Lo’s Vegan Experience in Scandinavia

[UltraVid id=175 ]So we’re here at the Blue Lagoon after our long flight well i was actually five hours but it was the most uncomfortable flight ever yeah yeah my sweat on me constantly yeah well she was in the middle I just have to say that this dish vegan meatloaf with amazing side salad sweet potato salad potato salad while roasted potatoes and a medley of like fresh veggies it’s so good it’s got a mushroom gravy with a raspberry sauce that supposed to resemble like cranberry sauce it’s so good I’m in love with this even women is going crazy for it okay guys so it’s day two of our Icelandic trip in Reykjavik and we’ve decided to have lunch at a traditional Icelandic restaurant it’s called low key and I’ve ordered myself a vegetarian platter but I’ve asked them to take out the cheese and the butter off of my bread and I haven’t tried it yet but it looks good it smells really good got traditional rye bread is like sweet chewy nice so good traditional I splendid flatbread let’s try that we’re as well is a quinoa medley with like vegetables and potatoes and roasted potatoes and then a basic garden slip salad with like a balsamic dressing it’s got pumpkin seeds on it I’ve already tried the quinoa and it’s good it’s got like a pickle sort of flavor which I really like Icelandic food is very heavy and like pickling and like preserving so yeah this is perfect and it’s warm and just filling like making my my soul happy all right okay so now we’re at the Harbor and I’m trying to capture the beautiful mountains can you see them the crowds moving really really fast here and a moment ago is hailing and it was really great and now the sun’s coming out and you can see the mansions a whole lot better correct so at the end of day three we made it in time for our free dinner I had roasted potatoes rice corn niblets frozen veggies which whatever i’ll take salad and lots of bread and oddly enough it was perfect and I feel satisfied and I’m actually ending the night with some red wine to kind of just unwind it’s been a long long day it’s been an eventful last couple days and so every day is a moment worth celebrating you know basically treat every day like it’s your last you never know what’s going to happen in this world and you just want to treat it as if it’s the last okay so good night all right morning guys II woke up to first of all you can see the Sun is rising so pretty that is and then behind us Rick glacier / mountain there’s like a waterfall I can get to it there we go and we’re seeing in that little Hut anyways i’m off for breakfast and then we’re off for excursions and and i’m going to show you guys what is available for me for breakfast I had no freaking clue might is be a bunch of bread and jam which has a great but it’s better than an animal carcass and peace out we have made it to the crashed airplane it’s more like literally in the middle of nowhere and I’m just going to show you there’s the plane the famous plane crash plane morning guys its day six day six of our chip no sick ok so I made a few mistakes today is deep pore of our trip and we’ve departed now off to Norway where in the hay this I’m frustrated guys because I was really pissed off last night we ordered a pizza that was the size of my palm and I thought it’s going to be a lot bigger and i was making jokes because it was as if a else was eating the pizza i’m hungry and i was tired and I’m still feeling really grouchy but it was a savior at the airport a Joe and the juice and so we’re having strawberry banana smoothies and a avocado tomato sandwich on a very interesting paper I’d what it tastes really delicious anyways guys off to Norway very tired but very excited to see what’s ahead alright guys so today is our second day in Oslo we had a really great night last night we walked through the streets of oz whoa downtown here like the harbourfront area and saw quite a bit actually for one night and we had a lovely dinner Reuben loved it I’m me it was ok anyways today’s new today and we just had an amazing lunch at a place called the Loving Hut and it was a vegan and so I documented some of the pictures we both had the shwarma wrap which was part of this world it had the fake meat but I had lots of vegetables the sauce is really delicious honestly it’s amazing so we only ate half of it we’re apt to the second one up and put in our bags because right now we’re off to the viking museum and we’re learning that foods a little more expensive than we budgeted for so that will be our snack if we get hungry and hopefully if we can make it in time maybe go back to the loving hut for dinner to try their chef burger which was their second best seller anyways guys it’s a beautiful day here and we’re feeling good energized pumped all right good Morgan today I am in where are we bergen bergen norway so i have another video in a few days um the last one was in oslo and our last day and also and so i just want to show you guys just a little bit those are the old buildings kind of what Bergen is known for so we were in Oslo and then we left early morning and we took a really awesome train right actually to a little place called Flom & Flom was in the area of like the fjords so when we arrived we did this beautiful snowshoeing hike and I was a little apprehensive at first cuz I’ve never done it before so I was like oh god this could be really hard um actually it was so much fun like so much fun and then the next day which was yesterday we did a few words tour he had a bit of a late start to the day and I had a vegan burrito which I was thankful I’m lucky to have to have hi guys so we made it to a dense safely and we’re actually very tired we’ve had a long couple days of just traveling and you know trekking around and um we decided that we’re actually to stay in and I’m going to cook a dinner and I’m just going to show you what I’m making um I’m actually taking what the apartment already offers so it’s nothing fancy it’s nothing elaborate it’s just making do with what we have on hand i will show you i’m about to make vegetarian pasta so i’ve chopped up some garlic that he has seen around and it took us about like six because we do like garlic and he had some frozen veggies which always like to start a with a little bit olive oil use some dried basil and just season it with a little bit of salt and a lot of mine cover now we’re just gonna make pasta so i’m just waiting now for my pot of water to boil so a trip has finally come to an end I’m a little sad to be leaving to be quite honest I had a fantastic time it was a long journey but it was well worth the 14 days of traveling throughout the countries and experiencing the different landscapes and temperatures and weathers and just what nature threw at us so the last couple of days I have been in Copenhagen and the first night that we came kind of like a little scary to be quite honest Copenhagen single ghetto which is a little bit shocking i thought it was any more city but it was still you know great time we had falafel they weren’t that nice to me they seemed a bit upset when I had sent my food back because they put yogurt sauce on it so that put a bit of a damper on my experience on my first night in Copenhagen then our second day was amazing we rented bike and we saw the city and we saw quite a bit actually for one day that just shows kind of how small the city is and we went to the local food market and I had the Colombian vegan hamburger with planting fries and then yesterday we actually did a quick trip to Malmo Sweden and literally was just like about an hour’s trip on train so that just shows how small the countries are and how closely we walked on memo he went to the museum we saw the castle so quite a bit and it was really fun and then we actually went about a half an hour walk to the vegan bar and had a vegan hamburger which was out of this world and then here we are we’re now at the copenhagen airport waiting for our flight back to Reykjavik Iceland and often we go so overall I would say that the Scandinavian countries don’t really have veganism down pat they definitely have vegetarian down pat and i would say iceland and norway were probably my best food experiences and malmö sweden where we obviously had the vegan hamburger um I I would just say I had basically order vegetarian items and try to make them alter it which is fine I never thought once that you know I was going to be absolutely perfect so that is it if you plan on traveling to any of these countries that I’ve gone to again just do your research to see what restaurants are out there look at menus and see what you can get for you alright hi you

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