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[UltraVid id=78 ]Hey guys so every single morning now that I have my blender I always make my slow speed this recipe is inspired by freelee the banana girl shoutout and it’s bananas dates oats coconut water coconut sugar and some regular water now it’s time to check my hippies and granola Facebook group which I post inspirational quotes and information about my yoga video so definitely check that out if you have a chance you hey guys I just got off the phone with mark and t-mobile and so one thing about living in a tiny house is that especially if you’re off-grid you don’t have a lot of options for internet and what I’ve been doing for the last three and a half months is I’ve been paying for a office space it’s like a shared co-op office space in downtown Berkeley so that I can upload videos and I can work on my website and do all of my business needs there it’s a little bit expensive obviously because you’re paying for the space and you’re paying for the really fast internet there but it’s not that I’m working full time and also teaching more classes than I was last year it just doesn’t make sense for me to constantly travel downtown to go use internet so I’ve been trying to look up options and trying to see what’s going to work best for me and I ended up finding a YouTube video from this other off-grid tiny house located in Hawaii and they’ve been using t-mobile’s hotspot so I think that’s what’s going to work best for me I’m really excited I’m going to switch over from AT&T so that I can tether onto my laptop and I can truly be off-grid and actually work from home so that I’m not constantly traveling back and forth and I’m not losing time and it’s just going to work out so much better it’s going to lift a load off my shoulders and so that I don’t have to constantly worry about you know meeting deadlines um and getting the videos out on a timely manner and it’s just everything the whole process has just been really slow the last couple months so I’m really excited I’m heading off to do that at t-mobile and then I’m going to take you with me to go get wash for parking is in Berkeley California you have to pay for parking everywhere you go all right guys so was able to get everything that I needed but it is going to take like a full day for me to get my five so and walking to my car it’s always super strange to vlog that’s why I don’t do it very often looking at you funny and it’s just awkward but yeah I’m gonna head back to the car you’re going to get some fun some white by hand to quickly come home so I could grab a change of clothes and start getting ready to teach the class so I came home and of course there’s the little puppies getting in trouble they got into the trashcan once again and these little guys there’s no bad so I’m going to have to clean this up but yeah so everyone always asks me where I put my clothes when you come into the tiny house it doesn’t really look like we have a closet so we actually keep all of our items in our little couch area which is actually a chest that we converted into an ax equal huh so after I figure out what I’m gonna wear to teach I put all of that in my little gym bag and take it with me to the yoga studio this day was a pretty cold day in Berkeley so I decided to wear my scarf and it looks like the little puppy had to blow jack downs here okay so I just had to make a quick stop at Target and the tiny house is getting a little bit colder now that the season is changing so we just have to get a space heater so that’s what I’m looking for right now okay so major fail they don’t have any heaters right now so that means I just wasted a good ten minutes of my already limited time that’s okay I’ll probably end up going to Home Depot at some point between classes hopefully I have enough time for that and to grab some dinner so right now I’ll be headed to the yoga studio and get start getting ready for class so your people I made it to the studio and I’m just going to take a quick shower and start getting ready to practice a little bit of movement before I’ve students start coming in so I’m pretty early I’m probably going to chill out I have some stuff to do on my phone still and and then start my stretches and stuff like that so oh I feel so much better so I got to take a really nice hot shower and I am about to go ahead and do a little bit of a practice very very short because I’m running out of time before I have to open up the doors and get prepared for my students all right practice time is over and I’m going to start to open up the doors and get see who comes because you never know and as a oka teacher it’s hard to know who’s going to actually show up to class on any given day and again this is something that they these yoga teachers that are online or any yoga teacher is going to tell you as a student that sometimes people show up sometimes people don’t it’s a pretty big gamble even teachers that have been established for a while still don’t know how many people are going to show up to class so we’ll see this is the first studio I’ll be teaching at and then I will be heading over to the second studio about 15 minutes away from here and I’ll be teaching at super late night candle light flow class and there so it may be a little too dark for filming when I get there but hopefully you’ll be able to at least see me get into that venture I’m starting to get a little bit tired but once I get some food after class after this class I will hopefully have a little bit more energy I’m really craving a burrito right now so I might stop at Chipotle and get some of that the only reason I say Chipotle is because it’s really cheap and they do do a fully vegan burrito so I’ll be hopefully getting that right after class and then heading over to the next studio so I’m going to shut off the camera I don’t want to film my students just yet because I do respect their privacy and I don’t want to invade on anybody’s you know spiritual practice so I won’t be filming them but I will be hopefully filming a couple videos really soon with some volunteers and hopefully that will come up soon on my website as well anyway I will see you guys later ah alright so I just finished teaching um at Berklee yoga Center and now I am headed over to get something to eat real quick and then heading over to the second sphere so it’s officially starting to get dark so I’m not sure um if I’ll be able to take you with me to the next studio but I was able to get myself a nice big in a burrito I’m gonna bite into this bad boy in a second with some chips small bag of chips and that’s gonna be my dinner for tonight and so hopefully I get to see you guys soon and thanks for watching


19 Things To Let Go Of In 2019

 New Year 2019

19 Thing To Let Go Of In 2019

1. Let run of doubting yourself. Take the large-hearted leaping or the small pace. Do what you want to do, say what your nerve wants you to say, go your psyche wants you to go. Stop limiting yourself bound by the shackles of self-doubt. You are stronger than you think, mightier than you feel. Just take a deep breath in and breathe out the self-doubt and do what you have got to do.

2. It’s never too late. Every day is a new day, a new opportunity to change everything that you want to change. Every minute is an opportunity to turn around your life to the way you want it to be. The day is yours to reflect, use it.

3. Let start of the toxicity. Let this year be the one where you realise the value of your life and that you do not is essential to surrounded by drama or negative vibes. Embrace the positivity. Don’t be afraid to lose people who are meant to be lost.

4. Let travel of things that hurt you, things that shatter you. Cut away all things that stop you from developing. Flower for yourself with some good habits, water yourself with some good remembrances, and then blush afresh.

5. Let go of the need of being surrounded by people all the time . Find happiness in left alone. It’s okay to stay in on a Saturday night. It’s okay to do things alone, to be your own elation. People are busy and we all have their own life just like you have yours. It is okay to sit in a cafeteria alone or watch a movie alone. People are good but you are better.

6. Let move of an attempt to hasten through things. Take your time. Slow down. You have a lot more day than you think you do. If you hasten things, you have to either redo the entire thing or won’t be able to give it the very best. So stop trying to complete everything in one move. There is still time.

7. Let proceed of thinking that you will not subsist your situation. No problem how bad it gazes, you will get through it. Stop worrying about tomorrow and only get through today. Take it one day at a time. The sunshine will come up tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and soon you will not understand how you have survived the whole thing. You will be stronger than ever.

8. It’s okay to ask for help. Let run of are concerns that asking for help in different forms is a sign of weakness. If anything at all, it builds you brave. Brave enough to address your issues, and brave for wanting to fight them. Questioning for help doesn’t stimulate you small-minded. Reach out before it’s too late.

9. In 2019, let go of being ashamed of your values and your sentiments . Live your own goddamn life with your own goddamn importances. It’s okay to believe in God, it’s okay not to. It’s okay to have sex, and it’s likewise okay to not want to have sex. It’s okay to adore the same sex, or opposite sexuality or no one at all. It’s okay to be you. It is your life. Live it your way.

10. Let proceed of feeling that without a romantic involvement in your life you are alone . It is not so. You have to learn to be enough for your own ego. You have to dance to your own rhythm, sing to your own tune. It is okay to be in love with yourself. It’s okay to be single. It’s okay to lay down on your bed, eating popcorn and watching Bridget Jones with your cat without having a Mr. Darcy in your lives. It is utterly okay.

11. Let travel of the concerns of confrontation . It is difficult and you might hurt people, but it is always necessary to let people know how you feel and what you think in order to maintain healthy relationships.

12. Let 2019 be the year where you grow a little bit closer to own family . Call them more often, go see them most frequently. Your mothers are aging quick and you might have all the time in this world, but they don’t. Likewise, they are wiser than you even if you think you’re smart. They are more important than you give them credit for.

13. Understand that people might not always are incompatible with you. They might have different slants and it is okay. It’s always good to be a little challenged. You don’t know, you might just get enlightened.

14. Let move of thinking that everyone will like you. You don’t have to like everyone, and not everyone has to looks just like you. You cannot please any persons in your life and that is absolutely fine. Just rest assured that you like you.

15. Stop stressing over how your torso searches. No one thinks about it as much as you worry about it. Bodies are just figures. Be more focused on having a healthy lifestyle rather than having a certain kind of figure type.

16. Stop talking the talk and start treading the go. You will not get your dreaming undertaking by lying in your bunk thinking about it. You will not get that award by merely reverie about it. Just like you won’t even get your dinner if you don’t go to the kitchen to cook it. If you crave something move get it, stop waiting.

17. Sometimes all you can do is all you can do. Let run of the feeling of obligation and learn to say no. It’s okay if you cannot help a pal out, or attend a certain thing because of a deadline. You are a good person trying to do your best. It is okay to say no.

18. But are also aware that opportunities do not always come around a second period. Say yes too. Jump on escapades. Do something new. Make recollections for yourself. Let travel of taking the back seat in your own life.

19. You can either choose adore or abhor. Hate is space heavier to carry in your nerve. Let go of it. Choose love. Today, tomorrow, and always.

Image Credit: Ieva Urenceva

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Date Night Makeup // Vegan & Cruelty-Free //

[UltraVid id=69 ]sorry I really dislike that voice that’s better okay hello everyone my name is Lisa I’m the bait vegan because that Vietnam Egan and today it’s gonna be a slightly different video because Valentine’s Day is coming up and I thought I’d show you how I do my makeup for Valentine’s Day with cruelty free and vegan makeup and I’m also partnering up with madam glam to give a little giveaway today this video isn’t sponsored but they did send me lipsticks and they want to give away some lipsticks to you guys so I love love love love love love their lipsticks like I don’t think you guys understand how much I love their lipsticks the only thing is I wish they had more colors but they’re not making any more colors than they have right now some of you might have seen the collab that I did with the coral channel where they DIY this whole lighting set up vanity type thing for me I’ll leave a link for the video in the corner I guess it’s the mirrors messing it it’s in one of the corners because I’m shooting a mirror so it’s like reversed but then it’s also it’s just very good I’m just very confused so yeah I’m gonna do my makeup for a typical like date night look let’s get into at my makeup so I’ve written down my skincare after I took a shower I showed off with some rose water toner and then I use this vitamin E essence from the body shop it feels kind of like tackier and like my skincare kind of sinks deeper into my skin afterwards and then for my mornings I also use this vitamin C constitutive serum and then this body shop the vitamin C glow protection first thing I’m gonna do is my eyebrows so I use the NYX precision brow pencil and I also use this mirror to like help me be closer cuz like this mirror is like nice and big but not close enough I gotta see the detail and also if you guys are wondering what the heck is going on with all these spots on my face I’ve been eating like crap lately of eating a lot of processed foods and oil and junk and not a lot of produce so and not drinking a lot a lot of water it’s just my skin but concealer will help about in a moment so time to do my eyebrows all right so then I feather it out with the back of the spoolie thing on the back of the eyebrow pencil thing really precise descriptions Lisa you’re doing great also if you’re wondering why I’m wearing like a headband it’s just to keep the whispies out of my out of my way this is like a Aluna headband that I got from my Sailor Moon convention cuz you know me I love Sailor Moon I showed you guys like kind of in my vanity here I have like a bunch of these like bento box sort of things I’m just gonna pull them out I’m not gonna go into this entire makeup collection this is Mike my lipstick hoard although I do have some concealers in here that don’t actually belong in here I’m not gonna go through all this today unless you guys want me to go through my entire lipstick collection but we’re just gonna like focus on one I’m actually gonna put on my face first things first concealer I discovered this cover FX concealer this is gonna come up in a wedding vlog soon ish it’s like probably gonna be in three wedding blogs so hopefully I’ll be a lot faster with the wedding vlog stuff soon so I’m just applying some concealer over my spots if I knew more about color theory I could color correct it but I don’t oh my acne now covered up I do have a concealer sponge but I haven’t washed it in a while so I’m not gonna use it maybe sees my finger so don’t mind me as I cut out my kids [Music] okay I still look a little bananas that’s okay this is just the bottom layer I don’t do the whole triangle lighting thing contour thing properly I don’t know I just like looks kind of crazy on me maybe if like I did it properly but like every time I do it I look like really cakey so I just don’t do it anyway that’s the base I’m going to use this probably a little too old when I resent pure second skin foundation this is like an oil-based one so like my skin you really likes this because my skin is like combo oily dry cuz sometimes my skin’s like super super super oily and then sometimes it’s super super super dry right now it’s kind of dry which is I’m not surprised based on all the acne that I’m having in the lack of water I’ve been drinking you know in light of that I think I’m gonna use my Beauty Blender and the oil based on me should probably have this like for two years maybe I don’t know it’s probably expired but because it’s not like a thing that I put on my face like it doesn’t like directly touch my face I’m not really worried about it being like full of bacteria you know I’m saying so I just did need a beauty [Music] I ended up moving a lot of my concealer off of my face with a Beauty Blender so I’m just gonna go back and put in some more it’ll look kind of ghostly right now but you know what that’s okay sorry cuz we started with some lip I’ll mark already but my lips are feeling kind of dry that’s just the David’s T lip balm yeah it’s actually a via game which is really cool and I just like the way it feels it like disappears not like immediately but like relatively quickly doesn’t like steak goopy on your lips okay foundation is done I’m gonna add some color back into my face this is the pixie bronzer in the shade summertime there’s not a lot of shades there picks you could definitely improve their shade range but you know this is drugstore stuff that I found that I was like hey I like this I just use a sigma extreme structure contour fo for brush and I know I decided to use that voice we’re just gonna roll with it and like my face is just really big so I’m just gonna add some to this side so there’s like some false shadow that’s little god that’s too much oh no oh no your girl messed up can you talk not a beauty guru bronzer applied I think I’m gonna go with the cream blush today but I also like this baked Milani blush that I have I have to I have Dulce pink and very I’m alright why am I saying it like this so I’m just gonna use this between the sheets super shock cheek from colour-pop this one’s actually probably my favorite blush I’m probably doing this so wrong no blush added I was actually studying like the way that Asian culture applies makeup and they like their blush placement is like so interesting I always do my makeup kind of more westernized because I’m Western but I want to like learn how to do it more Asian so I can look more aged in blush apply so I have this Carli bybel palette you guys have seen this before vegan cruelty free I’ve hit pan on one of the shades because I really like it but yeah I’m gonna use the rose gold one I’m going to use the high cheekbone highlighter fo3 brush by Sigma so I have this no filter setting powder from colour-pop it’s okay it’s the banana one I don’t like hate it I don’t love it so I’m just gonna put it underneath my eyes and just like set my whole face with it cuz I don’t know I don’t know what I’m doing the thing is I watch actual beauty gurus and like I see the technique that they apply their makeup and but then I’m like do I want to do that though like I know that’s the way you’re supposed to do it but sit now it’s time to do my eye makeup so I have this makeup geek palette that I like sort of filled out with a bunch of other stuff I have makeup geek pans in here but I also have some color pop pans in here as well these eight here or all makeup geek this one’s makeup geek and then this one’s makeup geek and then the rest geez for or color pop and this one’s color problem so these two blush pans are also makeup geek and then this one is color pop this is actually supposed to be a bronzer but when I got it it had like highlighter sort of like Sheen to it I don’t really love it so I just kind of have it but I don’t know what to do with it cuz it’s like it’s not really quite dark enough to be bronzer and it’s too dark to be a highlighter it’s just like really awkward so sometimes I use it on my eyes but I don’t know it’s just weird as you can tell I lean towards like purpley brownie blushy looking ilex I wish I could experiment more with other stuff but I just I don’t have the skills they just go it to fake sale this is probably like my favorite blush powder that was way too much Lisa so we’re just gonna you know what we’re just gonna blend this out because I went a little too – ham on that and I’m using this furless ppb one blending brush so I have one monolid and one double it’s this is a double it I this is the Monell it and I even if I apply the same amount of makeup to both it looks way different on be each eye so this one it looks like I applied a lot less and this one I went a little too high so I’m done messed up I got a I got a wipe away some of that you know then I’m gonna go in with a darker shade with my I don’t even know what this brush is called it’s like a it’s one from BH Cosmetics it says number six I don’t know what that means it’s just like an angled fluffy creasing brush I don’t know I’m not gonna go into cabin fever like my second favorite shade from the makeup geek palette I’m not gonna make that mistake again I’m also gonna get some on my bottom lash lid and then it looks a little crazy so I’m gonna blend down what looks alright probably right my makeup boys looks nicer with this eye the model lid just I never know how to actually put on makeup on it and then I have this like one patch of skin that just like absorbs color but then doesn’t blend out it’s just like if you like put anything on there it’s like hi I’m patchy I’m gonna add some eyeliner now this is the Stila of waterproof liquid eye thing oh I made mistake I think I just painted my eye nice there’s like a line from my eyeball up until my eyelid huh I think there’s just like a black line on my contact now I’m beautiful I kind of messed up the inside inner corner but you know what just like don’t look at it that’s gonna bother me actually so I’m going to choose my Marcel instant eye makeup remover I’m gonna try and fix that Marquart what a q-tip just take off the aisle in here that I messed up that looks slightly better okay eyeliner is like kind of fixed again with some double ended versus the monolid I have to put on like more makeup on this one to show up than this one and it’s trying to fill in that like one kind of bald patch that I wiped makeup off on and then I thought mascara so I have the legendary lashes a volume two mascara from Charlotte Tilbury and I really like this eyelash stuff mascara that’s what it’s called I don’t curl my eyelashes because I’m lazy and I wait for that to dry otherwise if I can link I scare everywhere now time for the lips have been really diggin lipstick lately for today I’m gonna use I don’t know which one I’m gonna use I’m gonna swatch them for you for funsies also so you can see how certain shades look on me so with the giveaway with madam glam they’re giving away one matte and one velvet though I have to Velvets to max so I can swatch them for you so I’ll do the velvet ones first the top one is velvet red queen fig and then conspiracy and then cherry wine I really like the matte ones the velvet ones they don’t stay on my lips quite as well they are bullet lipstick so like they’ll rub off they’re not like kiss proof or whatever like you’ll get transfer pretty much everywhere especially because sometimes I like to wear lip gloss on top of them so like it’s like extra transferee but that’s just me but I really like the darker like the more purpley shaded ones and like I thought I wouldn’t like the warmer shades because normally my skin doesn’t really go well with the warm shades but these ones are actually not too bad they’re not too orange so I really actually like all four colors so I think I might go for the cherry wine one that’s probably my favorite one out of the four every time I email them I like thank them to make more but they’re not making any other shades right now coz madam glam is like a nail polish company I have a bunch of their gel polishes because they’re cruelty free and vegan and I like the gel polishes better than a lot of like the regular nail polishes they’ve like stay on my nails a little a lot longer and I have one of those like UV light things cuz you know I’m Vietnamese and my family does nail stuff but I can do that another video if you guys want they actually sent me some nail polishes as well and they’re like different shades and I normally would have picked those are the lipsticks if you guys want to enter the giveaway all you have to do is subscribe to their Channel you might need to make your subscriptions like public so that they can check that you’ve actually subscribed for they the giveaway and yeah list out the two sheets that you would like if you won the giveaway I really love the packaging on these lipsticks too they’re just like super satisfying and like luxurious bullet lipstick things if that makes any sense I just like it like feel so like luxurious it anyway so I’m going to use this color pop and lippie pencil in the shade oh I say puts on like fish but no it’s just poison it’s like pretty janky it kind of falls out a little bit so that’s fine I’m gonna use a mirror again to make sure I apply this properly I struggle a lot with putting on lipstick because my lips don’t have a very clear start and end point if that makes sense where my lips end and the lip shade ends the color of my lips ends are not the same so it’s like do I color the part where my lips end or where the lip shade ends I end up doing where the lip shade ends because if I do the full lip it looks like I have like a clown face then I put on some lipstick so yeah this is the matte cherry wine I find that this is like my favorite lipstick feeling there’s other lipsticks that like they feel really dry or like you can feel them like sucking out the moisture of your lips but I don’t find that happens with a lot of white ones but yeah this is generally the makeup look that I do whenever I’m feeling like a date night so I’m gonna set it with my all-nighter Urban Decay settings ready I’ll let that dry and that we good that’s it this is this is the look some of you are asking me for like an updated get ready with me or like what my general go-to for makeup is depending on like how my skin is I’ll switch between the bare minerals powder foundation or the second skin foundation from 100% pure I also have a fenty Beauty one but that I usually only wear when my skin’s like really oily cuz that’s it’s a mattifying foundation and my skin does not like that when it’s dry it gets like really patchy so I have like a couple dry spots here that even this oil-based one is like let’s get so happy with I’ll list out all the makeup that I use down below and also if you want other makeup content I’ll link to channels that I use all the time down below logical harmony which I use their website all the time to check whether or not things are cruelty free vegan if they’re owned by parent company that is or isn’t cruelty free you have to sort of decide for your own if like where you draw the line in terms of makeup and then Rianne from wife life or Rihanna hy her branding is like kind of different depending on where you go like on Instagram choose wife life but on it YouTube it’s rien H Y if you want to check out her channel as well she does all vegan the cruelty free makeup and she doesn’t like a little bit more like luxurious makeup looks I’m very jealous of her bottom eyelashes I had like a total of five bottom eyelashes per eye they’re not as like cute and fluffy like hers are like I just Asians just don’t have as many eyelashes white folks do that’s just like we just have fewer eyelashes anyway that’s a lot of rambling I’m gonna stop now and I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know this is not food content I’m gonna be coming out with more food content soon but you know experimenting with other stuff and it’s Valentine’s Day so I thought this was relevant anyway thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you guys have delicious steak bye Wow I scratch my head with like this the edge of the barrel thing Frank that hurt there’s a lot of hair in here because I’m gross okay he’s just popping off because I have a weird shape head can you just stay on please oh and yeah enter the giveaway don’t forget to enter the giveaway for madam glam more details down below okay bye



[UltraVid id=64 ]today we are going on the MSC divina holistic holiday at sea cruise you guys probably know that I’ve been talking about this and it’s very excited about it and today is the day so we’re just at our Airbnb right now in Miami I was just steaming our clothes we got this little like steamer thing and I was steaming Derek’s clothes and I’m like you know what you could use this to make oatmeal or like a MacDougal soup because it just boils the water and then comes out of there first three days on the boat we are on the boat and we’re not like we have three days at sea so we’re gonna have to get creative but I’m just really excited because there’s so many vegan doctors on this cruise like T Colin Campbell and dr. Greger and dr. Esselstyn and Rip Esselstyn and you guys those are my heroes and I’m so excited to meet them plus they’re just like tons of other cool people and there’s like a really epic gym and there’s so many of you guys coming and I’m just excited to meet everybody and hang out and eat some awesome vegan food it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be great let’s go friends yeah okay [Music] [Music] bring it bring it definitely amaze [Music] it’s really nice in size Derrick’s excited there’s a casino let’s my game I like it because I don’t have to think I can just put the money down blackjack confuses me I’ve never actually studied or trying to learn but I just like roulette yeah get the camp up there we go vlogging did I just suck at this so I’m not saying some weirdoes game or just wandering around the ship trying to find like our room yes you play video games oh my gosh they have packed me in oh you are gonna get your butt beat set the very back oh yeah shrooms actually kind of big you guys a little room tour do it for at the very back of the ship look how cool that is so cool if you go in here got a TV Oh frig sparkling water area near my bed couch here we just have a bathroom Oh light does not work um yeah light all right well whatever Oh social media person look at that [Music] your expertise for locks hopefully we don’t need these rescue boats oh yeah so fancy I think this is where the lectures are very cool I guarantee you they’ll have a big vote for you there’s no bingo I’m sure those big job with the demographic of the ship which is going to be a little bit older nothing thought there’d be bingo on it okay we’ll go get a drink Derick is ready to cart [Music] [Music] neighbors on his Robert Robert yeah we got James I see like all the cool people are back here yeah you missed your like grand entrance at the like ceremony thing yeah and they called your name and you weren’t there and then we got Derek we are all dressed up going to a fancy dinner they say hi Nikki potato with him cut gel Justin and again this guy [Music] I [Music] let me love you know [Music] I get saltier and you gotta temperature bringing from looking like that and then a few hours so how does it happen well you gotta lower the concentration of salt how does the fuck they do there we need to blend out the salt hold on to it and can you say aye aye sir I may retain water and between these two mechanism and those extra fluid starts leaking out telling people notice our ankles are swollen we feel all bloated and they get on the scale there are pounder to have you we have made it to st. Thomas the last three days we have been at sea we just made it


Top 3 Things Vegans Can Do To Increase Their Longevity: Dr. Michael Greger

[UltraVid id=60 ]hi I’m Ken Spector with happy cow and we’re here in Las Vegas Nevada at the health healing and happiness expo I’m here with dr. Greger and he is a physician an author a nationally renowned lecturer and he’s the founder of nutritionfacts.org what are the top three things that vegans can do to increase their longevity in terms of life span beans actually so it’s a legume consumption or pulse consumption so beans peas lentils the one if you look at long live populations around the world so the longest living formally started population in the world are these Adventists at Aryans living in California then there’s the okinawa japanese if you go around the world and see who lives the longest the one thing they all have in common is leg them they all eat their beans whether they’re eating you know brown beans the Mediterranean or the reading their tofu and you know whatever it whatever bean it is that seems to be the best predictor of longevity is whether or not and how many beans we number two is probably nut consumption eating nuts may cut our cardiac mortality number one killer in half just that alone I’m so encouraged even ounce and nuts like a palm full nuts everyday nuts or seeds and probably the third thing they can do is you know stuff their face with as many fruits and vegetables as possible the healthiest fruits berries the healthiest vegetables dark green leafy vegetables so the study I recently profiled on nutrition facts that are that just a single daily salad could literally add years to one’s life span right healthy years so these aren’t just you know years of disability healthy years literally just doing something that’s delicious and so you’re a second delicious and you get to live longer that’s what plant-based eating is all about and as a bonus question what would be the top nuts and then the top beans for nutrition that you would recommend whatever not you like whatever not you’ll eat but walnuts are the healthiest nuts number two pecans in terms of beans actually black beans topped the list but look if you don’t like black beans you know you can go to Pinto which is I forget down the list you know dark red kidney beans are good actually chickpeas are kind of lower down the list but look if you liked it please like comment go for it absolutely any be anything you’ll eat is a healthy bean lentils are wonderful to me okay terrific thank you so much dr. Greger be sure to check out dr. Greger on nutritionfacts.org he has incredible videos and an exorbitant amount of information check them out and check out happy cow comm thank you I’m Ken Specter bye bye


Dr. Ellsworth Wareham – 98 years old vegan

[UltraVid id=61 ]you my name is Massimo Leopardi. I’m a cardiothoracic surgeon and practice that is my specialty all my professional life I’m 98 years of age and I practiced the cardiothoracic surgery until I was 95 I have first try to be active by working around my yard doing my pruning of my bushes and I mow my own lawn so I try to get a little exercise doing that as far as my dietary program is concerned I happen to be a vegan I’ve been a vegan now for about half my life I think that’s a healthy form of nutrition I try to maintain the calm approach to the problems of life and not worry and fret over problems that come along I get a good night’s sleep and if I feel like it I take a nap during the day so I really try to be caught as careful as I can and preserving what energy I have like wood work and when I was 95 and because of this of course I attracted some publicity from the National Geographic and incidentally the people I’ve worked with very much wanted me to continue but I felt I should spend a little more time at home with my family I could be working right now I could do anything that I did then and now 98 but I picked 95 as an arbitrary time when I would quit I have always been inclined to be a vegetarian my folks were farmers and we had quite a bit of meat available but it never appealed to me to eat animal products I never did drink milk by the glass I would use it on my cereal and of course my mother and then later on my wife I’d use it in cooking so I was naturally inclined toward a vegetable type of diet but I was concerned about the adequacy of the nutrition when I found out that I could get by by taking a little vitamin b12 why of course I then became entirely vegan and I think that it has been a very fine form of attrition it’s a little extreme to tell a person who is using flesh foods and that you’re going to take everything entirely away from them but I have when I was in practice in medicine I would tell the patients that the veg vegetable based diet was the healthy way to go and as much as possible we keep away from the animal products it has to be something that the person wants to cooperate in and people are very sensitive about what they eat now you can talk to people about exercising and you can talk to people about relaxation and good mental attitude and life things like that and they will accept that but you talk to them about what they’re eating and people are very sensitive about that if if an individual is willing to listen I will try to explain to them on a scientific basis of how I think it’s better for them I read a statement in the Wall Street Journal last year I think it was in January of last year that I thought was quite significant and it was this that all tastes are acquired except for breast milk now this means you see that if you as a parent will start your child on a healthy nutrition they’ll like it but an individual let us say who is old even my age can change their taste buds now there are a lot of people that take too much salt and their food they think is flat unless they have a lot of salt in it but if you will diminish the amount of salt gradually after a while they won’t know the difference and in a mout a matter of three months or so you can do a great deal to change your taste habits if you are willing to do it if a person is willing to go through the change and give himself time he will enjoy foods that are healthy for as you know cholesterol is the chief problem you have to be concerned about as far as development coronary occlusion and coronary disease is concerned if your cholesterol is under a hundred and forty very very seldom that anybody has a heart attack with a cholesterol of 140 now the factors that influence your cholesterol are things that we should know about and one of the factors is the amount of saturated fat and most animal fat is saturated whereas the vegetable fat is unsaturated or mono saturated so you have to avoid the animal fats now there are those scientists including dr. Colin Campbell of Cornell University that say that animal proteins will also affect your cholesterol not just the fat in other words you pour off the cream off your milk and drink the skim milk even the casein of the milk will raise your cholesterol and then people say also high intake of sugar will affect your cholesterol so if you can keep your cholesterol under 140 your chances of developed coronary disease are very small exercise is beneficial in reducing user lestor all but if you’re taking in a considerable amount of saturated fat you can’t exercise enough to lower it as much as it should be Lord the easiest way to get your cholesterol down is to watch what you eat now you can lower your cholesterol by exercise but now I’m talking about no 15 or 20 milligrams % something like that but if you get on a vegan diet which is a little fat you can drop it much more when we went abroad we had an open heart surgery team that this would be maybe a dozen to two dozen people that would go with team and do open heart surgery in overseas countries but this was back 50 years ago you see when open heart surgery is first starting out now there’s no no need to do anything like that now most of the surgery we did when we went abroad it was for congenital heart disease that is defects of the heart with which a person is born holes in the heart and malformations the valves fourth and the other was valvular heart disease due to rheumatic fever we didn’t do very many coronary cases when we would oversee coronary disease is a disease of the more developed countries that’s being a little bit discriminatory I presume but America undoubtedly in my opinion has been the leader in the development of coronary disease I mean in development of treatment of heart disease and I think has also led out in the research of cause disease we have a lot of information in this country which is not being applied which would greatly reduce the incidence we have of coronary disease I don’t know whether you’ve been following the news but Mayor Bloomberg of New York as you know made certain laws establishing the size of the soft drinks which you can buy and so forth so on and he has other areas in which he is also enforcing by law healthful habits many people question whether you should have your individual freedom limited by laws but there’s no question about it that there are certain things that we could implement in this country that we great they reduce heart disease you know the Cleveland’s linic is the world’s great center for coronary artery disease coronary angiography the study of the coronary arteries was developed at Cleveland Clinic and you can’t diagnose that where the stoppages in your coronary arteries without coronary angiography now we have some newer methods but that’s still sort of the gold standard and dr. Esselstyn of the cleveland clinic he says that coronary artery disease does not need to exist and if it does it doesn’t need to progress and he does it on a low-fat vegan diet there have been only two people in the world that I know of they’ve demonstrated that they can arrest and reverse coronary artery disease and they are dr. Dean Ornish of San Francisco and dr. Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic and they both did it on a low-fat vegan diet if you would go on a little fat vegan diet and you exercise her chances of developing coronary disease will be very low get that cholesterol under a hundred and forty and you can my cholesterol is ordered 17 if I have some pain in my chest I know it is not the coronary disease may be due to some something in my esophagus hiatus hernia from my stomach or something else but it’s not coronary disease because of a hundred and seventeen I’m not going to develop it anybody can do those things very simple


Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY !

[UltraVid id=62 ]meet dr. noon s almond raw he only eats one vegan meal a day that’s right he’ll eats one hour a day proving if you eat healthy you will not lose muscle or lack energy he even set a world record in dead lifting but his goal is not bodybuilding or strength its anti-aging longevity and the highest quality of health and life we’re not telling people to eat only one meal a day but we are here to show you what’s possible with intermittent fasting and that we do not have to eat animal products in order to thrive only a handful of people on this planet have the determination to live this way but it’s amazing what happens when we do mankind is not supposed to have the health problems it does and what we call aging is not normal let the wise words of this master teach and lighten and inspire you hi thanks for being here today it is my pleasure so you only eat once a day that is so I saw the video you’re on the air every you were a dead lifting champion that is so I’m presently the world deadlift champion drug-free world deadlift champion in my particular class I hold on several world national regional Records cyclic fasting for instance is known to potently promote growth hormone release so throughout the duration of a daily fast your growth hormone concentration tends to increase if you combine that with resistance exercise in the evening as you probably know that increases testosterone production when you sleep that increases growth hormone production IGF production so we’re talking about anabolic hormones that essentially promote the preservation of muscle tissue so a regimen which entails daily cyclic fasting evening resistance training all of these things combined to enhance the preservation and also augmentation of muscle tissue so you’re saying somebody’s and 30s 40s and 50s to actually gain muscle if it is regimented if it combines these factors that is increased growth hormone secretion as a consequence of protracted fasting now you notice that working out late in the day is more beneficial than working out earlier in the day what does it matter it does matter and and that is because essentially you want to enhance autophagy throughout the day you want to be catabolism your proteins you want to be catabolism stored sugar and stored body fat but in the evening you actually want to suppress autophagy in order to promote that preservation of muscle tissue so it is resistance training that stimulates your skeletal muscle that provides those metabolic factors that promote muscle retention so yes evening it’s best to do resistance exercise this is actually a good advice for even women they’re older postmenopausal women that who is working out your muscles is part of what keeps you young and do indeed you got to do weight training even if you’re an old lady you got to work here otherwise your bones go week everything starts falling apart it’s important what you’re saying is it helps keep you young this isn’t a vanity thing it’s part what needs to happen in your life indeed indeed and sarcopenia that is age-related muscle wasting muscle loss is a major of catalyst for premature mortality especially in women right they say that the older you get the more you lose muscle the more you lose your hormones the more you start slowly basically falling apart what you’re saying is you keep working out that doesn’t necessarily happen your case yes yes that is quite so you can definitely avert many of those changes and slow down that process so you found that you only have to sleep as much as the average person yes that was one of the first things that I observed I was able to do without as much sleep as I had previously and I was able to recuperate from exertion far more rapidly that I had been in the past I was simply interested intellectually in the pursuit of anti-aging studies anti senescence studies and as I began to discuss this with my then-girlfriend approximately 20 years ago she said this is interesting caloric restriction cyclic fasting specific nutriceuticals a refined diet all of these things clearly demonstrably scientifically contribute to lifespan extension and I explained how I was going to commence collecting data writing a book and she said she’s not my wife by the way new net Munro why don’t we do it and it took some time to reflect on that and I said well why not and that was about a decade and a half ago and through a few evolutions if you will we’ve been on the almond regimen for approximately 15 years without fail it entails a daily fast of 23 hours in duration caloric restriction that is we consume approximately 1,000 to 1,500 calories a day it entails specific nutraceuticals that is nutraceuticals that have been found to increase maximum lifespan in one or more organisms it entails daily exercise it entails meditation ascesis and basically that is the almond regimen qualitatively the diet is devoid of meat and centers on specific staples if you will basically nuts grains tubers dried fruit we always eat in the evening we consume our evening meal our main meal after our evening resistance regimen our exercise is typically organized in such a way that in the morning we engage in so-called persistence exercise what you might call aerobics in the afternoon that’s typically another aerobic session time permitting and in the evening is the resistance exercise session and this can entail a number of different standard conventional weight lifting exercise with integrated weighted yoga postures in between sets and after this evening resistance session is meditation or final meditation session because meditation is interspersed throughout the day we meditate in two different postures and one of those postures I can demonstrate to you briefly this posture is called a rule AHA that is standing home and this is the posture that I typically assume in my brief of periods of meditation say 10 to 15 minutes Aroo AHA is a composite Egyptian term and it means again standing form the ultimate intent of all minimalist meditation is to progressively produce a state of sustained tranquility where ideas images emotions are expedited from the mind there are essentially 10 domains of interventional studies what I call the two tractus of anti-aging interventions several of fundamental they include caloric restriction cyclic fasting and specific nutraceuticals and a range of discrete genetic modifications that alter specific physiological phenomena in organisms almost all of them will entail either an increase in the optimization of autophagy and that is simply a process that enables the body to renew its tissues glycation is an important phenomenon glycation is that process whereby circulating sugars bind to protein lipids in the body and render them resistant to renewal that accelerates aging you also have fat accumulation or adiposity that has been found to increase the rate of Aging and limit lifespan but more specifically it’s been found that the extra patient of adipose the diminution of adiposity increases maximum lifespan in mammals and other organisms people you say there’s no way you can have that kind of muscle and not eat for 23 hours a day maybe it’s I know the body’s more efficient but people are going to say well doesn’t your bodies are eating up the muscle after a while actually limited muscle catabolism is a good thing limited tissue catabolism is a good thing and it might be illuminating to conceive of it in this way the vast majority of the solid component of your body consists of proteins and each of those proteins that constitute our proteome so to speak have a definite life span and the integrity in health of your body is largely dictated by the integrity of your individual proteins so if you are able to prevent damage to the corpus of proteins that constitute your body or increase the rapidity with which you renew and recycle proteins you are functionally physiologically younger there are a lot of people I’d say because it used to be protein protein protein what are you getting your protein Gatti animals nowadays the big thing is where you get your sugars like the body needs to have sugar to run on sugars the body’s fuel if you don’t put sugar in your body carbs all day long it’s gonna you’re gonna basically waste away wait what do you think of that well there’s a fascinating body of research which indicates that the process of glycation is integral to aging and glycation is that process whereby simple sugars illicitly bind to the body’s proteins and render them resistant to that process of renewal and this has been found to greatly accelerate aging that’s one aspect of it the other aspect is that when scientists have subjected animals to a low glycotoxins ayat’ that is a diet that is low in so-called advanced glycation in products this independently increases lifespan so you have a concomitant effect if you reduce the endogenous generation of glycation products and of course the best way to do that is simply to reduce your circulating sugar concentration to the lowest extent practicable and you avoid or reduce your assimilation of exogenous advanced glycation in products which are created upon cooking and our extent in various foods whether cooked or not you can increase lifespan through this Avenue of glycation restriction and this is one of those interventions that are included in the so called detractors of anti-aging interventions that is glycation diminution and this points to the fundamental importance of cyclic fasting as an avenue of lifespan prolongation because it is cyclic fasting that most potently suppresses the concentration of circulating sugar the lower the concentration of circulating sugar in your body the less sugar you have to attack your body’s tissues and to render them dysfunctional if you will where you say you get your energy family if your glucose levels and alone oh that’s an interesting question most individuals have an appreciable amount of energy stored in adipose and this points to another element of the detractors of anti-aging interventions and it’s that if animals are rendered lean through either surgical expectation of adipose tissue targeted genetic interventions which decrease adiposity that increases lifespan independently so in a convoluted way what I’m saying is that when you don’t consume exogenous sugar you make use of that stored adipose and that extra patient of adipose independently promotes longevity obviously you can get energy out of fat but you don’t have a lot of fat on you so where do you get your energy from I like your question because that points to the third Avenue which is autophagy when you deplete your glycogen largely from your liver and your skeletal muscle and again the morning aerobic exercise stimulates that and you have a low content of adipose tissue your body makes use of stored proteins it Khattab eliza’s all of your body’s proteinaceous tissues and recycles them as substrates for energy and that autophagy conduction of energy metabolism if you will contributes to lifespan prolongation by renewing proteins more rapidly under sustained caloric restriction or cyclic fasting skeletal muscle is preferentially preserved and there are more labile proteins that are catabolized before protein and before brain tissue so these are selectively preserved so ok let’s talk about your your diet so here you eat a lot of nuts and visit roots start just things like that yes grains grains really all this within an hour yes or less skills we have our tripartite meal if you will and by tripartite I mean that the first thing we consume when we break are 23 plus hour fast is what I call the almond amino elixir consisting of three protein sources soy spirulina brewers yeast and ideally a dozen isolated amino acids and the next thing we consume is the main meal one of those staples of which I mentioned earlier these typically include beans and rice um typically we have one of three beings cannellini beans is my favorite the red kidney beans and when I say bean this is the common bean phaseolus vulgaris and then many different cultivars but one of the main reasons that we select the bean as an optimal staple if you will is because there are many properties associated with the common being that accord with lifespan extension and these include inhibiting the enzyme alpha-glucosidase which promotes optimal glycemia if you will these are called a fiber which really helps that sugar levels and you don’t get rid of toxins it’s great tindy probably not the best cook foods you have if you don’t go with cookies is great okay go I’m sorry wrong no no yes roots tubers rice grain and nuts and seeds fruit and fresh vegetation is not high on our list of staples and that’s simply because the cellulose and the water content take up space if you will so if you have a regimen where you’re constricting restricting your feeding to an hour or less and you consume foods that occupy a large volume have a higher water content indigestible fiber over time that can reduce your sense of satiation so you want to have nutritionally dense foods in order to essentially derive the most nutrients in a minimal amount of time right you wanna drink a Surrey and then there is the minor meal and the minor meal is nothing more than a dessert typically nuts dried fruit often what you might call peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or peanut butter and Nestle bot sandwiches which roughly means royal jelly that’s one of the staples of our minor meal and I say peanut butter and jelly with some reluctance because it differs a bit from what you might find in a typical grocery store it simply crudely crushed peanuts and fruit preserves on bread that’s a typical dessert a typical dessert may also be roasted peanuts with dark chocolate I’m glad you said peanut bars I love Hannah butter and everybody says peanuts our dad’s got the toxins in it after Lou Thompson toxin air that is why roasted peanuts are actually preferential in our ethos if you will um because if you consume raw peanuts or germinated or so peanuts it promotes that growth of fungal organisms and aflatoxins but um just to give an indication of the scientific basis there is an entire tract taped with several sections that discuss multifarious epidemiological and interventional studies which find a relationship between longevity and nut consumption and peanuts are particularly prominent in those studies that is it’s been found that consumption of peanuts of quartz with lifespan the particular variety is simply crushed um crunchy peanuts with little added salt no other ingredients pie is almost all he averaged over there palm oil sugar the sugar and all that that’s why I’m sometimes reluctant to call it peanut butter because of the confusion that is essentially the almond meal the tripartite almond meal throughout the 23 hour fast we typically consume teas in herbal infusions of various sorts these include green tea black tea oolong tea but also two of the South African teas honey bush and red tea or rooibos hibiscus one of my favorites rhubarb tea and any number of herbal infusions most of which have been found to influence one of these several physiological factors that we know are operative in the aging process and those again include autophagy optimization glycation inhibition fat oxidation diminution of inflammation etc so when you say nutriceuticals that sounds like something from the pharmaceutical industry you’re talking about herbs and natural things that’s quite correct there several of these one is niacin bound chromium another is glucosamine another is curcumin or turmeric another is resveratrol and combined with cyclic or intimate and fasting the polyphenols that you find in green tea in blueberries and in pomegranates so when we speak of nutraceuticals we’re talking about these agents and physiologically all of these nutriceuticals have been found to modulate one of several molecular mechanisms and again we have our familiar glycation autophagy induction immune enhancement and lipid oxidation or minimization and you take these throughout the day as stand with your teas and wired stuff yes yes the tea’s that we consume when they are sweetened they’re sweetened with non calorific sweeteners such as stevia which is essentially the sole sweetener that I use during my fasting period so your stomach yeah sorry not at all it’s a good sign no this is actually a good comparison here you haven’t eaten in a while your stomachs growling he hasn’t eaten since yesterday and he’s still fine my accessory yeah well that sucks boy excellent and actually that effect is partly attributable to a peptide called ghrelin and it is released by the gastrointestinal tract in response to food deprivation it actually increases the expression of a peptide called BDNF brain-derived nerve growth factor which increases the proliferation of neurons in the brain specifically in the hippocampus an area that’s associated with learning and memory and that is probably among the reasons that fasting and caloric restriction increase mental or cognitive acuity so this might explain people in India there mainly are vegetarians and they don’t eat a lot but yet they have some of the smartest people in the world I can like literally like calculate to the 100th decimal point and these people that then say you need me you need animal products you need fat you need sugary all that stuff tin to function properly you got it dialed in to the point where you’re you’re proving you need any help products I’m somewhat conventional and that I promote the ingestion the use of essential multi-mineral multivitamin supplementation and whenever someone subsists on a calorically restricted diet either quantitatively restricted or temporally restricted it’s important to ensure that you get the minimal requisite amount of essential nutrients right and that’s what I get from a standard vegetal micronutrient micro minimal mineral supplement I take that in powdered form in the almond amino elixir and it’s the first thing that we consume on an empty stomach and that’s designed essentially to be sufficient as a source of energy and nutrients without the need for any food at all so the elixir is intended to deliver all essential nutrients in a form that is easy to assimilate and the meals are simply for satiety and indulgence because I think that’s an important point to stress if you’re going to have a lifelong regimen that is predicated upon lifespan prolongation it has to be sufficiently palatable in order to be sustained over a lifetime and indulgence gratification is an important element of enjoying life and we do find that our diet is very palatable very enjoyable even with the perceived monotony we loved in it feeding time is always festive it’s always a feast if you will what the research indicates is that both cyclic fasting and caloric restriction greatly increased energetic efficiency such that organisms can make do with less all of their physical cool systems become more efficient and they’re able to effectuate their physiological operations with far less energy and that reduced energetic demand actually results in a lessened generation of those deleterious byproducts of metabolism free radicals for instance advanced glycation in products so with a reduction in metabolism you get a concomitant reduction in waste products and other deleterious agents that damage the body so the less waste products that your body has to deal with the more clean areas more efficient it is indeed being clean is almost more important than massive amounts of fuel just being guzzle down indeed another effect that has been observed widely on caloric restriction cyclic fasting and other interventions that increase lifespan is a decrease detoxification capacity and more specifically an Augmented expression of so-called Phase two enzymes or xenobiotic enzymes and these are enzymes that are specifically expressed in the liver also kidney and other tissues that essentially convert toxins in such a way that enables them to be expiated from the body more efficiently so this is thought to be a major factor in the lengthening of life’s been associated with fasting and caloric restriction so the L of the organs that help eliminate toxins from the body the liver the kidneys if they’re cleaner they can focus more on producing enzymes and keeping you running optimally rather than just cleaning the house and getting rid of unwanted garbage indeed and also as we discussed together we are exposed to multi Farias toxins that we can do little as individual to avoid in our modern environment so to the extent to which we can augment our detoxification capacity we can protect ourselves from some of these toxins that would otherwise be ubiquitous that are ubiquitous and we simply can’t avoid right the toxins in the air the water even the negative people it just drains us our life works and dude so the cleaner we are mentally physically and emotionally the better we can thrive as long living healthy beings indeed but I must interject an element of my philosophy and that is I wholly accept the inevitability of Aging I wholly accept the inevitability of death and my regimen is simply predicated upon postponing that process to the greatest extent prime having a high quality of life indeed which is much below the last 40 years they’re just falling apart yeah explaining about the other people yeah and it’s important to have sufficient energy mentally and physically in order to arrive at the psychological philosophical existential state that you wish to attain before that ultimate end you have a website you want it I mean these I want to know more advice blog where do I go you can go to our website almond car elite athlete calm and it has a description of my overall regimen on the literature that I’ve produced and how to acquire it I don’t sell my materials I release them with a donation to individuals who are earnestly interested and I stress that because our order our regimen is ascetic and it’s clearly not for everyone so I’m interested in individuals who serious right there’s a lot of people can say this can be something that takes I get bigger muscles are live longer or not get sick right there is no quick answer you have to this has to be a lifestyle a way of living a being and all-encompassing lifelong protocols right right so folks this bought of this this is not for most of you who want a quick fix for something this is a dedication to a life of way of living Wilson yeah well thank you for your time and you’re quite an inspiration and hopefully we’ll check in again in a while and any last words of advice for people living the modern world we’re kind of like ready to throw their arms in the air and say I how I I give up I don’t know what to do subjecting yourself to self-imposed discipline is the surest way to increase the quality of your existence period great thank you you’re quite well wow what a video huh I’m gonna summarize the important parts for you guys you weren’t paying attention because there’s some really important points to be made here first of all we’re not telling you guys to only eat one meal a day this is an extreme diet it’s only for a few people in the world who willing to dedicate their lives to this but what we are trying to do is show you a that you will not waste away if you fast daily that you know 60 eats one meal a day I’m telling people to only fast for 16 hours a day and eat for 8 hours so there’s really an you don’t have the animal products in order to have muscles notice he also said sugar ages did he catch that part he does aerobics several times a day and he does weight-bearing exercises at night aerobics cardio and weight exercises are not the same thing okay you got to move your body notice he did a lot of standing during the day standing versus sitting so we intermittent fasting standing him versus sitting and he when he eats his meal the reason he has heavy things like beans and rice and peanut butter things like that is because he needs to feel full he wants to enjoy his meal he said that he gets his nutrition before he has his meal from a plant-based supplement kind of like my green formula we have all your minerals and vitamins and phytonutrients and he has some amino acids just like my protein formula and then he has his meal to feel full and then he has his dessert to feel good so he gets the pleasure out of meetings not denying himself anything so it is he very similar to could tell more Berg in Norway that got the wheelchair guy who healed himself and walked 600 kilometers across Norway eating nothing but my green formula and protein formula and having some cashews and coconut oil to feel full very similar to what mom and rod is doing he has his nutritional supplement and then he has his heavier nuts and things which you can also get some protein and substance from so this is really inspiring notice he also said no stress really important because you will age and die if you have stress in your life so do what you can get the important bits of information from this because this is gold this guy’s taking it to the extreme and to show you what’s possible you will not waste away if you fast every day ok this guy’s only needing one meal a day we’re not even telling you to do that you can eat you can have a bunch of meals during the day but fast eat good things stay close to nature I hope this inspired you guys stay tuned for more at Marcos INSCOM to learn more study or contact dr. Nuno Monroe his website is almond TA elite athlete calm that’s am en tal ite athlete calm this is Marcus with Marcos news calm we hope this inspired you


Vegan + Gluten Free Bread Recipe! NO Yeast! #kickstart2019

[UltraVid id=53 ]Hey Margie’s welcome if you’re new I’m Melissa over the holidays I shared some gluten-free bread recipes that a lot of you love but I had so many requests to do a version without eggs so I put it on my list or recipe tested and today I’m sharing with you a gluten free bread that is also vegan no eggs at all and just like my other three breads this recipe also uses no yeast no bread machine and requires no kneading nice I start by combining my dry ingredients I use a mix of brown rice flour buckwheat flour baking powder make sure yours is gluten free if needed baking soda xanthan gum and salt whisk it up separately I warm some almond milk and ground flaxseed and let it thicken for a few minutes it may not look as viscous as flats egg but you’ll feel that it’s thickened when you whisk it after about ten minutes I whisk some agave or honey for non-vegan and apple cider vinegar into the milk mixture – then I can add the dry and the wet and combine it will be a thick dough into a loaf pan it goes I like to line mine with parchment paper for easy removal and to prevent sticking I add some rolled oats as a topping but you could use any seeds or chopped nuts to make that baby for over an hour until the bread is lightly golden it will spring back when touched cool it completely before removing from the loaf pan and slicing Wow it is dark like a pumpernickel bread because of that buckwheat flour the xanthan gum is what helps it pull together as a sandwich bread but the bread should work without it it just might be better for toast instead it’s soft but hearty and even has a little bit of natural sweetness too if you’re wanting a gluten-free bread that doesn’t use eggs this is totally worth a try I hope you enjoyed this recipe please know that I do always read your requests in the comments and do actually keep a running list of everything you asked for so if there’s something you want to see definitely let me know I appreciate you I will be back tomorrow in all this month with more content to kick start your new year be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat and don’t forget to hit that Bell so you actually get notified and remember it’s all a matter of mind over munch


Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

[UltraVid id=42 ]In today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys my top tips for starting a healthy lifestyle so my first tip is to cut out processed foods and one of my favorite ways to just eat naturally and healthy and raw is to make juices now you can buy fresh pressed juice but I actually like to make juice so I’m using some carrots and apples and kale you can use whatever you’d like this is a great way to get your greens in it’s going to deliver vitamins and nutrients to your body and it seriously tastes so good you can’t even taste the green and smoothies are another great way to fuel and nourish your body and what’s awesome about smoothies and juices is that they’re already blended up so they give your digestive system a little bit of a break we’re gonna have to touch on this sooner or later and that is replacing soda with tea or carbonated water something to replace soda with I like to drink my tea and kind of look up new recipes online but you will feel immediate results in your body when you cut out soda you’re gonna have a lot more energy you’re not going to be as tired your blood sugar levels are gonna be a lot more stable overall you’re gonna feel a lot better when you cut out so does two three did you guys know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated that is unacceptable drinking water is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get you feeling and looking your best so grab a cute water bottle and drink half of your body weight in ounces per day now if you really don’t like water you can try spicing up your water by adding lemon or frozen fruit to it something to give it a little bit more of a taste and I love adding lemon and frozen blueberries to my water might sound a little weird but it’s actually really really good it’s super refreshing and it has a little bit of sweetness to your water being healthy goes so much deeper than being in top physical shape oftentimes we overlook our emotional health because we view healthy as a superficial idea limiting it to how our bodies look so write in your journal or take a bubble bath and start taking care of yourself from the inside out even exercise goes far beyond just shaping how our bodies look it helps relieve stress produce feel-good hormones in our bodies and even helps with a good night’s sleep so I suggest planning out your workout the night before along with setting out your workout clothes so that you have no excuse when it comes time to start your workout I’ve been using speed when the Sun Goes Down so should you in fact when you sleep your body regulates the hunger suppressing hormone leptin as well as your cortisol levels which keep your metabolism up so make sure you’re getting adequate rest every night the most important thing to remember when creating the habit of exercise is to do something you love to do you simply will not be able to stick to a plan of exercise if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy so figure out what you like do you like long walks quick jogs and upbeat spin class find what works for you and do what works for you where you are we learn [Music] is my [Music] passers-by there is no better time to begin your healthy lifestyle than today in fact the only thing we are ever completely sure of is right now in this moment the future is never guaranteed so why wait to start living a beautiful healthy active life later when right now is really all that you have.