Dr Buttar Accuses Fauci, Gates & The Media For Using COVID-19 To Drive Hidden Agenda

[UltraVid id=334 ]Personally, I love it to listen 1st what someone
has to say … from A to Zeee … nomatter Who it is.
Why?! Because that’s how you can figure out if
someone’s messing with you or not, plus you have
the opportunity to make yourself knowledgeable on
a specific given subject and kick out the BS.

This Doctor is in my opinion very straight forward and
worth listening from Start to End. He might sound
contreversial in an as much contreversial Crisis, but
is one of many experts that come with experienced based
questions and answers that you can’t just ignore only
because you personally don’t like some questions and
the answers that come out of it as a results. But after
the listening, you have @t least the chance to question
back or check if the truth is part of the story. Fear is the
worst advisor, no matter what the subject is.

So, enjoy the video and be free to make up your mind
about how some specific narratives are played out these days.


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About the guest: Rashid Buttar is an American osteopathic physician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is known for his controversial use of chelation therapy for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer. He has been reprimanded by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners for unethical treatment of patients.

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