Dr Buttar Accuses Fauci, Gates & The Media For Using COVID-19 To Drive Hidden Agenda

[UltraVid id=334 ]Personally, I love it to listen 1st what someone
has to say … from A to Zeee … nomatter Who it is.
Why?! Because that’s how you can figure out if
someone’s messing with you or not, plus you have
the opportunity to make yourself knowledgeable on
a specific given subject and kick out the BS.

This Doctor is in my opinion very straight forward and
worth listening from Start to End. He might sound
contreversial in an as much contreversial Crisis, but
is one of many experts that come with experienced based
questions and answers that you can’t just ignore only
because you personally don’t like some questions and
the answers that come out of it as a results. But after
the listening, you have @t least the chance to question
back or check if the truth is part of the story. Fear is the
worst advisor, no matter what the subject is.

So, enjoy the video and be free to make up your mind
about how some specific narratives are played out these days.


Dr. Rashid A. Buttar has a virtual sit down with Patrick Bet-David. Ask Dr. Buttar on his site and get all videos https://bit.ly/3bPykHS Subscribe to Dr. Buttar’s channel https://bit.ly/3bOkvcF

Get his book https://amzn.to/2SbvNjq The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity

About the guest: Rashid Buttar is an American osteopathic physician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is known for his controversial use of chelation therapy for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer. He has been reprimanded by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners for unethical treatment of patients.

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About Patrick Bet-David: Patrick’s story starts with his family immigrating to America when he was 10-years old. His parents fled Iran as refugees during the Iranian revolution and were eventually granted U.S. citizenship. After high school Patrick joined the U.S. military and served in the 101st Airborne before starting a business career in the financial services industry. After a tenure with a couple of traditional companies, he was inspired to launch PHP Agency Inc., an insurance sales, marketing and distribution company – and did so before he turned 30.

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Scott Pilgrim vs Vegan Todd Ingram (The Full Vegan-Challenge Parody ..).. (” ,)

[UltraVid id=318 ]Scott Pilgrim vs Vegan Todd Ingram
A Legend … VS … another Legend…
One stands for the future, the other one is relic of the past..
Hmm .., weird isn’t it?! 1st there were the regular
Spandex “Next-Door Neighborhood-Super-Heroes”
in the 50ies with no Powers at all, soon followed by all
sort of Mutants who could fly or do … whatever with their
Minds and Body. And nowadays…everybody can become a…
Superhero by default, not by becoming perfect, just being ..
a Vegan … 😀

Watch this hilarious video that has to be looked at with
a sense of humor only!

Being a Vegan without arrogance = a cool Superpower 😉



The vegan tech prince of Saudi

[UltraVid id=316 ]Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal’s interests can effectively be split into two distinct areas. There’s KBW Investments, the Dubai-headquartered holding company that counts Raimondi Cranes and other construction-related entities in its portfolio. Arada, the developer that has been making headlines across the Gulf for its eye-catching projects in Sharjah, falls into this category.

But it’s the second portfolio, KBW Ventures that is gradually also coming more to the fore, thanks to a series of investments into companies that are gaining traction in a number of different sectors around the planet.

Each investment is in a company that KBW Ventures believes has the capacity to impact the planet positively in the future – including veganism – while Prince Khaled also says that bringing the very best that Silicon Valley has to offer to the Middle East is also a prime consideration.

“Right now, every company that I’ve worked with, we’ve set out plans for them to come into the region,” he says. “Why? Not because of how promising the region is, but I believe the region can benefit from amazing companies, amazing technology, amazing thinkers and driven entrepreneurs. Our economy and our people need new ideas and fresh blood.”

In this edition of Inside AB, Jeremy Lawrence and Lubna Hamdan look at the strategy behind Prince Khaled’s investments and analyse how ethical investments can also be profitable ones.

Website: http://arabianbusiness.com/


4 EASY Vegan CHRISTMAS Recipes🎅🏽 !!!

[UltraVid id=302 ]We were having a stroll down the high street yesterday and we noticed that many shop windows are now adorned with Christmas decorations!

Christmas is 49 days away, which seems like a long time, but, like every year, that time is gonna fly by…

We reckon it’s high time we all start thinking about what we’re gonna eat for our Chrimbo dindins this year.

Here are a few ideas that will no doubt whet your Christmas whistle…

Here’s the recipe lineup:

One Tray Christmas Dinner
Vegan Turkey Sandwich
Christmas Burger
Christmas Lasagna

Henry and Ian x

#vegan #bosh #veganmainstream



FREE VEGAN Chocolate Factory tour (13-19 December 2019) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

[UltraVid id=301 ]CONGRATULATIONS Benns Ethicoa on the official opening of your lifestyle chocolate factory!

Last week, we were invited to visit @benns_ethicoa chocolate factory to experience how they make their bean to bar fine chocolates.

We learnt about:
~ Where does chocolate come from?
~ History of chocolate
~ Health benefits of chocolate
~ Craft chocolate revolution
~ Benns trade policy all about quality & fairness
~ All their cacao beans are sourced from Asia – Malaysia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand
~ Watch the actual process of how chocolate is made

And after the insightful factory tour, we got to sit down and enjoy the chocolates in different forms including:
* Drinking chocolate
* Chocolate pastries
* Chocolate bon bons
* Chocolate Ice Cream

All Benns Chocolates are 100% Natural, Vegan and Gluten Free. (When I was there last week, not all pastries are vegan though, so do check with them. They’ve promised more vegan pastries in the pipeline- yayyyy!)

FREE FACTORY TOUR FROM 13th-19th December
– Opens daily from 10am to 6pm
– Close on Mondays
– Please make your bookings via email: factorytour@bennsethicoa.com
– first come first serve
– Children under 12

Thank you @wilfredng_cacao and siewci for hosting us.

Benns Ethicoa Bean To Bar Chocolate Factory
Lot no. 6, Jalan Cj 1/6c Kawasan Perindustrian Cheras Jaya
Batu 11
43200 Cheras
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How to Make a VEGAN CHRISTMAS Dinner! (Cookalong) 🎅🏽

[UltraVid id=300 ]So…

It’s coming and it’s coming QUICK.

Now’s the time to plan, so when the big day arrives, you’re more than ready.
Watch this viddy, save this viddy and use this viddy to inspire you and guide you on the big day.
We’re on a mission to make Christmas 2019 your best ever (in terms of food).

For the full method and ingredients head over to our website bosh.tv or click this link! – https://bit.ly/2Oeqb50 👈🏼


Henry and Ian x

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IN DEFENCE OF VEGANISM | response to ex-vegans

[UltraVid id=289 ]In this video, I discuss the recent events where vegan influencers have quit veganism and talk about my thoughts as to why this is. I also discuss MY personal experience on a vegan lifestyle for the last (almost) five years.

“It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.”