How To Succeed On The Raw Vegan Diet

What’s up everybody I want to do a video on staying grounded on a raw food diet how’d it just how to be successful long term and I guess you could say you know why a lot of people might fail eating raw foods and I think it’s because we failed to stay grounded and balanced satiated these are all words that I think a lot of people these are all things that a lot of people struggle to find when they’re eating more raw foods and that’s because it’s the difference with the energy when you’re eating a fruit based diet which is more of you know the focus you know when we’re eating raw foods we want to be mostly eating fruits because those are the hydrating electrical foods that are conducive for all cellular activity because they have the living electricity in those foods there are electrical foods it’s a completely different energy when you start eating this way it’s completely different to what most people are used to most people they’re born and from the day they’re born they are fed cooked foods they’re fed soy formula they’re fed foods that are not conducive for human health they’re fed high-fat high-protein foods very congested foods and they grow up that way and so our bodies are literally used to being sick our bodies are used to being in a state of toxicity our bodies are used to being on high fat and high protein diets now fruits are mostly carbohydrate based which is what the the cells run on is carbon you know and a lot of people are scared of sugar but that’s not the truth and you know you should never be scared of sugar it’s just the kind of sugars it’s simple is it complex where is it coming from that’s more of what we want to be talking about if you’re going to be worried about anything it’s protein and protein and excess is a problematic and so people that consume lots of nuts and seeds you get too caught up you know doing gourmet recipes and stuff like that you’re not gonna feel as good eating a raw food because you’re you’re eating too much you know like protein and fat it’s not going to make you feel good I think a little bit of fat is a smart thing to do I like to consume a little bit of fat myself and I typically keep that to coconuts meat and avocado I think those are the most satiating fats that aren’t really too mucus-forming and they help you stay balanced because the point I was gonna make was that you know we grow up on these animal meats and stuff like that and there’s a lot of protein and fat in those foods so as I was about to say we get on these fruits that are mostly carbon-based and we get away from those fats and proteins and it’s just you’re not used to feeling that light the body’s not used to feeling that light so it’s very important that we use foods like avocados and coconuts and transition accordingly like I like to have a couple of kados a day and I have these coconut wraps these are raw vegan coconut wraps and I’ll slice up some avocado some sprouts guacamole whatever make a dressing something like that cucumber you know sometimes I’ll put some basil cilantro something like that in here might add a little water to rehydrate these things and I’ll make a little wrap and that way there’s no nuts no seeds the food combining is pretty good and these digest good I feel pretty balanced and I’ve been with this support of this company for a while now I really like them I like these coconut wraps in particular because they’re very light they’re very simple two ingredients coconut and psyllium husk so very simple very easy to digest and you can make little wraps like that and then you feel full you know that’s what most people are missing typically I’ll eat that and then I’ll just have some tea 30 minutes after some fluids rehydrate and then later in the day I’ll bring fruits back into the equation but it’s nice to have a meal or something you can eat where feels like you’re full it feels like you’re satiated it’s a light it’s not too complex you know a lot of people struggle sustaining this raw food diet because they you know see other people taking blenders and mixing so many different ingredients together and it’s like whoa whoa whoa those different foods are gonna digest at different rates so we really got a food combining is essential to understand food combining the timing in which you eat foods you don’t want to eat carbohydrates directly after eating fats you don’t want to mix those things together or you know even with proteins you don’t want to eat carbohydrates on top of proteins you really don’t want to eat excess proteins at all because they’re just gonna acidify the human body so you know I’m gonna link that like I said I’m gonna link those coconut wraps down below raw vegan coconut wraps you should see that if you just scroll in the description box below this video really good company and you can use the discount code discount code wild 15 capital WIIL d15 and you’ll get a discount on those things try them out see what you think if you have a dehydrator you can make you know raw egg and wraps yourself but I like those I like those a lot they help me to sustain myself the fats have been what’s kept me on this lifestyle long term I don’t do too much extended fasting like maybe once or twice a year I’ll do something like that like a short water fast or maybe some juice cleansing or something like that but for the most part I just intermittent dry fast everyday and even that I don’t extend that too much I don’t overeat a lot of food I think I’m kinda in the middle of a little bit of with all this I guess you could say because a lot of people some people will tell you to eat like 3000 4000 calories of carbohydrates a day and that’s a recipe to poop your pants because if you eat that much fruit all one’s you’re gonna have to be right next to the toilet toilet all day long so I don’t think those people are given really good advice I don’t think the people that are saying he low low low fat our being understanding for the individuals that have weakened nervous systems and need a little bit of fat in their diet to help soothe the nerves as you regenerate at a foundational level with the hydrating of juicy fruits I hope this kind of makes sense I just talked to so many people doing consultations and like I just don’t feel like I can eat all fruit and that’s like because we were raised on these super fatty protein foods don’t feel guilty about eating an avocado or two if it helps you to stay on this path yes I personally have found they’re a little bit mucus-forming and others might come to the same conclusion when you eat the juicy fruits and then have an avocado and you get really sensitive you might notice that a bit mucus flowing but who cares that’s the worse you doing you’re doing real good you’re doing real good and understanding what these different foods is essential you know the carbohydrate foods that the carbohydrate source that’s key because that is what the cells run on fats lipids they buffer acidity in the body this is why a lot of people really get into the high fat diets because it gives them instant gratification instant relief from whatever problems they might be experiencing but it is you know staying on those foods that are less obstructive like the fruits the high carbon based fruits that are that’s going to keep your body in a less obstructed state and allow for more healing to occur when you’re bringing the more obstructive foods that just tends to slow the detox down and so people tend to feel a lot better when they do that but those that walk the narrow path of detoxification and go through the detox reactions and clean all that out will be greatly rewarded with their health and that will manifest itself in the iris of made plenty of videos talking about iridology which is also key to understanding I’m just going to start saying this more and more understanding iridology and understanding the length system is absolutely imperative to sustaining the raw vegan diet long-term because now you have a landmark when you can track the different pigmentations and markings in your eye and watch those change and develop an understanding as to why those markings are there then it becomes you become a lot more confident as to why you’re experiencing the certain detox reactions you may be experiencing because you can see where certain toxicity has settled in the body you’re not caught up chasing certain minerals and vitamins and doing this test that tests you got a read on the limp system and now you feel really grounded so I did also make a course called The Healing Arts Academy where is I think 60 to 70 videos and I’m just continuously adding more and more videos to that I want to make that the best iridology course out there for people to learn I read ology at a fordable rate and you know then the moms and the dads that watch this video can read all their kids eyes you can read your friends eyes and when you get good at reading the eye you become very confident in this material because you understand the nature of the lymphatic system and the different stages of 1,000 jes tchen expressing themselves in the iris so I do encourage you to watch the iridology videos on this channel at the very least because it will be of great service to you and understanding this understanding is the key word understanding what fats do they buffer us at understanding that when you’re on a more carbon-based diet your body’s going to heal more and you’re going to that can be intense sometimes understanding proteins are degenerative that’s coming from a ex bodybuilder football player I think I have a pretty good context with that understanding the nature of the lymphatics in understanding these things when in a world internet world of so much conflicting information understanding the iris is all you need you don’t need to outsource information from anyone else once you can read your own eyes that’s that’s I think the biggest blessing you could give anyone so I did I really have so much respect for people like bernard jensen robert morris people that have really brought that information forward because you know when you understand the I your golden ‘golden baby so fresh juices you know fresh juice is at a foundational level fresh fruits hydrating you know I like whole fruits and vegetable juices and a little bit of fat and understanding the iris I feel it’s very grounded I’m able to work go about my day to day life and I just feel like I’m sustaining this effortlessly long term now I’m approaching two years on this lifestyle and it’s just felt don’t get me wrong there’s detox reactants all the time I have I’m gonna make another video on healing cycles and what not but these are all key things to understand and then spiritually and emotionally like you know when you’re on those carbon-based foods like again you’re going to be more sensitive to stuff when I’m in an airport I have to have a few avocados with me or when I’m in a crowd or something like that I gotta have those Ofcom’s to stay grounded you know otherwise I just feel everything a little bit too much so it’s important that you know as you know we got to look at each other more just human beings and what’s going on at a physical level and understand that emotionally spiritually it’s important that we stay grounded too you know and some of these raw foods like the avocados the coconuts even the denser fruits like bananas if you’re somewhere tropical and you can get mayonnaise sapote you know some of those richer more dense food dates even you know those are gonna give you a little more sustainability in my opinion just because they’re they’re a little bit more slow burning and the avocados and coconuts in particular because they have the fats you don’t want to go too high on the fat side because then you’re gonna it’s just gonna start to be mucus forming – mucus forming you’re not gonna feel that good but just a little bit just the right amount of fat every day like I’ve said in the past you slice up those cucumbers slice up those cucumbers and dip them in some guacamole or you make some wraps and you wrap some avocado in there sprout it’s different things where you make a salad there’s guacamole dressing you make a taco salad these are just different ideas you know don’t around with the cashews and the almonds and the nuts and the seeds because that’s just way too inflammatory the avocados yeah yeah then make a little mucus but it’s it’s really not it’s not too heavy on the body as long as you’re well hydrated in the foundation of your diet is hydrating juicy fruits you’re gonna have that nice balance of like alright I’m detoxing but I also feel grounded like I’m kind of moving at a very this feels sustainable I see so many people fail on this lifestyle because they just dive into like 10 20 30 40 day 50 day juice climbs after juice concept it’s like man did you ever did you ever practice eating did you ever practice eating at all you know so that that’s kind of how I like balance I like a nice little thing like that and I’ve done played in both worlds and I just want to give you guys this information because I feel like so many of you are trying so many different things and I feel for you because I was in the same place I was eating like I had no idea what I was doing when I started I was eating like corn chips and raspberries and dipping apples and hummus and I was just like mixing it all together I had no idea what I was doing still eating like a little bit of cooked food the difference between eating a little cooked and eating all raw two different worlds in terms of digestibility clarity all of these different than two completely different worlds and I’m gonna do some more videos with Tim to talk about that because he’s just newly transitioning and he’s will tell you the same exact thing so I hope that this shared some ideas you know check out the coconut wraps if you’re interested in that check out the iridology if you’re interested in that learn more about this stuff you know read some of Jensen’s books if you can get your hands on them all good material just to become very well-versed in and that’s gonna I want you guys to be more confident in this material because ultimately you know that’s what’s going to give you the long term you know advice to win this you know win this one day add one day at a time be beat down you know this you know sort of I’m thinking where we have to do this extended fasting all the time don’t get me wrong there’s a time and a place it’s time in a place you know but it’s important to stay grounded to so this was a grounded video I wanted to make a video just on how to stay grounded and I know I talked a little bit more physically but on the physical level but I’m gonna make some more spiritual levels to spiritual videos to this week so stay tuned and the blessings be I love you guys you’re doing great, blessings to you all

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