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[UltraVid id=52 ]hey so you’re thinking about being vegan huh for a month of January for vegan you are you gonna want to watch this before you do that so bad so for whatever reason you decide that you want to become vegan or follow plant-based diet and you want to kick it off the month of January January 1st 2019 I’m here I got your back I’m here to help you with that I’m gonna give you some important tips and tricks that you want to not want to forget yes I have a little cheat notepad because there’s so much valuable information that I want to pass on to you guys and I need you guys to know it you know what I’m saying so but anyway without further ado let’s get right into it so for me the first thing was doing a ton of research trying to figure out what type of meats well let me get into Hawaiian first I am the vegan mechanic my name is Tony so I’m gonna be vegan for two years this coming January 1st because I started January 1st you know two years ago but anyhow the best thing that I can explain to you is you have to like follow some key steps in order to like keep yourself on this you know this whole gravy train here no pun intended but let’s start off with this number one you’re gonna want to get some new recipes in order to get new recipes you’re gonna need to follow some kick butt youtubers right so of course subscribe to you ma’am right here you know the vegan mechanic you don’t want to subscribe to a few other people some of my favorites cheap lazy vegan the vegan zombie sweet potato so flat vegan recipes beef ribs pretty dope like so I follow just about a lot of different youtubers but the thing is when I first was transitioning to veganism I I was following those people but now – believe it or not I actually watched more like a comical stuff when your teeth in like actual like vegan stuff I still check on other vegans from time to time just to see what they got going on but yeah for the most part those are some of the vegans you’re gonna look at they have some pretty dope recipes depending on what type of fool you into but normally a quick search on YouTube you can find whatever it is that you’re looking for veganized like from cinnamon rolls – cookies – vegan chicken – vegan steak everything’s there whether you have it in tolerance – like a soy or like gluten you can type that in the search engine – out like gluten-free lasagna boom something’s gonna pop up soy free cheese boom so I think that’s one of the major things you know to help you just just watch a whole bunch of those people and you know don’t listen to the lies about you can’t give big while you’re vegan you know I’m still working on you know saying but what I’m saying is yo yo I don’t sit around with a protein calculator in my back pocket like did not get enough grams of protein today I don’t do that I just eat I just eat you know our food are you gonna eat good food and I eat vegan junk food like you know it is what it is so the next big thing is you can be vegan if your your refrigerator isn’t up to you know up to par you don’t have all the stuff that you need so with that being said you want to make sure you grab some of your staples staples are gonna be just about anything that you feel really comfortable with eating you know whether you’re a guacamole Thai person so you want to have like you Divac Idol toe so just just wanna eat guacamole like it is with some chips and dip but a lot of stuff that you already probably were eating is vegan you don’t I said and if not then you know they might have vegan options for so me personally stuff that I have to make sure that I have at all times is some Earth Balance butter I want you gotta have that I got to have me some rice gotta have me several different frozen french fries on deck cuz all I do sometimes when I get home and I’m really tired and I just want to eat something real fast I just grab my frozen fries frozen tater tire stolen my air fryer in ten minutes I got a big smile on my face pour some ketchup on that thing and I go to bed you know what I’m saying so that’s how I take care of that but you gotta figure out what yours are gonna be you know to me it yours might be tofu yours might be a you know anything you just got to think about the very simple stuff oh you always keep frozen broccoli and frozen fruit in the fridge like always like that’s a must you know say even you can get the or or yeah I can even get it up but oriental brand or soy sauce brand top ramen you know it has no animal products any you can eat those is like no problem so next one of the things I think a lot for people that are vegan I mean are trying to go vegan I know I can’t give up cheese cheese is life cheese a yeah so here’s the thing first let me start when I when I let go cheese and I let go of my allergies pretty much so that’s one good point for you to like leave cheese alone when I let go that my allergies want right along with it I took like two allergy puffs all year last year didn’t really have any issues with those so that can be one help one have for you you can look at a it’s a video on youtube that says dairy scarier I can help you get a you know get off at a dairy as well but anyway outside of that they have plenty of great alternatives to cheese and milk I use almond breeze on them oh that’s the best one if you have a nut allergy check out the rice milk or soy milk those two blokes are also pretty decent I normally get the sweetened or unsweetened of regular milk the vanilla milk is really good but it’s kind of sweet the chocolate milk is amazing my kids will drink that I don’t know why I don’t keep it in the house because I like them you know drinking the army milk and stuff but I need to get some more of the chocolate arm and like they love it but ok I’m rambling on let’s get back to the cheese there’s several different cheeses I think I will make a completely separate video for my favorite cheese is gonna be child for the slices if I want to do like a grilled cheese just have a sandwich with sliced cheese on I’ll use child cheese if I want to make like tacos lasagna Pizza mac and cheese I use a die cutting board shreds only the cutting board the old is Burmese people keep coming at me like hey you told me good to die in it and I always say in every single video make sure you get the cutting board people get the wrong cheese and they get mad at me look hang on I do that you know I’m saying I tell you to write wanna get if you decide not to that’s up to you I’m sorry so anyway transitional meets out there some good transitional meets will be a like the Beyond meet their burger in their sausage is phenomenal the just a incredible so those three products right there are really gonna be key to helping you transition to have some like meat like substance without eating meat anymore like so if you feel like you want to have a cheat day yeah cheat with that stuff you know I mean it’s close enough to the real thing it will satisfy you just make sure you type it the same way you would type any other burger with the same seasoning because believe it or not you really crave the season and what do you crave the flesh so you can switch over plenty of meats like that I would say the baha’i meet the beyond sausage the just egg there’s some more products out there just save the carne meatballs oh they are phenomenal I learn in the package you know you’re gonna watch all your packaging look for all of milk products make sure you don’t have any milk or eggs or and you know honey or like other stuff that can be you know it’s just lying in there you didn’t know what vegan but it is you know what I mean that she knows not but you know they ya talking circles but let’s get back on to it alright so why are the last things you don’t also want to do is um I if you’re on facebook eat and if you’re on Instagram first off you want to follow both of my pages on Facebook it’s a at the vegan mechanic on Instagram its act the underscore vegan mechanic you can follow me to help you with transporation because I always suppose good food pics that someone might be ugly who knows but I’ll I always post food pictures and so the one thing that I will say that you should also do is uh find some uh some inspirational YouTube or not youtubers but Instagram people that have vegan pages and just follow them just do hash tag vegan or hash tag vegan food and you’ll see tons and tons of people post them pictures you can just go on check them and follow them you can follow the hashtags now so many different ways you can do this but you just want to flood your timeline with a whole bunch of different vegan foods whole bunch of different vegan food ideas tasty vegetarian normally has some good vegan food sometimes they throw milk and actually gonna watch out but tasty vegetarian and always has like really dope easy recipes on there their Instagram so I’d be one thing that also try up and I’m pretty sure I hit all the angles but there may be certain things that I forgot if there is leave it in the description box I mean you can’t type the description leave it in the comment box below and I will be sure to either make another video or answer that I’m doing something new 2018 / 2019 understand every video I’ll do for now on I am I’m messaging I’m sorry I’m replying to all the comments you hear me I’m replying to all the comments well if you do a self comment I can’t see that but every single comment that just pops up I’m replying to it you say hey Tony you look awesome I’m replying to it I’m sad thank you alright I just rambling on but like I said if there’s anything that you guys in the hell would I’m here I’m here to help just write it down in the comment box below make sure you subscribe to this channel share this with a whole bunch of friends if you’re not watching this on YouTube go check me out on YouTube the vegan mechanic on YouTube like I said I’ll see you on the next video make sure you eat grass not ass like subscribe share this with your friends peace


Vegan + Gluten Free Bread Recipe! NO Yeast! #kickstart2019

[UltraVid id=53 ]Hey Margie’s welcome if you’re new I’m Melissa over the holidays I shared some gluten-free bread recipes that a lot of you love but I had so many requests to do a version without eggs so I put it on my list or recipe tested and today I’m sharing with you a gluten free bread that is also vegan no eggs at all and just like my other three breads this recipe also uses no yeast no bread machine and requires no kneading nice I start by combining my dry ingredients I use a mix of brown rice flour buckwheat flour baking powder make sure yours is gluten free if needed baking soda xanthan gum and salt whisk it up separately I warm some almond milk and ground flaxseed and let it thicken for a few minutes it may not look as viscous as flats egg but you’ll feel that it’s thickened when you whisk it after about ten minutes I whisk some agave or honey for non-vegan and apple cider vinegar into the milk mixture – then I can add the dry and the wet and combine it will be a thick dough into a loaf pan it goes I like to line mine with parchment paper for easy removal and to prevent sticking I add some rolled oats as a topping but you could use any seeds or chopped nuts to make that baby for over an hour until the bread is lightly golden it will spring back when touched cool it completely before removing from the loaf pan and slicing Wow it is dark like a pumpernickel bread because of that buckwheat flour the xanthan gum is what helps it pull together as a sandwich bread but the bread should work without it it just might be better for toast instead it’s soft but hearty and even has a little bit of natural sweetness too if you’re wanting a gluten-free bread that doesn’t use eggs this is totally worth a try I hope you enjoyed this recipe please know that I do always read your requests in the comments and do actually keep a running list of everything you asked for so if there’s something you want to see definitely let me know I appreciate you I will be back tomorrow in all this month with more content to kick start your new year be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat and don’t forget to hit that Bell so you actually get notified and remember it’s all a matter of mind over munch


Start Raw Vegan Challenge Now for 2019

[UltraVid id=48 ]Well hey there everybody I’m Jack this is Rob co-living thanks for joining me today hope everybody’s having had a happy hump day I’m shooting this on Wednesday morning and I’m just getting the video done before I get to work here I have added some new designs to the store and kind of just making the store look a little bit nicer as always I’ll have the description and I have a link to our store in the description below so go check it out sometime anyhow today is gonna be about start raw vegan challenge now for 2019 guys that do videos every day so if you haven’t already done it please don’t go down there and hit that subscribe button now and then immediately click on the little bell and check send notifications so you’ll stay subscribe to the channel youtube’s unsubscribing a lot of people now through my analytics those could be fake people because there’s always a ton of fake accounts on YouTube as on other social media platforms so anyhow just letting you know that so you can stay tuned to your favorite channels not just mine you know I like to Zig where others zag most people will not start talking about Ravi you know getting started with anything or challenges or anything until 2019 because that’s kind of just how P we do it you know the big New Year’s resolutions but and as we’re going into the fourth quarter of 2018 here and just you know less than 10 day ten days twelve days something like that there’s a lot of time left that’s three months that’s three months there’s no need to just sit around and do nothing and wait and say okay once 2019 gets then I’ll rededicate myself again no anytime of the year the best time to start something is right now there’s no need to wait for it and you know when I say a challenge for 2019 they can mean whatever that you want it to mean but it should mean improvement if anything it should at least mean improvement being better on January 1st 2019 than you are now now put some people have you know some people do it a little bit slower but to be quite honest with you the it was somebody that was motivated there is absolutely no reason that you couldn’t go from standard American diet right now to pretty much a fully raw vegan lifestyle by 2019 it would take it would take a real desire to want to do it and it would take a little bit of planning but it really to be honest it wouldn’t be all that difficult ok assess where you are right now are you doing raw food diet at all are you eating a standard American diet or you vegan plant-based that’s not doing raw this more interested in raw ok assess where you are right now where do you want to be on January 1st maybe you don’t want to be full maybe you want to be fully raw maybe you don’t want to be fully raw maybe you want to be a X amount of raw maybe you want to be have progressed certain amount that’s up to you but decide where you want to be assess where you are right now decide where you want to be on January 1st and set yourself a progression I like progression I mean you know it’s like if it’s got to be it’s snail-pace whether it’s removing something on a weekly basis maybe you are gonna do it slow I don’t know like I say I always like to focus on just be moving forward don’t worry about how much you’re moving forward if you continuously keep moving forward and you don’t go back you don’t go back and forth you’ll get there steady wins the race just a little each day a little each day a little each day keep being consistent with it and you will move forward so decide you know you decide for yourself but okay and I’m not going to put a whole lot of specifics out there because like I say I won’t to try to inspire people to do this with wherever they are so there’s going to be a wide range of where people are let’s say you’re not doing role at all simply go relative you know that I’ve kind of got like a loose program I’ve talked about based on that either going raw fully raw in three months from standard American diet to raw in three months or do it in five months and that first step would just simply be going or also noon and you know go big go big you have got to eat plenty of food to do this so when I’m saying go relative noon if you’ve never done this before you can’t eat two bananas you can’t eat two bananas in the morning and white-knuckle it out try to hang in there until noon eat yourself a big breakfast you know I just had I just had bananas I had banana and cinnamon kind of banana cinnamon milk I like it real thick and I probably had eight or nine bananas in there that’s like 900 calories so that is going to stay with you for quite some time and those are good calories those are healthy calories I’ve noticed you know I was somewhere recently maybe in a mall and I went by McDonald’s and I noticed they put all the calories and stuff up there that eight or nine hundred good calories is still more than what you’re eating at your McDonald’s or whatever and people eat that and make it till noon so just make it to noon you know if you’re already doing the raw just try to move forward like I say wherever you are set that plan and move forward that’s listen I talked about that yesterday having a plan writing it down those are just two tools that will be invaluable to you so you know who knows maybe you’re doing maybe you’re doing Ronald relative dinner right now and then that okay your progression from there there’s a lot of different progressions along the way what I’m just trying to do is kind of give you some ideas to inspire wherever you are what you can do to move forward to improve by the end of the year you know if you’re already doing raw till dinner then you’re just a really a couple of steps away then I would just say you know and maybe who knows if you’re doing Ronald dinner also how hard has this lifestyle been for you do you need a little bit more of a a little bit more of a formal progression okay if it’s even if it’s tough for you okay if you’re doing Ralph till dinner start doing raw fully start doing fully raw three nights a week that that leaves you four nights a week that you know you’re gonna be eating cooked and I think a lot of the times when people are shifting to raw it’s just that cook thing can be a psychological thing not knowing you know the whole fully raw means never never so if you start thinking you know if you think in the terms of how I’m never gonna eat cooked food again it can be intimidating so when you’re doing it three days a week you’re being fully raw three days a week but you still have that in your head okay but I will be eating four days a week even when you go to eating fully raw five days a week that’s what I would say the next progression would be do it for three days a week maybe for a month then Ford then then after one month do it for five days a week your fully raw but you still have that little psychological fallback you know that you’re going to have cooked food two days a week so in then in month three see there you’re getting stronger you’re getting stronger you’re getting less used to it you’re starting to see like okay I can do without this cooked food then in that third month or if it’s the fifth month if you’re coming all the way from a standard American diet you go fully raw but like I say I’m just throwing a bunch of different examples out there because just always be progressing a little bit each day maybe you were on a standard American diet and even that sounds crazy you know eating all those amount of bananas MIT but and hey that’s a valid because you hear people talking about all these crazy amounts of bananas or crazy amounts of fruit or volume of food and you’re like well I could never eat all that and you’re right for right now because none of us came into this I remember you know when I first came to this lifestyle in bananas I remember eating three or four or five bananas the first time and going oh my god I can’t believe I just ate five bananas but so if you’re just starting on this lifestyle and you just heard me say eight or nine banana and you’re thinking oh that’s impossible split it up you know have yourself some fruit first thing in the morning and then maybe you have to take it in smaller meals you know maybe you have to eat a couple two or three bananas now two or three bananas in a couple hours and then more to get it to lunch the methods I like people to have to kind of come up with their own methods you know that’s why I’m not a big fan of programs and having other people set out you’re you know how you’re gonna do it for you because you know you so you need you have to kind of personalize this and figure out little tricks little methods little personal aspects of a plan they’re gonna motivate you to do it because how I do it may not be your way of doing it so I’ll just finish off by saying wherever you are on this journey whether you’re starting from scratch maybe whether you’ve been doing it a few months maybe whether you’ve been doing a good while and haven’t had success with it set yourself a reasonable goal for you and what I mean by a reasonable goal is not something that’s too easy or not something that’s super out of reach that you know you probably realistically not going to get to but just set yourself a challenge that will be a good challenge you know that’ll be that won’t be too hard for you but there won’t be too easy for you and then just set your plan and move forward from there and judge your once you get to January first I don’t want you to be too harsh on yourself I don’t want you to be too overly easy on yourself but don’t look for perfection the biggest thing more than anything is I would like to just see you have made a significant improvement in the next three or four months you know like they say what’s this so there’s some sort of a cliche saying shoot for the stars and if we don’t reach the stars we still hit pretty high that’s the biggest thing I want I don’t want some challenge where you’re like oh well I didn’t do exactly or I didn’t do it a hundred percent or I’d get you know I didn’t get it as far as I wanted to get but I moved forward I improved and improve my just just listen to what I just said right there just like it’s as simple as that you improved your bet you will be better on January 1st 2019 than you are now but soon the holidays will come in soon follow will come in and all this oh the pumpkin spice and I got to go to Starbucks and get this and then it’ll be Halloween candy and you’ll roll into the holidays and it’s easy once the weather change you start rolling in the holidays just to get that mentality of okay well I’ll wait I’ll just might as well you know forget it for this year and I’ll start all over with the New Year’s resolution now is always the best time to start so let’s do us a little challenge and let’s clean it up by the 1st of the year and then you’ll go into 2019 and you can set your resolutions goals whatever much higher than you would if you just then if you do nothing now and just wait for the new year to get here so anyhow let’s do it I hope you guys enjoyed this one today if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you again tomorrow peace


what i eat to get HeAlThY for 2019!! (vegan)

[UltraVid id=47 ]This is everything I ate today to start my 2019 off right! I hope that I can give you some inspiration and motivation for your health and fitness journey. If you enjoy ‘what i eat in a day’ videos, don’t forget to subscribe and like this video. Thanks for watching 🙂

Everything I ate today:

-rolled oats
-chia seeds
-hemp seeds
-lots of cinnamon
-water/almond milk
-shredded zucchini
-toppings: blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, almond butter

-lettuce, spinach, arugula
-dressing (lemon juice, maple syrup, olive oil)
-baked potatoes

-sweet potato (olive oil, salt, paprika)
-tofu (olive oil, salt, pepper)

i also had a small smoothie for dessert but forgot to film 🙂

No copyright intended.


2019 Vegan Guide | Heard This? | 3 Simple Ways to Go Vegan Now!

[UltraVid id=49 ]Peas and Finnick waters diving deep once again beautiful deep divers we are out here in the heart of nature baby just woof breathing in that good ass Prada baby it’s a sunny day and I’ve got a mango smile 7 day vegan challenge shout out to everybody who’s going vegan in 2019 to all of those of you to all of those of you who are making that giant leap to go vegan I’m proud of you and a lot of people always ask me what’s the three best ways to go vegan I’ve been a vegan for over 14 years now I’m not special anybody can do this anybody can eat better and live better and feel better deep divers did you know that over 150 billion animals are killed every single year think of that while I tell you the three best ways to go vegan the first way is what I call meatless Mondays and dairy-free Monday’s forget about doing it the whole week just focus on the meatless Monday say this Monday no more me okay I know it’s gonna be hard because your mom’s steak is pretty good right I know but it’s meatless Monday and it’s dairy-free Monday and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna eat mock meat you can eat seitan tempeh porn I love milk Ralph what are you gonna drink almond milk on that Monday then also have more fruit and more veg and then as weeks past you’re gonna do that on Tuesday then on Wednesday then on Thursday then on Friday then on Saturday then on Sunday before you know it you’ve done that for a whole week and then you continue doing that the second best way to go vegan how to transition to the plant-based diet is to research read books like the China study by dr. Campbell which shows the benefits of the plant-based diet but where am I gonna get my protein Ralph chia seeds a complete source of protein III live has more protein than beef so does spirulina so there are plenty of plant-based sources of protein but also find out why you want to go vegan I’m doing it because I sincerely love animals not just the dog down the road or the cat down the road I love all animals and we have to protect animals what is the third simple step to go vegan surround yourself with other vegans people who love food plant-based foods get out there start networking go to vegan festival start to realize that being vegan gives you more energy people are happier less anxiety I’m one of those people and then deep divers well you just say feels so good to be a live baby can I get a hello beautiful deep divers would just yeah breathing in that good ass piranha baby to all of you who are going vegan in 2019 congratulations and shout out to everybody who’s been getting the amazing good ass prana shirts at Ralph’s smart comm slash clothes check out the new deep divers on Amazon feel alive by Ralph smart get more daily inspiration on Instagram at infinite waters deep divers go vegan have a beautiful day infinite waters diving deep once again stay well stay healthy peace you go vegan even the cat down even the cat down the road says that go vegan live better eat better feel better let’s get it deep divers you


World’s Vegan City! || NAS Daily in Israel ||

[UltraVid id=41 ]hi eat meat but I have just arrived to a place where I don’t need it this is Tel Aviv Israel it’s the city that has considered the vegan capital of the world because in this city two hundred thousand people are we can begin we can begin again because I am a vegan it’s the highest percentage in the world of vegans which means in this city there are hundreds restaurants that use no eggs no meat normal no animals just plans and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s delicious do you like it nuts you can’t even speak this how much along it is there’s chicken they eat mushrooms beef artichokes milk coconuts and meat is from mush and this burger is vegan in the city of Tel Aviv people don’t hate me they just made so much delicious vegan food that you don’t even need to eat meat


What If The World Became Vegan? | Earth Unplugged

[UltraVid id=40 ]In the UK alone there are over half a million people who have decided to live a vegan lifestyle. This involves not eating dairy or meat and instead opting for plant based food. However, across the globe, humans eat a staggering amount of meat and all these animals need land to graze, food to eat and are responsible for the production of methane which excelarates climate change. What would happen if everyone in the world became vegan?


Vegans banned by pub during hunt

Image caption An employee has been suspended following the banning of vegans

Vegans were banned from a saloon during a Boxing Day hunt, leading to a backlash on social media.

Some people accused The Dorset pub in Lewes, East Sussex, of being “discriminatory”.

Harvey’s, the brewery which owns The Dorset, said it was “appalled”, and federal employees had been suspended over the “inappropriate” sign.

Sussex Police were called when brawls broke out between those taking part in the hunt and protestors.

Image copyright Google Maps Image caption The Dorset caters for vegans, but censored them temporarily

According to its menu, the tavern in Malling Street caters for vegan and gluten-free customers, and it was only during the hunt when the sign appeared in the window.

On Twitter, Gilly Smith said: “Isolating and discriminating against their own patrons? Actually clever marketing gambit. Should be ashamed of themselves and boycotted.”


People Discuss Why Nothing, Including Veganism, Is 100 Percent Cruelty-Free

One of the biggest reasons people adopt a vegan lifestyle is because they’re horrified by how animals in factory farms and testing facilities are treated. Many believe it’s the closest they can get to living “cruelty-free.”

That said, not everyone agrees that being a vegan means being completely cruelty-free. And they’re right — when you consider the child labor, forced labor, exploitation of workers, hazardous and extreme working conditions, lack of labor rights protecting agricultural workers, extremely low wages, and the killing of animals during harvesting involved in food supply chains, nothing is 100 percent cruelty free.

These are just some of the things people have been pointing out in an attempt to make people understand that veganism is not perfect…

…as much as some vegans (the key word being some, not all) disagree.

And there’s the fact that a plant-based diet simply isn’t doable for some people.

People were quick to question the logic behind some of the arguments…

… and pointed out the all-or-nothing mentality that was also behind them.

Others shared their own opinions regarding being cruelty-free:

Some vegans even joined the discussion, agreeing and explaining they want their lifestyles to do as little harm as possible.

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Can cats be vegan?!

[UltraVid id=35 ]hey guys it’s Rihanna today we are talking all about cats as a crazy vegan cat lady I get asked many many times that’s probably the question that arises the most for me through my email on YouTube on Instagram what do you feed your cats as a vegan and I touched on the subject for the first time in a video in my 3 unethical things I do as a vegan so if you haven’t seen that video already go and check it out that was a few months ago and I was kind of still testing the waters and doing my research and a few months on I can now talk to you guys about this more thoroughly and explain what I’m doing this is my breakfast movie sorry so I’m definitely going to get for this video because whatever you say about being a vegan and feeding a cat that you live with there’s always going to be opposing ideas and someone’s always going to say you’re wrong and I know that and that’s why it’s not the most fun video to make but I know it’s going to be helpful for you out there I got an email about this yesterday actually so this is why I’m making it today so I’m going to present the two sides of this argument and really go through each one in detail as quickly as I can now I want this video to be short and then at the end I’m going to explain to you what I’ve decided to do this is by no means a video telling you what you should do you have to do what you want and you have to do what you think is best and most right and most ethical and that’s how I’ve come to my decision on one side of this we have a group of vegans who say you know cats are obligate carnivores they are biologically designed to eat meat and we as vegans should not force our vegan views on our cats and I feel this is is this is strong you know cats do you have the carnivorous door that goes up and down it doesn’t go side to side they are designed near their biology points towards meat they are carnivores and because cats are carnivores they actually need to eat meat they actually need the nutrients from meat in order to be healthy that is why a lot of vegans you have cats do you feed their cats meat still they do still directly buy from the meat dairy and egg industries they are still putting their money into that because they have a pet they have someone in their life who actually needs that from the industry because they’re carnivores because they need the nutrients from the meat in order to be healthy so whilst this group of vegans are most likely not happy that directly funding the meat dairy and egg industries in order to feed their kind of as pets meat they’ve made this compromise because they feel it’s most ethical to give a kind of respect meat on the other side of the argument we have vegans who have on the opposite extreme decided to go with a 100% vegan cat food for their pets now a lot of the time when I see responses to this on social media it is an absolute uproar and it gets really really hairy it is not a fun discussion to be in and I avoid it like the plague the reason that a lot of vegans might choose to feed their cats 100% vegan cat food is that there is the argument that if you have a pet and you are feeding your pets the dead bodies of other animals who didn’t want to die this in itself is a form of speciesism you know you are favoring your cat or whatever pet you have that needs to eat meat over another species who didn’t have the choice in the matter another point to add to this is that if you choose not to feed your cat meat and you opt for a vegan cat food then I think it’s highly likely that when your cat goes and hunts and brings it back instead of bring it bringing it to you as a gift they would actually eat their kills and they would obtain any extra nutrients that they need from that meat that they’ve gone out and hunted themselves that you have taken no part in you have no control over and this really is the circle of life whichever group of vegans you fall into as a cat owner it’s it’s probably likely as well that you are someone who had a cat before you went vegan and so this became a problem for you whichever side of the argument you land on because you went vegan after you have this beautiful animal in your life and then it presented a massive headache because you didn’t know what to do about it and that was definitely the situation I found myself in now the part you’ve all been waiting for what where do I fall in this argument which side of the line am I on what do I feel well I’d say for a while I felt that I was going to continue feeding my cat meat and it got to a point a few months ago when I realized that I wasn’t going to place another order for the 10th at me I just couldn’t bring myself to do it I was not happy that my money was directly funding the meat dairy and egg industries because it was literally the last thing that I was directly buying from those places I thought about all the animals that died to go into the meat that I was feeding to my cats and without doubt the animals that are ground up into pet food would have been abused and would have been treated very badly I didn’t I couldn’t get this out of my mind it kept going through my mind and I thought I just can’t keep buying it so I’ve come to a compromise before this started to become an ethical problem for me I was feeding my cats half hill science plan chicken adult biscuits and half Connie tinned wet cat food and they seemed really happy on that until I started thinking about what I was buying and where it came from and all the rest of it I began doing my research on alternative vegan dry cat foods and I saw so many fantastic things written reviews about a me cats so I thought you know what I’m gonna buy a bag so I did I bought a bag and I started to mix the a me cat biscuits in with the hill science plan when you first start to do this if you decide you want to do this and you want to switch your cats to a vegan dry biscuit you need to start the ratio with 90% of their regular food meat consistency that you’re feeding them already and only start with 10% of the new food and gradually gradually it will become and the ratio of mostly vegan cat food but you have to do it over a period of time you can’t just switch their food immediately because they might not react to it very well and this time also gives you chance to observe how they are to see if their behavior changes to see if they’re looking healthy you know you can see there the health and their coats you can see if they seem happy you can see if there is active outside etc etc I’ve been making this transition for them over the last month and now we’re on about 80% ami cat – vegan kappa skits 20% hill science plan and they are just as happy and energetic as they were before they seemed really really well their coats looked beautiful so I haven’t seen any difference and whatsoever in case you watch a mess in your thinking you are a terrible cat owner what are you doing I will explain the one nutrient that cats absolutely must get now ordinarily this nutrient called taurine could only be obtained in meat sources but now because humans are actually quite clever with some things we have managed to synthetically create this and add it into being cat food so you will see taurine listed in vegan cat foods or I mean you should always check but it should always be in it it’s definitely in the alley cat that I’ve got and this is really important for cats you I ran out of the tinned cats me about a month ago and since then I was looking into alternatives of how I could maybe continue feeding my cats meat occasionally without me directly having to put my money into an industry that I do not agree with and do not want to support in any way I managed to find a compromise to this and I spoke with a local business I also spoke with friends and family who still eat meat and we kind of have a loose agreement where each week I will get some kind of meat whether that be chicken or turkey or something from another source that I haven’t paid for but it’s from a place where it would otherwise have been going in the rubbish bin so this for me is like the best compromise because I still can give my cats meat not every day I won’t be giving them every day and they seem really happy on that but I do still give them me now for me the ethical conundrum was that I didn’t want to be personally funding the industry I didn’t want my money to be going to that place but I understood them it was important for my cats to have some kind of meat even though I do believe it is possible for you to feed your cats 100% vegan cat food because of the added taurine there’s also another group that I haven’t mentioned in this video and that is the group of people who say that vegans shouldn’t even have pets at all but this is definitely a topic for another video because I can talk about that for a long time I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and I hope if you have cats in your life and you’re vegan or you’re considering going vegan that you have found this helpful I know I’m going to get for this video but hey that’s why I’m on YouTube right so if you’ve got anything to say to me whether you agree or disagree then link them below put it in the comments and I will get back to you thanks so much for watching follow me on Instagram around reen check out my blog rihanna doing calm and i’ll see you tomorrow guys love and light i live about 10 minutes from yorkshire countryside like deep in the yorkshire countryside down there and there were lots of fields with a mother sheep and their little lambs and when I was younger I never really thought about why the babies were there and then why they disappeared and obviously now when I see them it just breaks my heart because in a couple more weeks you won’t see the lambs anymore it’s my Lynette Cup and I’ve got the really bright awesome purple color it’s like a really really vibrant purple it’s gorgeous I’m gonna go and see one of my friends who works who has a vintage door that I think I featured in a period vlog before so I thought I’d go and see her for an hour or so it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her and because I’ve been like driving quite a bit today I have got my banana smoothie in my kiln the drugs I’m trying to do you know more of zero waste transitioning and changing how I’m buying things it’s actually going really well it’s pretty interesting do any of you guys live zero-waste or any of you transition