Celebrity Sighting || Date Night in L.A. w/ BananaBlondie || Vegan Thai Food

[UltraVid id=21 ]Pretty exciting oh my god Michelle I know what I literally saw her panties get wet in the restroom they did check out our website thriving plant-based com full-length yoga classes daily food journals group coaching private videos as well as a bunch of free content we’re going out to dinner date night to a vegan thai place yeah but Michelle’s been too but I haven’t yeah long time ago it’s called a rhyaz place so we’ll thought we’d do another date night video and show you what we’re eating this one’s in a strip mall though I feel like it’s not gonna be as cool looking it’s not cool looking at all it’s not like as good of a vibe as gracias Madre but the Foods good and it’s vegan and we should try it out before we leave forever I never come back yeah we’re hitting up a lot of restaurants the last month which yeah good good experience not so good for health I don’t think anyway I don’t know what’s for a while it’s fine but all right we’ll see you at where we go I rhyaz I don’t know if I’m saying it right correct me if I’m wrong if anyone knows where it is but it’s called Orion’s place where is it located anyone’s in LA it’s on Beverly Boulevard okay yeah I’ll see you there Michelle’s taking me to a shopping plaza mall right between a nail salon and a supercuts not the best location but we’ll stay classy see how the food is only ones here will get good service fresh rolls to start running fully gramma photo right there would you think babe I thought it was great what you think super good yeah very yummy very misleading that it’s in the strip mall next to supercuts a laundry mat and Maria nails there’s a laundromat in here um what else is in here framing yeah yeah anyway it was good super good yeah we got I just saw in the pictures pineapple fried rice pumpking hurry hurry wasn’t as good as the one in Hawaii though not quite um bunch of rice fresh rolls it was good though try it out yeah check it out Beverly in west hollywood area so we didn’t want to go home too early cuz I’m shell out a sitter so we want to hang out more so we went to gracias Madre our favorite player more another celebrity sightings oh my god Michelle I know what I literally saw her panties get wet in the restaurant they did okay short dick you guys it was Jon Snow from game of thrones forgot he was walking out as I walked in and then he walked out again and walked in again and walked what he was in and out anyway he’s a smoker which which I was happy about which I was bummed about but I’m still down so we’re leaving LA and what eight days ten date no we leave it on the departed no really being Thursday eight days we have nothing done pretty much but I’ve been here just over a month like a month in a few days yeah it’s been interesting it’s definitely a fun to hang out for a month not my scene though very fake very where do you know it’s okay a lot of good come on cuz what people say about la it’s fake those people in there were real they were real fake huge I know is it was a very good people watching tonight’s gracias Madre it’s very interesting it’s very fun here if you like people watching my mom had a ball here I think just you should go to this she didn’t even see Jon Snow she’d go to this one place in like best citing ever she’d go to this one place and just people watch all afternoon so yeah um it’s an interesting place I got the worst weather of the year though pretty much right um when you first got here though it was nice it was nice this weekend it was nice ish I don’t know it’s been weird today was like humid and like warm but like how deandre oh yeah but great fruit lots of stuff to do great neighborhood we’re in what I want to live here forever no but it was a really cool experience I liked it yeah i’ll miss LA and my two friends here I’ve gotten to catch up with friends too i’m gonna miss Jon Snow I felt like we got really close why are you just doing a separate blog on drew I’m gonna have to do a vlog with his cheesy sports coat I needs a guy needs it get me to my car I need to make a vlog on Johnson that is cheesy sport coat and cigarettes shut up he was wearing a suit it was weird i wasn’t really i wanted to see him in his like with like his shield on his his sword i was missing the shield and the sword um Michelle is obsessed with the character well John’s that gets us his name Jon Snow is the care I don’t even know his real name I don’t want to know his real name I don’t care about the actor who plays Jon Snow I just like Jon Snow she likes Jon Snow and the knights and Edward Edward I’m not interested in Robert Townsend but Edward she’s into these people that no one can live up to yes so then I moved to LA is a huge disappear so i live i moved here now that I live with around me huge disappoint me no no no no I mean you’re not Jon Snow there’s just there’s no like there’s no need for you to be Jon Snow there’s no you know winter is coming to go winters does that mean I hate that you don’t watch Game of Thrones I feel like it’s just like there’s distance between us because I you don’t understand what I’m going through I’m like three episodes behind right now and I don’t know I don’t really watch teeth Sansa was just raped by the psychopath and I’m not okay and where’s Jon Snow this is chitchat for your channel it’s all right where are you bye muddying up your channel so guys I need your help who’s gonna be my celebrity crush because I don’t really have any we were discussing this at the restaurant and there’s really nobody ID no fantasy yeah so yeah leaving the comments below who your favorite celebrity crushes I have a few I don’t really give a like there’s nobody I don’t have a lot just John so and well when I found out Natalie Portman wasn’t vegan anymore I was over her yeah she’s me the other one I said oh I’m also like Michelle are you like Michelle fighting back in the eighties no she when she even did that movie with Harrison Ford of all Barristan lord I was in movie not the quantum leap go I’m not the only guy she didn’t movie where Harrison Ford was like an evil person like was it her husband but he was like had an affair what was that movie called oh um I don’t know it was good though even in that she’s beautiful she’s pretty hot she’s I like to again she had a house in the Monica Riley I liked her in um you know what the park is that movie where she was a coke the one with you Pacino yeah I mean granfer see what that look at the name of that movie scarface scarface Jesus yeah she’s in yeah anyway who’s you guys favorite who’s your celebrity crush girls to let us know yeah I don’t know yeah let us know

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