5 Ways Your Body Changes When You Stop Eating Meat

Many people don’t realize that beneath the flavors of meat lie a deceptive twist that could impact your health forever 350 million people suffer from diabetes and meat is a major culprit but did you know with one dietary change you might be able to cure it yet cutting out meat comes with a cost and for some people that cost is their sense of taste here are five ways your body reacts when you decide to stop eating juicy but sometimes deadly meats and while we’ve got you here don’t forget to click on the link that just popped up above or the one in the description below to get your new awesome Moton t-shirt today and save 10% because you are awesome get rid of diabetes in just months as good as it tastes meat can be deathly crippling for a diabetic a 2008 study of 8401 participants found that the relationship between meat intake and diabetes was incredibly strong over a 17-year period just one serving of meat per week increased the risk of diabetes by 74 percent did you ever think you or a loved one could one day be throwing out your diabetes medication meat eaters with diabetes can dramatically change their fate by cutting back on me most especially red and processed meats in fact some studies have shown that not only could veganism prevent type 2 diabetes but could even reverse it Marco Ramirez who came from a family with a diabetic history was able to get off all diabetic medications within just two months by eliminating animal products eating low fat foods and avoiding high glycemic foods many diabetics even when aware of the dietary benefits of eliminating meat don’t realize just how powerful it can be on the surface meat seems harmless enough and it’s a threat that’s invisible to the naked eye but the proof is in the pudding there have been dozens of studies that prove just how beneficial vegetarianism can be to individuals struggling with issues like diabetes you could lose your taste buds they say the first bite is the sweetest regardless of your diet your taste buds are the key to a true culinary experience and the average adult has anywhere between 2,000 to 8,000 of them and there’s nothing like biting into a fork full of food and savoring every bit of flavor unfortunately one of the side effects of cutting back on meat is losing some of your taste buds this is because meat products contain an abundance of zinc a mineral that is crucial to the ability to process taste lack of zinc can result in hypo Gousha the reduced ability to taste things or agiza the inability to taste things at all but this doesn’t mean that vegetarians are doomed to a tasteless life to win back that sense of flavor you’ll just have to work a little harder to make up for the lack of zinc you’d normally consume with meat products you’ll have to work towards taking and double the recommended daily dose you can do this by taking supplements and eating nuts whole grains and beans which are all great sources of zinc and now it’s time for the quiz in the early 19th century Americans were major purveyors of meat one of the most famous 18th century writers of all time joined in on the trend and once wrote breakfast would have been no breakfast without a t-bone swimming in butter which famous author said it is it a Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels be Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice see Herman Melville Moby Dick Dee Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol stay tuned for the answer and don’t forget to like this video and hit that subscribe button as well as the notification bell so that you never miss out on awesome boggling sub videos and fun quizzes you’ll need to use the bathroom a lot as a regular meat-eater your body reacts when it doesn’t get what its accustomed to when you cut out meat you’ll notice that you are becoming gassy and are often bloated thanks to this unfortunate symptom new vegetarians are quite familiar with quick bathroom runs this is a result of taking in more fiber than usual while on a plant-based diet think of it as your digestive system throwing a temper tantrum it’s not used to as many veggies beans whole grains and fruits and these adjustments don’t always bode well with your body but don’t worry you aren’t doomed to a life of passing gas as you adjust to your new lifestyle so too will your digestive system these early systems are for lack sation in the long run because it helps keep foods moving smoothly through your system just like a vaccine your body has to go through a little bit of struggle before it settles into a comfortable spot you can decrease your risk of cancer in 2015 the World Health Organization found that processed meat was considered a carcinogen that could increase the risk of colon or rectum cancer by as much as 18% this means the link between cancer and meat is much stronger than most people think many consumers of meat believe that eating caged and hormone free foods relieves them of the potential side-effects but no matter how you slice and dice it it’s all still harmful even me that’s unprocessed promotes cancer part of the reason is because meat lacks a substantial amount of nutrients and fiber that protect humans from various cancerous agents and that’s not all when you stop eating meat not only are you protecting yourself from the risk of cancer but also reducing the risk of diabetes heart disease and high blood cholesterol with an immense amount of health benefits many vegetarians or wannabe vegetarians consider meat deduction and investment for their future earlier in the video we asked you about which famous author enjoyed a nice steak dinner for breakfast every morning if you said Charles Dickens you must be a literary Wiz Dickens wrote three of the most famous English titles a Christmas Carol Great Expectations and Oliver Twist he was visiting America when he learns just how much the Americans loved meat and joined in in 1870 Charles Dickens passed away due to stroke and while we can never know for sure what caused it we have enough medical advancements today to know that high meat consumption increases the risk of stroke but before he passed he cemented himself as one of the greatest literary artists of all time stick around for more mind-boggling knowledge nuggets and don’t forget to get your new awesome mo don t you’ll lose weight overweight individuals face much greater health risks than others and Americans are some of the most obese in the world cutting L meat can help people lose weight because they’re no longer biting into such calorie dense foods that t-bone steak Charles Dickens loved comes in at around 210 calories and that doesn’t include any seasoning or sides when meat is involved the calorie count of a meal quickly the Journal of General Internal Medicine found the people who were on a vegetarian diet were able to lose more weight than those on non vegetarian diets so before you know it you’ll start shedding pounds in no time red meats are high in calories while protein and processed meats like bacon ham and hot dogs are chock full of fat calories and sodium which make it difficult to lose weight compliment your dietary change by exercising regularly and getting your protein dosage through non meat alternatives bonus knowledge nugget did you know that many people believe that the Americans up today are consuming more meat than ever but this is largely a myth as we mentioned before in 1909 wealthy Americans consumed 200 pounds of meat on average while poor families consumed 136 pounds today’s American families consumed just 100 pounds of meat per year on average half of that of a wealthy American at the turn of the 19th century and in 1909 the average life expectancy was around 52 compared to 2015 average life expectancy of nearly 79 okay folks that brings this list of five ways your body changes when you stop eating meat to a close do you know any other benefits or drawbacks to cutting out meat let us know in the comments section don’t forget to like and share this video and most importantly subscribe to boggling stuff on YouTube so you never miss out on any of our new videos see you next time.


Meat Lovers Try Vegan Diets For A Week

Jose and I are looking at the email the things we can’t eat can’t eat eggs oh I [Music] really like any type of food except for like really really vegetable Hanabi food I’m not used to looking at labels and get like a lot of knowledge and the like what goes into foods and if you complain my diets better after this and hopefully I learn how to cook something I’ve just been on this like journey of having like healthy relationships with myself food and exercise and I’m just excited to like start something new and do it and that healthy positive mental space we’re going on our first grocery mission I don’t know what to look for maybe we’ll just go to what we normally get and then look for options I made it to the fruit section which we can guarantee is beacon I found some mate listen I’m here for sausage not in my sexual life just in this life we’re going for the safe option safe option probably not that healthy but alright let’s try this vegan sausage put some mustard on it that’s vegan to consistency a little questionable but taste very good oh my god actually kind of tastes like sausage we have a little meeting today and here’s all the food that I can eat alright so we had catered lunch today and there was tons of sandwiches all of which had meat except one and as tofu I do not like tofu but I’m sticking it out today Oh me and my friend were talking and she’s vegan she was saying how like she gets annoyed when people do this because he will like starve and just don’t end up eating because they can’t eat anything and so I’ve really been making it a priority to make sure I’m not starving and I’m not I feel very full and I’m eating vegetables and I’m eating fruits and I feel good so I’m facetiming my boyfriend and he’s eating eggs I’m really jealous that looks really good right now so today I realized that not all vegan food is healthy I know that’s kind of dumb to realize I snacked a lot I had Oreos I had chips there was a lot of things you can’t eat when you’re vegan and not all of them are great for you so I think from now on I kind of just need to watch myself make sure I’m just getting like the nutrients I need so it’s about 2:30 a.m. usually right now I would make an egg sandwich with cheese but I can’t so my lunch today is sausage list sausage and broccoli I’m at the mall and I keep smelling Wetzel’s freakin pretzels and I can’t eat it and it’s killing me we are on our way to go to an all vegan restaurant we’re here we look at the menus the best part of this is that we can just choose whatever [Music] so after being vegan for a week I’ve realized that it’s truly like amazing got meatless meat options it still made me feel like I was eating me but I felt better about it honestly because I knew I wasn’t eating animals I think it really just opened my eyes to the fact that like I just need to start reading my labels of the things I eat because honestly the things not even are good to eat that don’t have vegan stuff in it I’m like oh my god they have this amount of sugar and other things that I should be looking at and paying attention to I’m really glad I did this challenge and from that one I can definitely see myself exploring a lot more options on the food so yes I will be continuing some vegan habits but also yes I am driving to Korean barbecue at this very moment, I just say today




We have brought you such a treat today! Millionaire Shortbread is a favourite here in the UK and there’s no question why. The gooey caramel centre with the crispy biscuit base plus the smooth chocolate top makes this the ultimate treat. These taste incredible, and we have no doubt that you’ll love them too! Relax and enjoy one of these with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon or any time you like.

This dish is relatively easy and time efficient to make. First, we whip up the base and put it in the oven to bake. Whilst it’s in the oven we can make the caramel sauce and lastly, melt the chocolate. It’s then a case of layering everything together and leaving it to set in the fridge. It’s that easy! You’ll be eating your millionaire shortbread in no time.

We hope you love this amazing recipe! It’s…

The perfect treat
100% plant-based and vegan

Enjoy this incredible recipe, just try not to eat the whole tray!



Shortbread Layer
150g brazil nuts
150ml mild olive oil
150g golden caster sugar
100g demerara sugar
¼ tsp of salt
200g plain flour
100g semolina

Caramel Layer
2 cans of evaporated coconut milk
250g golden caster sugar
100ml golden syrup
125g coconut oil
pinch of salt

200g 70% cocoa solid dark chocolate


Heat the oven to 180C/350F/gas mark four and use a splash of olive oil to grease a square baking tin 20x20cm in size.

Blitz the brazil nuts in a food processor until they start to form a paste. Add the oil and blitz again until completely smooth. Use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the food processor and blitz again.

Put the sugars, salt, flour and semolina into a bowl mix well. Add to the food processor and pulse, the mixture should form a moist crumb the colour of sand that sticks when pressed together.

Press into the tin, prick all over with a fork and bake for about 25-30 minutes, until golden and crisp. Allow to cool.

Put all the ingredients for the caramel in to a heavy-based pan, and heat gently, stirring to melt the coconut. Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally and continue to simmer for about 15-20 minutes, until reduced by about half and thick and fudgey. Pour over the shortbread
and smooth with a palette knife. Set aside and allow to set.

Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water spread evenly over the set caramel. Leave until solid, then turn out and cut into squares.


WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Vegan Fitness Influencer!

hey guys so I am back with the second video of my transformation series these were highly highly requested after I shared my transformation story if you haven’t watched that that was a few videos ago on my channel so you guys you can watch my entire life back story of my transformation but this video is going to be a little bit more a nutrition based and you guys all wanted to see a what I eat a day but honestly I eat the most boring meals and I usually don’t even cook for myself so I thought it’d be more educational and more helpful for you guys if I actually talked about how I used to eat how I eat now throughout my transformation and how you guys can know what to eat how much to eat all that stuff for your body and your goals and then I was going to show you some of my favorite snacks and meals even though they’re really boring so you guys know that I had an eating disorder for like on and off for like four or five years which obviously is screwed up my metabolism so I was eating under a thousand calories for like most of that entire time period after that I quickly increased my calories up to about two thousand and then slowly worked them up to four or five thousand and that’s how I was able to put on like 50 60 pounds in a year I was eating four thousand five thousand ish calories so I really really helped my my talent metabolism reset built that up so it’s so much faster now it’s like crazy fast now I can still eat a crazy amount of food decide to lean out I cut my calories down to about three thousand they’re like just under 3,000 not sort of what I’m eating right now between 3,000 and just over 3,000 just because I don’t want to be losing any weight right now I want to be either maintaining or even putting on a little bit of weight so I guess you could say that my maintenance is about 3,000 calories and I’m 5 to 140 pounds again as well if you guys didn’t know I’ve been vegan for just over 5 years now so that means they don’t eat any animal products and yeah that’s been really really working for me obviously you have to put a little bit more attention into like getting in your protein I’d be a little bit more creative with meals and stuff especially when you go out to eat I really love the lifestyle and eating that way it really works for me so how what how would you guys know how much to eat what would be best to eat what you’re gonna want to do is I I highly suggest not using online calculators or like basic base calorie ranges or whatever you can search up online because let me just tell you that when I search up how many calories I’m so see burning even if I put in the amount of exercise that I do it doesn’t tell me to eat more than 2,000 calories and I know for myself that if I ate less than 2,000 calories a day I would be nothing like I would lose so much weight so that’s just proof that these calculators don’t work for everyone they might work for some people but I would highly suggest just playing around with your calorie ranges to just play around with what works best for you especially with calorie ranges I would suggest choosing like mm maybe 2200 is a starting range and if you want to lose weight I you wouldn’t you don’t want it to be too fast so I play around with like trying to find a number where you’re not losing more than like a pound a week or something or else you’re gonna risk losing muscle as well which you probably do not want to do and then if you’re wanting to gain weight and you said it at 2,000 say and you’re not gaining any weight then slowly increase I want you guys honestly I always preached eat as much as you possibly can how I typically eat a lot of the questions that I get are surrounding like protein shakes my pre post workout meals joint eat snacks everything like that so I’ll give you guys kind of an overview of how I eat and then I’m going to show you guys some of the food that I eat some of my favorites so I eat like five or six times a day I find that works better for me it just keeps my energy up the entire day I feel that food just really keeps me going honestly so I like to have five or six like small big-ish meals every single day you know like breakfast lunch dinner that is kind of like meals throughout the day so I wake up like super early like 4:30 in the morning usually for 4:30 so I’m usually eating my first meal then before I go to the gym that’s just like a really basic meal I find that if I eat too much really early I get really bloated and I feel uncomfortable during my session so I eat usually the two pieces of toast with some jam and peanut butter and that’s that’s usually what I have as my pre-workout meal so I highly suggest eat lots of carbs before your workout post-workout meal I focus on carbs fat and protein so my post-workout meal is one of my biggest meals of the day I have usually a massive bowl of oatmeal with some fruit peanut butter as well as a protein shake I use the woman’s best protein then I just have creatine in there as well trying it but in 30 minutes to an hour after is like pretty much as fast as I possibly can after my workout I try and get some a good meal in I’m gonna stop talking I’m gonna show you guys we’re gonna head over to my kitchen and I’m gonna show you guys just like some basics maybe get some meal or snack ideas or food ideas for your next grocery trip so yeah let’s head over to the kitchen hey guys so now that we’re in my kitchen my biggest question is always on protein shapes I thought I made to show you guys I guess what I put into my shakes post-workout I eat I eat I drink three of these a day so the liquid of my choice I always use either on milk or cashew milk and then as for protein and supplements that I put into my shake I use this woman’s best vegan protein and I’ve use this throughout my whole transformation I absolutely love it this is just the chocolate vegan protein plants plant-based protein powder and I’ve a discount code in my buy of your interest in trying it out and then one of my biggest singles and meals that I mentioned before is oatmeal so I just Jews I have this massive jar of oatmeal here so I just use plain rolled oats I mix a banana into it to make it a little bit thicker if you guys don’t like oh you know this is really really helpful and then I just put peanut butter and berries in it usually or if I haven’t had my protein shake I can even mix my protein powder into my oatmeal one of my favorite snacks to eat throughout the day is rice cakes with peanut butter and jam I got these from Whole Foods and they’re just I don’t know brown rice rice cakes that’s a great way to get carbs and protein in so that could also be a really good pre-workout for you guys you make it convenient for you if you’re like in school you work full time or whatever you’ll want to pack your food this you’re not tempted to eat out all the time and stuff like that so I have things like these kind bars just protein granola bar type things and this is the maple glazed peek in and see so and this is the almond and coconut I also really like Laura bars as well and they’re just like healthier options of granola bars and they taste really really good in my opinion and they help you get a little bit more energy with protein card stuff like that so I would highly suggest something like this you guys can bring along with you as for bread options as I mentioned I like to eat toast for my breakfast projym this is I got these silver pills like this from Whole Foods silver has sprouted power the big sixteen loaded with 16 seeds and grains to fuel active days it’s like supposed to be a healthier bread which I highly suggest if you’re going to be eating bread try and find a healthier option than just your like plain white bread since I’m talking so much about peanut butter if you want a lower calorie option obviously this isn’t he’s exactly like peanut butter but it’s pretty close I get this from Whole Foods and it’s just a it’s PB 2 which is this powdered peanut butter you pretty much just like put it in a bowl mix it with water and I have to think it tastes really really good I’ll even eat it when I’m bulking I think it tastes awesome if you guys are vegan and you’re wanting more protein options – I eat a lot of like tofu beans even like tempeh obviously my protein powder but there’s also things like organic black bean pasta so this I just get it Whole Foods or like natural food sections and this has 22 grams of protein for a core of this package that’s incredible so this is just like being pasta then obviously how like you can have this like normal beans here or anything like grainy like quinoa couscous all that stuff usually has some protein in it so this is just golden and black quinoa I usually buy in boxes and it usually can be made like rice to like microwave so it’s really really simple if you guys are lazy like me but those are like my protein staples and then obviously I eat a ton of fresh food so like fruits vegetables everything like that and I think that’s literally all like yeah I promise you guys I literally eat so boring I eat the same things every single day but I eat all my favorite foods so I feel like it’s it’s really easy for me Oh another thing another thing is my favorite cereal so I eat tons of cereal because serious like my favorite food and when I got into fitness I refuse to give up cereal so Nature’s Path is a really really good brand I can get this at like Sobeys if you live in Canada or also at Whole Foods so you guys can get in the States as well it just Nature’s Path and these are the kamut puffs and these it’s like really good healthy cereal it doesn’t taste like anything so I had like fruit and cinnamon is up to it but they also have like peanut butter flavor chocolate flavor and everything like that so if you want a healthy cereal option your cereal lover like me and refused to give it up this Nature’s Path cereal great option so honestly you guys you don’t have to give up unhealthy food it’s just fine healthier options or make like meals that you enjoy that are somewhat healthier like if you love peanut butter eat your damn peanut butter that’s how I see it everyone’s number one question so I do not really drink at all to be honest I don’t enjoy it but I drink probably once every like two months and even when I do drink I don’t drink too much so I do not recommend it but this is like literally sitting in the back of my videos like I should probably like talk about alcohol but no I don’t suggest drinking too much especially if you’re trying to make progress of losing or gaining weight it’s going to affect how you train in the gym your energy throughout the date obviously alcohol has calories and those calories out fast so I would not recommend drinking too much especially don’t quote binge drinking every week it’s just going to reverse all your work throughout the week and it’s not worth it if you want a drink here and there 100% that is totally fine but I would not recommend it and I personally do not drink very much at all so yeah that answers a lot of your guys’s questions on whether I drink everything like that I do I started from 80 pounds and I got here you can do it too trust me it just takes a little bit of research on a little bit of work um a lot of work but you can get there as well follow me on instagram and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and i will see you guys next time bye


Is Honey Vegan?

Hello I’m Simon Whistler you’re watching today I found out in the video today we’re answering a viewer question Melissa asks is honey considered vegan just before you get started I do you want to say that this video is brought to you by Trello Trello is a free organizational collaborative tool I’ve been using Trello for nearly a year organizing this a YouTube channel as well as my other YouTube channels as well it’s really a really neat piece of organizational software I’m gonna tell you more about Trello later in this video but for now let’s just get started there’s a reason there’s the expression busy as a bee of these buzzing insects entire lives are dedicated to making sure the hive keeps humming hands the next generation of bees are born work of these are consistently building cleaning and protecting their home when they are not tending to the hive they are out foraging for food to feed the Queen and the drones this food is a mixture of pollen nectar water and plant SAP which is eventually transformed into a honey this is a favorite treat for those humans and bees alike with vegan diets on the rise rules and questions around this particular lifestyle are constantly being talked about perhaps one of the most debated issues among vegans is the question of honey by nearly every definition honey is an animal by-product created through chemical processes first the worker bees go out into the world to forage for the sugary fluid secreted by plants that’s known as nectar traveling up to six miles when the bees find nectar they sucked up with their long tube-like tongue and store it in a secondary stomach known as the crop due to being able to hold its own weight that’s approximately 70 milligrams of nectar bees can visit up to 1,500 flowers in one nectar searching trip when the bee returns to the hive it disposes of the collected nectar by regurgitating it into the mouth of another bee who regurgitates it to another bee and so on until it finally ends up in a honeycomb this whole regurgitating process allows the Nexo to be broken down by the enzymes in the bees stomachs which makes it more suitable for long-term storage when the partially digested nectar is in the honeycomb bees speed the evaporation process by their wings rapidly when it sufficiently dry the bees seal the honeycomb with a secretion from its abdomen which we know of as beeswax sealed from Aaron’s moist gerunds thanks to some of its innate properties and he can last for all practical purposes forever and provides a perfect food source for the hive during the harsh winter months of course it also provides a delicious sweet treat for humans and of animals okay so in 1944 Donald Watson essentially created the modern vegan movements by organizing the vegan society the word vegan was taken from the beginning and ending of the word vegetarian his motive for doing so was his affinity for animal life believing and not only abstaining from consuming animal flesh but also animal by-products that have brought unjust harm to the animals as expressed in Watson’s original treatise on being vegan veganism is a way of living which excludes all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to the animal kingdom it applies to the exclusion of flesh fish fowl eggs honey and animal milk according to what’s in taking honey from a hive Spees in that it is essentially stealing a much-needed food item from an animal additionally commercial beehives control the process honey making stacking them in removable trays trapping the Queen in a certain part of the hive and smoking out hives when retrieving the honey in terms of Watson’s original intention honey cannot be vegan due to the methods used by commercial beekeeping but there are those who argue that if one wants do truly adhere to the original vegan lifestyle then eating properly produced honey is okay you see since bees produce the honey naturally cultivating it in a way that doesn’t harm the bees does allow it to be vegan this means constructing hives that are like the ones the bees have in the wild and then waiting for a while swarm of bees to make it their home additionally care must be taken to leave the bees plenty of honey for their own needs there’s also no use of smoke antibiotics or chemicals on the hives in order to solve the problem of opening the hives and disturbing the bees in order to collect the honey natural beekeepers invented a tap a mechanism that allows excess honey do you simply drip into a tube and out of the hive while many vegans abstain from all animal by-products simply on principle or at least attempt to something that is exceptionally difficult if not impossible even for the best intentioned individual the modern vegan movement that was born in 1944 focused primarily on the suffering of animals as the key point if honey can be obtained without making the bee suffer in any way then in theory it could be part of the vegan diet based on these precepts on the other hand some vegans think this doesn’t matter at all as it’s generally thought that insects cannot feel pain or at least are probably not consciously aware of it even if their brains do react to such inputs beyond this the minimal number of bees harmed in the production of honey for human consumption is seemingly no more than the number of insects harmed in the production of vegetables even of the organic variety from all of this it’s perhaps no surprise that where the honey is considered vegan on ours varies depending on one’s exact definition of vegan which in turn varies from vegans vegan and groups group for instance vegan outreach and vegan action both consider honey consumption to be acceptable for vegans leaving it as a matter of personal choice while the American vegan society does not so I really hope you enjoyed that video and just before we finished today I’d love to tell you a bit about Trello Trello is a free collaborative organizational tool which helps you organize your projects on your computer or your mobile phone now you’ve previously heard me talk about fellow I think I first tried it about a year ago and I am still using that amazing free app to this day I use it on my phone I use it on my computer I use it on my laptop everything synchronizes super nicely basically everything that I do and everywhere I go in my life now it’s neatly organized by Trello so what I’ve done is I’ve set up a bunch of different boards for different projects and within these boards you have different cards and basically every day I just go through and knock off as many of those different cards as possible sort of like a really advanced to-do list now before this I was using basically a note-taking app and using the strikethrough feature which wasn’t exactly the most brilliant way to get things done so Trello was a huge step up in organization for me now as I mentioned when I first started working with Trello I am not just using this service because they are a sponsor they’ve genuinely become a huge part of my today I found our workflow and all of my workflows for my other Chan as well so whether you need better organization for a work project a creative project or just your life in general I really would recommend that you check out Trello so as I mentioned I’ve got a bunch of boards set up I got the cards within there another cool feature is you can attach PDFs to the cards so I’ll have like a card for today I found out video and then I’ll have like a PDF attached to that which might be the script it might be some notes about the video it’s basically just a really neat you know everything could be enclosed within the app and of course it’s collaborative as well so I can share my progress with the team plus it’s all totally customizable so it even looks good so I mean why not Trello it’s just a better way to be organized it’s way better than writing things down on a piece of paper or using notepad or something like that and the core features and that’s all that I use by the way it’s all a hundred percent free I’ve never paid for it so I mean why not give it a try you have nothing to lose but please do go through our link which is Trello comm forward slash brain food as that helps support the show there’s also a link in the description below so thank you to Trello for sponsoring and thank you for watching.


Lets Cook Vegan Pasta-Easy recipes

And my god some of the best food you’ll ever eat right here vegan pasta ladies and gentlemen alright guys what’s up welcome to another underground metal gamer cooks vegan so what are we having tonight well you know I figured I would make vegan pasta for you guys so without further ado let’s just get right into it so what am i easy for this first I’m gonna make a sauce base and we’ve got some habaneros I’m cutting up got some onions a green and a red pepper that’s going to go in there and you’ve got all whirs accents canned tomatoes that are gonna go in there you’ve got some basil here we got some mrs. – we got some fucking pepper we’ve got seasoning salt and we have some cayenne pepper but we also need the sauce great well we’re gonna throw in Montana’s habanero hot sauce we’re gonna throw in obviously we’re gonna make the sauce based on the sweet basil marinara from classical so we’ve already got then cook yep we’re gonna get that going right away after I cut off everything here then we’re going to throw it on the Mexican ground around veggie this is going to be fucking amazing so what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut the video here we’re going to get everything prepared and starting to cook and then I’ll show you guys what to do next once they get everything chopped up on resume the video and I’ll show you how I make my sauce so we’ll see you guys in a bit all right guys we’re back and so we’re just getting the rest of the ingredients into the pot here so what do we got in this pot we have half of the green pepper half of a red pepper we have a quarter of an onion and we have three Thresh habaneros now I’m going to crack open my tomato we’re gonna get those in there and then we’re going to throw in this we’ve got the pastas boiling on the stove right now so these three show you guys this is a really easy sauce base to me because everything going in a fog you cook it up nice go to veggie ground ground in there one half of veggie ground ground and apart as well I want three tomatoes in here one whole can of those you’re gonna want to throw in your sauce here remember you can only save this dude I’m not going to use all this tonight obviously need a lot some some seasoning salt going coming out if you want some kick to it remember I love hot shit so [Music] you probably have in there right there you go we’ve got some basil here I’m also going to make up the garlic margarine to go in there too which is just simply the source of margarine in a dish and then you add some seasoning to it to make like a butter base for it which I’m going to add after which is going to give it some more flavor and stuff like that we got some basil we’re throwing in here lots of fucking basil without any nice we’re also gonna curl in a little bit of parsley you can throw in a little bit of onion salt too nice a little bit then of course a little bit of pepper here yourself you putt the ball in there you don’t miss it – toss it in here nice healthy dose of that and you’re gonna like throw in some of this habanero sauce you want to talk with me nearly enough so yeah we’re going to want to start cooking this up after the fastest world you’re going to start this up I’m also going to get like garlic butter going and this is well this is your sauce these are in here by the way show you guys what that looks like so I mean doesn’t that look good it’s not even cooked yet so I’ll just put that down here stand up the camera against or you let that go good alright so that’s what the sauce piece looks like oh no we’re going to get butter going so let me just empty this out you’re just gonna put some margarine in this container because it’s already got marks on it no I’m going to heat it up or barging in there perfect also you’re going to want to season this up too I mean you can if you want I won’t see me stuff up myself so we’re going to put pepper in it and of course it should be put into mrs. s now this has garlic in it so you don’t really need to add too much into that but like I said I want to make it go like this [Music] starting to boil up here there’s the basil a little bit of this one horse and you’re going to microwave this or will help back only and start mixing up in your sauce here and eat or not meet your vegan stuff does it say you can turn this on mr. cook in this book starting to blow the lights over here twice this closer nope check the zoom settings we’re zoomed in good that’s good alright I’m gonna start cooking up your soft base in your vegans if he can meet and your vegetables this is going to be absolutely check on our butter over here obviously not quite melted go a little longer in there these dirty gold here welcome goodness it wasn’t that basically chilly you’re making no it’s not this is just a bit cloudy pass the sauce that will add a lot of flair to your pasta obviously what people think pastas boring but you can make it absolutely delicious Imlay cheese and then you go to sauce base for later you can put it away you can even freeze that if you don’t want to use it all it’s perfect it’s awesome it’s perfect yeah we’re going to get this cooking it’s delicious and then we will come back and I’ll show you guys how to combine it all and stuff like that ones to get my big cooking pan out there once we get all these ingredients clicked up nights after the packet is done however you’re going to want to shock it in a strainer so you’re going to want to put a strainer in the sink then you’re gonna want to put a bit of oil on the pasta so it doesn’t stick to the pan and it also helps to cook in all the flavors of your sauce space right here and all your vegetables your vegan meat without the sauce tomatoes everything else you got going in there there is our sauce for our garlic butter all good good to go there that down for a minute sorry hope the camera guys so that’s all ready to go now and this is currently cooking nice and so is this so what I’m gonna do is we’re just going to stop the video for a bit then I’m going to get them a big pan then once everything’s done we’re going to combine it all and we’re gonna make this fucking delicious so I will see you guys in a little bit and you’ve got this everything already here and we got to get the pasta into the pan now actually my phone go through so we’ll just edit this out seconds alright so we’re gonna get the pasta into the pan here go start getting this cooking then of course you’re going to want to add your then of course you’re going to want to have your everything you cooked in the pot here your vegan meat your vegetables your hot sauce this is going to be a green you’re gonna fucking love this ladies and gentlemen let me tell you add as much or as little as you want I’m sure you guys know this looks a minute and you’re gonna want to start cooking this on medium heat okay and you’re gonna want to cook this in with your pasta verb I’ll show you guys how this looks you’re gonna want to cook this in for at least I’d say about 20 minutes again does you want to cook all your flavors into this doesn’t that look amazing does doesn’t it I know looks amazing all right let’s just put this down again that we’re gonna add a little bit more of our sauce here one more scoop get that all mixed in nice and this out of the way that’s gonna be for our next batch of pasta we’re gonna make us cook up you can add more seasonings at this point if you want but I think I’ve added plenty I mean you can add more pepper more salt more missus – you know whatever you want but I’m just going to leave it as it is because I did add more when I cut the video before so let’s get a plate ready when this masterpiece of a meal is ready to go [Music] yep this is gonna be scrump fucking daily ladies and gentlemen scrum fucking daily start picking it up nice as you can see it’s starting to warm up it’s starting to get nice and steamy [Music] [Applause] looks delicious guys so we’re just gonna keep cooking that up here run just let the video fucking play um now some people might be asking me okay so you make all this great vegan stuff but is it enough protein are you healthy you you know do you have any health complications from not eating meat no absolutely not if you know what you’re doing you can go without means period it’s also a lot more healthy and it’s ethical so a lot of people think that you know we need meat to survive now a lot of people will disagree with me even some nutritionists would disagree even some dietitians but there’s a lot more dietitians on the side of a clean vegan diet than there is on the meat side of spectrum so you might want to do some research on that if you think that I’m bullshitting you and all about vegan without being on a vegan diet it’s a lot more fucking palatable there is a reason that I maintain a good body weight there’s a region reason that I have such healthy energy levels and then I sleep perfectly at night for the most part some nights I don’t sleep as good as I’d like but I mean that’s that’s you know that’s like anybody some people you know when you get insomnia happens so this is starting to cook really good here and again what did we use for this we have rotini noodles we’ve got Greek half the green pepper half a red pepper quarter of an onion three heaven eros veggie ground round from the Ives the Mexican style then we had one can of all Liars diced tomatoes Chile style then I added a classic oh sweet marinara sauce then I added some Montana’s habanero hot sauce we added mrs. – bourbon garlic salt and pepper seasoning salt basil and cayenne pepper so there you go that’s how easy it is to make a delicious vegan meal you don’t really need a side dish with this either I mean this is everything you need right here for a solid dinner meal I wouldn’t know you could make this for lunch – I mean it doesn’t have to be specifically for supper you can make this for lunch as well so if you guys are enjoying this cooking series I love doing these videos for you guys it’s some new content check out my top 10 thrash metal albums right there in the card should have popped up on the screen and don’t forget to subscribe guys officially more subscribers and patrons if you feel like supporting the channel you can get more great vegan recipes like this one and you can help me make more healthy food to make more vegan cooking videos for you guys as well as upgrade my production in my studio and things like that I am saving up to get Vegas Pro 16 the full version with all the bells and whistles however tomorrow I got big news for you guys interviewing Gail Cartwright shadows of death records we have launched a business deal and I’m going to be his band’s fans etc etc it’s going to be a lot of fun so a big shout out to Gail heartburn go check out shadows of death records and all the band’s own is lofty they fuckin kick ass so guys this vegan pasta is practically done so you’re cooking up nice here for about ten minutes I’m gonna let it cook for about another ten more minutes and then I will come back to the video so I’ll see you guys in about 10 minutes yes we’re back and this looks about ready let’s have a peek my god some of the best food you’ll ever eat right here now vegan pasta ladies and gentleman does not look fucking scrub dilly get some on the plate OOP let’s get into the moment of truth the heat now I let this cook in here with the noodles for about another 20 minutes so total preparation time for this is about 45 minutes but if you want to cook your food in I mean your flavors in you’ve got to cook food for at least 60 minutes that’s just how it is that should be good enough to start with it looks delicious alright vegan pasta [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what secret garlicky peppery some nice basil flavor in there nice labor phone oil parsley the new marinara is coming through nice the sweet marinara the heat from the habaneros is coming through nice green pepper red pepper flavor and of course you have the Mexican veggie ground ground and then the olive and garlic from all Myers based mammals is coming through this as well this is just go it’s not just the right amount of heat if your chili head this is perfect this [Music] is absolutely delicious really good yeah this is really fucking good yeah you guys need to make this it’s delicious [Music] that’s so good okay all right everybody that’s vegan pasta as always I hope you enjoyed this video like comment subscribe check out patreon all that good stuff and it’s it for stay tuned for more cooking videos and tomorrow the interview with Gayle Cartwright and shadows of death records is coming up is gonna premiere on Saturday at 12 p.m. so look forward to that I’ll likely edit and publish this video tomorrow simply because it is getting on in the night and I do find that I get more reviews in traffic during the day so this video will probably premiere tumoral we’ll see how long the editing takes have yourselves an awesome night this is the underground metal gamer series let’s cook vegan we’ll see you in the next fuckin video stay metal Cheers



Happy new year so this is my first vlog in 2019 so basically I’m on my way to the supermarket so I’m gonna be doing seven day a vlog for you guys of something that’s called a vegan earri basically what it is is a lot of people try going vegan for the month of January after the festive season just as are we it’s a kind of cleanse and detox themself so I’m just under super-marv I’m just going to the supermarket now and I’m gonna show you some of the things that I will be getting and then what I’m gonna be doing with with that is basically I’m gonna give you guys seven-day video so basically a weeks or the video of like a full diary of what I’m eating each day in terms of being vegan meals so yeah I’m just adding to supermarket now and I will see you once I get there under the pressures off you live on it on my time pick it up now IDI down full full pick it up when their bills them come on with me for every trouble there’s our that brings everything together together everybody wanna feel so that’s my main reason for wanting to do this is because I’m actually an aspiring vegan I want to like stop eating like animal products full stop but like put everyone I know that sometimes it’s hard and for me I don’t want any labels like I said I don’t want to not be good I’m not vegetarian I’m not any of those stuff because people get too caught up in the label and then then they feel like they’re judged by other people you know I mean like if you can’t hold it together or whatever to me it’s a process and it’s about your own personal growth and it’s about your own personal health it’s not about anyone else and if you’re doing something better towards your your overall well-being in health today that was better than yesterday it’s still progress so you know like a lot of people just expect you you’ve been eating meat all your life your brain is used to that the chemicals you you know I mean your brain is used to it your palates used to it you you’re used to the taste the texture to smell everyone else around just gonna be doing it so it’s not that we’re gonna be that easy to just like stop eating meat like that a lot of people find it quite challenging for me personally it’s not that challenging because I grew up in a vegetarian family so I was already used to eating like a plant-based diet even though like you know my mom cooked me and stuff like that so it wasn’t hard for me and I think what makes it hard for me is that for instance when you’ve got kids or you’ve got family and not everybody is on the same part there’s you and you have to cook in separate stuff or you know that type of thing but for me it’s not about anything else like it’s not about being strict and to the book because I’m a vegan and I have to live up to this label it’s not about the labels it’s not about any of that it’s about morals and principles for me it’s about what I feel is right I feel I don’t feel like I need to necessarily need the consumptions I don’t necessarily feel like I need the consumption of animal flesh to survive I’ve had diets where I’ve had meat I’ve had diets where I’ve had just mostly plant-based and in my experience my body feels so much better my body my energy therefore my overall well-being my overall well well-being feels so much better and I plan plant-based diet so I’m doing this vegan everything for you guys well I’m doing just be kind of everything so I can share with you guys what the journey is like and to share with you like what type give you ideas because I think that’s where a lot of people always kind of like okay if I must if I stop eating meat what am I gonna eat a lot of people don’t know what to cook because they’ve been used to cook one way and eat one way so I’m gonna just share some of my night like what I’m eating some food diaries and when I when I can I’m gonna try and put most of the recipes of what I’m making in the videos I’m gonna do this for seven days so I don’t know what my days are gonna be like come in if it gets too busy where I can’t put the recipe and I’ll probably have to film it differently but I will show you exactly what I’m eating so I just wanted to say for any anyone who wants to like stop eating me or to cut down on it don’t feel like you’re doing this for anyone else about yourself don’t feel like you know you have to stop everything right now or is you’re gonna feel judged yes I mean I know ideal world if we could it would be great but just see as it’s to do your own personal growth is to do your own health and your own body and if you do it better today than he was yesterday then that’s progress if you used to eat meat five days a week and you’ve reduced it to two days that’s progress if you stopped eating red meat or poultry and you still eatin seafood the still progress you know so every little thing you’re doing it’s still progress don’t don’t don’t worry about the labels that’s why all people ask me am I you gonna able to Terran I’m like I’m nothing I’m not a vegan I’m not a vegetarian I’m not a pescetarian I am nothing I tried to eat as properly as I can within my resources with what I have and with with choices that I have so for instance if I go somewhere there’s a meat choice and there’s a vegetarian choice I’m gonna go with the choice but not everybody’s gonna have choice all the time sometime you’re just gonna have a bless you food and eat it you know so I just want to say like it’s not about the pressure it’s not about the label it’s not about the the trend because sometimes people treat veganism like a cult it’s about your own personal growth your own personal well-being is about your health is about your body and the type of fool the type of information you’re feeding your body and your selves in your DNA and how this food is making you feel you know as in my previous video with my brother we said that food is information it’s information because when you eat this like for instance when you eat this piece of carrot your body is taking the nutrients and the vitamins out of it that’s information the bittermann see the labels we give it that’s information that your body’s taken from this and if speeding yourselves is replenishing yourselves it’s renewing them and you know it’s sustaining your lifeforce so as I said whoever wants to join me on this journey please do please share in the comments your ideas and what you make in and stuff like that I’d love to hear from you I’m gonna post as much of that kind of my Instagram as well as give you guys this 7-day blog and give you some ideas of recipes and stuff what I’m eating another misnomer another kind of thing I want to clear up is a lot of people always say well vegan and vegetarian diet is expensive I don’t think it necessarily is I think you pay for it in one way or another you’re either gonna pay to put quality food in your body or you’re gonna page to put cheap food in your body and then pay later on with your health you know will having deteriorated health or doctor bills so it balances out you know you you pay one way or either spend money on quality food how could you not want to put quality fuel in this engine well this is this is your house this is your permanent house while you’re still here because when this falls away in decay you you cease to exist how could you not want to pay to put the best of the best in your vehicle this is what’s sustaining you this is what enable you to get up and go to work and to do to spend time with your loved ones and do everything you need to do so to me you shouldn’t want to put quality into this I rather spend quality on my food tonight I’m putting quality ingredients in my body don’t go and buy any designer handbag or Footwear or whatever what is that doing for me it’s not doing anything so when a lot of people can’t make that an excuse as to why they don’t want to eat healthy I think it’s an excuse an excuse an excuse you know I mean either way if you want to make something happen you’ll find a way so I think food is your fuel that’s how I’ll play this is my life course this was sustaining me because when I don’t eat I can collapse so how could I not want to put the best of the best in it how could I not want to spend thousands of whatever on this but I want to go on by red some red bottoms for seven hundred pounds that don’t make sense anyway yeah you guys thought I’ve done my shop in I wouldn’t say it was X more expensive than my usual shopping the only thing I’d say is your produce I’ll show you turn the camera around the only difference is when you change to a plant-based diet you find that your trolley should be full of life so it should be full of fresh vegetables so it should be full of fresh vegetables fresh fruits so the produce that you’re bringing in your home half of it is real live fruits so you’re eliminating a lot of canned stuff you’re in a eliminating a lot of process stuff so most of what I got was fresh produce and I’ve got like some dried stuff like dry peas dry lentils and stuff like that so I wouldn’t say it was necessarily more expensive the only thing I would say is next time I would rather let me turn the camera around yeah the only thing I would say is next time rather than my fruit on the supermarket which I don’t think give you the best quality of fruits because a lot of these stuff have been exported I’ve been sitting on freezer they’re lacking in nutrients and I don’t know for anyone else but when I buy my fruit from the supermarket or vegetables you leave in for two or three days and they go soft they go sake so I know that like a lot of it it’s just nonsense so if you’ve got local farmers market close to you if you’ve got local green grocers and I think it’s much cheaper and the quality of fruits and vegetable you gain it will be much more better so I only got a new supermarket this round because I wanted to start this to begin a vegan you everything and I didn’t have time but my next round of shopping is definitely not gonna be from there except for whatever I need like dried stuff so a few moments later I’m gonna be make taking you through what I’m gonna be having today so the first thing I’m gonna have this morning is I’m gonna have I’m not I’m not really a eater in the morning to be honest I don’t like heavy stuff on me in the morning I like light stuff so I always eat fruits so I think I’m gonna have a green juice and maybe a fruit bowl so I’ll show you what I’m preparing that and I’ll show you at the end guys what I’m using for my what I’m using my green juice today is kale cucumbers green apple lemon and ginger usually I would also put celery in this but I forgot to get some yeah everybody wanna be with me do not feel I reckon the troubles and a rough me clean energy boosts in the morning we need to open your balls this is perfect for that as well so yeah breakfast today someone asked me before do you put sugar in the green juice no you don’t if you want the green juice to have a sweet taste you can add green fruits like green apple kiwi and stuff like that like this right now it’s quite sweet to me because I put two apples in there you don’t require any sugar that’s kind of defeating the object of you know using green juice to cleanse you and detox you by adding sugar to it so it’s it tastes good to me it’s I don’t know maybe because I’ve become used to it I think eventually I think initially when I started out it was really hard to get used to it and I really like force myself cuz you anything you kind of force yourself like anything you kind of repeat repeat eventually it becomes a happy you know and eventually you you but your palate starts to become used to it now I can’t down this in one minute no problem and it doesn’t do anything to me when I drink this it makes me feel energized my skin and glows regularly used to the toilet stuff like that but just to share some products with you guys lemon water as well as always perfect in the morning to give you your system and have a good cleanup throughout this process of this detox in part of what I’m doing is I’m taking some supplements as well which I got from my brother I to life I’m taking my favorite product of theirs which is their colon button if you can see it their colon cleanser he gave me an organ cleanser as well and a mucus cleanser and he gave me some blood cleansing herbs there you go it gave me some blood cleansing herbs and iron which I can boil and make this into a tea but this product here that the colon cleanser yeah this product here the caller turns that I’ve taken off one bottle already like literally when I take this in when I take that stuff literally it flares you out like you just emptied your system and you’re what for me my stomach just went so flat like it just entered me out so I really love that so again shut up – I – like for these products of blood blood cleanse our colon cleanse our organ cleanser and new Costanza so I’m gonna be taking these while I’m on this journey sharing with you guys so yeah I’m gonna have my breakfast and then I’ll go start my day and I’ll see you guys back at dinner time I don’t think I’ll have a lunch I don’t have I don’t have much of an appetite if I do eat anything in the day I will show you at dinner time it’d probably be snacks like fruits or seeds or nuts almonds and stuff like that but I don’t think I would be anything when do you get to run some errands so I’ll see you back when I’m making dinner peace hi guys so I’m back and I’m gonna make some dinner I think I’m gonna make something quick cuz I’m a little bit tired tomorrow and I’m not really rested I’ll try and get a bit more creative with it I’m gonna make something quick just gonna make like a vegetable stir-fry so I don’t think I’m thinking I don’t need to do the recipe for this because it’s really straightforward it’s literally brown noodles and I just bought one of these multi because I’ve been losing a multipack stir-fry vegetable thing and I’m gonna like put chunks of mushrooms in it mushroom like is really great for texture if you’re a texture person that like that kind of buy it meat extra mushrooms good and I’m gonna use chilli sauce sweet chilli sauce so this is really straightforward it’s just I’m gonna boil the noodles and then once the noodles are boiled I’m gonna stir fry this season it up give it some flavor with the mushrooms maybe add some sweet sweet chilli sauce then either noodles to it and then maybe just have some salad or avocado on it’s really straightforward tonight quick easy and simple so I’m gonna get doing that I’ll show you little clips of it but I don’t think I need to show you how to do this one I’ll show you some other recipes but this was quite straightforward so yeah I put some oyster sauce in there we topped it with avocado and it actually tastes good this is it guys thank you so much for watching this is day one and I’ve got six more days to go see you in my next video.


Vegan + Gluten Free Bread Recipe! NO Yeast! #kickstart2019

Hey Margie’s welcome if you’re new I’m Melissa over the holidays I shared some gluten-free bread recipes that a lot of you love but I had so many requests to do a version without eggs so I put it on my list or recipe tested and today I’m sharing with you a gluten free bread that is also vegan no eggs at all and just like my other three breads this recipe also uses no yeast no bread machine and requires no kneading nice I start by combining my dry ingredients I use a mix of brown rice flour buckwheat flour baking powder make sure yours is gluten free if needed baking soda xanthan gum and salt whisk it up separately I warm some almond milk and ground flaxseed and let it thicken for a few minutes it may not look as viscous as flats egg but you’ll feel that it’s thickened when you whisk it after about ten minutes I whisk some agave or honey for non-vegan and apple cider vinegar into the milk mixture – then I can add the dry and the wet and combine it will be a thick dough into a loaf pan it goes I like to line mine with parchment paper for easy removal and to prevent sticking I add some rolled oats as a topping but you could use any seeds or chopped nuts to make that baby for over an hour until the bread is lightly golden it will spring back when touched cool it completely before removing from the loaf pan and slicing Wow it is dark like a pumpernickel bread because of that buckwheat flour the xanthan gum is what helps it pull together as a sandwich bread but the bread should work without it it just might be better for toast instead it’s soft but hearty and even has a little bit of natural sweetness too if you’re wanting a gluten-free bread that doesn’t use eggs this is totally worth a try I hope you enjoyed this recipe please know that I do always read your requests in the comments and do actually keep a running list of everything you asked for so if there’s something you want to see definitely let me know I appreciate you I will be back tomorrow in all this month with more content to kick start your new year be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat and don’t forget to hit that Bell so you actually get notified and remember it’s all a matter of mind over munch



if any of you are wondering why I’ve got my glasses on to remember all the facts about the nutrients I had to put them on so I could see my screen in the background they’re not for sure I promise I just can’t see very well hi guys it’s guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today I’m gonna be doing something slightly different I’m gonna be showing you how to do vegan meal prep so before I went vegan I used to body build and in my Q&A video you guys requested that I made some vegan high protein meal prep ideas for you guys what I’m going to be cooking today is full of flavor it’s got lots of protein and all the other nutrients that you need when you’re training or working out regularly [Music] I’m actually going to be starting with the main meal first because that takes longest to cook and the sweet potatoes are behind me cooking and to serve with them I’m going to be doing a nice bean chili which is full of nutrients protein and it’s really healthy so let’s get cooking that add a small amount of oil or water to a pan add one finely sliced red onion add one clove of minced garlic add one red chili finely diced I’m adding two teaspoons of cayenne pepper one teaspoon cinnamon and one teaspoon of cumin just allow this to cook for a couple of minutes before we allowed all the rest of the ingredients now as you can see I don’t want this to be your typical boring meal prep I want to get some flavor in there it’s really simple to do add 1 cubed red pepper add 3 cups of chopped tomatoes from account its smelling absolutely amazing I’m going to let that cook for a few minutes and then we’re going to add the beans and all the vital nutrients so this chili mix is being cooking for a little while now it’s time to add our beans I’ve got a mix I’ve got a cup of chickpeas which are cooked I’ve got a cup of red kidney beans black beans and sweet corn they’re all cooked and they’re so high in protein complex carbs potassium calcium they’re just really good for when we’re working out and they repair the muscles really well so you want to as much of these into your diet when training as you can just get those in just to bring out some of the flavors I’m adding a pinch of sea salt that’s basically the chili done is so simple I’ve slightly tweaked my actual chili recipe just to make it easier for you when you’re making your meal prep on the weekends ready for the week it’s got all the right all nutrients in there that we need for when we’re training so let’s get on to the next dish so as I say guys I’m doing everything a bit backwards but just to make sure that I cook this efficiently and quickly because you don’t want to be cooking for a long time on the weekend you just want to get your meals done I’m ready for the week basically so for breakfast I’m going to make a really simple porridge which you can add milk to in the mornings whenever you just warm it up in the microwave or you warm it up on a hob whatever you like but I’m gonna make sure there’s lots of flavor in there and lots of nutrients in there and it’s just really simple so grab yourself four containers I’m going to be making four of each course so it wouldn’t be porridge without the porridge oats I’ve got gluten free porridge oats and I’m just going to do a cup in each one after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day you want to start your day right and get some good complex carbs and slow-releasing carbs so that’s what these oats are perfect for check on the chili every now and then just give it a little mix it’s looking perfect I’m going to flavor the porridge with some raw cacao powder which is full of antioxidants really good for the blood and it’s a aphrodisiac whatever that is I’m joking I know what is so the idea behind the breakfast is you just add your milk almond or soya give it a stir and get it into a saucepan or in the microwave and it’ll be perfect every time I recommend adding a cup of milk to this and it’ll be perfect porridge next in I’m gonna be adding some mixed nuts I’ve got some coconut some cashew nuts some walnuts hazelnuts a bit of everything really nuts a pack full of protein really good calcium they’re just super foods in general good fats as well which is what we need when we’re training next I’m gonna be adding a tablespoon of hemp seeds great for your skin your hair also high in protein as well next I’m gonna be adding around about a tablespoon of chia seeds to each one these are literally energy food apparently ancient warriors used to have a little pouch on their belts before going into war and the user munch on a table spoon to give them energy in battle I do recommend added some dried fruit or fresh berries just bring them along separately and just mix them in before eating your breakfast make sure you have a couple of bananas with your breakfast it’s always nice setting out like this at the start of the week bananas again great sugars perfect energy food so that would be my breakfast so guys the next meal is a light lunch which can be served hot or cold I always like to have one meal that I need to warm up so for example the chili and one meal that I can eat on the go which is cool or you can warm it up as well I’m gonna be doing some quinoa which I’m going to add some amazing flavors to I’m gonna make it a lemon and herb quinoa and also serve it with some grilled piri-piri tofu but if you don’t want to use tofu or soy products I recommend serving this dish with some falafel and really to check out my falafel and flatbread video because this works really well and it’s packed full of protein and good nutrients as well but I actually have the most amazing falafel recipe in my book so make sure you pre-ordered that on Amazon it’s vegan 100 or just typing gas Oakley and you can pre-order it now it will be out very soon back to the lunch I’ve got my quinoa here I cooked it off and I’ve got four cups in total that’s a cup for each dish and quinoa is so good for repairing or building muscles because it contains all of the essential amino acids which is vital for when were building muscle or repairing muscles so we need to get this in when we’re training so first up I’ve just preheated this griddle pan behind me and when it’s hot I’m gonna start grilling tofu but first up let’s mix together our quinoa I’m going to add the juice of one lemon squeeze it through your hands so you don’t get any of the pips in as you can see I have a mix of quinoa here I’ve got the red and just the white as well I’ve just steamed this really simple to cook it only takes about 10 minutes so into my quinoa I’m just adding some mixed herbs I’ve just got a mix of thyme parsley and basil add whatever you like chives are really good as well just roughly chop it as I said this meal I recommend having it cold it’s good to have an option of a cold dish especially if you can’t get to a microwave it’s all about getting some really nice flavors into the quinoa it’s got all the nutrients in there you just need to add some nice flavors I’m also going to add a cup of chickpeas just to get some extra protein I just love chickpeas as well it makes it a bit more substantial really smells amazing you don’t have to add salt but I add a little bit of salt to bring out some flavors give that a stir around make sure everything is well incorporated and let’s get on with the grilling of the tofu I’ve just pre-marinated this tofu in some of my piri piri sauce if you want the recipe go to my skewers video that that just transforms the tofu into something really really flavorsome tofu is great source of protein and really good source of calcium as well so let’s grill these and add them to the dish the quinoa add some oil to your griddle pan if you don’t want to add oil just put them on a lined baking tray and cook them in the oven 180 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes whilst the tofu is grilling behind me I’m just going to dish up the quinoa into the bowl and just add around a cup into each one I only like to make four of everything because after four days really you don’t really want to be eating it all the flavors would have gone and everything just doesn’t taste as good really they look really tasty the griddle might add some great flavor and just transform the bland tofu once they are done we will add them to the pots and then we will get on with the final dish they won’t be much longer around about three to four minutes on each side add two slices of tofu to each dish so I’m just adding the last at the tofu to the lunch meal and I recommend when the tofu is cool then add in some spinach but to speed things up I’m gonna add it for you guys now and spinach is literally essential to good health really I eat so much of spinach so I’m just gonna add a handful to each meal I’m also going to add some cherry tomatoes to the dish which are really high in vitamin C and just add another nice color to the dish I hope these meal prep ideas really help you out because they’re really good to make at the start of your week and feel free to sit a love them to your tastes but this is what I would generally eat I’ve had the time to Train I am going to get back into it soon I miss having a little bit of size to me so I’m adding some sliced red cabbage dark pigmented foods such as red cabbage and things like berries work to add more oxygen to the blood and are also anti-inflammatory so the chili is basically done it’s been on the stove for about 10 to 15 minutes and I’m going to get my sweet potatoes out of the oven which I’ve just baked now you can mash you can just peel them or you can just slice them up with the skin on do whatever you want with the sweet potatoes are you’d like to use sweet potatoes because they are great full of vitamin C they’re really how healthy vegetable they’re a lot better than general white potatoes but what I will say if you are training and you want to put weight on I recommend eating white potatoes over sweet potatoes but these are a lot healthier so I’m getting my 4 containers out and I’m just going to prepare these sweet potatoes I just like to chop off the end and open them up as I said you’re welcome to peel these I don’t mind the skin it actually is full of flavor and sweetness I just open it up like that and I’ve got 6 in total so I’m gonna add one and a half to each meal sweet potatoes have too many positives to mention and look at the range of colors we have already it’s just making sure that we’re eating the rainbow and getting loads of nice nutrients into our body and before I add the chili over the top of the amazing sweet potato I’ve got a little recipe for you which is really flavoursome and you can use it in loads of other dishes only making creme fraiche or sour cream which works really well with the chili and it helps cool it down slightly and it’s made from cocoon Utz which are again full of protein and really good for us in this Ninja Cup I have half a cup of soaked cashews and to it all I’m going to add is 1/2 a cup of water I may need to add a little bit more water but we’ll see how this is if you just rolled the lemon like this or will release some more of the juice and I’m going to add the juice of half a lemon because after all we want it to be like sour cream or creme fraiche we need to make it we need to get that lemon in basically to get some acidity into it just squeeze it for your hand add a pinch of salt pop your lid on and blitz it up on a high speed and there we have it is our creme fraiche done simple as that just adds a little coolness to our chili it will thicken up once you refrigerate it it’s just quite warm because it’s been in the powerful blender you need to make sure you blend it long enough so that it gets really really smooth I’ll just pop that aside and then we’ll get it on top of the chili right the Chili’s done and smelling really really nice you saw how quickly it was to make and how stress-free it is and just look at that how beautiful that looks packed full of flavor smells absolutely incredible before I add it to the containers I’m going to add some beautifully cooked broccoli which I’ve just steamed these little trees are actually full of protein believe it or not and they’re also a great source of vitamin K and iron which is essential for a vegan diet so simply get our lovely bean chili over the top of our sweet potato make sure you get a decent amount in there I try to aim for around a cup but the chili just so you know that you’re getting lots of the flavors and nutrients into it and look there’s even some left for your evening meal the day of making this lastly to the dish I’m going to add some ed-a-mommies’ round about a handful in each one these are so high in protein and they’re really flavorsome as well they’re actually soybeans so if you don’t want soy beans just leave them out add something like kale that would work perfectly as well also on top I’m going to add our little creme fraiche I recommend leaving the Chile cool down slightly before adding this I just want you to see the finished dish just for you to squeeze over a wedge of lime I recommend having some avocados in the fridge which you can just cut when you’re about to eat the meals they add some great fats and also some protein so get some avocados in with the chili as well just don’t put them in ahead of time because they’ll go dark and horrible I also like to stay hydrated of course you need lots of water when you’re training so snacking on some watermelon is great is so healthy for you as well but make sure you have big bottles of water that you can drink throughout the day so I’m just going to slice up this watermelon into some nice chunks you can slice this up smaller but I like having a big chunk to take with me wherever I am I go in and bite on it so guys there’s my meal prep done I’ve just got some sweet treats so I’ve got my salted caramel bars that I made in a previous video they’re full of fiber because they got loads of dates in there actually antioxidants because of the Ward chocolate and lots of nuts of course so I’m going to get one of these in each of these containers here and this is a nice snack or if you feel like a sweet treat that’s also healthy I recommend having one of those cherries they’re actually a really good food to eat after working out because it’s a dark fermented fruit again and they get lots of oxygen in your blood but you need after working out it helps repair your muscles so grab a little handful of each of those and get them into the bowl likewise blueberries are the same so have a few blueberries and they’re also a superfood as we all know [Music] so there it is there’s four days worth of meal prep for you guys when you’re working out and training them in the gym full of great nutrients to repair our muscles and to keep us for throughout the day it’s all gluten free it’s all healthy and yeah there’s some options for you there I’ll definitely be doing one of these videos again I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did I’m actually going to go to the gym now and test out some of these meals I’m sure they all taste amazing thank you so much for watching make sure you pre-ordered my book vegan 100 on Amazon please like share comment most importantly please subscribe and if you want to be part of the notification gang hit the bow see you’re the first one to know about my new videos thank you so much for watching and enjoy working out and eating my meals [Music]

30 Healthy Habit Hacks You Need To Know!

Everyone welcome back to my channel today I am sharing 30 healthy habit hacks with you the first one when you wake up in the morning make sure that you drink water straight away next if you do struggle with drinking water we don’t like the flavor for some reason add some fruit into it to make it a little bit tastier for you to get extra nutrients into your day make smoothies or make fresh vegetable juices [Music] if you don’t have enough time to make fresh smoothies in the morning simply freeze or refrigerate the ingredients so they’re ready to go if you want to go for a walk but you have nowhere to hide that big lump of keys take off the keys that you need to get into your apartment and attach them to your shoelace make sure you do a double knot so they don’t come off [Music] if you’re feeling sore after a workout have a bath with some epsom salts in it cleaning can burn way more calories than you realize so make a little cleaning routine for yourself and make sure you’re doing a little bit every day [Music] when you’re going for a walk or a run you can increase the intensity of your workout by adding in some little exercises find a park bench do some step ups some box jumps or maybe even some dips if you’re making a protein shake add the water in first and then the protein so it doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of your shaker it’s easy enough to exercise every day but where I see a lot of people fall short is with their meals so a good way to get around this is to meal prep it will mean that you’ll have a healthy option around a lot of the time and it can save you a lot of time and money add some spices to your meal to get your metabolism firing [Music] if you’re doing steady-state cardio or something that’s boring you could study or watch YouTube videos just have something that you can read or look at while you’re doing it instead of counting calories I would recommend tracking your macronutrients and your micronutrients this will give you a lot better look at what you’re actually eating I know that this one won’t be a popular one but it’s to ditch the coffee’s and cut back on as much caffeine as you can caffeine will fatigue your adrenal glands so I personally don’t like to drink caffeinated drinks same goes for things like pre workouts if you can swap your pre workouts for something like a beta alanine it will still get the blood pumping through your muscles but you won’t get a crash from it foam roll as often as possible once a day if you can it will help release your muscles and they won’t become a sore after your workouts make being active a more regular part of your lifestyle so play with pets or kids or just get out and active more often play a sport something like that get more sunshine in your day a little bit of sunshine each day can actually help boost your mood if you’re going to go down out at a restaurant it’s a good idea just to check up on what they have on the menu online so you can plan beforehand as I said food is one of the biggest battles so have some healthy snacks prepared to take with you just so you’re not feeling inclined to go and get junk food on your way home or when you’re out drive less and walk more [Music] wait 10 to 15 minutes after a meal before you go in 4 seconds take some time to relax it doesn’t matter what this looks like for you for me at the moment it’s been making myself a cup of tea or putting on a face mask and then destroying some civilizations in Age of Empires three [Music] if you really have to have dessert then swap out the dessert for a healthier option for example this is a banana nice cream so I took some cold bananas or some cinnamon and some vanilla combine that in a food processor and then popped it in the freezer and then we could eat that later having a trainer or a training plan will help you get better results because it means you’re following a plan consistently at eat run lifts we offer online personal training and we also have downloadable training plans for you if you’re constructing something like a salad for lunch separate the wet ingredients from the dry ingredients static stretches like these ones are best kept for directly after you exercise because your muscles are warm already whereas stretches like these ones dynamic stretches that are involving movement are best before you workout if you’re doing a home workout and you want to add a little bit of extra resistance and you don’t have any weights available to you a good thing that you can do is make your own weight bag take objects that have the weights listed on them and then you can pop them into a backpack and you can use this for things like curls or go for a walk with it on to help reduce bloating try and stick to the least processed foods that you can get so a lot of fresh fruit and a lot of fresh vegetables legumes and nuts and finally at number one and that is to get a good night’s rest so stay away from the electronics and the blue lights from your screens for about half an hour before you go to bed and if you are plugging your frame with an alarm make sure it’s not in a reachable distance so that way you actually have to get out of bed in the morning to turn it off I’ll catch you guys in my next video bye