Sadhguru- Dont Be Identified As A Vegan Or Vegetarian.

[UltraVid id=79 ]See if is a question of survival eat garbage and you survive what’s the problem if it’s about survive I think largely we passed that situation of how to survive now it’s a question of choice we brought life to everything to a choice almost every human being can choose and eat there still is a segment of unfortunate population which cannot choose they have to eat what comes but that’s not so in this country definitely one can choose and eat so once choice comes what to eat there’s a whole dimension of how to know what to eat and what not to eat if I go into this dissin elaborate affair but every human being can generate the necessary awareness that if food appears you know what to eat and what not to eat above all what kind of food is your system designed for that is the kind of food you eat don’t make food into your philosophy or a religion food is about the body it must go through the system with minimum amount of resistance for example because the question is about vegetarian or non-vegetarian how we look at the food is if you eat any food what is happening is the food has to become a part of your system it has to be integrated to become you if the food that you consume has a very complex sense of memory and information then our body’s ability to break it and make it a part of ourselves is reduced if you eat a simple memory code or the genetic code in a particular creature let’s say you eat a vegetable it is very simple or in other words in the evolutionary scale whatever is furthest away from you that’s what you must consume or in other words you never consume a mammal because it is too close to you and it’s memory is too complex and you will never be able to break it down 100% if you consume this partly you break the break down the genetic code another part of it remains or in other words gradually the animal qualities will enter your system and unknowingly these things will find expression people are going through anger stress just simply rage everywhere this is simply because of the one main reason is the food that they’re consuming so whatever is the simplest memory code that is what you must consume so that easily you can break it down and make it a part of yourself or whatever is farthest away from you in the evolutionary scale that’s the best thing so in that context if you must eat non-vegetarian food the fish is the best thing to eat because it is the first form of life on this planet as it gets more complex as you come towards mammals is becoming very complex and that’s not suitable for human consumption we can show various parameters in the body the length of the elementary can all how things happen in the system if you look at all this clearly the body is stating what it wants when it comes to food you should not ask your doctor a guru or a nutritionist now you must ask your body you eat something and see how quickly the food moves out of your stomach back into the intestine if it’s happening very quickly within 2 and 1/2 hours if everything is gone that’s good food to eat if it’s lingering on between 4 to 6 hours that’s not good thing to eat

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