The Vegan Ironman Diet of Cro-Mags’ John Joseph

[UltraVid id=25 ]I love training in New York City New York City is my home it’s a pretty wild place you’re always gonna see some crazy go down come all over the place like this his fight here is far far that’s why I sold angel dust in 1978 and got shot and went to prison at the Dome man so another day in the life I’m on Joseph author lead singer of the cro-mags and Ironman and Ironman is 2.4 miles swim 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile marathon it adds up to one hundred and forty point six miles the thing about when you start doing Ironman it’s either gonna be one and done or are you gonna get the Ironman bug and you’re gonna be like yeah all right sign up for the next race and that’s what I did I finished New York and I signed up right away for the next race which was Cabo and then I just kept going since I just did Taiwan April 12th then now I’m doing Boulder there’s a lot leading up to preparing yourself for an Ironman you it’s gonna take a toll on your body it’s gonna take a toll on your mind so you have to put the groundwork in first and foremost you have to put the training in and I’ve always been athletic you know I boxed in the Navy I boxed when I was locked up in the 70s I bike raced I ran marathons but in 1981 I saw Ironman Hawaii on Wide World of Sports you know I was watching these people just put everything on the line like wow the emotion just I’m like I’m gonna do that race one day as I’m getting ready for the desire man’s what I do is I’ll ride from Manhattan and I’ll go out to lock away Beach dump my bike at my buddy’s place put my wetsuit on and get in the water and do my 2.4 miles swim and refuel get back on the bike and hammer back into the city through Brooklyn so I’d do one big loop an opportunity came about the New York Ironman came in 2012 and I’ve started to work with this coach Orion Mims who’s done like an insane amount of Iron Man’s half Iron Man’s and he’s like dude let me coach you and I can get us in this race you know for this charity and then Aaron was my strength and conditioning coach and helped me work through a lot of injuries that I had with trigger point and different stretching and activation stuff to make sure that I was able to finish so and your nutrition is a major part of it too high nutrient dense foods is very important leading up to this race I’m eating five six times a day you know you never want the tank to be empty man I’m constantly consuming a lot of fruits veggies a lot of plant-based proteins I’m in juice press every day I’m usually in here right after I hit the gym 50 percent of my diet is raw plant-based one of my main staples I do to chia seeds hooded high and omegas really helps with the training and I also do the superfood acai and I do a shake every day too so I’m gonna have you guys make me the clean green protein that’s got kale spinach hemp protein almond butter coconut milk so that’s more of like a recovery after you train hard so I came off the bike or come out of the gym I always had food issues cuz I was in a really bad foster home for seven years that starved us so I mean I would eat just whatever I could get my hands on rotting meat whatever it was the worst and back at the end the ATI met the Bad Brains ended up splitting from the Navy and coming in New York and getting a job with them and they’re the ones that actually got me to go plant-based because they were like you could work with us but HR this thing it was like you can’t eat meat and then I got a job with them and next thing you knew I got off the meat all that I actually started doing raw foods first I’m gonna make some dinner so the thing I like about this store he gets everything from a lot of local organic produce and this is like the neighborhood store I’ve been shopping in here 20-some odd years so a lot of the endurance athletes more and more are going plant-based because it helps you recover quicker and meat puts the body in a stressful condition because it’s very difficult to digest and we’re making a recipe out of my book meat is for pussies so I’m gonna make you guys meatless chicken burritos these burritos I make are high protein very high nutrient dense dinner so we’re gonna catch some rice going we’re gonna put the coconut oil in here which is gonna add a lot of good fat so mustard seeds will add a lot of good flavor and hang smells like garlic and then we do our tumeric that’s really kill them cancer cells BAM so you know it takes preparation time to make good food but it’s worth it because the that standing eating fast food are gonna spend many many weeks and months in the hospitals seeing doctors getting on line to get their medication so I’d rather invest the time make a good meal homemade so now look at this rice first of all the rice is high in protein and then second you got the peas and you got the cashews and look at look at the greens on there that we’re gonna put into the burritos we’re gonna use the leaves these have more vitamin C than than oranges look at look at the colors of our food I lived in the Hari Krishna temple and I used to my early beginning was cleaning the pots and cleaning the kitchen and working alongside the cook but actually Prabhupada pictured right here this was the person who started the whole vegetarian movement in America I’ve served this to people and they thought they were even meat I didn’t even tell them how amazing this stuff really is it’s just vegetable protein man the philosophy is if you just cook brown rice and beans for people who the wants to eat that if you can make some very healthy food that tastes good people are gonna want to eat this stuff so we got our rice which we prepared earlier throw a couple of pieces the veggie chicken so now you got your protein you got your carbs we’re gonna put some greens up in that so we got the super protein burrito so now we’re gonna put it on the plate and we’re gonna offer it there this is a picture of brow pod my spiritual teacher and radha govinda krishna so we’re almost done here with this the burritos can come out Oh came out nice see this is part of the process you got to realize where I came from abusive homes on the streets so when I got into this this just saved my life so I try to follow what the teachings are come on mama turn on your krishna baby badeah takers name nicer than linker to spend another one of the way of over 100 jobs you got is hardening and that’s that it’s all about proper consciousness the way you prepare you food the way you cook your food and I try to do things the right way attention to detail all right and since I did all the training today I’m gonna you have the extra veggies [Music] people always say oh you do to cro-mags to get in shape for Ironman I’m like nah I do the Ironman to keep in shape for the cro-mags I always say I want to be able to perform as I did when I was in my 20s and I’m still able to do that I really get my training in I don’t mess around if I’m on tour which I was I was going out in the hittin 15 18 mile runs or trying to find a gym with a stationary bike and ride it without altitude mask now you look at most bands they’re trying to live the rock and roll fantasy life sex drugs and rock and roll that ain’t how we live in our lives this is a trigger point therapy through the points in the body so before I do exercise that due dates this loosens up move my arms alive when I play so and I swam today so type you know one week out from an Ironman people wouldn’t even book a show like this I booked I got you shot so if I don’t warm up and do my stuff then you’re asking dangerous you know when I was 20 years old I didn’t have to do man I could just bang my body up any but I’m I’m not that young you know now when you get off a hundred mile ride you forgetting hips and whatever you’re feeling it you know so you got to just get off and have the discipline to stretch and do trigger point all right [Music] [Music] the music is very important part of my life is what it’s what took me out of the darkness of like going back to prison I’m ending up a dead person or a drug addict [Music] the way I describe the cro-mags is it’s it’s just one big explosion of positive energy at the shows the audience participation is what fuels the fire so you know we love that kind of stuff and it may look like it’s a violent act but it’s not really it’s just everybody grooving in having a good time and that’s what hardcore punk rock was about here tonight we see a good so way back in 2012 we played this festival the next day – well thanks Sunday I’m doing my 6th [Applause] [Music] so we’re here at the hotel in Boulder near the start and we’re prepping everything for the Boulder Ironman I have to be in the water at 6:30 a.m. which requires me to get up early and start consuming nutrients I will do oatmeal with a banana and then I will have my organic bread with peanut butter on it so these are cliffs these are 98% organic and vegan I will take these to the top tube so the minute I get out of the water I bang down two of these before I get on the bike these bottles will also have scratch this is the go-to stuff this is what guys in the Tour de France climb mountains in 90-degree heat with this has the salts and then I also have glucose this is just liquid glucose it just instantly goes into your blood and gives you instant energy the other thing I’ll do on the bike which is very important is to try to get down as much of these as I can so I’ll do two Clif bars I’ll try to get three down because when you get to the run it’s all gels and water you’re not gonna get one of these deaths and most of this stuff will be consumed tomorrow I will burn over 9,000 calories in my race it’s about finishing this race that’s everything I’ve put four months of heavy hardcore training into this if there’s an injury whatever happens you push forward and you get through it it’s 5:15 we’re going into the bike transition so I can set my water bottles in we’re at the reservoir this is the swim start so you come out of the water get on your bike we’re gonna pump the tires put out gels on the bike all the nutrition I need this is a mindset in a way of life you know and you meet the best people in the in the Iron Man community man when you’re standing on that beach in the morning and you’re looking at 3,000 people who for the last six months of their life dedicated everything to being at that start it’s a lot of energy when those people are getting ready to get in that water it’s it’s something else the water that’s when you [Applause] [Music] the mind is much more powerful than the body if you put your mind to it you’d be surprised you know people say that to me oh I can’t do a higher man I’m like don’t say you can’t do an Iron Man you can do an Iron Man if you train for it and applied yourself you can finish an Iron Man I see people 50 pounds overweight crossing that finish line because they don’t let anybody put the demons of doubt in their head [Music] then hails at the end will murder it was like three huge climbing but I just stayed on the bike you know it I got a little altitude sickness you know like just nauseousness it is what it is that’s what I signed up now it’s just a nice little marathon it’s like enjoy it that’s the main thing don’t take it up to prove anything to anybody except yourself that you were able to do this but you have to enjoy it if you don’t enjoy the process you’re not gonna stick with it so I wasn’t gonna quit I just dealt with the pain you know and you’re always gonna have pain but you know what you look around man and everybody else out on that course is going through what you’re going through [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] she’s gonna walk all the way through [Music] work through the pain when 2016 hits I’ll probably do another two Iron Man’s before I hit Kona so I got in Kona finally and you know trained like hell but I’m gonna get it done [Applause] muscle go I love it I enjoy it i’m not i don’t have this jock mentality that some of these people have that do these races i don’t ever want to be like that i want to be competing in iron man’s when I’m 70 !