Top 7 Reasons People Fail on a Vegan Diet: Plant-based Pitfalls

[UltraVid id=135 ]Hey guys Aaron and dusty here welcome back to eat move rest and Happy New Year yes happy 2018 so with the New Year here a lot of you are probably thinking it might be time to clean up your diet lose a little bit of weight maybe you’re even entertaining the idea of going vegan after all dr. oz did say that it was like the trend of the year yeah so 2018 it’s only building steam we want to share with you guys seven pip pitfalls or seven reasons that people fail out of plant-based or vegan diet yep so let’s get right into it number one people don’t eat enough calories I know that when I started or we started this journey I got rid of meat and dairy and all of a sudden I was just starving I didn’t know what to eat what’s left right so make sure and get your calories number two too much vegan junk food yes there is such a thing if you go to Whole Foods or any grocery store you’re bound to find plenty of processed packaged junk foods labeled vegan and all the sudden you see the halo 4 minutes glowing light and you grab it snatch it up throw it in your cart bring it home prepare it and you maybe don’t feel any better than you did when you ate your regular burger no Aaron will tell you I am a vegan junk food addict I do my best but every once in a while I just have to order that vegan pizza and eat the whole thing and I feel like dying yeah so steer clear of the junk foods and stick to the Whole Foods plant-based foods yeah more on that later number three being unprepared now this is something that we still struggle with nobody’s perfect but being prepared is going to help I know again when we first started we didn’t know what to buy at the grocery store we didn’t know what to prepare at home and basically we were unprepared and then always hungry yeah so has the same goes if you fail to plan you can plan to fail right number four the fourth reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is criticism yes and criticism can be harsh it can be downright mean we haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of that especially from our online community it’s been overwhelmingly positive things on YouTube but it can also be just joking around and just giving you a hard time which can also be uncomfortable right so my father-in-law Erin’s wonderful father is the biggest jokester in the world and I don’t know how many vegan slang word nicknames that he’s called me and us but hey we have survived and you will too just stand up to that criticism yes stand firm be confident just walk the walk and eventually people will start to ask you questions right okay so number five money people say it’s too expensive to be vegan and that is simply not true we were just at our families for the holidays and somebody was cooking up a big hunk of meat sitting on the counter we looked at the price and it was $50 a $50 piece of meat do you know how many rice and beans we can buy with that and cases of bananas no kidding we buy beans rice lentils potatoes by the bay it’s so cheap they last forever you can do it for six reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is impatience patience is a virtue my friends yes it can be tempting to want to go cold turkey and switch overnight and think that everything’s just gonna be like all happy sunshine and rainbows but it can actually set you up for failure and you’ll end up reverting back to how you were before yes so it took me at least two years and it was a little bit quicker but yeah we started out with vegetarian we did it for 40 days then we went back and like it was a two-year journey for us and we’ve right here and we’re happy now but be easy on yourself and have patience and we’re still learning new things every single day that the journey continues and you’re okay with that because we feel great and we’re continuing to feel better right so finally number seven the reason people fail is confusion they’re like what I thought this but this guy says that and we’re all just confused what’s right dr. Oz says one thing Oprah says another thing and ritual dr. Gregers say another thing yeah our best advice is to check your facts yeah for example wheel of nutritionfacts.org dr. Michael Greger all of his research is pulled from medical journals that are not backed by industry it was unbiased it’s gonna be clean pure truth okay so to recap the top seven reasons people fail on a vegan diet are number one not enough calories yes number two vegan junk food number three being unprepared yes number four criticism number five money or budgeting number six my biggest one impatience and number seven confusion yes so if you guys like this video you know the drill give us a thumbs up leave us some love down below leave us a comment hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and follow us on social media yes at Aaron stanczyk at DB stanczyk and click that Bell that’ll make sure that notifications will be turned on yes you’ll get alerted when we put out new videos here because the next video we’re gonna do for you guys will be the top 7 ways to succeed at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle right so stay tuned we’ll give you all the best answers to this videos problems oh yes happy new year okay crazy and how much of that is just like meat that you have to shave off earth not me yeah alright yeah that’s okay that’s right


Why Most Vegans Fail & How We Can Help

[UltraVid id=134 ]Anji and Ryan discuss a recent study released by the Humane Research Council regarding lapsed vegans & vegetarians, called “How Many Former Vegetarians Are There?” Not only have we seen friends and family fail with the vegan diet, but we’ve had our own failings as well. We chat about these issues, as well as share some of the HRC’s tips for helping yourself and others to get back onto — and stick with — a healthy vegan diet.

Read the original article & research paper here: http://spot.humaneresearch.org/content/how-many-former-vegetarians-are-there


Emotional Intelligence – Understanding EQ with Daniel Goleman – Animated Book Review

[UltraVid id=132 ]So what’s the difference between intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence now there are actually eight different intelligences that have been categorized but today we’re going to be looking at emotional intelligence specifically the book written by Daniel Goleman so why is emotional intelligence so important well you can tell the difference between a robotic person who knows a lot but they have very little emotions and a charismatic intellectual who seems to move a whole audience and you can also tell it in their bank account friends and loved lives as well in fact Daniel Goleman says that those who have just enough IQ to get into a decent university but have a stellar EQ are the ones who rake in the most cash so how can you develop your EQ and what can you do to cultivate it so there are five areas of growth you can work on to increase your EQ score developed by Daniel Goleman I’m going to go over some topics that revolve around them and how you can work on increasing your emotional intelligence today so the first is self-awareness the second is managing emotions the third is self motivation which personally this is an area I can work on the fourth is empathy and the fifth is handling relationships so the first big topic we’re going to go into today is called the ventilation fallacy so there’s a stereotypical thought in modern society that to get over your feelings or anger or something like that we must talk about them and this helps to some degree to cognitively think about your subconscious feelings but venting does not help yelling ranting typing up essays over bitterness flipping someone off cesspools of poison as a status update or any other foreign inventing method are according to Daniels theory wrong and technically make the situation worse see venting when you’re angry prolongs your feelings and doesn’t help stop them Goldman and many other studies have proven this I think venting when you’re sad is okay because it’s a great way to find out why you’re sad and thus you can make the changes you need to to not be sad anymore when you’re angry there’s usually not much cognitive thinking and it’s usually mostly just emotional lizard brain thinking that happens to cause problems down the road so try not to vent so the next topic we’re going to go over is to try not to ruminate over things instead try to find distractions so in high school I used to be very self-conscious about the things I’d say to other people like was I funny did I sound smart these meant a lot to me when I was in high school and I thought about them a lot eventually I started a new hobby I started weightlifting now this little hobby lasted for probably four to six months but I lifted good and almost every single day and this was a great distraction but it also built up my physical stature which physiologically made me more confident so I distracted my selves about what I would say by weightlifting it’s kind of hard to explain but my confidence increased and I didn’t worry about as much of what I said I know some people do with depression and negative thoughts every day in fact I dare to say lots of people do and there is a way around this because I’ve been there and I know the environments and thoughts and fears and pain they only sell feed and they grow and it’s hard to get out of so negative thoughts keep you in the negative mindset and just like the confirmation bias they will confirm your sad feelings according to the availability bias things that you ruminate on things that you’re constantly thinking about will stick around easier and they won’t go away on their own so you need to fill your head with new ideas instead get some hope by starting a business gain some confidence by working out do something physically active to distract your brain and raise it to a higher energy level it can be done you just have to have the motivation to do it which is also very important to emotional intelligence and like willpower can be strengthened over time so the next big topic is going to be self motivation so self motivation is obviously closely tied to goal power and you can cultivate it most of the time passion will drive you to do something so find that find something that you have passion in and you’ll likely have tons of self motivation for me at times it has been web development playing with lasers weightlifting and now it’s making awesome helpful videos so the important thing to this is you have to be very self aware you have to know what you can do to motivate yourself so I’m going to go into a little subcategory most people are motivated by one of four things they all start with in money mating momentum or mastering of course money is material things and gaining wealth mating is sexual or romantic desire and this helps if you want to lose weight weight lift or get in better shape momentum is basically freedom doing what you want where you want and always growing for me this channels momentum is huge I love waking up and seeing 300 new subscribers or a couple Facebook messages about how I have changed someone’s life it drives me to make more videos knowing I’m making a difference so many lives in the last is mastering which is basically status and being able to tell others you’re a great leader or you know how to program in eight programming languages or speak in fourteen or you’re an eighth degree blackbelt find what motivates you and use it to your advantage so if you’ve never heard of the marshmallow story I’m going to sum it up pretty quickly basically they take a whole bunch of little four-year-olds and they bring them into this room and they give them two options one they can eat a marshmallow right now or two they can wait until the researcher gets back and have two marshmallows and they actually videotape this study so they did after it probably 15 20 years they started and they went back to these people and they were trying to figure out that the people that waited and got the two marshmallows and they practice delayed gratification were they more successful what they found was that after graduation waiting having this ability to delay gratification was a better predictor than IQ of their SAT scores it is also a huge factor of emotional intelligence and future success so there’s also studies that say you can strengthen your willpower and your ability to delay gratification just like a muscle and also that it gets weak throughout the day and the more you use it also like a muscle so the next topic I’d like to go over is that emotions are contagious so there was this study where they took a volunteer with a high energy level that is they were super excited pumped up exuberant and they put him with another volunteer with a low energy level and as they were almost depressed and they sat them in a room for a couple minutes to talk but before they talk they filled out a form giving them a qualitative review of their moods a couple minutes later and magic happened they gave the form back to both people and what they realized was that most people didn’t stay the same energy level in fact in most cases the high energy level was transferred to the low energy person which means that if you’re in a slump or a rut and you can’t seem to get happy or be excited about life start hanging around people with lots of energy lots of Drive lots of people who are ambitious and happy about life because it’s contagious on the other hand if you see one of your friends in the dumps do them a favor and help them out start spending more time around them so the next topic is going to be empathy so empathy is the ability to feel and react to the emotions of others now this is a requirement for being a great leader and you must know what motivates other people and how to pick someone up effectively when they’re in a rut so knowing other people’s feelings especially if you know them better than they do will give you an edge and you’ll be perceived as highly intelligent in any field but the best advice I can give you is to talk to lots of people about their feelings on an emotional level and finding out how they tick so the last topic we’re going to talk about is managing relationships and this topic is kind of hard to go into in this video so if you want to check out my other videos also check out gary vaynerchuk’s videos he has some amazing videos on managing relationships and empathy go check them out and I hope you guys enjoyed this video and learn something from it if you did smash that like button below thank you for watching and subscribe for more amazing life-changing videos


Emotional Intelligence Documentary

[UltraVid id=133 ]If you think this is all a bigger do know that science has found that people with high IQ levels are surpassed 70% of the time they’re emotionally intelligent people know how to control their emotions reflect on them and put their findings into practice can make you take better than the genius of the glass incidentally it is clear that this is not a competition between intelligence the aim here is perhaps to make you start notice that your thoughts have a logic that perhaps you even unknown and seek to understand their own emotions is one of the most exciting activities of all people with well-developed emotional intelligence are generally considered self-confident persistent motivated and able to control themselves it does not mean however that we are talking about people known as kind or cute or someone who is looking for constant approval that is a fairly common confusion according to an expert on the subject Travis battery people with a high level of emotional intelligence try to be successful they can control their emotions have a good social life and constantly values their own attitudes and thoughts recent research has proven emotionally intelligent people are those who most do well in their work environments one such study just so you get an idea the size of it evaluated the lives of 17,000 people for when they were children until they reach adulthood for 50 years the result people considered emotionally intelligent were more successful in their careers than those with high IQ scores and it does not end here there is research to suggest that people who have developed emotional intelligence in adolescence or early adulthood if let’s only succeed in their professions they live long and stable loving relationships in addition to having low levels of depression and anxiety there is evidence also these people are even healthier according to psychologist Daniel Goleman the five elements that need to be worked to develop an emotional intelligent mind are self knowledge self-control motivation social skills and empathy of these items which may still be unknown is empathy which in general is the ability to put yourself in someone else some social and political scientists say that little world of immense significance could greatly improve the world in which we live doubt so how about starting to think twice before judging someone by their social status or their attitudes in some situations only those who feel on the skin as it is to go through certain experience can speak properly about it and yes it strengthened this kind of fear can make you not only a more sensible person but also successful person also according to Goldman people who exercise the five characteristics above tend to look confident are good at what they do professionally achieve their goals are adaptable and flexible they are resilient and able to recover from stressful situations people life is much smoother if you have a good emotional intelligence says the psychologist only psychology professionals can accurately identify whether a person has or not a higher level of emotional intelligence still a popular way to try to find out how is your emotional intelligence is to evaluate their ability to recognize facial expressions so you are good to know what someone is feeling just by looking facial expressions of a person emotional intelligence meaning emotional intelligence is a concept related to the so called social intelligence this psychology was created by American psychologist Daniel Goleman an emotional intelligent person is one who can identify their emotions more easily one of the great advantages of people with emotional intelligence is the ability to automotive eight and move forward even in the face of frustrations and disappointments among the features of emotional intelligence is the ability to control impulses channeling emotions for appropriate situations practice gratitude and motivate people and other qualities that can help encourage others according to Goldman emotional intelligence can be subdivided into five specific skills emotional self emotional control self motivation empathy develop interpersonal relationships social skills the control of emotions and feelings to be able to achieve some goal today can be considered one of the main assets for personal and professional success for example a person who can focus on the work and complete all its tasks and obligations even felt sad anxious or upset emotional intelligence for most scholars of human behavior can be considered more important than the mental intelligence IQ you to achieve satisfaction over all the characteristics that make up the emotional intelligence is a portmanteau of the interpersonal intelligence and interpersonal present in the core theories multiple intelligences developed by the American psychologist Howard Gardner the first three factors are linked to the intelligence interpersonal the ability to understand himself to produce true and accurate representation of yourself and use it permanently and creatively the remaining two are connected to the intelligence interpersonal the gift of understanding others which elements stimulate them how they operate and how to act with them associatively Charles Darwin was perhaps the first theorist to use a design similar to emotional intelligence he defends the value of the expression of emotions for subsystems and accommodation to a given context although some scholars bounds the elements of knowledge in the composition of intelligence many other famous scholars are beginning to highlight the significance of non-cognitive factors the psychometrist Robert L Thorndike Columbia University appealed in 1922 the use of emotional intelligence expression to refer to the ability to understand and encourage others 20 years after David wetzler spoke about the ascendancy of the aspects outside the intellect of the field on the intelligence performance he also claimed the intelligence standard would only be full when these elements are properly considered in the analysis of this concept it was only in 1983 the Vasai college estrade Gardner developed his theory of multiple intelligences in this study he entered the purpose of covering both the concepts of intrapersonal intelligence and the interpersonal intelligence according to this scholar tools like the IQ does not fully elucidate the potential of knowledge acquisition IQ vs. QE the intelligence quotient IQ and the emotional quotient each you are different capacities but not antagonistic rather one should seek to articulate the intellectual skills and the emotional using emotion to facilitate reason and reason to manage emotion functionally although separate realities there is an interdependence between our intellect and our feelings which reveal the importance of mastering both dimensions people with well-developed emotional intelligence have extreme ease of integration and relationship adapting successfully to organizational dynamics in addition to communicative and creative emotional intelligent people have a strong sense of responsibility and remarkable ability to adapt to change although there is no scientific method to measure or assess the emotional quotient the truth is that organizations have playing increasing attention to this factor in the recruitment and selection processes especially for senior positions it is usual the development of tools to assist in the evaluation of emotional intelligence over this is always done subjectively the real test of these professionals lies in the very organizational everyday it is often the experience the company would realize its value and unveil the results that simplistic assessment tests allowed to realize in the assessment of rational skills we have added the analysis of the personal and social skills which increasingly assume as differentiating factors 14 signs that you have emotional intelligence what makes some people more successful than others at work and in life IQ and ethics are important but not everything our emotional intelligence how we manage emotions both our own and those of others can have a critical role in determining our happiness and our success Plato said that all learning has an emotional base and perhaps he is right the way we interact with our emotions and regulate has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives to put it in colloquial terms emotional intelligence e.i is like the wisdom of the street as opposed to wisdom books and is responsible for much of the ability of a person to navigate efficiently through life who has emotional intelligence is usually confident knows how to work towards your goals is adaptable and flexible you recover quickly from stress and is tough said The Huffington Post psychologist Daniel Goleman author of focus the hidden driver of excellence life runs much more smoothly if you have good emotional intelligence the five components of ie as defined by Goldman are self awareness self regulation motivation empathy and social skills we can be strong in some of these areas and deficient in others but we all have the power to improve in any of them not sure what your level of emotion intelligence he are fourteen signs that you have a high ie first do you feel curious about people who do not know do you like to meet new people and of course tend to ask many questions after being introduced to someone in this case you have a degree of sympathy one of the main components of the ie people highly empathic those are extremely attuned to the needs and feelings of others and act in a sensible way these needs have one important thing in common they are very curious about outsiders and interested genuinely to know more about each other be curious about others is also a way to cultivate empathy curiosity expands our empathy when we talk to people outside of our usual social circle finding lives and very different world views of our Road Roman Kozma rich author of empathy handbook for revolution in his greater good bloc second you are a great leader exceptional leaders usually have one thing in common according to Goldman in addition to the tradition requirements for success talent work ethic and ambition for example they have a high degree of emotional intelligence in his research comparing those who fared extremely well in leadership roles with those who were just middling he found that about 90% of the difference in their profiles was due to ie but the cognitive ability the higher the rank of a person considered an excellent actor more emotional intelligence capabilities appeared as a reason for its effectiveness gomen wrote in Harvard Business Review third do you know your strengths and weaknesses a great self-consciousness factor is honest with yourself about who you are you know where does very well and where you have trouble and accept those things an emotionally intelligent person learns to identify their areas of strength and weakness and analyzes how to work more effectively within that framework this the wareness creates confidence which is one of the main factors of ie according to Goldman if you know it is really effective can operate from that trust he says oh do you know how to pay attention you’re distracted by each tweet message and sword that goes through your head in this case you may be preventing you from functioning at its highest level of emotional intelligence but the ability to handle distractions and focus on the task at hand is a great secret of emotional intelligence says Goldman without being present with yourself and others it is difficult to develop self-awareness and strong relationships your ability to focus on the work you are doing or your homework and allow to read that message or play that game when finished their level of efficiency in this respect during childhood has to be a stronger predictor of your financial success as an adult that your IQ or the wealth of his family says Goldman and we can teach children to do this fifth when you are upset you know exactly why we all experience some emotion fluctuations throughout the day and often do not even understand what is causing a wave of anger or sadness but an important aspect of self-awareness is the ability to recognize where they come from your emotions and know why you’re upset self-awareness also comes to recognize in motions when they sprout instead of identifying them badly or ignore them emotionally intelligent people retreat to step forward emotions examine what they are feeling and the effect of emotion on them six do you get along with most people having satisfactory and effective relationships this is a sign says Coleman seventh you care deeply about being a good and moral person an IE aspect is our moral identity which has to do with the extent to which we see ourselves as ethical and caring people if you are a person who cares about building that side of herself regardless of how you acted in previous moral situations may have a high iie index H do you get time to slow down and help others if you make a habit of slow to pay attention to others is slightly out of his way to greet someone or help an elderly woman on the subway you demonstrate emotional intelligence many people a lot of the time are completely focused on themselves and often it’s because we are so busy running around in a state of stress trying to do things that just do not have time to realize others the less help there is a spectrum that goes from complete self absorption to see and to feel empathy and compassion Romans said in a TED talk on compassion the simple fact is that if we are focused on ourselves if we are concerned which often are throughout the day not really fully realize the other be more attentive in contrast to being absorbed into your little world plan the seeds of compassion the crucial component of ie9 you are good at reading facial expressions of people being able to feel how others are feeling is an important part of having a good eye II take this test at the University of California at Berkeley to find efficiency in reading the emotions of others tense after falling you get up quickly how do you deal with mistakes and setbacks says a lot about who you are individuals with Heidi I know that if there is one thing we all have to do in life is to move on when an emotionally intelligent person suffers a failure or setback she can recover quickly it is partly because of the ability to experiment with attention negative emotions without letting them get out of control which offers a higher degree of resistance the strong person is not tied to negative emotions but let them stand side by side with other feelings said Barbara Fredrickson author of positivity the experience life so while they are feeling I am sad because it also tends to think but I’m grateful for that eleventh you are a good judge of character you can always have a sense of who a person is from the beginning and their intuitions fairly cheat 12 do you trust your instinct a person with emotional intelligence if someone who feels comfortable following your intuition says Goldman if you can trust yourself and your emotions there is no reason not to listen to that inner voice or that feeling in the stomach that tells you which way to follow 13th have you ever been self-motivated you’ve always been ambitious and hardworking as a child even when he was not rewarded for it if you are an active and motivated person and can focus their attention and energy to pursue your goals probably you have a high level of high e 14th can you say no self-regulation one of the five components of emotional intelligence means being able to discipline themselves and avoid unhealthy habits people endowed with ie are well equipped to tolerate stress a trigger for many of the bad habits and control their impulses according to Goldman how to expand your emotional intelligence our emotions can provide us with valuable information about ourselves about others in various situations an explosion of anger directed to a co-worker can alert you to the fact that you are feeling overwhelmed by overwork a sense of anxiety about a presentation can inform you that needs to be better prepared with facts and figures frustration with the customer may suggest you need to find other ways to communicate with them using the information that your emotions you provide can change their behavior and their thinking to reverse situations in the case of a burst of anger for example you could look for ways to reduce your workload or facilitate their work process as you see emotions play an important role in your workplace from anger to elation frustration to commence every day in the office you face with his and others emotions the trick is to use your emotions intelligently what comes to be simply defined by what emotional intelligence – intentionally your emotions were for their benefit using them to help guide their behavior and their thinking to obtain better results the good news is that emotional intelligence can be nurtured developed and expanded this is not an impossible feature to acquire the way to expand your emotional intelligence is to learn and practice the techniques and skills that comprise among them self-awareness emotional control and motivation as large of the self-awareness at work over working day you may have to talk to a customer angry calm and anxious boss present an idea during a meet are several factors that influence their performance in each of these activities for example if the angry customer has made an unreasonable demand after another and then you might as well lose patience with them if you’re confident about your rope in a project probably able to calm the concerns of the head it is believed that his colleagues believing experienced too much place work you may feel Shine insecure for them to present fair ideas during a meeting awareness of your own feelings and attitudes as well as the perception that others have of you can influence their actions in such a way though they work that benefit let’s assume that you are aware that your client is abusing you and you know that antagonize it could have tragic consequences in the first instance your cause action may well be trying to calm him rather than irritated further showing a lack of patience in the case of an anxious boss if you notice that he is concerned because anything’s was dependent on the success of particular project so could care to tell you who made and assured you that the project will be well received in the last example you are aware that his colleagues consider him inexperienced probably want to be well prepared before presenting their ideas the trick in this case is to use the wealth of information about yourself that are your fingertips feelings sensations assessments actions and intentions they will help you understand how to react act communicate and operate in different situations and have self means to process them we have learned that self-awareness is essential for emotional intelligence as it is important to your success at work and how the lack of it impairs their efficiency now let’s examine how you can expand your self-awareness you do not need to spend hours on the couch of a psychiatrist to expand their self-awareness you need a period time of serious introspection and coverage to explore very comes to people and events of his professional life it is specifically required examine how you do reviews be sensitive you your senses contact your feelings identify your intentions pay attention to your actions examine how you do reviews the views are all different impressions interpretations assessments and expectations you have for yourself and other people and situations they are influenced by various factors that configure a personality and generally have the form of thoughts of internal dialog aware of their assessments you learn how your thoughts influence your feelings your actions and reactions thus being able to change them watch out for your senses your senses sight hearing smell and taste are the sources of all your information about the world it is through them that you get information about yourself on others and different situations but often happens with your senses something interesting they are filtered and modified by the ratings let the example of that boss that you consider through no capacity for work it does during the conversation he said he had not had the opportunity to study the subject better because he had been busy with other things as I wanted that meeting was a preliminary discussion of the issue well you were so convinced of his incompetence that you did not hear it so considered the lack of information it a consequence of stupidity not lack of time what happened there was that his assessment of his performance acted as a filter erasing some important things that your boss told you contact your feelings your feelings are spontaneous emotion reactions to their interpretations and expectations a sensory information they provide you with important data which will help you understand why you act like apps they alert you to your wellness level given a situation and help you understand your reaction why is this so important to pay attention to them let’s say you are angry with a colleague because he is not doing the party it is up to you and you have to do his job you do not talk about to anyone but and he is not entry just overwhelmed tell yourself that your colleague is young therefore has no notion of what it should be doing it is shown impatient with him tired and nervous home without knowing the reason but if you’re asked what was really going on becoming aware of your anger and your resentment would be able to find out the reason their perception of the inability of his colleague recognizing anger you have the opportunity to control it productively can go out to lunch with him and ask if he is having trouble with work whether you can help him you can also chat with a boss about the problem what should be emphasized is that to ignore or deny their emotions you are deprived of the ability to act on them negative things can often degenerate refuse leaving him worse than if you have paid attention to them to recognize them you will be able to control them and move on identify your intentions the intentions may refer to their immediate desires what you would like to achieve today or in a particular situation or next weekend and also to your long-term desires what you like to do by the end of the year or throughout your life as well as feelings your intentions could be sometimes difficult to understand in the case of intentions the reason is that we often confuse an intention to another confuse our hidden purpose with a apparent intention his hidden purpose it may be that his patterns who have always told that you would be useless in life staying pressed with your success if the parent intention is that you want the promotion to vice-presidency in this case recognize that impress his parents is his true intention was not change of plan to fight for the vice presidency but made clear that fact another difficulty when dealing with intentions is the bay sometimes seen conflicting if you know that you’re the real intention is to have a good working relationship with his secretary have more chances to control anger and less yelling at her when she makes a mistake pay attention to your actions as the acts are physical they can be observed by others and we can watch them if they decide and the word the key here is we decide in general we are aware of our more general acts why self-awareness is the basic element of emotional intelligence as we learned you can expand your emotional intelligence learning to control your emotions and motivate yourself and can also maximize the effectiveness of their emotional intelligence developing your communication skills your interpersonal skills and your skills as the emotional mentor self-awareness is the core of each these skills because emotional intelligence can only start when the information comes in perceptual system for example to be able to control anger you have to be aware what causes it and how this powerful emotion affects you then you can learn how to reduce it and use it correctly the circumvent despondency and be able to motivate you need to be aware of your emotion involvement in the relationship the heightened self-awareness allows you to monitor observe in action being you in the center of your universe you must first understand what makes you act as you do before starting to change your behavior for better results you need to understand what is important to you the way you experience things whatever like feelings and how are the others this subjective knowledge about the nature of your personality not only directs your contact in every situation as we have seen in the examples above but also it provides a solid framework to make better choices this choices may be trivial that refusal to go I give first or critical if you accept this new job I will be working with 50 people and I know that this kind of situation makes me feel shy and insecure if I stay here I earn less but I’ll feel safe and comfortable and that’s what I need now the intelligence of use emotional at work one way to understand the importance of AI in leadership is analysing the four basic emotional and social skills for Goldman these skills are listed in seven items as follows first emotional self-awareness emotionally self-aware leaders can be candid and authentic able to speak openly about their emotions or conviction of the goals that a second self leaders endowed with self remain calm and continue with the head in place even under high stress or during a crisis third adaptability can be flexible in adapting to new challenges nimble in adaption to continues and flexible change in their ideas or new information realities o optimism see others in a positive light wanting for them the best fifth empathy these leaders listen attentively and can put in place the other sixth conflict management those leaders who best manage conflicts seventh teamwork and cooperation leaders who work well together produce an atmosphere of friendly solidarity and are themselves mottos of respect helpfulness and cooperation also according to Goldman the leader has ultimate power to control emotions of all when they were pushed to the side of enthusiasm performance can shoot if people are insightly to anger and anxiety they lose their way the six perfections according to the Dalai Lama in his book leadership for a better world the six perfections are of great value to humans and the leader who has these characteristics has a great ability to affect people in a profound way the six perfections are first generosity giving attention love teachings and help to those who need it we know that a leader who wants to be with everything to destroy his motivation second patience be careful not to harm others and do good patience must be cultivated and be seen as justified patience third ethics realize that the desires and pains come and go and it is not worth it upset about it before any action we must get rid of any thoughts negative that can hurt us and hurt our neighbor or commitment we need to establish transcendent goals and dedicate ourselves to them since I degree of enthusiasm depends on our belief in the importance of the objectives that we want to achieve if concentration means doing one thing at a time with full and total attention sixth wisdom is to have a correct vision or the ability to see the things as they really are and recognize that nothing lasts forever final considerations ie can be defined as our ability to relate assertively and positively with people with astral terms even in adversity the systems in pursuit of our goals and characterizes the way people deal with their emotions and the people around you it implies self-awareness motivation resistance empathy understanding and social characteristics as persuasion corporation negotiation and leadership the eye is not genetic I learned skills and improved in the course of our lives that way we can say that we have two minds therefore two different kinds of intelligence rational and emotional our performance in life is determined not only by IQ but mainly for ie in fact cannot give best of themselves without the ie since there are full partners in mental life when these partners interact well the ie increases and intellectual capacity it dropped the myth but we should override recent emotion that is we must seek a balance between both ie can be achieved through training and effort but it requires persistence people have to identify exactly what they want to achieve by performing this type analytical exercise methodically for a few weeks or months the person may replace the habits you want to delete by others who end up becoming automatic and can completely change for the better the way of life both professionally and personally the key to successful leadership is in the fields of ie not IQ leadership requires skills to persuade and inspire emphasize and articulate feelings many signs show that the emotionally competent people take advantage in any field of life assimilating the unspoken rules that govern success in organizational politics the leaders of this new era increasingly value the human being as a partner and not as a two persons with well-developed emotional practice are most likely to feel satisfied and be efficient dominating the mental habits that foster productivity those who cannot exert control of emotion life waging in a bath rules that sabotage the ability to concentrate and work and think clearly we note that according to the author’s society they argue the emotional competence in leaders can be one of a few competitive advantages really lasting since the project a clear vision for your team inspire them and motivate them managing conflicts and relationships the leader of Resident can multiply their own potential and that of each child stimulating creativity cooperation and enterpreneurship unlike the head dissonant that has no ability to interact productively and it ends up paralyzing the initiative of subordinates I provide talents and reduces the effectiveness of group as a whole and of course to discourage the whole team and the people who are around us although immediately can present seemingly positive results it would prove the medium-term an unconscious saboteur of own goals it can be understood as the ability to manage our emotions to facilitate achieving our goals it seems very obvious now but it was necessary that the psychologist Daniel Goleman warns about the importance of emotions in everything we do and what goes cheap the coolest of the term emotional intelligence is that it automatically leads us to influence our thoughts on our emotions being smart is being able to think clearly is to be able to think objectively about our emotions it can give us control over ourselves every time someone misses an opportunity to stay dead to speak of shame with a boss every time someone fails to make this wonderful trip because it has fear of flight our times when they were not emotionally intelligent they did not use emotional intelligence emotional intelligence can be innate but can also be learned I believe that everyone can have the potential to be intelligent but may need training to be emotionally intelligent we must respect our emotions validate them that is give us the right to feel what we feel but work these emotions so they do not dominate us when they are harmful possession is very good at delivering positive emotions give us to love to enjoy a conquest to enjoy a good time but when your emotions are limiting your life and blocking your happiness it’s time to be smart and try to manage these emotions so that work to their advantage for example you need to talk to a person who makes you very nervous if an intelligent emotional level you may have one of these attitudes escape an excuse and never talk to that person speaking bluntly and elegant putting nothing to lose any chance of success speak and do not want to give more than you should but when using emotion intelligence assertiveness may emerge perhaps you can tell what needs to be stylish and family


Vegan Communication: How to either Damage or Empower the Vegan Movement – Melanie Joy

[UltraVid id=128 ]We need to stop reproducing the toxic perfectionism and the toxic communication of the dominant culture veganism was established you know in order to offset these toxic attitudes and behaviors that are normal in the dominant culture and we can do better thank you how are you I know it’s amazing to be here in a sea of vegans a roomful a large room completely packed with people working to make the world a better place for animals nothing inspires me more so thank you so much and I love having the opportunity to stand up in front of a group of vegans who are often so committed and working so hard to make the world a better place for animals and being able to share good news like how the vegan movement is growing exponentially all over the world which it is the movement is growing all over the world and that’s amazing today I’m actually going to talk about something else that’s growing and it’s growing within the vegan movement and this is a virus of sorts it is a virus that is contagious it is debilitating and it can be potentially even deadly but in this there is also good news because when we recognize this virus then we with awareness of this virus then we’re in a position to prevent it from spreading to reverse its course and ultimately to heal our movement and the virus I’m talking about today is toxic communication among vegans now before I talk about toxic communication and define it what exactly it is I’m going to just show you a few examples can you see this to read yourselves is it people in the back large enough on the screen okay I had a lot of examples to choose from unfortunately and just chose four of them to give you a sense of some of the problems we talking about today and I’m just curious before moving on how many of you have witnessed toxic communication this is vegan TV okay I didn’t even finish the question and all the hands went up like so you know what I’m talking about and this is a really serious problem in the moment in the movement there are countless vegans who have been the target of toxic communication myself included I have in fact talked to vegan after Ving and after vegan some of them who are brilliant leaders brilliant organizational leaders who have shared with me these deeply painful stories of how they were targets of toxic communication some of them actually felt like they couldn’t even continue in their careers as vegans and in fact in my experience and in my observation more vegans or at least a lot of vegans end up leaving the movement not because they can’t stand the width they can’t withstand the pressure of the dominant karna stick culture but because of this sense of betrayal and demoralisation that they feel when they’re attacked by their own people by other vegans how many of you can relate to this or have seen this before felt this yourself this feeling of being betrayed by the people who are supposed to understand the most so this is a serious problem and I’m going to talk now first for a few minutes about what exactly I mean when I refer to toxic communication no toxic communication is any communication that violates our integrity and harms the dignity of others and I’m going to define this for you so integrity is the integration of core moral values such as compassion and justice and practices it’s practicing what we preach we violate our integrity whenever we can eunuch eight in a way that doesn’t reflect compassion and justice makes sense dignity is one sense of intrinsic worth we feel a sense of dignity when we feel that we are fundamentally worthy as beings on this planet when we feel like we’re not less than or less worthy honor on a basic fundamental level than others so we violate another’s dignity whenever we communicate that they are somehow less than particularly when we shame them so when we shame so many we are communicating that they are less worthy than shame is an incredibly toxic emotion in fact it is arguably one of the most if not the most damaging and destructive of all human emotion so I want to talk briefly about this emotion for a minute and I want to start out by differentiating shame and guilt very often people use these terms interchangeably but there is a difference between them does anybody here know what the difference is you want to shout it out what is it what is guilt what’s the definition of guilt so maybe guilt is what you feel and shame is what you think others think about you well it can be that way but that’s not exactly the definition anybody else want to give it a go guilt comes from inside shame comes from outside but we can shame ourselves and other people can cause us to feel guilty actually so the difference is that guilt is how we feel about our behaviors right we feel guilty when we think to ourselves I did something bad shame is how we feel about what exactly ourselves we feel ashamed when we think I am bad so shame is the feeling of being less than and more specifically it’s the shame of being less worthy than and as I said it is one of the dis disruptive and destructive of all human emotions most of us carry around a great deal of shame already because we’ve been born into a deeply dysfunctional profoundly non-relational screwed-up world that shames us on an ongoing basis we have not learned how to relate to one another in a basically compassionate healthy and relational way and so a lot of our communication a lot of our interactions are shaming most of us carry around a lot of shame and most of us understandably are deeply defended against feeling further shame we protect ourselves from being further shamed in a variety of ways and we hide our shame from others and also from ourselves we bury our shame underneath our many successes we hide it within being the best activists the best employee the most beautiful person we can be etc etc we work on hiding our shame from others and ourselves we pretend that we’re not ashamed be cut to ourselves because many of us have learned to feel ashamed of being ashamed I often say that one of the best ways to get somebody to do the opposite of what you want them to do is to shame them shamed people are not people who are thinking about taking Pro or feel capable of taking positive action on behalf of others or themselves or themselves shamed people ourself are in defense mode they are working to prevent being further shamed they wrap themselves in the emotional armor to keep themselves safe shamed people typically withdraw or attack in self-defense so we have this epidemic of shame and this epidemic of shame shaming behaviors and this epidemic of hiding our shame from ourselves and yet many of us continue to use shame believing that it’s actually going to motivate people to change often the opposite is is more likely to happen when people feel shamed studies have shown when people feel that their dig is not being honored they become defensive they exhibit a stress response this means that they’re in kind of quasi fight-or-flight mode sometimes it’s strong sometimes it’s weaker what they do what people do when they’re in defensive mode is they become less rational they have less access to their rationality and they also become less empathic they’re not going to be empathically connected to somebody who’s shaming them and when you think about a lot of communication vegan communication what do you notice communicating to non vegans a lot of our tactics right are shaming and when we communicate with one another a lot of our communication is in fact shaming and this is not only unproductive but it’s deeply profoundly counterproductive shame is also contagious when we shame others we increase the likelihood that they will go out and shame others as well as a way of managing shame one way that people manage feeling less than is looking for others who they can make feel less than they are makes sense so shame is contagious and in fact toxic communication is contagious studies have shown for example that being exposed to just one incident of rude behavior like reading an insulting email can cause people to reproduce this these negative behaviors studies have also shown that for every hurtful interaction we have it takes at least five positive Owen’s to offset the harm done to our mood and the drain done to our energy so this is this is a one to five ratio that’s significant studies all have also shown that people automatically mimicked the facial expressions tone and postures of others as do spectators to the encounter so if somebody is behaving in a toxic way even the people who are on lookers will mimic these facial expressions and behaviors and when we see people making negative or hurtful expressions such as frowning or glaring we actually feel angry or worse ourselves so toxic communication which is the primary expression of toxic toxic communic behaviors is contagious now just imagine the impact of toxic communication when it’s expressed not just one to one but to hundreds or thousands of others as when somebody is on a stage or somebody is posting on Facebook and imagine the increase in this impact when that individual is in a position of leadership or authority so those of us who are in positions of leadership have a responsibility to use our influence to offset rather than reinforce this toxicity it is incredibly important that we are careful with what we are modeling and how we are communicating this toxic communication in our movement is creating an epidemic of suffering and it is doing tremendous harm and damage to vegans to vegan organizations and also to the vegan movement now there have been interesting studies done on toxic behaviors in the workplace and I’m going to share with you some of these findings there are more that I could share but I couldn’t fit them on the slide some of the costs of our toxic communication within a workplace setting so this could be easily extrapolated or applied to a vegan organization and of course to the vegan movement as a whole so these are just some of the results of toxic communication in a workplace setting and I’m not going to read them out you can just read them yourself is any of this familiar to you in some of your work your organization’s your groups your interactions and what’s interesting is that these problems are not only problems that are experienced by the direct recipient of toxic communication but the indirect victims which are the first or second hand witnesses to these toxic communications are also impacted in a similar way so the indirect victims are either people who are on lookers who are actually directly witnessing the interaction or people who somebody who’s been hurt tells later at the end of the day so if you experience this for example with your you know volunteer group and you go home and you tell your partner about it then your partner can also be impacted in a negative way from hearing this studies have also found that just one person who engages in toxic behaviors in a group reduces the group’s performance performance by between thirty and forty percent just think about that number for a moment in a movement that needs all of the energy and all of the resources it can get to address this massive massive global problem of animal harm and suffering studies have found researchers estimated that the financial costs alone of a toxic workplace and a toxic workplace they looked at which they defined as having 15% of employees engaging in toxic interactions if you have a staff of a thousand and 15 percent of them engage in toxic interactions the cost is over two million dollars so let’s think about what some of these numbers might mean if we applied them to a vegan sorry a vegan organization in the vegan movement so let’s assume you know let’s say we’re talking about an organization of a hundred people the cost would be about two hundred thousand dollars in lost productivity let’s say we’re talking about an organization of ten people which is even more common in among vegan organizations the cost in lost productivity would be about twenty thousand dollars and let’s look at what this means in terms of harm to animals when we’re talking about an efficient vegan organization an efficient vegan organization is estimated to be able to spare one animal for every $1 spent so let’s look at the cost to the animals in an efficient vegan organization in an organization or an efficient vegan organization of ten people this is 20,000 animals who were not spared who could have been in a larger organization of a hundred people this would be two hundred thousand animals who were not spared whose lives might otherwise have been now even if these estimates are wildly off even if there are 80% higher than they should be this is twenty percent too many animals then most vegans would ever be comfortable with an imperfect but perhaps useful analogy is to think of farmed animals being in a sinking ship and their main hope of survival is a lifeboat that’s person to buy vegans every toxic communication is like shooting a hole in the bottom of the animals lifeboat this is a problem that we can’t afford to leave unaddressed now I’m gonna actually talk about how to address this what are some specific actions we can take but first I’m going to just briefly talk about what causes what has caused this epidemic of toxic interaction in the first place there are a lot of reasons I’m actually writing about those separately but I’m just going to name a few of the ones that I think are most important to be aware of right now one reason is because most communication today is online and it’s a lot easier to be mean to somebody if you’re not looking them in the eye and we know that so whenever possible a really simple step we can take is to communicate with a person face to face even if it’s a person we only know through Facebook we can ask them to meet us on video chat instead of having a battle that everybody can look on to I’m a battle of comments another reason is because the broader emotional and intellectual climate you know the intellectual and emotional climate of the broader culture has become toxic so toxic communications have become so normal as to be unremarkable I I am constantly surprised at how everyday communication which is so so often so shaming and so harmful is just not even noticeable to so many people so this is a problem that goes beyond the vegan movement of course and the third reason that I’ll mention today is because in many movements and particularly in the vegan movement there are high rates of traumatization we live in the midst of a global atrocity that is carnism a global atrocity is a mass traumatic event and when we are living in the midst of a mass traumatic event it is very difficult if not impossible to become at least somewhat traumatized by this traumatized by the reality of what’s happening in the world that we happen to be aware of and a lot of the graphic imagery that many of us have witnessed many of us in the movement have what’s referred to as stsd secondary traumatic stress disorder how many of you here have heard of stsd I’m just curious I give a talk on it a few years ago so maybe some of you are at that maybe some of you have how many of you know PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder okay so this is like what combat veterans experience sometimes stsd is exactly like PTSD except with one key difference does anyone know what that difference is exactly stsd impacts the witnesses to the violence rather than the direct victims of the violence so many vegans have stsd and I have a chapter in my new book beyond beliefs specifically about this it’s really important to get informed about it because when we are traumatized to a greater or lesser degree this has an impact on our perceptions our feelings and our behaviors and it is one of the drivers of some of the common toxic communication patterns we see in our movement for example we when we have stsd or even some level of traumatization we can develop what I refer to as a trauma narrative in other words we start to look at the world as though it’s one giant traumatic event with only three roles to be played either you’re a victim if you’re not a victim what are you a perpetrator or a hero and the witness is tricky because a witness can also be a victim or a here a perpetrator depending on how they or a hero depending on how they act so it’s victim perpetrator and hero and the more traumatized we get the more we start to view place everyone including ourselves into one of these roles and plays rigid boundaries in between them like you can’t be both you have to be one or the other and the stronger our emotional reaction are to them so we believe if you’re not a hero like if you’re not a hundred percent vegan a hundred percent of the time then you must be what a perpetrator so we we have this kind of like perfectionism that we’ve started to develop and this is in large part in my opinion because of the level of traumatization many of us have have experienced um when I talk to vegans about trauma and I do very often I talk about the problem of over witnessing the problem of like so many vegans who feel an obligation to continue to watch these graphic movies and to look at these graphic images can you relate to this a bit it’s a lot of vegans feel this way and many tight and these these graphic movies are like feeding the trauma if you already know what’s happening in the world you don’t need to keep watching these things they they can reinforce your traumatic response but many vegans say to me I’ve said to me well I feel guilty not watching I feel like you know if I compared to what the animals go through you know the least I can do is to bear witness to them to watch you know two minutes that they’re suffering the animals don’t need a movement of walking trauma survivors the animals need a movement of healthy self connected people who are able to be in this movement for the long haul and not eventually burn out and over witnessing witnessing more than necessary is one of the key contributors to burnout in the movement vegans often say that they’re afraid that if they stop witnessing if they stop watching these graphic videos then they’ll stop caring they’ll stop wanting to fight the good fight now I’ve never in my career seen that happen in fact I’ve seen the opposite more often where vegans become more moment motivated but they’re motivated not from a place of trauma but from a healthier place inside of themselves it can be helpful to think of your trauma as having a survival instinct as being like an entity a living being with a survival instinct that has taken up residence in your heart and in your mind and it wants to stay alive and the way it keeps itself alive is by convincing you to continue feeding it by continuing to take into more traumatic material so I suggest that you consider giving yourself position to let your trauma go and it might be uncomfortable but see what happens for you when you give yourself permission to let your trauma go you significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll engage in some of these toxic behaviors and communications that we’ve been talking about and you will have a more sustainable life as an activist and as a person now this combination of this toxic broader intellectual and emotional culture and you know online culture and secondary traumatic stress has led to a culture of this kind of moral perfectionism whereby we hold others and ourselves often to impossible standards like one unexamined statement or one selfish choice or statement you know suddenly make someone bad suddenly makes us the enemy we have no wiggle room to screw up we have no wiggle room to not be perfect and this is a very dangerous state for us to be in the movement the ethos today the ethos that’s like the broader backdrop of the vegan movement and beyond in the broader culture in some ways is one in which we not only tolerate but we also celebrate this moral perfectionism and toxic communication we have learned to rally around those who raise the battlecry of moral righteousness and elevate them put them on this pedestal and to believe that it’s alright to abuse others as long as we’re morally outraged when we’re doing it this is a very dangerous attitude for us to be embracing and research has research on anger and on perceptions of people who are angry has actually shown that we are less rational when it comes to assessing the behaviors of people who are perceived as people who are angry we see people who are expressing anger as more believable as more competent and more intelligent than they actually are so I want to talk for a minute about anger and some of you might be thinking but of course were angry we’re supposed to be angry we’re supposed to be morally outraged look what’s happening in the world so I want to differentiate healthy from unhealthy anger for a minute anger is a normal health –fill legitimate emotion that arises as a response to injustice we need our anger our anger is what makes us take a stand against injustice anger becomes unhealthy or problematic when we become blended when it’s anger that we’re blended with and when it has within it the charge of contempt and I’m going to explain both of these concepts so when we’re blended with our anger it means we don’t see any difference between our anger and ourselves we often express it I am angry as the anger and we are one a more accurate way of expressing anger would be I am feeling angry about or even better a part of me is feeling angry about this because it’s usually a part of us that’s feeling angry not a hundred percent of us so when we’re blended with our anger we are looking at the issue we are looking at the world through the eyes of our anger when we are not blended with our anger we’re still able to be connected with our rational selves with our empathy with our compassion even as we feel our healthy anger does that make sense and problematic anger is anger that has the charge of contempt contempt is the emotion it’s judgement plus hate essentially it’s judgment and anger and hate actually together when we feel contempt what this means is that we have placed ourselves and it’s in a position of moral superiority we are perceiving the other or sometimes ourselves we can feel contempt to ourselves as well all of this communication all of what I’m talking about applies to how we treat and communicate with ourselves as well so when we feel contempt we are perceiving another or ourselves as morally in we’re in some way if we assume that our anger unhealthy anger causes us to adopt this problematic assumption if we assume that our anger gives us license not to practice basic human decency toward others then we can end up feeding rather than fixing the very problem that our anger is trying to transform so we need to be careful to develop enough self-awareness so that we can reflect on ourselves when we’re angry and ask ourselves if we are feeling and using our anger productively or destructively because how we use our anger and how we relate to our anger will make all the difference now let me back up for a minute I want to also point out that anger is healthy anger or not to confuse how we express anger with tone policing you guys have heard this expression tone policing before okay so the idea of well so tone policing is basically telling people that they should not be communicating about an issue if they’re feeling strong emotions around it or if they’re expressing strong emotions around it that’s a problem it’s normal natural and necessary and healthy to feel and express our emotions around issues tone policing is not the same as asking somebody to communicate respectfully when they’re feeling angry so I don’t want to mix up these two concepts so I want to talk briefly about moving beyond this perfectionism before we move into how to communicate in a way that is less toxic or not toxic the first step is in our attitudes we need to appreciate that we have inherited a messy world we have been born into an absolute mess of a world and you guys don’t need me to tell you that you’re all very well aware of this no doubt we have to learn to relate to the world the way the world is rather than the that we wish the world were instead of getting angry that it’s raining take out an umbrella when we relate to the world differently we have to make choices in the world that we have inherited that are very different than the choices we would make in an ideal world we have to learn to live with contradictions in our lives because we don’t have any choice even as we hold people accountable even as we work to change problematic attitudes and behaviors we need to have some wiggle room to appreciate that many people are doing the best they can in a very problematic world maybe you’re a vegan and you feed your sick cats meat because they can’t live on vegan food it’s not possible for them that’s a contradiction you may just have to make your peace with and live with it’s not a contradiction you would have to deal with if the world were ideal we wouldn’t have cats living with us probably in the first place so we need to appreciate that number one perfectionism is impossible to achieved everything can be made more perfect everything can be approved improved somehow and we’re living in a situation where perfectionism or even trying to be perfect it is quite difficult and impossible so we need to stop reproducing the toxic perfectionism and the toxic communication of the dominant culture and we can do better the vegan movement veganism was established you know in order to offset these toxic attitudes and behaviors that are normal in the dominant culture our movement was founded on compassion and on justice we are doing better in many ways and we can do better when it comes to this changing our communication patterns so I’m gonna actually talk now I could I originally when I put this presentation together had like 50 tips for preventing toxic communication but we don’t time for 50 tips I do cover effective communication very thoroughly in my new book beyond beliefs but here I’m going to talk about eight tips a key tips in order to prevent the spread of toxic communication the first one is to examine yourself and your own behaviors many people have not everybody but many people have inflated beliefs about how well they treat others and how well they are seen by others particularly examine yourself and how you relate to people based on how much power they have in their relation with relationship with you this is something most of us don’t pay attention to it’s good to become a self observer in this way and notice when somebody has power more power than you do do you tend to treat them with more respect than you treat people with less power than you have if that’s the case then it’s important for you to change the way that you relate across the board and pay attention to the company you keep if you surround yourself with people for whom toxic communication is normal and normalized you’re going to be very likely to slip into this pattern of communication yourself if you’re around people who are more conscious and are not communicating in a toxic way your tolerance for toxic communication will be a lot lower and when you get exposed to it and you notice it you will feel how toxic it actually is you’ll you’ll kind of cleanse yourself of it so then when you’re reexpose to it you’ll feel the toxicity even more and this includes being online be careful how much you expose yourself to online toxic communications so it doesn’t become normalized point to is to become a critical consumer of what you put in your heart and your mind just like you are of what you put in your body and on your body so for example notice the signs of toxic communication and distance yourself from them and don’t use them yourselves for example shouting and this might look like just using all capital letters and multiple execute exclamation points in some time’s just one exclamation point using absolutes okay communicating where you say for example men rather than some men or meat-eaters rather than some meters use sexist language or you know eat animals or or are have negative attitudes toward vegans notice character assaults this is when people conflate a behavior with a character right so for example when somebody says she’s speciesist because she says something speciesist or he’s sexist because he says or does something sexist when you’re born into dominant systems like speciesism and sexism carnism racism you have absorbed all of us have absorbed these systems into our mentality so deeply that we will never probably never be fully free of them what we need to do is to be committed to continuing to our examine ourselves becoming self observers becoming more literate so that we can be practice the values of compassion and justice more fully but if somebody says something sexist that’s that’s normal we can point it out to them we can help raise awareness but as soon as you label a person’s character because of a behavior you really shut down you really decrease the likelihood that that person is going to be open to any other feedback that person will likely feel shamed um hyperbole hyperbole is exaggerated you know making exaggerated claims rather than sticking to the facts so you know saying something like Joe’s malicious statements rather than saying statements that Joe made that I experienced as offensive malicious shows that you know what Joe’s intentions were do you know he was intending to hurt we can’t possibly know that all we can know is what we observe and our perceptions of what we observe defining reality defining reality is like we define other’s reality when we make ourselves experts on the other’s internal experience when we act like we’re mind-readers when we know what somebody else is thinking or feeling or needing or what their motivations are which we can’t possibly know but we define another’s reality it’s fundamentally disrespectful it’s often shaming it often triggers anger in the other person understandably and rightly and it’s a very disconnecting behavior so defining reality is saying something like he doesn’t care about animals he’s just trying to feed his ego and this is said sometimes about vegans who practice veganism in a way that other vegans don’t like oh he doesn’t really care about animals oh that organization doesn’t really want to help animals they just want to make lots of money for themselves how on earth does anybody know that how can any of us know what is inside somebody else’s heart in mind allowing others to be the expert on their own experience is fundamentally respectful and it’s a generosity we all deserve and it’s a relational behavior it creates connection and openness rather than disconnection and and closed mindedness so a couple of more a couple more suggestions avoid any communication that suggests that the other is somehow less than that is shaming this can be kind of difficult especially when it comes to like intellectual or academic critiques I don’t know how many of you noticed this have noticed this but you know often academic critiques or intellectual critiques or communications that you know are very eloquent or use lots of big words are cleverly you know cleverly worded ways of communicating something that’s shaming and that’s toxic so be especially you know wary when you read an intellectual critique that’s criticizing somebody else’s work it may very well be inaccurate criticism and it may also be a criticism that’s done in such a way as to be shaming point three is to create a healthy process when we’re communicating now all communications have these two parts they have a Content and a process when we’re communicating the content is we are communicating about it’s the subject right so the communicate the content of this communication now is communication so the content is what we are talking about and the process is what do you think it’s how right it’s how we are communicating the process matters more than the content you think about your experience of communication over your lives you know think about a communication or a conversation you had maybe last week or last year there is a chance you might not even remember any of the content you don’t remember what you were talking about you probably however remember how you felt in that conversation the process determines how we feel when our process is healthy our goal is mutual understanding communication is what we use simply because we’re not mind reader’s we’re not telepathic even though a lot of us act like we are so our goal is mutual understanding it’s for me to understand your thoughts and feelings and for you to understand my thoughts and feelings that’s our goal when our process is healthy we can talk about just about anything without arguing and when our process is unhealthy we can’t talk about anything without arguing so differences are rarely the problem in our communications differences and differences in the vegan movement it’s our beauty it’s our richness it creates a diversity of opinions that are really important for the kind of work that we’re doing in the world differences are rarely the problem is how we relate to the differences that creates the problem when we have a healthy process we are open to understanding each other’s differences and to communicating about the content in a way that helps raise our awareness and deepen our understanding point four is to protect your boundaries and the boundaries of others so for example we need to hold toxic communicators accountable we need to not be a bystander and not enable them the reason that toxic communication goes viral is because so many bystander allow it to go viral we need to start taking more responsibility particularly on our social media sites you know if you if somebody is posting commentary on your site don’t forward it don’t allow it have a statement that you do not host commentary that is toxic and let people know this and ideally let the person know and then delete it if they don’t stop communicating in a toxic way don’t turn away from it we also need to block toxic communicators if people refuse to engage in a way that is protect productive and we need to avoid ourselves avoid the temptation to read communication that is toxic toxic commentary toxic commentary feeds the ego it feeds the part of us that wants to feel better then it feeds the part of us that doesn’t feel good enough and kind of gets off on reading others being put down it has an addictive pull to it an addictive charge to it and don’t get pulled in by it avoid the temptation to read it because the more you take it in the more it feeds that part of you that will be attracted to rather than turned off by this kind of communication if there are groups that tolerate toxic or encouraged toxic communication you decide whether you want to leave them or not and I encourage you to leave them and if you are a person who organizes meetings or you organize events make sure that those are safe spaces for the people who attend for the people who speak we can do a lot as vegans to create a community that’s safer for other vegans and make a commitment to stay connected to your empathy as long as it feels safe to do this for some people staying connected to their empathy doesn’t feel safe for them in which case it’s probably better not to be communicating but if you feel it’s safe for you to stay connected to your empathy do so empathy is the antidote to judgement and contempt empathy is the antidote to contempt if you notice you’re feeling the charge of contempt pause take a step back and really try to look at the world through that other person’s eyes people have really good reasons for doing what they do even if we don’t agree with them if even if we don’t understand them and remember that it’s ideas rather than people who are in conflict pause before you communicate especially when you’re upset about something and it can be a really good idea to put a sticky note next to your computer to remind you that on the other end of your communication is a living being it’s an individual with feelings and preferences and a life that matters to them just like your life matters to you whenever possible it’s a better idea to speak to somebody privately rather than calling them out publicly in some cases we need to talk about a person’s behaviors publicly even then we can do it in a way that’s not shaming to them but whenever possible try to speak to somebody one-on-one so they don’t feel humiliated by the commentary or by by the feedback that you might give them and don’t assume that having power makes somebody invulnerable to the toxic and debilitating effects of shame I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken to who have a lot of social power some of them who are leaders in the vegan movement and some of them who are very well-known even outside of the movement who have been devastated by things that have been said to and about them don’t assume that just because somebody has power or privilege that this somehow makes them invulnerable to being shamed in fact often the opposite is true people are even feel even more vulnerable to the toxic effects of shame an honor the dignity of others even as you’re holding them accountable even as you’re giving feedback even as you’re disagreeing with an idea we can do this in a way that honors dignity be extremely skeptical of anyone who argues that it ever appropriate to communicate without compassion or respect I have not seen a single study or a single piece of evidence that suggests that this is actually true in fact what I understand and have seen is to the contrary practicing compassion is not weakness or passivity it is strength it takes a lot more courage to be able to hold on to our to our empathy and to practice our compassion in the face of disagreements and in the face of differences than it does to just lash out and fight back and finally it’s important to remember our shared bond this is our shared bond as vegans it’s a bond and it’s a sacred bond that we share and every time we communicate in a toxic way we violate this sacred bond that is so portent to us and so important to our movement and so important to the animals as vegans we carry a heavy burden around with us we have to live with the awareness but every second of every day horrific suffering is happening all around us and that we can work our entire lives to end this suffering and we probably won’t live to see it this is an awareness that the rest of the world is not carrying it’s an awareness that only other vegans understand it is our sacred bond our collective knowing and our collective caring this is this bond that we need to honor so that our movement is the safe and inspirational place that we need it to be to continue working for liberation for many many vegans the world does not feel like a safe space we walk away from our vegan circles and we get teased for caring we get judged and shamed because we believe in practicing the values that other that everybody actually shares we spend our lives often picking up the pieces of the mess that are left behind by others and we never get a single thank you and instead we often get ridiculed or attacked for being who we are and what we do it’s hard enough for us to keep doing what we do it living in this karna stick culture how can we possibly keep doing this work the way we need to do it if we can’t even trust that the other vegans the only other people who see what we see are not on our side and are attacking us too how can we keep doing this work that we need to do we need to feel appreciated everybody needs appreciation to feel inspired and we’re never going to be thanked by the individuals who’s live we are say lives we’re saving they can’t thank us they don’t know who we are they don’t know what we’re doing so we need each other to see we need to be seen by each other because the world doesn’t see us and we need to be appreciated by each other because the victims whose lives were trying to save can’t appreciate it can’t appreciate us and can’t share with us the appreciation we need to know that our efforts matter and they do matter they do matter at the moment we are the primary hope that the animals have and we owe it to them to do our best work for them we owe it to them to be our better selves for them and we owe it to the other vegans around us who need us just like we need them I know that when I was on the receiving end of toxic communication and it was devastating for me and it really hindered my ability to do the work the way that I needed to do my work but I couldn’t I was so consumed I was so hurt by what I was seeing and what I was hearing by the feeling that that my own fellow and sister vegans were communicating with me and with each other this way it wasn’t until I started hearing from the vegans who are most of the movement you know and being thanked and being told that my work does matter and it does make a difference to them that I started to feel more more inspired again we need to be able to do that for each other and I want to kind of wrap this up by by sharing with you my appreciation for you you are the reason the animals will never be able to thank me either you are the reason that I can keep doing what I do you are the reason that I stay inspired you are the reason that I want to get out of bed in the morning and try to work for this movement and work to make the world a better place and you are the reason that the animals hope that they have the hope that they have so I want to thank you for for you for all that you’re doing for what you do for me for what you do for the movement and for what you ultimately do for each other for other vegans so that together we can finally achieve Animal Liberation thank you thank you for taking the time to listen to this talk I have a question for you I’m hoping that you’ll post your comments your answers if you have been the target of toxic communication what has worked for you to help you feel better has it been disengaging entirely from any more interactions has it been communicating directly with the person who had communicated with you in a toxic way or was there something else that you did that you felt helped you to feel better thank you again for watching please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.


Vegan Business Opportunities

[UltraVid id=105 ]hi I’m dr. McAdams from vegan media and today I want to go through some of the opportunities some of the business opportunities they’re available in the vegan community and what I’ll do is I’ll start by going through my own journey into veganism I’ve been a vegan for over 10 years and prior to that I was probably a vegetarian for 15 years so what made me turn well basically it really was about health and it was about animal cruelty and I wanted nothing to do with animal cruelty whatsoever I just wanted to completely eradicate it from my life as best as possible because when I looked at my dog I see all sorts of animals now I had it all start well when we’re not the suits are tuned vegan that means eliminating all animal products as best as I possibly could over a period of time but then this avoid isn’t it so there’s a void what shoes do I worry of what belt do I wear you know what what clothes what food most importantly food and eating out what happens there and so there’s there’s thousands of business opportunities hidden in vegan community because basically people they’ve got money I know a lot of rich vegans they want to spend but they don’t want anything to do with animal cruelty and they don’t or animal exploitation and so being a vegan there’s food clothes eating out and then you get into other secondary kind of products not really secondary but a whole bunch of other products book covers cars bags I’ll just try to rattle through a whole bunch of products that I’ve since eradicated and bought vegan versions of it and then after you become a really good foodie and you’ve read you learn to read labels what happens to you as a person you change and you want more change and you want to become better at what you’re doing it’s just a natural sort of human thing to do you just want to become bigger better and brighter so you start looking at everything from there you look at your health and you think oh god I’ve got to exercise so what are the business opportunities with people that want to exercise there you go I’ve got a list I could sit here and go through probably 50 products 50 exercise products from clothing through to gay it’s through to getting the right personal trainer and you’ve got you’ve got exercises another area that people want to improve so it’s their health and along with that could be supplements as well the next the next thing that hadn’t told one thing I forgot to mention was family my whole family is vegan so I’ve got three gorgeous young daughters they’re vegan the dogs vegan so that that’s another huge kind of like business that where I have to fork out but it’s another vegan opportunity another vegan business opportunity from here we’re probably looking at things like eradicating the amount of waste that we collect like I’ve seen after Christmas that the recycle bin was like doubled full it was I couldn’t believe it the man of actually trash that’s generated it’s just not on I want to change that so how can how can I change that I’m more efficient more efficient methods of buying products and I would buy them I want to reduce the amount of plastic I want to reduce the amount of carbon footprint I don’t care what it is but as a family we all want to reduce the amount of waste that we we produce following in from that is getting into gardening now I don’t know about you but I’m not a gardener I don’t have a green thumb I don’t know that very much about it at all and so but there’s a whole opportunity I need to file a spade need to buy a compost bin I need to and so so it goes on it and if you tie it to the vegan side of things then it’s it’s another business opportunity and we could I could keep going further but as you can see that there’s a void left if you eliminate all the animal products then you have the opportunity to sell vegan products to vegans and I’ll tell you something about vegans as well because I’m like that I’m loyal I stick with people that are doing the right thing and they’re following the same beliefs that I follow and we all talk to each other as well so from a business perspective veganism can be big bucks you’ve just got to take the off Unity’s.


Creating Vegan Businesses With Purpose | Loui Blake

[UltraVid id=103 ]Hello firstly disclaimer I didn’t consciously coordinate my outfit with the slides so yeah so am essentially what I’m going to talk about is to provide a little bit of background for context and to try and offer some actionable advice if you like for the last 12 years of having my own business many many downs and a few ups to talk about I believe that if tomorrow the demand for animal products goes away companies will stop using animals in those products I also believe that big business in capitalism isn’t necessarily bad it’s just unconscious and as a result we need more entrepreneurs in this space but as entrepreneurs we have an obligation to be transparent and drink to paint a true picture of what actually the way actually takes to allow people to make an informed decision as to whether it’s a lifestyle they want to lead and I also believe the next slide should give them where everyone a little bit of a laugh that was me age 16 and at 16 I I wasn’t very good at school and I didn’t really like being told what to do how that would then play out in terms of working life years I realized very early on that I didn’t want to work for anyone else and that would render me basically unemployable what also happened at that time was pretty much a life-changing event in that I’d started coaching football because I was so passionate about football but I was also aware that I wasn’t good enough to play professionally but one of my friends I grew up with was killed in an incident and I was standing next to him and it kind of put this just flipped everything I thought I knew and it brought this real realization that life is so short and that I didn’t wanna wake up every day and do something that was meaningless so that I didn’t care about so as a result of that I threw myself into football and that summer I worked every single day a football camp getting there early setting the goals up tying kids laces picking pounds up anything they would let me do completely unpaid and in the evenings I go and watch the more experience coaches coach for a year I didn’t I did I left all the stuff that I should have been doing running around causing trouble and I really just focused on learning how to be a coach at the same time at 16 I set up my first little business which was coaching kids football privately and I used the money to fund my qualifications and over the next two years I passed the as many courses I could get on and I became the youngest person in the country to pass away for coaching license at 18 I don’t know how much you guys know about football but there’s not many full-time what jobs in football and you can’t really make any money out of it or so I was told so I looked to America and there’s so much money in football there that I took a job in New York and I went off by myself at 18 and in the state’s obviously the drinking age is 21 and I didn’t know anybody so I literally spent a year coaching football in the daytime see my mates on Facebook back here being out and being drunk and in the evenings are going watch the more experienced coaches after year of that I went to Mexico and Mexico City was Dennis that is a very dangerous place so I couldn’t even go out there really and I instead coached football during the day worked on it at night and I started looking really into personal development and I read a book called the master key system which effectively talks about how you can visualize an end product and reverse-engineer it in your mind and if you go back to it every day you can manifest it in your life and what I thought I wanted to do at that point was to move back to Norwich where I was from and open a kid’s football academy and every I didn’t have any money I didn’t have any savings I didn’t my family didn’t particularly have the money to support it but every day I would wake up and I would visualize this Football Academy got to got to 20 and decided to move back and just try and make it happen I’m having two months I’d managed to set one up on a subscription-based model that I’d learn but what I didn’t realize was that cash flow is so important and it was running out of money very quickly and I couldn’t afford to pay myself so M I started I found there was a nightclub in Norwich that after seeing all the nightlife in New York and in London everywhere no one was doing that kind of nightlife in Norwich but was a lot of young people that were bored so I would negotiate with a club give me their quietest night let me take the door money and they could take the bar money I developed this brand that I thought was aspirational that looked called him to tie people in and the first week 800 people turn up and pay five pounds for I’m on to something here so that allowed me to support the grow for the football academy it also led into doing events in other cities and I was able to grow that events business to the point where I was able to buy a nightclub when I got so I got to 21 nearly 22 had a nightclub an events company in a football academy but the problem was that I built it on such shaky foundations and it was all what started being about purpose and helping kids learn football and putting the events on the people that were bored became all about money and rather than reinvestment and my businesses I put a Rolex I’ve got a Mercedes I bought the most expensive apartment I could find and it became very material focused and I guess I’ve got a little bit lost like the big companies I mentioned where I started valuing profit over purpose and that’s what I believe is happening at the moment so what want to talk about today is what the model that I developed for myself to revert back to if ever I caught myself doing that again and I did and I’ll come on to it in a moment so and then good analogy to think about in terms of purpose and profit is red blood cells so your body has to produce red blood cells to survive but you don’t exist just to produce red blood cells and that’s like a business you have to produce profit to survive and spread your message but that’s not the only reason you exist and if that’s the case it won’t last very long so how so how do you set that up so what happens after that is when I said about bad foundations my business partner and I had different ambitions I wanted to go to London and grow and events company there at the same time because I was trying to run free businesses at once who have no knowledge and how to do so the Football Academy partner and pulled that business from under me and the lease on the nightclub ran out and all of a sudden from having all this success or what I thought was success at the time I was back to square one so I moved to London start a new events company got a new business partner ended up buying another nightclub got to the point where we had events in 10 cities all over the country and again bad foundations back to square one I’ll talk about what happened after that in a moment but I basically developed this model that would allow me at any point to come back to and get myself sorted again and get back on that on on the right path so three parts I want to talk about entrepreneurship business and how that’s applicable to a vegan vegan environment so entrepreneur and it’s one of those terms now as getting is getting thrown around and it’s almost glamorized but in those early days of tines kid shoelaces and sweeping sick off the club floor etc it wasn’t very glamorous to me I believe there’s three things you need to consider if you’d like to be an entrepreneur it’s not this trust me it doesn’t make you happy first is what you’d passionate about will you really care about because ultimately like I realized at a young age you need to have something you want to wake up to every day I feel excited about going to it can be a passion within a passion so it could be you could be really passionate about veganism but you could also love food for example as we heard grace say earlier so writing down what you need uniquely passionate about what you uniquely skill that so if you’re not sure ask the five people closest to you what did they think you’re good at and it really helps to put this into words and actually write a list so what are my skill dating skills can change and develop over time the skills I have now a difference in the skills I had when I was younger but they can compound over time in that I was talking in front of groups of parents at 20 introducing football academies so I feel a little bit more comfortable doing it now so it’s amazing how those skills can come back around and then what are my assets and you may say I don’t have any well we all have time as a 16 year old I had loads of time so I was happy to go in tie shoelaces and pick up combs to learn the craft when you have a list of each of these things you can look at what occurs at the it but what occurs at the intersection and you’ll be surprised what you find and Hammett you can create businesses roll and jobs around the intersection of those things it may be like Scott said alongside a job you may be really passionate about vegan food a fantastic writer with access to a laptop internet sometime in the evenings you start a food blog reviewing reviewing huge food on the side for example little tip is to work harder on yourself in any business something that I wasn’t really conscious of at the time but what I find now really helps me is the first hour of every day is personal development it’s meditation stretching reading making lists you have to work hard on yourself the business may disappear but you are still there you are the driving force behind it one thing I’ll say well this is the work you’re doing yourself compounds over time so if you invest time of yourself from young age you reap the benefits of that throughout your life rather than waiting so you have some time your later or you’re finished particular projects or whatever so really think about working hard on yourself business I’ve got a kind of a simple definition of a business because I think people really over complicate it and the definition is business is creative solutions to problems in a way that’s win-win that’s a profit and I’m gonna explain each little part of that for those of the thinking of starting a business firstly though there is no rules there are absolutely no rules my current business didn’t exist ten years ago therefore the the employment model of of what I should do or as told I should do for my business a nine-to-five on set wages runnin sense advised doesn’t work in a social media agency what happens when we need to reply to an inbox message at 10 p.m. and the person finished work at 5 is that person motivated by being paid the same as somebody else in the team who does double the work so to get the rules if you look at the companies they’re innovating and bringing about change at the moment they don’t have any experience in that industry don’t get me wrong there are there are air ways of doing things that have proven to be work but don’t be scared if you don’t know the industry uber didn’t know anything about taxis Airbnb didn’t know anything about hotels so don’t worry if you don’t particularly know the industry so the three points so creative solution is a problem when it’s a problem when you think problems I advise you to think about it in three stages who mr. market segment that has the problem secondly how is that is the problem already being solved and identify how it’s being solved is it a problem that many people have and will it still be a problem in three years time now in veganism we’re fortunate we have so many problems so you’ve got loads to pick from here secondly what is your point of difference what’s your differentiating value proposition what’s your USP what makes your products stand out so think about how you can maybe deliver it in a unique way how you can come up with a brand that is uniquely positioned and then what is the product you’d be amazed how many people are so purposeful in their business and they really solving a problem they’ve got a really great point of difference that products crap so spend time thinking about what the product is and test it produce small volumes work with one person do it for free so many people want to start a business and start earning money from day one they didn’t do that graph they didn’t put in the time doing it for free if you want to you want to be a want to be a PR agent um experience it come and do it for someone put the time in it’s not as simple as starting a business creating a business putting it out there making money quitting your job life’s brilliant it doesn’t work like that so when I say win-win what do I mean traditional model for business is that you look after certain groups first in the 80s we have this this layoff thing where we’d essentially try and balance the books by prioritizing shareholder value and prioritizing me to the shareholders over the people that actually work in the business I was taught in the first nightclub I had that we should pay suppliers right at the last minute and that would help our cash flow but then if the supply is getting paid late when I need the delivery on a Saturday they’re not going to help me out so what I suggest is you look at these these free sectors and you can you bring them all together under one central purpose okay so what that means is then this is from the get-go if your priority is profit you will categorize who’s and valuable than itch you would do things that on a gun in line with your values when the when the sensor focus is purpose and everyone’s bought into the same purpose if your suppliers working with you because they believe what you believe they will go out of their way to support you if your shareholders really believe what you believe when you were supposed to make but make X amount of money on six months in but you haven’t you revert back to the purpose and they’re more prepared to help you because they believe what you’re trying to do we retired in emotionally if you work with the community in the environment the community become advocates of your product the local environment if you have been conscious of how the impacts of your business affects the local environment people see this and they will respond so it’s about using using the purpose to drive the business have everyone brought into a central purpose as opposed to purely existing for money last bit is profit and this is one thing that I always struggle with the start we because I was terrible at planning anything free things to consider a profit if you have investors communication is key do not try and hide things from them they’re there to help you and support you have you got a support network is that people that you have can have as mentors or is there it’s a thing two things you can turn to to give you information that can help you and planning can you come up with a best case solution something and then a lowest a low outcome are you prepared for that do you have it and do you have adequate cash flow do you have backup suppliers do you have that you have plans in place if things go wrong so really planning your business out properly and getting it done before you go to market or do anything this is so so true so this has been for me many times in my life is sitting in Mexico trying to draw up a business plan and I didn’t study business I got I think I got you you and economics at school and then trying to see that I would have the one of the largest football academies in the East of England with 250 players signed with but undoable thinking I’d own a nightclub when I was 22 was beyond me talking the demon in 2d when I first met them and I said where’d you want to go with this and I think I threw out going to America and Damien was like what and then over time believed in it and now it’s happened so think about doing the undoable because a lot of people aim average if I can just get to that I’ll be happy I just get so that I’d be happy nobody’s hitting for this so if you hit him for that you actually have more of a chance in my opinion and then veganism and how does it apply to veganism so I would suggest you that there’s essentially vegan businesses want to create a utopia when I put in Adobe a stock image search this is the image came not for utopia so that’s why that’s there but essentially the purpose that we have for our business that underlying purposes that we want to create a vegan world to want to create a world where people aren’t using animals as commodities where people are being conscious of the impacts their choices have on the environment on other people and on their health so with that underlying purpose I would suggest you there’s three main problems that we need to solve the first is quality or taste so when you thinking about launching a product are you solving the quality or the taste problem how are you doing it again referring back to the first the first two the first two elements of the talk are you solving the convenience element so the convenience element maybe when you’re in your lunch when someone’s on the lunch break and they nip into the local boots and there’s one falafel sandwich left and it’s all soggy but there’s 20 meat options I would suggested there’s an equal amount of vegan options most people would choose the vegan option because it just looks better and cost the problem we have at the moment is vegan companies without investment that startups cannot produce the quantity to allow the unit costs that come down to pass that discount on to the consumer and therefore vegan products are essentially more expensive than their counterparts that use animal products so how can you address the cost issue is there a way that you can to convey that you can launch products into an existing market that allows you to compete the products that the forces are them products to be driven down in cost and the competition basis and what what this all ties into is awareness so the more products that enter the market the more awareness there is you go into a supermarket and there’s a whole lyall for the vegan food people will take notice it’s putting it in front of people you guys probably not mean the way I made my parents go via my brother’s go vegan was I was literally putting food on the table every day but I try to s try this try this it’s awareness the more you expose or something the more you start to take notice so we need to if solving any of these issues we’re all contributing to the awareness of veganism and that’s one of the most important things if your business fails if it flops doesn’t matter the processes you work on yourself and becoming the driving force that can then start something else I think over that time sorry the last bits final initiative in the niche so veganism is no longer a niche it’s no longer good enough to start a vegan brands put some green on it and say we now sell vegan products come and buy it think about the niche that you’re addressing within that the world is so big and we’re all online and there’s so many people but there’s gonna be someone that’s interested in what you are interested in and what you’re really passionate about so don’t be scared of the niche being too small and it comes down to I mean this is probably 12 years in this is yeah this is 12 years in for me and my concept of success for the first eleven was how much money can I make and the problem of that is money is infinite when is a bi-product money is a you know a byproduct of success but what how do you define success for you if everyone it’s different a successful entrepreneur we see in magazines is someone with private jets and watches but what if that person wakes up every day and hates their life hates what we’re doing doesn’t contribute anything is that person successful what about the person that runs a small business that gives access to amazing foods and lots of people and they’ve helped people lead a healthier lifestyle diet but maybe doesn’t make that much money I’d argue that they’re more successful so my measure of success now is waking up every day and being inspired being passionate and really loving what I’m doing even though the money’s less and trust me as a by-product the money will come because even you’re passionate about what you’re doing you want to spread it to more people and you’ll find a way to make that happen what I would say as well is there there’s kind of an ego around and I had a massive ego around it when I when I would have businesses before and it was all about I want to look like I’m successful or I was motivated by the wrong things what veganism showed me was I need to be more conscious of how my actions every day are having an impact on other people and on the world around me and rather than just appeasing myself on my own once my own needs how can I create something that helps other people so where that’s kind of led to today after the second nightclub failing I found myself sleep on the floor an office in Brighton which is ironic because I think we had a quite an expensive car outside and expensive clothes but no money to buy a hotel I came back to doing what I knew and that was nightclubs start the recruitment company after meeting somebody in a bar and have an idea started working in social media basically got myself to burnout level where I was doing 16 hours a day getting really sick and they discovered veganism turned overnight energy levels went through the roof reverted back to my my little model and find him what I wanted to do and what came out of it was that I was all of the businesses are grown I’ve done off the back of social media that’s why new communications branding the assets that I had was access to lots of contacts that I’ve made over time and the ability to go out and meet people and etc and the new passion was veganism and helping change the perception of what veganism was so in that time I decided to set up a church that gradually started changing my social media agency to work with vegan brands and today I can say that we only work with vegan companies ethical companies I’ve left a hell of a lot of money on the table to to work with other companies but it’s about doing what you believe in and I believe that in time it will pay dividends we do work with companies that aren’t vegan to have vegan products because again I believe big business is a tool to leverage spring the message further a restaurant with 100 a restaurant claimed 100 restaurants is in a position where they can spread the message quicker than a start-up restaurant so I’m happy to work with them but ultimately end goal is to help vegan businesses so if you’re thinking about starting a business I would encourage you to look at those steps they’ve really helped me step up just get up and do it and if it fails it really doesn’t matter there’s no ego loss there’s there’s there’s no problem fail again fail again fail again I watch an interview once and this is what stayed in my mind and maybe it’s caused me to be a little too blase about failing but there was three entrepreneurs and they were all highly successful both in terms of revenue and what they were doing and when asked between them the average number of businesses they had before they were successful the answer was 18 I’m prepared to myself to get to that number and keep going because ultimately it’s what you do every day it’s being present throughout it and during the process it’s not a destination money’s not a destination it’s the process of waking up every day and loving what you do so where that leads me to now is I have a restaurant opening and then four weeks it’s free floors cafe restaurant and bar it’s fully vegan and that is me chucking everything I have into the pot and hoping praying and making it work so I encourage you to step up if you have an idea ask the help surround yourself with people that know what they’re doing and go for it if you want to connect with me that’s my information they’re also around and a thank you Damian and Judy for giving the opportunity because they actually dragged me kicking and screaming onto the stage of evolution a couple of years ago I was petrified of doing it and since then it’s opened a lot of doors for me in terms of speaking so I really appreciate it so thank you you you


Vegans Louise and Frank – Vegan business owners band members & created World Vegan Day

[UltraVid id=96 ]Highways and high five all right but we’re here about the Cabaret which is the cowboy at calomel so how did you like get into creating a vegan cafe gallery event space anymore things add to that well it was all quite random really we always kind of had a dream about some kind of dream that we did reality and then it would have been about a year and a half ago maybe a bit longer I just saw a random sort of facebook post about this particular venue and that possibility of taking over and running into the restaurant like way because we it’s all our daughter very close to you and we knew this space so I just leave trying to believe what I just don’t see it on Facebook and we used to have a chat about it long and hard about it decided we should give it a go because we didn’t at least new order for my situation here to compete against other people happy one I what’s the best event are like program you put on I what’s the thing like you remembered and on our that’s so cool that’s made my day however i think when we’ve had really good bands so we know for us to hear is to burn a couple of times we’ve been heading up to that it would be round I think we did reach the two big on over irrigation and I felt that’s a good number you can still move around is not too jammed you can see the bound in comfort oh yeah a good band lots of people reserves hmm as we got into this staff interested in the arts in as well the selection of staff you lied so let me get something right one of my favorite Oh and she’s she’s great I think she just touch with our it already in to eat her and so she kind of me oh good and raise some money you know as well that was really popular event very committed we had Tom Robinson come and play here who’s who had some big hits in some teas and 80s but it continues to be a BBC Radio 6 DJ uncle and he’s really well known for having glad to be gay and he did a version of that song adopted at one point which is really funny things that because everyone was a bit hesitant about singing because it has yeah and he was like hold on it’s okay you don’t have to be getting to sing this song here everyone and then after that everyone sort of thank you and actually it was really young it’s quite moving actually I found it please you create the world vegan day so how did you come about creating that and what are the achievements you’ve had from it okay well well big day when I was president and we were in the lead up to the Society’s 50th thinking about how to celebrate this amazing occasionally and already have one more I’d already have one idea which is to create a fill and then I’m current exactly remember how the ideas that came into my mind Wow why don’t we created died and so that was much easier than making the film because that was really just a matter of announcing it but when I thought about it was really to commemorate when the society would start it started by very small number of people who have this crazy idea that you could live without essentially live without exploiting animals and at that time which is in 1944 sightings found people literally thought we would die bad enough that you vegetarian now we all know clearly different actually you’re healthier as a beacon who you know you’re gonna Diagne be much healthier but at that time I just thought I find it incredible that those people at the beginning had this idea separately around the country came together as community for the day each other decided to found the society an into doing the war Second World War he’s in line when food was being rationed food was already severely restricted at that time and I’m just so inspired by these people and I felt they deserved to be remembered each year in fact that those people founded the society all those years ago so when we founded well-being well being in day we decided it would be the first of novo the exact date okay about so it was started in 1994 it’s amazing now it’s all over the world people do all kinds of and it just still serves as an opportunity to take the idea how to other people or to simply celebrate it and it’s you know it’s Damon people I think just celebrate create conditions that but you mentioned the film that you created so what was a film about well it was created by four of us really running drugs in in real life you’d be like but that was the first major undertaking actress but that at that time we were ye we were pleased to have the presenter Benjamins great British poet represent and we made a 25-minute promotional film about veganism that was well received I’m still proud of that work which you can see on youtube and yeah the film I’m really proud of go on it’s called truth or dare so lots of people want to start being businesses so do you have any tips for them the starting their own well because it happened to us by accident I just say really I mean we’ve been doing this for just over a year now if you want to get into the restaurant business the best and the key is really to get a good team you enter into this type of business what you need to and to be my advice is to be very determined set your goal and go for it if you make a mistake don’t worry we all do with their mistakes I made loads of the state’s every day and I try to learn from the run be a better person be tolerant of people some people like myself see a vegan argument and change very quickly other people they take but everybody is a potential video so be tolerant of people business other side so ten years to finally get it of you like leaving for life so you have been in a bun so as the band called and what’s it like traveling and playing music and well I think there’s nothing beats being on stage playing your own music in my experience so those of the highlights of my life are being the moment when you’re on stage playing us or moving beats my experience the band ring is calling this frenzy which we lazy about putting music out where we do have a small record deal most about next year do you drop in veganism in your music I think somebody asked you this before about I would say to us but it’s actually I think it’s really difficult songs can below nice but so we have sort of we did earn some gone on our album which is a little violence which cool it’s actually an ex somebody used to play these total king two gave it up because he couldn’t relating children into so that song which is kind of related he was the first he was an actor he changed his mind basically and regretted doing is instead a very powerful thing which is why he used the sample and then I wrote the music around that fitted in with the concept of the album which was an examination of violence what I put over the top of Everest sometimes quite shocking statements from people for examples of moments when they’ve been involved in a violent situation or contributed to violence in this case Ronald McDonald contributed and then become a reformed character i would say stay away from its own writers i find it a bit cringing it’s you’ve got to be very clever to pull it off in a way but other I recognize other people like in small but I have to jump in here and remember that i did do I’ve done a couple of league in field DJ mixes which is a collection of tracks some of them by very well known pretty much i buy very big all students a lot more than I ever thought that was it took me ages reserved so some of there are some really good it’s a great one quiet I goons that figure I did find a lot really do examples might be Dina by the youtube com vegan okay so in my case I have got involved with my local animal rights group in Southampton and I was already vegetarian although I didn’t stay vegetarian for very long because I met some vegans who were in a another animal rights group that was down the road and I came across a vegan society leaflet read it and I just connected immediately with the leaflet the argument like leaflet just very simply made the case for veganism and just like if I recognized immediately thought by the vegan mmm maybe not sort of conscious quite consciously in that way but my totally connected little got it I suppose and then basically I decided with my boyfriend at that time I think maybe we were both living at home or something so we decided to book ourselves a holiday in Jersey go away from here before decided to be season so then we both look begin at that time I was the age of 18 and even really met anyone who was vegetarian but I traveled to Europe I wanted to sort of broaden my horizons on a coached Greece somebody gave me Buddhism well vegetarianism was discussed and when I came back to make moment its soda seed in my mind because I didn’t want to be I realized I wouldn’t want to do that myself for me as well I just wanted to opt out of all that and then about a week later I’ve to go veggie I was in a Holland America parents store in southport and the first edition of the new revamped vegan magazine had come out I happen to see that I open it up when I read the definition I thought actually that makes more sense to me sort of bored out of a live-and-let-live attitude adding one of involved please do you have any tips for people that want to go vegan well I think I really enjoyed it you know it’s presented as you’re giving up something that you’re gonna miss I never missed eating meat or cheese or dairy once I found suitable alternatives the whole world of food opened up for me better healthier I declare a conscience i’m just literally recommend the thing is it’s enjoyable you know you’re not denying yourself something whole different way of living now is the time to go vegan because it seems that it’s really exploded in school now has been in the media but in my experience I will say it is the set maybe not the best decision I’ve made in my life that’s certainly one of the imagine not being thing just say it really contributes to the right thing but it’s the nature of the food itself as well it has so many positive effects on body or mental health emotions and it’s just a more enjoyable really like honest it’s more than that so much go to be I think as I ever not yeah I mean for the future the planets as well aware that fifty percent of greenhouse gas is actually generated from animal agriculture everybody’s we want to save the planet sometimes a lot of let’s go to be 10 billion season in this century a lot of people a book to start eating a hell of a lot more food you can see the beginning of that happening now I think I know it’s more related the future with mass migration because and that’s already it’s all there it’s also a resource we do start making changes and taken on radical ideas like a vegan future the planet will be destroyed by who hmm and append them vation because too many aspects of the planet and it’s all good year round so thank you good you’ll end up XP be coming for a professional a very good start yeah


Raise Your Vibrational Frequency on A Vegan Diet – Vegan Diet For Yogis

[UltraVid id=80 ]Welcome to the hole we help you find inside of you hey it’s blowing through the wind. That’s why so many people have arthritic conditions you start to experience that pain inside of your body because that acidic build-up inside your body starts to cause crystallization inside your body that cause the twitted condition the pain so remember when you partake it and the condition that these animals have been slaughtered and have experienced you are in taking that type of energy so now in order to convert or convert the best day died to beyond is of a vegan type of diet veganism B speaks of love and compassion okay and forgiveness of the partaking of the fruits and the vegetables that you’re eating and that using all that land and all that water for just a few people to eat meat dyin to eat a vegan diet you are being egalitarian because you’re sharing now an abundance of land you’re sharing now fund and supporter could you get so much graining it’s so much more food in the context of fruits and vegetables as opposed to using that land to graze the animal products for you to later on partake in so that’s why I’m going to highly encourage you to partake you know it’s not ironic that people who are vegans like it sometimes the body is out of balance so all the way around all the way around ladies and gentlemen if he speaks of for the good and for the wealthy of yourself and also for others now you’ve been altruistic you’re spreading that loud there you go that high vibrational feeling and you’re starting to feel good because you know you’re doing good it’s about doing that good karma twenty five hours a day seven days a week so I’m going to reenter eat and also the other key thing that when you partaking of the good healthy food you want to cook in peace you know you want to prepare your foods if your ball vegan and peace and you want to send in their vibrational frequency as you’re making these delicious delectable type of dishes you want to send them to that food love and compassion and forgiveness and we get this start all over again boots because what does food do it energizes us it invigorates us it gives us assistance we need to go out to do the many good karmic things that we’re supposed to do for all the world to see oh you got to see that wonderful burn wonderful cobwebs from my wonderful insect friends the spider so that’s what I want you to do ladies and gentlemen I want you to tap back into the original nature of the planet because you’re leading by example so many people welcome to join our vegan fall fitness that we have on Facebook come check us out there and when you go there you know you see so many people have changed I mean people have gotten rid of their asthmatic conditions people allergies are gone heart disease cancer high blood pressure diabetes oh I’m feeling good you know they always say if you can help one person you know say their say their own lies teach them how to save their own lives oh my god the connecting copper you reduce it so come on over to the other side join us and enjoy an invigorating life of bigoted notice oh and she was all the great Yogi’s if you notice majority of them but taken of a beacon good I think it’s a marinate with your plant friends and they enjoy the life in living.


19 Things To Let Go Of In 2019

 New Year 2019

19 Thing To Let Go Of In 2019

1. Let run of doubting yourself. Take the large-hearted leaping or the small pace. Do what you want to do, say what your nerve wants you to say, go your psyche wants you to go. Stop limiting yourself bound by the shackles of self-doubt. You are stronger than you think, mightier than you feel. Just take a deep breath in and breathe out the self-doubt and do what you have got to do.

2. It’s never too late. Every day is a new day, a new opportunity to change everything that you want to change. Every minute is an opportunity to turn around your life to the way you want it to be. The day is yours to reflect, use it.

3. Let start of the toxicity. Let this year be the one where you realise the value of your life and that you do not is essential to surrounded by drama or negative vibes. Embrace the positivity. Don’t be afraid to lose people who are meant to be lost.

4. Let travel of things that hurt you, things that shatter you. Cut away all things that stop you from developing. Flower for yourself with some good habits, water yourself with some good remembrances, and then blush afresh.

5. Let go of the need of being surrounded by people all the time . Find happiness in left alone. It’s okay to stay in on a Saturday night. It’s okay to do things alone, to be your own elation. People are busy and we all have their own life just like you have yours. It is okay to sit in a cafeteria alone or watch a movie alone. People are good but you are better.

6. Let move of an attempt to hasten through things. Take your time. Slow down. You have a lot more day than you think you do. If you hasten things, you have to either redo the entire thing or won’t be able to give it the very best. So stop trying to complete everything in one move. There is still time.

7. Let proceed of thinking that you will not subsist your situation. No problem how bad it gazes, you will get through it. Stop worrying about tomorrow and only get through today. Take it one day at a time. The sunshine will come up tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and soon you will not understand how you have survived the whole thing. You will be stronger than ever.

8. It’s okay to ask for help. Let run of are concerns that asking for help in different forms is a sign of weakness. If anything at all, it builds you brave. Brave enough to address your issues, and brave for wanting to fight them. Questioning for help doesn’t stimulate you small-minded. Reach out before it’s too late.

9. In 2019, let go of being ashamed of your values and your sentiments . Live your own goddamn life with your own goddamn importances. It’s okay to believe in God, it’s okay not to. It’s okay to have sex, and it’s likewise okay to not want to have sex. It’s okay to adore the same sex, or opposite sexuality or no one at all. It’s okay to be you. It is your life. Live it your way.

10. Let proceed of feeling that without a romantic involvement in your life you are alone . It is not so. You have to learn to be enough for your own ego. You have to dance to your own rhythm, sing to your own tune. It is okay to be in love with yourself. It’s okay to be single. It’s okay to lay down on your bed, eating popcorn and watching Bridget Jones with your cat without having a Mr. Darcy in your lives. It is utterly okay.

11. Let travel of the concerns of confrontation . It is difficult and you might hurt people, but it is always necessary to let people know how you feel and what you think in order to maintain healthy relationships.

12. Let 2019 be the year where you grow a little bit closer to own family . Call them more often, go see them most frequently. Your mothers are aging quick and you might have all the time in this world, but they don’t. Likewise, they are wiser than you even if you think you’re smart. They are more important than you give them credit for.

13. Understand that people might not always are incompatible with you. They might have different slants and it is okay. It’s always good to be a little challenged. You don’t know, you might just get enlightened.

14. Let move of thinking that everyone will like you. You don’t have to like everyone, and not everyone has to looks just like you. You cannot please any persons in your life and that is absolutely fine. Just rest assured that you like you.

15. Stop stressing over how your torso searches. No one thinks about it as much as you worry about it. Bodies are just figures. Be more focused on having a healthy lifestyle rather than having a certain kind of figure type.

16. Stop talking the talk and start treading the go. You will not get your dreaming undertaking by lying in your bunk thinking about it. You will not get that award by merely reverie about it. Just like you won’t even get your dinner if you don’t go to the kitchen to cook it. If you crave something move get it, stop waiting.

17. Sometimes all you can do is all you can do. Let run of the feeling of obligation and learn to say no. It’s okay if you cannot help a pal out, or attend a certain thing because of a deadline. You are a good person trying to do your best. It is okay to say no.

18. But are also aware that opportunities do not always come around a second period. Say yes too. Jump on escapades. Do something new. Make recollections for yourself. Let travel of taking the back seat in your own life.

19. You can either choose adore or abhor. Hate is space heavier to carry in your nerve. Let go of it. Choose love. Today, tomorrow, and always.

Image Credit: Ieva Urenceva

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