Raise Your Vibrational Frequency on A Vegan Diet – Vegan Diet For Yogis

[UltraVid id=80 ]Welcome to the hole we help you find inside of you hey it’s blowing through the wind. That’s why so many people have arthritic conditions you start to experience that pain inside of your body because that acidic build-up inside your body starts to cause crystallization inside your body that cause the twitted condition the pain so remember when you partake it and the condition that these animals have been slaughtered and have experienced you are in taking that type of energy so now in order to convert or convert the best day died to beyond is of a vegan type of diet veganism B speaks of love and compassion okay and forgiveness of the partaking of the fruits and the vegetables that you’re eating and that using all that land and all that water for just a few people to eat meat dyin to eat a vegan diet you are being egalitarian because you’re sharing now an abundance of land you’re sharing now fund and supporter could you get so much graining it’s so much more food in the context of fruits and vegetables as opposed to using that land to graze the animal products for you to later on partake in so that’s why I’m going to highly encourage you to partake you know it’s not ironic that people who are vegans like it sometimes the body is out of balance so all the way around all the way around ladies and gentlemen if he speaks of for the good and for the wealthy of yourself and also for others now you’ve been altruistic you’re spreading that loud there you go that high vibrational feeling and you’re starting to feel good because you know you’re doing good it’s about doing that good karma twenty five hours a day seven days a week so I’m going to reenter eat and also the other key thing that when you partaking of the good healthy food you want to cook in peace you know you want to prepare your foods if your ball vegan and peace and you want to send in their vibrational frequency as you’re making these delicious delectable type of dishes you want to send them to that food love and compassion and forgiveness and we get this start all over again boots because what does food do it energizes us it invigorates us it gives us assistance we need to go out to do the many good karmic things that we’re supposed to do for all the world to see oh you got to see that wonderful burn wonderful cobwebs from my wonderful insect friends the spider so that’s what I want you to do ladies and gentlemen I want you to tap back into the original nature of the planet because you’re leading by example so many people welcome to join our vegan fall fitness that we have on Facebook come check us out there and when you go there you know you see so many people have changed I mean people have gotten rid of their asthmatic conditions people allergies are gone heart disease cancer high blood pressure diabetes oh I’m feeling good you know they always say if you can help one person you know say their say their own lies teach them how to save their own lives oh my god the connecting copper you reduce it so come on over to the other side join us and enjoy an invigorating life of bigoted notice oh and she was all the great Yogi’s if you notice majority of them but taken of a beacon good I think it’s a marinate with your plant friends and they enjoy the life in living.


How the Food You Eat Affects Your Mind, Meditation and Spiritual Growth? (Must Watch!)

[UltraVid id=81 ]How food affects your mind, body, meditation and spiritual growth. Indian yogi and Self-realized guru Swami Sivananda explains about the importance of sattvic diet (pure vegetarian food) and why is it important for spiritual seekers, what types of food to eat and to avoid, ideal diet habit etc..All spiritual aspirants must watch this. If you find this video helpful to you,

About Swami Sivananda:
Swami Sivananda (1887–1963) was one of the great Self-realized masters of India. In his life he pursued two careers, that of a successful physician and that of a yogi and sage.

Swami Sivananda was a prince among men, a jewel among saints. Service and love were the weapons he used to conquer the hearts of men. Swami Sivananda did not found a new religion, nor did he develop any new rules of ethics and morality. Instead, he helped the Hindu become a better Hindu, the Christian a better Christian, the Muslim a better Muslim.

There was an enduring power in Swami Sivananda – in his thoughts, his words and his deeds. He was the divine power of truth, purity, love and service.


Dharma Mittra on Yoga & Veganism for Yogis who don’t want to be Vegan.

[UltraVid id=76 ]Hello I am Dominic tree I am the yoga for the past five years and my main subject in my study is to learn about to be Hagen and today I spend all my time most of my time trying to make people Hagen that’s the food of the future akin Dharma Mitra blessing on you yeah how are you liking all this cold Colorado weather despite of all this not favorable weather is still blissful yeah I feel thankful and grateful to be here well we’re thankful grateful to have you so one question I know you talk a lot about being vegan why why is it important to be kind to our animal friends is that our hymns are why do you care about them as we grow ethically civilized our compassion go beyond the pets beyond our purses and train will be on pets yeah yeah because nowadays their compassion only go to after death then after that they see that the animals as food and regarding health the spiritual growth we must the vegan I think most of the problems and obstacle that we in counting figure triggering sort of senses of perception of sometimes and analysis of the way senses of perception in other words trying to activate our third I mean most of us who want to achieve good results we have to adapt for while a vegan diet I am thinking for a long time and I spend lots of time in my workshop talking about compassion when the compassion is fully update one automatically becomes vegan why the aliens don’t land here I don’t know they have very powerful telescopes they zoom into the magma damage right oh my wait I don’t want to go deeper here sweetie and remote yeah so and it’s also very healthy vegan I mean your how how old are you oh seven almost seven to seventeen and look at this man I don’t see flow for years I believe that if you are really out of dairy your body do not accept flows for some reason you become like immune this is by by my own experience and I think we should not it’s not right to eat animal product so is a good way to start for those who like to eat meat and Jesus to need a little less one day well the change is gradual first we eliminate the flesh we still keep the eggs and in the saterland right and then after a few more weeks a month we remove the eggs the embryos the one step at a time right you hand the body adjust and then keep them aside Ellen and what do you like to what gives you strength lots of his MO fish what smooth like I have a high speed blend a magic bullet yeah is wonderful I don’t eat much solid for the road Wow so what’s a veggie juice right and this wonderful look like your organs become smaller I’m not that the past few years everything’s shrinking here when you’re so strong yes less weight yeah less number and the mind is always shocked meditation ends always in light English even the yoga some part of it we have to update nobody is hearing gilma we have to be celestial virgin olive oil hemp are you coconut flux are you we are not used are you from animals are not right what Dharma Mitra thank you so much oh come let’s get it and you look wonderful thank you for this supposed to thank you people learn from it


What do Yogis eat… the old school Yoga diet

[UltraVid id=77 ]Hey how’s it going Rob Stewart here I made a new meal I’ve been eating it as some of you know I like to like make one type of food and just eat it a lot for like weeks at a time it’s just what I like to do for some reason and I’ve been eating this new meal and it’s got a weird combination of stuff in it I haven’t quite worked out the science on what it’s going to do but so far the experiment has been going really good I feel really really good on it and here it is it’s basically straight so when we got in there is basmati rice some greens some cilantro some chopped up pineapple some Damacio boom a plum vinegar and then a little tiny bit of sauerkraut very simple very easy to make and really really really tasty so the whole key of this for me and the reason why it works so well as its high in carbohydrates which gives me a ton of energy none of this will stick to my body the basmati rice just flows right through the pineapple is sweet and delicious and packed with lots of phytonutrients that I love and the cilantro obviously is amazing cleanser delicious helps my kidneys helps clean the blood and the greens the greens bring the protein the greens bring all of the minerals and all of the the juicy nutrients that that I love and it’s a combo meal of some cooked and some raw and some fermented and yeah so my money going to try and observe how you feel and if your belly hurts may be removed pineapple or remove the sauerkraut and play with it and make it your own so thanks for watching.