Raw Vegan on a Budget | Zero Waste Shopping at TARGET

[UltraVid id=189 ]All right, we’re going to talk get we’re shopping zero-waste vegan I want fruit I’m really just curious honestly with this trip on how target is what they’re packaging I know it’s cheap you know they have a lot of packaged goods a lot of processed food and that sort of thing you know shout out to all my patreon supporters wouldn’t be here without you guys much love I really really appreciate it so yeah let’s grab a car you know think gotta have these bags right I mean that’s really a bonus just in itself being here with the bags I know a lot of people from get them at home including myself so alright guys this is the produce section of Target all right this is it I just want to take a moment right here to recognize like it’s just a real small section so we’re lucky to get anything here and support Target please go to Target instead of blah blah just a side note so yeah we’re looking for anything organic you know I come from a background of a farmer I really have a good eye for organic fruit and vegetables this is my life guys I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and this is the gold mine right here dollar 39 for two pounds and like I said I’m kind of like a you know fruit snob to be honest so I I’m pretty particular the fruit that II and you know in LA there’s really not a lot of options when it comes to fruits so this is what we’re dealing with so I’m doing all doing our best just remember that so this is bananas to two pounds again for a dollar thirty nine I think like 5 bunches here and it’s really the best so I can’t think of anything else that doesn’t have any packaging let’s see we got you know a couple of akkad those potatoes onions you know they have a little bit here but not much so the bummer is this is all conventional to only thing I found in organic was like these potatoes you know what a bag such it’s not the best obviously they want to get everything loose couple sweet potatoes that’s nice but again it’s just not the best quality so you know that I’m not running you know this videos internet like down talk target anyway this is ten times better than eating anything processed or you know obviously dairy or meat products so you know just do your best just gentle reminder there pineapples I mean look on green and just you know that’s how it goes great fruit not too bad and this little section is pretty much it when it comes to zero waste more bags okay I mean these navel oranges are looking pretty decent that apples are just so glossy though I mean look at all that wax it’s ridiculous so just be mindful of that and again look at these cuties wax wax I mean don’t buy this food please do not buy that stuff vegan stuff is really really coming into I’m really surprised to see me echoes butter here good kimchi you know a little organic tofu stuff field roast I mean $5.99 come on guys cool seitan stuff like that it’s just really cool to see here the packaging though I mean on the asparagus and just the veggies man it was really heartbreaking so something as simple as like an individual zucchini you know completely covered in plastic but that’s you know we’re all doing our best again so it’s still organic and it’s it is what it is guys we have this bell pepper man these are looks so bomb – and they’re just too bad that they’re inside this plastic packaging all right over to the frozen food man I love the Wyman’s wild blueberries they’re on sale for $8.99 I’ve got a little bit frozen fruit smoothies organic strawberries here organic I think is like ten bucks I got a bag of those and I believe just bananas you know like that’s honestly the best stuff I found here and this is a budget guys this is Ravi King on a budget so if you’re a hundred percent raw this is the way to go no excuses target is your best option I mean look at that seven dollars for what two four six eight ten pounds of food right so I mean that’s ten thousand calories you know pound for pound at that price is still the best food in my opinion so that’s the target video that’s you know my opinion the best thing we can do for zero waste vegan vegan fruit-based living everyone thank you so much for supporting the channel I really really appreciate it thank you for taking the time to just hit that subscribe button right here below again I really really appreciate your energy and you taking the time to watch this video guys much love enjoy the rest your day

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