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[UltraVid id=31 ]hi it’s full from hand shovel today I’m going to show you how to plan your vegan bodybuilding meals okay so today on batch cooking some meals to take to the gym so I’ll talk you through my fill process how I put my bodybuilding meals together say for a vegan you know the higher protein sources they goom’s number one here I’ve got mixed beans any types of beans will be fantastic you’ve got black beans a Dukie beans mung beans there’s a hundred and one different beans they all be a really good addition I’ve got lentils as well pair those with a starch generally I’ve been using brown rice today I’ve got quinoa been dropping my calories down a little bit on my cut now so the quinoa has got 14 grams of protein per 100 grams a lot more than you find in rice so keep my protein up as the total calories comes down also you want to work in plenty of veggies essential for health your dark green leafies are among the more nutrient dense vegetable so every day you should have a good sir from the dark green leafies today cavalo Nero you know kale chard spinach any of those you know will be fantastic good range of different colors in your veggies as well so you’re getting a good mix of all the different antioxidants they all have different properties in addition the more spices and herbs you can throw in the bear these really are superfoods they do some amazing things for your body today on choosing chillies curry powder which will have a good amount of tumeric in I’m also pairing up with black pepper so the black pepper has paper in which works well with the cumin in the turmeric and that really allows exponentially more bioavailability just again really essential nutrients through you via health amazing properties but garlic pie knows I’ve not got fresh garlic today I’ve got a good amount of coriander again any any spices any herbs really good you notice there’s no overt fact of these meals this is because I think that humans are designed really for carbohydrate and not low fat affair for us you know in disease prevention in reverse so however you know you do need some good quality fat say things like cheer and flexy to the Amiga threes you know some nuts some maybe our condos so I think we have flat seats in my morning meal in my porridge in the evenings I’ll eat a small amount of it up to a half an avocado but free that they are you know fat typically with these salt ingredients I make chilies curries soups casseroles steamed fries I say steam fryer I don’t cook with oil obviously and I’ll show you my method job number one get the grains on to kick next we steam fry all the veggies save for the leaves in the goom’s on a nice high heat this will typically take you about 10 minutes keep adding water if it starts to or Draya the next stage is to add all your spices and then you want to stir fry those for a further minute at this stage today I’m adding in vegetable stock sometimes I might use canned tomatoes for a change a little stir in and then if you using split peas or dried lentils now’s the time to pop those in as well and any leaves okay so I can put the lid on now let that simmer for about 15 minutes and now the last stage I’ll add in le cooked beans give that like a minute or two to heat three last minute as well adding any fresh herbs that you’re using so here’s the finished product 40 grams of protein cutting 75 grams of carbohydrate and a ton of micronutrients that you don’t get in white rice chicken breast and tuna okay the taste test boom this is the best tasting bodybuilding meal that you can have you know this is the sort of stuff I take to the gym with me to eat people will be sitting next to me recently was a young lad he had white rice chicken breasts a little hot and sweet chili sauce you know to make it half palatable and it just looks so bland and dead you know this speaks of life is so vibrant and as we all do it the only oxidants are all the micronutrients that make us really healthy and stave off disease I asked him what his macros were and my meal had more protein than his incomparable carbohydrate so you know why eat a bit of dead flesh the amino acids in this are just as good but this has got a lot of other stuff with it you know animal products are relatively devoid of nutrition comparable to to plant products so there’s no need to do it it’s not helping your goals it’s just making your life bland and shortened in it if you’ve enjoyed this video please like and subscribe go vegan for victory

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