DOMINICK THOMPSON interview / Tulum Vegan Festival

[UltraVid id=84 ]I’m Dominic Thompson most people know me as Dom’s Thompson Hilma animal rights activist a social entrepreneur I have one of the largest vegan quality companies crazies and weirdos crazies and weirdos you can zoom in on that right there we’re based out in New York our clothes yes this is make or recycle plastic bottles and are getting tired yes our kitchens vegan now you can fill it house off please I’m just feeling your muscles so our clothes are super sis what shot free we could probably say that they’re handmade in New York as well again from recycled plastic bottles other recycled materials organic cotton source from North Carolina it’s a beautiful cut suit yes a lot of t-shirts don’t really yeah we really pride ourselves on that we really do really pride myself on that so yeah and I’m also a multi-sport athlete which is to be translated triathlete I defy looking I do a little bit of boxing you know the all of that type of stuff so yeah so when you run one of those people you never see what they can’t be a jack of all trades and be a must you have to be a master one one yeah you can’t be a jack of all trades is like enjoying that myth no yeah and not just me a lot of people that do triathlons and I think that’s because we said once you do master it a lot of this stuff comes natural to me I’ve always been like a natural athlete but you can never go sit let’s go play travel yeah I get going to gym and outlook for most guys and stuff um naturally that strong because and you add the fact that my plant-based die makes me even stronger but I can’t master triathlon so I’m constantly chasing my own personal goal and my own personal PRS and it’s just so rewarding physically to really put your body through anywhere between a Olympic 25 mile er style type drop onto the hunt in a 40-mile type of Armand yeah I know for myself when I first went me you know I was lifting heavier my recovery time was a lot faster and I was just surprising myself I never loved loved running and all of a sudden I was doing half marathons and one is addicted it’s so addictive I encourage everyone to run look anyway I’m not gonna say I’m not a gym rat that’s a totally different type of an athlete I really encourage you to get out of that gym and I also brings me to that’s a good segue to I want you all to realize too just because someone is a aesthetic looking doesn’t mean that they’re really healthy or functional so just think about that most of these people men and women that look aesthetic they might be pulled on Petes and steroids and other drugs and supplements but they can go out here to run them out they might collapse and that’s not the shame but I’m just saying just really be careful what you buy it to and what you believe it’s you and saying all I have to say is the plant-based way of living it’s the best way with respect to your body and also get out there and run to leave that gym gym it’s great we get out there what was the biggest difference for you after going vegan what was what did you it was the biggest difference that you’ve got nobody yeah my body transformed so I went plant base 16 years ago when I was incarcerated in prison okay yeah yeah and so in there I was about 256 260 pounds and I dropped all the way down to about 187 solid muscle and I was I couldn’t split but I went vegan for the animals for to reset it just this is myself as far as away from any harm so I went plant-based specifically not indeed but plant-based food on say plant-based within prison I had like a 75% vegan diet and 25% octo wish vegetarian dairy and action without whatever they served in this in the system I would eat that but I didn’t know what I knew about the dairy industry i thought i was known animals but vegetarian but i just i was ignorant to know not what was happening there we didn’t we didn’t have the doms of the world we don’t have the what the hell’s in the world we have none of that information 16 yeah we didn’t have social media 16 years ago so the dairy industry I didn’t think was a bad thing I just I just thought the animals like everybody else I’ve been ignorant it’s living on the green land for our dairy and that’s okay and then when I got out the Cisco was able to educate myself that’s nice flip that switch what the fuck Here I am being a vegetarian thing I’m feeling good but they’re raping the cows taking the cab’s away to milk cows away from building industry it’s horrible what they’re going close to three years so you went vegan when you were in prison flat base that’s not completely being I was vegetarian in there yeah yeah but I limited meat directly yeah eliminate meat in prison yeah it’s not one of my recent interview you guys want me to check out the full story check out retro my podcast is up on his it’s one of the top downloads download the podcast is if you guys really want to take the time for two hours just listen to it my entire stores on there what do you want do know kit what’s up what up this is chatting tutorial we just wait what’s your advice if you were to get out of the matrix to get out of the matrix I mean I think in general is probably hard to even get those he even think about that question if you think about I think the real question is what’s the best way for us that’s out of the matrix or out of that community to get other people out of that community those people if you think about it they aren’t really tuned into that type of lifestyle and I think we have to be continued to be walking billboards be assertive and have some empathy that we all been there most of us get our plant-based vegan oh we used to eat meat so we shouldn’t be shaming per se but just educating assertively using yeah for sure so there’s one thing to be a vegan it’s another thing to be a vegan activist absolutely she’s a whole nother level garage I just make feel having gone through first to myself it’s an obligation as a vegan to do that to share the message and to help others and I feel the same way to it because if you think about the history of veganism historically it’s based off the main principles it’s really about compassion animals animal rights just a peaceful lifestyle Pacific everything goes for us here here the ridiculous amount of fillings you filled with respect to your help improving and if good things you don’t for the environment is all bonus sure okay what made you become an activist at the focusing vegan bit of a step up from being a vegan sounds like you’re an activist first I was respect to that’s how that’s what I was known for that’s what happened people so six seven years ago when social media first came out with respecting Instagram a buddy of mine said yo man you should get on Instagram and stop posting your workouts and do all of this and I was ignorant about Instagram I don’t know I was like one of the first people to go on there and I’ve seen all right oh that’s pretty cool but I used it right in and there not only to post my workouts but also to talk by animal rights since day one and that’s how my account through organically out here I love this man of color african-american vegan I wasn’t then I wasn’t the stereotype of what you think of vegan Mel is a pale middle-aged white guy and Here I am I guess that men of color thought of my animal rights and I’m pretty thick I’m not a small guy and Here I am doing endurance races and lifting heavy heavy is luck if you guys don’t follow me and you see how heavy I can look you can’t see you fuck yeah bitching squad and all that you know I never reported it I never recorded it you know but I got out too yeah I did over 400 before ripping at 325 like it’s nothing I think though yeah and then I I did did it I did a 225 for life I didn’t count that one down NFL Combine style I did over like I did like over 40 reps yeah yeah yeah it was I could have kept going I was like fuck I’m doing this without any stops so yeah yeah but yeah yeah sure but even as a kid when I was eight years old I used to push back to my mom she was serving chicken wings and I fell like those little bitty arms that’s like I don’t want this shit it may hurts the fight we used to fight and that’s hard to tell a single mother I grew up without a father single mother that worked three jobs as a nurse you don’t want her food and we was already poured there was but she got smart she introduced me to fish she did have fish dicks all the time and chicken breast solos it was hitting the cartilage and the bones I was okay and then that’s when I made that reconnection in prison had that flashback like trying to figure out why the university has me here and that’s when I’m president I said I got a distance myself it specifically cool all evil from what I used to do which was drug dealing to consuming poison and stuff like that so yeah but just to go back to your question so that’s that’s not my account grew organically because I was just totally opposite of what you see everything Amell was and I’m happy to say I’m one original Trailblazers that started at movement so now you have a lot of men and when they’re both under my impact of it yeah thank you for everything that you’ve done thank you so much for me I don’t see it was just a vegan or an athlete I was as you were talking you’re like this these Trailblazers but more of an angel miscue thank you so much yeah you’re just transformation transformative we all are and that’s what I want to encourage everyone out there you know we can’t I can’t do it alone you guys can’t do it alone you know take your counts off a private go public use those hashtags because you never know that piece of MIL whether you cook in tacos or lasagna it might look a lot better than me you’re talking on those on your presentation and it might be a friend of your your community or someone that’s fallen you check out that hashtag bye wow I could give this a go that looks pretty good so this thing about that you know photos are very powerful one meal can make a difference one plate friends if we can get one person to go vegan because it’s your account or my account we do our job yes and always push your body even your buddy yes push it to the limit there are no Dara Dara well there are certain limits but yes she’s right push it push it push it push and that’s why I tell you guys to get out the gym everyone it’s millions and millions of people in the gym there not everyone’s out in that role running or biking what’s more amazing you are thank you so much for having me appreciate it thank you thank you thank you

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