[UltraVid id=102 ]Hey everyone welcome back to my channel I hope you’re all doing well it feels like forever since I sat down here and film few guys I think it’s actually been like a month like a solid month since I actually sat down and filmed a video so this feels a little bit strange so today I’m actually filming something a little bit different for you guys I’m going to be filming a small vegan business haul because I’ve recently picked up a couple of things from some stores that I have discovered on Instagram so I just wanted to share them with you guys cuz I know the christmas is coming up and some of you may want to support the smaller businesses rather than the big stores so I thought I would show you a couple of sauce that I’ve recently discovered and yeah that’s it really so the first story I want to talk to you guys about is an Etsy store that I discovered through Instagram called the punky bunny so the punky bunny is run by a lady called Emma she creates everything on the store she hand makes it and she ships everything from her house so everything is done in her house and she designs everything as well she has some really unique designs on there she creates pins patches cards prints like birthday cards and stuff like that t-shirts tote bags key rings absolutely everything basically so I was really happy to see that she had a really good variety of stuff on there and everything on the shop kind of has a theme and a look to it but I just I just really loved so I picked myself up the gift box now this is such good value for money because inside here you get quite a few items and this gift box costs 9 pounds so it’s really really good value for money by the way I bought this myself with my own money and it’s not sponsored at all not gifted so just thought I’m telling that before show you so this is the box that it comes in and it comes in this like the letter box sized box so that if you don’t have like I don’t know somebody to pick up your box for you if you’re not going to be home and then it will just be posted through your less box which is awesome so in this gift box you get a set of 4 pins a keyring a print and a card and so you get to pick which print card and keyring that you want and then the badges she will just send you with ever badges are on shop she has tons of badges and they’re all really cute anyway so don’t worry about getting anything you don’t like because I guarantee you won’t get anything so I have got four pins here and they say vegan because I care hail Satan friends not food and go vegan you should in a little Yoda and I think I’m gonna use these for my lush tote bag because they’re all black and white and my lush tote bag is black and white and currently I have some pins on there that are like different colors and it always makes me cringe a little bit when I see it because it’s not it doesn’t match the theme at the bag so I really want to put these ones on there instead I think these would look really cool with it then inside this little box here which was actually packaged up like that came this keyring so a lot of the items that she has on her store are kind of this like Tavor theme so you don’t know what tarot cards are they’re basically like and I think it’s like they’re like they’re like cards that spiritual people use to kind of tell you your future and tell you where you are in life from what’s happening with you things like that and I picked up this a keyring and it says the vegan on it and I thought this was really nice it was really subtle she has some other really cool designs on there there’s a few other key rings that I really want to get and to buy these individually is a really good price as well so the print that I chose is this one it is again in this Tarot theme and this says compassion it’s got two hands making the shape of the heart with a whale insider and a Sun at the top and I thought this was really cute because I wanted to put a print in my house that was gonna be that I didn’t want something to say vegan on it because basil lives her as well and I don’t know if he would like me to just put like vegan posters everywhere so and I got this one instead it just says compassion I think it’s really subtle it’s really tasteful very nice and I really like it and the card that it’s printed on it’s really nice it’s kind of like all speckled and stuff from where it’s been made out of recycled materials and I really like that it just gives it a really nice look then the last item that you get in this box is a card so you can choose from like birthday cards I think she might do like Get Well cards or stuff like that as well she has loads of different card options on there I have this print here but sand that I keep just on like my little table and it says spice up your damn life and I got this from Urban Outfitters that’s actually like a birthday card but I just put it in one of those little frames because I thought it would be really cute as prints so I got this one which is a fox because I thought out of all of the cards on there this was the one that would look best as a print it wouldn’t look random just having that happy birthday and an inner frame I might in my flat and and I thought this is really cute I really like foxes I’ve come to appreciate them a lot more since going vegan before I was vegan I didn’t really appreciate foxes at all and now I’ve really learned to appreciate them especially after following and is it Jupiter or juniper is it juniper fox or Instagram the really famous Fox on Instagram so cute you have to go and follow him something I noticed while I was on her sister as well is that she does occasionally and throw in like a free gift or like a lucky dip card into her boxes which i think is a really nice touch and it’s so nice to get to order something and then you get like a little free extra summin summin in that i think it gives a really nice incentive for that person to go back and buy something and it’s also just very thoughtful I think it’s a really nice touch so in here she actually put another foxy item so we have it this notebook which is all lined paper and it’s really cute I really like this and I am actually I actually wanted a notebook I was actually thinking about buying a notebook a few days before I got this box and delivered to me because I’m doing a lot of stuff with my vegan guide at the moment on my website and I want to make some notes and stuff sorry if you can hear my tummy rumbling it keeps rumbling and I’m really hungry the next store I’m gonna talk to you guys about is a store that I’ve been actually following for quite a long time on Instagram it used to be called Asia ethical wears now the girl who runs this cassia she does like old school t-shirt printing so she used to print a lot of her own t-shirts and jumpers and stuff like that and she sold them on a shop called cassia ethical where she used to have this kind of like mandela and she used to do like mandela print t-shirts and vegan t-shirts like she has the whole vegan babe a lot of you may have seen this she’s the girl who’d prints vegan babe it’s her brand basically and I’ve been following cassia for ages and she recently rebranded her entire store to now be called care wares which is so cute by the way and she’s pretty much rebranded everything on she still has the vegan babe stuff but now she has a lot more kind of pastel papi vegan vibe clothing and everything is ethically made everything is hand printed by I think she actually does all the printing herself as well which is amazing so yeah I picked up a couple of things on care wares so the first thing I have here is this tote bag and it says tofu appreciation society now I fell in love with this tote bag when I saw it on her Instagram page I just really liked it I really liked the tote bags that don’t say like vegan all over them I like tote bags that kind of hint at being vegan but in a subtle way that are just fun and cute because I think they draw a lot of attention from people and then you kind of look into a bit more and then you’re like oh it’s like a vegan thing so the way this has been printed it is it feels and looks 3d it does actually come off of the bag a little bit I don’t know if you can see it there but this is just so cute and when I first saw this on the store and I thought this was why I’m really funny about having like white bags because well having like a white faux leather bag is fine because you can wipe it off but having like a cotton or natural material bag that is why or a light color I get really freaked out by it because I mess things up a lot so I’m gonna try and keep this bag as clean as possible it is a craze more of a cream color than a white which I was happy about because if it’s bright white I’m gonna mess it up in like a week but if it’s cream you know I’m not gonna mess it up that quickly everything came packaged really nicely she put it in like a pink mail bag and then everything was wrapped up in this really cute pink tissue paper with these little like care bear stickers on it and I just thought it’s really cute these are like really nice touches that you don’t tend to get with bigger and bigger shops or like bigger online stores you only really get these with small vegan businesses I’ve noticed so I think that’s a really nice touch and a really nice bonus of buying something from a small pekin business so yeah I have the tofu appreciation bag she has her little label on it there which is care wares vegan organic Fairtrade and totally cute which it is everything on there is totally cute and I said she’s rebranded and she has a lot of new stuff on there so you guys really need to go and check it out then I picked up one of the vegan baby butt patches so I mentioned you guys earlier about the vegan babe hoodies this is the logo that she prints on to these gorgeous pink hoodies and just so pretty I really want to get one I’m gonna put this onto a denim jacket I have a black denim jacket that has quite decent size pockets at the front so I think it would look really cool just like here oh my god it’s gonna look so cute the last item that I want to show you guys is my monthly greedy llama box so if you have been following my channel for a while then you would have seen that over the past few months I have been unboxing greedy Atlanta boxes now this is a vegan a subscription box greedy llama also has a supermarket and if you use my code la Marais you can get 20% off I think it’s anything on this site so I’ll leave that with the link to greedy llama down below so you guys can go and check them out okay so this is everything inside my box I’m really excited about a lot of this stuff in here I can’t wait to show you guys so the first thing I’m gonna pull out is these by owner organic maple syrup waffles now these look like stroopwafels if you ever been to Amsterdam the strip waffles everywhere they’re basically these like hard caramel very thin waffles and I think the idea of what you do with them is you put them over like a hot drink and they melt a little bit and then you eat it or you can dunk it in the hot drink you know I am gonna read to it because it tastes smells very good okay next we have the nares gnar I can never pronounce this nonce Nan’s mixed berry oat biscuits now I got a box of these in a previous greeting on the box they were like the ginger something they were like an orange box I’m not the biggest fan of Nan’s oak biscuits and to me they always look a lot nicer on the packaging than they actually taste so I’m gonna give these to my sister then we have a little a can of coconut blue coconut blue blue dragon coconut milk blue dragon coconut milk is actually a brand that I use quite a lot for my curries and stuff and when it’s on sale because it’s a little bit pricey in the stores and so whenever it’s like a pound I’ll always buy it because it is a good brand of coconut milk sorry I’m really hot that’s why I keep like pushing the hair on my face because it literally sticking to my forehead I am so hot then we have some vegetable Bowl tea organic looks like soup is it a soup or is it like a I don’t know it is a vegetarian friendly wheat-free gluten-free dairy-free vegan friendly low-fat mustard free and celery free oh I never heard of that handcrafted gourmet vegan wagon-wheel yes I have had a vegan wagon-wheel before and that box I mentioned earlier that my sister got for me it had a vegan wagon wheel in it but I don’t think it was this brand because I don’t think I’ve ever tried this brand but anyway this is the roundup vegan wagon wheel and I always like I ate something and yesterday that wasn’t vegan it had milk and eggs in it and I’ll talk to you guys for more about that in my upcoming vegan Q&A video and yeah I thought was going to throw up so now I’m looking at the ingredients of everything I’m like are you sure you’re vegan the last two things that we have in here are the bounce vlive balls so I always see these in the shops right but they are literally like two pounds for this tiny little ball and no offense to bounce but that’s really overpriced that’s so expensive and so I’m very surprised to see that they are in this box and because these are very expensive right in the shot and that’s what I really like about these subscription boxes is that not only do you get products that you wouldn’t really know about or buy before is that you do actually you can actually end up saving a lot of money because they retail for the items in this box retail for a lot more than what the box is what you’re paying for the box if you know I mean that’s the whole point of a subscription box I guess to like kind of save you money and show you new products but yeah so these are protein energy balls amis we have armand KO and armand spirulina and so yeah 9 grams of veggie protein in each one which is pretty good considering this is only 40 grams of or so that is everything I have to show you guys in my small vegan business haul I really hope that you guys enjoyed this I think I’m going to make this like a regular series on my channel I really want to try out different small vegan businesses and help promote them I mean I have a platform on here there’s almost 18,000 if you guys subscribe to my channel I think it’s really nice to kind of use this platform to support other small vegan businesses and so I’m gonna be doing that more regularly now and so if there are any small vegan businesses that you want me to check out or if you own a small vegan business and you want me to check it out and then please do leave your comments down below your suggestions so that I can take a look at those and possibly feature them in the next video in my next video obviously um I’ll only feature a small business that I buy from so yeah please do let me know so I can have a little look-see I hope you guys had an awesome weekend and I hope you have a super fun week and I will see you on the next video [Music] hey everybody welcome back to my channel today I have a very exciting video for you guys we are going to be trying out Iceland’s brand new vegan range

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