CALLING ALL VEGANS with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse – March 2019

[UltraVid id=226 ]CALLING ALL VEGANS with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse – March 18, 2019

HAPPY TALES AND TAILS: As vegans, it pains us to learn about the unimaginably horrible things being done to animals each and every day, so it’s always a pleasure to hear good-news stories or watch videos of rescued creatures romping around happy and free. Our first guest, Carla Reilly, is the co-founder — with her husband, Harold — of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary, located near Kingston, Ontario. Seventeen acres of safe space specializing in rehabilitating animals who have been abused and neglected, it’s also a living classroom educating and fostering compassion and empathy in youth and a safe space for military veterans needing to heal from their psychological wounds.

YEAR OF THE SLUT: If the title of Jen Lieberman’s book, “Year of the Slut”, doesn’t catch your attention, then you might be a robot. It’s a sex-positive, feminist piece that encourages women to embrace their sexuality. Think “Sex In The City” meets “50 Shades of Grey”. Jen is an award-winning producer, writer, and director, and she performs a stand-up comedy routine where she liberally sprinkles in vegan and environmental references. And she laid to rest the notion that vegans are humourless. “Year of the Slut” novel available on amazon.com!

THE PROMOTER GETS PROMOTED: Did you know there’s a magazine in Ontario, Canada called “Ontario Vegans Lifestyle Magazine”, and it’s completely devoted to vegans?! Veronika Simmons, the founder and editor-in-chief, chatted with us about this very unique form of activism, because let’s face it, there’s just nothing as cool for a vegan as being featured in a vegan magazine. Well, okay, maybe being interviewed on Calling All Vegans, but that’s the ONLY other thing that even comes close!

NOT ALL ROCKSTARS PLAY A GUITAR: We spoke with rockstar criminal lawyer and hero to animals and animal rights activists alike, Gary Grill. He’s a long-time vegan and social activist, and one of the men who spun the table around and put the Canadian pork industry on trial. With more and more people standing on their hind legs and speaking up for animals, and with there being more and more pushback from animal-exploiting industries, he’s no doubt going to be kept a very busy litigator! We are so lucky to have him on OUR side. Peace, respect, and justice for all. *throwing the horns*

THAT’S A (VEGAN) WRAP! Our regular segment, “That’s A (Vegan) Wrap!”, where Alec spends several minutes delivering glad and sad goings-on in the vegan movement and Sue sees if he can tell her something she hasn’t heard already. Even cornier and cringy-er than Alec’s puns? When we say together at the end: “And that’s a (vegan) wrap! Don’t miss it.

Gary Grill sending us off with some profound thoughts at the Animals Beyond Border Gala held December, 2018:

Lawyer Gary Grill and activist Jenny McQueen speak about the injustice faced by activists for rescuing animals and exposing the truth#PigTrial2#CompassionIsNotACrime

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