Raise Your Vibrational Frequency on A Vegan Diet – Vegan Diet For Yogis

[UltraVid id=80 ]Welcome to the hole we help you find inside of you hey it’s blowing through the wind. That’s why so many people have arthritic conditions you start to experience that pain inside of your body because that acidic build-up inside your body starts to cause crystallization inside your body that cause the twitted condition the pain so remember when you partake it and the condition that these animals have been slaughtered and have experienced you are in taking that type of energy so now in order to convert or convert the best day died to beyond is of a vegan type of diet veganism B speaks of love and compassion okay and forgiveness of the partaking of the fruits and the vegetables that you’re eating and that using all that land and all that water for just a few people to eat meat dyin to eat a vegan diet you are being egalitarian because you’re sharing now an abundance of land you’re sharing now fund and supporter could you get so much graining it’s so much more food in the context of fruits and vegetables as opposed to using that land to graze the animal products for you to later on partake in so that’s why I’m going to highly encourage you to partake you know it’s not ironic that people who are vegans like it sometimes the body is out of balance so all the way around all the way around ladies and gentlemen if he speaks of for the good and for the wealthy of yourself and also for others now you’ve been altruistic you’re spreading that loud there you go that high vibrational feeling and you’re starting to feel good because you know you’re doing good it’s about doing that good karma twenty five hours a day seven days a week so I’m going to reenter eat and also the other key thing that when you partaking of the good healthy food you want to cook in peace you know you want to prepare your foods if your ball vegan and peace and you want to send in their vibrational frequency as you’re making these delicious delectable type of dishes you want to send them to that food love and compassion and forgiveness and we get this start all over again boots because what does food do it energizes us it invigorates us it gives us assistance we need to go out to do the many good karmic things that we’re supposed to do for all the world to see oh you got to see that wonderful burn wonderful cobwebs from my wonderful insect friends the spider so that’s what I want you to do ladies and gentlemen I want you to tap back into the original nature of the planet because you’re leading by example so many people welcome to join our vegan fall fitness that we have on Facebook come check us out there and when you go there you know you see so many people have changed I mean people have gotten rid of their asthmatic conditions people allergies are gone heart disease cancer high blood pressure diabetes oh I’m feeling good you know they always say if you can help one person you know say their say their own lies teach them how to save their own lives oh my god the connecting copper you reduce it so come on over to the other side join us and enjoy an invigorating life of bigoted notice oh and she was all the great Yogi’s if you notice majority of them but taken of a beacon good I think it’s a marinate with your plant friends and they enjoy the life in living.

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