[UltraVid id=160 ]Welcome back to the channel everybody and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about ten celebrities that you didn’t know we’re begin so without further ado let’s get right into the video number one guys is Chris Hemsworth yes his personal trainer tried to see if he can keep all of his muscle mass on a vegan diet and to their surprise it actually did and actually allow him to build muscle – without any use of animal products which pretty much takes away the whole little mincing oh you need animal protein to get both so guys I personally feel that Chris Hemsworth his brother Liam Hemsworth actually introduced him to being vegan and it is freaking phenomenal number two guys is one of the most influential freakin musicians in the world and that is Beyonce and recently beyonce has actually announced that she has gone vegan and on top of that in early 2019 she encouraged her huge fan base to go vegan as well which is freaking astonishing guys and for vegan number three guys is Ellen DeGeneres one of the greatest TV personalities in the freaking world so guys this is what she says about veganism I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on animal cruelty suddenly I realized that what was on my plate we’re actually living please love me and I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer I read books like diet for a new American and saw documentaries like Earthlings and meat near me and it became an easy choice for me guys shout out for ellen degeneres worth getting into the speaking lifestyle that is freaking of me number four is Miley Cyrus yes she is actually vegan and here is her story after the death of her dog in 2014 Cyrus dropped animal products and committed to a vegan lifestyle like many others Miley realized that life is very precious and if you pay attention every animal just wants to live and honestly shout out to Miley for having this realization because not everybody does realize this so definitely a shout out five guys is Mike Tyson yes one of the greatest boxers in history he is actually a vegan and on top of that guys he has actually been quoted saying that by him switching to a vegan lifestyle while putting his life back together he has felt that he has another chance at a healthy life again which is hella freakin amazing alright guys number six is Ariana Grande yes another influential musician and guys this is exactly what she quotes about her veganism quote unquote I love animals more than I love most people not kidding but I’m a firm believer in eating a full plant-based diet whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person and guys that is so true you just feel more happier and that is freaking amazing number seven is Liam Hemsworth he is vegan just like his brother Chris Hemsworth and just like his wife Miley Cyrus and this is what he has to say about veganism my own health and after all the information I gathered about the mistreatment of animals I couldn’t continue to eat meat the more I was aware of this the harder it was to do so this is so true once you’re aware of all these crazy things that happen it just wants you to become vegan so those who are in his footsteps are now go vegan you guys got this and it’s just so Me’s and have so many celebrities that are actually vegan number eight guys is Tobey Maguire yes one of the most amazing spider-man’s ever and he has switched to a vegan lifestyle and according to him the smell of leather makes him sick and he doesn’t want to around him it’s been rumored that he doesn’t allow any leather in his house whatsoever if his guests have leather products they must leave outside and oh my god that is a hella dedicated number 9 Ryan Gosling not only does he love vegan food but he actually is an animal rights activist and furthermore he urged Costco to go cage free on top of this guy’s he even wore a vegan leather jacket in the movie Blade Runner 20:49 which is hella freakin amazing dedication number 10 is Zac Efron a super freaking amazing actor and he actually says that he’s been experimenting with eating purely vegan and this is what he has to say quote unquote that’s completely changed the way my body works and the way that I metabolize food and the way that it turned my food into energy and the way that I sleep it’s brilliant it’s been great for my exercise and great for my overall routine guys that is so freakin amazing huge props does that get proper going vegan cuz this is super reason alright guys I hope you learned something freaking amazing with this video about some vegan celebrities I hope it inspires you in some way or just made you learn something new well guys this is my first time actually doing a video like this which took me some time it was very short but hopefully you guys liked it and for more videos like this and just more videos about veganism about whatever just click that subscribe button like the video comment let me know what y’all thought but alright guys thank you so freakin much for watching this video it means a lot to me and I will see you all next time on Monday peace out guys

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