 190 kg in Finland, winning the local competition. He also won the title of “Germany’s Strongest Man” in 2011 by winning the open division at the German strongman nationals. On September 20, 2015, Baboumian beat his own record by completing the yoke walk with 560 kg in Germany

Baboumian has been a vegetarian since 2005 and became a vegan in 2011. In November 2011, he became the new face of a campaign by the animal rights organization PETA, advocating a vegan diet
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Baboumian, presented with the following measures:

Height: 1.71m
Bodyweight: 116 kg
Biceps: 50 cm
Bench: 215 kg
Squat: 370 kg
Deadlift: 360 kg

1999 int. German Champion Jun. Bodybuilding-IFBB
2009 German Team-Champion Strongman-GFSA
2009 German Champion log lift -GFSA
2009 Record log lift -105 kg (165 kg)
2010 German Champion log lift -GFSA
2010 German record in log lift +105 kg (180 kg)
2011 Germany’s Strongest Man
2011 German record in loglifting +105 kg (185 kg)
2011 German record in beer keg lifting (13 reps)
2012 Guiness record beer keg lifting (150,2 kg)
2012 Guiness record Front Hold 20 kg (1:26,14 Minutes)
2013 World record yoke-walk, 550,2 kg over 10 m in Toronto
2015 World record yoke-walk, 560 kg in 28 seconds

(Source: WikiPedia)
★ Cowspiracy ➞ https://youtu.be/nV04zyfLyN4
★ NutritionFacts.Org ➞ https://goo.gl/BdNbiU
★ Veganuary ➞ http://www.veganuary.com/


Jaden Smith Opens Free Vegan Fod Truck To Feed Homeless People With Free Meals

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith did a damn good job raising those children of theirs, and their kiddos are proving that more and more every single day. Over the weekend, Jaden took to Instagram to introduce his brand new I Love You restaurant. According to his caption, the purpose of this pop-up food truck is to give “people what they deserve” by offering homeless people in Los Angeles free vegan meals. Smith set up shop in Los Angeles’ Skid Row district, which contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless people in the United States. Earlier in 2019, Smith announced that he will help Flint’s water crisis by using some of the profits generated by his JUST Water company to install filtration systems around the city in an effort to purify their contaminated water.



Welcome back to the channel everybody and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about ten celebrities that you didn’t know we’re begin so without further ado let’s get right into the video number one guys is Chris Hemsworth yes his personal trainer tried to see if he can keep all of his muscle mass on a vegan diet and to their surprise it actually did and actually allow him to build muscle – without any use of animal products which pretty much takes away the whole little mincing oh you need animal protein to get both so guys I personally feel that Chris Hemsworth his brother Liam Hemsworth actually introduced him to being vegan and it is freaking phenomenal number two guys is one of the most influential freakin musicians in the world and that is Beyonce and recently beyonce has actually announced that she has gone vegan and on top of that in early 2019 she encouraged her huge fan base to go vegan as well which is freaking astonishing guys and for vegan number three guys is Ellen DeGeneres one of the greatest TV personalities in the freaking world so guys this is what she says about veganism I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on animal cruelty suddenly I realized that what was on my plate we’re actually living please love me and I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer I read books like diet for a new American and saw documentaries like Earthlings and meat near me and it became an easy choice for me guys shout out for ellen degeneres worth getting into the speaking lifestyle that is freaking of me number four is Miley Cyrus yes she is actually vegan and here is her story after the death of her dog in 2014 Cyrus dropped animal products and committed to a vegan lifestyle like many others Miley realized that life is very precious and if you pay attention every animal just wants to live and honestly shout out to Miley for having this realization because not everybody does realize this so definitely a shout out five guys is Mike Tyson yes one of the greatest boxers in history he is actually a vegan and on top of that guys he has actually been quoted saying that by him switching to a vegan lifestyle while putting his life back together he has felt that he has another chance at a healthy life again which is hella freakin amazing alright guys number six is Ariana Grande yes another influential musician and guys this is exactly what she quotes about her veganism quote unquote I love animals more than I love most people not kidding but I’m a firm believer in eating a full plant-based diet whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person and guys that is so true you just feel more happier and that is freaking amazing number seven is Liam Hemsworth he is vegan just like his brother Chris Hemsworth and just like his wife Miley Cyrus and this is what he has to say about veganism my own health and after all the information I gathered about the mistreatment of animals I couldn’t continue to eat meat the more I was aware of this the harder it was to do so this is so true once you’re aware of all these crazy things that happen it just wants you to become vegan so those who are in his footsteps are now go vegan you guys got this and it’s just so Me’s and have so many celebrities that are actually vegan number eight guys is Tobey Maguire yes one of the most amazing spider-man’s ever and he has switched to a vegan lifestyle and according to him the smell of leather makes him sick and he doesn’t want to around him it’s been rumored that he doesn’t allow any leather in his house whatsoever if his guests have leather products they must leave outside and oh my god that is a hella dedicated number 9 Ryan Gosling not only does he love vegan food but he actually is an animal rights activist and furthermore he urged Costco to go cage free on top of this guy’s he even wore a vegan leather jacket in the movie Blade Runner 20:49 which is hella freakin amazing dedication number 10 is Zac Efron a super freaking amazing actor and he actually says that he’s been experimenting with eating purely vegan and this is what he has to say quote unquote that’s completely changed the way my body works and the way that I metabolize food and the way that it turned my food into energy and the way that I sleep it’s brilliant it’s been great for my exercise and great for my overall routine guys that is so freakin amazing huge props does that get proper going vegan cuz this is super reason alright guys I hope you learned something freaking amazing with this video about some vegan celebrities I hope it inspires you in some way or just made you learn something new well guys this is my first time actually doing a video like this which took me some time it was very short but hopefully you guys liked it and for more videos like this and just more videos about veganism about whatever just click that subscribe button like the video comment let me know what y’all thought but alright guys thank you so freakin much for watching this video it means a lot to me and I will see you all next time on Monday peace out guys


Preacher Lawson: Comedian Hilariously Describes His Vegan Love Life – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

It’s really tough to be a comedian on America’s Got Talent right yeah super tough for some people not me not me yeah it is my name is Preeti Larsen I’m 27 and I was a part of season 12 of America’s Got Talent what do you do for a living I’m a spandrel comedian which means I’m unemployed and I do stand-up on the side hey is rain down I think you are unbelievably talented and I think this could be your time here all the judges be like we love you that was a good thing cuz I was like I’m about the winning [Applause] and then I was wrong but you know it doesn’t matter it’s okay twelve-year-old ventriloquist before I was on America’s Got Talent there’s really already eight gigs I will go to a lot of mics and I would be there for hours and I wouldn’t even get on stage at one point I was so broke I had negative 14 dollars and 87 cents in my bank count I never forget that number I’ll never forget them now since being on the show I sold out every comedy club I’ve ever been to and I’m not broken anymore hey mr. old Hollywood I’m Hollywood now I’ll show you how to work after America’s Got Talent I got both my brothers about to LA growing up things were super rough my family squeeze asleep in cars but my brothers always had my back so now was really cool to return the favor and if I’m not broke we are lame [Music] do they go away nah man nice try though Hollywood America’s Got Talent and changed my life and it’s helped me provide a better life for my whole family so when they called me to be a part of this show man it was crazy I had butterflies all over again [Music] I definitely want to prove the people that I’ve gotten better and I miss a second chance to win [Applause] dudas Rachel Lawson welcome welcome thank you thank you so much I appreciate it so what’s been going on with you since when I saw you lots of stuff I’ve been touring and stuff you know because of y’all you know people know me now that’s pretty cool how’s your family life how’s all that working out oh they love my money so it’s all good no it’s great I mean I remember when I before the show I crashed my mom’s car and she was like pay me back when you stopped making some money and I got to pay her back so that’s pretty cool yeah if my memory is good today you have a son that’s correct have us have a son no [Applause] yeah sure go for it preacher I don’t want to ask you any more questions because I’m getting it all wrong but I’m so glad that you’re here and I can’t wait to have a good belly laugh yeah I can’t wait to watch him I mean he’s gonna kill it I know it all right a little about myself I’m a vegan yes I’m a vegan which means I don’t yeah all right thank you three vegans all right I appreciate it so vegan we don’t eat animals we don’t eat meat or whatever and the reason I decide to be a vegan because I had a dog and I fell in love with my dog when I was like I can’t eat my dog you know I can’t can’t do it and I know most of us don’t eat our dogs you know but we pigs and guess what pigs are smarter than dogs pigs are smarter than chimpanzees they’re just ugly and you can’t eat something just because it’s ugly because if that’s the case some of y’all looking tasty tonight I know some y’all digging a black vegan he must be married to a white girl site we broke up so I asked not sure let’s try yes my ex is white all right I did a one white girl which is annoyed because I went black black black D black Puerto Rican black white it everyone’s like I know it like I came out of the closet or something like I knew you like avocado quinoa and salt and vinegar chips I don’t even know what that means okay I have no idea what that is white women are my type I just happen to live next to Trader Joe’s like it’s not something I’m searching for you know different dating a white girl specially the black man super different date is different kissing a white girl cuz white women have white makeup I don’t know if y’all noticed but I got a black face okay so kind of like making out with a powdered donut you know like it just gets all over your face when I looked in the mirror I thought I was turning white [Applause] some black people look at me they get mad early you had a white girlfriend you can’t get a black queen you like being black are you kidding me I love being black so much that I got a white girlfriend so I can make her baby we’ll come to favor that’s my plan my name is prison laughter thank you so much Thank You Richie Lawson no word of a lie if I would have kept hold up golden buzzer it would have been yours brother right now my cheeks are everything everything okay I’m with something I hope God hiding I think you were on fire today and I remember you from the past but I think today you really really brought everything like you really like fantastic and jeggings by the way please Jake no they’re not I mean the tight I know the site [Applause] hello there aren’t even words to describe how good I believe you are I think you’re a superstar I think every dream you have should come true this is a champion right here preach at Illinois this reminded me of I ran a record label and sometimes you put a single out and it’s a hit and then the next year you put a second single out and it becomes a bigger hit this is how I feel about you just now is that you are great before tonight you are fantastic congratulations oh please yeah yeah that’s it these super turns the boat you don’t mix they got you yes now through the chest about the makeup hey YouTube what’s happening click below to subscribe because there’s so much more talent


Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices | Melanie Joy | TEDxMünchen

Melanie Joy on Carnism and other food choices.

Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M. is a Harvard-educated psychologist, professor of psychology and sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, a noted speaker, and the author of “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.” Melanie is a recipient of the Institute of Jainology’s Ahimsa Award. Her work has been featured by numerous media outlets including the BBC, Germany’s ARD, ABC Australia, the New York Times and Spiegel Online. Melanie has given her carnism presentation on five continents. She is also the founder and president of the organization Beyond Carnism (formerly Carnism Awareness & Action Network) and the project Karnismus erkennen (German-speaking countries).

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


How to be an Atheist (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 17 – with JP Sears

How can you become a high-caliber atheist you’re going to need to learn how to become nothing like the close-minded underdeveloped religious people that you’re obviously better than so that you can rise to gold medal status and atheism I’m going to share with you the 10 essential atheist commandments that you need to know thou shalt not believe in anything that can’t be proven as an atheist your ability to believe that you can disprove things by pointing out that those things can’t be proven proves that you’re always right you can’t prove the heaven exists and that proves there is no heaven check my son thou shalt not have any religion pretty obvious here having a religion is a surefire way of killing your free will which is the holy grail of atheism since I found atheism my life is turned around I’ve never been happier life makes so much more sense to me now I love being an atheist thou shalt not be dogmatically close-minded your intelligence and being a person of science makes you more advanced than those with a dogmatic religious mindset science tells you what’s real and what’s not signs of not old end up path to truth it’s the only path to truth everything else is bogus thou shalt believe that no one can tell you what happens after you die heaven hell you’re smart enough to know that no one knows what happens I’ll tell you what happens you after you die nothing it’s just like you’ve gotten that safe and you never wake up that’s what happens guaranteed thou shalt not believe in saviors and their holy books you need to understand that the idea of one man in his book having all the answers is foolish if you want to know the truth you need to read God Delusion by Richard Dawkins it explains everything so true thou shalt view creationism as an insulting ly childish idea as an atheist you need to be appalled at the idea that some higher power could magically create this intricate world the world was created by the Big Bang there was almost immeasurable power to it much more power than what a person is capable of harnessing it’s like there was a higher amount of power in the Big Bang thou shalt criticize religious people for being offended when their beliefs are questioned it’s them showing signs of their weakness and their inability to be rash you think science is limited let me tell you something there is nothing more accurate than science don’t you use your brain maybe God didn’t give you a brain cuz there is no God so you got no brain thou shalt not believe that invisible forces are influencing you that’s about as likely as a bunny Lena chocolate egg gravity is a force constantly at work you’re under its influence 24/7 you can’t see it but it’s there Newton’s law and what have you though shalt replace flimsy faith with reason faith is a fleeting fallacy of the heart that’ll cause you to sail off the edge of the world reason ensures that your head always stays in control you can have complete faith that your ability to reason always leads you to the best decisions possible which is pretty reasonable thou shalt not believe that God is a loving God that is if there really was a God as an atheist you know that if there really was a loving God he wouldn’t let people get hurt and suffer it’s just common sense which also proves there is no God that’s substantial proof that you’re a bad parent and don’t love your children if you let them use your own free will because it will cause them to get hurt sometimes loving parents keep their children in cages so they’ll never get hurt that’s love with a solid grasp of these Commandments you’ll have a good life is a high functioning free thinking atheist enjoy what’s more important than subscribing to atheism is subscribing to my channel so please do that and God bless you’re not you


Top 13 Vegan Athletes | Venus Williams/Patrik Baboumian/Nick Diaz

Hey everyone Josh Baldwin hila G can fit I’m excited to share with you guys my list for the top 13 vegan athletes now obviously there are a ton of really talented plant-based athletes out there but I put this list together to show vegan athletes who are at the top of their sport so not only are all these vegan athletes competing in these grueling sports but they’re actually thriving and many of them are at the absolute top of the sport let’s get right to the list with two of the most impressive athletes and ones that you guys will all know and Serena and Venus Williams they went vegan in 2011 and of course they were successful before this but they’ve been able to stay at the top of the sport at ages 36 and 37 in fact they were the top two players in this year’s Australian Open beating out their much younger and non vegan competitors Venus whose battle with an autoimmune disorder led her to veganism said it definitely changed my whole life it changed the pace I live at you changed everything next up we got the beast Patrick Bablu Mian now a lot of you guys may have seen him on strength Wars and all over YouTube he’s got a great channel as well this German strongman set the world beer keg lifting record and the 20 kilogram front hold record but most impressively he holds the world record for the most weight ever carried by human at twelve hundred and thirty-four pounds which he said at age 37 Patrick said about going vegan I got heavier I got stronger I won the European Championship title and powerlifting I broke three world records so everything was going perfect my blood pressure went down and my recovery time was so much faster so I could train more next up we’ve got jermain defoe who’s one of the top Premier League forward at age 34 he was looking for a way to prolong his career and he hasn’t missed a beat he’s credited his recent switch to a vegan diet as being partly behind his continued excellence at the top level at age 36 Nate and Nick Diaz are a pair of talented MMA fighters both fighters follow a mostly raw vegan diet neither fighter was really ever at the top of the sport but to my surprise as an MMA and Nick was able to beat Conor McGregor just last year at age 32 Scott Jurek is one of the most dominant ultra marathon runners in the world he held the u.s. record for distance run in 24 hours which was 165 miles from 2010 to 2012 he’s been a vegan since 1997 and he’s considered by many to be the greatest ultra runner of all time Scott noted that since going vegan in regards to competing and training I noticed my recovery time that’s shortened that I was less injury prone and had a higher level of energy now everyone knows Carl Lewis is one of the greatest Olympians of all time but what a lot of people don’t know is that in his prime and of course now he was a vegan with nine Olympic gold medals he also set a world record for indoor long jump set in 1984 that still stands Carl adopted a vegan diet to his system in sports and continued it into his retirement in regards to veganism Carl stated I found that a person does not need protein for me to be a successful athlete in fact my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet moreover by continuing to eat a vegan diet my weight is under control I like the way I look next up is David Meyer who was a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor his competition achievements include two World Championship gold medals for American national goals an American Open gold and two Pan American goals among many others all of these were achieved as a vegan and David has been a vegan since 2000 he once said I have experienced that it’s an extremely healthy way to eat it gives me more energy it’s better for the environment I’m morally committed to not harming animals then we have the freerunning ninja Timothy sheep he’s won dozens of freerunning competitions it holds a record on Ninja Warrior Stage one by finishing in just 62 seconds that’s ten seconds faster than the previous record Tim said to think that 5% more strength is worth the death and enslavement of hundreds is ego at his finest work but actually feels stronger and more efficient anyway Tia Blanco is an American pro surfer a dedicated vegan and yogi she won gold during the women’s final of the 2015 is a World Surfing Games in regards to her diet Tia said I feel really great eating a plant-based diet and love the way it makes me feel physically and mentally many of us know the effects of diet on one’s health but fail to realize that diet plays a huge role in more than just your personal well-being I love animals too much to contribute to suffering next up is Lewis Hamilton who’s a four-time Formula One world champion Hamilton just recently won his fourth title after adopting a vegan diet earlier in the year Hamilton said as the human race what we are doing to the world the pollution coming from the amount of cows that are being produced is incredible the cruelty is horrible and I don’t want to support that Marie Rose was an Australian swimmer who won four gold medals in the 1956 and 1960 Olympics Maria was a lifelong vegan who set 15 World Records in his sport and he attributed much of his success to his vegan diet which was an extremely unusual choice for the time he was really the first great athlete to prove that a plant-based diet won’t stop you from becoming a top level athlete and in fact will most likely make you even better David Haye is a British boxer with world titles in two weight categories they researched the benefits of a plant-based diet on healing race and recovery time after a serious shoulder injury prompted surgery and many he had to take a break from the ring hey says apes are 20 times stronger than humans and they don’t rely on a meat-based diet they eat plants all day long it’s a myth that you need to eat meat for strength I think says David Haye that I’m now fitter than I’ve ever been I punch harder than ever I’m more determined and I’m faster last but definitely not least is Kendrick Farris who’s an American Olympic weightlifter and the only American to compete in weightlifting at the 2016 Olympics Ferris went vegan in 2014 and says that we shouldn’t get so caught up with protein protein protein because you can get an excess of protein and most of it just gets passed or your body now my body recovers a lot faster I feel lighter my mind is a lot more clear I feel I can focus a lot better that focus helped him set a u.s. record of a combined 377 kilograms at the Olympic Trials in May with a 209 kilogram clean-and-jerk and 168 kilogram snatch so I hope this list really shows everyone out there that you can absolutely be at the top of your sport on a plant-based diet not only will you most likely be fast and stronger and better at your sport but you can live with a clean conscience knowing you’re not contributing to the suffering of animals you’re helping the environment and then as a bonus there you’re gonna actually be better at your sport a little longer and happier life and overall you’re just gonna feel so much better for all of my already converted vegans out there my goal of this video is to give you guys a really solid argument for veganism so when you’re out there talking to people and they say well you couldn’t possibly be strong or fast or whatever it may be on a vegan diet you can have these people as examples because a lot of people really don’t know this stuff most people out there I find know a few of these small things maybe they know about the Williams sisters or a few of these athletes but they don’t know that there’s strongmen they don’t know that there’s weight lifters they don’t know a lot of these athletes out there that are completely defying all these stereotypes about vegans so if you guys liked this video please hit the like button share the video subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you at the next one [Music]


if any of you are wondering why I’ve got my glasses on to remember all the facts about the nutrients I had to put them on so I could see my screen in the background they’re not for sure I promise I just can’t see very well hi guys it’s guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today I’m gonna be doing something slightly different I’m gonna be showing you how to do vegan meal prep so before I went vegan I used to body build and in my Q&A video you guys requested that I made some vegan high protein meal prep ideas for you guys what I’m going to be cooking today is full of flavor it’s got lots of protein and all the other nutrients that you need when you’re training or working out regularly [Music] I’m actually going to be starting with the main meal first because that takes longest to cook and the sweet potatoes are behind me cooking and to serve with them I’m going to be doing a nice bean chili which is full of nutrients protein and it’s really healthy so let’s get cooking that add a small amount of oil or water to a pan add one finely sliced red onion add one clove of minced garlic add one red chili finely diced I’m adding two teaspoons of cayenne pepper one teaspoon cinnamon and one teaspoon of cumin just allow this to cook for a couple of minutes before we allowed all the rest of the ingredients now as you can see I don’t want this to be your typical boring meal prep I want to get some flavor in there it’s really simple to do add 1 cubed red pepper add 3 cups of chopped tomatoes from account its smelling absolutely amazing I’m going to let that cook for a few minutes and then we’re going to add the beans and all the vital nutrients so this chili mix is being cooking for a little while now it’s time to add our beans I’ve got a mix I’ve got a cup of chickpeas which are cooked I’ve got a cup of red kidney beans black beans and sweet corn they’re all cooked and they’re so high in protein complex carbs potassium calcium they’re just really good for when we’re working out and they repair the muscles really well so you want to as much of these into your diet when training as you can just get those in just to bring out some of the flavors I’m adding a pinch of sea salt that’s basically the chili done is so simple I’ve slightly tweaked my actual chili recipe just to make it easier for you when you’re making your meal prep on the weekends ready for the week it’s got all the right all nutrients in there that we need for when we’re training so let’s get on to the next dish so as I say guys I’m doing everything a bit backwards but just to make sure that I cook this efficiently and quickly because you don’t want to be cooking for a long time on the weekend you just want to get your meals done I’m ready for the week basically so for breakfast I’m going to make a really simple porridge which you can add milk to in the mornings whenever you just warm it up in the microwave or you warm it up on a hob whatever you like but I’m gonna make sure there’s lots of flavor in there and lots of nutrients in there and it’s just really simple so grab yourself four containers I’m going to be making four of each course so it wouldn’t be porridge without the porridge oats I’ve got gluten free porridge oats and I’m just going to do a cup in each one after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day you want to start your day right and get some good complex carbs and slow-releasing carbs so that’s what these oats are perfect for check on the chili every now and then just give it a little mix it’s looking perfect I’m going to flavor the porridge with some raw cacao powder which is full of antioxidants really good for the blood and it’s a aphrodisiac whatever that is I’m joking I know what is so the idea behind the breakfast is you just add your milk almond or soya give it a stir and get it into a saucepan or in the microwave and it’ll be perfect every time I recommend adding a cup of milk to this and it’ll be perfect porridge next in I’m gonna be adding some mixed nuts I’ve got some coconut some cashew nuts some walnuts hazelnuts a bit of everything really nuts a pack full of protein really good calcium they’re just super foods in general good fats as well which is what we need when we’re training next I’m gonna be adding a tablespoon of hemp seeds great for your skin your hair also high in protein as well next I’m gonna be adding around about a tablespoon of chia seeds to each one these are literally energy food apparently ancient warriors used to have a little pouch on their belts before going into war and the user munch on a table spoon to give them energy in battle I do recommend added some dried fruit or fresh berries just bring them along separately and just mix them in before eating your breakfast make sure you have a couple of bananas with your breakfast it’s always nice setting out like this at the start of the week bananas again great sugars perfect energy food so that would be my breakfast so guys the next meal is a light lunch which can be served hot or cold I always like to have one meal that I need to warm up so for example the chili and one meal that I can eat on the go which is cool or you can warm it up as well I’m gonna be doing some quinoa which I’m going to add some amazing flavors to I’m gonna make it a lemon and herb quinoa and also serve it with some grilled piri-piri tofu but if you don’t want to use tofu or soy products I recommend serving this dish with some falafel and really to check out my falafel and flatbread video because this works really well and it’s packed full of protein and good nutrients as well but I actually have the most amazing falafel recipe in my book so make sure you pre-ordered that on Amazon it’s vegan 100 or just typing gas Oakley and you can pre-order it now it will be out very soon back to the lunch I’ve got my quinoa here I cooked it off and I’ve got four cups in total that’s a cup for each dish and quinoa is so good for repairing or building muscles because it contains all of the essential amino acids which is vital for when were building muscle or repairing muscles so we need to get this in when we’re training so first up I’ve just preheated this griddle pan behind me and when it’s hot I’m gonna start grilling tofu but first up let’s mix together our quinoa I’m going to add the juice of one lemon squeeze it through your hands so you don’t get any of the pips in as you can see I have a mix of quinoa here I’ve got the red and just the white as well I’ve just steamed this really simple to cook it only takes about 10 minutes so into my quinoa I’m just adding some mixed herbs I’ve just got a mix of thyme parsley and basil add whatever you like chives are really good as well just roughly chop it as I said this meal I recommend having it cold it’s good to have an option of a cold dish especially if you can’t get to a microwave it’s all about getting some really nice flavors into the quinoa it’s got all the nutrients in there you just need to add some nice flavors I’m also going to add a cup of chickpeas just to get some extra protein I just love chickpeas as well it makes it a bit more substantial really smells amazing you don’t have to add salt but I add a little bit of salt to bring out some flavors give that a stir around make sure everything is well incorporated and let’s get on with the grilling of the tofu I’ve just pre-marinated this tofu in some of my piri piri sauce if you want the recipe go to my skewers video that that just transforms the tofu into something really really flavorsome tofu is great source of protein and really good source of calcium as well so let’s grill these and add them to the dish the quinoa add some oil to your griddle pan if you don’t want to add oil just put them on a lined baking tray and cook them in the oven 180 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes whilst the tofu is grilling behind me I’m just going to dish up the quinoa into the bowl and just add around a cup into each one I only like to make four of everything because after four days really you don’t really want to be eating it all the flavors would have gone and everything just doesn’t taste as good really they look really tasty the griddle might add some great flavor and just transform the bland tofu once they are done we will add them to the pots and then we will get on with the final dish they won’t be much longer around about three to four minutes on each side add two slices of tofu to each dish so I’m just adding the last at the tofu to the lunch meal and I recommend when the tofu is cool then add in some spinach but to speed things up I’m gonna add it for you guys now and spinach is literally essential to good health really I eat so much of spinach so I’m just gonna add a handful to each meal I’m also going to add some cherry tomatoes to the dish which are really high in vitamin C and just add another nice color to the dish I hope these meal prep ideas really help you out because they’re really good to make at the start of your week and feel free to sit a love them to your tastes but this is what I would generally eat I’ve had the time to Train I am going to get back into it soon I miss having a little bit of size to me so I’m adding some sliced red cabbage dark pigmented foods such as red cabbage and things like berries work to add more oxygen to the blood and are also anti-inflammatory so the chili is basically done it’s been on the stove for about 10 to 15 minutes and I’m going to get my sweet potatoes out of the oven which I’ve just baked now you can mash you can just peel them or you can just slice them up with the skin on do whatever you want with the sweet potatoes are you’d like to use sweet potatoes because they are great full of vitamin C they’re really how healthy vegetable they’re a lot better than general white potatoes but what I will say if you are training and you want to put weight on I recommend eating white potatoes over sweet potatoes but these are a lot healthier so I’m getting my 4 containers out and I’m just going to prepare these sweet potatoes I just like to chop off the end and open them up as I said you’re welcome to peel these I don’t mind the skin it actually is full of flavor and sweetness I just open it up like that and I’ve got 6 in total so I’m gonna add one and a half to each meal sweet potatoes have too many positives to mention and look at the range of colors we have already it’s just making sure that we’re eating the rainbow and getting loads of nice nutrients into our body and before I add the chili over the top of the amazing sweet potato I’ve got a little recipe for you which is really flavoursome and you can use it in loads of other dishes only making creme fraiche or sour cream which works really well with the chili and it helps cool it down slightly and it’s made from cocoon Utz which are again full of protein and really good for us in this Ninja Cup I have half a cup of soaked cashews and to it all I’m going to add is 1/2 a cup of water I may need to add a little bit more water but we’ll see how this is if you just rolled the lemon like this or will release some more of the juice and I’m going to add the juice of half a lemon because after all we want it to be like sour cream or creme fraiche we need to make it we need to get that lemon in basically to get some acidity into it just squeeze it for your hand add a pinch of salt pop your lid on and blitz it up on a high speed and there we have it is our creme fraiche done simple as that just adds a little coolness to our chili it will thicken up once you refrigerate it it’s just quite warm because it’s been in the powerful blender you need to make sure you blend it long enough so that it gets really really smooth I’ll just pop that aside and then we’ll get it on top of the chili right the Chili’s done and smelling really really nice you saw how quickly it was to make and how stress-free it is and just look at that how beautiful that looks packed full of flavor smells absolutely incredible before I add it to the containers I’m going to add some beautifully cooked broccoli which I’ve just steamed these little trees are actually full of protein believe it or not and they’re also a great source of vitamin K and iron which is essential for a vegan diet so simply get our lovely bean chili over the top of our sweet potato make sure you get a decent amount in there I try to aim for around a cup but the chili just so you know that you’re getting lots of the flavors and nutrients into it and look there’s even some left for your evening meal the day of making this lastly to the dish I’m going to add some ed-a-mommies’ round about a handful in each one these are so high in protein and they’re really flavorsome as well they’re actually soybeans so if you don’t want soy beans just leave them out add something like kale that would work perfectly as well also on top I’m going to add our little creme fraiche I recommend leaving the Chile cool down slightly before adding this I just want you to see the finished dish just for you to squeeze over a wedge of lime I recommend having some avocados in the fridge which you can just cut when you’re about to eat the meals they add some great fats and also some protein so get some avocados in with the chili as well just don’t put them in ahead of time because they’ll go dark and horrible I also like to stay hydrated of course you need lots of water when you’re training so snacking on some watermelon is great is so healthy for you as well but make sure you have big bottles of water that you can drink throughout the day so I’m just going to slice up this watermelon into some nice chunks you can slice this up smaller but I like having a big chunk to take with me wherever I am I go in and bite on it so guys there’s my meal prep done I’ve just got some sweet treats so I’ve got my salted caramel bars that I made in a previous video they’re full of fiber because they got loads of dates in there actually antioxidants because of the Ward chocolate and lots of nuts of course so I’m going to get one of these in each of these containers here and this is a nice snack or if you feel like a sweet treat that’s also healthy I recommend having one of those cherries they’re actually a really good food to eat after working out because it’s a dark fermented fruit again and they get lots of oxygen in your blood but you need after working out it helps repair your muscles so grab a little handful of each of those and get them into the bowl likewise blueberries are the same so have a few blueberries and they’re also a superfood as we all know [Music] so there it is there’s four days worth of meal prep for you guys when you’re working out and training them in the gym full of great nutrients to repair our muscles and to keep us for throughout the day it’s all gluten free it’s all healthy and yeah there’s some options for you there I’ll definitely be doing one of these videos again I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did I’m actually going to go to the gym now and test out some of these meals I’m sure they all taste amazing thank you so much for watching make sure you pre-ordered my book vegan 100 on Amazon please like share comment most importantly please subscribe and if you want to be part of the notification gang hit the bow see you’re the first one to know about my new videos thank you so much for watching and enjoy working out and eating my meals [Music]