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[UltraVid id=70 ]And my god some of the best food you’ll ever eat right here vegan pasta ladies and gentlemen alright guys what’s up welcome to another underground metal gamer cooks vegan so what are we having tonight well you know I figured I would make vegan pasta for you guys so without further ado let’s just get right into it so what am i easy for this first I’m gonna make a sauce base and we’ve got some habaneros I’m cutting up got some onions a green and a red pepper that’s going to go in there and you’ve got all whirs accents canned tomatoes that are gonna go in there you’ve got some basil here we got some mrs. – we got some fucking pepper we’ve got seasoning salt and we have some cayenne pepper but we also need the sauce great well we’re gonna throw in Montana’s habanero hot sauce we’re gonna throw in obviously we’re gonna make the sauce based on the sweet basil marinara from classical so we’ve already got then cook yep we’re gonna get that going right away after I cut off everything here then we’re going to throw it on the Mexican ground around veggie this is going to be fucking amazing so what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut the video here we’re going to get everything prepared and starting to cook and then I’ll show you guys what to do next once they get everything chopped up on resume the video and I’ll show you how I make my sauce so we’ll see you guys in a bit all right guys we’re back and so we’re just getting the rest of the ingredients into the pot here so what do we got in this pot we have half of the green pepper half of a red pepper we have a quarter of an onion and we have three Thresh habaneros now I’m going to crack open my tomato we’re gonna get those in there and then we’re going to throw in this we’ve got the pastas boiling on the stove right now so these three show you guys this is a really easy sauce base to me because everything going in a fog you cook it up nice go to veggie ground ground in there one half of veggie ground ground and apart as well I want three tomatoes in here one whole can of those you’re gonna want to throw in your sauce here remember you can only save this dude I’m not going to use all this tonight obviously need a lot some some seasoning salt going coming out if you want some kick to it remember I love hot shit so [Music] you probably have in there right there you go we’ve got some basil here I’m also going to make up the garlic margarine to go in there too which is just simply the source of margarine in a dish and then you add some seasoning to it to make like a butter base for it which I’m going to add after which is going to give it some more flavor and stuff like that we got some basil we’re throwing in here lots of fucking basil without any nice we’re also gonna curl in a little bit of parsley you can throw in a little bit of onion salt too nice a little bit then of course a little bit of pepper here yourself you putt the ball in there you don’t miss it – toss it in here nice healthy dose of that and you’re gonna like throw in some of this habanero sauce you want to talk with me nearly enough so yeah we’re going to want to start cooking this up after the fastest world you’re going to start this up I’m also going to get like garlic butter going and this is well this is your sauce these are in here by the way show you guys what that looks like so I mean doesn’t that look good it’s not even cooked yet so I’ll just put that down here stand up the camera against or you let that go good alright so that’s what the sauce piece looks like oh no we’re going to get butter going so let me just empty this out you’re just gonna put some margarine in this container because it’s already got marks on it no I’m going to heat it up or barging in there perfect also you’re going to want to season this up too I mean you can if you want I won’t see me stuff up myself so we’re going to put pepper in it and of course it should be put into mrs. s now this has garlic in it so you don’t really need to add too much into that but like I said I want to make it go like this [Music] starting to boil up here there’s the basil a little bit of this one horse and you’re going to microwave this or will help back only and start mixing up in your sauce here and eat or not meet your vegan stuff does it say you can turn this on mr. cook in this book starting to blow the lights over here twice this closer nope check the zoom settings we’re zoomed in good that’s good alright I’m gonna start cooking up your soft base in your vegans if he can meet and your vegetables this is going to be absolutely check on our butter over here obviously not quite melted go a little longer in there these dirty gold here welcome goodness it wasn’t that basically chilly you’re making no it’s not this is just a bit cloudy pass the sauce that will add a lot of flair to your pasta obviously what people think pastas boring but you can make it absolutely delicious Imlay cheese and then you go to sauce base for later you can put it away you can even freeze that if you don’t want to use it all it’s perfect it’s awesome it’s perfect yeah we’re going to get this cooking it’s delicious and then we will come back and I’ll show you guys how to combine it all and stuff like that ones to get my big cooking pan out there once we get all these ingredients clicked up nights after the packet is done however you’re going to want to shock it in a strainer so you’re going to want to put a strainer in the sink then you’re gonna want to put a bit of oil on the pasta so it doesn’t stick to the pan and it also helps to cook in all the flavors of your sauce space right here and all your vegetables your vegan meat without the sauce tomatoes everything else you got going in there there is our sauce for our garlic butter all good good to go there that down for a minute sorry hope the camera guys so that’s all ready to go now and this is currently cooking nice and so is this so what I’m gonna do is we’re just going to stop the video for a bit then I’m going to get them a big pan then once everything’s done we’re going to combine it all and we’re gonna make this fucking delicious so I will see you guys in a little bit and you’ve got this everything already here and we got to get the pasta into the pan now actually my phone go through so we’ll just edit this out seconds alright so we’re gonna get the pasta into the pan here go start getting this cooking then of course you’re going to want to add your then of course you’re going to want to have your everything you cooked in the pot here your vegan meat your vegetables your hot sauce this is going to be a green you’re gonna fucking love this ladies and gentlemen let me tell you add as much or as little as you want I’m sure you guys know this looks a minute and you’re gonna want to start cooking this on medium heat okay and you’re gonna want to cook this in with your pasta verb I’ll show you guys how this looks you’re gonna want to cook this in for at least I’d say about 20 minutes again does you want to cook all your flavors into this doesn’t that look amazing does doesn’t it I know looks amazing all right let’s just put this down again that we’re gonna add a little bit more of our sauce here one more scoop get that all mixed in nice and this out of the way that’s gonna be for our next batch of pasta we’re gonna make us cook up you can add more seasonings at this point if you want but I think I’ve added plenty I mean you can add more pepper more salt more missus – you know whatever you want but I’m just going to leave it as it is because I did add more when I cut the video before so let’s get a plate ready when this masterpiece of a meal is ready to go [Music] yep this is gonna be scrump fucking daily ladies and gentlemen scrum fucking daily start picking it up nice as you can see it’s starting to warm up it’s starting to get nice and steamy [Music] [Applause] looks delicious guys so we’re just gonna keep cooking that up here run just let the video fucking play um now some people might be asking me okay so you make all this great vegan stuff but is it enough protein are you healthy you you know do you have any health complications from not eating meat no absolutely not if you know what you’re doing you can go without means period it’s also a lot more healthy and it’s ethical so a lot of people think that you know we need meat to survive now a lot of people will disagree with me even some nutritionists would disagree even some dietitians but there’s a lot more dietitians on the side of a clean vegan diet than there is on the meat side of spectrum so you might want to do some research on that if you think that I’m bullshitting you and all about vegan without being on a vegan diet it’s a lot more fucking palatable there is a reason that I maintain a good body weight there’s a region reason that I have such healthy energy levels and then I sleep perfectly at night for the most part some nights I don’t sleep as good as I’d like but I mean that’s that’s you know that’s like anybody some people you know when you get insomnia happens so this is starting to cook really good here and again what did we use for this we have rotini noodles we’ve got Greek half the green pepper half a red pepper quarter of an onion three heaven eros veggie ground round from the Ives the Mexican style then we had one can of all Liars diced tomatoes Chile style then I added a classic oh sweet marinara sauce then I added some Montana’s habanero hot sauce we added mrs. – bourbon garlic salt and pepper seasoning salt basil and cayenne pepper so there you go that’s how easy it is to make a delicious vegan meal you don’t really need a side dish with this either I mean this is everything you need right here for a solid dinner meal I wouldn’t know you could make this for lunch – I mean it doesn’t have to be specifically for supper you can make this for lunch as well so if you guys are enjoying this cooking series I love doing these videos for you guys it’s some new content check out my top 10 thrash metal albums right there in the card should have popped up on the screen and don’t forget to subscribe guys officially more subscribers and patrons if you feel like supporting the channel you can get more great vegan recipes like this one and you can help me make more healthy food to make more vegan cooking videos for you guys as well as upgrade my production in my studio and things like that I am saving up to get Vegas Pro 16 the full version with all the bells and whistles however tomorrow I got big news for you guys interviewing Gail Cartwright shadows of death records we have launched a business deal and I’m going to be his band’s fans etc etc it’s going to be a lot of fun so a big shout out to Gail heartburn go check out shadows of death records and all the band’s own is lofty they fuckin kick ass so guys this vegan pasta is practically done so you’re cooking up nice here for about ten minutes I’m gonna let it cook for about another ten more minutes and then I will come back to the video so I’ll see you guys in about 10 minutes yes we’re back and this looks about ready let’s have a peek my god some of the best food you’ll ever eat right here now vegan pasta ladies and gentleman does not look fucking scrub dilly get some on the plate OOP let’s get into the moment of truth the heat now I let this cook in here with the noodles for about another 20 minutes so total preparation time for this is about 45 minutes but if you want to cook your food in I mean your flavors in you’ve got to cook food for at least 60 minutes that’s just how it is that should be good enough to start with it looks delicious alright vegan pasta [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what secret garlicky peppery some nice basil flavor in there nice labor phone oil parsley the new marinara is coming through nice the sweet marinara the heat from the habaneros is coming through nice green pepper red pepper flavor and of course you have the Mexican veggie ground ground and then the olive and garlic from all Myers based mammals is coming through this as well this is just go it’s not just the right amount of heat if your chili head this is perfect this [Music] is absolutely delicious really good yeah this is really fucking good yeah you guys need to make this it’s delicious [Music] that’s so good okay all right everybody that’s vegan pasta as always I hope you enjoyed this video like comment subscribe check out patreon all that good stuff and it’s it for stay tuned for more cooking videos and tomorrow the interview with Gayle Cartwright and shadows of death records is coming up is gonna premiere on Saturday at 12 p.m. so look forward to that I’ll likely edit and publish this video tomorrow simply because it is getting on in the night and I do find that I get more reviews in traffic during the day so this video will probably premiere tumoral we’ll see how long the editing takes have yourselves an awesome night this is the underground metal gamer series let’s cook vegan we’ll see you in the next fuckin video stay metal Cheers

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