[UltraVid id=139 ]Roll hello this is Dan McDonnell I think this will be the last video in this series thank you for coming Lou sharing your time with us my friend of course it’s unfortunate that through videos these people will never get to know the man that you are they can sense it but even so it just goes so far beyond your ability to like 18 or 20 hours a day you’re just helping people in this house and you’ll put your whole heart and soul into it you’ve lifted me to another level as a mentor you’ve given me the ability to share and be more courageous and my communication with you as someone I love and respect but also loving and respecting myself more to communicate with you in a way that makes me feel more empowered so we can work together better as a team so that’s really been great this has been a fantastic visit and I know that you’ve enjoyed these videos today I want to go over a few things here with Lou because he’s the guy to ask as far as I know because I don’t know anybody else it’s been a raw vegan for as long as you 41 years the successful raw vegan very powerful very energetic 62 years old and you don’t show any signs of slowing down no plastic surgery no hair dyes strength power health love success on every level divine connection you’re the guy to ask Lou what are some of the things that people are doing wrong that’s making it impossible for them to stay 100% raw on all raw living foods and what can we do about how do we succeed long-term on a raw vegan plan well off and on for several years people have been asking that question you know how how did you come across this whole raw living food concept and how have you how have you been able to stay with it consistently over the years and and I just have to come back and say well 41 years ago when I was 21 as you all know or be some of you do back in 1973 when I was right there at the edge of my deathbed I I was embraced by a light and I and I had a presence right by me and I was given some teachings and one of the teachings was next to loving and forgiving and accepting and anointing all the people in my past out of compassion to anoint him with love and success and you know and just send peace to them so they could be transformed and as I had been I went from a very ugly place in my life and I was transformed and instantaneously in that moment so I do believe in the power of prayer because I experienced it so when people asked me my believer I go no I am I know I saw what I saw I felt what I felt I heard what I heard I did what I was instructed and one of the other things I was instructed to do was to abstain from all flesh and take living foods enjoy the fruits and vegetables and the seeds and what have you and I was taught how to do that and so what I did it and I was also taught to do some fastings and things like that so but as I did it within six months the big tumor went away the acne the asthma the author itís the constipation the rash the allergies but even all the parasites and the worms and the candida and all these different things just came out of my body right so when I saw that and I spirit that and I just kept doing it and I felt great I just want to keep feeling great when you say some fasting but you’re talking about actually a little bit more extensive than just a couple of days on that I don’t know I don’t usually talk about fasting too much but I because before I could only go three or four hours without food and I get kind of like I had to have something and then eventually I got to a point where I could actually fast on juices for one day a week and then I got to two days and then three days and then hundred days I actually gravitate to a hundred days on juice and water for a hundred days and at that point I was capable of going much further than that but I and then I start learning to do water fasting and then eventually I got to a forty day water fast I’ve done that several times and I don’t talk too much about it because that’s another conversation but I just want to make sure that nobody doesn’t think crazy yes people aren’t even there right right exactly and it takes roughly it takes two a process there’s a process involved and you need to know what you’re doing and how to do it and evolve into that and needs a little bit of guidance the reason why I brought that up is because there’s so much bad rap about fasting and yet for me what it’s done for me personally it’s been one of the single most greatest it’s very powerful if you know what you’re doing and you do it gradually and evolve with it and work with it and so there’s times to fast source time to rebuild and regenerate fast cleanses as well okay so you know nobody go crazy you took your time you did it intelligently you got help and so that’s the thing about that but I just wanted to let kind of let them know that you know what kept me in the game it also is that the fact that I actually created and reinvented recreated and redesigned my life by creating a declaration so I actually wrote down you know like I’ll give you a couple examples like I actually wrote that and I encourage you also to go to Luc Renaud comm and look at some examples and how to create a declaration because when you create the declaration you actually write down a few things as an example like I say you might say I declare or from this point on from this moment on I will love and respect and honor and appreciate my life as a blessing as a gift and I shall partake of of raw living cultured foods if that’s your declaration then you can say that if you want I will eat a partake of raw leading cultured foods obviously plant-based organic and you might say I’ll drink the pure alkaline structured water I will drink the fresh juices I will fast one day a week whatever you declare it you can put it down I will be a kind loving caring person and patient and so on and you might declare that you will do whatever you need to do to create win-win scenarios with people you know don’t like that so whatever it is that you are being led in and and would like to be and be a peaceful harmonious person if that’s what you want to declare and then declare that but when you put it all together you read it three times a day and eventually after several months of doing it three times a day you have it memorized you have it internalized and then you can say it out in the open and express it without even reading out of the paper anymore and then what happens is you have a so internalized so memorized that you can word it and express it in a powerful way and you actually become that declaration you literally become it and you can get clear and complete with past issues you can move forward recreate reinvent yourself in a really powerful amazing uestion is an opportunity for them to reinvent themselves reinvent recreate reprogram recondition ourselves because we have been conditioned programmed within our lives well issues you know weather weather we’ve been conditioned programmed purposely with lies or not or whatever the case the thing is that you would you need to distinguish here is that there are certain things we’ve been taught and conditioned programmed whether it was purpose or not on purpose whether it was right or wrong is that some of these things weren’t working out for us we ended up becoming sick and ill and we end up making stories up that we’re not good enough we’re not smart enough you know I mean we’re too fat we’re too skinny we’re not we can never measure up we don’t belong here I mean we make up so many stories because we’ve been we’ve been taken from we’ve been violated we’ve been so we’ve been read boozled bamboozled we’ve been taken advantage of we’ve been offended we’ve been hurt you know we eat you up inside it eats us up inside and those things are probably in your as a healer those I mean your diet is one thing but those things eating you up inside your own percent raw foodist and you’re not dealing with stuff you’re not going to be able to get to the next level and stay stabilized on the diet that’s right and that’s a really deep thing to consider that’s why I advocate of the four principles not just eating raw living cultured foods it yeah it is a superior lifestyle for sure obviously I’ve been doing it for years and years I maintain strength and energy and vitality I feel great I feel like I just got a college I’m looking forward to getting married having children living off the land again like I did before you know doing all kinds of wonderful things I’m looking forward to do juries or just trying to give you the retirement check get the RV drive around the country get fat you know I I feel like I’m just getting started in life honestly I my last mentor on 17 years ago I thought he was 45 maximum he was 75 and he was living this lifestyle the guy was amazing I want to reach to what he showed me I mean the guy could outrun anybody I know he could outrun anybody I know and he was 75 he could hang off a pipe for an hour he he he did things that he he did this for an hour effortlessly you know just squatting like that he did many things in front of it was like ah like amazing that’s just not your diet that’s it’s its other thing it step into the four principles its mastering the four principles really are no truth I really at 62 after 41 years I’m just scratching the surface of the four principles in the mastery of the four principles I’m just scratching the surface and even though I’m probably probably beyond the average person in the four principles I mean I get a pretty good handle on it but but as far as what I know what I’ve seen oh yeah I’ve got a ways to go myself many times your mentors make you look like chopped liver right well I’m they’re gonna say that but I mean I just about had to tell you the very humbling very humbling to be around but we the slash meilahti right we love that yeah so I’m very humbled just to be here very humbled and very thankful to live a wonderful healthy vibrant life and you know that’s why I’m even here with you right now too to convey a message that those that are listening here may be able to get a sense in the feel the power behind it but remember what is it that allowed me to stay consistent with it is because and I’ve been evolving myself you know and I’m still evolving I have like I said I have a ways to go maybe when I’m walking on water and and can can disappear it when I want and goal or I want a lot and walk through walls maybe then I’ll say I’ve arrived maybe I don’t know that you know but I’m just saying I’m just playing with you but but I we do have we do have a ways to go and I know there’s so much more for us to grow into but you need to start somewhere but I just know this we do not need to kill animals to live in this life and to have health and strength and vitality you really don’t you don’t have to kill animals you don’t have to kill your food you can need very simple you know you can enjoy the fruits and vegetables the seeds it right in the first page of the scriptures it says right there in the very first page of the book it says I have given you every herb bearing seed every fruit yielding seed for your meat that’s what it said you know and so I caught that and in the last book of the Bible it says there’ll be a time when Christ returns that all people all animals will go back to plant eating and even says the lamb and the lion will lay next to each other and peace and in harmony there will be great enough to land together I mean I saw that I was shown that and I’ve been doing that for the last 41 years and I’m still here but I’m not I’m not here cooking my food and processing my food I just eat fruits and vegetables and herbs organically plant base of course I soak my seeds I germinate my seeds I have learned how to make yogurt out of different season as to activate them make them easier to digest easier to absorb but you have to admit you just have to admit that you know doing this lifestyle isn’t it kind of cool that just on the fly if you want to hike a mountain you can because I can swim across lakes because I can do that too and just run and feel great and just you know and not be in a state of decrepit and flex yourself look put those flowers over there for a second and try this thing off on the fly that’s my turn I usually hold off for the sake of the video I’ll keep it short well because I actually that was a good one I ate too much durian earlier good and I was like whoa whoa that’s not gonna weigh Oh get back now the digestion of the dream was illegal I want to work our way into some of the practical stuff because you know a lot of my viewers here that really awesome people and they just really like what is the practical stuff and one of the things that’s going on is everybody’s dropping off the raw vegans are going back to cooked vegan going back to cooked omnivore they’re going back to sad they’re going back the coffee be here what happened what’s going on here well I’m not going to say right or wrong about anybody or anything that they do I mean everybody’s going through their journey and I love everyone and and I really want everybody to you know get a sense of what this is so they can catch it and run with it and be consistent with it and have a great life for themselves but some people I mean we are creatures of habit and we have addictions and some people you know go back to like I have people that I’ve worked with over the years where they used to be drinkers and then they stopped drinking they went to different programs to help themselves overcome the drinking habit I’m talking about drinking liquor because they were alcoholics at one time and then they were gone they were called clean slate for 10 15 20 years and then they go back to drinking all of a sudden one drink boom the right back where they came from you know I mean and they go right back into it and they they have a challenge with that sometimes I have that same thing happen with people with smoking you know they they quit smoking because I know it’s better for them to do that even get some counseling hypnotherapy they do whatever it takes to try to overcome the smoking habit and then they might be cleaned up for 10 years 15 years 20 years and then that one drag of cigarette and they’re right back to that addiction you know and they see you know saying yes you were the so saying so with cook food I mean it’s an addiction and you know we’re raised this way and so when we get away from it and we run a clean slate run on rolling new foods and fresh juices and enzymes and herbs or whatever and clean up our systems and get healthy it feel great but you know I mean we have a society it’s been made so acceptable and so natural or normal or whatever then normal math not natural I would say normal and but you know they take a little taste of something and they go whoa I’ve been missing out you know I may go right back into their old habits and their addictions and all that and they get stuck right back into it and so when people ask me the question but how do you stay consistent how do you not go back to these addictions or cook food or whatever but you see that’s why I emphasize the four principles because when you have this spiritual connection and when you have a powerful way of thinking and when you have your heart in the right place and you’re really eating food out of love out of respect out of own or not of appreciation for this life you want to do what’s most best for it what’s the best thing for it so when I see I mean I know what cook food does to the body I know how it uses more enzymes to process it more than you make scientifically they prove that I’ve done thousands and thousands of my blood analysis on people I’ve seen my own many times I’ve seen people many times thousands and so seeing the blood and seeing when people actually gravitate to raw living foods and enzymes and herbs and all that clean up their system the blood goes from being wagged out the red blood cells are unhealthy sticky clumpy whatever and it gets clean it gets healthy and they get healthy they feel great their conditions go away but when they go back to cook food the red blood cells get all funky again they get all sticky again and clumpy again so you see it in the blood it’s obvious so there’s no question about that but on the other hand everybody that heats animals the same thing happens to their blood whether it’s raw or cooked parasites trapped proteins you know trap fats all kinds of things happen so I we know that we know we already I mean I know I’ve seen it I know and the science knows but most people don’t know you know and I understand that but again because of this cooked food thing it’s it’s become such a habit such an addiction for most people and when they go back to taste in it it grabs them it sucks them right back in just like smoking just like drugs just like drinking it does that 80% raw is still 20% addictive which will lead them maybe 30% cook then for DNA here’s here’s the thing about that I appreciate when people do 50% 60% raw living foods 80% 90% but you just got to know that if you want 80% results and you’re on 80% raw foods you’re going to get 80% results if you want 90% results you’re going to get 90% results equal 90 percent rocks myself as an example if you want hundred percent results if you want to get well if you want to stay well and you want to feel great and if you want to maintain your vitality in your youth in your strengthen your energy in your power then you go 100 percent that’s ultimately what you want at your example here is myself now you know last time I was hanging with you know we’ve been off and on but I just wasn’t ready for certain things and now that I’ve been a hundred percent raw for the last six months now you say oh Dan now you’re ready so here’s what’s next you know I mean so there’s been an evolution and everyone’s noticing it the people closest to me you and I feel like just being a hundred percent raw does something to your spirit that prepares you for the next level of releasing and addictions and habits so that I’ve really been really accelerating since I went on exercise let me ask yourself that was the last time you create a declaration I actually had just wrote one the other day right after you got here and I’ve been trying to write a declaration for about three and a half years since we met and I wrote one and I called you at four in the morning and but it wasn’t just did what’s the best one came to me at four in the morning after sleeping for two hours mm and I’ve wrote spent two hours and it came out of the most divine place and it was that’s the one that’s the one I’m talking about right there it was you you picked it up and you put it on paper and you’ve been reading three times a day and your life will never be the same that was a very powerful powerful declaration and I can only ask you with your permission if we can put it on lulu.com website to help others in the future and that would be an honor and because you see every time of someone to just create one especially out of inspiration yeah I have a colleague a friend storm he did the same thing and his life has just been transformed also so you know I’ve seen it many times but it’s you know what it’s far in between people that actually do it very far in between very few people on the planet actually take the time and the dedication and inspiration to put down exactly what they want and how they want to live they want to go and I’ve already gone through like a quantum evolution because I’ve read it every day and I do all the things in their living even if I miss it the night Oh 12:30 I can fit in but your breath work I’ve seen it I’ve witnessed it I’ve seen in the last three days how you’ve been evolving very quickly just from reading three times a day in the last few days they have been here so it’s really been exciting for me it says right now I wish I could stay another day or two or three but you know I have commitments I need to go back or what I came to it so I can do help more people but it’s been such an honor I hope it’s been helpful and the things I’ve been answering for for you and for everybody else but well I’ll be remember the news love remember the first principle the first principle communication connect you know surrender us and you know I mean well you know it’s it’s it’s such an incredible things the importance of communicating with yourself it’s a internal that internal dialogue in a gentle way in a powerful that was what I was missing and then I was not able to do that with the people because I wasn’t doing it with myself gentle respectful communication with myself that’s really what I’ve died so that internal dialogue really makes a big difference to really work with that internal dial and you also get a distinction whose governing who write you were looking at my declaration it says I will stay in conscious contact and 100% of the time not just fifty percent of time all right 50 percent spiritual so you saw with your basically saying you’re going to be a conscious thinker but also conscientious of your of your emotional state that you’re in but you’re going to be a conscious either conscious and everything that you do then your conduct and how you say things what you do with your life where you go with it and how your state of being you’re being conscientious now your being awake and your being present to your breath you’re being present to even your heart pump you’re being present how how beautiful and powerful your body works for you and how it does so much for you you know you’re being present to all these things you’re even being present to Sophia your significant other to where you’re being more sensitive more in tune more in sync listening more powerfully I mean you’re doing many things different than before so I’m really proud oh no great friends and you got great friends a very girlfriend I see my family yeah yeah yeah for sure I don’t want to leave ever and remember tapping into the elements and incorporating elements daily it’s still letting your lymphatic system that’s why I do 20 minutes of rebounding yoga breath work hot coal applications and things like that just to keep the lymph stimulated and moving right and and then of course raw living cultured foods but remember I’ve declared it I claimed it I called it and I chose it and I’m doing it and so I’m doing my best to live inside my own integrity with the things I chose and declare for my life so I can live a very powerful wonderful life so let’s take the last five minutes and go over some real practical stuff cuz of all things like or is knowing what people sometimes wonder how do you get proteins carbs and fats and how do you sustain that because that’s one of the reasons why I think people go back to eating animal protein because they’re not getting the protein from their vegetarian lifestyle granted 95% of the vegetarians in the world are going back to eating animal protein after 10 15 20 even 30 years later because I’ve seen them and the interesting thing I think is that 95% of the vegetarians in the world are our pale weak sickly and they’re not strong and powerful and I and I’ve seen that and I’ve seen a lot of people tell me I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that they’re discouraged to become a vegetarian because of this fact you know they don’t want to become weak frail and pale and all gana you know I mean and sickly now that’s the thing and I’ve had people see even say things that they’ve seen people on raw foods getting weak and linky and you know and losing their power and they’re aging fast and they’re wondering why what’s up right so remember it’s not just being vegetarian vegan raw food lifestyle that’s going to cut it when I what I have a sense of is and just remember I was in the wilderness for 40 days on water and the elements and everything and I realized something very significant it’s not just a food that you eat it makes a difference it’s that connection is that connection is doing the breath really doing the breath really breathing slow and deep and being present to your breath these are important things and in grounding yourself and still in the lymph and as far as the food thing when you learn how to eat fruits and vegetables combined improperly and learn how to soak the seeds how to germinate the seeds and incorporate them as you need them and have variety different varieties of seeds and nuts by soaking germinating activating culture izing it releases the amino acids the fatty acids the glucose that are in seeds because all protein all season nuts have proteins carbs and fats but they need to be released they need to be bioavailable to your cells and this is one of the keys that’s missing for most people a lot of release nuts and seeds and then they give like fat or seeds a bad rap because they’re just not aware of that activation living life or stolen you just hit a key factor there so the idea is is that you have to understand that even if you sow some nuts and seeds they don’t always germinate because they’ve been taken out of their shell so one way you can activate them and pre digest them and make them enzyme activated is by conser izing that’s why I love and enjoy life biotic from pyridine because pyridine has the best of the best highest quality highest potency for the lowest cost in the world right now and I use a teaspoon right in the blender that starts it and I just take these pre-soak seeds or nuts whatever I’m working with and just blend it up into a cream let us sit five six hours later you got yourself a yogurt coconut wasn’t no almond coconut yogurt pistachio pistachio or raw organic pistachio yogurt right you got so far seat yogurt pumpkin seed yogurt sesame seed yogurt you know it’s I just want all the young guys to know or anybody else that needs that strength I always whenever whenever I’m hanging around you I was put on like an inch and I just feel look you know stronger you know I met that long ago I haven’t done polos for years and years and years and somebody said how many pull-ups can you do I don’t know so I got I just grabbed a pipe in pop 20 of them just like that and they looked at then you go I can’t even do 15 and they go well you can you can start learning how to put life into your body and get life out because but I tell you I promise you this and all of you that as soon as I get the books and DVDs done that I’m working on and duplicate this knowledge and experience that I have over the years I’m definitely going to go back to training and I would like to incorporate a few key people close to me that we can train together so that way until I call it spiritual training to evolve to a point where you can do like incredible things that you could never do before so people can look at that and go wow that’s amazing that’s incredible and then they’re going to look at that and go what’s the secret and I’m going to say the secret is follow the four principles implement and apply the four principles of life and master them because if you do that you can easily hike the mountain swim across lakes and do this and this and this and this you know to do this for seven minutes to plank here do that for seven minutes that’s my record my mentor could do it an hour you know but I’m just saying even even one minute of this it takes sometimes people cannot most people can’t me do one second yeah you know I can take these two chairs right now and put my body straight like that my record seven minutes on that one you never showed me that I’ll start work I’ll do that one next time anyway a couple minutes you’re right you know what there’s one less thing one minute you have one less thing you want to ask one I just well one minute is enough to say goodbye but I think the essence of it is there keep your mind open there’s no one right way to be a raw vegan and the other people that are living different it depends where you’re living it depends what part of the world you’re living in and what your body’s going to gravitate to and when I’m in Washington I eat differently there compared to when I’m in in Costa Rica or Panama you know I mean it’s it what I’m in a why to eat living foods because then it’s not dead and it’s not clogging you up right and right so I stay on raw living foods cultured foods plant-based organic I didn’t do that but I’ve learned how to how to work it I’ve learned how to listen to my body up so I’m encouraging you also to listen so fruits vegetables nuts and seeds so can just gonna be yourself yeah listen don’t don’t listen to Luka Rona don’t listen to anybody out there listen to this that’s

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