Is Honey Vegan?

[UltraVid id=71 ]Hello I’m Simon Whistler you’re watching today I found out in the video today we’re answering a viewer question Melissa asks is honey considered vegan just before you get started I do you want to say that this video is brought to you by Trello Trello is a free organizational collaborative tool I’ve been using Trello for nearly a year organizing this a YouTube channel as well as my other YouTube channels as well it’s really a really neat piece of organizational software I’m gonna tell you more about Trello later in this video but for now let’s just get started there’s a reason there’s the expression busy as a bee of these buzzing insects entire lives are dedicated to making sure the hive keeps humming hands the next generation of bees are born work of these are consistently building cleaning and protecting their home when they are not tending to the hive they are out foraging for food to feed the Queen and the drones this food is a mixture of pollen nectar water and plant SAP which is eventually transformed into a honey this is a favorite treat for those humans and bees alike with vegan diets on the rise rules and questions around this particular lifestyle are constantly being talked about perhaps one of the most debated issues among vegans is the question of honey by nearly every definition honey is an animal by-product created through chemical processes first the worker bees go out into the world to forage for the sugary fluid secreted by plants that’s known as nectar traveling up to six miles when the bees find nectar they sucked up with their long tube-like tongue and store it in a secondary stomach known as the crop due to being able to hold its own weight that’s approximately 70 milligrams of nectar bees can visit up to 1,500 flowers in one nectar searching trip when the bee returns to the hive it disposes of the collected nectar by regurgitating it into the mouth of another bee who regurgitates it to another bee and so on until it finally ends up in a honeycomb this whole regurgitating process allows the Nexo to be broken down by the enzymes in the bees stomachs which makes it more suitable for long-term storage when the partially digested nectar is in the honeycomb bees speed the evaporation process by their wings rapidly when it sufficiently dry the bees seal the honeycomb with a secretion from its abdomen which we know of as beeswax sealed from Aaron’s moist gerunds thanks to some of its innate properties and he can last for all practical purposes forever and provides a perfect food source for the hive during the harsh winter months of course it also provides a delicious sweet treat for humans and of animals okay so in 1944 Donald Watson essentially created the modern vegan movements by organizing the vegan society the word vegan was taken from the beginning and ending of the word vegetarian his motive for doing so was his affinity for animal life believing and not only abstaining from consuming animal flesh but also animal by-products that have brought unjust harm to the animals as expressed in Watson’s original treatise on being vegan veganism is a way of living which excludes all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to the animal kingdom it applies to the exclusion of flesh fish fowl eggs honey and animal milk according to what’s in taking honey from a hive Spees in that it is essentially stealing a much-needed food item from an animal additionally commercial beehives control the process honey making stacking them in removable trays trapping the Queen in a certain part of the hive and smoking out hives when retrieving the honey in terms of Watson’s original intention honey cannot be vegan due to the methods used by commercial beekeeping but there are those who argue that if one wants do truly adhere to the original vegan lifestyle then eating properly produced honey is okay you see since bees produce the honey naturally cultivating it in a way that doesn’t harm the bees does allow it to be vegan this means constructing hives that are like the ones the bees have in the wild and then waiting for a while swarm of bees to make it their home additionally care must be taken to leave the bees plenty of honey for their own needs there’s also no use of smoke antibiotics or chemicals on the hives in order to solve the problem of opening the hives and disturbing the bees in order to collect the honey natural beekeepers invented a tap a mechanism that allows excess honey do you simply drip into a tube and out of the hive while many vegans abstain from all animal by-products simply on principle or at least attempt to something that is exceptionally difficult if not impossible even for the best intentioned individual the modern vegan movement that was born in 1944 focused primarily on the suffering of animals as the key point if honey can be obtained without making the bee suffer in any way then in theory it could be part of the vegan diet based on these precepts on the other hand some vegans think this doesn’t matter at all as it’s generally thought that insects cannot feel pain or at least are probably not consciously aware of it even if their brains do react to such inputs beyond this the minimal number of bees harmed in the production of honey for human consumption is seemingly no more than the number of insects harmed in the production of vegetables even of the organic variety from all of this it’s perhaps no surprise that where the honey is considered vegan on ours varies depending on one’s exact definition of vegan which in turn varies from vegans vegan and groups group for instance vegan outreach and vegan action both consider honey consumption to be acceptable for vegans leaving it as a matter of personal choice while the American vegan society does not so I really hope you enjoyed that video and just before we finished today I’d love to tell you a bit about Trello Trello is a free collaborative organizational tool which helps you organize your projects on your computer or your mobile phone now you’ve previously heard me talk about fellow I think I first tried it about a year ago and I am still using that amazing free app to this day I use it on my phone I use it on my computer I use it on my laptop everything synchronizes super nicely basically everything that I do and everywhere I go in my life now it’s neatly organized by Trello so what I’ve done is I’ve set up a bunch of different boards for different projects and within these boards you have different cards and basically every day I just go through and knock off as many of those different cards as possible sort of like a really advanced to-do list now before this I was using basically a note-taking app and using the strikethrough feature which wasn’t exactly the most brilliant way to get things done so Trello was a huge step up in organization for me now as I mentioned when I first started working with Trello I am not just using this service because they are a sponsor they’ve genuinely become a huge part of my today I found our workflow and all of my workflows for my other Chan as well so whether you need better organization for a work project a creative project or just your life in general I really would recommend that you check out Trello so as I mentioned I’ve got a bunch of boards set up I got the cards within there another cool feature is you can attach PDFs to the cards so I’ll have like a card for today I found out video and then I’ll have like a PDF attached to that which might be the script it might be some notes about the video it’s basically just a really neat you know everything could be enclosed within the app and of course it’s collaborative as well so I can share my progress with the team plus it’s all totally customizable so it even looks good so I mean why not Trello it’s just a better way to be organized it’s way better than writing things down on a piece of paper or using notepad or something like that and the core features and that’s all that I use by the way it’s all a hundred percent free I’ve never paid for it so I mean why not give it a try you have nothing to lose but please do go through our link which is Trello comm forward slash brain food as that helps support the show there’s also a link in the description below so thank you to Trello for sponsoring and thank you for watching.

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