Casa de Carne (House Of Flesh ) | How Many People Would Keep Eating Meat If They Had To Kill The Being They Are Supposed To Eat?!

On a night out with friends, Eric tries a new restaurant that takes the dining experience full circle. Set in the not-so-distance, dark future, “Casa de Carne” is a thought-provoking short film about hard choices and hidden truths.

Winner of the 1st Place Tarshis Film Award at the 2019 Animal Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Dustin Brown
Produced by William Martens & Dustin Brown
Executive Producer Chris DeRose
Cinematography by Mark Mannschreck
Edited by Dustin Brown
Associate Producer & 1st AD Nura Ashimova
Starring Joe LeMieux, Gintare Bandinskaite, Mantas Valantiejus, Ryan Sherman

2019 Last Chance for Animals. http://www.LCAnimal.org/


A Week of Vegan Activism | VLOG

I visited Canada Goose, Northamptonshire Chicken Save, Essex Pig Save, and a few more vegan activities this week. Hope you enjoy this weekly Vlog as a vegan activist.

Please take the time to watch what the health on Netflix to understand the perils of the western diet, and the healing and protective effects of a plant based diet: http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/

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CALLING ALL VEGANS with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse – March 2019

CALLING ALL VEGANS with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse – March 18, 2019

HAPPY TALES AND TAILS: As vegans, it pains us to learn about the unimaginably horrible things being done to animals each and every day, so it’s always a pleasure to hear good-news stories or watch videos of rescued creatures romping around happy and free. Our first guest, Carla Reilly, is the co-founder — with her husband, Harold — of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary, located near Kingston, Ontario. Seventeen acres of safe space specializing in rehabilitating animals who have been abused and neglected, it’s also a living classroom educating and fostering compassion and empathy in youth and a safe space for military veterans needing to heal from their psychological wounds.

YEAR OF THE SLUT: If the title of Jen Lieberman’s book, “Year of the Slut”, doesn’t catch your attention, then you might be a robot. It’s a sex-positive, feminist piece that encourages women to embrace their sexuality. Think “Sex In The City” meets “50 Shades of Grey”. Jen is an award-winning producer, writer, and director, and she performs a stand-up comedy routine where she liberally sprinkles in vegan and environmental references. And she laid to rest the notion that vegans are humourless. “Year of the Slut” novel available on amazon.com!

THE PROMOTER GETS PROMOTED: Did you know there’s a magazine in Ontario, Canada called “Ontario Vegans Lifestyle Magazine”, and it’s completely devoted to vegans?! Veronika Simmons, the founder and editor-in-chief, chatted with us about this very unique form of activism, because let’s face it, there’s just nothing as cool for a vegan as being featured in a vegan magazine. Well, okay, maybe being interviewed on Calling All Vegans, but that’s the ONLY other thing that even comes close!

NOT ALL ROCKSTARS PLAY A GUITAR: We spoke with rockstar criminal lawyer and hero to animals and animal rights activists alike, Gary Grill. He’s a long-time vegan and social activist, and one of the men who spun the table around and put the Canadian pork industry on trial. With more and more people standing on their hind legs and speaking up for animals, and with there being more and more pushback from animal-exploiting industries, he’s no doubt going to be kept a very busy litigator! We are so lucky to have him on OUR side. Peace, respect, and justice for all. *throwing the horns*

THAT’S A (VEGAN) WRAP! Our regular segment, “That’s A (Vegan) Wrap!”, where Alec spends several minutes delivering glad and sad goings-on in the vegan movement and Sue sees if he can tell her something she hasn’t heard already. Even cornier and cringy-er than Alec’s puns? When we say together at the end: “And that’s a (vegan) wrap! Don’t miss it.

Gary Grill sending us off with some profound thoughts at the Animals Beyond Border Gala held December, 2018:


How Vegans Can Create Healthy Relationships and Communicate Effectively | By Melanie Joy

Many vegans find that it`s difficult or impossible to feel connected with the non-vegans in their lives and to communicate about veganism in a way that doesn`t cause cause conflict. Often, too, vegans have trouble relating and communicating with each other when they disagree with each other`s ideas. In this new presentation, psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy explains the principles and tools for creating healthy, connected relationships, and she gives tips on how to talk about even the most challenging issues productively.

## About Melanie Joy ##

Dr. Melanie Joy is a psychologist, international speaker, organizational consultant, trainer, and the author of “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows”, “Strategic Action for Animals”, and the forthcoming book “Beyond Beliefs: A Guide for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters in Relationships.”. Dr. Joy specializes in strategic vegan advocacy, effective communication, organizational dynamics and leadership, the psychology of social transformation, and activist sustainability. Dr. Joy is the eighth recipient of the Ahimsa Award – previously given to the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela – for her work on global nonviolence, as well as the Empty Cages Prize – previously given to Tom Regan – for her contribution to furthering the cause of animal rights. She is also the founder and president of Beyond Carnism and the co founder and co director of the Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy.


Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism vs. Protest

Has your group been labeled as a terrorist organization have you been labeled as a terrorist we got threatening phone calls to people following our trucks know hey we’re terrorizing our local farmers they’re terrorizing us. I’m in Berkeley California and I’m meeting with an animal liberation group called direct action everywhere also known as DXE they’re notorious for their extreme tactics which includes civil disobedience mass protests and trespassing because several of DX these tactics are illegal many of their members have been arrested some are even facing felony charges that could land them up to 60 years in prison but even with the looming threat of prison time DXE is planning the largest action in the history of the organization which will happen tomorrow morning at an undisclosed location let’s do it all one more time my name is Wayne Cheung and I’m co-founder of the animal rights Network direct action everywhere I’m also a lawyer and former and law professor we started the EXCI in 2013 because we wanted to build a movement for animal rights [Music] we haven’t labeled this terrorist and it’s shocking because we’re just a bunch of people volunteer at dog and cat shelters and really love animals some of these terrorist labels may be in response to past DXE actions in May of 2018 Wayne was indicted with multiple felony charges after breaking into a pig farm in Utah to document living conditions he removed two piglets from the property these charges could send Wayne to prison for sixty years if he’s convicted so you are facing pretty much the rest of your life in prison yeah and you’re still going to participate in this open rescue tomorrow yeah why for most the past 20 years of my life as an animal I attacked us I thought to myself that there will come a time where you have to make some sacrifices to bring exposure to this issue and you have to be ready to make those sacrifices I am several hundred activists from across the country gathered to hear Wayne’s final briefing as he reveals the specific target and mission of today’s action their objective is to break into a large egg farm and occupy the property until all the sick and injured chickens are removed folks we are about to march into a massive factory farm in the heart of darkness and hell we’re gonna expose what’s happening inside and try to take some of the Andals out and today we’ve got a legal opinion from a scholar we’ll be delivering to the company saying we have the right to be there we have the right to rescue these animals are we all ready to go a lawyer has written Wayne a legal opinion arguing that DX’s actions today are protected under a California animal abuse law Penal Code 597 II however 597 II has yet to be used as a successful legal defense for actions like this since DXE is technically trespassing vais will not cross property lines to film all footage inside the farm is filmed by DXE we are approaching the facility I can see the signs to say eggs so it seems like they’re starting to brush the facility they’re starting to run I’m an investigator with the rescue network for California peonies attached to this letter you can be de let’s uh sorry I’m not thank you very much sir thank you very much right to do this we do have the right to fire ace seems like a lot of the workers are coming out really confused about what is happening coming onto the property who has no right to be here these animals are not being missing so this is a good operation this is a very very good operation so you expect arrests I’m gonna go over and tell our deputy [Applause] you have a right under all right or anything we did you want me this ever right pictures [Applause] look at how crimps wave conditions are dehydration because they have no access to water as you can see there’s probably a few hundred of them to come and support the animals are going to be coming out soon we have at least three cars I don’t know how many officers are actually on sites it’s gonna they’re gonna be walking for a few minutes there’s a few hundred of them oh they’re all coming out over here is this one okay is there anything wrong with this one nobody in there is okay what do you have going on right now she was found in there 5 rescuers isn’t I’m just holding on to her right now is she dead yes it looks like the police are actually starting to like occupy the front of the building and probably stop them from going back in police have blocked the entrance to the farm DXE is considering going back into the property to release more birds Wayne is negotiating these demands with officers and farm owners we’re gonna check on animal patrols MTA okay I’m appreciative rays of operation so far so good and we’ll take a look here in a little bit thank you very much I appreciate it so Wayne what is happening what we’ve argued is that under 597 first of all we have the right to go again it doesn’t matter but they cannot stop it cannot sighs just like if someone is torturing their dog and you go to give the dog some assistance the other right to do it have a right to do all right what’s up is Sergeant Thompson asking you no go back in he’s asking us not to go back and right now and and he’s he’s saying that in exchange for not exercising our rights he will go in with animal control and we will have an opportunity to see some of these disease and distressed animals in the barn Wayne Wayne can I talk to you over here we’ll get going talking to [Applause] I’ve asked you to be reasonable I’ve asked you spend a winter with me yeah and you’re refusing that this is a setup Friday it looks your game file it’s leaves a box outside let’s leave the press and the cameras off and have seen the outside as well sure using both of you guys okay Dave going I don’t even want to go inside I don’t want any police officers okay so basically what’s happening is the owner said he wants to talk to Wayne without media without police so that’s where they went we’re gonna wait and see what happens they said we could remove sicker distressed handles but they kind of waffled on this and they said what do you see a sick and distress and they also said we did not remove any sick of distress panels so well the folks are applying to do a civil experience please approach the fraud we just announced everybody that they are going to go in here they go so there are walking across they’re gonna get arrested we see Wayne there are a lot of people who have charges who are going to get arrested [Music] Duane is getting arrested property in total 40 activists including Wayne are arrested and taken to sonoma county sheriff’s office and they’re released the next morning so we’re going to visit Mike he’s one of the owners of the farm that dxc escaped the break-in and I’m gonna talk to him about how he’s feeling a few months out how it has affected him how are you good my clever thanks for having me out here you bet so in the aftermath of what happened what what have your thoughts been what have you been thinking about right after it was really why me what was so bad with our operation that we were the targets we looked at DXE and after really understanding what they’re about and how they’re not for upsetting animal welfare standards they’re for the eradication of using animals if you realize there’s no way there’s a cover going to be a common ground they excel at trying to create some some mayhem and they they think it’s a positive or constructive way to have a discussion but it’s not it’s detrimental it shut our business down it concerned our employees and we have people today who have lingering issues about this type of thing happening again it’s a big operation but we’re small farmers do you consider your farm humane should there be a concern about how your birds are raised all farmers should be held accountable they should be doing everything they can to provide humane care for the amount of effort we put in to take care of these animals that’s the way it should be done we’re audited by three different groups that look at our animal care from a humane or animal welfare perspective the statements that dxc had made were false they were saying that the birds are not provided water and not provided feed basically and I’m happy to show you inside of our chicken houses so you can see that every chicken has feed and water access to it 24 hours a day this is a cage free house and these curtains this is where the nests are and what we’re doing is creating a safe place for them that’s dark because they like to lay their eggs in a place that’s safe from predators that’s why these curtains are here you can see the nipples as well up here if I push it and so they know to do that since day one they’ve been drinking water this way something from that day I do remember there was a dead bird that one of them did bring out yeah animals are just like humans if you have a city with a hundred thousand people in it there’s some people die every day it’s part of the natural process it’s one of the things that if I could run a farm and none of my animals ever died I’d be all for it but I can’t it’s hard it’s hard to be a farmer and have your integrity called on the floor by a bunch of people who don’t have any understanding of our industry the challenges we face the amount of effort that goes into producing this safe affordable and humanely raised product because of the DXE event we have evaluated everything we do from an animal welfare perspective we’ve looked at ways that we can improve it we’re actually making some changes so there’s there’s a good thing that comes out of it but it came out of it in the most unconstructive manner do you consider a DXE a domestic terrorist group that’s a great question they’re terrorizing us they’re terrorizing our local farmers there’s not a night that goes by that I hear a slow-moving car that I think that there’s somebody out there patrolling everybody is nervous now because of what they’re doing there’s nothing constructive about their action I mean were you know so it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and last time I saw you you were being arrested so just update me what’s happened since then we’ve done a number of other mass demonstrations but most notably we went back to Sonoma County with a couple hundred people to do a demonstration of a huge poultry farm and as a result 58 activists including myself around up in charged with multiple felonies and now we have to win this fight in court so talk to me a little bit about that you know how are you guys working with 597 a when you’re in court facing some of the charges that you’re facing it’s always scary to be in court it’s even more scary when you’re facing dozens of felonies and that’s what we’re facing now at the same time we know this is an opportunity because if we can win one of these cases what that will mean is that the law and the court and the jury accept the fact that these animals are living creatures and that will open the doors for activists across the state and across the nation to start infiltrating these farms taking the animals out and exposing an industry that when exposed people want it to stop so I think what Mike would say and what I think he did say to you um when we weren’t there is that he’s doing everything by the book by the law but that’s not still not okay for you guys the laws are corrupt and the laws are often written and enforced by the industry for the industry their response is always one in the same which is this is an industry standard and our response to that is corporations don’t ride the laws that people write the laws they want to believe what they’re doing is not bad for the animals are bad for the environment their economic interests certainly are aligned with that belief but when we actually look at this with a an objective lens we have to acknowledge these animals are suffering do you think if you and Wayne ever talked again you don’t think that you guys would come to some sort of agreement I don’t know a good analogy for it but the only one I could give you is if you own a house and there’s an arsonist who once have a conversation with you a discussion with you how could you ever come to agreement on something he wants to shut all animal agriculture down I need to pay off the loans I want to continue our family business I want to continue to provide fresh food for the citizens of this state things happen and after they happen life is never the same for us it’s having several hundred people come break into your building and broad daylight push their way past your employees and steal animals out of your house that happened you know I can’t can’t go back can’t make it go away what you were doing is illegal you know what do you say to them you never change the world by following the rules first of all so some rules are meant to be broken when there’s an unjust rule someone should break it but more importantly I don’t see us as rule breakers I see us as rule makers that if you look at the course of human history these great social changes only occurred because people were willing to test the boundaries of the current system


Vegan Organic Permaculture Farm & Off-Grid || What I Do + Eat

Hi so today is another day another lovely day in Wales Shino I am currently working here in Wales and I’m on the beautiful farm and also just really wanted to do another really simple what I eat in a day videos they usually like to add in sort of what I eat and everything do my videos I love me I’ll show you why I kept teeth stay and everything like as well see you in a second right save for breakfast today I had porridge as you can see here and I have my porridge wisdom homemade bilbrey Chow which we and I also had some peanut butter to fill myself up longer and I had a couple of corn flakes on there as well and it was absolutely gorgeous I did say was I decided to do some watering of the polytunnel which actually takes quite a while because as you can see there’s quite a lot in here and Here I am just watering the plants and watering the tomatoes and then I decided to do some D weeding so I pulled this dog beef out here and I’m use it as mulch and Here I am again just picking out all the weeds and then I became inspired to make myself a salad so I started to pick all the lovely things I could find from a polytunnel that I could eat and these Tomatoes if the yellow ones particularly absolutely so so gorgeous and this is my bounty here and I used this bounty to make my or some of my lunch you can see here I made my salad and I also have that with some homemade hummus some rice and also some curry leftover from yesterday and that was absolutely gorgeous manche I started to do a bit Bondi weeding I did this in the strawberry patch so here are some pots here and I’m just pulling out all the grass and snipping out all the weeds and this is what it looks like at the end you can get the strawberry leaves as you can see here and I took some comfrey I pulled the comfrey out and use that as mulch as you can see here which fertilizes plants and I was a bit hungry because lunch wasn’t very big so I had another salad and I also had some hummus on bread and I wrapped up everything inside the thread because everything tastes nice in a sandwich snack I did some so basically the other day we just we trance some trees all up a section of the lab as I needed to put these steaks in here in order for Frank to know where the trees are when the grass starts growing through and there are a little bit further away from the plants so that you can get strimmer around and cut the grass and then over the arm field we saw this which is the sheep being herded by a tractor and a dog I didn’t you can see that bit it reminded me of Aaron Janice’s video the ethics of wool and if you haven’t seen it yet then I really recommend watching that video because it really explains the wool industry really well I’ll leave a link in the description box below so for dinner we had this gorgeous homemade pizza it was so tasty and I ended up actually having four slices four of these slices here and we had some nutritional yeast on top as well as some vegan cheese to make it really really nice and tasty for per day that I had this utterly lovely fruit tank which was made by Frank the owner of the land here and Here I am eating it and it was completely gorgeous as it said before hey that’s the end of my video guys if you’d like to please feel free to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below if you haven’t subscribed already and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions for me keep watching guys I will see very very soon I’m learning how to love myself 😁


The Food Matrix – 101 Reasons to Go Vegan

Good evening and thank you for coming my name is James and I’m the humanities you cater for the animal rights foundation of Florida now I’m typically giving this presentation to a high school classroom so my audience is a little different and I say you won’t find out we’ll find out so I pretty much know my audience yeah I can pretty much guarantee that 99% of the kids in the class are eating meat dairy and eggs and there might be one or two kids who are vegetarian but it’s a very rare occasion where you’ll get a kid who is vegan um when I speak to adults it’s a little different you know I don’t quite know my audience as well so I want to get to know you so here’s what I want everybody to do I want everybody to please stand up all right now if you are vegan meaning you choose not be any meat of the animal no flesh of the animal no cows no chickens no pigs no turkey and no fish alright surprise surprise a fish is not a vegetable no dairy no cow’s milk no cow cheese no cow butter no cow ice cream and no eggs please have a seat so if you are vegan please have a seat okay now for the rest of you you’ll have to remain standing for the rest of the presentation everybody everybody have a seat there’s another benefit of talking to high school kids and that’s they’re not afraid to participate in the presentation they’ll say whatever is on their mind whether I like it or not but with adults it’s a little bit harder it’s like pulling teeth now this presentation is designed to be interactive meaning I want you to actually participate I want you to engage and you think about the presentation it’s like a row shark test and I show you a picture and you tell me what you see so the maturity level is the same as high school students it’s a mushroom people all right how many of you have ever seen the movie The Matrix okay so move more than half of us sorry for those who haven’t seen the movie The Matrix there’s a scene the very beginning of the film where the main character is presented with two pills one blue and one red and he has to make a choice if you choose the blue pill he’ll fall asleep and when he wakes up everything will be exactly the way it’s always been if you choose the red pill he’ll finally learn the truth and I’m here today to give you that red pill but let me make this very clear to you I’m not here to tell you what to do not here to tell you how to think how to feel and I’m certainly not here to tell you what to eat I’m simply here to provide you with information now what you do with that information is solely up to you so what does the matrix look like let me show you now despite what you might be thinking these two circles are not equal I repeat these two circles are not equal one is in fact larger than the other what I need you to do is determine which one that is so please raise your hand if you believe the blue circle is larger than the red alright please raise your hand if you believe the red circle is larger than the blue all right very good now before I said anything about these two circles what was your first instinct equal right because they look equal the reason why they look equal is because in fact they are equal these two circles are identical yet I got just about every one of you to raise your hand and say that they’re not so what do we learn but you can be manipulated like that to believe in something that goes against your natural instincts just just imagine just imagine as a child you’re taught that the blue circle is larger than the red if you say it enough times you convince yourself that’s the truth if you’re told the lie enough times it becomes part of your reality and if enough people are taught that lie that the blue circle is larger than the red well now it becomes part of the culture and if that culture then passes that misinformation along to the next generation will now become tradition and what we have to remember is that just because we have a tradition doesn’t mean it’s morally acceptable tradition and morality are not always the same I mean can you think of any traditions that we once had in the United States of America that we no longer have that today we think back and that was immoral slavery right less than 200 years ago and that was a tradition so the traditions we have today doesn’t necessarily mean morally acceptable and as we evolved as a culture so do our traditions now the matrix is a story it’s a story when told enough times to enough people it becomes part of that culture it becomes the tradition and this story is being told over and over every day in fact if you believe the image on the carton is where you’re getting your milk from you’re deceiving yourself this is a fantasy only exist in your head it’s a blue pill fed to you by the industry to get you to buy their product this is the matrix the lie we tell ourselves about where our food is coming from the reality is far more disturbing 90 to 95 percent of the milk the meat and the eggs that we consume in the United States are coming from these conditions this is called factory farming this is what you take thousands of hens pigs and cows you can find them in two warehouses in fact every year in the United States ten billion right ten billion cows pigs and chickens are being slaughtered for food so what that works out to be is that every second in the United States 300 animals are killed just like that so 300 600 900 1200 by the time I’m done talking today there’ll be over a million animals that have been slaughtered and most of us don’t even blink an eye and how is it possible that in the United States of America we can kill we can slaughter 300 animals every second and not question that because of the story we’ve been told the story justifies the action if you say it enough times you actually convince yourself that’s the truth how many of you were taught as a child you need to eat meat to get protein I know I was how many of you were taught you need to drink cow’s milk to get strong bones not dog milk not chimpanzee milk not elephant milk not rhino milk not hippo milk not Tiger milk not lion milk not giraffe milk not elephant milk did I say that already I think you get the point not even our own mother’s milk we need to drink cow’s milk to get strong bones the absurdity of drinking the milk from any other species and any other being besides our own mother when it’s said enough times loses its absurdness so all we’re going to do today is find out if the matrix is telling the truth now the first thing we’ve been taught is that our diet is natural and we eat meat dairy and eggs so therefore it must be natural so let’s find out you have two images on the wall all right and remember the road shock test you have two images on the wall I want you to tell me all the thoughts that come to mind when you see the image on the left and don’t be afraid to scream out nobody’s going to get sent to the principal what do you see fresh young sweet right if I came into the room with a basket of strawberries that looked just like that organic and I put him on the chair right here now what would be your thoughts okay the same thoughts what would you think if one of us got up and started chewing on the strawberries maybe we’d want to join it if I come into the room with the baskets strawberries how many of your mouth starts to salivate your mouth starts the water I take a strawberry and I put it under your nose what do you smell if I take a knife and I slice that strawberry in half and put that under your nose now what do you smell those how all the sensations remain the same you see a strawberry that looks like a strawberry you smell a strawberry and it smells like a strawberry and you take a bite out of a strawberry and surprise surprise it tastes like a strawberry exactly it’s a strawberry but what thoughts come to mind when you see the image on the right cute it’s kind of a rigged audience so you’re in a vegan restaurant but you know when I go to a classroom you know half the response you’ll get half the kids who see all cute animal pig Wilbert babe so half the class will see an animal and the other half the class will see bacon sausage ham pigs feet pork and hotdogs they’ll see a food it’s one of the other you either seeing an animal or you’re seeing food now what would happen if I took one of the pigs living brought them into the room right here and put them put them right in front of you does that change it now what do we see and I mean what would we think if one of if one of us got up and starts chewing on the pig not very normal if I come into the room with a pig under my arm how many of your mouth starts to salivate right I take a pig and I put it into your nose what do you smell smell Pig just like if it took a dog and put on your nose smell dog a cat you smell cat I took a knife and I sliced that pig in half and put that under your nose now what do you smell it’s not a stench of death you smell rotting corpse bacteria decomposing flesh you see there’s a process involved and I’m here today to show you that process of how you convert this animal into this product why should it why should it be kept a secret why should we not know what we’re participating in and what we’re putting in our now let’s make the situation slightly more realistic if I were to put a pig on this side of the room living in a butcher’s knife on side on side of that room I mean how many people would be willing to pick up the knife and take the life of that animal it’s very rare right and if somebody did that that’s all right but how many people in this room would try to stop that person from doing that right would we try that of course that’s compassion man is the greatest quality of the human race there’s no other species on this planet that has that level of compassion to extend to all living beings but if you would stop somebody from killing a pig in front of you and then go home and have this for breakfast let’s call hypocrisy just because it comes with a nice neat package all dressed up in your supermarket just because you didn’t take the knife and shove it through their jugular just because you can get blood on your clothes and just because you didn’t hear their screams doesn’t mean you didn’t participate in the killing every time we buy this product we are supporting somebody else doing what we ourselves wouldn’t want to do when we ourselves wouldn’t want to see and what we ourselves wouldn’t want to hear now if you still see bacon sauce lehand when I bring a pig into the room what happens when I change it to one sec so so like not there we go all right all right it’s the common response now I’ve never heard anybody say YUM nobody ever sees dog feed hotdogs so why not why don’t we see a food but we’ve we’ve been accustomed to view this animal as our pet I mean how many of you have a dog or a cat right how many of you have a pig not so much all right so but there are other cultures there are other cultures again the cultural story for us is this is your pet in another culture certain parts of the world they eat cats and dogs that’s their culture that’s their story they’ve been told and how do you feel about that a lot of people think it’s disgusting right I imagine every one of you probably thinks it’s disgusting your dog why would it be disgusting to eat this animal and not disgusting to eat this animal why would it be wrong to eat this animal and right to eat this animal and most importantly why would it be wrong to kill this animal and right to kill this animal it’s culture it’s the story it’s the matrix that we’ve been told one culture sees this as a pet this is a food and though the culture might see this as a pet and this is a food another culture might see in both is food certain parts of India the cow is sacred they would never think about eating a cow in certain parts of India is that wrong is that unnatural that’s just the story they’ve been told but culture is just a story that’s all it is it’s just make-believe when I’m concerned with is what is natural to the human species because every culture has a different story but you take somebody from Asia Africa South America North America Europe and we’re all the same species we’re all human beings so let’s take a three Road from any country in the world and you put that three out in a room and you line up five animals in front of that three-year-old a pig a dog a cow a cat and a chicken you think the thrill is going to know which one to eat and which one to pet what’s the three are most likely going to do or try to do play with them all it’s going to try to play with them all the three oh it has to be taught no no no no don’t play with it eat him play with him pet him that’s what we were taught we didn’t choose our diet our diet is a learned behavior we were raised to perceive this animal as your pet and this animal is your food but that’s not the natural perception the natural is that there all of our our companions so our parents chose our diet based upon the cultural story and if you have children you base their diet on the cultural story being told which is the same story now let me give you another example if you take a baby and you put a baby in a crib and you put on the light out of the right-side of baby chick and on the left side an apple which one do you think the baby is going to try to play with and which one you think the baby is going to try to eat most likely I put the inanimate object in this case the Apple in his or her mouth and if the baby you know most likely will be piqued by the interest of the thing moving in this case the thing being actually a living being in the chick now if the baby tries to eat the chick what’s the chicken ER they’re just going to run away or peck at him now if you walked into a room with the baby in the crib playing with an apple and chewing on the head of a live chick what do you think that baby like demon baby you’re gonna let me allow that you allow that demon baby to play with your baby set up a playdate probably not so if it’s not alright for a baby to cause harm to an animal even when they don’t know any better why is it become more acceptable as we get older when we do know the difference between an apple and a baby chick the question is do we find it acceptable to cause harm to an animal let’s find out if you don’t walk outside right now and you saw somebody taking a baseball bat to a a dog’s head what would you do you you take action at the very least you’d call the police because you recognize that as a violation of this animal’s right to be free from harm we’re all given that right at birth every animal on this planet whether it’s a mammal whether it’s an amphibian whether it’s a bird a reptile of fish and insect we’re all Earthlings human beings as well we are all earthlings and what do all Earthlings have in common two things we all want to live we all desire to live that is what it creates the Equality in all of us we all want to live and the second thing is we all avoid pain those two things make us equal from the largest land animal on earth the elephant to the smallest the insect the and everything in between from the dog the pig to the human being we all desire to live and we all avoid pain now if you were to walk outside right now and you saw somebody taking a baseball bat to a pig’s head with your emotional response not be the exact same thing of course because the question for you is what’s the difference what’s the difference between the two right is there a difference you might think one is cuter than the other but that says more about you than anything about these two animals a lot of kids will say well the nose looks different I say they go but they both got a nose to smell some kids will say well he’s got hooves and he’s got paws I say that both got feet to walk and run some kids say well his ears are going up and here’s the ears of flappy they’ve both got two ears to hear they both got two eyes to see they’ve both got a heart to beat and a mind to think and the reason why we would take action for both of them is because we recognize the equality between them and not the difference any difference is insignificant the similarities though are striking we know they’re equal yet every time we sit down for a meal we create that separation we create that inequality it’s just like we knew the two circles where you go red and blue but all it takes is somebody to tell you a story now what we most importantly recognize is that all animals have feelings but how do we know and how do we really know how do we even know that humans are feelings well I mean love these feelings what’s most important to you happiness right how do you know if somebody’s happy if I said to you right now is the happiest moment in my life when you believe me hopefully not no offense so how are you going to tell somebody’s happy they’re smiling they’re laugh and I can take somebody in in this room who doesn’t speak your language but you can tell how they’re they’re feeling by their expressions the sounds doesn’t have to do with a language though what about other animals will they wag their tail they bark they jump up and down they play with each other they lick so all these are signs of how they feel what about pain though if I said to you right now my right hand is killing me would you believe me having given you any silent it might though it might be killing me there’s only one person in this room who knows it’s actually killing me that’s me of course I say well let’s say I was to trip over my feet here and now my head against the side of this table start bleeding profusely out of my head and I’m screaming on the ground when you believe them in pain of course I’m showing the signs here’s a test you take your hand you put over a flame what happens burns right what’s your reaction pull back and scream you take a dog’s paw put it over a flame what’s his reaction same thing pull back and scream you take a pig’s leg put it over a flame same reaction you take a dog a pig a cow a chicken a goat a doc a horse a rat a mouse any animal that’s living put a body part of the flame they all have the same reaction you take a fish out of water and what’s their reaction flop it around why I can’t breathe you want to know what it feels like to be a fish out of water have you have your loved one put your put your head under water and not let go I really wouldn’t your loved one know they’re doing that that’s what it feels like of course fish have feelings they’re not they’re not vegetables if you take a vegetable you take a plant you take a strawberry and you put it over a flame and what happens else doesn’t have feet to run away doesn’t have a mouth to scream and nose to smell eyes to see ears to hear a heart to beat and a mind to think and a lot of kids will like to give this one before you say well plants have feelings don’t have a nervous system they don’t have a nervous system without a nervous system they can’t feel pain and happiness the way that animals and humans can so the question is when did we learn this when did we learn that animals have feelings hopefully this isn’t the first day that you learn this right when you younger right and how do you learn it maybe you had a cat or dog all you have to do is go outside and just experience any of the animals outside and they run from you it means they’re scared if they come up to you probably have food or something they want it so we understand this through the experiences we have in fact think about the books that were read to you as a child songs you listen to and how about the movies now think about the movies we show to our kids what all these movies have in common were they about what kind of animals farmed animals even fish are being farmed you have pigs chickens cows and fish these are all the animals we eat what’s the common theme in these movies they’re running feathers being saved no animal wants to die no animal wants to be dinner on your plate you know we root for these animals you take even the biggest pork eater in the world he’s he’s ruining for Wilbert nobody wants to see well been made into bacon at the end of that film chicken run you know we root for the chickens now I guarantee there are thousand people’s you know watching chicken run go chickens go well you need a KFC bucket of chicken wings because I’m not making that connection babe how many kids watch the movie babe fall in love with babe and then go home and a fed babe unknowingly by their parents so we’re teaching kids to love these animals but eat them too and this is the closest thing you’ll come to see their reality in the matrix in this story we’ve told ourselves and most of the times and unfortunately the closest thing will come to is in cartoon form in ways it by Pixar and Disney nonetheless but today we step outside the matrix and generally speaking when I go into a high school classroom I shall meet your meet if you haven’t seen this video if you still are eating meat dairy eggs fish take a look at a meat door again be 18 org and you can see the conditions that these animals live in now I’m not going to show you that it’s it’s a every time I show two adults they just leave he’ll come back so I’m going to show you a three-minute video again by the the same people that put on the first video Farm Sanctuary it’s three minutes if you don’t want to watch it you don’t have to but this is where 90 to 95% of the meat dairy and eggs and we’re consuming the United States are coming from and any really if you have a problem watching it but you don’t have a problem eating it you know why the disconnect there but this isn’t just about animal rights this is also a health issue and that’s the second part of the presentation we’ll we’ll talk about after the video the question is do these animals look healthy to the conditions they’re living in look healthy because if the animals don’t look healthy to you why would you want to put a sick animal into your body one last thing before I show the video a lot of people said what about what about you know milk that doesn’t seem to be any harm in raising cows for milk notice the very first scene in this video of the dairy cows and you’re going to actually see a cow giving birth and notice what happens to her calf and notice her response if I could talk to animals that are being confined in and abused now in factory farms I would say I’m sorry for what we’re doing to you I wish it wasn’t this way and I’m doing everything I know to stop it and hopefully we will be able to stop it there’s not really a whole lot of good you can say I mean you just gotta just got a hope that it can stop and hope that people will recognize the harm we’re causing and we’ll choose a different way meat milk and eggs come from real animals they don’t just come from the grocery store and these animals desire to live and they want to be free of pain and suffering and fear and on today’s farms these animals only no fear in pain at human hands they never know human kindness they never know mercy and when people buy these products they are unwittingly supporting that type of cruelty in that type of callousness the workers they have to lose part of their heart you know they have to lose they have to shut their eyes to certain aspects of what they’re doing can you imagine what it would be like to cut the throats of animals for eight hours a day it’s a bloody violent job and nobody should have to do it I don’t know what it means that you know we can participate in such cruelty without paying attention to it without caring about it without wanting to do different citizens want to assume that animals will be treated humanely that there are laws on the books to prevent cruelty and people are usually surprised to learn there aren’t if people looked at what was happening they’d be appalled most people would not support the type of abuse that has become common on factory farms the common response is why is this happening there’s a very simple explanation for why it why it does happen if you were to walk outside right now if you walk down us one and walk further down let’s say you came to a restaurant that just opened up right they were serving cats and dogs that was their main item on the menu how many of you would be out there right now protesting guarantee before the day would be over you would have that place shut down right walk down the street few blocks down you’ll come to a steak house I don’t see anybody protesting I don’t see that place being shut down why because because we’ve been taught to perceive this animal to be different from this animal and veganism is simply changing your perception that’s it that’s all it is you just change your perception we don’t have to participate in this this is not necessary a lot of people will say to me what about you know if we just created better conditions what I’m saying to you is it’s not necessary to kill an animal you don’t have to kill animals we don’t have to drink their milk enough to eat their eggs it’s just not necessary I mean people talk about humane slaughter how do you how do you slaughter something humanely and then said like when you rub their belly give them some milk and cookies and you chop their head off if I did that to one of you would everybody like well at least he died humanely he can’t do anything violent he mainly I mean if I were to actually mainly rob you humanely rape you what is what is humane theft look like is that where I come up to you and say need you to do me a favor I need you to come up here and take your wallet put it on the table right here take all the credit cards cash everything put it on the table right there pretty please with a cherry on top would that be humane theft we would everybody be like hey if I’m going to get robbed I want him to do it he’s pretty nice about it of course nobody wants to be robbed nobody wants to be killed nobody wants to be raped it’s not necessary to think about it this way how many of you do not do not own a fur coat raise your head if you don’t don’t own a fur coat yeah so I thought why why don’t you in fur coat because it’s cruel and unnecessary because it’s cruel and unnecessary what about if I said to you know what we’re going to take some mix sorry we’re gonna raise them for you no fur coat we’re going to make we’re gonna raise them but we’re gonna we’re gonna you know give them a lot of room we’re going to cage free free range organic food they’re going to do they’re going to live like kings and queens until we kill them of course you know after after a few few weeks a few months you know they won’t live to their natural age but we’re going to create humane fur would that be acceptable when you go out and buy a fur coat no because it’s not necessary a fur coat is not necessary especially here in Florida but it’s not necessary anywhere you don’t need a fur coat to survive you don’t need the animals to survive it’s not necessary it’s just sugar coating something humane slaughter so let’s take a look at what we are participating in this is a battery cage all right literally the size of a milk crate just like this you take four to six hands you put them in a crate this size and you burn their beaks off why because in these conditions they become aggressive you know be like if I took everybody in the first and second row put you in that corner and sealed it off kept you there for you know 48 hours straight guarantee you’re not going to remain friends for that long you want more space so they’re denied the ability to do what’s natural to them spread their wings forage so how does the under seat industry solve this problem cage free free range and that sounds pretty good who in this room doesn’t want to live free right this is a cage free farm in Virginia it’s just a label it’s just the label it makes us feel better about what we’re participating in but it means absolutely nothing to the animal cage free simply means you can take five hundred hens and put them in this room according to the industry that is cage free question is what is your definition of freedom does this apply now even on the you know old MacDonald’s farm that we all have stuck in our head even if you find that magical farm and good luck finding it doesn’t matter because all male chicks born in the egg industry thrown out literally why seems kind of wasteful why threw out the male chicks they don’t fit into the equation they’ll serve any purpose to the industry so we cage them we D beat them we still catch them call call it freedom though we can still debeak them in these conditions and we throw out all the mail tricks whether it’s cage free free range organic what’s in the wrong way all so that we could have this well might as well get to know what it is was an egg a lot of people think it’s a baby chick it’s not a baby chick a lot of people think it’s a fetus it’s not a fetus not an embryo just good I mean I don’t know why anybody want to eat a fetus or an embryo in the first place so what is it well it’s an unfertilized egg that doesn’t sound that bad at all all right well once a month that every woman in this room or maybe not everyone in this room sheds or at some point sheds an unfertilized egg what is that called congratulations meeting a hen period it’s the menstruation cycle discharge of a hen I’m not gonna eat a woman’s period just like why should I have a hen period there’s no need to eat any period from any living being it’s disgusting and you know we should call it what it is I mean if we were just you know at the when we were young when we were kids and you know our parents at hey you want some scrambled hen periods for breakfast then I’ll pass you know it’s like honey what is honey yeah it’s vomit it’s regurgitate throw up they throw up for themselves they take the nectar they digest it and they throw up it’s for their own cells they’re not producing it for us we call it honey because who in their right mind we want to buy a product called bee vomit and you know you put vomit next to any any product in the supermarket I guarantee it’s not going to sell let’s take a business aspect to realize that all right what about milk well even your happy cows in California hooked up the machines this is this is the way it is all right now when does a cow start producing milk during during pregnancy starts lactating during pregnancy right that’s why I’ve been to a lot of schools and I’ll get even high school teachers who will say huh I didn’t know that I just thought there was this magical cow that just produced milk okay all ho mammals produce milk when they’re pregnant and how does she become pregnant ah like we like to think they get to have sex right at the very least they get the pleasure of sex but there’s no sex in the farm the farmer is not going to wait for a cow on a bull to get it on he’s not going to set the mood like some candles put on Barry White is the business he’s running a business you know and the business is not in the welfare of the animals and producing a profit so how do you get a cow pregnant without a bull artificially inseminate them if you know artificially inseminate a woman without a consent won’t that be called I am NOT saying a woman is a cow but I am saying rape is rape I mean just look up the definition of rape exert in your power over another sexually so what’s your definition of another does that only apply to women how about men how about other beings well now she’s pregnant she gives birth what happens to her baby all male calves born in the dairy industry like the if you were here in the beginning the saving Billy all male calves born in the dairy industry are immediately taken away from their mother chained by the neck to a crate deprived of the mother’s milk fed an inefficient diet so that the body become anemic so lack of iron they will never be able to turn around will never see the light of day every glass of milk supports this industry and some people say well veal is the cruelest industry or foie-gras where they shove a pipe down a duck’s throat cruelest industry how do you how do you put pain in some kind of like okay well it’s pretty bad right here but it’s not so bad here pain is pain suffering is suffering don’t categorize it this is all suffering for these animals why do they do that to the male calves just like the male chicks they don’t fit into the equation they don’t produce the milk if you’re drinking cow’s milk the only reason is because a calf chained to a box isn’t now what about the female calves they too will be taken away from the mother why why would why would the female calf that will grow up to be like her mother which is a constant of impregnation birth and milking why would she be taken away from the mother right and we want the milk how do you think it makes a cow feel to have her baby to run away from her anybody was a parent how would you feel if you had your baby to run away from you all milk whether it’s organic meaning they don’t put in you know the hormones and the pesticides doesn’t matter all milk is stress milk it’s not something you pasteurize out of the milk it’s part of it it’s part of the it’s like it’s part of the meat part of the part of the cheese it’s part of what you’re drinking it’s stress now biologically speaking who was a cow producing milk for biologically speaking the baby not for us just like you know when your mom was pregnant with you who she producing milk for it was for you it wasn’t your daddy it wasn’t the neighbor it wasn’t the dog or the cat it was for you all mammals produce milk for their young where do all these animals get their milk from when do they stop consuming milk we’re the only species on this planet to take the milk from another animal and we’re their only species on this planet to continue drinking milk after infancy if you really don’t think it’s that weird then people like people say well you don’t you don’t eat cheese she’s just spoiled milk you don’t need you don’t need cheese you don’t drink cow’s milk that’s that’s extreme that’s crazy is it really that extreme to not take the milk from another animal I mean and if you don’t think it’s that extreme if I brought a pregnant woman into the room right now how many of you would want to drink your milk you’re not you’re not you’re not a baby it is extreme now if cow’s milk is meant for a calf if cow’s milk is biologically meant for a calf why would it be necessary for humans to drink it’s not cow’s milk is no more necessary than drinking dog milk chip milk pig milk or elephant milk the only milk you need was from your mother when you were a baby you’re not a baby anymore you’re not a cow you’re not a calf well what about if I said to you you know you’re walking in Publix Whole Foods winn-dixie maybe we’re in Dixie more likely and you come across not cow milk but chimpanzee milk that’s that’s why I said winn-dixie fentanyl fancy travellingtans I just I don’t I can’t picture well I don’t know maybe whole food but um alright so chimpanzee milk right how many of you would buy it probably not that’s disgusting why would it be disgusting to take the milk from one animal but not the disgusting to take the milk from another animal in fact if you’re drinking cow’s milk and you find chimpanzee no guide say make the switch it makes more sense why would it make more sense to take the milk of a chimpanzee hey look if you’re going to take the milk from any animal wouldn’t you want to take the milk from an animal that shares 98% of our DNA 99% I mean doesn’t that seem to be the logical conclusion I choose you that would seem the logical conclusion what about your dog if your dog was pregnant right now and i said i’ll pasteurize your dog’s milk but you want to drink it that’s disgusting that’s absurd it is disgusting and absurd no more disgusting absurd than drinking cow’s milk though in fact if you have a dog it actually makes more sense to drink dog milk the cow milk why is that well how many of you have a large dog okay how much does your dog weigh 110 Wow okay no doubt we’re gonna dog there we go all right 110 pounds that’s pretty close to the human weight right under 10 pounds that seems to make sense this animal weighs 2,000 pounds why put a product meant for a 2000 pound animal into this and a baby doesn’t even know why all right a baby on average weighs 7 pounds at birth I really don’t know where I’m supposed to be pointing this it’s like a magical wand there we go um a calf weighs 90 pounds at birth at birth 90 pounds baby 7 pounds calf 90 pounds the calf will grow to 500 pounds in under a year in 9 months 410 pounds in under a year what makes them grow so large so fast the milk but of course they’re not getting the milk and if it’s not organic what are they getting hormones they’re getting steroids again that’s not something you pasteurize out of the milk and how do you keep animals healthy in these conditions you pump them up with antibiotics 70 percent of the antibiotics produced in the United States are fed to farm animals that’s not good that is not good you know you wonder why so many people are dying in the hospitals they get some infection and they take these antibiotics and they don’t work anymore so how do we how do we justify how do we actually justify putting a product meant for a 2000 pound animal they grow to 2,000 pounds in two years into this well the story once again the story justifies the action say it enough times you convince yourself it’s the truth every story has an author who is the author of this story right and what is the ultimate goal of the dairy industry I mean why would the dairy be in the dairy industry be some holier than thou company I mean if I said to you cigarettes it does a body good you probably say I work for the cigarette company right we none of us would believe that but I believe this and if you believe that milk does a body good why would 75 percent of the human population be lactose intolerant do you know that means that means three out of every four people in this planet when they drink milk they suffer one of these symptoms diarrhea stomach ache gassiness bloated ear infection excess mucus and that’s normal if you suffer from any of these symptoms stop drinking cow’s milk your body’s trying to talk to you your body’s saying look I can’t do it anymore stop listen to your body your body knows best of course the dairy industry will come up with a new product called what lactate they just they just they just put they put the enzyme you see the reason why most people are lactose intolerant is because all mammals and human beings are mammals have an enzyme known as lactase put an A right there that enzyme breaks down the sugar known as lactose as we mature we lose that enzyme so it’s normal to be lactose intolerant but of course the dairy industry starts injecting the enzyme into it that’s not normal that’s not natural and again you’re going against what your body is telling you you know the dairy industry says listen to us we know better than your body they don’t your body knows best you are your best doctor but it must be good for kids though right I mean cuz every school I’ve been into elementary middle and high school is all one product being served what product is that no but what’s the number one cause of food allergies among and children everyone take a wild guess no alright so if most people on this planet can’t consume milk and most people most children and infants are if they have an allergy it’s it’s from milk cows milk and not not peanuts but cow’s milk why again are we drinking this what what have we been told drink milk gets strong bones does a body good what does about it good calcium does a body good the question is is this the best source of calcium let’s find out countries that consume the most milk what countries drink the most milk I go into classrooms and you get kids in like Florida all right Norway would be on this list as well what is osteoporosis it’s a loss of bone density it’s literally weak bones remember you’ve been taught drink cow’s milk get strong bones what countries have the highest rate of osteoporosis all right well neither is just a random coincidence or there’s more to it the more to it is this any product that comes from an animal has animal protein that makes sense animal product animal protein well that animal protein you knows protein is the amino acids the building blocks of protein those amino acids which are good unfortunately though they’re high in sulfur so you want amino acids but the problem with animal protein is that those amino acids are high in sulfur when you put that in your body your body becomes acidic you’re making your body acidic and your body’s not meant to be acidic it’s meant to be alkaline right the pH balance is going lower than what it should be so how does your body compensate well they have to neutralize the acidity so what do they do they start releasing calcium from the bones so the more cow’s milk you drink according to these statistics the weaker your bones can actually become the more animal protein you eat the weaker your bones can actually become in fact if you look at countries in Africa and Asia they don’t suffer from very high rates of osteoporosis they also don’t drink very much cow’s milk if none at all and they also don’t eat as much animal protein now kids will say yeah but wait a second what do I put on my cereal table himself right it’s because this information isn’t it’s out there but people aren’t being taught it and this is you know this is basically the alternative perspective and you know you can do your own research and find out if what I’m saying is valid or not but I mean you can go with these alternative milks and a lot of people out fake meats and fake milks no they’re not fake they’re real all right these are real products and they come from plants you have the soy milk the almond milk rice milk coconut milk oat milk you can do hemp milk high in protein so these are alternatives that you can do I know you’ve all heard of a taste test right let’s do a health test all right so here we have the milk that comes from an animal and here we have the milk that comes from a plant a soybean all right there is a hundred and fifty milligrams of calcium per half a glass in your cow’s milk how many do you think is in your soy milk it’s the same 150 it’s exact same and a half glass all right so what’s the difference well this comes from an animal and once again an animal protein can leach calcium out of the bones and all animal products meat dairy eggs fish is high in cholesterol it has cholesterol and your body naturally makes cholesterol you don’t need to put any more Klesko in your body so this has cholesterol this does it all plant products don’t have any cholesterol and all plant products everything you see up here of everything you see over there on the table fruits vegetables rice beans has fiber has fiber so plants have fiber in your cholesterol animal products no fiber and high in cholesterol so let again let’s do a health test high in cholesterol no fiber high in fiber no cholesterol which one do you think is the safer choice I rest my case all right but you don’t have to do this I mean human beings don’t really need to drink anything besides water and that’s really all we need to be drinking and you can have your orange juice and your apple juice but we just need water now again this is for this cereal but you can get all your calcium from plants I mean you think about what is the largest and strongest land animal on earth an elephant weighs 10,000 pounds you know what is diet consists of right that’s it no if he’s eating spinach but it’s his plants it’s plants you’re gonna tell now ephant daddy you know his bones look a little weak he needs to be drinking the milk of a cow you get all your calcium from this now a lot of people say to me ah man but you know what I get it but then I I love my cheese I can’t give up cheese look I tell people this if you’re going to give up any product give up dairy there is the worst I mean the greatest trick ever pulled was convincing people they need to drink milk dairy is the worst in terms of the cruelty inflicted upon the animals they suffer for a longer period of time and it’s just completely unnatural and unhealthy is unhealthy and there’s a reason why people love their cheese and their milk it’s meant to be addictive I mean just think about you know it might be hard I can’t remember but you know when we were younger most likely we were nursing from our mother right from her milk it has to be addictive the child wants that has to want to have more why because this is the greatest growth spurt in their life this is the greatest growth spurt that you ever had when you were baby drinking your mother’s milk same for all their animals and as we get older our parents including the animal parents wean their children off of it so you’re supposed to you’re supposed to desire it you’re supposed to want it and then you get weaned off of it they’re selling a product it’s addictive it’s addictive it has a chemical called casein morphine when you digest it that chemical is released okay so morphine morphine it makes you giddy it makes you want more it makes your brain think eat more eat more your body is saying I can’t I can’t digest it properly so you are addicted the first step to what a recovery is to acknowledge it 68% of all disease in the United States are diary related is a government statistic what that means is that you know especially when I talk to a high school class where my audience is you know 99 percent eating meat dairy and eggs if you don’t change your food choices you might become part of the statistic I mean it’s what three out of every five people this is a government statistic in fact what are the leading causes of death in the United States what are the top three cancer heart disease strokes diabetes number six all right every forty seconds somebody suffers a stroke in the United States that’s the American Stroke Association the American Heart Association says that every 24 seconds somebody suffers a heart attack in the United States and the Institute for cancer research says that every day 3400 people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer at 3,400 a new people how many people in this room know somebody or knew somebody who has or had cancer raise your hand take a look around shoot this is know we find it a little disturbing I mean we might be living longer but we’re living longer with diseases that haven’t been around that that that they’re more rampant than they ever have been in fact I’ve been reading that they say that the children today the young generation today will die at a younger age than their parents meaning that you know if your parents live in 275 they might die at 70 and we’re just going down how is that possible in fact is the 68% coming from the image on the right or the left I mean you ever heard of somebody suffering a heart attack because ate too many fruits and vegetables it’s not heard of a key to a healthy diet is a variety of foods in a variety of colors how much variety do you really sit in fact why why is this causing most of the death and disease because despite what we’ve been told despite what we’ve been taught we look nothing like omnivores biologically speaking we don’t look anything like carnivores we look identical biologically speaking to our brother from another mother we look like gorillas we look like the great apes we look like the horses the cows the giraffes the elephants the Zebras how so our teeth not my teeth with canines I love what people say what about our canines really you really think they’re very shot I mean if I if we had like shot canines like our cats and dogs and if you really think you have canine teeth or Schaaf take a look at your cat or dog I mean would we be using knives and forks if we had these right we have more teeth why we chew our food you know tonight when you’re feeding your cat or dog notice what they do Limited chewing mostly swallowing our jaw goes like this we grind our food their jaw opens up wide in fact if you want to know what humane slaughter looks like here it is look at the animal kingdom the fastest land animal is the cheetah go 70 miles per hour now a tiger can go about I think it’s about 3540 miles per hour is pretty quick now you have the deer the antelope the gazelle not as fast right so you have carnivores tiger cheetah Jaguar and then you have the deer antelope and the gazelle so herbivores carnivores now the carnivores are quicker but what’s what’s the difference here we got on the right side all right I guess it would be your left side the carnivores are all the track and field stars quick sprint add a breath they don’t have very much endurance on the left side or again the right side for you this would be the herbivores which don’t have as much speed but have more endurance endurance they are the cross-country runners so what we like to assume or maybe not we don’t like to assume but logic would say okay that the faster animal would always get his prey but that’s not the case it’s not the case because you have track and field versus cross-country so that means that the tiger is only successful in the hunt 20% of the time that means eight out of every ten deer will escape the slaughter so what kind of deer will the tiger be able to capture the sick the weak the injured the lost the old the young this animal weeds out the weak we’re not doing anything like that in fact if we were meant to be on top of the food chain don’t you think we would have some claws to rip through flesh and if I brought a pig into the room and asked you to kill the pig with your claws pig would probably enjoy it more than anything else and this is perhaps most important your intestines and cymbal with my representative small intestines large intestines also known as the colon small and large now your intestines combine large and small make up 10 times your body size your body being your mouth to your anus which is about 3 feet and then by that by 10 and you have 30 feet of intestines in your stomach and it’s you know from this wall through that door 30 feet of intestines in your stomach carnivores omnivores it’s about 3 to 6 times their body length so let’s say that Simba it’d be about you know anywhere from 15 to 20 feet 30 feet 15 feet whose food gets traveled out quicker Simba’s which is good because you can call it bacon as much as you want but once it’s in your body it’s no longer bacon it’s decomposing flesh it’s bacteria and it builds up and they have by the way ten times the amount of hydrochloric acid to break it down so we don’t even have the pH balance of the enzymes that break it down properly so what happens it leads to clogged arteries which leads to heart disease heart attack strokes diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol and obesity you ever heard of a tiger suffering from high blood pressure high cholesterol strokes obesity you know why these animals don’t suffer from these diseases because they eat what’s natural to their Anatomy when it comes to diet we have the dumbest species on this planet one of these two things have in common mercury in fact there’s a warning label there’s a warning label on fish I don’t know if you ever seen it you know what it says certain people should consume it men and women pregnant women all right hopefully it’s not pregnant man all right pregnant nursing women women who may become pregnant young children should not the following fish including tuna because nearly all fish and seafood contain some amount of mercury chemicals known to cause cancer birth defects and reproductive harm what else does the government tell women not to consume when they’re pregnant alcohol cigarettes drugs so basically government say hey look if you think about becoming pregnant lay off the drugs for a little bit and stop eating fish if we can do that much harm to a woman why would anybody want to consume it and I mean do I really need to you know say at this point do any one of us want to touch any food that comes from the seat mmm all you gotta do is turn on the news open up a newspaper what do you see oil spill why why would you want to put this I mean here’s how it works you take you take a small fish in the Gulf right now right very very small fish that small fish is inevitably going to swallow some oil it’s going to swim further out maybe miles away from from the spill and we’ll get by a larger fish and then that larger fish is now contaminated and will swim out even further and that larger fish will then get eaten by even a larger fish now that even larger fish is contaminated with oil and then we catch that even larger fish and then we eat it cooking the animal is not going to get rid of the oil it becomes part of the meat so why do we consume it though why do we consume you know this this this flesh of an animal what you’ve been told you need to eat meat to get protein protein all right but how many grams of protein are we supposed to get anybody know okay in terms of grams per day it’d be about World Health Organization says forty to fifty about that forty would be for the average female don’t man would be for the average male don’t but it’s funny how we don’t tell that to kids I mean I only learned this recently myself too I mean you know going through my whole life and never really bothering to find out and nobody ever bothered to tell me it’s like you know saying here have the keys to my car go you know pick up some stuff from me go get my groceries but I didn’t teach you how to drive the car teaching kids you gotta eat it but not teaching him how or how much now again let me show you how easy it is to get protein all right especially here in the United States all right your standard American diet for breakfast you got your bacon you got your cow’s milk and you got your hen periods all right how many slices how many slices of bacon what you want now I know you might not eat bacon now but how many slices do you remember as a kid maybe maybe two okay each slice has 5 grams two times five all right how many eggs would you want to each egg has six grams so what do we got twelve plus ten 22 how many glass of milk one glass each glass is eight grams so you are at what 30 you’re not even done with breakfast that’s not including the toast with cow butter you might put on it so you’re not even done with breakfast and you’re almost at the limit the average American does not need to worry about getting enough protein they need to worry about getting too much protein that’s why the United States has the highest rates of obesity in the entire world all right I mean people all the time say change well you don’t need me where do you get your protein from like all of a sudden like holy like it’s all wasn’t dawned on me like I have been without protein for the last eight years go to McDonald’s get a Big Mac huh like I’m about to fall down or something or pass out have you ever heard of somebody in the United States suffering from a lack of protein and going to the hospital it’s unheard of yeah it’s funny even dealing with kids you know I have a kid say you know I tried to go vegan for a day and I got really sick so what it’s like it’s like it’s like you know like people they all I know somebody who was vegan it was sick really I know tons of meat eaters were sick I mean like yeah you can be an unhealthy vegan what I’m telling you is it doesn’t matter if you’re eating meat dairy eggs fish or you’re eating a plant-based that you should know what you’re putting in your body you should know how how many grams of protein you’re getting you knows you know the amount of iron calcium that you’re getting and by the way people say omega-3 from fish you can get that from you know the seeds the nuts you can get that from other things flax seeds is a very good example think about this these are the largest and strongest land animals on earth what is their diet consists of plants you’re in good company if you’re only in plants and what’s full what’s so ironic about this is that the large and strongest land animals not only do they not just just eat a plant-based diet they also live the longest I mean this animal can live to 70 years they can live to about 50 to 60 years the gorillas about 50 years in the wild and their diet consists of nothing but plants you’re gonna tell any of them they’re missing out in protein I mean this animal has 10 times the upper-body strength of the average male adult and where is he getting all his protein from from this his diet consists of roots shoots bamboo and banana he’s getting all his calcium all his iron all his vitamins all his minerals the amino acids from this you get everything everything here’s a new food pyramid right it’s two things your body is like a machine okay think of your body as a machine you have to put the proper fuels in it to get it to work properly if you don’t put the proper fuels it ain’t going to work and if you put fuels that aren’t as good quality of the others that will lead to heart disease cancers strokes diabetes obesity high blood pressure high cholesterol it’s like if you take a Porsche and you fill it up with diesel what happens you just you just screwed the car up right and I guarantee what are people going to say to you when you say heaven I I put diesel in my car today you know what they’re gonna say to you I guarantee it is it is wrong with you no offense when somebody puts a hamburger in their mouth nobody say what the is wrong stop stop all right you get everything all right I know I said pick up your body is machine now think of your body as a house I love I love analogies think of your body as a house right to build a house you got to start with a foundation you can’t start with the roof here’s the foundation this is the foundation this is where all that starts the fruits and vegetables key to a healthy diet variety of foods a variety of colors you get everything from this right and then you build your walls with legumes the beans and you got the whole grains the wheat the pasta the spaghetti the rice the breads and on top your roof you got your nuts and seeds you can get everything from this everything all your vitamins a b c vitamin D from the Sun you get all your calcium all your iron your omega-3 all your protein the amino acids everything from this everything now I know I’m a skinny white dude with glasses telling you get enough protein but these guys aren’t skinny only one of them’s white so as you can see these guys their diet consists of no meat no dairy no eggs no fish there might be some variations that you know Tony Gonzalez he might be eating fish you know I don’t don’t hold me to it but I know Prince Fielder who is your 2009 homerun King Home Run Derby king no meat no dairy yet no eggs no fish mac danzig who fights in the Ultimate Fighter hit season one champion UFC fighter no meat no dairy no eggs no fish so you can still excel at you know your sports you can still gain muscle mass on a plant-based diet again just remember the gorillas so what do they eat instead of dairy you know everything everything you know a meat-eater a dairy eater I eat I eat as well it just comes in plant form no cruelty involved no hot you know no cholesterol high in fiber and these are all the processed food this is the transition food this is where you go when you go from eating meat you know and you make that switch instead of poultry get it beef garden burger veggie burger right here what you see up here this is one of the best items on the market again not like the healthiest food in the world but certainly better than your meat this is called the riblets now you know I want you to try it you haven’t tried this go to Publix Whole Foods you can get all this food at Publix and Whole Foods it’s really amazing if you if you try it out on you know your family you know tell them it’s meat you know I’d love to see the response they give it really is good stuff and remember all meat dairy and egg products go through a process all right it doesn’t just magically form in this case the process involves killing cooking pasteurization refrigeration freezing and we cannot forget the all-important seasoning I mean I remember going to McDonald’s as a child and I didn’t just get a slab of meat you know its slab of meat had herbs and spices put into it was put on a grill cooked and then it came to me with a bun lettuce tomatoes ketchup mustard and onions and a pickle what all those things made out of plants we put condiment spice and herbs on the meat to make it taste better in fact what would meat be without plants just be a dead animal be a carcass on your plate would be no different from roadkill so the word of the day is vegan and the vegan is somebody who chooses not to eat any meat dairy eggs or fish and again how is this extreme how is it extreme not to be drinking the milk of any other species how is it extreme not to be eating hen periods how is it extreme to not be participating in a system that unnecessarily kills animals a lot of kids say man think even after all this they’re still like what do I eat as a vegan now all these products are vegan there’s no meat no dairy no eggs but this is all crap this is unhealthy this the junk food vegan and you know kids get all excited all right I’m going vegan I just nothing it’s like god only knows what the town the fans um you know if your die consists of nothing but Oreos skittles airheads fritos sour patch kids and big league chew you’re gonna die this is unhealthy I don’t know if kids hear that but you know all right I’m gonna live on a healthier note you know you have your spam with eggs I have my scrambled tofu pancakes you’ll have to use cow milk use soy milk oat milk rice milk almond milk coconut milk hemp milk fruits and vegetables spaghetti pasta refried beans even have vegan sour cream guacamole comes from the avocado the soy cheese rice cheese they even they’ll have this magical cheese I get to in a sec veggie burger veggie dog cupcakes you they have egg replacers we don’t have them up here so you can replace the eggs with bananas applesauce even you can use soy milk oat milk more flour water coconut milk ice cream one of the best ice creams in the world again not healthy but you know healthier than cow milk ice cream you know I’ve always said to people that if you can put a man or a woman on the moon how hard is it to make a cheese that doesn’t come from a cow or you know goat like how is it hard is it to make a vegan cheese well they heard me this is called Daiya cheese actually and it’s great thing is no soy no rice it’s actually made out of tapioca and arrowroot flour I know that’s not making your mouth water but man it is good here’s another example of waiting at your protein from this is a vegan sausage it’s about that big it’s the size of this remote and there’s four in a package each one of these has 29 grams of protein again the healthiest food you can eat is the whole foods I don’t mean the supermarket I mean the fruits the vegetables the rice the beans you know stuff that’s fresh that’s not processed I’m the last thing I do want to show you is another video there’s a happier video and this is the whole idea of change in perception I know I’m keeping your Jesus longer than you probably wanted but um it’s a really beautiful story and I hope you enjoy it you you you there she is beautiful girl she was tagged for slaughter and that would have been her face but she wanted to live and so she literally ran for her life and now she’ll live out her life is sanctuary it’s interesting how the public responds when one individual animal you know makes a run for her life they end up making headlines on national news people’s hearts go out to this one individual animal the cruelty that that happens to farm animals is largely hidden you know behind factory farm walls and people aren’t aware of it when you look in her eyes you know everyone wants the best for her once they get to know her and when people are able to identify with an individual and look her in the eye and see that she’s a living feeling being who has a will to live then people care I’ve been working here with Animal Care and Control for almost nine years this morning was really astonishing to me all of a sudden it dawned on me the sweet innocent cow running away from being slaughtered and I never even thought about it before that something is actually being slaughtered and it’s my ground beef and it’s my tongue and stuff like that and we’ve been eating there some years I never pictured that face on that yeah and it hurt I can’t do that so now we won’t work on not eating me me and my entire family cuz I’m realizing that the Select had saved today and when my family will be saving a couple of more banks she’ll take she’s about a year old absolutely beautiful Hereford and those unfortunately are cows of the years for me she’s most likely at a live market and because they have very strong will to live like any living creature she godless she had a will to live and she did it where she’s going now she’s gonna have like cows of her own greedy she’s gonna be so happy when the trailer arrives gets the cows in the herd remove yeah they may will move in a big line everybody lines up they will start moving to comfort her and to tell her that they’re there and she will move out and look at any animal any creature has a strong will to live she’s an ambassador for all animals who are still suffering and and if you don’t don’t have such a such a lucky all people love a happy ending and it’s happy I see that like 100 times I still get goosebumps it’s simple you know it’s unnecessary it doesn’t have to be this way you change your perception you change the story that’s all it is it’s just the changing of the story and we can’t wait for other people to do it we have to do it ourselves every animal wants to live every animal wants to live and no animal wants to experience pain if you guys want more information you can always email me at James at arc dot org you can visit our website for all this information a RFS org we’re giving these presentations throughout the year this is obviously every last sunday of the month I give these presentations here at sublime 5:30 6:30 I know we’re gone over but also we go to juvenile detention centers we go to high schools we do other many different presentations on different subjects as well right now I’m spending most of my time in camps it’s been very nice not to have to say if you can hear my voice clap once don’t put that in your mouth or your ear so yeah if you want more information about what we do all these presentations are free they’re all free we give them free so if you’re interested in having a presentation at your your school if you’re a teacher at some community event that you might be running we do everything you know it doesn’t matter what it is you know birthday party Bar Mitzvah magnets for circumcision maybe not the second city all right also I do want to say there is there’s a lot of information out there we have starter kits we have why vegans to talk about the ethical aspect of veganism there’s also again more information on the animal rights foundation this is a card this has a list of all the veg friendly restaurants in South Florida miami-dade Broward and Palm Beach counties definitely take one of these it’s all out there on the table this is my card as well if you have any questions you can come see me if you did not print out the email if you work on the sublime list and you want $10 off tonight it’s only for the table so yeah I apologize for that base for the table so not everybody at the table gets is just or maybe no you know what I’m wrong I’m totally wrong its foot two so it’s it’s if you have a group of four people you get two of these and thank you guys for listening I hope you enjoyed it


Vegan Communication: How to either Damage or Empower the Vegan Movement – Melanie Joy

We need to stop reproducing the toxic perfectionism and the toxic communication of the dominant culture veganism was established you know in order to offset these toxic attitudes and behaviors that are normal in the dominant culture and we can do better thank you how are you I know it’s amazing to be here in a sea of vegans a roomful a large room completely packed with people working to make the world a better place for animals nothing inspires me more so thank you so much and I love having the opportunity to stand up in front of a group of vegans who are often so committed and working so hard to make the world a better place for animals and being able to share good news like how the vegan movement is growing exponentially all over the world which it is the movement is growing all over the world and that’s amazing today I’m actually going to talk about something else that’s growing and it’s growing within the vegan movement and this is a virus of sorts it is a virus that is contagious it is debilitating and it can be potentially even deadly but in this there is also good news because when we recognize this virus then we with awareness of this virus then we’re in a position to prevent it from spreading to reverse its course and ultimately to heal our movement and the virus I’m talking about today is toxic communication among vegans now before I talk about toxic communication and define it what exactly it is I’m going to just show you a few examples can you see this to read yourselves is it people in the back large enough on the screen okay I had a lot of examples to choose from unfortunately and just chose four of them to give you a sense of some of the problems we talking about today and I’m just curious before moving on how many of you have witnessed toxic communication this is vegan TV okay I didn’t even finish the question and all the hands went up like so you know what I’m talking about and this is a really serious problem in the moment in the movement there are countless vegans who have been the target of toxic communication myself included I have in fact talked to vegan after Ving and after vegan some of them who are brilliant leaders brilliant organizational leaders who have shared with me these deeply painful stories of how they were targets of toxic communication some of them actually felt like they couldn’t even continue in their careers as vegans and in fact in my experience and in my observation more vegans or at least a lot of vegans end up leaving the movement not because they can’t stand the width they can’t withstand the pressure of the dominant karna stick culture but because of this sense of betrayal and demoralisation that they feel when they’re attacked by their own people by other vegans how many of you can relate to this or have seen this before felt this yourself this feeling of being betrayed by the people who are supposed to understand the most so this is a serious problem and I’m going to talk now first for a few minutes about what exactly I mean when I refer to toxic communication no toxic communication is any communication that violates our integrity and harms the dignity of others and I’m going to define this for you so integrity is the integration of core moral values such as compassion and justice and practices it’s practicing what we preach we violate our integrity whenever we can eunuch eight in a way that doesn’t reflect compassion and justice makes sense dignity is one sense of intrinsic worth we feel a sense of dignity when we feel that we are fundamentally worthy as beings on this planet when we feel like we’re not less than or less worthy honor on a basic fundamental level than others so we violate another’s dignity whenever we communicate that they are somehow less than particularly when we shame them so when we shame so many we are communicating that they are less worthy than shame is an incredibly toxic emotion in fact it is arguably one of the most if not the most damaging and destructive of all human emotion so I want to talk briefly about this emotion for a minute and I want to start out by differentiating shame and guilt very often people use these terms interchangeably but there is a difference between them does anybody here know what the difference is you want to shout it out what is it what is guilt what’s the definition of guilt so maybe guilt is what you feel and shame is what you think others think about you well it can be that way but that’s not exactly the definition anybody else want to give it a go guilt comes from inside shame comes from outside but we can shame ourselves and other people can cause us to feel guilty actually so the difference is that guilt is how we feel about our behaviors right we feel guilty when we think to ourselves I did something bad shame is how we feel about what exactly ourselves we feel ashamed when we think I am bad so shame is the feeling of being less than and more specifically it’s the shame of being less worthy than and as I said it is one of the dis disruptive and destructive of all human emotions most of us carry around a great deal of shame already because we’ve been born into a deeply dysfunctional profoundly non-relational screwed-up world that shames us on an ongoing basis we have not learned how to relate to one another in a basically compassionate healthy and relational way and so a lot of our communication a lot of our interactions are shaming most of us carry around a lot of shame and most of us understandably are deeply defended against feeling further shame we protect ourselves from being further shamed in a variety of ways and we hide our shame from others and also from ourselves we bury our shame underneath our many successes we hide it within being the best activists the best employee the most beautiful person we can be etc etc we work on hiding our shame from others and ourselves we pretend that we’re not ashamed be cut to ourselves because many of us have learned to feel ashamed of being ashamed I often say that one of the best ways to get somebody to do the opposite of what you want them to do is to shame them shamed people are not people who are thinking about taking Pro or feel capable of taking positive action on behalf of others or themselves or themselves shamed people ourself are in defense mode they are working to prevent being further shamed they wrap themselves in the emotional armor to keep themselves safe shamed people typically withdraw or attack in self-defense so we have this epidemic of shame and this epidemic of shame shaming behaviors and this epidemic of hiding our shame from ourselves and yet many of us continue to use shame believing that it’s actually going to motivate people to change often the opposite is is more likely to happen when people feel shamed studies have shown when people feel that their dig is not being honored they become defensive they exhibit a stress response this means that they’re in kind of quasi fight-or-flight mode sometimes it’s strong sometimes it’s weaker what they do what people do when they’re in defensive mode is they become less rational they have less access to their rationality and they also become less empathic they’re not going to be empathically connected to somebody who’s shaming them and when you think about a lot of communication vegan communication what do you notice communicating to non vegans a lot of our tactics right are shaming and when we communicate with one another a lot of our communication is in fact shaming and this is not only unproductive but it’s deeply profoundly counterproductive shame is also contagious when we shame others we increase the likelihood that they will go out and shame others as well as a way of managing shame one way that people manage feeling less than is looking for others who they can make feel less than they are makes sense so shame is contagious and in fact toxic communication is contagious studies have shown for example that being exposed to just one incident of rude behavior like reading an insulting email can cause people to reproduce this these negative behaviors studies have also shown that for every hurtful interaction we have it takes at least five positive Owen’s to offset the harm done to our mood and the drain done to our energy so this is this is a one to five ratio that’s significant studies all have also shown that people automatically mimicked the facial expressions tone and postures of others as do spectators to the encounter so if somebody is behaving in a toxic way even the people who are on lookers will mimic these facial expressions and behaviors and when we see people making negative or hurtful expressions such as frowning or glaring we actually feel angry or worse ourselves so toxic communication which is the primary expression of toxic toxic communic behaviors is contagious now just imagine the impact of toxic communication when it’s expressed not just one to one but to hundreds or thousands of others as when somebody is on a stage or somebody is posting on Facebook and imagine the increase in this impact when that individual is in a position of leadership or authority so those of us who are in positions of leadership have a responsibility to use our influence to offset rather than reinforce this toxicity it is incredibly important that we are careful with what we are modeling and how we are communicating this toxic communication in our movement is creating an epidemic of suffering and it is doing tremendous harm and damage to vegans to vegan organizations and also to the vegan movement now there have been interesting studies done on toxic behaviors in the workplace and I’m going to share with you some of these findings there are more that I could share but I couldn’t fit them on the slide some of the costs of our toxic communication within a workplace setting so this could be easily extrapolated or applied to a vegan organization and of course to the vegan movement as a whole so these are just some of the results of toxic communication in a workplace setting and I’m not going to read them out you can just read them yourself is any of this familiar to you in some of your work your organization’s your groups your interactions and what’s interesting is that these problems are not only problems that are experienced by the direct recipient of toxic communication but the indirect victims which are the first or second hand witnesses to these toxic communications are also impacted in a similar way so the indirect victims are either people who are on lookers who are actually directly witnessing the interaction or people who somebody who’s been hurt tells later at the end of the day so if you experience this for example with your you know volunteer group and you go home and you tell your partner about it then your partner can also be impacted in a negative way from hearing this studies have also found that just one person who engages in toxic behaviors in a group reduces the group’s performance performance by between thirty and forty percent just think about that number for a moment in a movement that needs all of the energy and all of the resources it can get to address this massive massive global problem of animal harm and suffering studies have found researchers estimated that the financial costs alone of a toxic workplace and a toxic workplace they looked at which they defined as having 15% of employees engaging in toxic interactions if you have a staff of a thousand and 15 percent of them engage in toxic interactions the cost is over two million dollars so let’s think about what some of these numbers might mean if we applied them to a vegan sorry a vegan organization in the vegan movement so let’s assume you know let’s say we’re talking about an organization of a hundred people the cost would be about two hundred thousand dollars in lost productivity let’s say we’re talking about an organization of ten people which is even more common in among vegan organizations the cost in lost productivity would be about twenty thousand dollars and let’s look at what this means in terms of harm to animals when we’re talking about an efficient vegan organization an efficient vegan organization is estimated to be able to spare one animal for every $1 spent so let’s look at the cost to the animals in an efficient vegan organization in an organization or an efficient vegan organization of ten people this is 20,000 animals who were not spared who could have been in a larger organization of a hundred people this would be two hundred thousand animals who were not spared whose lives might otherwise have been now even if these estimates are wildly off even if there are 80% higher than they should be this is twenty percent too many animals then most vegans would ever be comfortable with an imperfect but perhaps useful analogy is to think of farmed animals being in a sinking ship and their main hope of survival is a lifeboat that’s person to buy vegans every toxic communication is like shooting a hole in the bottom of the animals lifeboat this is a problem that we can’t afford to leave unaddressed now I’m gonna actually talk about how to address this what are some specific actions we can take but first I’m going to just briefly talk about what causes what has caused this epidemic of toxic interaction in the first place there are a lot of reasons I’m actually writing about those separately but I’m just going to name a few of the ones that I think are most important to be aware of right now one reason is because most communication today is online and it’s a lot easier to be mean to somebody if you’re not looking them in the eye and we know that so whenever possible a really simple step we can take is to communicate with a person face to face even if it’s a person we only know through Facebook we can ask them to meet us on video chat instead of having a battle that everybody can look on to I’m a battle of comments another reason is because the broader emotional and intellectual climate you know the intellectual and emotional climate of the broader culture has become toxic so toxic communications have become so normal as to be unremarkable I I am constantly surprised at how everyday communication which is so so often so shaming and so harmful is just not even noticeable to so many people so this is a problem that goes beyond the vegan movement of course and the third reason that I’ll mention today is because in many movements and particularly in the vegan movement there are high rates of traumatization we live in the midst of a global atrocity that is carnism a global atrocity is a mass traumatic event and when we are living in the midst of a mass traumatic event it is very difficult if not impossible to become at least somewhat traumatized by this traumatized by the reality of what’s happening in the world that we happen to be aware of and a lot of the graphic imagery that many of us have witnessed many of us in the movement have what’s referred to as stsd secondary traumatic stress disorder how many of you here have heard of stsd I’m just curious I give a talk on it a few years ago so maybe some of you are at that maybe some of you have how many of you know PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder okay so this is like what combat veterans experience sometimes stsd is exactly like PTSD except with one key difference does anyone know what that difference is exactly stsd impacts the witnesses to the violence rather than the direct victims of the violence so many vegans have stsd and I have a chapter in my new book beyond beliefs specifically about this it’s really important to get informed about it because when we are traumatized to a greater or lesser degree this has an impact on our perceptions our feelings and our behaviors and it is one of the drivers of some of the common toxic communication patterns we see in our movement for example we when we have stsd or even some level of traumatization we can develop what I refer to as a trauma narrative in other words we start to look at the world as though it’s one giant traumatic event with only three roles to be played either you’re a victim if you’re not a victim what are you a perpetrator or a hero and the witness is tricky because a witness can also be a victim or a here a perpetrator depending on how they or a hero depending on how they act so it’s victim perpetrator and hero and the more traumatized we get the more we start to view place everyone including ourselves into one of these roles and plays rigid boundaries in between them like you can’t be both you have to be one or the other and the stronger our emotional reaction are to them so we believe if you’re not a hero like if you’re not a hundred percent vegan a hundred percent of the time then you must be what a perpetrator so we we have this kind of like perfectionism that we’ve started to develop and this is in large part in my opinion because of the level of traumatization many of us have have experienced um when I talk to vegans about trauma and I do very often I talk about the problem of over witnessing the problem of like so many vegans who feel an obligation to continue to watch these graphic movies and to look at these graphic images can you relate to this a bit it’s a lot of vegans feel this way and many tight and these these graphic movies are like feeding the trauma if you already know what’s happening in the world you don’t need to keep watching these things they they can reinforce your traumatic response but many vegans say to me I’ve said to me well I feel guilty not watching I feel like you know if I compared to what the animals go through you know the least I can do is to bear witness to them to watch you know two minutes that they’re suffering the animals don’t need a movement of walking trauma survivors the animals need a movement of healthy self connected people who are able to be in this movement for the long haul and not eventually burn out and over witnessing witnessing more than necessary is one of the key contributors to burnout in the movement vegans often say that they’re afraid that if they stop witnessing if they stop watching these graphic videos then they’ll stop caring they’ll stop wanting to fight the good fight now I’ve never in my career seen that happen in fact I’ve seen the opposite more often where vegans become more moment motivated but they’re motivated not from a place of trauma but from a healthier place inside of themselves it can be helpful to think of your trauma as having a survival instinct as being like an entity a living being with a survival instinct that has taken up residence in your heart and in your mind and it wants to stay alive and the way it keeps itself alive is by convincing you to continue feeding it by continuing to take into more traumatic material so I suggest that you consider giving yourself position to let your trauma go and it might be uncomfortable but see what happens for you when you give yourself permission to let your trauma go you significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll engage in some of these toxic behaviors and communications that we’ve been talking about and you will have a more sustainable life as an activist and as a person now this combination of this toxic broader intellectual and emotional culture and you know online culture and secondary traumatic stress has led to a culture of this kind of moral perfectionism whereby we hold others and ourselves often to impossible standards like one unexamined statement or one selfish choice or statement you know suddenly make someone bad suddenly makes us the enemy we have no wiggle room to screw up we have no wiggle room to not be perfect and this is a very dangerous state for us to be in the movement the ethos today the ethos that’s like the broader backdrop of the vegan movement and beyond in the broader culture in some ways is one in which we not only tolerate but we also celebrate this moral perfectionism and toxic communication we have learned to rally around those who raise the battlecry of moral righteousness and elevate them put them on this pedestal and to believe that it’s alright to abuse others as long as we’re morally outraged when we’re doing it this is a very dangerous attitude for us to be embracing and research has research on anger and on perceptions of people who are angry has actually shown that we are less rational when it comes to assessing the behaviors of people who are perceived as people who are angry we see people who are expressing anger as more believable as more competent and more intelligent than they actually are so I want to talk for a minute about anger and some of you might be thinking but of course were angry we’re supposed to be angry we’re supposed to be morally outraged look what’s happening in the world so I want to differentiate healthy from unhealthy anger for a minute anger is a normal health –fill legitimate emotion that arises as a response to injustice we need our anger our anger is what makes us take a stand against injustice anger becomes unhealthy or problematic when we become blended when it’s anger that we’re blended with and when it has within it the charge of contempt and I’m going to explain both of these concepts so when we’re blended with our anger it means we don’t see any difference between our anger and ourselves we often express it I am angry as the anger and we are one a more accurate way of expressing anger would be I am feeling angry about or even better a part of me is feeling angry about this because it’s usually a part of us that’s feeling angry not a hundred percent of us so when we’re blended with our anger we are looking at the issue we are looking at the world through the eyes of our anger when we are not blended with our anger we’re still able to be connected with our rational selves with our empathy with our compassion even as we feel our healthy anger does that make sense and problematic anger is anger that has the charge of contempt contempt is the emotion it’s judgement plus hate essentially it’s judgment and anger and hate actually together when we feel contempt what this means is that we have placed ourselves and it’s in a position of moral superiority we are perceiving the other or sometimes ourselves we can feel contempt to ourselves as well all of this communication all of what I’m talking about applies to how we treat and communicate with ourselves as well so when we feel contempt we are perceiving another or ourselves as morally in we’re in some way if we assume that our anger unhealthy anger causes us to adopt this problematic assumption if we assume that our anger gives us license not to practice basic human decency toward others then we can end up feeding rather than fixing the very problem that our anger is trying to transform so we need to be careful to develop enough self-awareness so that we can reflect on ourselves when we’re angry and ask ourselves if we are feeling and using our anger productively or destructively because how we use our anger and how we relate to our anger will make all the difference now let me back up for a minute I want to also point out that anger is healthy anger or not to confuse how we express anger with tone policing you guys have heard this expression tone policing before okay so the idea of well so tone policing is basically telling people that they should not be communicating about an issue if they’re feeling strong emotions around it or if they’re expressing strong emotions around it that’s a problem it’s normal natural and necessary and healthy to feel and express our emotions around issues tone policing is not the same as asking somebody to communicate respectfully when they’re feeling angry so I don’t want to mix up these two concepts so I want to talk briefly about moving beyond this perfectionism before we move into how to communicate in a way that is less toxic or not toxic the first step is in our attitudes we need to appreciate that we have inherited a messy world we have been born into an absolute mess of a world and you guys don’t need me to tell you that you’re all very well aware of this no doubt we have to learn to relate to the world the way the world is rather than the that we wish the world were instead of getting angry that it’s raining take out an umbrella when we relate to the world differently we have to make choices in the world that we have inherited that are very different than the choices we would make in an ideal world we have to learn to live with contradictions in our lives because we don’t have any choice even as we hold people accountable even as we work to change problematic attitudes and behaviors we need to have some wiggle room to appreciate that many people are doing the best they can in a very problematic world maybe you’re a vegan and you feed your sick cats meat because they can’t live on vegan food it’s not possible for them that’s a contradiction you may just have to make your peace with and live with it’s not a contradiction you would have to deal with if the world were ideal we wouldn’t have cats living with us probably in the first place so we need to appreciate that number one perfectionism is impossible to achieved everything can be made more perfect everything can be approved improved somehow and we’re living in a situation where perfectionism or even trying to be perfect it is quite difficult and impossible so we need to stop reproducing the toxic perfectionism and the toxic communication of the dominant culture and we can do better the vegan movement veganism was established you know in order to offset these toxic attitudes and behaviors that are normal in the dominant culture our movement was founded on compassion and on justice we are doing better in many ways and we can do better when it comes to this changing our communication patterns so I’m gonna actually talk now I could I originally when I put this presentation together had like 50 tips for preventing toxic communication but we don’t time for 50 tips I do cover effective communication very thoroughly in my new book beyond beliefs but here I’m going to talk about eight tips a key tips in order to prevent the spread of toxic communication the first one is to examine yourself and your own behaviors many people have not everybody but many people have inflated beliefs about how well they treat others and how well they are seen by others particularly examine yourself and how you relate to people based on how much power they have in their relation with relationship with you this is something most of us don’t pay attention to it’s good to become a self observer in this way and notice when somebody has power more power than you do do you tend to treat them with more respect than you treat people with less power than you have if that’s the case then it’s important for you to change the way that you relate across the board and pay attention to the company you keep if you surround yourself with people for whom toxic communication is normal and normalized you’re going to be very likely to slip into this pattern of communication yourself if you’re around people who are more conscious and are not communicating in a toxic way your tolerance for toxic communication will be a lot lower and when you get exposed to it and you notice it you will feel how toxic it actually is you’ll you’ll kind of cleanse yourself of it so then when you’re reexpose to it you’ll feel the toxicity even more and this includes being online be careful how much you expose yourself to online toxic communications so it doesn’t become normalized point to is to become a critical consumer of what you put in your heart and your mind just like you are of what you put in your body and on your body so for example notice the signs of toxic communication and distance yourself from them and don’t use them yourselves for example shouting and this might look like just using all capital letters and multiple execute exclamation points in some time’s just one exclamation point using absolutes okay communicating where you say for example men rather than some men or meat-eaters rather than some meters use sexist language or you know eat animals or or are have negative attitudes toward vegans notice character assaults this is when people conflate a behavior with a character right so for example when somebody says she’s speciesist because she says something speciesist or he’s sexist because he says or does something sexist when you’re born into dominant systems like speciesism and sexism carnism racism you have absorbed all of us have absorbed these systems into our mentality so deeply that we will never probably never be fully free of them what we need to do is to be committed to continuing to our examine ourselves becoming self observers becoming more literate so that we can be practice the values of compassion and justice more fully but if somebody says something sexist that’s that’s normal we can point it out to them we can help raise awareness but as soon as you label a person’s character because of a behavior you really shut down you really decrease the likelihood that that person is going to be open to any other feedback that person will likely feel shamed um hyperbole hyperbole is exaggerated you know making exaggerated claims rather than sticking to the facts so you know saying something like Joe’s malicious statements rather than saying statements that Joe made that I experienced as offensive malicious shows that you know what Joe’s intentions were do you know he was intending to hurt we can’t possibly know that all we can know is what we observe and our perceptions of what we observe defining reality defining reality is like we define other’s reality when we make ourselves experts on the other’s internal experience when we act like we’re mind-readers when we know what somebody else is thinking or feeling or needing or what their motivations are which we can’t possibly know but we define another’s reality it’s fundamentally disrespectful it’s often shaming it often triggers anger in the other person understandably and rightly and it’s a very disconnecting behavior so defining reality is saying something like he doesn’t care about animals he’s just trying to feed his ego and this is said sometimes about vegans who practice veganism in a way that other vegans don’t like oh he doesn’t really care about animals oh that organization doesn’t really want to help animals they just want to make lots of money for themselves how on earth does anybody know that how can any of us know what is inside somebody else’s heart in mind allowing others to be the expert on their own experience is fundamentally respectful and it’s a generosity we all deserve and it’s a relational behavior it creates connection and openness rather than disconnection and and closed mindedness so a couple of more a couple more suggestions avoid any communication that suggests that the other is somehow less than that is shaming this can be kind of difficult especially when it comes to like intellectual or academic critiques I don’t know how many of you noticed this have noticed this but you know often academic critiques or intellectual critiques or communications that you know are very eloquent or use lots of big words are cleverly you know cleverly worded ways of communicating something that’s shaming and that’s toxic so be especially you know wary when you read an intellectual critique that’s criticizing somebody else’s work it may very well be inaccurate criticism and it may also be a criticism that’s done in such a way as to be shaming point three is to create a healthy process when we’re communicating now all communications have these two parts they have a Content and a process when we’re communicating the content is we are communicating about it’s the subject right so the communicate the content of this communication now is communication so the content is what we are talking about and the process is what do you think it’s how right it’s how we are communicating the process matters more than the content you think about your experience of communication over your lives you know think about a communication or a conversation you had maybe last week or last year there is a chance you might not even remember any of the content you don’t remember what you were talking about you probably however remember how you felt in that conversation the process determines how we feel when our process is healthy our goal is mutual understanding communication is what we use simply because we’re not mind reader’s we’re not telepathic even though a lot of us act like we are so our goal is mutual understanding it’s for me to understand your thoughts and feelings and for you to understand my thoughts and feelings that’s our goal when our process is healthy we can talk about just about anything without arguing and when our process is unhealthy we can’t talk about anything without arguing so differences are rarely the problem in our communications differences and differences in the vegan movement it’s our beauty it’s our richness it creates a diversity of opinions that are really important for the kind of work that we’re doing in the world differences are rarely the problem is how we relate to the differences that creates the problem when we have a healthy process we are open to understanding each other’s differences and to communicating about the content in a way that helps raise our awareness and deepen our understanding point four is to protect your boundaries and the boundaries of others so for example we need to hold toxic communicators accountable we need to not be a bystander and not enable them the reason that toxic communication goes viral is because so many bystander allow it to go viral we need to start taking more responsibility particularly on our social media sites you know if you if somebody is posting commentary on your site don’t forward it don’t allow it have a statement that you do not host commentary that is toxic and let people know this and ideally let the person know and then delete it if they don’t stop communicating in a toxic way don’t turn away from it we also need to block toxic communicators if people refuse to engage in a way that is protect productive and we need to avoid ourselves avoid the temptation to read communication that is toxic toxic commentary toxic commentary feeds the ego it feeds the part of us that wants to feel better then it feeds the part of us that doesn’t feel good enough and kind of gets off on reading others being put down it has an addictive pull to it an addictive charge to it and don’t get pulled in by it avoid the temptation to read it because the more you take it in the more it feeds that part of you that will be attracted to rather than turned off by this kind of communication if there are groups that tolerate toxic or encouraged toxic communication you decide whether you want to leave them or not and I encourage you to leave them and if you are a person who organizes meetings or you organize events make sure that those are safe spaces for the people who attend for the people who speak we can do a lot as vegans to create a community that’s safer for other vegans and make a commitment to stay connected to your empathy as long as it feels safe to do this for some people staying connected to their empathy doesn’t feel safe for them in which case it’s probably better not to be communicating but if you feel it’s safe for you to stay connected to your empathy do so empathy is the antidote to judgement and contempt empathy is the antidote to contempt if you notice you’re feeling the charge of contempt pause take a step back and really try to look at the world through that other person’s eyes people have really good reasons for doing what they do even if we don’t agree with them if even if we don’t understand them and remember that it’s ideas rather than people who are in conflict pause before you communicate especially when you’re upset about something and it can be a really good idea to put a sticky note next to your computer to remind you that on the other end of your communication is a living being it’s an individual with feelings and preferences and a life that matters to them just like your life matters to you whenever possible it’s a better idea to speak to somebody privately rather than calling them out publicly in some cases we need to talk about a person’s behaviors publicly even then we can do it in a way that’s not shaming to them but whenever possible try to speak to somebody one-on-one so they don’t feel humiliated by the commentary or by by the feedback that you might give them and don’t assume that having power makes somebody invulnerable to the toxic and debilitating effects of shame I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken to who have a lot of social power some of them who are leaders in the vegan movement and some of them who are very well-known even outside of the movement who have been devastated by things that have been said to and about them don’t assume that just because somebody has power or privilege that this somehow makes them invulnerable to being shamed in fact often the opposite is true people are even feel even more vulnerable to the toxic effects of shame an honor the dignity of others even as you’re holding them accountable even as you’re giving feedback even as you’re disagreeing with an idea we can do this in a way that honors dignity be extremely skeptical of anyone who argues that it ever appropriate to communicate without compassion or respect I have not seen a single study or a single piece of evidence that suggests that this is actually true in fact what I understand and have seen is to the contrary practicing compassion is not weakness or passivity it is strength it takes a lot more courage to be able to hold on to our to our empathy and to practice our compassion in the face of disagreements and in the face of differences than it does to just lash out and fight back and finally it’s important to remember our shared bond this is our shared bond as vegans it’s a bond and it’s a sacred bond that we share and every time we communicate in a toxic way we violate this sacred bond that is so portent to us and so important to our movement and so important to the animals as vegans we carry a heavy burden around with us we have to live with the awareness but every second of every day horrific suffering is happening all around us and that we can work our entire lives to end this suffering and we probably won’t live to see it this is an awareness that the rest of the world is not carrying it’s an awareness that only other vegans understand it is our sacred bond our collective knowing and our collective caring this is this bond that we need to honor so that our movement is the safe and inspirational place that we need it to be to continue working for liberation for many many vegans the world does not feel like a safe space we walk away from our vegan circles and we get teased for caring we get judged and shamed because we believe in practicing the values that other that everybody actually shares we spend our lives often picking up the pieces of the mess that are left behind by others and we never get a single thank you and instead we often get ridiculed or attacked for being who we are and what we do it’s hard enough for us to keep doing what we do it living in this karna stick culture how can we possibly keep doing this work the way we need to do it if we can’t even trust that the other vegans the only other people who see what we see are not on our side and are attacking us too how can we keep doing this work that we need to do we need to feel appreciated everybody needs appreciation to feel inspired and we’re never going to be thanked by the individuals who’s live we are say lives we’re saving they can’t thank us they don’t know who we are they don’t know what we’re doing so we need each other to see we need to be seen by each other because the world doesn’t see us and we need to be appreciated by each other because the victims whose lives were trying to save can’t appreciate it can’t appreciate us and can’t share with us the appreciation we need to know that our efforts matter and they do matter they do matter at the moment we are the primary hope that the animals have and we owe it to them to do our best work for them we owe it to them to be our better selves for them and we owe it to the other vegans around us who need us just like we need them I know that when I was on the receiving end of toxic communication and it was devastating for me and it really hindered my ability to do the work the way that I needed to do my work but I couldn’t I was so consumed I was so hurt by what I was seeing and what I was hearing by the feeling that that my own fellow and sister vegans were communicating with me and with each other this way it wasn’t until I started hearing from the vegans who are most of the movement you know and being thanked and being told that my work does matter and it does make a difference to them that I started to feel more more inspired again we need to be able to do that for each other and I want to kind of wrap this up by by sharing with you my appreciation for you you are the reason the animals will never be able to thank me either you are the reason that I can keep doing what I do you are the reason that I stay inspired you are the reason that I want to get out of bed in the morning and try to work for this movement and work to make the world a better place and you are the reason that the animals hope that they have the hope that they have so I want to thank you for for you for all that you’re doing for what you do for me for what you do for the movement and for what you ultimately do for each other for other vegans so that together we can finally achieve Animal Liberation thank you thank you for taking the time to listen to this talk I have a question for you I’m hoping that you’ll post your comments your answers if you have been the target of toxic communication what has worked for you to help you feel better has it been disengaging entirely from any more interactions has it been communicating directly with the person who had communicated with you in a toxic way or was there something else that you did that you felt helped you to feel better thank you again for watching please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.