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[UltraVid id=157 ]Deep down inside you know your relationship is gonna die someday so the last thing you want to do is waste your time and energy by trying to make it work so we’re gonna help you by teaching you how you can ruin your relationship much quicker you want to stop somewhere and get something to eat are you hungry are you mad at me no use the silent treatment when you’re angry instead of foolishly discussing what you’re upset about you’ll get better results by becoming withdrawn and silent using the silent treatment also makes it easier for you to deny that you’re mad thus further punishing your partner by treating them like they’re crazy because they see your anger that you’re pretending isn’t there I think you should work out a bit more you come to CrossFit with me every day we can be one of those Power couples once you’re a bit fitter always try to change your partner the best way for you to get the partner of your dreams is to try and change your current partner into becoming your dream partner they should be grateful for you because the more you try to change them the more they improve as a person you know Sarah hasn’t been returning any of my calls maybe you should text her or you could probably buy her some chocolates maybe you should just apologize Stuart never listen to your partner’s problems only try to fix them when your partner has a problem your job is to fix them the last thing you ever want to do is just listen that makes you useless and it keeps them flawed I think your butt makes those pants look big insert body image questions honestly honesty is the currency of intimacy you drive me crazy like you make me angry like I’m pissed off Oh always blame your partner when you’re upset the pinnacle of maturity is having the mental acuity to recognize how it’s someone else’s fault when you’re upset you pointing out to them that they did something wrong to make your body generate emotions you’re feeling probably instills enough shame in them that they’ll never do it again but like you don’t know never tell your partner what you want expect them to know what you want your partner always knows what you want the question is are they gonna be a terrible person by acting like they don’t while they cite fictional excuses like I can’t read your mind and I’m not telepathic I’m going to visit my parents but it would make me so much happier if you stayed you want to stay don’t you yes I knew it your partner’s happiness is your responsibility god only knows you’re not capable of making yourself happy that’s why it’s your partner’s responsibility the more they sacrifice their desires to better meet your needs the more you get a happy life I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart I despise you I think we should have a baby have kids to try to save your relationship because you’re not capable of handling each other’s lives obligating yourselves to handle a new life that’s completely dependent on you it’s good sense and how do you feel about that I think it’s good such a nice day out isn’t it never talk about your feelings because only weak people and small children have feelings the last thing you’ll ever want to do is talk about your feelings with your partner this says that unconditional love can’t possibly be contained to just one person that’s so true and so spiritual practice the art of having an open relationship I have so much love inside of me that I can’t possibly contain it to just one woman not only does an open relationship give me unspeakable freedom but it’s also just the way men are biologically wired and it’s great for women to wait I thought you were ok with me just sleeping with other women I enjoyed frolicking with other people too what I can’t believe you do that I’m out of here we’re over don’t forget all your stupid purple shirts that went well and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more wisdom

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