Raw Vegan Diet For Athletic Performance – Interview with Tim Van Orden (Part 1)

[UltraVid id=28 ]Hi guys welcome back to another edition of raw wishin inside scoop we’ve got another amazing guest for you today that I’m so happy to be able to introduce you to it’s Tim Van Orden and Tim is a Robbie athlete he is a health coach and author you know he does so many things and the thing that I really like about Tim is how he’s able to tie in our emotional state with all the certain all the different things that we do in our lives whether it’s eating or if it’s lifestyle Tim does a lot of research on this topic so we’re going to talk about first off Tim’s athletic performance on raw foods and kind of where that’s taken him and also different aspects of how our emotions tie in with our food choices and with our are basically just our lifestyle choices so Tim thank you so much for joining us it’s really a pleasure to have you thank you for having me on the show yeah Channel yeah so first off can you give just a little bit of a background on yourself maybe how you live before raw foods how you found the raw vegan diets and kind of how its developed into where you are today it’s interesting I’ve been having this conversation for a little over 10 years now yeah and it keeps changing although the story is the same the history is the same how I talk about it has changed yeah and I find that really interesting so you’re gonna get the latest version of that story in 1997 I went vegan I’d moved to Los Angeles I was in actor at the time or at least attempting to be a film actor I’ll just stage actor prior to that I’m and I was told that going vegan would keep my hair nice and thick and wouldn’t go gray and I wouldn’t get wrinkly I wouldn’t lose my hair it would it was basically vanity a lot of the actors were vegan for reasons of staying young so I thought well at the age of 30 I’m already kind of old so I think I’m gonna go to vegan route to try to hold on to what I’ve got I really loved it I went from eating McDonald’s and Taco Bell just about every day keeping not I would have a McDonald’s meal every single day sometimes twice a day Taco Bell would generally be 3 to 5 meals a week but I lived on cheeseburgers and being da cheese burritos and when I did cook at home it was often ramen noodles covered in grated cheese or toast with melted cheese on top of it that was my diet it was horrific my drink of choice was Mountain Dew and I went through my late teens and all of my 20s eating that way and then when I switched to the Egan I had pretty dramatic transformation but in 2004 I got really sick I imagine it was related to stress living in Los Angeles was really really stressful and the whole acting scene and working in the restaurant and for other jobs at the same time and yeah and many traffic smog who knows but the combination of many different factors led to me developing chronic fatigue syndrome I became deeply depressed and basically checked out of life and lost my job lost my friends and was about to lose my apartment and end up on the street so some people that I had met at the restaurant with the restaurant for seven years a vegan restaurant they urged me to try a raw diet over the course of working there I’ve met many people who ate a raw diet and I thought it was kind of crazy there’s no tofu cheesecakes and tempeh and no soy Reuben sandwiches and no cookies and why would you want to eat like that yeah salads and you in smoothies it just sounds really boring but when you’re really sick here you’re willing to do anything or at least I was so I thought I’d try it for a couple days maybe and the results were pretty profound in that first week I started to feel like I was getting healthy just after a week of switching so I thought I’d give it two weeks I felt even better okay maybe I’ll give it a month felt even better so I kept prolonging the experiment and in the process kept evolving what it was that I was eating on a raw food diet at first I didn’t call myself a lot of food I simply wanted to get better so I’m on this you know like a detox diet or I’m on a no sugar diet I’m on a salad diet or a smoothie diet of a superfood diet I was just doing what I could to heal but the more that I stayed eating fresh salads and fresh fruits and smoothies and nuts and seeds and superfoods the better I felt I started reading books started going to david wolfe stalks gabriel cousins when he would come to LA I was soaking up all the information I could and eventually called myself a raw foodist and again there’s been a huge evolution in my diet and also how I approach my definition of diet Lord but my goal is personally and as a coach but that was in 2004 then I made that switch so it’s 11 and a half years at this point nice and it’s been a pretty dramatic transformation yeah athletically how has that affected your performance and your competitions and things like that well I was an athlete in high school and I had Olympic aspirations that doesn’t mean I had Olympic abilities I had Olympic aspirations I was really fortunate when I grew up in Bennington Vermont four of the people that I competed with on my team went on to become Olympians Wow so I I was decent but I was not as good as these guys and gals so I had that aspiration a lot of small town of them on pretty much a bunch of Olympian so that was my dream gone but at the age of 19 or 20 I had a lot of injuries my knee and ankle were pretty much permanently injured I was told by doctors I was dealing with depression at that time I didn’t know what depression was but I just couldn’t get out of bed I couldn’t do that the training I just wouldn’t do the workouts so I gave up that’s somewhere between 19 and 20 that was it that was the end of my athletic aspirations and then after a year of eating a raw diet raw vegan diet which was the end of 2005 I felt so young I was 37 at the time but I felt like I was 18 again I felt like that kid who had that young body that could do anything so I started running just I don’t win just to see what I could get you’ve got so many people talking about this concept called energy raw food diet gives you more energy energy energy energy everything is more energy food as more energy how does that translate into physical reality there’s a lot of talk but at that time you know 11 years ago there I couldn’t find a single athlete that was competing or training on this diet there might have been some but YouTube didn’t exist yet Facebook was in its infancy there just wasn’t this massive sea of people eating this diet and doing great athletic things so I’m not going I’m gonna do this and maybe I’m the first I don’t know but let’s see what’s possible so from the age of twenty to thirty seven I really didn’t do much of anything I lifted weights every now and again as an actor just to try to you know it’s like fit but it was again for vanity it wasn’t for the actual fitness yeah um I ran a little bit in my 20s maybe you know for a month out of the year I try a little bit of running but my injuries would always be right there that’s their greeting so switching to a raw diet I believe allowed me to become an athlete again and after a 17-year absence so I really jumped in and now since early 2006 I have been training in competing on Gao 47 years old and I’m just as fast as I ever been in my life my times right now are you know the equivalent to them pretty fast 18 you know and that’s exciting to you so yeah it’s a huge difference that’s incredible and you’ve won I did a little bit of research on on your history here and it looks like and correct me if I’m wrong on these numbers but eight US Championships and three-time u.s. runner of the year well ten US Championships for our US Masters runner of the Year a master is someone who’s over the age of forty okay so they have two distinctions there’s the open and then there’s the Masters open is thirty nine and below so there are guys in their 20s and 30s that can definitely school me like 40 and over on you know watch out Wow so all the guys that were the best in the country in their 20s and 30s when they get to their 40s they become a master and yeah so that’s everyone for those u.s. run over the Year awards and ten US Masters titles Wow congratulations thank you yeah what what is it about raw foods and fruits and vegetables that allows you to do this I mean what do you think it is about them well I don’t think there’s anything special about a raw diet or fruits and vegetables I think it’s that everything else that people consume is problematic and you’re simply letting your body do what it was designed to do you’re allowing your genes to properly function because you’re removing all the crap that causes your body to spend resources detoxing spend resources fixing damage spend resources fighting different toxic elements that you’re consuming it’s just the body runs best on simple whole plant foods so it’s not that they’re special it’s that everything else is problematic yeah I totally agree what would be an example of something like how do you prepare if you’re gonna be getting ready for a competition like what do you eat or even if you’re just gonna go out for a run you have certain things that you’ll eat before your workouts or after your workout yeah and that’s changed a lot over the past ten or eleven years I used to do these incredibly rich dense expensive superfood smoothies but I’ve gotten away from that and now I rely primarily and very simple Whole Foods my green smoothie which I have a recipe on YouTube kale bananas blueberries dates sometimes with chia seeds that’s my standard smoothie and that gets me to wherever I want to go it’s very rare that I would change that up so it’s not as if I do anything special before big workout or getting some special before race I just need what I would normally eat because it’s the most optimal fuel anybody like why would I want to feel better on race day than I do any other day true like I want to feel fueled up and fit and ready to go no matter what day of the week it is no matter what I have on my schedule still I’ll approach it like this is a lifestyle rather than oh I’m getting ready for the competition so I have to behave in a certain strict way so you know I just I want to feel great every day to be yeah so back in 2015 or at the end of 2014 you injured your achilles yeah and you thought that perhaps you weren’t gonna be able to race anymore or compete yeah run at all how did you go about recovering from this and and what do you think the the raw diets or a vegan diet played in in your recovery well it was actually in 2013 oh that I injured it and I took almost 2 years off the money and the doctors said there was no way to fix it the calcium had grown up into the Achilles tendon so burnt bone spurs growing up into the tendon which are very very painful and they said there’s some surgeries that they might do but I would never have the strength again that I do now so it’s basically for people that just want to walk but don’t ever want to run again they offer that surgery there’s other techniques that don’t necessarily work you don’t have a lot of evidence showing that they work but we can try them anyway I said the best thing you can do is just stop running so it looked like that’s what my future was going to hold for me but running is more than just fitness for me and it’s more than racing it’s a way that I express myself and it’s a way that I engage with the world and myself running allows me to achieve certain states of being in certain states of awareness that I don’t yeah and once far to me it’s like a really really deep meditation and it’s a complete physiological overhaul so I missed that so not running is profoundly difficult for me not just because I wasn’t competing or hanging out with my friends or couldn’t keep up this athletic resume it was that my body and mind were suffering from learning we live in a really sedentary lifestyle that’s the norm people think you’re strange and extreme if you move your body a lot every day right that’s what your body wants to do that’s what your body was built to do to move a lot every day and when you don’t do that all kinds of things happen so in August of 2015 I went to a PT physical therapist ortho doc combination who works with Olympic athletes and I’m like I’ve gotta start running again what do I do and he did some x-rays ultrasound and said that your tendon is really really solid it’s healed but it’s healed with all this calcium in it he said so as long as you don’t mind the pain go ahead and run but it’s healed it’s just gonna hurt like oh so my diet didn’t really have an impact one way or the other you know it was a healthy response when you run with an injured tendon which I was in 2013 I had tendonosis which is degeneration of the tendon because I just kept loading and loading and loading it uphill running and I didn’t get a time to recovery the body eventually says well we’re gonna have to make this stronger to handle this kind of load so let’s start putting calcium let’s turn it into a bowl and instead of attending that way it looks great it’s now so it’s a healthy response to put calcium in there if you’re not stopping and slowing down which I didn’t do so yeah there’s nothing problematic about that response it’s just that it has certain consequences so that really wasn’t an issue but as far as me wrong again because I got up to from August where I wasn’t running fire in August to November I got up to 80 miles a week increased for a period of time and I was basically about changing the way that I run I changed my foot strike which you hear a lot of people talking about online barefoot running and whatnot how to properly land and I was doing the whole barefoot style where you land on the forefoot you know that the front of the foot and that courts a great deal of stress on your achilles tendon and your soleus muscle which is what the tendon becomes now constant the tendon becomes the soleus muscle and then it leads into the calf muscle so that barefoot running yeah it’s great but it takes years to fully adapt the tendon and the soleus muscle to be able to handle that kind of share continued impact and I wasn’t ready for that so now I run with a flat foot okay I’m not a heel striker I’m not a four foot striker on a flat foot striker Wow and basically I use my arch as my Krishnan mechanism so I let the are I hit with a flat foot and I let the arch collapse okay and that’s where I get the impact reduction products that are digital compression and that takes the load off the tendon socks a file mind and body be the change you want to see small steps towards living small steps to where I wanna be

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