Best Vegan Toasted Sandwiches!

These vegan toasties are so yum! As good as/better than any grilled cheeses or toasted samis I have eaten in the past 😀 These are my two favourites; mushroom and caramelised onion, and roast capsicum and pesto XX

Favourite Vegan Toasted Sandwiches!
Mushroom & caramelised onion;
– ciabatta or any bread
– 2-3 mushrooms – flat/Portobello
– 1 brown onion
– 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
– rosemary
– garlic salt
– 1 clove garlic
– 2 tbsp vegan mayo
– tomato relish
– margarine or olive oil
Roast capsicum & pesto;
– ciabatta or any bread
– 1 capsicum
– 1 zucchini
– pesto – 1 cup spinach, 1 cup basil, 1/2 cup cashews, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/2 lemon juice, 2 cloves garlic, salt, nutritional yeast flakes
– hummus – 1 cup chickpeas, 1 lemons juice, 2 tbsp tahini, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tsp cumin, dash- paprika, pepper & salt
– handful rocket or whatever greens
– paprika
– pepper & salt
– margarine or olive oil

I hope you enjoyed this video ♡


3 Vegan Ethiopian Recipes

Hey dude what is the difference between a cactus and a Hummer the pricks are on the outside my god this is a crazy joke alright what else you got bring it um why does Helen Keller like to wear skinny jeans I re feeling to go okay what what is the answer so you can read her lips oh my god that’s good okay that’s all I got but I have to know not bad a little better give me at least one more I don’t have one give me the worst one you’ve got that was the course oh okay cool we’re on the same page I don’t have anything worse who likes Ethiopian food I do I do so good you made um so you’ve been making but you learn to make Ethiopian food before you ever went to Ethiopia right like you were getting Ethiopia because you were already interested in the culture exactly yes and I had friends here that were like dude you’re practically Ethiopian now you need to go over there and so I did and I stayed for as long as my visa would allow it and I’m going back here seven years later in November for a whole month that’s great and I really feel like their food is so delicious and everybody should know how to make these easy meals that are nutritious delicious and really easy to find a lot of the ingredients that go into these yeah just when I took a bite I was like but I’m on another place existence it’s kind of like that the flavor is amazing um so I’m definitely glad we want to do this this is you obviously this is not me this is not my kitchen this is your kitchen right is you making food and this is my between cameraman skills and you did an amazing job by the way thank you very much right we Pesci harder ready hey that was the pat on the back if you could hear that dude tell me about a tell me about the hey you can cuss on here that’s awesome yeah this is yeah yeah Oh tell me about the health department calling you okay well that was for my kombucha I know women because I ferment kombucha and I sell it and they called me and they’re like hey you can’t do that anymore it’s not under the cottage law you need a commercial kitchen so you can slap their label on it instead so you got some random ass phone call and you answered it yeah and that thing is I’ve been brewing for like ten years I don’t have ring the phone if I don’t know the number I’m not answering I don’t have a business line so okay yeah um so she’s like is it a girl was a lady yeah was a lady and she was super nice and she just told me you know don’t do it anymore until you have a commercial kitchen that you can slap their label on you like I didn’t know oh yeah I do what I want both so now I have a commercial kitchen and I just have to put in my labels but it’s called kaleidoscope kombucha really good for probiotic health and I teach a lot of different workshops on how to brew it yourself and I’m all about teaching people to improve their lives and their taste buds I like spicy foods and darker biotic and I’m looking at watching the video we’re talking like I love onions oh my god how many onions did we use for this videos like ten of them really did we you you did shows you well you ate it yeah so I hope you guys learned a lot from this video and continue watching anarchist kitchen because Melanie is the oh I got the call-out I’ll attack you on it back again ready made of steel folks the back of ministy what a pat on the back tumeric tumeric a lot of tumeric in this because that’s good for joint health garlic garlic is really good for your breath everybody loves garlic press I love it this morning my son was like mommy yeah pretty really yeah what did you say I was like oh man I haven’t even had my coffee yet like some it takes one to know I’m like baby you still have your baby teeth wait until you get those grown-ups makes a difference I don’t know I think soon you don’t get rid of your grown-ups only so until you get dentures right dude you were saying that um your name in Ethiopia maybe oh yeah okay so the working language of Ethiopia is called Amharic but there are 80 different languages probably more that are spoken in Ethiopia including English they’re very well pronounced in English and my name in Amharic literally means my wife so misty means my wife in Amharic and I was staying with priests who are not allowed to get married Franchesca monks and they would introduce me as a joke as misty my wife and everybody have a really good laugh you’re like inappropriate so when I talk to new people I’m like misty ah not misty so then they laugh okay not my wife instantly your name everyone because your name is hilarious it really it really helps out it’s quite a bit American like hilarious name like Joe Buck yeah this is the butt crack nice to meet you and everyone’s like that’s the worst name in history what about you I like you know it’s kind of like that it’s really easy to like instantly everybody mmm now let’s eat this is so good there’s going to miss you yeah come check me out jiguro



We transform plant-based ingredients into super ‘meaty’ dishes that are 100% vegan.

These are our Top 10 vegan meat alternatives to wow your carnivore friends and to scratch any of those itches you may have for something ‘meaty.’

These vegan meat dishes are fun to whip up every now and then and are incredibly delicious. Our favourites are the cheeseburger doughballs, vegan steak and the vegan fried chicken.

These dishes are super tasty and can be made easily at home. Let us know which one is your favourite!

Get the full recipes on our website: www.bosh.tv



Oh my gosh I have passed figs Wow being robbed vegan on a budget is definitely doable I have now been raw almost ten years and honestly I don’t make that much money so I’m gonna share some of my tips with you today and of course not everything is gonna be applicable to everybody but I’m sure if you stay through the video that you can find at least one takeaway tip for yourself look at your budget I know it sounds like cliche almost annoying advice to hear in the past I’ve looked into raw retreats and they’re like thousands of dollars and the response that I get from the people who are putting it on is like well what’s the cost of your health really cat and it’s almost a trick question because of course your health is priceless but we also have to be smart about our money and if getting in debt it’s gonna stress you in the long run like mental health is something you have to care about as well so of course I believe your health is priceless but I’m also not here to tell you to buy that $12 pint of blueberries because they’re healthy for you if you’re asking how much it costs to be raw you know very likely it will cost more than a processed diet so it might be worthwhile to reevaluate your expenses and see if there’s any reworking you can do when it comes to your spending really look at where your money is going and decide if it’s important to you make your staple foods cheap ones bananas are a great example buy in bulk in order to get case discounts and this is gonna work for fresh fruit it works for coconut water or juices anything that you want to buy in bulk you should be able to get the wholesale price for something like a 10 to 15% case discount at any grocery store don’t be shy to talk to the staff at grocery stores and farmers markets as well research your nearest wholesaler some of them even do delivery get creative I found a really good grocery store one time because I was talking to a restaurant owner about where he got his produce shop locally and in season because of its natural abundance in season fruit is likely going to be less expensive than something that’s been shipped in is it being shipped in right now [Music] and of course this also helps support your local farmers find aesthetically challenged fruit or veggies at your grocery store or farmers market sometimes they have a rack where it’s already marked down to scale fruit sometimes you can even just talk to them one-on-one and say hey this is kind of funky it’s probably headed for the trash but I’ll take it off your hands for you you just want to mark it down for me I did go over this in my other video and I’ll link that below don’t waste your coin there are quite a few on this topic so I’ll start with one which would be low calorie fruit something like out of season fresh raspberries for example those are gonna be so expensive I would consider them definitely as a luxury item and maybe use some more as like enhancements to your meals if you really want to go for that flavor so adding a few into your smoothie just to get that raspberry flavor or adding them as little toppings to your desserts instead of trying to make like a whole monomial out of them I’d say to think before you buy superfoods these can be quite pricy and not always worth it don’t waste your point on smoothies from restaurants I think once in a while it’s great to treat yourself but most of the time you’ll be able to make that same meal at home for a fraction of the price lastly don’t waste your money on the pre-cut prepackaged fruits and veggies in the like quick grab fridge sections of grocery stores I know it seems convenient but it’s just their way of squeezing dollars out of you while making use of their moldy fruit that’s what they do they’re cutting off the bad sections and it’s great I think as far as like sustainability and using all the parts of the fruit but they’re quite overpriced at the end of the day nobody’s getting a deal walking out a Whole Foods with like a little twelve dollar cup of watermelon and that touches on that low calorie point from the beginning is really understand how many calories you’re getting out of each dollar you’re spending watermelons on that note be prepared for outings if you know you’re someone who’s likely to get peckish so bring food with you or simply know where you can access cheap fruit while you’re out and if you’re asking what is cheap fruit like how if I’m getting a deal that’s a great question and I’m gonna encourage you to shop around there’s definitely a learning curve to this if you’re someone who’s new to buying fresh produce something I do and would definitely recommend with regard to shopping around is I keep a digital note on my phone and as I go to the different grocery stores and farmers markets in my neighborhood I have a list of my staple foods that I kind of always buy my favorite items and I will write the different costs for each store of course costs are gonna very subtly but I start to get an idea of trends of the cost of each fruit or vegetable how that changes throughout the year and how that differs from store to store in terms of like which ones are the more fancy grocery stores that are just charging work if they can and which ones are more like budget-friendly I’d also recommend exploring Asian markets if you have access my experience is that they have pretty good prices generally and a selection of exotic fruits that are hard to find anywhere else talk to other raw vegans and vegans especially the ones in your area you can do this in person or online like Instagram or 30 bananas a day pick their brain ask where they get their cheapest stuff the raw vegan and making community is amazing and I’ve had such a phenomenal time at every gathering that I’ve been to but I would never want anyone to get this idea that they have to blow the bank on an expensive raw vegan retreat just to maintain this lifestyle cuz that’s not the case of course you have the online community for support but there’s nothing better than in real life connection and there’s definitely budget-friendly ways to do that free options include pot Luck’s in your area or a lot of gatherings are free more like one-day events that are just hosted in a park or something as for longer-term events look into your volunteer options retreats need staff festivals needs that I’ve been to at least four festivals now and I have volunteer to every single one of them and of course it’s going to be a different experience because you’re working a lot of the time but it made it possible for me actually attend on the topic of travel think about how to factor your diet into your travel plans for example it’s gonna be tremendously cheaper to be a fruitarian in Thailand then it would be in Japan it’s gonna be cheaper to travel as a fruitarian in the tropics than it would be in Alaska in wintertime for example of course your diet is not here to rule your life but it’s something to take into consideration if it’s important to you and you’re on a budget as another option maybe consider combining whooping into your travel experience if that makes sense for you you know finding a farm you can stay on work on and eat from I do have a video on this topic and I’ll link that below as well there are a lot of guerilla farming that’s happening and just natural seed spreading that’s happening so there are wild plants that you can eat from foraging is gonna be location dependent and see them dependent but definitely consider it as an option the more and more that I learned about fruit and fruit trees the more as I’m driving around I can spy them in neighborhoods so get educated on what fruit trees look like you can also access different maps online I know when I was staying in California I just googled like fruit neighborhood map or something with these keywords and I was able to find so many fig trees in my area that were just public like on the side of the road that nobody else was accessing oh my gosh I have to pass to fig Wow so there are fruit maps available there’s also Craigslist some homeowners have fruit trees in their backyard that are really just a nuisance to them and they put ads like can somebody please come pick my oranges or have free oranges that may be also accessible on Facebook groups for your neighborhood you can also put an ad on Craigslist like will come pick your fruit if I can eat it I will soon be a full-on glowing orb as the Sun that’s right here Oh better so check out your map options Craigslist and heck I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even apps nowadays that facilitate foraging consider working or volunteering even a couple times a month at your local farmers market grocery store farm or co-op I say this because employees will often read the benefit of partial discounts or extra free food plus the networking opportunities of countless I know organic can be so expensive so maybe you can’t buy it right now and that’s okay and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing maybe you can just buy some and not others get educated if you’re sensitive on which produce is most susceptible to chemicals consider secondary options so of course fresh fruits and vegetables are gonna be ideal most of the time for a digestion and nutrition etc but there’s still some really great healthy secondary options that might be worth including cuz they’re a little easier on the budget most of the time in my mind this includes dried fruit and vege frozen fruit and vege fruit and veggie juice like bottled and maybe it’s even pasteurized and that’s okay with you you know we really have to find what works best for us and at the end of the day that’s gonna be healthy or no doubt and buying like soda bah minimize eating out I say this because restaurant meals will likely not fill up the stomach of a raw vegan if being honest and maybe there’s raw vegan gourmet on offer but I find that’s not worth it for me it ends up costing me my gut with too many refined and fatty ingredients I end up just healing you’ll grow your own simple things like herbs or scallion can be really expensive in the store and practically effortless to grow at home even something like kale does pretty well a lot of places because it’s so hard me so research in your area talk to your local farmers or research online you can figure it out shop online to find the best deals for particular items so your favorite superfoods powder is flavoring supplements even kitchen equipment using powders or supplements might be helpful for you from one person to the next we’re gonna have different deficiencies or lifestyle based need if you’re lacking in particular minerals for example it might require like a whole box of mixed greens to supplement you for that those boxes can be like six to nine dollars and if you have to have that every day that’s gonna add up as an alternative you could simply add a scoop of green powder to your movie so that way you get your nutrient requirements without breaking the bank learn how to prepare healthy satisfying raw vegan meals at home this was huge for me on my journey not only did it help save me money from going to restaurants but also helped me develop my relationship with my body and food and you too and that will find your personal way that become more efficient and cost effective with meal prep so to help you with this I have my four recipe books if you’re interested in low-fat raw vegan cuisine I like to focus on Whole Foods so there’s no processed ingredients like salt or oil nothing like now let’s show you or maple syrup or agave my priority still is on the texture and taste so you’ll be feeling really satisfied and if you want to go for all four books there’s a 15% off discount just so you know those are my 20 tips I hope you enjoyed watching this video and now it was helpful for you if you would like to support me and support the vegan message give it a blank i’m sending so much love your way and support on your raw vegan journey you can do it and thanks so much bearing with me as I shift it around to accommodate this son what do you think the world are all around you


Raw Vegan on a Budget | Zero Waste Shopping at TARGET

All right, we’re going to talk get we’re shopping zero-waste vegan I want fruit I’m really just curious honestly with this trip on how target is what they’re packaging I know it’s cheap you know they have a lot of packaged goods a lot of processed food and that sort of thing you know shout out to all my patreon supporters wouldn’t be here without you guys much love I really really appreciate it so yeah let’s grab a car you know think gotta have these bags right I mean that’s really a bonus just in itself being here with the bags I know a lot of people from get them at home including myself so alright guys this is the produce section of Target all right this is it I just want to take a moment right here to recognize like it’s just a real small section so we’re lucky to get anything here and support Target please go to Target instead of blah blah just a side note so yeah we’re looking for anything organic you know I come from a background of a farmer I really have a good eye for organic fruit and vegetables this is my life guys I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and this is the gold mine right here dollar 39 for two pounds and like I said I’m kind of like a you know fruit snob to be honest so I I’m pretty particular the fruit that II and you know in LA there’s really not a lot of options when it comes to fruits so this is what we’re dealing with so I’m doing all doing our best just remember that so this is bananas to two pounds again for a dollar thirty nine I think like 5 bunches here and it’s really the best so I can’t think of anything else that doesn’t have any packaging let’s see we got you know a couple of akkad those potatoes onions you know they have a little bit here but not much so the bummer is this is all conventional to only thing I found in organic was like these potatoes you know what a bag such it’s not the best obviously they want to get everything loose couple sweet potatoes that’s nice but again it’s just not the best quality so you know that I’m not running you know this videos internet like down talk target anyway this is ten times better than eating anything processed or you know obviously dairy or meat products so you know just do your best just gentle reminder there pineapples I mean look on green and just you know that’s how it goes great fruit not too bad and this little section is pretty much it when it comes to zero waste more bags okay I mean these navel oranges are looking pretty decent that apples are just so glossy though I mean look at all that wax it’s ridiculous so just be mindful of that and again look at these cuties wax wax I mean don’t buy this food please do not buy that stuff vegan stuff is really really coming into I’m really surprised to see me echoes butter here good kimchi you know a little organic tofu stuff field roast I mean $5.99 come on guys cool seitan stuff like that it’s just really cool to see here the packaging though I mean on the asparagus and just the veggies man it was really heartbreaking so something as simple as like an individual zucchini you know completely covered in plastic but that’s you know we’re all doing our best again so it’s still organic and it’s it is what it is guys we have this bell pepper man these are looks so bomb – and they’re just too bad that they’re inside this plastic packaging all right over to the frozen food man I love the Wyman’s wild blueberries they’re on sale for $8.99 I’ve got a little bit frozen fruit smoothies organic strawberries here organic I think is like ten bucks I got a bag of those and I believe just bananas you know like that’s honestly the best stuff I found here and this is a budget guys this is Ravi King on a budget so if you’re a hundred percent raw this is the way to go no excuses target is your best option I mean look at that seven dollars for what two four six eight ten pounds of food right so I mean that’s ten thousand calories you know pound for pound at that price is still the best food in my opinion so that’s the target video that’s you know my opinion the best thing we can do for zero waste vegan vegan fruit-based living everyone thank you so much for supporting the channel I really really appreciate it thank you for taking the time to just hit that subscribe button right here below again I really really appreciate your energy and you taking the time to watch this video guys much love enjoy the rest your day


What I Eat in a Day | Raw Vegan Breastfeeding Mom

Hello guys it’s fabula and welcome back to another video today I’m going to share with you what I eat in a day as a raw vegan breastfeeding mom and for those who are new here I just want to let you know that I normally eat some cooked food but lately I started a kind of raw vegan cleanse and I’ve been enjoying it so much that you know I’ve just decided to keep on doing that until I feel the need to go back to cook food so yeah it’s time for the breakfast and I’m gonna have a lot of greens I’m gonna use all these beautiful veggies so as you know guys I love having my greens in the morning because you know it’s one of my favorite way to alkalize my body in the morning and get a lot of nutrients so here we have calcium iron proteins and so much more bring one by one
Oh for you Oh your mommy’s dream you got some green the Sun is full force I love it we’re gonna get all of them indeed all right guys I’m gonna go and enjoy my green juice while doing a basic which is playing on the ground with Jesse this is the basic isn’t it’s a basic ok I’m gonna drink these and play on the ground with my lil mama my favorite dang mama mama so I got this recipe from a blog and I’m gonna put link for that in the description box below so you guys can enjoy as well it’s very good it’s just simple ingredient but so good hey guys I just finished cooking in church this dinner and I’m about to have a delicious berry smoothie and it has like bananas celery berries Mingo I’m gonna put the exact recipe for these very smoothie in the description box below so you guys can check it out right guys my smoothie is ready the making and tonight I’m gonna have ladies tacos whoo so of course I’m gonna use the letters for the taco I’m going to use two different fillings and the first filling is gonna be a kind of curb and guacamole mixed you know I would just use a curb I will mix it with avocado pink salt lemon juice mushrooms green onions you know it’s just so so good and the second fillings is going to be shredded carrot and beet and I’m gonna mix it with a little bit of agave you can use any kind of natural sweetener and it just happen to be what I have on hands you know and I will also add a little bit of garlic lemon and you know I will mix it well and it’s so so so good that’s gonna be dinner I will show you a little bit how I make it but we put the exact recipe in the description box below so you guys can also try it because it’s really good I’m about to shred my carrot and I’m gonna use my blender because it makes life so so easy so I simply added the carrot in the blender and I’m gonna post at 5:00 you know and that’s basically it so I would do this and I will show you the finished product and I’m gonna do the same for the beach alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it give it a thumbs up and if you have any video you would like me to film please share with me in the comment below if you are new here don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the next video what are you trying to do bye guys mmm


Vegan Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta [Gluten-Free!] (◠‿◠✿)

Oh dear oh yeah hello everyone my name is Lisa and I’m gonna be speakin because I did and I’m vegan and today we’re going to be making vegan lasagna but it’s also gluten free because in case you didn’t know I am now gluten free I really love lasagna lasagna is delicious I like that it’s just kind of like a little block of like everything that you want in one kind of like section it’s not the most beautiful food but it’s definitely delicious I mean it’s like spaghetti casserole we will be using a tofu ricotta we’re also going to be making kind of like a meat sauce with it you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to I just kind of feel like it and it was really good when we did it last time I like kind of like a very bulky lasagna and we’re going to be using frozen spinach by the way the gluten-free noodles that we’ll be using are by King Giada brown rice pasta we made it for the last lasagna we made and it was actually really good it tasted exactly like normal pasta it’s great so I recommend this we got a pot a teeny bit of oil doo doo onions kind of keeps cooking away they look sweaty Phyllis nice nice and good got some browning happening caramelizing some from the some natural sugars of the onions I guess some garlic powder I know like it says garlic powder it’s granulated garlic both works I just found out this is what we have so you can use fresh garlic too I’m just being lazy so we got some pasta sauce this looks nice and browned and delicious we’re going to add in the pocket oh dear oh dear oh okay why is it so bubbly this is like a flashback to what happened I think in like my first video just going to jump in the rest of the past so I’m going to add half of this can Oh God so splashy and the best thing causes Lavanya is that it’s like a lot of food like if you don’t really like cooking that often you can make one of these as Anya’s and it can last you probably the entire week depending on how you learn in your house I think with Eddie and myself lasagna probably lasted like four or five meals probably and because it’s so like packed full of protein there’s like the ground around which we’ll be adding in a second and the tofu ricotta which will be making after this is done it’s just like it’s super filling and super delicious if you were to serve this to like an omnivore they probably wouldn’t realize that it’s vegan dispelling those vegan miss that vegan food isn’t satisfying so I’m going to use some ardena beefless ground the Eve’s ones I only use that one has gluten for you this one does not have gluten this is just PR soy baby I mean this is going to be a very soy heavy lasagna that’s just gonna be our protein of choice today if you so choose you can also add lentils into the sauce just on maybe about 1 cup of water to 1 cup of lentils in here and that’ll just cook up some lentils you’ll have a little extra protein in there and it won’t be sitting so I’m adding the whole bag [Music] special thanks goes out to Eddie Eddie did all the dishes and put away all the dishes and helped me set this all up because he is a partner who supports me daddy boo-boo because we’re baking this in the oven it doesn’t need to get like super super cooked through we just want to have it kind of amalgamated into the sauce and you know doing this thing we’re gonna turn off the heat we’re going to take this away some people don’t use this much lemon but I think that like a ricotta is like really cut tart I’m going to squeeze half juice lemon in there then we’re going to add some tahini now this tahini has suck so if you have like actual tahini that’s not this whatever this stuff is I mean I don’t know it’s not it’s not great this isn’t like the kind of delicious silky – key that you get from like middle-eastern stores I’m not gonna lie this is the white people pay me it’s not good sorry I only got it cuz it’s on sale this is about probably two tablespoon about a teaspoon of miso so I’m going to have it in there a quarter cup of nooch I’m going to eyeball it cuz I’m lazy and a little bit of garlic powder this is this garlic powder I’m just going to mix this all up so it looks kind of gross but have faith it is gonna work out you can add a little bit of oil too if you want to but I think that’s heaney already is quite oily enough that looks good to me I got I’d love to help you crumble a tofu because my Azima is not happy with you today so you got the tofu happening and we’re just going to crumble it up [Music] see admit yourself maybe like a quarter teaspoon not a time and because you guys know that I’m super sensitive to salt maybe you need a teaspoon and now taste as we go so I’m going to use some frozen chopped spinach so that’s one cup all bad is the disaster Alomar because I like a lot of spinach so I’m going to do like three cups I actually still come to the surface this is about for a total if you don’t like frozen spinach use something else you can use broccoli you can use kale you can use whatever the heck you want so I’m going to defrost them the microwave for about a minute or two my defrosted spinach just put that all in yeah and you have like a spinach ricotta kind of situation and you can put this inside of like phyllo pastry or like puff pastry – if you guys want to make like I don’t know phyllo cups spanakopita this will be a delicious filling for Senator PETA we’re going to start off with that passeth off before where I use what Eddie called a giant spoon because apparently the spoon of too big it’s a normal system to use the cheezer’s spoons I know what is with the guys in my life who like to have tiny students ate with weird you’re weird so just spread a little bit of sauce on the bottom just to give it a little little some song to work with you don’t do what I did I left this pasta just kind of chillin all clumped up together on the side for an extended period of time and as a result it is well clumpy so don’t do that so this might not be the most beautiful lasagna you’ve ever seen but I’m just keeping it real in the channel mistakes were made so we’re going to grab the ground round soft pasta sauce that we had before [Music] we’re gone a little bit of cheese make sure you get the edges so that you’re lose money doesn’t dry out was speaking you’re going to cover it with aluminum foil and bake for about half an hour and then they can’t uncovered for 10 minutes hello I’m back I changed my shirt because in case you didn’t notice there are a bunch of stains all over from the explosion that happened in the pot so now we’re going to get all up in here the battery on that camera died so no more above food porn kind of this is back to the one camera setup all right let’s cut me a slice an try and leave like this side intact so that I can take a picture which mark I feel like cold lasagna is like much easier to photograph we’ll see so when I go there let’s see if I can do this separate the side got a prep it oh god this is oh wow that butt went a lot better than I expected look how delicious it looks holy man this is beanie and like look at the noodle and looks just like gluten e noodles follow that’s hot I just burned part of my tongue but it’s delicious hmm I love lasagna this brings me back to like being 14 and I was just like living with my mom and we didn’t really my mom wasn’t home a lot because she was working because you know single-parent life so I ate a lot of like that box lasagna from like the grocery store and I would cook that up and that would be my dinner and well my mom came home so this tastes exactly like that you got like some cheesy action some spinach delicious pasta sauce noodles a tiny bit of cheese it tastes like my childhood which is weird because this is not Vietnamese food so if you want the recipe you can click over here or down here the link will be in both places on live eat vegan calm which is my website my blog which I’ve been doing for six years now wow that’s a long time I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe I know I’m a little all over the place and it’s been a while since I’ve done this kind of face to face video with being and stuff and I’ve got like a lot of life guy I’m just all over the place so yeah I hope you guys make this and if you did I hope you post pictures of it and share it on Instagram or snapchat or Twitter there’s lots of things you can customize about this instead of the ground round you can use quinoa you can use lentils you can use green lentils red lentils you can use beans if you want to I feel like beans would be a little weird in Livonia but if you guys just straight-up PvP and just season it like you would season like beef I have a recipe for like a vegan beef stew on my blog if you want to check it out and I have some flavorings that make it taste Curtis beefy if you want to try that I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a like comment down below what are your favorite kind of things you like to put in lasagne I hope you guys try this out and subscribe for more videos like this I’m really glad that a lot of you guys stuck around for especially after my video from Saturday about veganism and privilege the video was with Emily from this Russell’s vegan life and it was awesome because I got to hang out with them and we eat delicious foods I know a lot of people don’t really like to talk about that kind of stuff just cuz like they just want to focus on recipes and don’t really worry about like the politics or like the kind of tougher subjects but as vegan advocates I think it is really important that we address privilege because there are some people that just don’t have the privilege in order to be vegan I’m sure veganism is very affordable but there are more aspects to privilege then affluence if you guys haven’t watched that video yet click over there go take a look thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you guys have a delicious day bye


What I Eat in a Day | Vegan & Gluten-Free

Good morning everyone. I just flew back to Berlin yesterday, I was in Sicily for the weekend, I just went grocery shopping and I’m gonna have breakfast so today I’m going to show you what I eat in a day at the moment try this melon watermelon season is over now but I’m still able to find balance and I’m pretty sure I’m able to find them all year round I really love them to start my day with I think they’re so hydrating and so delicious and as some of you know I don’t have a blender at the moment here in Berlin I will get one very soon so until then I am just eating fruits like this and the winter I’ll probably be making more smoothies but right now I don’t have a blender so I buy fruits that I actually enjoy just eating by themselves I pack this from home yesterday before leaving Switzerland there’s a passion fruit a pineapple and to face from my garden so it’s like 3 p.m. right now mmm this is like a snack mmm afternoon snack because I had a light breakfast and as later I’ll make dinner this pineapple is really good and with the pineapple and passion fruit and figs I’m also gonna have some great I’m actually gonna leave now in a bit I’m just gonna eat some grapes before going and then I’ll like see you guys when I’m back hmm tonight I made spaghetti and I haven’t had spaghetti in a while for the sauce I used garlic red onions fresh tomatoes I added basil and oregano and then I added some eggplant some mushrooms and some tomato sauce and then finally I added nutritional yeast and black pepper and I’m eating all of that on a bed of spinach right now this is really good this is super easy to make and it’s gluten free and it’s vegan so that’s it for today that’s everything that I eat I don’t know how much pasta I’m gonna have I’m definitely gonna have this bowl and maybe some more after yeah I think that’s it so thank you guys so much for watching this video I really hope it was helpful or or maybe gave the ideas of meals that you could prepare at home.