My Thoughts on Aggressive Vegan Activists

Don’t say plant-based you’re either a vegan or you’re not please
Hi, my name is Krista and welcome to my channel today I want to do a video on vegan activism and my thoughts on why some vegans are actually detrimental to the cause so let’s have a little chat shall we people usually decide to go vegan for one or a combination of the following reasons the environment animal welfare and health for those who have strong moral and ethical beliefs behind their veganism which are usually the environmental and animal camp they usually want to spread their message and convert others to their vegan lifestyle fine great makes sense you want to make the world a better place kudos to you it’s great that you have a passion that you believe in and are willing to fight for however I see a lot of things in vegan activism that turn me off from veganism and I am a vegan today I want to run through a list of some of those things and then provide my solutions at the end the first mistake I think people make when trying to convert others to become vegan is coming at it with anger there are plenty examples on YouTube of people harassing others on the street for wearing leather or fur you don’t get light reactions from those being harassed if someone came up to me on the street aggressively saying literally anything I wouldn’t have my mind open to what they were saying especially if they were criticizing me and telling me that I was a killer or a bad person or whatever because it’s something that I’m wearing the person who you’re confronting likely doesn’t even have a clue about what goes on behind the scenes in creating fashion made of animals so to come up to them aggressively and tell them that they’re wrong or sometimes to even possibly throw paint on them or do something to destroy their item of clothing all you’re doing is going to be creating resistance from them think about people in your life is opinions you respect and that you’ll listen to even though you might have differing opinions are those people speaking to you in an aggressive manner are they telling you that you’re wrong and you’re dumb because you think differently than them no they are executing a full sentence which explains why they feel the way they do in a manner of tone where you’re willing to listen so I don’t know why anyone would say yelling at others on the street is a good idea to convert people to begin ISM but this also applies to the clothes that you wear and the message that you’re sending across walking down the street I recently went to the vegan festival they were selling a bunch of t-shirts I have aggressive messages basically saying if you’re not vegan your killer or you know you’re a bad person with knives and blood and like weird on it personally if I was on the subway in New York City and I saw somebody wearing that shirt I wouldn’t think that they were approachable or someone that I could go to and ask you know what’s veganism know what is it why you need like that why is it cruel to animal is it bad for the environment I would probably actually sit on the other side of the subway carts and not sit next to someone who had a pig being watered on their shirt my next point about aggressiveness and anger within activism has to do with vegans being aggressive towards other vegans which is evident all over the internet and why would you want to join a community that is attacking itself you wouldn’t choose friends who you know we’re going to talk behind your back or grant it all over the internet no vegan is better than the next vegan even if you’re only in it for health reasons whether you like it or not you’re still making an impact on the environment and animals and people who are passionate about those two topics should be grateful that you have decided to make the choice that you’ve made even if you didn’t make it for their reason we all have one thing in common we all choose not to consume animal products some of us take it to the next level and then choose not to buy hygiene products or clothing or whatever that also involves animal products the person who’s the perfect vegan isn’t better than the one who is just doing their best every day to maybe eat a few meals a week better vegan or you know only eats vegan but doesn’t not purchase animal products not everyone is at the same level of education or cares about what you care about it doesn’t mean that their actions aren’t working towards your cause if everyone just did a little bit we would have a great result so don’t criticize those who aren’t being perfect or up to your standard and for those of you who are hardcore environmentalist and you lack your passion even ISM is how we’re going to save the world how we’re going to save the environment but you don’t allow other people to express their love for the environment in different ways maybe they’re mediators but they live in a self-sustaining home that they built themselves and they’re passionate about spreading the message of renewable energy and that’s their focus they’re not wrong for expressing their passion in a different way again they don’t need to do it the way you do it you can’t expect all or nothing from others small steps in the right direction from everyone can get us a long way so what’s my solution need by example sometimes I think the best way to get your point across is not to say anything at all your friends will see that you’re leaving a happy healthy lifestyle and want to know what you’re doing I’m going to want to know why you lost 20 pounds or why your skin is looking so good I’ve had plenty of friends and acquaintances who have been really curious about my lifestyle I didn’t even bring it up they just noticed that I asked for things about cheese or said you know no I don’t eat meat or something like that and they wanted to know more and then I can explain to them what my values are and why I the way I do another way that I choose to lead by example is with my clothing item you know I have really cute Angela Roy bags or Matt and NAT bag which I always get compliments on those are both vegan companies that have the same values that I do you see a cute bag that they want and then they go get it so it’s really a win-win for everyone because now I have someone else supporting a vegan company next get educated make sure you have responses to the questions that you’re going to receive from others about your lifestyle as to why you choose to live the way you do and make sure they’re backed up by hard facts people love to push veganism aside at some sort of hippie phase or something that you know those weirdos over there do but it’s not there is scientific fact that there this is a healthier lifestyle the three reasons that I said before that people go vegan animal activism environmental activism or just for health reasons there’s facts behind all three of them so whatever you’re passionate about whether it be one or all three of those things find the information to back it up personally why I believe in all those three things my main reason for going vegan in the first place was health so I’ve read everything I possibly could so that when I get those questions like where do you get your protein from but I heard that high protein is better than low protein well this got on dr. oz said this and someone else said that I have the facts to have a conversation and review what people are saying to me I also have the wherewithal and understanding to know that I’m not a nutritional scientist I’m not a geologist or meteorologist you know I’ve never seen animal cruelty in real life I don’t know everything you also have to keep your mind open to other experiences and other people’s opinions next handle other people’s aggression kindness never fight back or yell at someone who’s getting aggressive with you about their opinions about not eating me eating meat dairy and cheese is a part of cultural norms family traditions and things that have been ingrained in us since we were born so to question the way that somebody’s living they can get aggressive with you there’s no reason that you need to get aggressive back this goes back to my point of saying get educated it’s on what the FAK be kind about it and if they want to be aggressive with you them and the conversation you don’t have to win every battle lastly celebrate small victories as I said before we should have criticized those who aren’t perfect vegans and you don’t live the lifestyle up to the way that you would expect them to but if you have a friend or family member who’s trying to eat you know maybe one vegan meal a day or even once you give me a little week or maybe they went and bought you know a beginning gift for you or something just to show that maybe they’re showing some interest in this lifestyle celebrate that they’ve done that don’t say it’s all or nothing allow them to have a small victory and maybe that small victory will turn into you know a positive herd of vegan anyways that was my video for today I’m just hard to express these feelings to a camera but I hope I got my point across in a way that makes sense you know I personally don’t even really consider myself too much to be an activist for veganism but I also don’t want to see this lifestyle that’s given me happiness and health to be put down by people who are just going about it the wrong way and to close people’s minds to something that I personally think could help them also achieve happiness and health so until next time bye

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