How to be an Atheist (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 17 – with JP Sears

[UltraVid id=91 ]How can you become a high-caliber atheist you’re going to need to learn how to become nothing like the close-minded underdeveloped religious people that you’re obviously better than so that you can rise to gold medal status and atheism I’m going to share with you the 10 essential atheist commandments that you need to know thou shalt not believe in anything that can’t be proven as an atheist your ability to believe that you can disprove things by pointing out that those things can’t be proven proves that you’re always right you can’t prove the heaven exists and that proves there is no heaven check my son thou shalt not have any religion pretty obvious here having a religion is a surefire way of killing your free will which is the holy grail of atheism since I found atheism my life is turned around I’ve never been happier life makes so much more sense to me now I love being an atheist thou shalt not be dogmatically close-minded your intelligence and being a person of science makes you more advanced than those with a dogmatic religious mindset science tells you what’s real and what’s not signs of not old end up path to truth it’s the only path to truth everything else is bogus thou shalt believe that no one can tell you what happens after you die heaven hell you’re smart enough to know that no one knows what happens I’ll tell you what happens you after you die nothing it’s just like you’ve gotten that safe and you never wake up that’s what happens guaranteed thou shalt not believe in saviors and their holy books you need to understand that the idea of one man in his book having all the answers is foolish if you want to know the truth you need to read God Delusion by Richard Dawkins it explains everything so true thou shalt view creationism as an insulting ly childish idea as an atheist you need to be appalled at the idea that some higher power could magically create this intricate world the world was created by the Big Bang there was almost immeasurable power to it much more power than what a person is capable of harnessing it’s like there was a higher amount of power in the Big Bang thou shalt criticize religious people for being offended when their beliefs are questioned it’s them showing signs of their weakness and their inability to be rash you think science is limited let me tell you something there is nothing more accurate than science don’t you use your brain maybe God didn’t give you a brain cuz there is no God so you got no brain thou shalt not believe that invisible forces are influencing you that’s about as likely as a bunny Lena chocolate egg gravity is a force constantly at work you’re under its influence 24/7 you can’t see it but it’s there Newton’s law and what have you though shalt replace flimsy faith with reason faith is a fleeting fallacy of the heart that’ll cause you to sail off the edge of the world reason ensures that your head always stays in control you can have complete faith that your ability to reason always leads you to the best decisions possible which is pretty reasonable thou shalt not believe that God is a loving God that is if there really was a God as an atheist you know that if there really was a loving God he wouldn’t let people get hurt and suffer it’s just common sense which also proves there is no God that’s substantial proof that you’re a bad parent and don’t love your children if you let them use your own free will because it will cause them to get hurt sometimes loving parents keep their children in cages so they’ll never get hurt that’s love with a solid grasp of these Commandments you’ll have a good life is a high functioning free thinking atheist enjoy what’s more important than subscribing to atheism is subscribing to my channel so please do that and God bless you’re not you

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