Going cruelty-free with Shoes and clothes, is really a great way to bring change in this world. Changing that kind of habit endorses the fact that t society as a whole, needs sustainable mindsets. Since the tendency of people who do so is growing, this automatically makes this market more and more affordable for everyone.  And of course, as a bonus, it helps to reduce animal cruelty.

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My Thoughts on Aggressive Vegan Activists

Don’t say plant-based you’re either a vegan or you’re not please
Hi, my name is Krista and welcome to my channel today I want to do a video on vegan activism and my thoughts on why some vegans are actually detrimental to the cause so let’s have a little chat shall we people usually decide to go vegan for one or a combination of the following reasons the environment animal welfare and health for those who have strong moral and ethical beliefs behind their veganism which are usually the environmental and animal camp they usually want to spread their message and convert others to their vegan lifestyle fine great makes sense you want to make the world a better place kudos to you it’s great that you have a passion that you believe in and are willing to fight for however I see a lot of things in vegan activism that turn me off from veganism and I am a vegan today I want to run through a list of some of those things and then provide my solutions at the end the first mistake I think people make when trying to convert others to become vegan is coming at it with anger there are plenty examples on YouTube of people harassing others on the street for wearing leather or fur you don’t get light reactions from those being harassed if someone came up to me on the street aggressively saying literally anything I wouldn’t have my mind open to what they were saying especially if they were criticizing me and telling me that I was a killer or a bad person or whatever because it’s something that I’m wearing the person who you’re confronting likely doesn’t even have a clue about what goes on behind the scenes in creating fashion made of animals so to come up to them aggressively and tell them that they’re wrong or sometimes to even possibly throw paint on them or do something to destroy their item of clothing all you’re doing is going to be creating resistance from them think about people in your life is opinions you respect and that you’ll listen to even though you might have differing opinions are those people speaking to you in an aggressive manner are they telling you that you’re wrong and you’re dumb because you think differently than them no they are executing a full sentence which explains why they feel the way they do in a manner of tone where you’re willing to listen so I don’t know why anyone would say yelling at others on the street is a good idea to convert people to begin ISM but this also applies to the clothes that you wear and the message that you’re sending across walking down the street I recently went to the vegan festival they were selling a bunch of t-shirts I have aggressive messages basically saying if you’re not vegan your killer or you know you’re a bad person with knives and blood and like weird on it personally if I was on the subway in New York City and I saw somebody wearing that shirt I wouldn’t think that they were approachable or someone that I could go to and ask you know what’s veganism know what is it why you need like that why is it cruel to animal is it bad for the environment I would probably actually sit on the other side of the subway carts and not sit next to someone who had a pig being watered on their shirt my next point about aggressiveness and anger within activism has to do with vegans being aggressive towards other vegans which is evident all over the internet and why would you want to join a community that is attacking itself you wouldn’t choose friends who you know we’re going to talk behind your back or grant it all over the internet no vegan is better than the next vegan even if you’re only in it for health reasons whether you like it or not you’re still making an impact on the environment and animals and people who are passionate about those two topics should be grateful that you have decided to make the choice that you’ve made even if you didn’t make it for their reason we all have one thing in common we all choose not to consume animal products some of us take it to the next level and then choose not to buy hygiene products or clothing or whatever that also involves animal products the person who’s the perfect vegan isn’t better than the one who is just doing their best every day to maybe eat a few meals a week better vegan or you know only eats vegan but doesn’t not purchase animal products not everyone is at the same level of education or cares about what you care about it doesn’t mean that their actions aren’t working towards your cause if everyone just did a little bit we would have a great result so don’t criticize those who aren’t being perfect or up to your standard and for those of you who are hardcore environmentalist and you lack your passion even ISM is how we’re going to save the world how we’re going to save the environment but you don’t allow other people to express their love for the environment in different ways maybe they’re mediators but they live in a self-sustaining home that they built themselves and they’re passionate about spreading the message of renewable energy and that’s their focus they’re not wrong for expressing their passion in a different way again they don’t need to do it the way you do it you can’t expect all or nothing from others small steps in the right direction from everyone can get us a long way so what’s my solution need by example sometimes I think the best way to get your point across is not to say anything at all your friends will see that you’re leaving a happy healthy lifestyle and want to know what you’re doing I’m going to want to know why you lost 20 pounds or why your skin is looking so good I’ve had plenty of friends and acquaintances who have been really curious about my lifestyle I didn’t even bring it up they just noticed that I asked for things about cheese or said you know no I don’t eat meat or something like that and they wanted to know more and then I can explain to them what my values are and why I the way I do another way that I choose to lead by example is with my clothing item you know I have really cute Angela Roy bags or Matt and NAT bag which I always get compliments on those are both vegan companies that have the same values that I do you see a cute bag that they want and then they go get it so it’s really a win-win for everyone because now I have someone else supporting a vegan company next get educated make sure you have responses to the questions that you’re going to receive from others about your lifestyle as to why you choose to live the way you do and make sure they’re backed up by hard facts people love to push veganism aside at some sort of hippie phase or something that you know those weirdos over there do but it’s not there is scientific fact that there this is a healthier lifestyle the three reasons that I said before that people go vegan animal activism environmental activism or just for health reasons there’s facts behind all three of them so whatever you’re passionate about whether it be one or all three of those things find the information to back it up personally why I believe in all those three things my main reason for going vegan in the first place was health so I’ve read everything I possibly could so that when I get those questions like where do you get your protein from but I heard that high protein is better than low protein well this got on dr. oz said this and someone else said that I have the facts to have a conversation and review what people are saying to me I also have the wherewithal and understanding to know that I’m not a nutritional scientist I’m not a geologist or meteorologist you know I’ve never seen animal cruelty in real life I don’t know everything you also have to keep your mind open to other experiences and other people’s opinions next handle other people’s aggression kindness never fight back or yell at someone who’s getting aggressive with you about their opinions about not eating me eating meat dairy and cheese is a part of cultural norms family traditions and things that have been ingrained in us since we were born so to question the way that somebody’s living they can get aggressive with you there’s no reason that you need to get aggressive back this goes back to my point of saying get educated it’s on what the FAK be kind about it and if they want to be aggressive with you them and the conversation you don’t have to win every battle lastly celebrate small victories as I said before we should have criticized those who aren’t perfect vegans and you don’t live the lifestyle up to the way that you would expect them to but if you have a friend or family member who’s trying to eat you know maybe one vegan meal a day or even once you give me a little week or maybe they went and bought you know a beginning gift for you or something just to show that maybe they’re showing some interest in this lifestyle celebrate that they’ve done that don’t say it’s all or nothing allow them to have a small victory and maybe that small victory will turn into you know a positive herd of vegan anyways that was my video for today I’m just hard to express these feelings to a camera but I hope I got my point across in a way that makes sense you know I personally don’t even really consider myself too much to be an activist for veganism but I also don’t want to see this lifestyle that’s given me happiness and health to be put down by people who are just going about it the wrong way and to close people’s minds to something that I personally think could help them also achieve happiness and health so until next time bye


Vegan Millionaires Shortbread YEAAAAAAAHH!!!

Hi, today I’m going to be showing you guys how to make vegan millionaire shortbreads I know what you’re thinking ah that sounds long it’s not it’s really easy but the one thing that you really do need for my recipe is a condensed a condensed can of soy milk a can of condensed soy milk and there are other ways of doing it which you can look up online but this is the one that I found the best for like holding its shape and you if you follow me on instagram you might have seen that I was doing it giveaway for said before you get millionaire’s shortbreads and these are the exact ones I’m gonna be giving away so if you were the winner you can see me picking my nose where they’re making them and working it in the batter quick sidenote firstly I don’t know what’s going on with my eye makeup today I cannot get it even you know people are like oh why browser sisters not twins for what what’s the thing with winged eyeliner and secondly what’s gone on here my hair started to go kind of greeny gray I’m not mad at it though I don’t mind it anyway complete side note that let’s actually get on with some cricket are we okay so let’s get started what I’ve weighed out so far is a hundred grams of caster sugar and 220 grams of plain flour in my bowl I’m going to give them a stir we’re making a shortbread base first just make sure all the sugar and all the flour is combined before you add the butter just to make sure it’s all mixed evenly really okay oh me whoops hey well annoyingly that was just off camera but I did actually flick flour all over myself now I’ve had a quick clean up after the break I’m gonna add in 125 grams of soy butter I’ve got this dairy-free pure one you can use whatever you want vital lights another good go to say 125 grams are going in here Oh oh my god 124 let’s leave it there cuz otherwise I’m gonna go over it right you do not leave this guy’s misstep and are we on camera yes you’re just gonna go in with your hands so I’ve taken off all my lovely little sparkly rings and we’re just gonna start combining this bit is really fun it’s kind of it feels kind of gross but also lush so I’ve lined my Tim and this bit is really important so don’t try to get away without doing it which is something that I probably would have done back in the day before I was a genius I’ve just put parchment paper in and these sides have got a bit more of the soy butter just spread around it I promise you you are not getting this guy out of the tin if you don’t mind it like I said be sensible and do it got my dough here look at that for buttery biscuit base I’m just gonna press it in and then we’re gonna work it into all of the corners so it’s nice and even and super flat and I’m probably going to fast forward this bit because I doubt you want to be doing this for 10 minutes right it’s all pushed into the corners nice and evenly the neater you can get it the nicer it’s going to work when you take it out I’ve pricked it with a fork to ensure an even think as Mary berry would say and I’m going to put it in the other at the moment I’m on gas mark 6 so I think about between 180 200 200 might be to got 180 in a fan of them and I think it’s going to go in for about 15 minutes but I’ll let you know cuz sometimes everyone’s oven is different everyone’s having gets hot then of the Robins just make sure it’s in the middle of the oven so that one side doesn’t get more cooked than the other okay let’s do this right the shortbread still in the oven don’t start heating the caramel until the shortbreads out and quite cool I’m just going to show you basically the start of the caramel so in here I’ve got half my tin of condensed soy milk which I threw away this is the brand that I had set on the camera yes it is so yeah so I’ve got half a can of that I’m doing this recipe in half quantities because I made it the other day so I only had one pan just double it if you want to make a big batch but yeah half of that went into here and then I put in a tablespoon of golden syrup and then 50 grams of brown sugar and I’m just gonna mix it all together before I put it on the heat I just wanted to show you what it looks like and then I’ll show you again when I’m heating it and what it looks like then so my shortbread base is out I think it was in for about 20 minutes it’s nice and golden oh my god I can smell it smells so good so now that’s how I’ve started to put the heat on on the old caramel should probably move the camera but it’s just starting to melt so I’ve got it on a really low heat and it’s probably going to take about five six minutes to be the consistency that I want it to but basically you want all the sugar to have melted all the butter to have melted and it will start to thicken up just keep you need to stay in the room with it so don’t go off and go to the toilet or anything like that and yeah I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done oh hey I’m so annoyed right it is pretty much at the consistency that I want now you can see how much it’s not even on the camera yeah how much it’s thickened up but it’s still a pourable which is great because once it starts to set it’s really hard to spread evenly so I’m gonna pour it on in a sec alright guys we’re going in oh my god make sure you get every single last bit this is actually a great tip that I’m about to share with you that I haven’t done but I’ve just thought of have a pan up our pan a oh my god look at that I’m gonna move it around a bit in a sec fill in all the little gaps isn’t gonna be so great what I was gonna say is have a sink of hot water ready because once it’s set onto your pan you’re gonna be right that’s that bit done now we just need to leave it to cool yeah right now we are going to make the top at the chocolate top the caramel isn’t completely set but it is hard to the touch still a bit warm though and this is perfect for pouring it on because it’s not going to mix it and it’s still at the top it’s gonna sit on top I am making my chocolate for those of you again who follow me on instagram you’ll see that quite often I post little handmade chocolates this is how I make them and I just really like to do it it’s basically just coconut oil golden syrup or agave if you want to be sugar free but if you want to be sugar free don’t do this recipe because you’re a heart attack and cocoa powder ah basically you just combine like this quarter cup of melted coconut oil with a quarter cup of cocoa powder make sure it’s all in there you can’t just use store-bought chocolate if you can’t bother to do this thing or if you can’t get a hold of coconut oil and mix it together it’s so chocolatey and so like rich and it just sets in the fridge when the coconut oil goes hard I just really like making it but like I said buy your own from just make sure it’s vegan dark chocolate and you can just Mouse it with a tiny bit of soy cream or even a splash of soy milk just to make it a bit more ganache like so it cuts nicely and doesn’t shatter right so that’s the chocolatey syrup but if you eat it like this it will taste disgusting because it will be so bitter so we’re gonna add some golden syrup and I’m putting in about a tablespoon I don’t want this to be too sweet because the whole thing in itself super-sweet so again combiner and if you’re making if you’re going to use this to make little chocolates this is the stage as you can see it’s getting like really glossy and beautiful this is the stage when you just pour it into the little molds to make sure it’s all whipped up if you don’t mix it properly it has a habit of separating and all the sweet stuff goes at the bottom and then you get a very bitter cocoa on top it’s actually not that bad because it kind of tastes a bit like a truffle but I don’t want that for this because I’ve got a post them as well so these need to hold up in the post okay now I’m going to pour it on there will be a link below to a CD available with one of my singing on it they went really I did not know by man my mum okay that’s make sure you’ve got all of it you don’t have to rush massively with this part because the coconut oil doesn’t really satin till it’s gotten pretty cold in the fridge they pour it on just drizzle it around make sure that all of the caramel is covered oh my god there it is now it’s gonna go back in the fridge to set when it’s kind of half there I’m going to put some decorations on the top if you put them on now they’ll literally just disappear free the chocolate look in that is how you make raw vegan chocolate by the way so I’m gonna put it in the freezer because I want it to hurry up but if you’ve got all day put it in the fridge so that’s it they’re done it was a sip as that thank you so much for watching and as always if you make any take a picture and tag me on Instagram or Twitter or whatever you want to do just let me know because I love to see you guys making my stuff thanks again bye


Top 7 Reasons People Fail on a Vegan Diet: Plant-based Pitfalls

Hey guys Aaron and dusty here welcome back to eat move rest and Happy New Year yes happy 2018 so with the New Year here a lot of you are probably thinking it might be time to clean up your diet lose a little bit of weight maybe you’re even entertaining the idea of going vegan after all dr. oz did say that it was like the trend of the year yeah so 2018 it’s only building steam we want to share with you guys seven pip pitfalls or seven reasons that people fail out of plant-based or vegan diet yep so let’s get right into it number one people don’t eat enough calories I know that when I started or we started this journey I got rid of meat and dairy and all of a sudden I was just starving I didn’t know what to eat what’s left right so make sure and get your calories number two too much vegan junk food yes there is such a thing if you go to Whole Foods or any grocery store you’re bound to find plenty of processed packaged junk foods labeled vegan and all the sudden you see the halo 4 minutes glowing light and you grab it snatch it up throw it in your cart bring it home prepare it and you maybe don’t feel any better than you did when you ate your regular burger no Aaron will tell you I am a vegan junk food addict I do my best but every once in a while I just have to order that vegan pizza and eat the whole thing and I feel like dying yeah so steer clear of the junk foods and stick to the Whole Foods plant-based foods yeah more on that later number three being unprepared now this is something that we still struggle with nobody’s perfect but being prepared is going to help I know again when we first started we didn’t know what to buy at the grocery store we didn’t know what to prepare at home and basically we were unprepared and then always hungry yeah so has the same goes if you fail to plan you can plan to fail right number four the fourth reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is criticism yes and criticism can be harsh it can be downright mean we haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of that especially from our online community it’s been overwhelmingly positive things on YouTube but it can also be just joking around and just giving you a hard time which can also be uncomfortable right so my father-in-law Erin’s wonderful father is the biggest jokester in the world and I don’t know how many vegan slang word nicknames that he’s called me and us but hey we have survived and you will too just stand up to that criticism yes stand firm be confident just walk the walk and eventually people will start to ask you questions right okay so number five money people say it’s too expensive to be vegan and that is simply not true we were just at our families for the holidays and somebody was cooking up a big hunk of meat sitting on the counter we looked at the price and it was $50 a $50 piece of meat do you know how many rice and beans we can buy with that and cases of bananas no kidding we buy beans rice lentils potatoes by the bay it’s so cheap they last forever you can do it for six reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is impatience patience is a virtue my friends yes it can be tempting to want to go cold turkey and switch overnight and think that everything’s just gonna be like all happy sunshine and rainbows but it can actually set you up for failure and you’ll end up reverting back to how you were before yes so it took me at least two years and it was a little bit quicker but yeah we started out with vegetarian we did it for 40 days then we went back and like it was a two-year journey for us and we’ve right here and we’re happy now but be easy on yourself and have patience and we’re still learning new things every single day that the journey continues and you’re okay with that because we feel great and we’re continuing to feel better right so finally number seven the reason people fail is confusion they’re like what I thought this but this guy says that and we’re all just confused what’s right dr. Oz says one thing Oprah says another thing and ritual dr. Gregers say another thing yeah our best advice is to check your facts yeah for example wheel of nutritionfacts.org dr. Michael Greger all of his research is pulled from medical journals that are not backed by industry it was unbiased it’s gonna be clean pure truth okay so to recap the top seven reasons people fail on a vegan diet are number one not enough calories yes number two vegan junk food number three being unprepared yes number four criticism number five money or budgeting number six my biggest one impatience and number seven confusion yes so if you guys like this video you know the drill give us a thumbs up leave us some love down below leave us a comment hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and follow us on social media yes at Aaron stanczyk at DB stanczyk and click that Bell that’ll make sure that notifications will be turned on yes you’ll get alerted when we put out new videos here because the next video we’re gonna do for you guys will be the top 7 ways to succeed at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle right so stay tuned we’ll give you all the best answers to this videos problems oh yes happy new year okay crazy and how much of that is just like meat that you have to shave off earth not me yeah alright yeah that’s okay that’s right


The Vegan Way of Life

Veganism is an ecological and compassionate lifestyle that provides numerous benefits to animals’ lives, to the environment, and to our own health. Regarding health in particular, a whole plant based diet has proved extremely successful in reversing a number of chronic or degenerative diseases even when adopted in late stages.