PART 2: Why These 13 Actors WENT VEGAN

[UltraVid id=278 ]Celebrities are embracing the vegan lifestyle. Ever wondered what made them go vegan? Find out ….
“Why These 13 Actors WENT VEGAN.”

~ Peter Dinklage plays Tyrion Lannister on “Game of Thrones” and Eitri in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

~ Jessica Chastain, known for roles in academy award-winning pictures “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Interstellar,” and “Molly’s Game.”

~ Benjamin Zephaniah from “Peaky Blinders.” He is also a a writer and poet.

~ James Cromwell from “Babe,” “The Artist,” and “American Horror Story.”

~ Ellen Burstyn from “The Exorcist,” “Requiem for a Dream,” and “W.”

~ Craig Robinson from “Hot Tub Time Machine,” “This is the End,” and “The Office.”

~ Alicia Silverstone from “Clueless.”