My EPIC Morning Routine [2018] + Men’s Healthy Lifestyle Tips

[UltraVid id=38 ]This last year I decided to make some huge shifts in my life I made the choice that mediocrity would no longer have a hold on me instead my life would be consumed by hardwork self-discipline and passion I love that sound every day I wake up in bed next to my beautiful wife is a blessing knowing that today is a brand new day and it’s full of opportunity and Wonder it always stirs up my passion for impacting the world in some kind of new way every day I like to kick off my morning with some positive music something that will get me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day I’ll go straight into brushing my teeth getting rid of that morning breath then of course hit the shower to wake me up using my steam spray to fight back any morning congestion besides washing my face and going through the necessary steps of my skincare routine I always find the shower as a quiet place where I can start my day right with meditation and prayer I never go a day without moisturizing my face so always make sure to use healthy products that are gonna benefit my skin and help me out in the long run now as most of you know I’m part owner of the premium hair care brand called shifu and today I’m actually testing out our newest hair product that we’re currently working on which will be launched a little later this year to go along with our other well-known products such as ocean clay which of course I used to style my hair with just about every day to save myself time I usually like to figure out what I’m gonna wear the night before especially on big days like today because in a couple hours from now I’ll be launching a little something I’ve been working on called individuals which is a community brand that anyone can be a part of individuals is all about embracing that things that make you unique your strengths your weaknesses see most people think that you have to be perfect to impact the world I say let people be inspired by your imperfections now I’m a big fan of staying healthy and keeping my body performing at the top of its game so every morning I’ll have my daily dose of vitamins and I’ll make a couple of these health drinks for my wife and I that are full of antioxidants fiber and other healthy ingredients we’ll have this along with an awesome breakfast that my wife always makes for us I like to always start off my day by reading positive development books I believe that having a high-quality personality is even more important than having a high quality style C in school we were never taught how to have vision or be an entrepreneur how to brand our name or how to even be good husbands or family men so reading learning and stretching ourselves every day is mandatory now about two or three days a week I like to go outside and just meditate I follow wim Hof’s breathing method and I absolutely love the way it makes me feel if I’m in need of a boost my wife and I like to hit up the coffee shop especially this little place called the breviary it’s this really good coffee joint located in Saint George Utah [Music] [Music] now this is also a great spot where I like to do all of my work before launching individuals I still need to upload and publish this YouTube video that I’ve been working really hard on for the last few days you know every time I post a video I get so excited to be able to chat with you guys in the comments section all the love and support that I get from you all is truly amazing and I feel so grateful that I get to be able to create content for a living and now that my videos up I’m gonna be taking the next hour just to finish up some final touches on some artworks just in time for the launch of individuals you know it’s crazy I’ve always wanted to create something that what you guys can be a part of and individuals is just that so if you want to join for free then click the link below and get a free gift for myself [Music] now before I continue my work today I’m gonna take about a two hour break and hit up the gym to get a workout in you know working out is a huge priority in my life it also gives me a chance to break away from my crazy world and put my focus elsewhere and just let my mind go kind of like meditation in a way now that my work is finished it’s about midday and I’m gonna be heading home to hit an a quick meal shower off and then I’ll be heading to my home studio for a few hours before working on some more videos for YouTube it’s kind of funny my brother and I grew up making music and this is how I was actually introduced to the whole YouTube industry way before i produce videos david and i used to make music and travel doing shows then one day we got in contact with a little youtube channel called tokyo TV that wanted to use our music for their videos so now things have come full circle and we’re getting ready to release our first album in over six years it’s been nothing but hard work and major dedication getting back into the groove again and creating our new sound over these past few years but now we’re ready to impact the world in a whole new way you know when it comes down to it being successful is all based on perspective and attitude being 25 and married creating YouTube videos being an owner of shavoo and individuals and now music all in the works my life gets pretty crazy I’m constantly on my grind non-stop but everything I’m doing I absolutely love it I love it all and I feel so blessed that God has entrusted me with so much I mean I can honestly say that I am truly grateful you know when you push yourself and I mean truly push yourself and when you stay grateful and full of faith no matter what circumstance that your current that’s a beautiful thing when you’re constantly helping other people and constantly dreaming big dreams regardless of what small-minded people think that to me is what true success is [Music] you [Music]

What A Vegan Olympic Weightlifter Eats In A Day! (Kendrick Farris)

[UltraVid id=33 ]Kendrick Farris is an American weightlifter who competed at this year’s Rio Olympics 2016 six years into his weightlifting career he decided to become a vegan since making the start change in 2014 Ferris has moved up a weight class and set an American weightlifting record by lifting over 800 pounds at the 2016 Olympic Trials when asked about why he chose to go plant-based he said my son was born almost two years ago in September 2014 and something happened where I was just seeing the whole thing so I’m like I need to do something different like how do you get back to what is the most purest form of our life our being and it started with the food I was doing some research and wanted to know more about my ancestry and I traced it back to one of the tribes of Israel their diet was a kosher diet but I wasn’t sure about the process of animal preparation so I made up my mind to try if he can diet now my body recovers a lot faster I feel lighter my mind is a lot more clear I feel I can focus a lot better not that I wasn’t a focused individual before but now I feel like I’m totally locked in this focus helped him set that u.s. record of a combined 377 kilogram at the Olympic Trials in May which is around eight hundred and thirty pounds with a 209 kilogram clean-and-jerk that’s four hundred and sixty pounds and a hundred and sixty eight kilogram snatch that’s three hundred and seventy pounds when asked about beef burgers Ferriss said you can replace it and it can taste amazing and be better for your body it’ll help with recovery reduce stress and inflammation in the body here’s what he eats on a typical day for breakfast he usually has vegan pancakes he also said he eats a wide variety of fruit with his favorite being grapefruit blackberries and blueberries his midday snack is a vegan protein shake and/or homemade trail mix with almonds cashews and pistachios lunch will often be avocado quesadillas or Spinach Lasagna another typical lunch is a salad grilled vegetables sweet potatoes beans and rice for his post-workout snack he has guacamole and black bean chips and for dinner he has black bean quesadillas or burgers made of homemade mushroom and rice patties he says he drinks a lot of water with lime mixed in and when he eats out he usually has some grilled vegetables vegan bread pasta and the salad bar the final word comes from Ferris he said start paying attention to what you’re putting into your body these things will help you have not just a clearer mind and a longer life but man you’ll have a greater quality of life it’s a beautiful thing and that’s the message that I hope to give to people thank you for watching this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up leave a comment below and subscribe for more upcoming videos if you want to see what I’m eating follow me on instagram @ 80/10/10 in london


Ridin’ Dirty, Post-Election Thoughts, and Vegan Athletic Apparel!

[UltraVid id=34 ]watch Max is cross line for tips from the pros site daily workings of cycle cross is fine sup guys up to the blog match Thanks it’s cool to be on a professional blog other than the iphone blog that i do yeah check out max’s cross vlog youtube it’s a way cool we use iphones only unlike these fancy cameras number one tip for cyclocross everyone jet for sale across my mouse boat let’s just click mark peanut butter watch Max is cross laundry tips from the pros any insight into the daily workings of cycle cross is mine right 60 miles done I’m feeling the bunk so I’m getting ready to go get some food it’s a recovery and feels good to get out and do a big long ride three and a half hours so post read meal is the classic dilla I just was feeling it today so you forget some refried pinto beans spinach some spices get some avocado going little salsa oh yeah baby whoo so um I’ve had a little bit of time to think about the you know outcomes of this election although I’m still kind of reeling I’m still trying to figure my out and still trying to figure out how to react and what to do and what to go where to go from here I don’t have any answers I don’t really know what to do except continue to follow my passions and follow the things I love love the people that are in my life show compassion lead by example and maybe I’m just too optimistic I’m a very optimistic person but I refuse to give up and refuse to concede into negativity and depression and sadness it sucks this out you know this election was ridiculous from from all aspects but that doesn’t mean that everything is over we collectively are an incredible force and if we focus on compassion focus on love and can focus on inclusion then we can do amazing things try not to get down on on everything and feel hopeless and helpless um because we can do something and I don’t know exactly what that is but I’m focusing on continuing to help people you know be healthy and happy and compassionate and passionate and to not stand for the blatant racism and the misogyny in the the fear and citing behavior and homophobic tendencies and thoughts I’m not willing to stand for it and neither should you this this is such a more important time than ever to truly stand up for that stuff if you ever see it you know maybe we’ll do another in-depth video about this later on but at the same time I don’t feel like it’s worth dwelling on we need to move forward let me know you know leave a comment below what do you think is the best way to move forward from this I don’t like I don’t want to have a lot of negativity on this channel and on thought for food so I want to move forward and keep this fun and entertaining and educational and to hopefully help to provide a you know an educational and safe space for people to comment to learn about how to live their lives better all right back to the normal scheduled goofy weird thought for food blog oh my god guys look what just came in the mail vegan athletic apparel so you guys know that I like to ride bikes we’ve helped riding bikes a lot there’s a lot of fashion I like you know really cool cycling kits and stuff I don’t ever really by myself clothes very much and I don’t definitely have no fashion sense when it comes to everyday normal clothes but I have a pretty good fashion sense when it comes to cycling clothes let’s open this up and see what’s up oh my god yes look at that mm-hmm and anyway bib shorts and so as as you know I like cycling I like the ethical side of plant-based living and this company being athletic apparel is new to the scene but they’re doing amazing things they’re making ethical clothing it’s really high quality really cool well designed and as a result it that it costs a high premium dollar but at the same time it is voting with your dollar for a company that is ethical for a company that is focused and dedicated to helping improve the lives of animals humans in the planet and so they’re just really on board and being on the same page it’s thought for food in a lot of ways and so I just really felt the need to support them and I’m really excited to see them grow and to help change the paradigm of cycling and the thought about cycling and in the world which I’m really excited about something I want to do and to help more cyclists become more aware of the world around them so I’m really excited to wrap this kit set them free alright guys late I’m working on a really cool project that I’m super excited to share with you guys with thought for food it’ll be coming soon but I just want to say super grateful for in this time of uncertainty messed up up stuff that’s going on in our country right now I’m just excited for companies like being athletic and like beyond me and Tesla and SpaceX that are still continuing to push forward and you know set the bar higher for sustainability for ethics and for health and so it gives me optimism it gives me hope and it makes me really excited for the future even though you know despite these crazy things that are going on so I hope everyone has an awesome rest of your night go eat some plants what’s your thought for food


The Forest Green Rovers Are The World’s Only Vegan Football Team (HBO)

[UltraVid id=29 ]Talk about British football culture an environmental conscientiousness probably isn’t the first trait that springs to mind but try telling that to Forest Green Rovers the aptly named Club has been based in a tiny English village for a hundred and twenty nine years for the last eight they’ve been owned by wind power tycoon Dale Vince who also owns a multi-million dollar green energy company eco tricity with his investment the Rovers have won a place in England’s professional leagues for the first time they’ve also become the greenest sports team in the world and they’re completely vegan every year we reckon about 20% of all of the electricity we use comes from our own solar panels and the rest we bring in from the grid using our own windmills and solar panels in other parts of the country so we’re on absent powered by green electricity and about 20% of it is made here on-site well I would occasionally call myself a hippie I would say more than anything else if you’re looking for a label I’m an environmentalist sometimes people call me a businessman Erdem like that I think they’re smartly insulting we’ve got a series of drains dug across the pitch and we collect the water that flows on it and we pump it up into a big tank up in the corner there and put it back on the pitch lasers like a you know motorcycle one of the things we’ve done is to take the club vegan and we are described often as the world’s first or any vegan Football Club and we did it for the environment reasons primarily but of course there are human health reasons and animal welfare issues behind to drive to veganism as well and and I personally support all of those first thing you did was stop the serving and red meat and that went down you could say like a lead balloon with some people it was it was a bit shocking bit controversial media called a red meat ban to our players we said look this is a performance issue serious athletes then he read me and they took that on board we’ve done really well last season and we’re on you can diet around the club so this year is all about staying in the league and we’re doing a face over when you first sign here you hear a lot of things about the club and how its run takes you a while to get used to X is completely different to any other football club but when you’re here you really take it on board and you really understand what he’s trying to do at the end of the day they’re trying to save the world two seasons ago now we just took the cows milk away you know and it was a little bit hard for a couple of people you know what are we gonna do you know but you know push comes to shove I say we’ll look to have a beer you know are you trying to steal my limelight have you put the timer on fantastic so what we got here katsu curry pickled vegetables and pickled ginger it’s not typical football food and actually there were there was some resistance and naturally it’s changed but sales have gone up people have realized actually they’re not being punished you don’t get punished good for you given food it’s actually a celebration of what we’ve got look at the size that fire out there you don’t need four is green hungry well I think the classic stereotype of a football fan in England is it’s going to be somebody that doesn’t eat healthy food perhaps isn’t the most progressive in their outlook I don’t think it’s actually holds to like most stereotypes and if you look at our fans talk to our fans you find it actually once they’re introduced to these ideas around the environment they’re very keen to pick them up and run with them which is what our fans have been doing oh it’s great because we’ve been coming up about three or four seasons now and all of a sudden people know us for the vegetarian cycling the club so it’s great for us club this more to be talked about around the world is brilliant football has given us a massive platform and dreamt of really to talk to people all around the world we’ve got fan clubs springing up in so many different countries of the world is quite incredible and these are people that aren’t necessarily football fans but they are people that are concerned by the environment and are adopting for our screen as a football club because what we stand for off the pitch [Applause] you you


How To Plan Vegan Bodybuilding Meals | High Protein

[UltraVid id=31 ]hi it’s full from hand shovel today I’m going to show you how to plan your vegan bodybuilding meals okay so today on batch cooking some meals to take to the gym so I’ll talk you through my fill process how I put my bodybuilding meals together say for a vegan you know the higher protein sources they goom’s number one here I’ve got mixed beans any types of beans will be fantastic you’ve got black beans a Dukie beans mung beans there’s a hundred and one different beans they all be a really good addition I’ve got lentils as well pair those with a starch generally I’ve been using brown rice today I’ve got quinoa been dropping my calories down a little bit on my cut now so the quinoa has got 14 grams of protein per 100 grams a lot more than you find in rice so keep my protein up as the total calories comes down also you want to work in plenty of veggies essential for health your dark green leafies are among the more nutrient dense vegetable so every day you should have a good sir from the dark green leafies today cavalo Nero you know kale chard spinach any of those you know will be fantastic good range of different colors in your veggies as well so you’re getting a good mix of all the different antioxidants they all have different properties in addition the more spices and herbs you can throw in the bear these really are superfoods they do some amazing things for your body today on choosing chillies curry powder which will have a good amount of tumeric in I’m also pairing up with black pepper so the black pepper has paper in which works well with the cumin in the turmeric and that really allows exponentially more bioavailability just again really essential nutrients through you via health amazing properties but garlic pie knows I’ve not got fresh garlic today I’ve got a good amount of coriander again any any spices any herbs really good you notice there’s no overt fact of these meals this is because I think that humans are designed really for carbohydrate and not low fat affair for us you know in disease prevention in reverse so however you know you do need some good quality fat say things like cheer and flexy to the Amiga threes you know some nuts some maybe our condos so I think we have flat seats in my morning meal in my porridge in the evenings I’ll eat a small amount of it up to a half an avocado but free that they are you know fat typically with these salt ingredients I make chilies curries soups casseroles steamed fries I say steam fryer I don’t cook with oil obviously and I’ll show you my method job number one get the grains on to kick next we steam fry all the veggies save for the leaves in the goom’s on a nice high heat this will typically take you about 10 minutes keep adding water if it starts to or Draya the next stage is to add all your spices and then you want to stir fry those for a further minute at this stage today I’m adding in vegetable stock sometimes I might use canned tomatoes for a change a little stir in and then if you using split peas or dried lentils now’s the time to pop those in as well and any leaves okay so I can put the lid on now let that simmer for about 15 minutes and now the last stage I’ll add in le cooked beans give that like a minute or two to heat three last minute as well adding any fresh herbs that you’re using so here’s the finished product 40 grams of protein cutting 75 grams of carbohydrate and a ton of micronutrients that you don’t get in white rice chicken breast and tuna okay the taste test boom this is the best tasting bodybuilding meal that you can have you know this is the sort of stuff I take to the gym with me to eat people will be sitting next to me recently was a young lad he had white rice chicken breasts a little hot and sweet chili sauce you know to make it half palatable and it just looks so bland and dead you know this speaks of life is so vibrant and as we all do it the only oxidants are all the micronutrients that make us really healthy and stave off disease I asked him what his macros were and my meal had more protein than his incomparable carbohydrate so you know why eat a bit of dead flesh the amino acids in this are just as good but this has got a lot of other stuff with it you know animal products are relatively devoid of nutrition comparable to to plant products so there’s no need to do it it’s not helping your goals it’s just making your life bland and shortened in it if you’ve enjoyed this video please like and subscribe go vegan for victory



[UltraVid id=32 ]Frank Medrano – “No matter the circumstances, always stay motivated! Never lose sight of the big picture. There is success waiting for us all. You just have to be bold enough to take it. Be driven!”

First Steps In Physical Training
In 2006 Frank got his first gym membership. He started weight-lifting, and after a short period of time, he notice his body and fitness started to improve gradually. 
Spending a lot of time in the gym, Frank became friends with other athletes and bodybuilders. At this point, Frank’s body was starting to take on a more athletic shape, which got him thinking about a career in the sports industry. 

Life Changing Calisthenics
After spending some time in the gym, and becoming more confident with his abilities, Frank started bodyweight training in 2010. As Medrano said, it gave him more opportunity to control his body, and further develop his abilities. 
Since starting his calisthenics journey, Frank hasn’t spent much time in the gym. He started doing his training outside, at home, or wherever he could find somewhere to do pull-ups, dips, and push-ups. With years of patience and hard work, Frank achieved desirable results. He became faster, stronger, and learner at 4%-6% body fat. 

Becoming A Vegetarian
Bodyweight training wasn’t the only thing that helped Frank build a great looking physique. In 2010, Frank’s friends, Dan Attanasio and Noel Polanco showed Frank how he could benefit from becoming vegan.
Little by little, Frank gradually changed, and removed meat from his diet and replaced it with plant based foods. 
According to Medrano a plant-based diet gave him more energy, quicker recovery and a healthier looking physique. 


Raw Sport | Adam Booth talks about being vegan & Using Raw Sport in his gym!

[UltraVid id=27 ]Standing there unenthused Jim Donnan retinol Surrey England so yeah just come down to catch – Adam Lewis vitals white support me through there easy they love to so yeah boobs other way Adams a big fan so ask a few questions and how he uses it he’s great with twenty bucks more of a demanding recipient number one how did you use our products I normally have it for an alternate breakfast having too many carbs more so my age I need to devoting I can to keep myself strong and healthy and I’ve long lived with the belief that if you mess with nature it’ll mess with you and over the years I’ve tried over the decades I’ve tried so many different proteins and different supplements and at the time and believe that they’re doing a good kill you wanna you want to believe what you do right no one has to think that what they’re doing is wrong but obviously as you learn there and you become more aware you realize that harmful effects of certain things like that process me when you start to refine your thinking and then your options now it down yeah and I don’t want this to sound like a cheese much bigger for you or anything but I still don’t I still can’t get my head around how you’ve got that plant based product that tastes like that because I’m quite pessimistic yeah and I look at it so you should be I want to believe it right I want to believe it so I believe it but if I Plummer pessimistic self I’m like there’s no way that can taste like that yeah and it does that’s awesome I mean how do you how do you incorporate it in sense it makes anything we have all juice of it on its own water water and sometimes organic coconut and that’s really all it needs soups you know I’m and also a try not to combine if I’m having a protein or try not to the violet at the top and at the protein B is absorbed as possible the boys have it straight off the trainer always say to them you’ve got the protein drafter and they’ve now realized that if they forget it they get just eyes a little bit is an important part of not just our trainer because I’m a vegan as well it’s import all part of a vegan here’s one guy that he never months ago yeah and because I had high cholesterol I had a class or score of six point two a couple of months ago I did my first rotation it was 2.4 now the difference is our phone for me in meats in egg just having more plant-based that’s not vegan and and we probably don’t need as much protein as we tell ourselves sometimes but it’s nice to know that if you haven’t it have enough in its not so I mean it’s not harmful this will be nice there’s no way we are doing any of your questions without sounding like a cheesy sales pitch yeah


Raw Vegan Diet For Athletic Performance – Interview with Tim Van Orden (Part 1)

[UltraVid id=28 ]Hi guys welcome back to another edition of raw wishin inside scoop we’ve got another amazing guest for you today that I’m so happy to be able to introduce you to it’s Tim Van Orden and Tim is a Robbie athlete he is a health coach and author you know he does so many things and the thing that I really like about Tim is how he’s able to tie in our emotional state with all the certain all the different things that we do in our lives whether it’s eating or if it’s lifestyle Tim does a lot of research on this topic so we’re going to talk about first off Tim’s athletic performance on raw foods and kind of where that’s taken him and also different aspects of how our emotions tie in with our food choices and with our are basically just our lifestyle choices so Tim thank you so much for joining us it’s really a pleasure to have you thank you for having me on the show yeah Channel yeah so first off can you give just a little bit of a background on yourself maybe how you live before raw foods how you found the raw vegan diets and kind of how its developed into where you are today it’s interesting I’ve been having this conversation for a little over 10 years now yeah and it keeps changing although the story is the same the history is the same how I talk about it has changed yeah and I find that really interesting so you’re gonna get the latest version of that story in 1997 I went vegan I’d moved to Los Angeles I was in actor at the time or at least attempting to be a film actor I’ll just stage actor prior to that I’m and I was told that going vegan would keep my hair nice and thick and wouldn’t go gray and I wouldn’t get wrinkly I wouldn’t lose my hair it would it was basically vanity a lot of the actors were vegan for reasons of staying young so I thought well at the age of 30 I’m already kind of old so I think I’m gonna go to vegan route to try to hold on to what I’ve got I really loved it I went from eating McDonald’s and Taco Bell just about every day keeping not I would have a McDonald’s meal every single day sometimes twice a day Taco Bell would generally be 3 to 5 meals a week but I lived on cheeseburgers and being da cheese burritos and when I did cook at home it was often ramen noodles covered in grated cheese or toast with melted cheese on top of it that was my diet it was horrific my drink of choice was Mountain Dew and I went through my late teens and all of my 20s eating that way and then when I switched to the Egan I had pretty dramatic transformation but in 2004 I got really sick I imagine it was related to stress living in Los Angeles was really really stressful and the whole acting scene and working in the restaurant and for other jobs at the same time and yeah and many traffic smog who knows but the combination of many different factors led to me developing chronic fatigue syndrome I became deeply depressed and basically checked out of life and lost my job lost my friends and was about to lose my apartment and end up on the street so some people that I had met at the restaurant with the restaurant for seven years a vegan restaurant they urged me to try a raw diet over the course of working there I’ve met many people who ate a raw diet and I thought it was kind of crazy there’s no tofu cheesecakes and tempeh and no soy Reuben sandwiches and no cookies and why would you want to eat like that yeah salads and you in smoothies it just sounds really boring but when you’re really sick here you’re willing to do anything or at least I was so I thought I’d try it for a couple days maybe and the results were pretty profound in that first week I started to feel like I was getting healthy just after a week of switching so I thought I’d give it two weeks I felt even better okay maybe I’ll give it a month felt even better so I kept prolonging the experiment and in the process kept evolving what it was that I was eating on a raw food diet at first I didn’t call myself a lot of food I simply wanted to get better so I’m on this you know like a detox diet or I’m on a no sugar diet I’m on a salad diet or a smoothie diet of a superfood diet I was just doing what I could to heal but the more that I stayed eating fresh salads and fresh fruits and smoothies and nuts and seeds and superfoods the better I felt I started reading books started going to david wolfe stalks gabriel cousins when he would come to LA I was soaking up all the information I could and eventually called myself a raw foodist and again there’s been a huge evolution in my diet and also how I approach my definition of diet Lord but my goal is personally and as a coach but that was in 2004 then I made that switch so it’s 11 and a half years at this point nice and it’s been a pretty dramatic transformation yeah athletically how has that affected your performance and your competitions and things like that well I was an athlete in high school and I had Olympic aspirations that doesn’t mean I had Olympic abilities I had Olympic aspirations I was really fortunate when I grew up in Bennington Vermont four of the people that I competed with on my team went on to become Olympians Wow so I I was decent but I was not as good as these guys and gals so I had that aspiration a lot of small town of them on pretty much a bunch of Olympian so that was my dream gone but at the age of 19 or 20 I had a lot of injuries my knee and ankle were pretty much permanently injured I was told by doctors I was dealing with depression at that time I didn’t know what depression was but I just couldn’t get out of bed I couldn’t do that the training I just wouldn’t do the workouts so I gave up that’s somewhere between 19 and 20 that was it that was the end of my athletic aspirations and then after a year of eating a raw diet raw vegan diet which was the end of 2005 I felt so young I was 37 at the time but I felt like I was 18 again I felt like that kid who had that young body that could do anything so I started running just I don’t win just to see what I could get you’ve got so many people talking about this concept called energy raw food diet gives you more energy energy energy energy everything is more energy food as more energy how does that translate into physical reality there’s a lot of talk but at that time you know 11 years ago there I couldn’t find a single athlete that was competing or training on this diet there might have been some but YouTube didn’t exist yet Facebook was in its infancy there just wasn’t this massive sea of people eating this diet and doing great athletic things so I’m not going I’m gonna do this and maybe I’m the first I don’t know but let’s see what’s possible so from the age of twenty to thirty seven I really didn’t do much of anything I lifted weights every now and again as an actor just to try to you know it’s like fit but it was again for vanity it wasn’t for the actual fitness yeah um I ran a little bit in my 20s maybe you know for a month out of the year I try a little bit of running but my injuries would always be right there that’s their greeting so switching to a raw diet I believe allowed me to become an athlete again and after a 17-year absence so I really jumped in and now since early 2006 I have been training in competing on Gao 47 years old and I’m just as fast as I ever been in my life my times right now are you know the equivalent to them pretty fast 18 you know and that’s exciting to you so yeah it’s a huge difference that’s incredible and you’ve won I did a little bit of research on on your history here and it looks like and correct me if I’m wrong on these numbers but eight US Championships and three-time u.s. runner of the year well ten US Championships for our US Masters runner of the Year a master is someone who’s over the age of forty okay so they have two distinctions there’s the open and then there’s the Masters open is thirty nine and below so there are guys in their 20s and 30s that can definitely school me like 40 and over on you know watch out Wow so all the guys that were the best in the country in their 20s and 30s when they get to their 40s they become a master and yeah so that’s everyone for those u.s. run over the Year awards and ten US Masters titles Wow congratulations thank you yeah what what is it about raw foods and fruits and vegetables that allows you to do this I mean what do you think it is about them well I don’t think there’s anything special about a raw diet or fruits and vegetables I think it’s that everything else that people consume is problematic and you’re simply letting your body do what it was designed to do you’re allowing your genes to properly function because you’re removing all the crap that causes your body to spend resources detoxing spend resources fixing damage spend resources fighting different toxic elements that you’re consuming it’s just the body runs best on simple whole plant foods so it’s not that they’re special it’s that everything else is problematic yeah I totally agree what would be an example of something like how do you prepare if you’re gonna be getting ready for a competition like what do you eat or even if you’re just gonna go out for a run you have certain things that you’ll eat before your workouts or after your workout yeah and that’s changed a lot over the past ten or eleven years I used to do these incredibly rich dense expensive superfood smoothies but I’ve gotten away from that and now I rely primarily and very simple Whole Foods my green smoothie which I have a recipe on YouTube kale bananas blueberries dates sometimes with chia seeds that’s my standard smoothie and that gets me to wherever I want to go it’s very rare that I would change that up so it’s not as if I do anything special before big workout or getting some special before race I just need what I would normally eat because it’s the most optimal fuel anybody like why would I want to feel better on race day than I do any other day true like I want to feel fueled up and fit and ready to go no matter what day of the week it is no matter what I have on my schedule still I’ll approach it like this is a lifestyle rather than oh I’m getting ready for the competition so I have to behave in a certain strict way so you know I just I want to feel great every day to be yeah so back in 2015 or at the end of 2014 you injured your achilles yeah and you thought that perhaps you weren’t gonna be able to race anymore or compete yeah run at all how did you go about recovering from this and and what do you think the the raw diets or a vegan diet played in in your recovery well it was actually in 2013 oh that I injured it and I took almost 2 years off the money and the doctors said there was no way to fix it the calcium had grown up into the Achilles tendon so burnt bone spurs growing up into the tendon which are very very painful and they said there’s some surgeries that they might do but I would never have the strength again that I do now so it’s basically for people that just want to walk but don’t ever want to run again they offer that surgery there’s other techniques that don’t necessarily work you don’t have a lot of evidence showing that they work but we can try them anyway I said the best thing you can do is just stop running so it looked like that’s what my future was going to hold for me but running is more than just fitness for me and it’s more than racing it’s a way that I express myself and it’s a way that I engage with the world and myself running allows me to achieve certain states of being in certain states of awareness that I don’t yeah and once far to me it’s like a really really deep meditation and it’s a complete physiological overhaul so I missed that so not running is profoundly difficult for me not just because I wasn’t competing or hanging out with my friends or couldn’t keep up this athletic resume it was that my body and mind were suffering from learning we live in a really sedentary lifestyle that’s the norm people think you’re strange and extreme if you move your body a lot every day right that’s what your body wants to do that’s what your body was built to do to move a lot every day and when you don’t do that all kinds of things happen so in August of 2015 I went to a PT physical therapist ortho doc combination who works with Olympic athletes and I’m like I’ve gotta start running again what do I do and he did some x-rays ultrasound and said that your tendon is really really solid it’s healed but it’s healed with all this calcium in it he said so as long as you don’t mind the pain go ahead and run but it’s healed it’s just gonna hurt like oh so my diet didn’t really have an impact one way or the other you know it was a healthy response when you run with an injured tendon which I was in 2013 I had tendonosis which is degeneration of the tendon because I just kept loading and loading and loading it uphill running and I didn’t get a time to recovery the body eventually says well we’re gonna have to make this stronger to handle this kind of load so let’s start putting calcium let’s turn it into a bowl and instead of attending that way it looks great it’s now so it’s a healthy response to put calcium in there if you’re not stopping and slowing down which I didn’t do so yeah there’s nothing problematic about that response it’s just that it has certain consequences so that really wasn’t an issue but as far as me wrong again because I got up to from August where I wasn’t running fire in August to November I got up to 80 miles a week increased for a period of time and I was basically about changing the way that I run I changed my foot strike which you hear a lot of people talking about online barefoot running and whatnot how to properly land and I was doing the whole barefoot style where you land on the forefoot you know that the front of the foot and that courts a great deal of stress on your achilles tendon and your soleus muscle which is what the tendon becomes now constant the tendon becomes the soleus muscle and then it leads into the calf muscle so that barefoot running yeah it’s great but it takes years to fully adapt the tendon and the soleus muscle to be able to handle that kind of share continued impact and I wasn’t ready for that so now I run with a flat foot okay I’m not a heel striker I’m not a four foot striker on a flat foot striker Wow and basically I use my arch as my Krishnan mechanism so I let the are I hit with a flat foot and I let the arch collapse okay and that’s where I get the impact reduction products that are digital compression and that takes the load off the tendon socks a file mind and body be the change you want to see small steps towards living small steps to where I wanna be