Casa de Carne (House Of Flesh ) | How Many People Would Keep Eating Meat If They Had To Kill The Being They Are Supposed To Eat?!

[UltraVid id=251 ]On a night out with friends, Eric tries a new restaurant that takes the dining experience full circle. Set in the not-so-distance, dark future, “Casa de Carne” is a thought-provoking short film about hard choices and hidden truths.

Winner of the 1st Place Tarshis Film Award at the 2019 Animal Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Dustin Brown
Produced by William Martens & Dustin Brown
Executive Producer Chris DeRose
Cinematography by Mark Mannschreck
Edited by Dustin Brown
Associate Producer & 1st AD Nura Ashimova
Starring Joe LeMieux, Gintare Bandinskaite, Mantas Valantiejus, Ryan Sherman

2019 Last Chance for Animals. http://www.LCAnimal.org/


A Week of Vegan Activism | VLOG

[UltraVid id=233 ]I visited Canada Goose, Northamptonshire Chicken Save, Essex Pig Save, and a few more vegan activities this week. Hope you enjoy this weekly Vlog as a vegan activist.

Please take the time to watch what the health on Netflix to understand the perils of the western diet, and the healing and protective effects of a plant based diet: http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/

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Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism vs. Protest

[UltraVid id=202 ]Has your group been labeled as a terrorist organization have you been labeled as a terrorist we got threatening phone calls to people following our trucks know hey we’re terrorizing our local farmers they’re terrorizing us. I’m in Berkeley California and I’m meeting with an animal liberation group called direct action everywhere also known as DXE they’re notorious for their extreme tactics which includes civil disobedience mass protests and trespassing because several of DX these tactics are illegal many of their members have been arrested some are even facing felony charges that could land them up to 60 years in prison but even with the looming threat of prison time DXE is planning the largest action in the history of the organization which will happen tomorrow morning at an undisclosed location let’s do it all one more time my name is Wayne Cheung and I’m co-founder of the animal rights Network direct action everywhere I’m also a lawyer and former and law professor we started the EXCI in 2013 because we wanted to build a movement for animal rights [Music] we haven’t labeled this terrorist and it’s shocking because we’re just a bunch of people volunteer at dog and cat shelters and really love animals some of these terrorist labels may be in response to past DXE actions in May of 2018 Wayne was indicted with multiple felony charges after breaking into a pig farm in Utah to document living conditions he removed two piglets from the property these charges could send Wayne to prison for sixty years if he’s convicted so you are facing pretty much the rest of your life in prison yeah and you’re still going to participate in this open rescue tomorrow yeah why for most the past 20 years of my life as an animal I attacked us I thought to myself that there will come a time where you have to make some sacrifices to bring exposure to this issue and you have to be ready to make those sacrifices I am several hundred activists from across the country gathered to hear Wayne’s final briefing as he reveals the specific target and mission of today’s action their objective is to break into a large egg farm and occupy the property until all the sick and injured chickens are removed folks we are about to march into a massive factory farm in the heart of darkness and hell we’re gonna expose what’s happening inside and try to take some of the Andals out and today we’ve got a legal opinion from a scholar we’ll be delivering to the company saying we have the right to be there we have the right to rescue these animals are we all ready to go a lawyer has written Wayne a legal opinion arguing that DX’s actions today are protected under a California animal abuse law Penal Code 597 II however 597 II has yet to be used as a successful legal defense for actions like this since DXE is technically trespassing vais will not cross property lines to film all footage inside the farm is filmed by DXE we are approaching the facility I can see the signs to say eggs so it seems like they’re starting to brush the facility they’re starting to run I’m an investigator with the rescue network for California peonies attached to this letter you can be de let’s uh sorry I’m not thank you very much sir thank you very much right to do this we do have the right to fire ace seems like a lot of the workers are coming out really confused about what is happening coming onto the property who has no right to be here these animals are not being missing so this is a good operation this is a very very good operation so you expect arrests I’m gonna go over and tell our deputy [Applause] you have a right under all right or anything we did you want me this ever right pictures [Applause] look at how crimps wave conditions are dehydration because they have no access to water as you can see there’s probably a few hundred of them to come and support the animals are going to be coming out soon we have at least three cars I don’t know how many officers are actually on sites it’s gonna they’re gonna be walking for a few minutes there’s a few hundred of them oh they’re all coming out over here is this one okay is there anything wrong with this one nobody in there is okay what do you have going on right now she was found in there 5 rescuers isn’t I’m just holding on to her right now is she dead yes it looks like the police are actually starting to like occupy the front of the building and probably stop them from going back in police have blocked the entrance to the farm DXE is considering going back into the property to release more birds Wayne is negotiating these demands with officers and farm owners we’re gonna check on animal patrols MTA okay I’m appreciative rays of operation so far so good and we’ll take a look here in a little bit thank you very much I appreciate it so Wayne what is happening what we’ve argued is that under 597 first of all we have the right to go again it doesn’t matter but they cannot stop it cannot sighs just like if someone is torturing their dog and you go to give the dog some assistance the other right to do it have a right to do all right what’s up is Sergeant Thompson asking you no go back in he’s asking us not to go back and right now and and he’s he’s saying that in exchange for not exercising our rights he will go in with animal control and we will have an opportunity to see some of these disease and distressed animals in the barn Wayne Wayne can I talk to you over here we’ll get going talking to [Applause] I’ve asked you to be reasonable I’ve asked you spend a winter with me yeah and you’re refusing that this is a setup Friday it looks your game file it’s leaves a box outside let’s leave the press and the cameras off and have seen the outside as well sure using both of you guys okay Dave going I don’t even want to go inside I don’t want any police officers okay so basically what’s happening is the owner said he wants to talk to Wayne without media without police so that’s where they went we’re gonna wait and see what happens they said we could remove sicker distressed handles but they kind of waffled on this and they said what do you see a sick and distress and they also said we did not remove any sick of distress panels so well the folks are applying to do a civil experience please approach the fraud we just announced everybody that they are going to go in here they go so there are walking across they’re gonna get arrested we see Wayne there are a lot of people who have charges who are going to get arrested [Music] Duane is getting arrested property in total 40 activists including Wayne are arrested and taken to sonoma county sheriff’s office and they’re released the next morning so we’re going to visit Mike he’s one of the owners of the farm that dxc escaped the break-in and I’m gonna talk to him about how he’s feeling a few months out how it has affected him how are you good my clever thanks for having me out here you bet so in the aftermath of what happened what what have your thoughts been what have you been thinking about right after it was really why me what was so bad with our operation that we were the targets we looked at DXE and after really understanding what they’re about and how they’re not for upsetting animal welfare standards they’re for the eradication of using animals if you realize there’s no way there’s a cover going to be a common ground they excel at trying to create some some mayhem and they they think it’s a positive or constructive way to have a discussion but it’s not it’s detrimental it shut our business down it concerned our employees and we have people today who have lingering issues about this type of thing happening again it’s a big operation but we’re small farmers do you consider your farm humane should there be a concern about how your birds are raised all farmers should be held accountable they should be doing everything they can to provide humane care for the amount of effort we put in to take care of these animals that’s the way it should be done we’re audited by three different groups that look at our animal care from a humane or animal welfare perspective the statements that dxc had made were false they were saying that the birds are not provided water and not provided feed basically and I’m happy to show you inside of our chicken houses so you can see that every chicken has feed and water access to it 24 hours a day this is a cage free house and these curtains this is where the nests are and what we’re doing is creating a safe place for them that’s dark because they like to lay their eggs in a place that’s safe from predators that’s why these curtains are here you can see the nipples as well up here if I push it and so they know to do that since day one they’ve been drinking water this way something from that day I do remember there was a dead bird that one of them did bring out yeah animals are just like humans if you have a city with a hundred thousand people in it there’s some people die every day it’s part of the natural process it’s one of the things that if I could run a farm and none of my animals ever died I’d be all for it but I can’t it’s hard it’s hard to be a farmer and have your integrity called on the floor by a bunch of people who don’t have any understanding of our industry the challenges we face the amount of effort that goes into producing this safe affordable and humanely raised product because of the DXE event we have evaluated everything we do from an animal welfare perspective we’ve looked at ways that we can improve it we’re actually making some changes so there’s there’s a good thing that comes out of it but it came out of it in the most unconstructive manner do you consider a DXE a domestic terrorist group that’s a great question they’re terrorizing us they’re terrorizing our local farmers there’s not a night that goes by that I hear a slow-moving car that I think that there’s somebody out there patrolling everybody is nervous now because of what they’re doing there’s nothing constructive about their action I mean were you know so it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and last time I saw you you were being arrested so just update me what’s happened since then we’ve done a number of other mass demonstrations but most notably we went back to Sonoma County with a couple hundred people to do a demonstration of a huge poultry farm and as a result 58 activists including myself around up in charged with multiple felonies and now we have to win this fight in court so talk to me a little bit about that you know how are you guys working with 597 a when you’re in court facing some of the charges that you’re facing it’s always scary to be in court it’s even more scary when you’re facing dozens of felonies and that’s what we’re facing now at the same time we know this is an opportunity because if we can win one of these cases what that will mean is that the law and the court and the jury accept the fact that these animals are living creatures and that will open the doors for activists across the state and across the nation to start infiltrating these farms taking the animals out and exposing an industry that when exposed people want it to stop so I think what Mike would say and what I think he did say to you um when we weren’t there is that he’s doing everything by the book by the law but that’s not still not okay for you guys the laws are corrupt and the laws are often written and enforced by the industry for the industry their response is always one in the same which is this is an industry standard and our response to that is corporations don’t ride the laws that people write the laws they want to believe what they’re doing is not bad for the animals are bad for the environment their economic interests certainly are aligned with that belief but when we actually look at this with a an objective lens we have to acknowledge these animals are suffering do you think if you and Wayne ever talked again you don’t think that you guys would come to some sort of agreement I don’t know a good analogy for it but the only one I could give you is if you own a house and there’s an arsonist who once have a conversation with you a discussion with you how could you ever come to agreement on something he wants to shut all animal agriculture down I need to pay off the loans I want to continue our family business I want to continue to provide fresh food for the citizens of this state things happen and after they happen life is never the same for us it’s having several hundred people come break into your building and broad daylight push their way past your employees and steal animals out of your house that happened you know I can’t can’t go back can’t make it go away what you were doing is illegal you know what do you say to them you never change the world by following the rules first of all so some rules are meant to be broken when there’s an unjust rule someone should break it but more importantly I don’t see us as rule breakers I see us as rule makers that if you look at the course of human history these great social changes only occurred because people were willing to test the boundaries of the current system


Vegan Organic Permaculture Farm & Off-Grid || What I Do + Eat

[UltraVid id=181 ]Hi so today is another day another lovely day in Wales Shino I am currently working here in Wales and I’m on the beautiful farm and also just really wanted to do another really simple what I eat in a day videos they usually like to add in sort of what I eat and everything do my videos I love me I’ll show you why I kept teeth stay and everything like as well see you in a second right save for breakfast today I had porridge as you can see here and I have my porridge wisdom homemade bilbrey Chow which we and I also had some peanut butter to fill myself up longer and I had a couple of corn flakes on there as well and it was absolutely gorgeous I did say was I decided to do some watering of the polytunnel which actually takes quite a while because as you can see there’s quite a lot in here and Here I am just watering the plants and watering the tomatoes and then I decided to do some D weeding so I pulled this dog beef out here and I’m use it as mulch and Here I am again just picking out all the weeds and then I became inspired to make myself a salad so I started to pick all the lovely things I could find from a polytunnel that I could eat and these Tomatoes if the yellow ones particularly absolutely so so gorgeous and this is my bounty here and I used this bounty to make my or some of my lunch you can see here I made my salad and I also have that with some homemade hummus some rice and also some curry leftover from yesterday and that was absolutely gorgeous manche I started to do a bit Bondi weeding I did this in the strawberry patch so here are some pots here and I’m just pulling out all the grass and snipping out all the weeds and this is what it looks like at the end you can get the strawberry leaves as you can see here and I took some comfrey I pulled the comfrey out and use that as mulch as you can see here which fertilizes plants and I was a bit hungry because lunch wasn’t very big so I had another salad and I also had some hummus on bread and I wrapped up everything inside the thread because everything tastes nice in a sandwich snack I did some so basically the other day we just we trance some trees all up a section of the lab as I needed to put these steaks in here in order for Frank to know where the trees are when the grass starts growing through and there are a little bit further away from the plants so that you can get strimmer around and cut the grass and then over the arm field we saw this which is the sheep being herded by a tractor and a dog I didn’t you can see that bit it reminded me of Aaron Janice’s video the ethics of wool and if you haven’t seen it yet then I really recommend watching that video because it really explains the wool industry really well I’ll leave a link in the description box below so for dinner we had this gorgeous homemade pizza it was so tasty and I ended up actually having four slices four of these slices here and we had some nutritional yeast on top as well as some vegan cheese to make it really really nice and tasty for per day that I had this utterly lovely fruit tank which was made by Frank the owner of the land here and Here I am eating it and it was completely gorgeous as it said before hey that’s the end of my video guys if you’d like to please feel free to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below if you haven’t subscribed already and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions for me keep watching guys I will see very very soon I’m learning how to love myself 😁


Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices | Melanie Joy | TEDxMünchen

[UltraVid id=130 ]Melanie Joy on Carnism and other food choices.

Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M. is a Harvard-educated psychologist, professor of psychology and sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, a noted speaker, and the author of “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.” Melanie is a recipient of the Institute of Jainology’s Ahimsa Award. Her work has been featured by numerous media outlets including the BBC, Germany’s ARD, ABC Australia, the New York Times and Spiegel Online. Melanie has given her carnism presentation on five continents. She is also the founder and president of the organization Beyond Carnism (formerly Carnism Awareness & Action Network) and the project Karnismus erkennen (German-speaking countries).

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


The Vegan Society debate childhood vegan nutrition on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff

[UltraVid id=123 ]Welcome back to Thursdays show with Helen
Led, Steve First and Joe Woods, still to come Is it acceptable to tell someone, friend,
family, stranger to wash their hands especially if they’ve just come out of the loo. 02071735555
is the number. First though is putting your child on a strict vegan diet tantamount to
abuse? An Italian couple have just lost custody of their 14 month-old son after his strict
vegan diet reportedly left him severely malnourished. The child was taken to a hospital by grandparents
a week ago and after finding him to be under weight, the same weight as a three-month-old
in fact, and in general poor health, authorities took him into care. Veganism is a lifestyle
that excludes all animal products and by products so there’s no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs,
no honey, no leather fur silk or wool. It’s grown in popularity, the number of vegans
in Britain is up by a staggering 360 percent in a decade. 542,000 in total and It’s usually
an ethical choice and some choose it for their children to follow too but given It’s restrictive
nature, can it provide the nutrients that children need to develop. What experts say
is It’s more difficult to nourish a young child adequately on a restrictive diet especially
as they often have to eat more to get the same energy values, some can end up deficient
in vitamin D, calcium and iron. Unsurprisingly those at The Vegan Society would disagree,
they say research shows vegans are generally healthier then those on an animal-based diet,
as their more clued up about nutrition and joining us now is Jimmy Pearson who is a spokesperson
for The Vegan Society, thank you very much for joining us Jimmy and how long have you
been a vegan?. I’ve been vegan for two years now and I must admit It’s the best decision
I ever made. Why did you decide to go vegan? Well I went vegan initially because I wanted
to improve my health and I very quickly noticed a string of benefits, I was sleeping better,
had clearer skin, my digestion was much improved and I had a lot more energy that was the main
thing I noticed. I went from someone who didn’t enjoy running at all to loving long distance
running, It was fantastic and all the evidence also suggests that the vegan diet is really
effective and protecting against lots of long-term chronic health conditions so I’m sure the
benefits will continue throughout my life but It’s not just about health for me, the
more I looked into the meat industry and the dairy industry, the more the standard practises
shocked me so now I would say I was mainly vegan for the animals. And I would like to
know and I mean It’s all very well you being an adult doing this but do you have children
Yes. And are they vegan? Yes they are. My partner Emma and I had our first child, our
daughter Sharon only 3 months ago so she’s exclusively breast feeding still and I think
we’ll start weaning at about 6 months. And then what are you gonna put the child on?
If they don’t have milk or even goats milk. I think goats milk is quite a good option
but what will after she’s finished breast feeding what will you give your child Well
we will of course be raising her vegan on the basis that we think based on our experience
how we feel and all the evidence and research in front of us that it will give her the best
possible start in life and as soon as she’s old enough to start eating she’ll be eating
all the fantastic wide variety of vegan foods that we eat. Straight to food Laura will continue
breastfeeding as long as she can which is up to two years which I think is the world
health organisations recommendation, particularly people on vegan diets. Do you think people
are going to judge you for that stand? Well they haven’t done so far, I’d say not at all
actually. Well you’re on national TV now so maybe. Public perception is changing fast
and old stereotypes are fading slowly but surely and most people nowadays rather then
asking me where I get my protein from, they’re asking me for recipe ideas which is fantastic
and throughout my partner being pregnant and Sharon being born we had unqualified support
from the medical profession, now that’s not the experience all vegans get but it was for
us whether It’s GPs, midwives, health visitors, they’re all completely behind us and I think
that’s an indication that the tide’s turning and that people are much more accepting of
veganism but there’s a point I’d really like to make here actually and It’s that the media’s
portrayal of this case that’s particularly misleading. Now there are on average 5,000
cases of malnutrition in the UK alone every year yet the media has decided to highlight
a single instance with a vegan family in Italy. Now in terms of malnutrition the problem in
this case and with every case is a shortage of calories and nutrients, It’s nothing inherently
to do with the vegan diet which contains everything you need for great health at every age and
life stage including childhood and infancy and that’s the position of the British Dietetic
Association who are widely regarded as the leading authority on matters like this in
this country. You put your case very well, as one would expect, I’m just interested that
you’ve been a vegan for two years so before that, didn’t you like a pint and crisps and
the steak? Admittedly I was a big meat-eater and if someone told me I’d be vegan a number
of years ago I would not of believed them. I used to work in KFC. Oh my god, even I don’t
do chicken in a drum stick, in a basket sorry. So It’s interesting, you’ve done this for
2 years, I applaud everything you’ve said, what would you do if your child says “Right
dad, I want a steak and I want it now.” Well of course those kind of choices about her
diet are entirely hers and as they will be throughout her life and all different things,
My partner and I will support her however she chooses to live her life and with whoever.
So it’s just for while she can’t answer back she will get the lentils. We will of course
try our best to ensure those choices are informed choices and we’ll explain where food comes
from, how the animals are treated and importantly the impact that has on animals and our health
but also the environment. Jimmy we’ve got a lot of calls on, haven’t we storm? absolutely
we’ve got Ang on line 4, Hello Good Morning Ang, Would you like to address your question
straight to Jimmy. Well my question is that I stopped eating red meat and I became really
really ill and I had to be hospitalized twice and have blood transfusions and nearly die,
I think what you’re doing is really irresponsible, what people need to understand is it’s not
really a question but our biology is animal biology, we can take in iron from animal better than iron from vegetables and I do think It’s a subtle form in my opinion of abuse. I don’t
know whether you could look at it properly because you probably weren’t brought up as
a vegan from birth where you? No I was a meat-eater all my life, and speaking from my experience
I felt significantly better once I removed animal products from my diet and to call it
irresponsible I would have to disagree with that, it’s not a restrictive diet, it contains
everything you need for great health but I suppose the problems come from a lack of educational
knowledge or information about it but there are huge amounts of resources online, It’s
never been easier to vegan than it is now so I’m sorry that you had a negative experience
but that’s not the general experience and if you were willing to give it a try again
there’s lots of support which perhaps there wasn’t years ago. Jimmy I just want to come
back to that point about bringing up a child as vegan and part of the problem seems to
be about the calories being large enough with a vegan diet. Well that is something that’s
been raised, and it’s a point, I can’t dispute that, children of course have smaller stomachs, but the recommendation about breast
feeding for as long as you can goes some way to alleviating that and eating little and
often is another good way to do it. Part of the problem is a vegan diet has a lot of fibre
in it which of course means you need to get even more calories. Absolutely but also there’s
a misconception that things like calcium come exclusively from dairy products but actually
if you look at green leafy vegetables, almonds, tofu, spinach for example, they’ve got much
higher rates of absorption then dairy products. Storm? We have bob on line 3. Hi there Bob,
Hi there. What’s your point? I agree with the guy from The Vegan Society, I’ve got three
kids myself and after two and a half years, for thirty years I ate meat, dairy, and eggs
and I had no reason to change but we came across some information about the ethics,
the health and environmental aspects and as responsible parents we did our research and
put the time in to find out if this was something applicable and that if our kids especially
could thrive on it, that’s what the difference is, maybe if these parents have dived into
this with their child without really doing their research and they haven’t really fed
him that’s where the problem lies but like the man from The Vegan Society said, all the
information is out there and we even consulted a nutritional therapist who gave us some more
information and since then I’ve had a knee problem of 14 years that disappeared, my kids
acne completely cleared up and we’ve never been healthier really. That’s what Jimmy was
saying, Bob thank you very much for giving us a ring. Storm? We’ve got Fiona on line
one. Hi There. Hi There, Good Morning, what’s your point? I agree with Jimmy that there
is a lack of understanding around what veganism actually is, because being plant based as a diet, being vegan is more about a wider understanding on where you can get your values from, if you explain to a child from a young age how their choices impact the wider world, then you are raising a compassionate human
being. I can see how that is a benefit to society and to them long term. Ok Fiona thank you
very much, Jen am I right in thinking you’re vegetarians? I’ll eat fish and occasionally
chicken but only if it’s organic. I’m all about organic and eating clean. You very rarely
see a fat vegan, vegans I see tend to be very healthy looking people. I want to be a vegan
now, let me be a vegan if I can look like him. He looks very lean and healthy. Storm?
We have Aaron on line 2. Hi, I find it astonishing that people equate veganism to extremism,
I’d ask people what’s more extreme eating a plant-based diet that reduces and reverses
your chances of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or slaughtering 259 million animals daily
on the global scale? I suppose we come back to that point that Jimmy made, that there
is malnutrition on what people could consider a normal diet so in this particular instance
it’s more about the parents perhaps not knowing quite so much. Aaron thank you very much and
I suppose that’s what you’d say Jimmy doesn’t feel extreme to you, you just think it’s all
about food. Emma you’re a vegan aren’t you? Yeah I’m vegan, I think it’s the best decision
I’ve ever made, I’ve never felt healthier then when I started being vegan. I feel great.
How long have you been a vegan? I’ve been a vegan for a year and a half now and I feel
absolutely great and I stand by everything that Jimmy said so its great, it’s not a extreme
diet. Perhaps a little more difficult when you’re eating out with friends. Oh actually
it’s got easier and easier, Most restaurants now do offer a vegan option and I don’t find
it difficult at all, I think it’s fine. Ok thank you very much Emma and to you Jimmy.
I’m not being frivolous but can you have vegan wine? You can absolutely. So growing and fermenting’s
okay, I think that’s what happens with wine. Some of them are cleared with animal products.
With wine sometimes they use egg white to wash in the product. Ok, I’m leaning. Thank
you very much and thank you Jimmy. Thank you to all of you for calling.



[UltraVid id=97 ]James Aspey is a animal rights activist from Sydney, Australia.
At the age of only 17 he was diagnosed with leukaemia and told he had 6 weeks to live. He beat cancer after 3 years of chemotherapy and during that time he began partying and abusing drugs.
He turned his life around once again and became a passionate personal trainer so he could help others with their health.

He spent 7 years working on a cruise ship, and partying a lot was the norm. That lead to an eating disorder. His journey changed direction when he met a wise Indian man who told him eating animals is bad karma.

He went vegetarian for a 7 day experiment and felt surprisingly great. He researched into the health benefits and realized how much he has been missing out!

Upon more research he discovered the shocking and violent truth of what is being done to animals for food, clothing, entertainment and medical testing. It led him to the question, “If we don’t need to kill and eat animals to be healthy, what are we doing this for?” The best justifications he could find or hear were incredibly weak.

In 2014 he took a 365 day vow of silence and cycled 5000 kilometers to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.

He broke his vow during a live interview on Australia’s most popular morning TV show.

James is now travelling the world giving free speeches to make our planet a more sustainable place.


Vegans Louise and Frank – Vegan business owners band members & created World Vegan Day

[UltraVid id=96 ]Highways and high five all right but we’re here about the Cabaret which is the cowboy at calomel so how did you like get into creating a vegan cafe gallery event space anymore things add to that well it was all quite random really we always kind of had a dream about some kind of dream that we did reality and then it would have been about a year and a half ago maybe a bit longer I just saw a random sort of facebook post about this particular venue and that possibility of taking over and running into the restaurant like way because we it’s all our daughter very close to you and we knew this space so I just leave trying to believe what I just don’t see it on Facebook and we used to have a chat about it long and hard about it decided we should give it a go because we didn’t at least new order for my situation here to compete against other people happy one I what’s the best event are like program you put on I what’s the thing like you remembered and on our that’s so cool that’s made my day however i think when we’ve had really good bands so we know for us to hear is to burn a couple of times we’ve been heading up to that it would be round I think we did reach the two big on over irrigation and I felt that’s a good number you can still move around is not too jammed you can see the bound in comfort oh yeah a good band lots of people reserves hmm as we got into this staff interested in the arts in as well the selection of staff you lied so let me get something right one of my favorite Oh and she’s she’s great I think she just touch with our it already in to eat her and so she kind of me oh good and raise some money you know as well that was really popular event very committed we had Tom Robinson come and play here who’s who had some big hits in some teas and 80s but it continues to be a BBC Radio 6 DJ uncle and he’s really well known for having glad to be gay and he did a version of that song adopted at one point which is really funny things that because everyone was a bit hesitant about singing because it has yeah and he was like hold on it’s okay you don’t have to be getting to sing this song here everyone and then after that everyone sort of thank you and actually it was really young it’s quite moving actually I found it please you create the world vegan day so how did you come about creating that and what are the achievements you’ve had from it okay well well big day when I was president and we were in the lead up to the Society’s 50th thinking about how to celebrate this amazing occasionally and already have one more I’d already have one idea which is to create a fill and then I’m current exactly remember how the ideas that came into my mind Wow why don’t we created died and so that was much easier than making the film because that was really just a matter of announcing it but when I thought about it was really to commemorate when the society would start it started by very small number of people who have this crazy idea that you could live without essentially live without exploiting animals and at that time which is in 1944 sightings found people literally thought we would die bad enough that you vegetarian now we all know clearly different actually you’re healthier as a beacon who you know you’re gonna Diagne be much healthier but at that time I just thought I find it incredible that those people at the beginning had this idea separately around the country came together as community for the day each other decided to found the society an into doing the war Second World War he’s in line when food was being rationed food was already severely restricted at that time and I’m just so inspired by these people and I felt they deserved to be remembered each year in fact that those people founded the society all those years ago so when we founded well-being well being in day we decided it would be the first of novo the exact date okay about so it was started in 1994 it’s amazing now it’s all over the world people do all kinds of and it just still serves as an opportunity to take the idea how to other people or to simply celebrate it and it’s you know it’s Damon people I think just celebrate create conditions that but you mentioned the film that you created so what was a film about well it was created by four of us really running drugs in in real life you’d be like but that was the first major undertaking actress but that at that time we were ye we were pleased to have the presenter Benjamins great British poet represent and we made a 25-minute promotional film about veganism that was well received I’m still proud of that work which you can see on youtube and yeah the film I’m really proud of go on it’s called truth or dare so lots of people want to start being businesses so do you have any tips for them the starting their own well because it happened to us by accident I just say really I mean we’ve been doing this for just over a year now if you want to get into the restaurant business the best and the key is really to get a good team you enter into this type of business what you need to and to be my advice is to be very determined set your goal and go for it if you make a mistake don’t worry we all do with their mistakes I made loads of the state’s every day and I try to learn from the run be a better person be tolerant of people some people like myself see a vegan argument and change very quickly other people they take but everybody is a potential video so be tolerant of people business other side so ten years to finally get it of you like leaving for life so you have been in a bun so as the band called and what’s it like traveling and playing music and well I think there’s nothing beats being on stage playing your own music in my experience so those of the highlights of my life are being the moment when you’re on stage playing us or moving beats my experience the band ring is calling this frenzy which we lazy about putting music out where we do have a small record deal most about next year do you drop in veganism in your music I think somebody asked you this before about I would say to us but it’s actually I think it’s really difficult songs can below nice but so we have sort of we did earn some gone on our album which is a little violence which cool it’s actually an ex somebody used to play these total king two gave it up because he couldn’t relating children into so that song which is kind of related he was the first he was an actor he changed his mind basically and regretted doing is instead a very powerful thing which is why he used the sample and then I wrote the music around that fitted in with the concept of the album which was an examination of violence what I put over the top of Everest sometimes quite shocking statements from people for examples of moments when they’ve been involved in a violent situation or contributed to violence in this case Ronald McDonald contributed and then become a reformed character i would say stay away from its own writers i find it a bit cringing it’s you’ve got to be very clever to pull it off in a way but other I recognize other people like in small but I have to jump in here and remember that i did do I’ve done a couple of league in field DJ mixes which is a collection of tracks some of them by very well known pretty much i buy very big all students a lot more than I ever thought that was it took me ages reserved so some of there are some really good it’s a great one quiet I goons that figure I did find a lot really do examples might be Dina by the youtube com vegan okay so in my case I have got involved with my local animal rights group in Southampton and I was already vegetarian although I didn’t stay vegetarian for very long because I met some vegans who were in a another animal rights group that was down the road and I came across a vegan society leaflet read it and I just connected immediately with the leaflet the argument like leaflet just very simply made the case for veganism and just like if I recognized immediately thought by the vegan mmm maybe not sort of conscious quite consciously in that way but my totally connected little got it I suppose and then basically I decided with my boyfriend at that time I think maybe we were both living at home or something so we decided to book ourselves a holiday in Jersey go away from here before decided to be season so then we both look begin at that time I was the age of 18 and even really met anyone who was vegetarian but I traveled to Europe I wanted to sort of broaden my horizons on a coached Greece somebody gave me Buddhism well vegetarianism was discussed and when I came back to make moment its soda seed in my mind because I didn’t want to be I realized I wouldn’t want to do that myself for me as well I just wanted to opt out of all that and then about a week later I’ve to go veggie I was in a Holland America parents store in southport and the first edition of the new revamped vegan magazine had come out I happen to see that I open it up when I read the definition I thought actually that makes more sense to me sort of bored out of a live-and-let-live attitude adding one of involved please do you have any tips for people that want to go vegan well I think I really enjoyed it you know it’s presented as you’re giving up something that you’re gonna miss I never missed eating meat or cheese or dairy once I found suitable alternatives the whole world of food opened up for me better healthier I declare a conscience i’m just literally recommend the thing is it’s enjoyable you know you’re not denying yourself something whole different way of living now is the time to go vegan because it seems that it’s really exploded in school now has been in the media but in my experience I will say it is the set maybe not the best decision I’ve made in my life that’s certainly one of the imagine not being thing just say it really contributes to the right thing but it’s the nature of the food itself as well it has so many positive effects on body or mental health emotions and it’s just a more enjoyable really like honest it’s more than that so much go to be I think as I ever not yeah I mean for the future the planets as well aware that fifty percent of greenhouse gas is actually generated from animal agriculture everybody’s we want to save the planet sometimes a lot of let’s go to be 10 billion season in this century a lot of people a book to start eating a hell of a lot more food you can see the beginning of that happening now I think I know it’s more related the future with mass migration because and that’s already it’s all there it’s also a resource we do start making changes and taken on radical ideas like a vegan future the planet will be destroyed by who hmm and append them vation because too many aspects of the planet and it’s all good year round so thank you good you’ll end up XP be coming for a professional a very good start yeah


What If The World Became Vegan? | Earth Unplugged

[UltraVid id=40 ]In the UK alone there are over half a million people who have decided to live a vegan lifestyle. This involves not eating dairy or meat and instead opting for plant based food. However, across the globe, humans eat a staggering amount of meat and all these animals need land to graze, food to eat and are responsible for the production of methane which excelarates climate change. What would happen if everyone in the world became vegan?