Preacher Lawson: Comedian Hilariously Describes His Vegan Love Life – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

[UltraVid id=159 ]It’s really tough to be a comedian on America’s Got Talent right yeah super tough for some people not me not me yeah it is my name is Preeti Larsen I’m 27 and I was a part of season 12 of America’s Got Talent what do you do for a living I’m a spandrel comedian which means I’m unemployed and I do stand-up on the side hey is rain down I think you are unbelievably talented and I think this could be your time here all the judges be like we love you that was a good thing cuz I was like I’m about the winning [Applause] and then I was wrong but you know it doesn’t matter it’s okay twelve-year-old ventriloquist before I was on America’s Got Talent there’s really already eight gigs I will go to a lot of mics and I would be there for hours and I wouldn’t even get on stage at one point I was so broke I had negative 14 dollars and 87 cents in my bank count I never forget that number I’ll never forget them now since being on the show I sold out every comedy club I’ve ever been to and I’m not broken anymore hey mr. old Hollywood I’m Hollywood now I’ll show you how to work after America’s Got Talent I got both my brothers about to LA growing up things were super rough my family squeeze asleep in cars but my brothers always had my back so now was really cool to return the favor and if I’m not broke we are lame [Music] do they go away nah man nice try though Hollywood America’s Got Talent and changed my life and it’s helped me provide a better life for my whole family so when they called me to be a part of this show man it was crazy I had butterflies all over again [Music] I definitely want to prove the people that I’ve gotten better and I miss a second chance to win [Applause] dudas Rachel Lawson welcome welcome thank you thank you so much I appreciate it so what’s been going on with you since when I saw you lots of stuff I’ve been touring and stuff you know because of y’all you know people know me now that’s pretty cool how’s your family life how’s all that working out oh they love my money so it’s all good no it’s great I mean I remember when I before the show I crashed my mom’s car and she was like pay me back when you stopped making some money and I got to pay her back so that’s pretty cool yeah if my memory is good today you have a son that’s correct have us have a son no [Applause] yeah sure go for it preacher I don’t want to ask you any more questions because I’m getting it all wrong but I’m so glad that you’re here and I can’t wait to have a good belly laugh yeah I can’t wait to watch him I mean he’s gonna kill it I know it all right a little about myself I’m a vegan yes I’m a vegan which means I don’t yeah all right thank you three vegans all right I appreciate it so vegan we don’t eat animals we don’t eat meat or whatever and the reason I decide to be a vegan because I had a dog and I fell in love with my dog when I was like I can’t eat my dog you know I can’t can’t do it and I know most of us don’t eat our dogs you know but we pigs and guess what pigs are smarter than dogs pigs are smarter than chimpanzees they’re just ugly and you can’t eat something just because it’s ugly because if that’s the case some of y’all looking tasty tonight I know some y’all digging a black vegan he must be married to a white girl site we broke up so I asked not sure let’s try yes my ex is white all right I did a one white girl which is annoyed because I went black black black D black Puerto Rican black white it everyone’s like I know it like I came out of the closet or something like I knew you like avocado quinoa and salt and vinegar chips I don’t even know what that means okay I have no idea what that is white women are my type I just happen to live next to Trader Joe’s like it’s not something I’m searching for you know different dating a white girl specially the black man super different date is different kissing a white girl cuz white women have white makeup I don’t know if y’all noticed but I got a black face okay so kind of like making out with a powdered donut you know like it just gets all over your face when I looked in the mirror I thought I was turning white [Applause] some black people look at me they get mad early you had a white girlfriend you can’t get a black queen you like being black are you kidding me I love being black so much that I got a white girlfriend so I can make her baby we’ll come to favor that’s my plan my name is prison laughter thank you so much Thank You Richie Lawson no word of a lie if I would have kept hold up golden buzzer it would have been yours brother right now my cheeks are everything everything okay I’m with something I hope God hiding I think you were on fire today and I remember you from the past but I think today you really really brought everything like you really like fantastic and jeggings by the way please Jake no they’re not I mean the tight I know the site [Applause] hello there aren’t even words to describe how good I believe you are I think you’re a superstar I think every dream you have should come true this is a champion right here preach at Illinois this reminded me of I ran a record label and sometimes you put a single out and it’s a hit and then the next year you put a second single out and it becomes a bigger hit this is how I feel about you just now is that you are great before tonight you are fantastic congratulations oh please yeah yeah that’s it these super turns the boat you don’t mix they got you yes now through the chest about the makeup hey YouTube what’s happening click below to subscribe because there’s so much more talent

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