How To Succeed Going Vegan In 2019!

Hey, it’s Kristin and you have decided that this January you’re going to embark on the most beautiful journey of your life you are gonna quit meat and dairy and go vegan that wasn’t crazy at all big congratulations to you for making this decision your future ancestors are gonna be very grateful for you not destroying their future or very grateful but at least we’re on the side of people that weren’t destroying their future kind of depends on how the future ends up looking but keeping it real your life is going to change dramatically if you make this change because it’s just gonna be a thousand times more awesome I’m so cringy today so I compiled a list of the best tips that I found online and combined them with some of mine that I think are super important because I know that a lot of people make going vegan a new year’s resolution and what’s important to me is to help you do this as effectively as possible and also not struggle so that you can keep being vegan for infinity for step number one I would say sign up for the January I have the website link below because they do send you I think daily e-mails with helpful information and recipes I haven’t tried it to be honest because I was vegan a long time before I learned about be January but I know it’s been useful for a lot of people so I am definitely recommending that as the first thing you should do and also if you have a calendar make sure you mark your calendar today I’m going vegan January 1st so that you can see it it can inspire you and make you feel like you have to do it because it’s on the calendar next step is to make sure you watch documentaries like cowspiracy forks over knives Dominion earthlings definitely listen on YouTube to the speech the greatest speech you’ll ever hear by Gary Yourofsky that’s a really good one also what the health is really good and I’m just gonna link below all my favorite documentaries in order of importance to me personally so yeah if you’re gonna watch something just start from the top and then slowly keep watching more and more now look into your fridge and pantry do you have animal products in there if you live alone and you have control over all of your food I would say take that and give it away you do not want to have those foods in your home because the first month is very unstable months a lot of unpredicted things are gonna happen so it’s best to just sort of remove the temptation from your home so that you it’s so good it’s much harder for you to slip pop definitely don’t throw it away just give it to someone that’s gonna need it someone that you probably really dislike also just so maybe speeds up next I would say try and get your loved ones on board friends or family or your significant other because it is a lot easier Oh Gigi no honey no because it is a lot easier if you have help and try as much as you can to also watch the documentaries with other people because then you know they kind of also pushes them to to follow this along with you so on vegan food and living I found some really good tips one of them is to follow meal plans especially if you’re into planning your meals and just are the more organized person to be honest I’m not the type of person that would do that and that’s not how I transitioned into veganism for me I what I did if you are lazy I would say since you’re not gonna plan your meals just take your favorite meals and veganize them or take meals that are already vegan that you’ve been eating for me it was pasta and just eat more of it in the beginning another thing that I would say is make sure that you’re eating enough because especially if you’re making a switch to a hell Phoebe can diet a lot of the stuff that you’re gonna be eating it has a lot less calories than you know meat and dairy so just make sure that you’re eating enough if you feel like you’re hungry all the time or hangry all the time or not satisfied with your food it’s because you’re not eating enough so either add a little more fat in your food like healthy fats avocado extra virgin olive oil nuts seeds or increase things like protein so even more lentils eat more chickpeas because those are a little higher in calories and more satisfying so that’s my advice for that and the other thing is be open to trying new things I know that until I went vegan I honestly hadn’t even tried half the food that exists in this world meat and dairy kind of keeps our dietary preferences very narrow-minded when in reality there’s just so many different foods that we could be eating their seitan and tofu and chickpea cookie dough and banana ice cream and there’s so many different plants vegetables fruits that I wasn’t eating before and there’s just so many different and new things that I tried that I really love now and my diet is just so much more diverse and interesting so definitely don’t be afraid to try out new stuff because chances are you going to like I found this tip on self.com and it is jazz up your food with condiments and that is so true for me I think that condiments just if especially if you’re like me and you’re not really into cooking and a little bit lazy with just anything that’s kitchen related and food-related condiments are really gonna save your life so find just different vegan condiments barbecue sauce and heaney mustard just experiment with the different flavors that you like and just add those to your food to make it more exciting if you’re not really a great chef so eating at home is working at it’s going really well but the dreadful time that you have to go and eat out is approaching and you don’t know what to do so the first thing that I would recommend is either download Foursquare or happy cow or both I would recommend both because if you’re not really getting any results on Foursquare then you can check with happy cow or if you’re not getting any results with Abaco you can check with Foursquare you can use those apps to search for vegan or vegetarian restaurants or I think they also show you restaurants that have vegan and vegetarian options and then the other tip that I have to give you is to not be afraid to ask your waiter what is inside a meal or if they can veganize a meal and if you’re too shy to do that just think of this okay when you go to a restaurant you’re giving people money to make something for you to eat that’s gonna go inside your body and most of the time none of us care to ask and figure out what exactly is in this concoction that we are shoving in our mouths and putting in our bodies I mean it’s kind of crazy if you think about it I don’t know the bread could be made out of yoga mats or like the hot dog you ordered contains puppy fetus you’re never gonna know if you don’t ask so just don’t be afraid ask and ask your waiter for help to make you recognize something if there are no bacon options on the menu and honestly if the menu has zero vegan options and they can’t make anything begin just ask your friends politely can we go somewhere else it’s not such a big deal for the last tip the first month of going vegan is always more tricky and I don’t think anyone has gone vegan the first month and didn’t have some mishaps or failures at some point I know for me my first month of going vegan I did slip up a few times okay it didn’t happen again but accidents are gonna happen also be prepared for that I’ve been vegan for almost five years now genique is everything okay she’s talking to the birds and you done I’ve been vegan for almost five years now and just last month I accidentally ate something that wasn’t vegan I thought the bread was vegan it wasn’t happened stuff like that is totally normal and you should not let it bring you down at all just get back up and go back to not eating innocent animals and also not destroying the planet for future generations since meat and dairy is one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions so there’s that cow farts and that’s it welcome to the vegan Club we are a good-looking people and just make sure you enjoy it and have fun cuz there’s no reason not to you’re doing something fantastic for yourself for animals for the planet you should be happy and proud of yourself for doing that and that is it thanks so much for watching give this video a big thumbs up if you found it useful comment below letting me know when did you go vegan or when are you planning to go vegan and also subscribe for more videos like this in January I’m gonna be focusing a lot on creating content regarding veganism with advice information food that kind of thing so definitely stay tuned for that by subscribing or hitting the bell notification to get updated every time I post a new video whoo that was a lot huge thank you to all of my patrons for supporting me making these videos possible and I will see you guys soon you


Do You Really Need To Use Protein Powder, Or Is It Just A Scam? Betches

Over the last few years, women have become significant buyers of protein supplements. We used to think this stuff was just for stupid jocks and meathead bodybuilders that have huge pecs and little dicks, but then IG frameworks started promoting Protein World and Women’s Best on their feed, and the whole game changed. It’s important to know the facts before putting something into your figure, but it’s easy to get tricked by social media. It is a fact that adequate protein is ESSENTIAL to maintaining and building muscle mass( aka: that* ss ), and these days, all the girls is on the quest to get a Kar-Jenner body( sans surgery ). But … do you REALLY requirement protein powder?

Honestly … likely not. So remove that protein powder from your Amazon cart, and buy that hot pink vibrator instead. You’ve earned it.

The USDA commonwealths that healthy protein requirements are 0.8 g of protein for every two lbs, or one kilogram, of figure load. This is also the amount of protein you need to sustain or increase muscle mass. Unless you are a strict vegetarian or vegan, the typical American diet is very likely to put you at or above daily protein requirements. Let’s say a woman weighs 150 lbs. That’s approximately 75 kgs, so she requires like 75 g protein a day( I’m rounding up 0.8 g to 1g, like Mrs. Gardner in fifth grade used to teach me to do ). For reference, an 8 oz filet of chicken breast is 70g of protein. According to The New York Times, the average American expends approximately 100 g of protein a day. If you add protein powder, you’re eating around 30 g in addition to providing that.

And get this…because nothing in life is fair, the body doesn’t store additional protein like it does fat. Our bodies actually get rid of excess protein through urination. So all that protein gunpowder is going to do is increase the amount of prized sh* t that you’re peeing out. You’re literally pissing fund. Likewise, if you’re expending more calories than this is necessary, even in the form of protein, it’s just gonna get transformed into fat. So that’s that on that.

With modern food technology, we literally get protein in everything. They add that it to so many meat now, you would think it’s f* cking red-hot sauce. Bread and noodles will have protein in their own homes. There’s peanut butter with extra protein. It’s easy to believe we need to chug a shake after every workout just because your fave influencer is getting paid to pose with it, but unless you expend the working day eating fruits and veggies or not eating at all( in all such cases, delight seek help !), you’re likely already getting enough protein for those booty gains.

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5 Weird Food Trends To Prepare For In 2019 Betches

The entire world of meat changes from year to time, and it’s get hard to keep up. No one liquors milk anymore. Now we drink “milk” made from nuts( is it just me or did almond milk not exist 3 years ago ?). No one devours regular pasta anymore. Now we feed black bean and lentil spaghetti. What’s going on? And WTF are lentils? As funky as these things seem, nut milk and veggie pastas are totally normal compared to the other weird stuff popping up on the supermarket shelves nowadays. Prepare yourselves, betches. Here are some of the upcoming strange food trends you are able to look forward to seeing( and trying, if you dare) in 2019.

1. Fake Meat Snacks

Sounds even more nasty when I threw just the way it is … but yeah, vegetarian meat like bacon and pork rinds are going to be making supermarkets for all of us herbivores to snack on when we get hungry. Now instead of dehydrated peas and beets, we are going to be able enjoy some faux meat( while daydream of devouring a real slashed of steak or slab of greasy bacon while we do it )!

2. Fat

Bulletproof coffee, coconut and MCT oil, and chocolate treats, oh my. In honour of the super trendy paleo and keto dieters out there, fatty meat are officially IN. If you’re on a strict diet that allows a higher-than-normal daily fat uptake, then you’re in luck, because more brands will be catering to your needs in the coming year.

3. Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado devotees, unite! Everyone desires avocados so much that now it’s becoming a staple ingredient in dinners and desserts … including ice cream. Formerly upon a occasion, making avocado ice cream was merely for highly birthed people who found the recipe on Pinterest and just so happened to have an appetite and an avocado lying around their kitchen. Now, everyday people are actually going to be buying it from the dairy-alternative ice cream segment in your grocery store. What a world-wide “were living in”, huh?

4. Kimchi

What is kimchi? Fermented cabbage … which I simply have when I’m at Korean BBQ but some people like it a lot, so much better so that it’s expected to tendency in 2019. This Korean-oriented veggie is tangy, super health, and full of good bacteria. It’s similar in nature to sauerkraut, which is also an acquired savour. If you like cabbage, radishes, spices, fish sauce, and kelp gunpowder, present kimchi a shot. Mix it with seafood, or eat it on its own if you’re sentiment crazy.

5. Seaweed

You know when you’re at the beach and you go in the water and that creepy green stuff get caught around your legs and gives you a heart attack because you think it’s a jellyfish? Well, that’s the cool new thing to feed! Dried, spiced, roasted, and flavored seaweed is gluten-free AND vegan, so I guess you could say it’s fairly health too. I sound like I’m hatin, g but seaweed is actually yummy. Shout out to my fellow seaweed salad eaters.

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