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[UltraVid id=69 ]sorry I really dislike that voice that’s better okay hello everyone my name is Lisa I’m the bait vegan because that Vietnam Egan and today it’s gonna be a slightly different video because Valentine’s Day is coming up and I thought I’d show you how I do my makeup for Valentine’s Day with cruelty free and vegan makeup and I’m also partnering up with madam glam to give a little giveaway today this video isn’t sponsored but they did send me lipsticks and they want to give away some lipsticks to you guys so I love love love love love love their lipsticks like I don’t think you guys understand how much I love their lipsticks the only thing is I wish they had more colors but they’re not making any more colors than they have right now some of you might have seen the collab that I did with the coral channel where they DIY this whole lighting set up vanity type thing for me I’ll leave a link for the video in the corner I guess it’s the mirrors messing it it’s in one of the corners because I’m shooting a mirror so it’s like reversed but then it’s also it’s just very good I’m just very confused so yeah I’m gonna do my makeup for a typical like date night look let’s get into at my makeup so I’ve written down my skincare after I took a shower I showed off with some rose water toner and then I use this vitamin E essence from the body shop it feels kind of like tackier and like my skincare kind of sinks deeper into my skin afterwards and then for my mornings I also use this vitamin C constitutive serum and then this body shop the vitamin C glow protection first thing I’m gonna do is my eyebrows so I use the NYX precision brow pencil and I also use this mirror to like help me be closer cuz like this mirror is like nice and big but not close enough I gotta see the detail and also if you guys are wondering what the heck is going on with all these spots on my face I’ve been eating like crap lately of eating a lot of processed foods and oil and junk and not a lot of produce so and not drinking a lot a lot of water it’s just my skin but concealer will help about in a moment so time to do my eyebrows all right so then I feather it out with the back of the spoolie thing on the back of the eyebrow pencil thing really precise descriptions Lisa you’re doing great also if you’re wondering why I’m wearing like a headband it’s just to keep the whispies out of my out of my way this is like a Aluna headband that I got from my Sailor Moon convention cuz you know me I love Sailor Moon I showed you guys like kind of in my vanity here I have like a bunch of these like bento box sort of things I’m just gonna pull them out I’m not gonna go into this entire makeup collection this is Mike my lipstick hoard although I do have some concealers in here that don’t actually belong in here I’m not gonna go through all this today unless you guys want me to go through my entire lipstick collection but we’re just gonna like focus on one I’m actually gonna put on my face first things first concealer I discovered this cover FX concealer this is gonna come up in a wedding vlog soon ish it’s like probably gonna be in three wedding blogs so hopefully I’ll be a lot faster with the wedding vlog stuff soon so I’m just applying some concealer over my spots if I knew more about color theory I could color correct it but I don’t oh my acne now covered up I do have a concealer sponge but I haven’t washed it in a while so I’m not gonna use it maybe sees my finger so don’t mind me as I cut out my kids [Music] okay I still look a little bananas that’s okay this is just the bottom layer I don’t do the whole triangle lighting thing contour thing properly I don’t know I just like looks kind of crazy on me maybe if like I did it properly but like every time I do it I look like really cakey so I just don’t do it anyway that’s the base I’m going to use this probably a little too old when I resent pure second skin foundation this is like an oil-based one so like my skin you really likes this because my skin is like combo oily dry cuz sometimes my skin’s like super super super oily and then sometimes it’s super super super dry right now it’s kind of dry which is I’m not surprised based on all the acne that I’m having in the lack of water I’ve been drinking you know in light of that I think I’m gonna use my Beauty Blender and the oil based on me should probably have this like for two years maybe I don’t know it’s probably expired but because it’s not like a thing that I put on my face like it doesn’t like directly touch my face I’m not really worried about it being like full of bacteria you know I’m saying so I just did need a beauty [Music] I ended up moving a lot of my concealer off of my face with a Beauty Blender so I’m just gonna go back and put in some more it’ll look kind of ghostly right now but you know what that’s okay sorry cuz we started with some lip I’ll mark already but my lips are feeling kind of dry that’s just the David’s T lip balm yeah it’s actually a via game which is really cool and I just like the way it feels it like disappears not like immediately but like relatively quickly doesn’t like steak goopy on your lips okay foundation is done I’m gonna add some color back into my face this is the pixie bronzer in the shade summertime there’s not a lot of shades there picks you could definitely improve their shade range but you know this is drugstore stuff that I found that I was like hey I like this I just use a sigma extreme structure contour fo for brush and I know I decided to use that voice we’re just gonna roll with it and like my face is just really big so I’m just gonna add some to this side so there’s like some false shadow that’s little god that’s too much oh no oh no your girl messed up can you talk not a beauty guru bronzer applied I think I’m gonna go with the cream blush today but I also like this baked Milani blush that I have I have to I have Dulce pink and very I’m alright why am I saying it like this so I’m just gonna use this between the sheets super shock cheek from colour-pop this one’s actually probably my favorite blush I’m probably doing this so wrong no blush added I was actually studying like the way that Asian culture applies makeup and they like their blush placement is like so interesting I always do my makeup kind of more westernized because I’m Western but I want to like learn how to do it more Asian so I can look more aged in blush apply so I have this Carli bybel palette you guys have seen this before vegan cruelty free I’ve hit pan on one of the shades because I really like it but yeah I’m gonna use the rose gold one I’m going to use the high cheekbone highlighter fo3 brush by Sigma so I have this no filter setting powder from colour-pop it’s okay it’s the banana one I don’t like hate it I don’t love it so I’m just gonna put it underneath my eyes and just like set my whole face with it cuz I don’t know I don’t know what I’m doing the thing is I watch actual beauty gurus and like I see the technique that they apply their makeup and but then I’m like do I want to do that though like I know that’s the way you’re supposed to do it but sit now it’s time to do my eye makeup so I have this makeup geek palette that I like sort of filled out with a bunch of other stuff I have makeup geek pans in here but I also have some color pop pans in here as well these eight here or all makeup geek this one’s makeup geek and then this one’s makeup geek and then the rest geez for or color pop and this one’s color problem so these two blush pans are also makeup geek and then this one is color pop this is actually supposed to be a bronzer but when I got it it had like highlighter sort of like Sheen to it I don’t really love it so I just kind of have it but I don’t know what to do with it cuz it’s like it’s not really quite dark enough to be bronzer and it’s too dark to be a highlighter it’s just like really awkward so sometimes I use it on my eyes but I don’t know it’s just weird as you can tell I lean towards like purpley brownie blushy looking ilex I wish I could experiment more with other stuff but I just I don’t have the skills they just go it to fake sale this is probably like my favorite blush powder that was way too much Lisa so we’re just gonna you know what we’re just gonna blend this out because I went a little too – ham on that and I’m using this furless ppb one blending brush so I have one monolid and one double it’s this is a double it I this is the Monell it and I even if I apply the same amount of makeup to both it looks way different on be each eye so this one it looks like I applied a lot less and this one I went a little too high so I’m done messed up I got a I got a wipe away some of that you know then I’m gonna go in with a darker shade with my I don’t even know what this brush is called it’s like a it’s one from BH Cosmetics it says number six I don’t know what that means it’s just like an angled fluffy creasing brush I don’t know I’m not gonna go into cabin fever like my second favorite shade from the makeup geek palette I’m not gonna make that mistake again I’m also gonna get some on my bottom lash lid and then it looks a little crazy so I’m gonna blend down what looks alright probably right my makeup boys looks nicer with this eye the model lid just I never know how to actually put on makeup on it and then I have this like one patch of skin that just like absorbs color but then doesn’t blend out it’s just like if you like put anything on there it’s like hi I’m patchy I’m gonna add some eyeliner now this is the Stila of waterproof liquid eye thing oh I made mistake I think I just painted my eye nice there’s like a line from my eyeball up until my eyelid huh I think there’s just like a black line on my contact now I’m beautiful I kind of messed up the inside inner corner but you know what just like don’t look at it that’s gonna bother me actually so I’m going to choose my Marcel instant eye makeup remover I’m gonna try and fix that Marquart what a q-tip just take off the aisle in here that I messed up that looks slightly better okay eyeliner is like kind of fixed again with some double ended versus the monolid I have to put on like more makeup on this one to show up than this one and it’s trying to fill in that like one kind of bald patch that I wiped makeup off on and then I thought mascara so I have the legendary lashes a volume two mascara from Charlotte Tilbury and I really like this eyelash stuff mascara that’s what it’s called I don’t curl my eyelashes because I’m lazy and I wait for that to dry otherwise if I can link I scare everywhere now time for the lips have been really diggin lipstick lately for today I’m gonna use I don’t know which one I’m gonna use I’m gonna swatch them for you for funsies also so you can see how certain shades look on me so with the giveaway with madam glam they’re giving away one matte and one velvet though I have to Velvets to max so I can swatch them for you so I’ll do the velvet ones first the top one is velvet red queen fig and then conspiracy and then cherry wine I really like the matte ones the velvet ones they don’t stay on my lips quite as well they are bullet lipstick so like they’ll rub off they’re not like kiss proof or whatever like you’ll get transfer pretty much everywhere especially because sometimes I like to wear lip gloss on top of them so like it’s like extra transferee but that’s just me but I really like the darker like the more purpley shaded ones and like I thought I wouldn’t like the warmer shades because normally my skin doesn’t really go well with the warm shades but these ones are actually not too bad they’re not too orange so I really actually like all four colors so I think I might go for the cherry wine one that’s probably my favorite one out of the four every time I email them I like thank them to make more but they’re not making any other shades right now coz madam glam is like a nail polish company I have a bunch of their gel polishes because they’re cruelty free and vegan and I like the gel polishes better than a lot of like the regular nail polishes they’ve like stay on my nails a little a lot longer and I have one of those like UV light things cuz you know I’m Vietnamese and my family does nail stuff but I can do that another video if you guys want they actually sent me some nail polishes as well and they’re like different shades and I normally would have picked those are the lipsticks if you guys want to enter the giveaway all you have to do is subscribe to their Channel you might need to make your subscriptions like public so that they can check that you’ve actually subscribed for they the giveaway and yeah list out the two sheets that you would like if you won the giveaway I really love the packaging on these lipsticks too they’re just like super satisfying and like luxurious bullet lipstick things if that makes any sense I just like it like feel so like luxurious it anyway so I’m going to use this color pop and lippie pencil in the shade oh I say puts on like fish but no it’s just poison it’s like pretty janky it kind of falls out a little bit so that’s fine I’m gonna use a mirror again to make sure I apply this properly I struggle a lot with putting on lipstick because my lips don’t have a very clear start and end point if that makes sense where my lips end and the lip shade ends the color of my lips ends are not the same so it’s like do I color the part where my lips end or where the lip shade ends I end up doing where the lip shade ends because if I do the full lip it looks like I have like a clown face then I put on some lipstick so yeah this is the matte cherry wine I find that this is like my favorite lipstick feeling there’s other lipsticks that like they feel really dry or like you can feel them like sucking out the moisture of your lips but I don’t find that happens with a lot of white ones but yeah this is generally the makeup look that I do whenever I’m feeling like a date night so I’m gonna set it with my all-nighter Urban Decay settings ready I’ll let that dry and that we good that’s it this is this is the look some of you are asking me for like an updated get ready with me or like what my general go-to for makeup is depending on like how my skin is I’ll switch between the bare minerals powder foundation or the second skin foundation from 100% pure I also have a fenty Beauty one but that I usually only wear when my skin’s like really oily cuz that’s it’s a mattifying foundation and my skin does not like that when it’s dry it gets like really patchy so I have like a couple dry spots here that even this oil-based one is like let’s get so happy with I’ll list out all the makeup that I use down below and also if you want other makeup content I’ll link to channels that I use all the time down below logical harmony which I use their website all the time to check whether or not things are cruelty free vegan if they’re owned by parent company that is or isn’t cruelty free you have to sort of decide for your own if like where you draw the line in terms of makeup and then Rianne from wife life or Rihanna hy her branding is like kind of different depending on where you go like on Instagram choose wife life but on it YouTube it’s rien H Y if you want to check out her channel as well she does all vegan the cruelty free makeup and she doesn’t like a little bit more like luxurious makeup looks I’m very jealous of her bottom eyelashes I had like a total of five bottom eyelashes per eye they’re not as like cute and fluffy like hers are like I just Asians just don’t have as many eyelashes white folks do that’s just like we just have fewer eyelashes anyway that’s a lot of rambling I’m gonna stop now and I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know this is not food content I’m gonna be coming out with more food content soon but you know experimenting with other stuff and it’s Valentine’s Day so I thought this was relevant anyway thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you guys have delicious steak bye Wow I scratch my head with like this the edge of the barrel thing Frank that hurt there’s a lot of hair in here because I’m gross okay he’s just popping off because I have a weird shape head can you just stay on please oh and yeah enter the giveaway don’t forget to enter the giveaway for madam glam more details down below okay bye

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