HOW TO HAVE A VEGAN WEDDING | (..Part 01 of 02 ..)

[UltraVid id=200 ]Today we’re talking about vegan weddings a few weeks ago I saw that one of our vegan friends posted on Facebook about a wedding she went to in Melbourne as it turns out this was a vegan wedding that’s right bride and groom Monique and Zoran are both vegan and we thought it would be interesting to have them on the show and talk about how they created a vegan wedding what makes this story even more interesting is that they both come from European families and had a very traditional wedding thus they created a fusion of culture and compassion I know a lot of people a lot of our listeners they struggle with having a non vegan partner or family and so thinking about having a vegan wedding will kind of be like mind blown out of this world it’s never going to happen but you guys are showing that it is possible guys did you know that you were going to have a vegan wedding or was it something that you had to discuss no I think it was blatantly obvious very early on in the piece when when I proposed that it was definitely going to be a vegan wedding no ifs about it’s it’s one of those things where it’s you know it’s it’s our day you know and it’s it’s our way or the highway really so that’s how sort of the outlook we had it’s it’s a day you know celebrated for us yeah so the decision was quite simple we live in a day and age now where you know plant-based vegan food is wildly accessible and the options are plentiful so you know whether it’s going to the supermarket or organizing a wedding it is a lot easier than what you actually anticipate and and that was one thing that we realized is how easy this is organizing a bleeding wedding in this day and age so yeah we found it quite seamless well I think many people are gonna find your example quite empowering because some people might not even consider a vegan wedding because they don’t want to bring you know the whole vegan thing and all that goes with it on such a special day you know that I want the wedding potentially ruined and the good atmosphere ruined with veganism and the potential debates and the mocking and uncle Steve’s saying where’s Mimi and you guys said there was no ifs or buts about it you know it’s our special day and therefore you know we should decide you know how it’s gonna play out absolutely and I think in general when you’re invited to a wedding regardless of it’s vegan or not vegan it’s it’s their day and they’ve invited you to share that special day with them so you know when people are a little bit judgmental I can’t speak no it’s not vegan all these happen or that happen it’s like ooh you should be just you know happy and so I appreciate it but you are actually invited we did have place cards in front of every table or seat and mana could maybe expect more today so we did a donation on everyone’s behalf that attended the wedding to Edgar’s mission so it gives mission being a sanctuary locating led sort of for people that don’t know and they have over 450 animal rescue animals there from farms and whatnot and we hold them really close to our hearts we love the work that Pam you know her team do they’re just amazing so we donated yeah on everyone’s behalf and on the back we did a little bit of activism just a couple of little websites and things like that but people just to think about whilst you know that were eating and I think they would have sort of put two and two together there actually was conversations that we did here that people sort of went is mannequins are on vegetarian yes another actually vacant and so yeah we did yeah the website we chose was vegan AZ dog and that’s that’s what we had on every single place card at the venue so all 275 of them so we’re hoping it planted a few seats yeah we actually saw the photos of what you guys are referring to on a friend’s Facebook page and you know when we saw that we were blown away we’re like wow not only a vegan wedding but activism at a vegan wedding you know it’s just fantastic to see that was by far our favorite part of your wedding we have to say and it’s such a clever idea because what the the little things that you’re mentioning here they would like to be the bumble needy or the wedding favors so is that yeah what the bride and groom give to each guests at our wedding we had a thank you card with a non-vegan chocolate for example sometimes people can give a little candle or a an ornament or some sweets or a photo frame or a picture of the bride and groom those kind of things but to put a little vegan activist spin on it was absolutely perfect thank you just yeah something that yeah we just wanted to do instead of doing the same sort of things as you said you know we might be a little canned or or chocolates and all that sort of stuff it was something that we felt was going to make a difference if that makes sense that would go to good use and they obviously very much benefit from it all right so let’s get into the nitty gritties of how to organize a vegan wedding now the main thing of course is the food yes so we remember the last wedding we went to was a family wedding on my side a year ago exactly non-vegan of course

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