How To Turn People Vegan In 2019

[UltraVid id=285 ]We’re going to talk about how you can improve your success rate of turning people vegan. In order to do accomplish this, we first need to talk about the psychology and biology behind change.

Change happens in the brains. You have countless neurons in your brains that receive information, but also transmit information. The incoming stream of information changes the way your brain works. This is called neuroplasticity. But change also happens via a psychological way. Watch the video to find out how!

This video provides practical tips that are focused on providing value to the other person and showing different perspectives.
Understanding different perspectives will allow to have nice conversations and being convincing without forcing anyone to anything.
This video will help you to make it a LOT easier!


How Vegans Can Create Healthy Relationships and Communicate Effectively | By Melanie Joy

[UltraVid id=218 ]Many vegans find that it`s difficult or impossible to feel connected with the non-vegans in their lives and to communicate about veganism in a way that doesn`t cause cause conflict. Often, too, vegans have trouble relating and communicating with each other when they disagree with each other`s ideas. In this new presentation, psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy explains the principles and tools for creating healthy, connected relationships, and she gives tips on how to talk about even the most challenging issues productively.

## About Melanie Joy ##

Dr. Melanie Joy is a psychologist, international speaker, organizational consultant, trainer, and the author of “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows”, “Strategic Action for Animals”, and the forthcoming book “Beyond Beliefs: A Guide for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters in Relationships.”. Dr. Joy specializes in strategic vegan advocacy, effective communication, organizational dynamics and leadership, the psychology of social transformation, and activist sustainability. Dr. Joy is the eighth recipient of the Ahimsa Award – previously given to the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela – for her work on global nonviolence, as well as the Empty Cages Prize – previously given to Tom Regan – for her contribution to furthering the cause of animal rights. She is also the founder and president of Beyond Carnism and the co founder and co director of the Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy.


Communication Tips: Why Gossip Is Toxic

[UltraVid id=199 ]: Why Gossip Is Toxic

Gossip in the workplace, at school… complaining about your coworkers, your boss, or anyone isn’t likely to make you look powerful or responsible. It’s likely to diminish other peoples’ opinion of you, and get in your way as you strive for your goals.

Here’s why alcohol can make gossip even worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLu8Qh-VrL0

“Ohhhhh, girl. Did you hear about Laura and Kevin? And what she said to his mom? And what he did after that?”

“YES! I couldn’t believe it. Could NOT. Of all people — I would never have seen that coming!”

Gossip is toxic. You know it, I know it, the person sitting two tables over eavesdropping knows it. It sets negativity in motion and, if we’re not careful, attracts more of the same. Gossip hurts you, it hurts the friend you’re gossiping with, it hurts the people you’re talking about.
Even when your gossip is ‘legitimate’, even when you have a right to feel scandalized or hurt by someone’s behavior …

You might be right about your feelings, but that ‘rightness’ isn’t helping you get what you want.

Instead, commit to talking about what you want and how you’re going to make it happen.

Alexa Fischer is an LA-based actress and career coach, teaching others the skills to reach their goals in business and life. She offers private coaching to creative people around the world, and is also available for lectures and presentations for business and organizations.

We just love to do it we do we can’t help ourselves we love to sit around we do I don’t know what that is but like activates something in us but the question is what is it really doing to us you see when we are gossiping it’s predicated on this idea that we don’t want somebody to hear what we’re talking about so in essence it’s not nice right it’s not in the camp that’s full of positive inspiring you know good things right it’s in that sort of this kind of thing now the problem is is that our words have power there is a momentum that is created when you are focusing on that which you don’t like and it in a way attracts that to you so if you find yourself spending a good deal of time or even a little bit of time in that gossip place I am Telling You you are getting nothing it is hurting you in addition to hurting the other person so while I do not want to sound like a Miss goody two-shoes pants I am telling you gossip can be a very destructive thing why it’s not getting you what you want it’s not you may be right about your feelings but that rightness isn’t helping you get what you want it’s not attracting the good things because what you focus on you create I’m gonna say that again what you focus on you create so if you are bitching around the water cooler about such-and-such doing blah blah blah and I can’t believe that and it’s so unfair guess what you are literally creating a life of unfairness it doesn’t matter what’s going on that is eliciting that response let it go on around you but what do you want start talking about that what things do you want to create in your life how do you want to feel what do you think is possible this whole thing that I’ve created here was based on the idea of I would love to do this would be unbelievable and if I had listened to all them you can’t do it well my money’s over how you making money I would never be here so tune that stuff out watch what’s happening on with your mouth and really set your intention to the good stuff because when you do unbelievable things happen life is too short to gossip so train yourself to not participate


Tony Robbin: Change Negative Thinking

[UltraVid id=198 ]Every one of us right now could get depressed piece of cake all we have to do is focus on all the tragedy that’s happening the world right now even little pieces of it children they’re dying right now starvation we can make pictures in our head out those bloated stomachs hearing the cries of babies just as they pass off into death sing flies eating their flesh how’s that for graphic at the same time every one of us could be an absolute total pleasure interrupts that pattern of a picture you’re looking at and think of something a great total pleasure and you know what they’re resilient things but to do that you have to stop focusing you have to delete all the negativity in the world and focus on things that make it feel great so you could focus on a relationship you have you could focus on how much you’ve already learned in the last six or seven or eight days you could focus on the people that love you you could focus on your ability as a human being to change your life at any moment in time you could focus on what learning means to you you could focus on the Sun you could focus on breathing fresh air you could focus on the fact you live in a free country you could focus on the fact that you have a connection with your Creator you could focus on anything and feel incredible you could focus on new babies being born to this moment they had a greater opportunity in life than any time in our history there’s so much we could focus on it feel good about the challenge is this you must control it through questions questions change what we delete we’re always deleting human beings we’re not gonna stop deleting things as long as I’m gonna delete things why not delete things that disempower you and focus on the things that empower you does that make sense the third thing that questions do is they help you to get access to resources within yourself I’m a big believer that anything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish you’ve already got the resources inside of you to make it happen that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and learn from somebody else or model the success of others I’m just saying the things you need to succeed are already in your core the resources are there you just need to get access to them by asking better questions I’ll give an example if I ask myself questions like gosh can I really do this that creates a feeling of doubt to hear how that does that and that feeling of doubt will keep me in a state where I’m not gonna get the most out of myself but if instead I ask myself a question how can I make this thing happen right now more powerfully than I ever dreamed of and have fun doing it if I keep asking that question my brain will get access to more of my ability because whatever I ask for my brain will give me but if you ask your brain can I really do this and you do it with a tone of voice of doubt you are gonna get access to the resources called out does that make sense if you think about it the greatest communicators the greatest teachers of all time were not people that so much taught us as they did ask us they shared things with us but they got us to use our own resources they ask questions all the great speakers have done this hey Martin Luther King asked questions about a dream John F Kennedy asked don’t ask what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country he wanted you to take the resources out of yourself and contribute and expand our country you must learn to ask habitual questions that empower you I want you to know that I believe the success in my life has all come down to one basic skill state management but a consistent basis I’ve learned how to manage my state and therefore I’ve been able to get myself to breakthrough and take action with very few people around me were able to do the same they were able to that’s probably not the best description they weren’t using their power because they didn’t have access to all of it and I’ve done that by everyday doing things that would increase my physical ability flexibility power energy by the way I’m moving the way I breathe and also by consistently and daily conditioning myself to ask the kinds of questions to create the kinds of focus that moves me towards larger levels of contribution and joy and fun and success and passion instead of the things that would pull me down that would pull me to areas of frustration and anger and giving up listen there is no capability difference between you and someone you consider to be an ultimate role model of success the only difference is they’ve learned to use their mind and body with more power on a consistent basis they have learned a manager state they’ve learned to use their body effectively whether they know it or not consciously doesn’t matter a lot of people do things without being aware of how they do it and they’ve learned to control their mental focus remember whatever we concentrate our focus on consistently and strive to learn from and make new distinctions about we will get great at I don’t care what it is if you focus on it daily and you strive to be better you’re gonna make little distinctions that’ll make you more and more effective every single day so you better decide what you want to focus on in your life and what you want to experience on a daily basis because that’s where your power is gonna come from that’s where your power is going to emit from that’s the genesis of your power I want you to know that many things that you think are impossible or difficult are only difficult or impossible because of the way you’re focusing on things you’re focusing on how it can’t be done and you can remember whatever you focus on is what you get so if you focus on how it can’t be done you are absolutely right and no one’s gonna prove you wrong so why not focus on what’s possible and create that I mean that’s how I created things like the firewalk seminar all I did was hold a new level of possibility instead of focusing on how it couldn’t be done or how it was a terrible thing or something like that I focused on hey this is an incredible example of possibility and if other people can do it my focus and my question is if they can do it then how can we do it how can I share it with other people how could it be used as an empowering experience it’s a lot of fun I did the same thing with teach people wood breaking you know I teach people how to break wood karate style not in two years but in about 20 minutes again not to make them this powerful person but to show them that by simply changing their mental focus by controlling their physical emotional state and by modeling someone’s success that they can get results in 30 minutes that takes most people two years and they have what we call a breakthrough literally I want you to know that you have every right in any moment of time to feel lousy to feel bad to feel sorry to feel hurt I am NOT saying by this tape program that you should never be disappointed or frustrated or angry or anything else because all of those emotions have their place in their proper proportion hey some of my greatest frustrations or angers or upsets or would have driven some of my greatest successes because it’s made me search for more but see what’s interesting is the pain drove me but what changed me from other people who just gave up is I ask better questions I found a way say what can I learn how can I grow from this how can I expand from this what can I take from this experience that’ll empower me what can I learn from this so I never have to experience it again and by asking empowering questions how can I take advantage of this what’s the actual benefit in this situation that I probably hadn’t noticed I began to find benefits whereas other people said why did this happen to me why does this always happen to me why did you do this to me Lord how come I’m not smart enough to pull this off why do I keep self sabotaging see that’s the difference between success and failure so I want you to know I’m not saying you can’t feel bad I’m just saying and when you’re done feeling bad here’s how to change and you may not want to spend quite so much time feeling bad in the future because feeling bad is based on focus if you change your focus you can feel good instantly right now at this moment now so let me ask you a few questions and what I’d like you to do for your homework is design some questions every morning my life I wake up and I ask myself questions now the truth is you already do this too the only problem is you’re not doing it consciously think about it when you’re shaving are you thinking and talking to yourself know that the process of thinking is nothing but asking and answering questions you’re doing it constantly that’s where your thoughts come from think about it now you might say well no that’s not true yes it is true if you said no it’s true or yes it is it’s because you ask yourself the question is that true or something like it see some of the questions you ask are subconscious your brain is deciding all the time if I get in this car if I turn here what’s gonna happen is that car coming too close or too far you’re asking questions constantly subconsciously but you’re also doing it consciously when you’re shaving or putting on your makeup or shampooing you’re asking questions but it might be questions like God why do I always have to do this why do I have to go to work today think about the kind of states that those questions create and what would be some more empowering questions like what could I do today that would make today more fun than ever before what can I do today that would create a breakthrough in my business what could I do today to connect more with my family members I wonder what’s gonna happen today that’ll make me feel total pleasure for no reason I wonder what I’ll see today that I haven’t seen before see those kinds of questions will empower you if you’re bored it’s cuz you ask lousy questions probably ask questions like why do I have to do this why do we do this all the time why do we always do these things versus looking around saying hi what could I notice today that I haven’t before see what can I see that I haven’t seen before what can I smell that I haven’t smelled before see it’s called directing your computer so here are some questions you might want to answer right now in your own mind and notice how they make you feel question 1 what are you really most happy about your life right now what’s one of the things you’re most happy about in your life right now answer that question in your own head what are you most happy about in your life right now or if your brain goes nothing what could you be happy about if you wanted to be if you ever ask a question yourself and somebody says well I don’t feel that way or I don’t think that way so I know you don’t but if you did or if you could what could you feel happy about right now think about it have you thought of something well good I’m asked a question what about that makes you happy third question how does that make you feel really allow yourself to feel don’t just go well my drip-drop II feel the feelings what else are you really happy about in your life right now think of a second thing what else are you really happy about in your life right now what about that makes you feel happy how does that make you feel here’s the second question for you what are you really excited about in your life right now what are you really excited about in your life right now answer the question in your mind think about it or what could you be excited about if you wanted to be excited about something think about it oh come on you’ve got more things to be excited about think what about that makes you excited why does that make you excited how does it make you feel what else you excited about your life right now come on what else what else are you really excited about your life right now or could you be excited about if you wanted to how does that make you feel here’s a third question for you what are you really grateful for in your life right now what are you really grateful for in your life right now what are some of the things you’re grateful for what could you be grateful for if you wanted to be answer the question honestly how does that make you feel I want you to notice do you feel state changes you answer these questions from where you were a few moments before that’s it so you can change your state instantly and you can make yourself feel great there’s so much to feel grateful for if you want my formula for wealth it’s real simple live every day in an attitude of gratitude say the more you feel like you have the more you’ll experience in your life and the more you’ll be willing to give see make sure that you’re always trying to give more than you take back and feel grateful for everything you have and you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams but you got to control your focus let me ask you another one what are you really proud of in your life right now what are you really proud about in your life right now or what could you be proud about in your life so far what are some of the things what about those things makes you feel proud how does that make you feel what else are you really proud of in your life right now how does that make you feel and here’s a final question for you who do you really love most in your life and who loves you think about it and don’t just go all my mom my dad my brother my sister get some feeling step into those experiences and feel what it feels like thing about who loves you and how that makes you feel who do you love and how does that make you feel to love that person so much I had a question for you what if every morning you started out asking yourself a series of questions that put you in this kind of state there’s some real power to see the state you’re in affects the way you look at your whole world doesn’t it affects the way you breathe the way you feel the way you treat other people and your level of success see a lot of people teaching life do bunch affirmations go I’m happy I’m FBI MEP MEP MEP I’m happy and then your brain goes bs alright now if you do affirmations long enough they may work because your brain may get bored and say well why am i happy at which time it’ll search your brain for an answer and then all sudden you’ll feel happy that’s what happens when you do affirmations or if you go I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy and you really create the physiology of happiness you know what I mean by that by using your voice that way then what you’ve done is the affirmation didn’t do it so much that’s putting your body in that state so affirmations are great but what only most questions are even more powerful because now you have a reason to be happy you’re not just jumping yourself up and run around with what I call a perma grin where people go why are you happy and go I don’t know but it feels good it’s better to have all these reasons so every morning you stack more reasons to be happy you come up with more reasons that you’re proud more reasons to be grateful more reasons to feel excited about life more feelings of love if you stack those every day you literally anchor them in your nervous system this is part of what I call destiny technology’s controlling your state you’re asking yourself effective questions this is the power of focus and here’s your exercise pause your success journal and right now I want you to write down five questions after you’ve designed these five questions but I’d like you ask yourself to do is this first of all let me ask you this if every single morning you got up and asked yourself five custom design questions that put you in peak States and they gave you lots of reasons to feel phenomenal so you weren’t just some guy out there again just babbling about how excited you are without any reasons for it I’m not talking about being somebody who’s just all pumped up for no reason but if every day you came up with lots of reasons and felt these powerful emotions what would that do to the quality of your life what would that do to your days would it be worth developing some new habits if your answer to these questions is yes then I’d like to challenge you to do something I’d like you to develop a new habit a one that will literally conditioned your nervous system to associate powerful emotions with waking up in the morning wouldn’t that be nice here’s what I want you to do if you’re willing to take on the challenge for the rest of this program approximately what twenty two more days each morning I want you to answer those five questions and every time you answer them you’ve got to create some feelings so if one of your questions was what am I most excited about my life you got to come up with at least two different answers and you got to think about why you’re exciting how great that makes you feel you got to actually feel the answer the question two answers to each of your five questions each morning again this is not added work you’re already asking questions you just may be asking questions like oh gosh why do I have to get up at this hour that may not be the best question to ask when the alarm goes off maybe you want to install a new one that empowers you would you be willing to do that for the rest of this 30-day program now I don’t want you to do this for the rest of your life because you might get addicted of feeling excellent for the rest of your life and gosh only knows what would happen to you then so don’t go any longer than these thirty days for sure but at least for the thirty days would you be willing to try it okay then go for it so you know your assignment design five questions that we’ll get resources out if you make you feel phenomenal each day that will make you get access to your real powered ability every single day also I want to say to you please use your success journal to write down each day a little bit about what’s happening to you what are you noticing have you already begun to notice that your attitude has changed obviously but also if you notice that maybe you’re willing to take some chances do you’re being more decisive you’re taking some actions you’ve been may be more powerful in some of your communication have you decided maybe to take some actions like lose weight or stop smoking and you’re in like day three or four of that or are you just feeling better about the possibilities of your future now that was each day you might want to just keep a journal jot down a couple of key ideas about what you learn that day or what you’re experiencing in your daily life besides this program I’ve kept journals for years because I believe that if my life is worth living it’s worth recording and for me what journals are as a way to go back and notice my growth because otherwise what happens for a lot of us is we get caught up but if you have a journal you can look and see how you’ve grown in your development and your ability and where you are in your life in addition your journals are things that you can give later on to your children someday they can look back and learn from the lessons you’ve learned in your life sir and valuable I hope you’ll decide to keep a success journal on an ongoing basis after this program but see if you get yourself in the habit right now for the next 30 days over the next 30 days you


Introduction to Empowering Thoughts to Subconcious

[UltraVid id=196 ]Let’s talk about thoughts especially those thoughts you’re thinking about most of the time how are these thoughts affecting your emotions already starts creating positive emotions or are they creating negative emotions that’s a good question everyone should ask themselves I mean is it too ridiculous to suggest that you could simply refuse to take negatively about certain situations what if you were too busy taking empowering thoughts it really isn’t that difficult to change your perspective focus more on things that make you happy you know don’t be ashamed of smile even when you don’t feel like it smiling is an easy way to trick your subconscious mind into believing you’re happy thus creating that reality go ahead smile when you could do it smile and smile often you have every right to believe or disbelieve anything you want I’m strongly recommending that you refuse to believe anything that creates a negative emotion instead choose to believe in that which empowers you free your mind from negative thinking and accept happiness into your life you


My Advice to New Vegans

[UltraVid id=138 ]Okay so the question is what advice would you give to someone that is just getting started with all of this with all of this meaning diet or diet and training or what does all of this look like yeah the real challenges that keep coming up for me and most of the people that I talk with or work with it’s not the diet itself it’s how the diet is perceived that’s really the biggest challenge that’s the biggest hurdle to get around we have our we have our own brainwashing there were a lot of times when I started out running when I was doing the running raw project in those first few years where I really doubted that I was getting enough protein I wasn’t sure because I’ve been part of that cultural brainwashing and back when I was an athlete in my late teens I was doing lots of protein supplements and I was doing all kinds of gland products and all kinds of crazy crap and creatine and everything else because I wanted every edge I could take so you know fast forward 15 16 years into the future and part of my brain is saying well can I do it without those things is this diet enough I don’t know am I getting enough protein I am and there’s no evidence to show me the contrary but yet those doubts were still there and they those doubts stayed there for a couple years it’s only maybe the past three or four years that I’m really confident with this diet even though I had the data even though the data was right there I still had doubts well what if it doesn’t work for me what if I’m different somehow so it’s really about overcoming your own cultural brainwashing and then dealing with your friends and family and you know lovers spouses whatever it may be who are gonna have cultural programming as well that you could have to deal with then you’re gonna have to continually answer the question where do you get your protein or do get your FAS and where do you get this and where do you get that and how do you get your calcium and what about your b12 and we’re constantly bombarded with these things if you’re eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds you’re getting the most nutrient dense diet on the planet no standard American diet can compete as far as nutrient density goes as far as the wide variety of vitamins minerals and phytonutrients and fibers you can’t compete on those diets but yet the people eating those diets believe that somehow their diet is superior without any evidence to support it but it’s this like cultural virus that everybody has that they’re eating the deficient diet but clearly the vegans and the raw foodist those are the people that are deficient it’s like smokers telling people that they’re deficient in oxygen because they’re breathing clean air it’s like how could you get enough oxygen and breathing clean air you need cigarettes to get oxygen kind of you know what’s going on you know you get all these people that are eating a horrible diet which is heavily supplemented they’re like oh you can’t be vegan because you need b12 and that just shows the veganism doesn’t work well that’s interesting because your milk has vitamin D added your flour products have niacin riboflavin thiamine and reduced iron added to them and on and on and on all of the products that you’re eating are heavily supplemented your diet doesn’t work in fact your diet heavily supplemented still leads to heart disease cancer diabetes and on and on and on so the government tried to fix your diet by adding lots of supplements to it mandating that these foods be supplemented and you’re still falling apart but yet they believe somehow that were the ones that are deficient it just doesn’t make sense but this is what we have to deal with we have to deal with a culture that doesn’t make sense that’s going to alienate us and that’s going to attack us and it’s going to make us question ourselves so if you’re eating a wide variety of foods and a wide variety of flavors and textures you’re going to be okay and maybe you want to take some vitamin b12 maybe you want to take some vitamin D that’s up to you do your research get your blood tested but even so no big deal you’re gonna be healthy it’s really about dealing with the the emotional stuff dealing with the cultural stuff that’s the biggest hurdle so you know my advice is never defend yourself just smile nod you know make a joke about it but don’t defend yourself because you can’t win that conversation because it’s not a rational conversation



[UltraVid id=139 ]Roll hello this is Dan McDonnell I think this will be the last video in this series thank you for coming Lou sharing your time with us my friend of course it’s unfortunate that through videos these people will never get to know the man that you are they can sense it but even so it just goes so far beyond your ability to like 18 or 20 hours a day you’re just helping people in this house and you’ll put your whole heart and soul into it you’ve lifted me to another level as a mentor you’ve given me the ability to share and be more courageous and my communication with you as someone I love and respect but also loving and respecting myself more to communicate with you in a way that makes me feel more empowered so we can work together better as a team so that’s really been great this has been a fantastic visit and I know that you’ve enjoyed these videos today I want to go over a few things here with Lou because he’s the guy to ask as far as I know because I don’t know anybody else it’s been a raw vegan for as long as you 41 years the successful raw vegan very powerful very energetic 62 years old and you don’t show any signs of slowing down no plastic surgery no hair dyes strength power health love success on every level divine connection you’re the guy to ask Lou what are some of the things that people are doing wrong that’s making it impossible for them to stay 100% raw on all raw living foods and what can we do about how do we succeed long-term on a raw vegan plan well off and on for several years people have been asking that question you know how how did you come across this whole raw living food concept and how have you how have you been able to stay with it consistently over the years and and I just have to come back and say well 41 years ago when I was 21 as you all know or be some of you do back in 1973 when I was right there at the edge of my deathbed I I was embraced by a light and I and I had a presence right by me and I was given some teachings and one of the teachings was next to loving and forgiving and accepting and anointing all the people in my past out of compassion to anoint him with love and success and you know and just send peace to them so they could be transformed and as I had been I went from a very ugly place in my life and I was transformed and instantaneously in that moment so I do believe in the power of prayer because I experienced it so when people asked me my believer I go no I am I know I saw what I saw I felt what I felt I heard what I heard I did what I was instructed and one of the other things I was instructed to do was to abstain from all flesh and take living foods enjoy the fruits and vegetables and the seeds and what have you and I was taught how to do that and so what I did it and I was also taught to do some fastings and things like that so but as I did it within six months the big tumor went away the acne the asthma the author itís the constipation the rash the allergies but even all the parasites and the worms and the candida and all these different things just came out of my body right so when I saw that and I spirit that and I just kept doing it and I felt great I just want to keep feeling great when you say some fasting but you’re talking about actually a little bit more extensive than just a couple of days on that I don’t know I don’t usually talk about fasting too much but I because before I could only go three or four hours without food and I get kind of like I had to have something and then eventually I got to a point where I could actually fast on juices for one day a week and then I got to two days and then three days and then hundred days I actually gravitate to a hundred days on juice and water for a hundred days and at that point I was capable of going much further than that but I and then I start learning to do water fasting and then eventually I got to a forty day water fast I’ve done that several times and I don’t talk too much about it because that’s another conversation but I just want to make sure that nobody doesn’t think crazy yes people aren’t even there right right exactly and it takes roughly it takes two a process there’s a process involved and you need to know what you’re doing and how to do it and evolve into that and needs a little bit of guidance the reason why I brought that up is because there’s so much bad rap about fasting and yet for me what it’s done for me personally it’s been one of the single most greatest it’s very powerful if you know what you’re doing and you do it gradually and evolve with it and work with it and so there’s times to fast source time to rebuild and regenerate fast cleanses as well okay so you know nobody go crazy you took your time you did it intelligently you got help and so that’s the thing about that but I just wanted to let kind of let them know that you know what kept me in the game it also is that the fact that I actually created and reinvented recreated and redesigned my life by creating a declaration so I actually wrote down you know like I’ll give you a couple examples like I actually wrote that and I encourage you also to go to Luc Renaud comm and look at some examples and how to create a declaration because when you create the declaration you actually write down a few things as an example like I say you might say I declare or from this point on from this moment on I will love and respect and honor and appreciate my life as a blessing as a gift and I shall partake of of raw living cultured foods if that’s your declaration then you can say that if you want I will eat a partake of raw leading cultured foods obviously plant-based organic and you might say I’ll drink the pure alkaline structured water I will drink the fresh juices I will fast one day a week whatever you declare it you can put it down I will be a kind loving caring person and patient and so on and you might declare that you will do whatever you need to do to create win-win scenarios with people you know don’t like that so whatever it is that you are being led in and and would like to be and be a peaceful harmonious person if that’s what you want to declare and then declare that but when you put it all together you read it three times a day and eventually after several months of doing it three times a day you have it memorized you have it internalized and then you can say it out in the open and express it without even reading out of the paper anymore and then what happens is you have a so internalized so memorized that you can word it and express it in a powerful way and you actually become that declaration you literally become it and you can get clear and complete with past issues you can move forward recreate reinvent yourself in a really powerful amazing uestion is an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves reinvent recreate reprogram recondition ourselves because we have been conditioned programmed within our lives well issues you know weather weather we’ve been conditioned programmed purposely with lies or not or whatever the case the thing is that you would you need to distinguish here is that there are certain things we’ve been taught and conditioned programmed whether it was purpose or not on purpose whether it was right or wrong is that some of these things weren’t working out for us we ended up becoming sick and ill and we end up making stories up that we’re not good enough we’re not smart enough you know I mean we’re too fat we’re too skinny we’re not we can never measure up we don’t belong here I mean we make up so many stories because we’ve been we’ve been taken from we’ve been violated we’ve been so we’ve been read boozled bamboozled we’ve been taken advantage of we’ve been offended we’ve been hurt you know we eat you up inside it eats us up inside and those things are probably in your as a healer those I mean your diet is one thing but those things eating you up inside your own percent raw foodist and you’re not dealing with stuff you’re not going to be able to get to the next level and stay stabilized on the diet that’s right and that’s a really deep thing to consider that’s why I advocate of the four principles not just eating raw living cultured foods it yeah it is a superior lifestyle for sure obviously I’ve been doing it for years and years I maintain strength and energy and vitality I feel great I feel like I just got a college I’m looking forward to getting married having children living off the land again like I did before you know doing all kinds of wonderful things I’m looking forward to do juries or just trying to give you the retirement check get the RV drive around the country get fat you know I I feel like I’m just getting started in life honestly I my last mentor on 17 years ago I thought he was 45 maximum he was 75 and he was living this lifestyle the guy was amazing I want to reach to what he showed me I mean the guy could outrun anybody I know he could outrun anybody I know and he was 75 he could hang off a pipe for an hour he he he did things that he he did this for an hour effortlessly you know just squatting like that he did many things in front of it was like ah like amazing that’s just not your diet that’s it’s its other thing it step into the four principles its mastering the four principles really are no truth I really at 62 after 41 years I’m just scratching the surface of the four principles in the mastery of the four principles I’m just scratching the surface and even though I’m probably probably beyond the average person in the four principles I mean I get a pretty good handle on it but but as far as what I know what I’ve seen oh yeah I’ve got a ways to go myself many times your mentors make you look like chopped liver right well I’m they’re gonna say that but I mean I just about had to tell you the very humbling very humbling to be around but we the slash meilahti right we love that yeah so I’m very humbled just to be here very humbled and very thankful to live a wonderful healthy vibrant life and you know that’s why I’m even here with you right now too to convey a message that those that are listening here may be able to get a sense in the feel the power behind it but remember what is it that allowed me to stay consistent with it is because and I’ve been evolving myself you know and I’m still evolving I have like I said I have a ways to go maybe when I’m walking on water and and can can disappear it when I want and goal or I want a lot and walk through walls maybe then I’ll say I’ve arrived maybe I don’t know that you know but I’m just saying I’m just playing with you but but I we do have we do have a ways to go and I know there’s so much more for us to grow into but you need to start somewhere but I just know this we do not need to kill animals to live in this life and to have health and strength and vitality you really don’t you don’t have to kill animals you don’t have to kill your food you can need very simple you know you can enjoy the fruits and vegetables the seeds it right in the first page of the scriptures it says right there in the very first page of the book it says I have given you every herb bearing seed every fruit yielding seed for your meat that’s what it said you know and so I caught that and in the last book of the Bible it says there’ll be a time when Christ returns that all people all animals will go back to plant eating and even says the lamb and the lion will lay next to each other and peace and in harmony there will be great enough to land together I mean I saw that I was shown that and I’ve been doing that for the last 41 years and I’m still here but I’m not I’m not here cooking my food and processing my food I just eat fruits and vegetables and herbs organically plant base of course I soak my seeds I germinate my seeds I have learned how to make yogurt out of different season as to activate them make them easier to digest easier to absorb but you have to admit you just have to admit that you know doing this lifestyle isn’t it kind of cool that just on the fly if you want to hike a mountain you can because I can swim across lakes because I can do that too and just run and feel great and just you know and not be in a state of decrepit and flex yourself look put those flowers over there for a second and try this thing off on the fly that’s my turn I usually hold off for the sake of the video I’ll keep it short well because I actually that was a good one I ate too much durian earlier good and I was like whoa whoa that’s not gonna weigh Oh get back now the digestion of the dream was illegal I want to work our way into some of the practical stuff because you know a lot of my viewers here that really awesome people and they just really like what is the practical stuff and one of the things that’s going on is everybody’s dropping off the raw vegans are going back to cooked vegan going back to cooked omnivore they’re going back to sad they’re going back the coffee be here what happened what’s going on here well I’m not going to say right or wrong about anybody or anything that they do I mean everybody’s going through their journey and I love everyone and and I really want everybody to you know get a sense of what this is so they can catch it and run with it and be consistent with it and have a great life for themselves but some people I mean we are creatures of habit and we have addictions and some people you know go back to like I have people that I’ve worked with over the years where they used to be drinkers and then they stopped drinking they went to different programs to help themselves overcome the drinking habit I’m talking about drinking liquor because they were alcoholics at one time and then they were gone they were called clean slate for 10 15 20 years and then they go back to drinking all of a sudden one drink boom the right back where they came from you know I mean and they go right back into it and they they have a challenge with that sometimes I have that same thing happen with people with smoking you know they they quit smoking because I know it’s better for them to do that even get some counseling hypnotherapy they do whatever it takes to try to overcome the smoking habit and then they might be cleaned up for 10 years 15 years 20 years and then that one drag of cigarette and they’re right back to that addiction you know and they see you know saying yes you were the so saying so with cook food I mean it’s an addiction and you know we’re raised this way and so when we get away from it and we run a clean slate run on rolling new foods and fresh juices and enzymes and herbs or whatever and clean up our systems and get healthy it feel great but you know I mean we have a society it’s been made so acceptable and so natural or normal or whatever then normal math not natural I would say normal and but you know they take a little taste of something and they go whoa I’ve been missing out you know I may go right back into their old habits and their addictions and all that and they get stuck right back into it and so when people ask me the question but how do you stay consistent how do you not go back to these addictions or cook food or whatever but you see that’s why I emphasize the four principles because when you have this spiritual connection and when you have a powerful way of thinking and when you have your heart in the right place and you’re really eating food out of love out of respect out of own or not of appreciation for this life you want to do what’s most best for it what’s the best thing for it so when I see I mean I know what cook food does to the body I know how it uses more enzymes to process it more than you make scientifically they prove that I’ve done thousands and thousands of my blood analysis on people I’ve seen my own many times I’ve seen people many times thousands and so seeing the blood and seeing when people actually gravitate to raw living foods and enzymes and herbs and all that clean up their system the blood goes from being wagged out the red blood cells are unhealthy sticky clumpy whatever and it gets clean it gets healthy and they get healthy they feel great their conditions go away but when they go back to cook food the red blood cells get all funky again they get all sticky again and clumpy again so you see it in the blood it’s obvious so there’s no question about that but on the other hand everybody that heats animals the same thing happens to their blood whether it’s raw or cooked parasites trapped proteins you know trap fats all kinds of things happen so I we know that we know we already I mean I know I’ve seen it I know and the science knows but most people don’t know you know and I understand that but again because of this cooked food thing it’s it’s become such a habit such an addiction for most people and when they go back to taste in it it grabs them it sucks them right back in just like smoking just like drugs just like drinking it does that 80% raw is still 20% addictive which will lead them maybe 30% cook then for DNA here’s here’s the thing about that I appreciate when people do 50% 60% raw living foods 80% 90% but you just got to know that if you want 80% results and you’re on 80% raw foods you’re going to get 80% results if you want 90% results you’re going to get 90% results equal 90 percent rocks myself as an example if you want hundred percent results if you want to get well if you want to stay well and you want to feel great and if you want to maintain your vitality in your youth in your strengthen your energy in your power then you go 100 percent that’s ultimately what you want at your example here is myself now you know last time I was hanging with you know we’ve been off and on but I just wasn’t ready for certain things and now that I’ve been a hundred percent raw for the last six months now you say oh Dan now you’re ready so here’s what’s next you know I mean so there’s been an evolution and everyone’s noticing it the people closest to me you and I feel like just being a hundred percent raw does something to your spirit that prepares you for the next level of releasing and addictions and habits so that I’ve really been really accelerating since I went on exercise let me ask yourself that was the last time you create a declaration I actually had just wrote one the other day right after you got here and I’ve been trying to write a declaration for about three and a half years since we met and I wrote one and I called you at four in the morning and but it wasn’t just did what’s the best one came to me at four in the morning after sleeping for two hours mm and I’ve wrote spent two hours and it came out of the most divine place and it was that’s the one that’s the one I’m talking about right there it was you you picked it up and you put it on paper and you’ve been reading three times a day and your life will never be the same that was a very powerful powerful declaration and I can only ask you with your permission if we can put it on lulu.com website to help others in the future and that would be an honor and because you see every time of someone to just create one especially out of inspiration yeah I have a colleague a friend storm he did the same thing and his life has just been transformed also so you know I’ve seen it many times but it’s you know what it’s far in between people that actually do it very far in between very few people on the planet actually take the time and the dedication and inspiration to put down exactly what they want and how they want to live they want to go and I’ve already gone through like a quantum evolution because I’ve read it every day and I do all the things in their living even if I miss it the night Oh 12:30 I can fit in but your breath work I’ve seen it I’ve witnessed it I’ve seen in the last three days how you’ve been evolving very quickly just from reading three times a day in the last few days they have been here so it’s really been exciting for me it says right now I wish I could stay another day or two or three but you know I have commitments I need to go back or what I came to it so I can do help more people but it’s been such an honor I hope it’s been helpful and the things I’ve been answering for for you and for everybody else but well I’ll be remember the news love remember the first principle the first principle communication connect you know surrender us and you know I mean well you know it’s it’s it’s such an incredible things the importance of communicating with yourself it’s a internal that internal dialogue in a gentle way in a powerful that was what I was missing and then I was not able to do that with the people because I wasn’t doing it with myself gentle respectful communication with myself that’s really what I’ve died so that internal dialogue really makes a big difference to really work with that internal dial and you also get a distinction whose governing who write you were looking at my declaration it says I will stay in conscious contact and 100% of the time not just fifty percent of time all right 50 percent spiritual so you saw with your basically saying you’re going to be a conscious thinker but also conscientious of your of your emotional state that you’re in but you’re going to be a conscious either conscious and everything that you do then your conduct and how you say things what you do with your life where you go with it and how your state of being you’re being conscientious now your being awake and your being present to your breath you’re being present to even your heart pump you’re being present how how beautiful and powerful your body works for you and how it does so much for you you know you’re being present to all these things you’re even being present to Sophia your significant other to where you’re being more sensitive more in tune more in sync listening more powerfully I mean you’re doing many things different than before so I’m really proud oh no great friends and you got great friends a very girlfriend I see my family yeah yeah yeah for sure I don’t want to leave ever and remember tapping into the elements and incorporating elements daily it’s still letting your lymphatic system that’s why I do 20 minutes of rebounding yoga breath work hot coal applications and things like that just to keep the lymph stimulated and moving right and and then of course raw living cultured foods but remember I’ve declared it I claimed it I called it and I chose it and I’m doing it and so I’m doing my best to live inside my own integrity with the things I chose and declare for my life so I can live a very powerful wonderful life so let’s take the last five minutes and go over some real practical stuff cuz of all things like or is knowing what people sometimes wonder how do you get proteins carbs and fats and how do you sustain that because that’s one of the reasons why I think people go back to eating animal protein because they’re not getting the protein from their vegetarian lifestyle granted 95% of the vegetarians in the world are going back to eating animal protein after 10 15 20 even 30 years later because I’ve seen them and the interesting thing I think is that 95% of the vegetarians in the world are our pale weak sickly and they’re not strong and powerful and I and I’ve seen that and I’ve seen a lot of people tell me I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that they’re discouraged to become a vegetarian because of this fact you know they don’t want to become weak frail and pale and all gana you know I mean and sickly now that’s the thing and I’ve had people see even say things that they’ve seen people on raw foods getting weak and linky and you know and losing their power and they’re aging fast and they’re wondering why what’s up right so remember it’s not just being vegetarian vegan raw food lifestyle that’s going to cut it when I what I have a sense of is and just remember I was in the wilderness for 40 days on water and the elements and everything and I realized something very significant it’s not just a food that you eat it makes a difference it’s that connection is that connection is doing the breath really doing the breath really breathing slow and deep and being present to your breath these are important things and in grounding yourself and still in the lymph and as far as the food thing when you learn how to eat fruits and vegetables combined improperly and learn how to soak the seeds how to germinate the seeds and incorporate them as you need them and have variety different varieties of seeds and nuts by soaking germinating activating culture izing it releases the amino acids the fatty acids the glucose that are in seeds because all protein all season nuts have proteins carbs and fats but they need to be released they need to be bioavailable to your cells and this is one of the keys that’s missing for most people a lot of release nuts and seeds and then they give like fat or seeds a bad rap because they’re just not aware of that activation living life or stolen you just hit a key factor there so the idea is is that you have to understand that even if you sow some nuts and seeds they don’t always germinate because they’ve been taken out of their shell so one way you can activate them and pre digest them and make them enzyme activated is by conser izing that’s why I love and enjoy life biotic from pyridine because pyridine has the best of the best highest quality highest potency for the lowest cost in the world right now and I use a teaspoon right in the blender that starts it and I just take these pre-soak seeds or nuts whatever I’m working with and just blend it up into a cream let us sit five six hours later you got yourself a yogurt coconut wasn’t no almond coconut yogurt pistachio pistachio or raw organic pistachio yogurt right you got so far seat yogurt pumpkin seed yogurt sesame seed yogurt you know it’s I just want all the young guys to know or anybody else that needs that strength I always whenever whenever I’m hanging around you I was put on like an inch and I just feel look you know stronger you know I met that long ago I haven’t done polos for years and years and years and somebody said how many pull-ups can you do I don’t know so I got I just grabbed a pipe in pop 20 of them just like that and they looked at then you go I can’t even do 15 and they go well you can you can start learning how to put life into your body and get life out because but I tell you I promise you this and all of you that as soon as I get the books and DVDs done that I’m working on and duplicate this knowledge and experience that I have over the years I’m definitely going to go back to training and I would like to incorporate a few key people close to me that we can train together so that way until I call it spiritual training to evolve to a point where you can do like incredible things that you could never do before so people can look at that and go wow that’s amazing that’s incredible and then they’re going to look at that and go what’s the secret and I’m going to say the secret is follow the four principles implement and apply the four principles of life and master them because if you do that you can easily hike the mountain swim across lakes and do this and this and this and this you know to do this for seven minutes to plank here do that for seven minutes that’s my record my mentor could do it an hour you know but I’m just saying even even one minute of this it takes sometimes people cannot most people can’t me do one second yeah you know I can take these two chairs right now and put my body straight like that my record seven minutes on that one you never showed me that I’ll start work I’ll do that one next time anyway a couple minutes you’re right you know what there’s one less thing one minute you have one less thing you want to ask one I just well one minute is enough to say goodbye but I think the essence of it is there keep your mind open there’s no one right way to be a raw vegan and the other people that are living different it depends where you’re living it depends what part of the world you’re living in and what your body’s going to gravitate to and when I’m in Washington I eat differently there compared to when I’m in in Costa Rica or Panama you know I mean it’s it what I’m in a why to eat living foods because then it’s not dead and it’s not clogging you up right and right so I stay on raw living foods cultured foods plant-based organic I didn’t do that but I’ve learned how to how to work it I’ve learned how to listen to my body up so I’m encouraging you also to listen so fruits vegetables nuts and seeds so can just gonna be yourself yeah listen don’t don’t listen to Luka Rona don’t listen to anybody out there listen to this that’s


3 Easy Ways to Ensure Your Long Term Success on a Raw Vegan Diet

[UltraVid id=140 ]Alright! This is John Kohler with okraw.com today with
another exciting episode for you and we have very special interview for you guys today
got my friend dr. Rick Dina who’s been on a raw vegan diet now
for 29 years. He actually started in 1987 and I myself have
been doing a raw vegan plant-based diet now since 1995 so I’m going into my 21st year
this year and we’re going to talk about a topic that’s important to the both of us,
is how do you maintain and stay raw for a long period of time? You know you might see other You Tubers on
YouTube that have been doing it 6 months a couple 2, 1 year 3 years and giving all these
tips but I really want to give you guys good solid information from people that have been
really been doing this a long time and have a lot more experience that you could really
learn from, grow from and benefit from. So we are going to ask Dr Rick and he will
share with you guys the top 3 ways how you can stay raw for the long term, so Dr Rick
what are these 3 ways that people need to know? Dr Rick: Well alright I’m borrowing some
information from a telesummit my wife Dr Karen Dina and I gave a little while ago on the
exact same topic how to stay raw over the long term? And we’ve got three basic reasons and you
could go into a lot more details with each of those reasons. Number 1 is motivation, people have to find
what motivates them and so the thing is, if you’re if you’re going along eating pizza
and cheeseburgers eating your donuts and everything’s good life’s great, why give up all the stuff
that you like? There’s no reason to so people find all sorts
of different incentives and reasons why they want to make some dietary changes in the first
place and those have to be compelling enough to get you to try something different and
learn some new things and give up some stuff that you used to like. So for a lot of people health is the main
reason so course weight loss is huge almost everybody out there in the world so many people
need to lose weight and literally it’s growing all the time in terms of the percentage of
our population that’s overweight so I mean a healthfully implemented raw food diet can
do that so well and I do say healthfully implemented cause there’s a lot of kind of raw food diets
out there that people gain weight on so fruit and vegetable based logical sensible good
education although that’s coming up in a minute. So people want to lose weight. People often time want to increase their athletic
performance I mean that’s huge God I’ve had so many people I’ve consulted with that
have said they have start eating more fruits and vegetables and their marathon times are
decreasing and they were recovering faster from the workouts and all sorts of stuff like
that. Sometimes people also noticed that their brain
capacity is improved it is dramatically better so for example my father-in-law is 90 years
old and my wife Dr Karen isn’t here right now because she is helping him out. She flew across the country and his brain
is functioning better now at 90 then it was previously at 85 and so she really helped
him make some major changes in his diet even though he’s not doing nearly as much as we’d
like him too he’s included more fruits and vegetables and it’s made a big difference
in how quick his mind is and how sharp he is and he’s still living on his own and it’s
his friends and neighbours are pretty convinced that if it weren’t for her help he wouldn’t
be on his own and he probably wouldn’t still be with us. So a lot of us have noticed that our brains
are the clearest when we are eating the healthiest. Lot of times people find for example you’ll
see a lot of yoga people who eat a raw food diet there’s a big connection there because
number 1 they’re interested in athletic performance and flexibility so they find that it’s easier
to get into complex poses and they can hold things longer and their strength improving
as well as there’s a spiritual connection with yoga so people find that when their body
is clear and clean they just feel more connected no matter what their take on things. or their spiritual religious views are they
just feel more calm and more connected to whatever they’re trying to connect with so
that’s a big part of it. Many people find incentive to improve their
health when they are faced with some type of major Health Challenge okay I’ve got high
blood pressure I’ve high cholesterol you know whatever other issues are going on and
people don’t always like the way they feel from the medications or they’re starting to
get angina pain and they know that that’s going to lead to heart disease for example
and they have grandkids that they want to see grow up and you know life’s good and
they don’t want to cut it short so disease reversal is a huge incentive maybe other than
weight loss may be one of the biggest reason cause it’s not so easy again to give up your
pizza and hotdogs and all that stuff you like. But when someone says when you get educated
and you realize wow is those things worth losing my life over wow you’ve got enough
incentive now to give those things up and it’s better to eat oatmeal and fruit smoothies
and stuff like that in the morning and enjoy yourself rather than have bacon and eggs and
not be around so that’s a big part of it. Then once people get healthy they want to
stay healthy so they to maintain their health they they want to keep eating healthy so that’s
another major incentive and then there’s a few of us out there that are wise enough that
we don’t want to wait till we have a health problem we’ve seen what’s happened to family
members we see what’s going on in society and we’re enjoying being vital and healthy
and youthful and we want to stay that way for a long time so there’s another good reason
so we’re still on the number 1 top reasons maintaining things long term is what motivates
people what gives them John: Why yeah what why? What motivated me I got into this because
of my health it was loss of my life and that that I didn’t need any other reason man I
mean I want to be here man. Dr Rick: That a good enough it’s only one
reason but boy that’s pretty big, stick around you know that’s huge and going back
to again with the spiritual connection and yoga that I was using in this example a lot
of people find that they feel better emotionally when they eat healthfully I mean people go
out and you know eat Diorites all day and all that kind of stuff and it’s hard not to
feel on edge and whatnot so emotional health can also be a big reason people find incentive
and then beyond personal health reasons there’s other reasons as well so a lot of people don’t
feel comfortable having to kill something so they can live so they just want to eat
plants instead of you know killing animals and I really can appreciate that and then
people also realize that okay if you eat some plants like this you can get the calories
directly from the plans but if you feed these plants to animals 96 or so percent whatever
it is of the calories from these plants go into the animal’s metabolism and then we don’t
actually get those calories back when we eat the animals so leaving a lighter footprint
on the earth it is a big reason also and the more reasons you have stacked up the more
likely you are to stick with it over the long term. if health is your only concern and you’re
feeling pretty healthy but someone says oh you need to eat fish for the DHA and EPA the
long-chain omega-3 fats highly and saturated fats are extremely important by the way. You might be like no problem bring on the
fish but if you’re concerned about the planet and we realize we’re overfishing and that’s
causing a lot of environmental destruction and that type of thing and you also actually
care about the fish themselves you’ll stay on a plant-based path, so you’ve got more
reasons than just your health. Sometimes people find that they they get healthy
they are feeling good but then some other things creep back into their diet, their joint
pain comes back or their blood pressure goes up again so the more reasons you have the
more likely you are to stick with it over the long-term all else being equal. John: So Dr Rick as much as I had you know
losing my life as my main motivation to start now that I’ve been doing this for over the
years I’ve seen and started piling on like you suggested other reasons that kind of give
leverage to me to stick with this diet since it is having like one brick you know as a
weight I have like 20 bricks as a foundation like I’m building a pyramid here man and
that pyramids is solid man it aint going anywheres and you know yea I mean I’ve experienced
doing it but experience like the different spiritual connection the connect with nature
wanting to conserve the planet the planet’s resources and being more concerned about that
and opening me up to like solar power and not consuming all these natural gas and gasoline
resources on the planet and does all these things are super important so as much as you
might have one that’s like the most important to you now put them in order make a list actually
of what the most important ones and as you go on in this journey you’ll learn other
things and why it’s so important to continue this and to keep it up. Dr Rick: Yea, that’s such a good point John
and I know for me I wanted to lose some weight and get in shape and my brain was kind of
cloudy and foggy and once I started doing that I started feeling so much better and
I started thinking about the animals. I use to think those animal rights people
bunch of whackos you know I don’t want to hear but you know I started to understand
them like that’s a really good point and then the planetary things and this spiritual
stuff I just yea it all starts to come together so it’s kind of nice you get into one arena
and once you’re or one avenue and then you get into the arena and you you realise all
the other reasons as well. John: Right
Dr Rick: So the more of those you can connect to the better. John: Absolutely, so yea that’s number 1
what’s the second way? Dr Rick: Number 2 and this is this is where
my wife and I what we do with our life’s work is so critical I think number 2 is education
it’s because people can have all the incentive in the world but then what happens is they
start on a plant-based diet they’re feeling good and sometimes they don’t do it right
they think that handfuls and nuts and seeds and all the gourmet food is going to be the
healthiest for them and maybe their health improved some but not nearly as much as they
were hoping. They don’t get the goals they were looking
for and they’re like why bother giving up all the other stuff I like if I’m still on
my blood pressure medication so you’ve got to take the right approach and there’s there’s
so many ways that people can get confused or lacking a nutrient sometimes they are not
eating enough fats and sometimes they are eating too much fats are afraid of fruit you
know all and then they’re eating more fat as a result and people are so confusing and
so number one they got to find what works for them. That’s absolutely critical but then there’s
a whole other growing reason, growing aspect of this where things are working well for
people but they’re not well educated enough to fend off if you will all the other stuff
bombarding at them, like where do you get enough protein and what about essential fats
you need to have fish right? and vitamin K2 oh you need your bone broth for that cause
if you’re not goanna get it your bone are goanna be weak and you’re goanna get hip
fractures you vegetarians better watch out, and and what else? Oh you got to cook your food for lycopene
and beta carotene you got to you know vegetarians are deficient in vitamin D and that’s true
but just as much as the rest of the population so I mean there is all these different thing
out there, oh iodine you have to do this and go on these crazy crazy mega dose protocol
and I mean there’s just and then people say you better eat fish so anyway there these
whole set of reasons why people not so informed who look at a raw vegan diet and think oh
my gosh that looks too challenging for me and then think Ok on the one hand if it’s
right and they don’t do it they feel like they are doing something wrong and that’s
tough it’s tough for everybody to look in the mirror and acknowledge their own issues
and shortcomings what’s much easier is let’s make it wrong let’s criticize it so B12d essential
fats protein you know all that other stuff K2 ah people it’s just easier to start complaining
about that and putting it out and then people want to get their own attention so they just
repeat the rhetoric and put that out and those of you in earnest who are trying to learn
about raw food nutrition you tune into to YouTube and you see some good stuff from some
of the good You Tubers and you see a lot of nonsense also and it throws you off the path
so proper education will number 1 get you on an approach that works the best for you
and number 2 will give you the confidence to stay there because you will not get thrown
off track by the people who are uneducated yet who have loud voices and a lot of outreach
so the education part is so important we teach a series of classes called the Science of
Raw Food Nutrition it’s a hundred hours’ worth of intensely pack information we could
turn it into 500 hours easily. People are just scribbling notes its super
dense. John: So Dr Rick besides like your hundred
hours of course that I know that people can go to attend actually for a lot of money and
there’s no substitute for going to a 100 hours of education that you packed in even more
information into I know you have you and your wife actually mostly your wife Dr Karen wrote
a book that I would actually encourage you guys to get that I have myself and it’s probably
the number one book I would recommend on a raw food that’s available at this time actually
I haven’t written my book yet but it’s solid so can you tell people more about that because
minimally if you don’t do anything else get their books so you can get a good solid foundation
of how to eat raw food that healthy. Dr Rick: Yea absolutely so first for our classes
you spend a few thousand dollars and you have a lifetime of education so many of our students
tell us our notes are references for them for years and years and years to come and
you think about that compared to being on medication for the rest of your life and dealing
with all the side effects so first of all I think it’s an incredible lifetime investment
and good value however that’s not the right approach for everyone and then so for 15 bucks
on Amazon you can buy Dr Karen book the Raw Food Nutrition handbook now I know there’s
lots of books on raw food and nutrition out there and a lot of times people hear a few
things they repeat rhetoric it’s in their book they put a fancy cover they get a marketing
team they sell a whole bunch of them. I can tell you our book though is based on
our 55 plus years of personal experience tones of education both formal and cool cutting-edge
stuff type of education and and our clinical experience and our research experience it’s
all condensed into a basic yet done very thoroughly to lay the foundation book called the Raw
Food and Nutrition Handbook so for 15 bucks you can get an enormous education about how
to keep on this path long term that way. John: Awesome yea also I’d recommend checking
out Dr Rick and Karen’s YouTube channel I’ll put links down below this video for
that or those links for their videos down below this video also for that also be sure
to subscribe to this channel if you’re not ready. I give some pretty good solid information
most of which Dr Rick would probably agree with maybe not everything. But we agree with like most stuff man. Dr Rick: Just to give you a plug John and
I have been friends since what 1998 or something like that and over the years we were just
on the same page with so many things I’m glad that you are utilizing YouTube to get good
information out there and I would so much love to say everybody on YouTube is giving
good information but I just can’t it’s just not fair from someone who’s been around the
block a few times and ah so keep checking out the videos that’s that’s good stuff. John: Thanks Dr Rick so moving on to number
3 now on how to stay raw long term, what’s that? Dr Rick: So number 1 we got motivation talked
all about health reasons, environment, animals etcetera. Number 2 education you got to know what you’re
doing. You can’t be successful at anything if you
don’t know what you’re doing and number 3 interesting enough is flexibility, because
sometime people hear, they’ll watch YouTube, go to a lecture, read some books and it’s
like the way to do it John: Dogma Dr Rick: This is the way this is it everyone’s
human have to eat the same way and you’ll always find a segment of the population that
that works great for and then you’ll find another segment of the population that that
didn’t work so well for. So if people are convinced there’s only one
way to do it, they do that way and they’re not feeling good and it’s not working for
them well, first of all they might start blaming themselves if they are thoroughly convinced
that’s way to do it oh I must be doing this wrong, there must be something wrong with
me, there must be something I’m missing. And that’s not about health that’s self-defeating
that’s beating yourself up, why should you have a dogmatic system that makes you beat
yourself up? Again that’s not about health or sometimes
they’ll go somewhere else oh my God someone else has the way to do it and it’s a different
way they say opposite thing so they switch over there and then maybe there’s some benefits
to that but then there’s some drawback to that and that, that might not work either
what we have found over the years like myself, my wife, John so many other people we know
who our long-term successful healthy raw food vegans is they are flexible and open-minded
enough and oftentimes even ten twenty thirty years in they’re still learning new things
that are helping them and by trying this trying that understanding this understanding that
making sense out of different things and then doing some personal experimentation sometimes
we can help guide people with lab work with that what works for them and what doesn’t
they find the approach that works for them and they also enjoy doing it they like eating
the food it’s fun and you feel good and you get all the benefits so that flexibility is
just absolutely so key. It doesn’t mean be so flexible that you’re
off the path but it means learn the fundamentals and then find what works for you and you can
enjoy it over the long term just such a critical piece of the puzzle there. John: Yeah I completely agree one of the things
you know that you’ll notice about me and if you watch my videos from I don’t know 6
years back when I started making them I change what I do like, not in any large way I still
eat raw plants you know, fruits and vegetables predominately but I’ve changed things up
a little bit and you can see me in my journey on my YouTube channel changing things up and
I’m highly suspect of people that always keep it the same right cause there in always
new information new data new research studies coming out and just as I learn more and get
more knowledgeable about things in life and I would always encourage you guys to work
on always improving yourselves whether it’s with your diet, your relationships, with growing
your own food ,whatever it is we should always strive to improve and make the world a better
place not only for us but for future generations, so yeah. If something’s is not working change and
modify and be flexible in your approach is the main message. So Dr Rick I know you have a programme coming
up that’s free available for everybody where you are going to have 25 long-term 20-plus
years for the most part raw foodies and people that do a raw plant-based diets successfully
that you guys could all benefit from for free, so tell my viewers about this program and
the summit you have coming up? Dr Rick: Well we have put together a programme
called the Raw For life summit number 1 you can you can have a lot of life and vitality
from eating raw foods and number 2 to keep it up for life so like John said we’ve got
over 25 people who have been successfully and healthfully and enjoyably maintaining
a either high to all raw diet for 18, 25, 30 or more years who have really stood the
test of time and we interview all these people each interviews like 45 minutes to an hour
someone a little bit over and we ask each person what is breakfast lunch and dinner
look like? Why do you do what you do? Is your diet the same today as it was back
when you started? And for most people there’s a certain foundation
but things have changed over time so that flexibility comes in handy. John you mentioned such a good point earlier
with flexibility with anything in life not just what you eat you got to be flexible enough
and change and see what works and what doesn’t. So we find out what they eat, why they eat
it, what gave them incentive in the first place, what kind of education they have and
what kind of flexibility they have? And it’s just so revealing and here’s a perfect
example 29 years in you know doctorate degree lots of education, lots of clinical experience
I learned a lot of new things talking to a lot of these people so it’s called the Raw
for Life summit so I think we’re going to put the link right here put it right there
for you guys, put it right there, there it is and yeah you can hear from all these people
and get their inspiration and again hear from the people who have stood the test of time
who it’s still working for and I’m going to speculate here that you’re probably going
to get some better advice if sticking with this long-term is your goal from listening
to people who have stuck with it long term vs people who are newer. Now we were all new at some point too but
you know when (cross talk: been around the block) when you take the new kids some make
it some don’t. When you take in to account people have been
at it 20 or 30 or more years they’re all in the long term camp, so can’t emphasize
the value of that enough. John: Yeah I mean I definitely recommend once
again I’ll put the link right here below and also there be a link in the description
as well as in the comments so click that to sign up for this free Raw For Life Health
Summit that you can learn and gain from. Now the thing I want to say is that there’s
going to be like 25 different people on the summit that Dr Rick and Dr Karen will be interviewing
and have an open mind, when your listen to you may not agree 100% of everything of any
one person says but they’ll be nuggets right pick out the things that make the most sense
for you and start incorporating those into your life. Dr Rick: Which is the central theme of The
Summit right, that one of the things that all the people do, they just don’t do it one
way we have a variety of approached but we don’t have anyone on there that’s too dogmatic
because the most of the dogmatic people don’t make it over the long term sorry to say, but
you have to be committed. So you’ll see how they find that balance
and you know not everyone agrees with everyone my wife and I don’t agree on everything believe
it or not a husband and wife don’t agree on everything, John and I don’t agree on
everything but we all have a certain foundation and by the way our lead off our lead off speaker
is is John he’s leading off the event cause he’s a 100% raw for a long time lot of (crosstalk
99.9%) people know about him well a lot of 9’s right we’ll cut you a little slack
there well I’m about 90% raw off and that’s what works for me all raw for extended period
but then you know I have some steamed vegetables here and there, so anyway John is our lead
off and it’s just a really great event and again I’ve learned a lot from interviewing
all these people and we’d like you to do the same. John: Awesome so Dr Rick why did you and your
wife Dr Karen decide to put this event on for everybody for free? Dr Rick: Well number 1 we would like to tell
people a little bit more about what we do that we feel like in a lot of ways we’ve been
the best kept secret in raw food nutrition for many years you know we’ve spent a lot
more time educating ourselves then we have marketing ourselves you know most people in
the raw food movement it’s just the opposite they go to a weekend seminar they read a few
books and then they are experts and they spend a lot of money on marketing and they you know
they have their channels they do their blogs and they have a lot of outreach but they know
very little so we been like heavily weighted on the research, the clinical experience,
the teaching, the education the working with people that’s number 1 and number 2 while
we are at it a lot of these summits they just get the people with the biggest list and say
let’s get all these people so we can get the most exposure and although we have some
popular people with big list and we are going to get a lot of good exposure. it was really important to us to maintain
the theme of the summit to just find people who we knew were healthfully and successfully
at this for a long time, to be of the most benefit to all of you so many of these things
you hear the one dogma, you hear the opposite dogma, you leave more confused than you were
before you started. We didn’t want that there’s too much of
that out there and it’s goanna continue, so we really wanted to provide something of
value to really help you keep this up for a lifetime. So you can keep getting all the benefits that
all of us do, that we enjoy so much. It’s such a central theme of our lives for
for good reasons because it enhances our lives and we want that for all of you too. John: Awesome yeah one of the reasons why
I continue to make videos to this day is just to share the knowledge and to help my fellow
man right. I mean this is just good for you, it’s good
for the planet, it’s good for the animals, it’s good for so many different things and
you know I’m glad you guys are watching to this point it is this video this lets me know
that you’re really committed. So I want you click that link right down below
and sign up for the summit that’s coming up really soon don’t miss out on any of
the episode including the first one that I’m in. Aright, Dr Rick so any other comments or things
you like to share with my viewers today? Dr Rick: Find your motivation stack up all
those reasons get some good education we’re not the only ones to do it but you’ll find
some other really awesome educators on the summit and be flexible in your approach see
what works and what doesn’t I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Tony Robbins ultimate
success formula. Number 1 know your outcome yeah you want to
be healthy you want to leave a lighter footprint on the earth etcetera number 2 start taking
action eat more fruits and vegetables and then number 3 this is where most people start
messing up see if it’s working or not and if it is keep it up if it’s not then number
4 change your approach and modify and be flexible and find what does work and you just keep
going through that cycle and you go about it rationally and intelligently you will be
successful and like John touched on earlier whether it’s your diet or anything any other
endeavour in life that’s the way to go about it so. J0hn: Awesome, awesome yeah I agree Dr Rick
and I and Dr Karen went to a Tony Robbins seminar together years ago unleash the power
within… yeah we unleash the fire we did it was great. So if you guys enjoyed this episode with Dr
Rick hey please give me a thumbs up to let me know also be sure to click that link down
below to get to the summit the Raw For Life summit sign up for that also be sure to check
the links below to Dr Rick and Dr Karen’s website you’ll learn more about educational
programs as well as their book that I would recommend you guys purchase and also be sure
to click the subscribe button right down below while you are at it I have new videos coming
out in 5 to 7 days you never know what you’ll be learning in my next video or what I’ll
be doing always having a fun time also be sure to (inaudible 28:17) my past episodes
I have several episodes with Dr Rick you know sharing with you guys some really good information
on raw foods and of course all my videos have lots of other good information as well that
will help you live a healthful plant based fruit and vegetable strong diet for life. So once again my name is John Kohler with
okraw.com we’ll see you next time, until then remember keep eating your fresh fruit
and vegetable they are always the best.


How to be Successful on a Live-Food Vegan Diet by Gabriel Cousens

[UltraVid id=136 ]• Medical researchers have found that a high-fat, high-sugar diet, combined with environmental pollutants and stress, can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body collectively known as chronic degenerative disease. Here holistic physician Gabriel Cousens addresses the dangers of foods that have been genetically modified, treated with pesticides, microwaved, and irradiated—and presents an alternative diet of whole, natural, organic, and raw foods that can reverse chronic disease and restore vitality.