Day in the Life of a Yogi, Vegan, Tiny House Minimalist! VLOG

[UltraVid id=78 ]Hey guys so every single morning now that I have my blender I always make my slow speed this recipe is inspired by freelee the banana girl shoutout and it’s bananas dates oats coconut water coconut sugar and some regular water now it’s time to check my hippies and granola Facebook group which I post inspirational quotes and information about my yoga video so definitely check that out if you have a chance you hey guys I just got off the phone with mark and t-mobile and so one thing about living in a tiny house is that especially if you’re off-grid you don’t have a lot of options for internet and what I’ve been doing for the last three and a half months is I’ve been paying for a office space it’s like a shared co-op office space in downtown Berkeley so that I can upload videos and I can work on my website and do all of my business needs there it’s a little bit expensive obviously because you’re paying for the space and you’re paying for the really fast internet there but it’s not that I’m working full time and also teaching more classes than I was last year it just doesn’t make sense for me to constantly travel downtown to go use internet so I’ve been trying to look up options and trying to see what’s going to work best for me and I ended up finding a YouTube video from this other off-grid tiny house located in Hawaii and they’ve been using t-mobile’s hotspot so I think that’s what’s going to work best for me I’m really excited I’m going to switch over from AT&T so that I can tether onto my laptop and I can truly be off-grid and actually work from home so that I’m not constantly traveling back and forth and I’m not losing time and it’s just going to work out so much better it’s going to lift a load off my shoulders and so that I don’t have to constantly worry about you know meeting deadlines um and getting the videos out on a timely manner and it’s just everything the whole process has just been really slow the last couple months so I’m really excited I’m heading off to do that at t-mobile and then I’m going to take you with me to go get wash for parking is in Berkeley California you have to pay for parking everywhere you go all right guys so was able to get everything that I needed but it is going to take like a full day for me to get my five so and walking to my car it’s always super strange to vlog that’s why I don’t do it very often looking at you funny and it’s just awkward but yeah I’m gonna head back to the car you’re going to get some fun some white by hand to quickly come home so I could grab a change of clothes and start getting ready to teach the class so I came home and of course there’s the little puppies getting in trouble they got into the trashcan once again and these little guys there’s no bad so I’m going to have to clean this up but yeah so everyone always asks me where I put my clothes when you come into the tiny house it doesn’t really look like we have a closet so we actually keep all of our items in our little couch area which is actually a chest that we converted into an ax equal huh so after I figure out what I’m gonna wear to teach I put all of that in my little gym bag and take it with me to the yoga studio this day was a pretty cold day in Berkeley so I decided to wear my scarf and it looks like the little puppy had to blow jack downs here okay so I just had to make a quick stop at Target and the tiny house is getting a little bit colder now that the season is changing so we just have to get a space heater so that’s what I’m looking for right now okay so major fail they don’t have any heaters right now so that means I just wasted a good ten minutes of my already limited time that’s okay I’ll probably end up going to Home Depot at some point between classes hopefully I have enough time for that and to grab some dinner so right now I’ll be headed to the yoga studio and get start getting ready for class so your people I made it to the studio and I’m just going to take a quick shower and start getting ready to practice a little bit of movement before I’ve students start coming in so I’m pretty early I’m probably going to chill out I have some stuff to do on my phone still and and then start my stretches and stuff like that so oh I feel so much better so I got to take a really nice hot shower and I am about to go ahead and do a little bit of a practice very very short because I’m running out of time before I have to open up the doors and get prepared for my students all right practice time is over and I’m going to start to open up the doors and get see who comes because you never know and as a oka teacher it’s hard to know who’s going to actually show up to class on any given day and again this is something that they these yoga teachers that are online or any yoga teacher is going to tell you as a student that sometimes people show up sometimes people don’t it’s a pretty big gamble even teachers that have been established for a while still don’t know how many people are going to show up to class so we’ll see this is the first studio I’ll be teaching at and then I will be heading over to the second studio about 15 minutes away from here and I’ll be teaching at super late night candle light flow class and there so it may be a little too dark for filming when I get there but hopefully you’ll be able to at least see me get into that venture I’m starting to get a little bit tired but once I get some food after class after this class I will hopefully have a little bit more energy I’m really craving a burrito right now so I might stop at Chipotle and get some of that the only reason I say Chipotle is because it’s really cheap and they do do a fully vegan burrito so I’ll be hopefully getting that right after class and then heading over to the next studio so I’m going to shut off the camera I don’t want to film my students just yet because I do respect their privacy and I don’t want to invade on anybody’s you know spiritual practice so I won’t be filming them but I will be hopefully filming a couple videos really soon with some volunteers and hopefully that will come up soon on my website as well anyway I will see you guys later ah alright so I just finished teaching um at Berklee yoga Center and now I am headed over to get something to eat real quick and then heading over to the second sphere so it’s officially starting to get dark so I’m not sure um if I’ll be able to take you with me to the next studio but I was able to get myself a nice big in a burrito I’m gonna bite into this bad boy in a second with some chips small bag of chips and that’s gonna be my dinner for tonight and so hopefully I get to see you guys soon and thanks for watching

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