(New) The Hardest Part About Being Vegan | Part 2

[UltraVid id=204 ]When you choose to become vegan you face many challenges and obstacles but with time you learn to overcome them you learn how to find vegan options and local shops you learn how to eat out he learned the recipes and he discovered new foods and new experiences he learned how to explain veganism to friends and family and you learn how to share the message with the world you do your best with the time and skills you have but somehow he doesn’t feel like enough the hardest challenge your face will be to look into the eyes of the animals being exploited knowing you can’t undo the damage and knowing that however hard we try billions of animals will still be tortured and killed in industries that destroying the planet and ruining our health there is an urgency that can’t be ignored and despite our actions most people still don’t understand we do everything we can but still we see animal products everywhere the media ignores and insults us and adverts continue to lie we protest and we speak up but the world seems to stay the same the stagnation makes us impatient and we slowly start to lose hope again when we watch the videos again we remember the feelings we first have that broke us inside we remember how angry we were and how determined we were to end things but as time goes by it’s easy to lose hope people who were once vegan decide to change those who are passionate turn against the community almost left just confusion and doubt we know things are changing but it will never be enough in a world where our actions affect the lives of so many but sometimes in life you have to have patience you have to realize that selfless actions don’t always give us a reward you don’t need a reward to change the world for the better we’ve been taught in society to focus on our goals so we never allow ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our simple actions we may not see complete animal liberation in our lifetime but we can be a part of the change that moves towards earth every day every time we choose to do the right thing your individual actions do make a difference and your passion doesn’t go unnoticed when we fight for what we believe in the world changes around us as we plant the seeds of compassion and mindfulness in places the desperately need oh it’s not our fault that so much suffering exists versus species will have the choice to live in harmony as best we can there are industries that care only about money so with education and empowerment we can help each other avoid the lives if we want change we must live the change with patience and courage and in each moment there is always an opportunity to help the world when you truly do your best you might not change the whole world but for the individuals you inspire you change their whole world and for the beings whose lives are saved you do make a difference there are people in the world who are alive thanks to the power of plant-based nutrition and there are animals living free on sanctuaries because a handful of people chose to protect them for those individuals life is so beautiful so do your best don’t compare yourself to others and disempower yourself realize the good you do by being vegan and by sharing it with others life is a collection of moments and we can fill them with wherever we choose so I hope you can fill yours with empowered mindful actions thank you for watching this video please share this message with people who need to hear I’ll see you in the next video bye for now

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