Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism vs. Protest

[UltraVid id=202 ]Has your group been labeled as a terrorist organization have you been labeled as a terrorist we got threatening phone calls to people following our trucks know hey we’re terrorizing our local farmers they’re terrorizing us. I’m in Berkeley California and I’m meeting with an animal liberation group called direct action everywhere also known as DXE they’re notorious for their extreme tactics which includes civil disobedience mass protests and trespassing because several of DX these tactics are illegal many of their members have been arrested some are even facing felony charges that could land them up to 60 years in prison but even with the looming threat of prison time DXE is planning the largest action in the history of the organization which will happen tomorrow morning at an undisclosed location let’s do it all one more time my name is Wayne Cheung and I’m co-founder of the animal rights Network direct action everywhere I’m also a lawyer and former and law professor we started the EXCI in 2013 because we wanted to build a movement for animal rights [Music] we haven’t labeled this terrorist and it’s shocking because we’re just a bunch of people volunteer at dog and cat shelters and really love animals some of these terrorist labels may be in response to past DXE actions in May of 2018 Wayne was indicted with multiple felony charges after breaking into a pig farm in Utah to document living conditions he removed two piglets from the property these charges could send Wayne to prison for sixty years if he’s convicted so you are facing pretty much the rest of your life in prison yeah and you’re still going to participate in this open rescue tomorrow yeah why for most the past 20 years of my life as an animal I attacked us I thought to myself that there will come a time where you have to make some sacrifices to bring exposure to this issue and you have to be ready to make those sacrifices I am several hundred activists from across the country gathered to hear Wayne’s final briefing as he reveals the specific target and mission of today’s action their objective is to break into a large egg farm and occupy the property until all the sick and injured chickens are removed folks we are about to march into a massive factory farm in the heart of darkness and hell we’re gonna expose what’s happening inside and try to take some of the Andals out and today we’ve got a legal opinion from a scholar we’ll be delivering to the company saying we have the right to be there we have the right to rescue these animals are we all ready to go a lawyer has written Wayne a legal opinion arguing that DX’s actions today are protected under a California animal abuse law Penal Code 597 II however 597 II has yet to be used as a successful legal defense for actions like this since DXE is technically trespassing vais will not cross property lines to film all footage inside the farm is filmed by DXE we are approaching the facility I can see the signs to say eggs so it seems like they’re starting to brush the facility they’re starting to run I’m an investigator with the rescue network for California peonies attached to this letter you can be de let’s uh sorry I’m not thank you very much sir thank you very much right to do this we do have the right to fire ace seems like a lot of the workers are coming out really confused about what is happening coming onto the property who has no right to be here these animals are not being missing so this is a good operation this is a very very good operation so you expect arrests I’m gonna go over and tell our deputy [Applause] you have a right under all right or anything we did you want me this ever right pictures [Applause] look at how crimps wave conditions are dehydration because they have no access to water as you can see there’s probably a few hundred of them to come and support the animals are going to be coming out soon we have at least three cars I don’t know how many officers are actually on sites it’s gonna they’re gonna be walking for a few minutes there’s a few hundred of them oh they’re all coming out over here is this one okay is there anything wrong with this one nobody in there is okay what do you have going on right now she was found in there 5 rescuers isn’t I’m just holding on to her right now is she dead yes it looks like the police are actually starting to like occupy the front of the building and probably stop them from going back in police have blocked the entrance to the farm DXE is considering going back into the property to release more birds Wayne is negotiating these demands with officers and farm owners we’re gonna check on animal patrols MTA okay I’m appreciative rays of operation so far so good and we’ll take a look here in a little bit thank you very much I appreciate it so Wayne what is happening what we’ve argued is that under 597 first of all we have the right to go again it doesn’t matter but they cannot stop it cannot sighs just like if someone is torturing their dog and you go to give the dog some assistance the other right to do it have a right to do all right what’s up is Sergeant Thompson asking you no go back in he’s asking us not to go back and right now and and he’s he’s saying that in exchange for not exercising our rights he will go in with animal control and we will have an opportunity to see some of these disease and distressed animals in the barn Wayne Wayne can I talk to you over here we’ll get going talking to [Applause] I’ve asked you to be reasonable I’ve asked you spend a winter with me yeah and you’re refusing that this is a setup Friday it looks your game file it’s leaves a box outside let’s leave the press and the cameras off and have seen the outside as well sure using both of you guys okay Dave going I don’t even want to go inside I don’t want any police officers okay so basically what’s happening is the owner said he wants to talk to Wayne without media without police so that’s where they went we’re gonna wait and see what happens they said we could remove sicker distressed handles but they kind of waffled on this and they said what do you see a sick and distress and they also said we did not remove any sick of distress panels so well the folks are applying to do a civil experience please approach the fraud we just announced everybody that they are going to go in here they go so there are walking across they’re gonna get arrested we see Wayne there are a lot of people who have charges who are going to get arrested [Music] Duane is getting arrested property in total 40 activists including Wayne are arrested and taken to sonoma county sheriff’s office and they’re released the next morning so we’re going to visit Mike he’s one of the owners of the farm that dxc escaped the break-in and I’m gonna talk to him about how he’s feeling a few months out how it has affected him how are you good my clever thanks for having me out here you bet so in the aftermath of what happened what what have your thoughts been what have you been thinking about right after it was really why me what was so bad with our operation that we were the targets we looked at DXE and after really understanding what they’re about and how they’re not for upsetting animal welfare standards they’re for the eradication of using animals if you realize there’s no way there’s a cover going to be a common ground they excel at trying to create some some mayhem and they they think it’s a positive or constructive way to have a discussion but it’s not it’s detrimental it shut our business down it concerned our employees and we have people today who have lingering issues about this type of thing happening again it’s a big operation but we’re small farmers do you consider your farm humane should there be a concern about how your birds are raised all farmers should be held accountable they should be doing everything they can to provide humane care for the amount of effort we put in to take care of these animals that’s the way it should be done we’re audited by three different groups that look at our animal care from a humane or animal welfare perspective the statements that dxc had made were false they were saying that the birds are not provided water and not provided feed basically and I’m happy to show you inside of our chicken houses so you can see that every chicken has feed and water access to it 24 hours a day this is a cage free house and these curtains this is where the nests are and what we’re doing is creating a safe place for them that’s dark because they like to lay their eggs in a place that’s safe from predators that’s why these curtains are here you can see the nipples as well up here if I push it and so they know to do that since day one they’ve been drinking water this way something from that day I do remember there was a dead bird that one of them did bring out yeah animals are just like humans if you have a city with a hundred thousand people in it there’s some people die every day it’s part of the natural process it’s one of the things that if I could run a farm and none of my animals ever died I’d be all for it but I can’t it’s hard it’s hard to be a farmer and have your integrity called on the floor by a bunch of people who don’t have any understanding of our industry the challenges we face the amount of effort that goes into producing this safe affordable and humanely raised product because of the DXE event we have evaluated everything we do from an animal welfare perspective we’ve looked at ways that we can improve it we’re actually making some changes so there’s there’s a good thing that comes out of it but it came out of it in the most unconstructive manner do you consider a DXE a domestic terrorist group that’s a great question they’re terrorizing us they’re terrorizing our local farmers there’s not a night that goes by that I hear a slow-moving car that I think that there’s somebody out there patrolling everybody is nervous now because of what they’re doing there’s nothing constructive about their action I mean were you know so it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and last time I saw you you were being arrested so just update me what’s happened since then we’ve done a number of other mass demonstrations but most notably we went back to Sonoma County with a couple hundred people to do a demonstration of a huge poultry farm and as a result 58 activists including myself around up in charged with multiple felonies and now we have to win this fight in court so talk to me a little bit about that you know how are you guys working with 597 a when you’re in court facing some of the charges that you’re facing it’s always scary to be in court it’s even more scary when you’re facing dozens of felonies and that’s what we’re facing now at the same time we know this is an opportunity because if we can win one of these cases what that will mean is that the law and the court and the jury accept the fact that these animals are living creatures and that will open the doors for activists across the state and across the nation to start infiltrating these farms taking the animals out and exposing an industry that when exposed people want it to stop so I think what Mike would say and what I think he did say to you um when we weren’t there is that he’s doing everything by the book by the law but that’s not still not okay for you guys the laws are corrupt and the laws are often written and enforced by the industry for the industry their response is always one in the same which is this is an industry standard and our response to that is corporations don’t ride the laws that people write the laws they want to believe what they’re doing is not bad for the animals are bad for the environment their economic interests certainly are aligned with that belief but when we actually look at this with a an objective lens we have to acknowledge these animals are suffering do you think if you and Wayne ever talked again you don’t think that you guys would come to some sort of agreement I don’t know a good analogy for it but the only one I could give you is if you own a house and there’s an arsonist who once have a conversation with you a discussion with you how could you ever come to agreement on something he wants to shut all animal agriculture down I need to pay off the loans I want to continue our family business I want to continue to provide fresh food for the citizens of this state things happen and after they happen life is never the same for us it’s having several hundred people come break into your building and broad daylight push their way past your employees and steal animals out of your house that happened you know I can’t can’t go back can’t make it go away what you were doing is illegal you know what do you say to them you never change the world by following the rules first of all so some rules are meant to be broken when there’s an unjust rule someone should break it but more importantly I don’t see us as rule breakers I see us as rule makers that if you look at the course of human history these great social changes only occurred because people were willing to test the boundaries of the current system


The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

[UltraVid id=143 ]This is all my kitchen equipment and then here it’s kind of like pots and pans keeps the soup in there French press and I’ll move on to the next room and I’ve got my bed along with my closet on the side right here my surfboard this is my baby [Music] [Music] you know people ask me a lot of times like why I do this it wasn’t really anything I thought about it was just once I got this like I knew this is what I’m just gonna do this you know I didn’t do it really a thought process that went into I wanna you know make this liveable I want to do this and this and this is just this is what I’m gonna do that’s not terrible throw for your camp members in there be alright with Hannah so I get to learn a lot about myself just you know you’re by yourself a lot here it’s like complete you know alone we were in a meeting and she touched out for blue jays was making a joke about somebody’s van in the parking lot and how it had grown grass all around it I saw like Nora’s kind of laughing so I introduced myself and I met dia I met the big hippie so guys you know most guys aren’t hotels or houses you know he’s just a simple guy so he parks it at the beach or the old Walmart there and you know sleeps out no one giving me a hard time because you guys are here they love it I always want me to make cook for him and stuff [Music] a little kind of a nice shake I hold it [Music] every time I start it up like it’s it takes five minutes for me to get going so I like stop at a red light and all just die out you deal with it and you just gotta be patient really take that into other forms alive I guess I think my first year in pro belong to us in twelve I had an eight-and-a-half er a that’s not good that’s really bad and I became a bulldog on the mound it’s controlled chaos you know off the field I don’t really I never get like that but I’m human and baseball gets into my mind on my car maybe I can remember out some push-ups like it makes you feel like you know I did something to get better today I think of all day there’s an opportunity to do more just like tonight like before I lay down to sleep I’m gonna go to pull ups at Walmart well basically this is where I do my pull-ups like see if I can demonstrate a few before I get kicked out of here her Cyrus get a roll start and she’s off right now see that kind of I guess into it I can fill it up for 25 bucks but I usually try to my stop it gas station I felt like usually like five to seven bucks Inc if I have a full tank I’m always gonna go off on some kind of crazy adventure never know where I’ll end up so I gotta keep myself inside of a little window there’s time try to drive and I’ll kind of like start kicking myself because I’ll see something interesting and I’ll pass it by I’m just like dang it should I should I like check that out and so I I think recently I’ve done a lot better job if I see something I’ll hit the brakes or even like turn around you know but like now it is like I’ll just pull off to the shoulder and and like kind of get in the grass you know and then just go to it and walk this is what I look for like this is the way I was raised up and that’s what I enjoy just because money is there doesn’t mean that it’s you know you gotta have nicer things and you used to have you know no I’m not a money could really buy this I’ve been offered more than what I paid for it before and I just it’s easy for me to say no just because it’s like it’s a part of me just ever been in it and all that stuff sounds weird but it is you


Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices | Melanie Joy | TEDxMünchen

[UltraVid id=130 ]Melanie Joy on Carnism and other food choices.

Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M. is a Harvard-educated psychologist, professor of psychology and sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, a noted speaker, and the author of “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.” Melanie is a recipient of the Institute of Jainology’s Ahimsa Award. Her work has been featured by numerous media outlets including the BBC, Germany’s ARD, ABC Australia, the New York Times and Spiegel Online. Melanie has given her carnism presentation on five continents. She is also the founder and president of the organization Beyond Carnism (formerly Carnism Awareness & Action Network) and the project Karnismus erkennen (German-speaking countries).

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


Training with the Meat-Free MMA Fighter

[UltraVid id=30 ]More important is the time that I’m having while I’m training in the actual fight you know the fight is just a result upon my training was and how I’ll prepare that way so if you put too much pressure on the result and you have an attachment to the result then you’re always waiting for that moment you don’t enjoy everything that happens up until that moment flights gonna happen on that day when that day comes I’ll get my adrenaline going but I’m not going to get my adrenaline going today over that let’s start from closed guard today if you open the legs keep going if you get to half guard keep going into a full pass if the guy turns to his knees the guys I hear boom it turns to his knees keep going until it’s a full pass if he gets both hooks then you stop all right if you sweep or submit you stop all right let’s go my name is Kron Gracie I was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil I’ve been competing which it’s my whole life teaching my whole life more recently like the past five years I’ve been focusing on MMA Jiu Jitsu is the biggest foundation for fighting I think if you don’t know jiu-jitsu it’s gonna have a hard time to get into a real fight with somebody because the fight is most likely going to end up on the ground at some point so I think jiu-jitsu is the most valuable martial artist I’ve been teaching introduced my whole life I spent a lot of time building this gym spending a lot of time building my jiu-jitsu spend a lot of time building my students good job guys good morning everybody are you guys ready for some apple cider vinegar shots for what if I cannot do this first helps flush out my body of my system first and then I’ll have like either your water or lemon water at least just water for me I like to stay light in the day and I get my body just enough of what it needs to get through that workout or through that next stage luckily Eggs Benedict right now or the big meal it’s going to slow me down I used to be able to eat anything and go train and do anything you know any 20 year old kid is going to be able to eat anything and perform still I’m going to be 28 so there’s only so long you can fight for if I’m like eating bad foods it’s really putting my body in danger it’s really putting it in risk I enjoy to eat healthy because I enjoy being able to train the way I train able to feel the way I feel and I’m supporting things that are good for the environment good for the world basically haven’t eaten a year I eat fish and I don’t need too much dairy I don’t drink milk I don’t eat that much gluten it just kind of happened slowly you know it took a long time for me to be able to really believe and not being able to eat meat and still be a professional athlete I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu since basically before I can remember what is what I already was training with a little ghee on and a little yellow belt I started learning with my father and he learned with his father so we come from a very strong foundation of jiu-jitsu my grandfather was the Jiu Jitsu what Einstein is to mathematics you know he basically took Japanese Jitsu which was based on explosiveness and strength and started developing his own techniques his whole mission was to prove that jiu-jitsu was based on leverage and that a weaker man can beat a bigger man within a little bit of time he became the one who was the representor and like actually fighting and his brother kind of stepped inside and became the businessman and them together was real made the Gracie family one had 21 kids the other one had nine kids and they just basically created this army of little jiu-jitsu champions biggest martial arts family in the world and we’ve been representing for hundred years most people who even watch fighting don’t even know who the Gracie’s are it’s almost lost and your arm trying to make sure that the family name is kept alive [Music] you we’re in Santa Monica and we’re gonna run six miles to Venice pier and back you really don’t need that much food like if you’re eating like nutritious food with nutrients in small meals you can keep your energy level way higher have a better endurance have a better training have a better everything you know you live longer move faster and think better when you eat a lot of food it makes almost like slow I’ve eaten like that too and I eat like this and I’m able to perform way more and do more if I eat less and just see good food I [Music] train for triathlons to help me with fighting for me triathlon and running and biking and swimming is just fun and being out and just doing something different because I’ve been caged up in a gym with a bunch of men training sweating just grappling and punching that it’ll drive you crazy I’ve learned a lot of breathing from my father you know he from a little young age my dad you always was encouraging me to learn how to breathe and he always did diaphragm work and did a lot of movement with breathing and as I get older and older and older more difficult situations more mental stress more physical stress all these things start adding up and I kind of started to breathe more and I kind of restarted to notice that it was a big part of my life and a big part of my growth and my peace so I started to put more time into it and I’ve created my own like sequence of things I like to do in ways I like to breathe things that I think are important luckily I brought a a backup protein this is this plant-based protein I really enjoyed being like good news you know tired you know like II hydrated overworked broken down sore I really enjoyed those students vision makes me feel alive you know this is a bag of sport endurance gel just sugars and salts and potassium extra lights and stuff like that I try to be in touch with what’s coming in my body what’s going out of my body if I need energy how am I going to get it from Piper to awake how am I going to relax I’m just testing all these things out finding out what works for me what’s up and I have a number one piece and yeah yeah we’re going to do it all [Music] sometimes you don’t have it but today you have it the lentils right here and I’m gonna get the hummus too wherever there thank you this is ginger this is tumeric right and then you want to explain them what this is twelve complex with a little bit of an alkaline water the vitamin b12 that we use is derived by algae and easy to bring her everywhere she can explain everything so I don’t have to explain I’m not getting much of this right now I really feel like like this much of this and I can train for another like two hours three hours easy by now my priority isn’t eating my priority is training so I’m gonna eat what I need just to get me through the training after I’m done with all my workouts then I’ll just take time to eat and you gear up and get ready for the next day it’s six o’clock yeah I’m going to go to my house show there for a little bit and then we’ll go from there ah my personal masseuse I mean it’s not like an actual massage but it definitely helps makes me feel good like my body knows exactly when ten minutes is up I already know oh so I’m ready to minerals and this helps oxygenate your blood there’s no typical day for me you know every day is a little different I follow my intuition you know what I feel what feels right to me which was my body what feels good to my training that isn’t on a schedule except for it at 7 p.m. I got to be at the gym the last few years been kind of more focusing on my MMA I’ve been teaching less and focusing more on my progression and I have to put a lot of time into other things besides you Jitsu so I’ve been working my boxing in my judo kickboxing karate and my overall performance physically mentally and spiritually to reach these strong points in the fight after training you drink a lot of water and you drink a lot of liquids because I’m dehydrated I’m delusional because I didn’t drink a lot of liquids throughout the day so I’m first trying to get all my liquids in and then once that goes down I can eat [Music] it’s 10:30 right now it’s pretty early sometimes I only get out of training like I leave the gym at 11:00 or leave the gym at 12 thank you those are mice got a fight no no I was supposed to fight this month but we got pushed back to September can I have albacore sushi okay chrome grace hero a sweet shrimp and a baked crab hand roll avocado can I have a hug green tea and a Pellegrino yeah I was like man I like this roll we’re like a California roll with big scallops on top and they’re like but we don’t make that roll I was like can you make it for me and they’re like yeah and I’ve been coming here since I was like 12 years old so they just started making it for me and I’ve been trying to get him to put it on the menu but they just they’re like oh my god I guess I got to win a lot more fights when are we gonna get the Kron Gracie wrote on the menu that everybody wants to know only for me I’ll accept it hi it come race the road oh no very tasty good to get like a little light she she puts a lot of nutrients good protein and just good food if I were to try to eat like a big bowl of pasta or somewhere and I couldn’t do it this is baked crab with avocado to tell you truth right now I’m I’m already full I’m only eating this cuz I read or do I get pool quickly my first meal especially if it is close to training this is gonna pass and then I’m gonna get really hungry while you’re going to ask for all those calories that I burned see I’m still kind of full from all the drinks and all the training I’m still kind of tripping and stuff this is just for right now and then I’m going to eat at least at least one more time you know but once I’m done with my training now I forget about my training I try to forget about as much as that possible and I just hang out with my friends or hang out with myself or do my research or eat food relax this is the time I get to enjoy the day like really and I think life is about working hard then also getting to enjoy it and appreciate it and look back and I really absorb it for the next morning early I thought matinee Saturday matinee hello campus a pickup order please all right well gang it oh yeah can I get a breakfast burrito please with no meat and extra guacamole on the side Kron Carolyn see after training I could barely walk now I’m already like almost normal again until tomorrow morning then I won’t be room 11:40 yeah just getting home it’s early this is a really day for me so good about it it’s gonna be easier wake up tomorrow but I’ll still be up for at least 3-4 hours now I actually feel hungry before I was just eating just because it’s time to eat I’m gonna I was hungry too but but not definitely feel more hungry I feel like my body’s asking for what it’s just getting through all that water and all that that I drink I know that if I wanted to if I had to I could probably eat a lot and go work out and build train myself to do that but I just don’t feel like that’s necessary you know I feel like I like the way I do my thing [Music] people get comfortable in whatever they do I get comfortable when I’m in my gym I can be that all my students I’ve taught them everything they know and once I reach that comfort it’s not the most interesting thing for me because for me to really be able to improve and achieve things that are greater than me I have to put myself in an uncomfortable place that’s where I like to be you know so anything that makes me uncomfortable there’s going to benefit me from our mental of my physical I’m going to try to do you know I don’t really think of the famous what what I used to think it was you know I used to really want to be known for fighting and known to be the best in the world and I still want to be the best because I want to push myself to those limits but if I wasn’t going to push those limits with martial arts I would push those limits with other things you know whether it’s like environment for spirituality I still have it in the back of my mind that I have a bigger purpose and I don’t want to have any regrets with myself because I didn’t do what I felt was right and I feel like what I’m doing is right but I also feel like there’s a lot more to do in a global way so if I can use my fighting in my martial arts to help me achieve something better for the world that’s what I’m doing it for [Music]