Vegan: Everyday Stories [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

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The Game Changers | Official Trailer | The Power Behind Truth

[UltraVid id=294 ]A UFC fighter learns everything he’d been taught about protein was a lie.

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Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism vs. Protest

[UltraVid id=202 ]Has your group been labeled as a terrorist organization have you been labeled as a terrorist we got threatening phone calls to people following our trucks know hey we’re terrorizing our local farmers they’re terrorizing us. I’m in Berkeley California and I’m meeting with an animal liberation group called direct action everywhere also known as DXE they’re notorious for their extreme tactics which includes civil disobedience mass protests and trespassing because several of DX these tactics are illegal many of their members have been arrested some are even facing felony charges that could land them up to 60 years in prison but even with the looming threat of prison time DXE is planning the largest action in the history of the organization which will happen tomorrow morning at an undisclosed location let’s do it all one more time my name is Wayne Cheung and I’m co-founder of the animal rights Network direct action everywhere I’m also a lawyer and former and law professor we started the EXCI in 2013 because we wanted to build a movement for animal rights [Music] we haven’t labeled this terrorist and it’s shocking because we’re just a bunch of people volunteer at dog and cat shelters and really love animals some of these terrorist labels may be in response to past DXE actions in May of 2018 Wayne was indicted with multiple felony charges after breaking into a pig farm in Utah to document living conditions he removed two piglets from the property these charges could send Wayne to prison for sixty years if he’s convicted so you are facing pretty much the rest of your life in prison yeah and you’re still going to participate in this open rescue tomorrow yeah why for most the past 20 years of my life as an animal I attacked us I thought to myself that there will come a time where you have to make some sacrifices to bring exposure to this issue and you have to be ready to make those sacrifices I am several hundred activists from across the country gathered to hear Wayne’s final briefing as he reveals the specific target and mission of today’s action their objective is to break into a large egg farm and occupy the property until all the sick and injured chickens are removed folks we are about to march into a massive factory farm in the heart of darkness and hell we’re gonna expose what’s happening inside and try to take some of the Andals out and today we’ve got a legal opinion from a scholar we’ll be delivering to the company saying we have the right to be there we have the right to rescue these animals are we all ready to go a lawyer has written Wayne a legal opinion arguing that DX’s actions today are protected under a California animal abuse law Penal Code 597 II however 597 II has yet to be used as a successful legal defense for actions like this since DXE is technically trespassing vais will not cross property lines to film all footage inside the farm is filmed by DXE we are approaching the facility I can see the signs to say eggs so it seems like they’re starting to brush the facility they’re starting to run I’m an investigator with the rescue network for California peonies attached to this letter you can be de let’s uh sorry I’m not thank you very much sir thank you very much right to do this we do have the right to fire ace seems like a lot of the workers are coming out really confused about what is happening coming onto the property who has no right to be here these animals are not being missing so this is a good operation this is a very very good operation so you expect arrests I’m gonna go over and tell our deputy [Applause] you have a right under all right or anything we did you want me this ever right pictures [Applause] look at how crimps wave conditions are dehydration because they have no access to water as you can see there’s probably a few hundred of them to come and support the animals are going to be coming out soon we have at least three cars I don’t know how many officers are actually on sites it’s gonna they’re gonna be walking for a few minutes there’s a few hundred of them oh they’re all coming out over here is this one okay is there anything wrong with this one nobody in there is okay what do you have going on right now she was found in there 5 rescuers isn’t I’m just holding on to her right now is she dead yes it looks like the police are actually starting to like occupy the front of the building and probably stop them from going back in police have blocked the entrance to the farm DXE is considering going back into the property to release more birds Wayne is negotiating these demands with officers and farm owners we’re gonna check on animal patrols MTA okay I’m appreciative rays of operation so far so good and we’ll take a look here in a little bit thank you very much I appreciate it so Wayne what is happening what we’ve argued is that under 597 first of all we have the right to go again it doesn’t matter but they cannot stop it cannot sighs just like if someone is torturing their dog and you go to give the dog some assistance the other right to do it have a right to do all right what’s up is Sergeant Thompson asking you no go back in he’s asking us not to go back and right now and and he’s he’s saying that in exchange for not exercising our rights he will go in with animal control and we will have an opportunity to see some of these disease and distressed animals in the barn Wayne Wayne can I talk to you over here we’ll get going talking to [Applause] I’ve asked you to be reasonable I’ve asked you spend a winter with me yeah and you’re refusing that this is a setup Friday it looks your game file it’s leaves a box outside let’s leave the press and the cameras off and have seen the outside as well sure using both of you guys okay Dave going I don’t even want to go inside I don’t want any police officers okay so basically what’s happening is the owner said he wants to talk to Wayne without media without police so that’s where they went we’re gonna wait and see what happens they said we could remove sicker distressed handles but they kind of waffled on this and they said what do you see a sick and distress and they also said we did not remove any sick of distress panels so well the folks are applying to do a civil experience please approach the fraud we just announced everybody that they are going to go in here they go so there are walking across they’re gonna get arrested we see Wayne there are a lot of people who have charges who are going to get arrested [Music] Duane is getting arrested property in total 40 activists including Wayne are arrested and taken to sonoma county sheriff’s office and they’re released the next morning so we’re going to visit Mike he’s one of the owners of the farm that dxc escaped the break-in and I’m gonna talk to him about how he’s feeling a few months out how it has affected him how are you good my clever thanks for having me out here you bet so in the aftermath of what happened what what have your thoughts been what have you been thinking about right after it was really why me what was so bad with our operation that we were the targets we looked at DXE and after really understanding what they’re about and how they’re not for upsetting animal welfare standards they’re for the eradication of using animals if you realize there’s no way there’s a cover going to be a common ground they excel at trying to create some some mayhem and they they think it’s a positive or constructive way to have a discussion but it’s not it’s detrimental it shut our business down it concerned our employees and we have people today who have lingering issues about this type of thing happening again it’s a big operation but we’re small farmers do you consider your farm humane should there be a concern about how your birds are raised all farmers should be held accountable they should be doing everything they can to provide humane care for the amount of effort we put in to take care of these animals that’s the way it should be done we’re audited by three different groups that look at our animal care from a humane or animal welfare perspective the statements that dxc had made were false they were saying that the birds are not provided water and not provided feed basically and I’m happy to show you inside of our chicken houses so you can see that every chicken has feed and water access to it 24 hours a day this is a cage free house and these curtains this is where the nests are and what we’re doing is creating a safe place for them that’s dark because they like to lay their eggs in a place that’s safe from predators that’s why these curtains are here you can see the nipples as well up here if I push it and so they know to do that since day one they’ve been drinking water this way something from that day I do remember there was a dead bird that one of them did bring out yeah animals are just like humans if you have a city with a hundred thousand people in it there’s some people die every day it’s part of the natural process it’s one of the things that if I could run a farm and none of my animals ever died I’d be all for it but I can’t it’s hard it’s hard to be a farmer and have your integrity called on the floor by a bunch of people who don’t have any understanding of our industry the challenges we face the amount of effort that goes into producing this safe affordable and humanely raised product because of the DXE event we have evaluated everything we do from an animal welfare perspective we’ve looked at ways that we can improve it we’re actually making some changes so there’s there’s a good thing that comes out of it but it came out of it in the most unconstructive manner do you consider a DXE a domestic terrorist group that’s a great question they’re terrorizing us they’re terrorizing our local farmers there’s not a night that goes by that I hear a slow-moving car that I think that there’s somebody out there patrolling everybody is nervous now because of what they’re doing there’s nothing constructive about their action I mean were you know so it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and last time I saw you you were being arrested so just update me what’s happened since then we’ve done a number of other mass demonstrations but most notably we went back to Sonoma County with a couple hundred people to do a demonstration of a huge poultry farm and as a result 58 activists including myself around up in charged with multiple felonies and now we have to win this fight in court so talk to me a little bit about that you know how are you guys working with 597 a when you’re in court facing some of the charges that you’re facing it’s always scary to be in court it’s even more scary when you’re facing dozens of felonies and that’s what we’re facing now at the same time we know this is an opportunity because if we can win one of these cases what that will mean is that the law and the court and the jury accept the fact that these animals are living creatures and that will open the doors for activists across the state and across the nation to start infiltrating these farms taking the animals out and exposing an industry that when exposed people want it to stop so I think what Mike would say and what I think he did say to you um when we weren’t there is that he’s doing everything by the book by the law but that’s not still not okay for you guys the laws are corrupt and the laws are often written and enforced by the industry for the industry their response is always one in the same which is this is an industry standard and our response to that is corporations don’t ride the laws that people write the laws they want to believe what they’re doing is not bad for the animals are bad for the environment their economic interests certainly are aligned with that belief but when we actually look at this with a an objective lens we have to acknowledge these animals are suffering do you think if you and Wayne ever talked again you don’t think that you guys would come to some sort of agreement I don’t know a good analogy for it but the only one I could give you is if you own a house and there’s an arsonist who once have a conversation with you a discussion with you how could you ever come to agreement on something he wants to shut all animal agriculture down I need to pay off the loans I want to continue our family business I want to continue to provide fresh food for the citizens of this state things happen and after they happen life is never the same for us it’s having several hundred people come break into your building and broad daylight push their way past your employees and steal animals out of your house that happened you know I can’t can’t go back can’t make it go away what you were doing is illegal you know what do you say to them you never change the world by following the rules first of all so some rules are meant to be broken when there’s an unjust rule someone should break it but more importantly I don’t see us as rule breakers I see us as rule makers that if you look at the course of human history these great social changes only occurred because people were willing to test the boundaries of the current system


The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

[UltraVid id=143 ]This is all my kitchen equipment and then here it’s kind of like pots and pans keeps the soup in there French press and I’ll move on to the next room and I’ve got my bed along with my closet on the side right here my surfboard this is my baby [Music] [Music] you know people ask me a lot of times like why I do this it wasn’t really anything I thought about it was just once I got this like I knew this is what I’m just gonna do this you know I didn’t do it really a thought process that went into I wanna you know make this liveable I want to do this and this and this is just this is what I’m gonna do that’s not terrible throw for your camp members in there be alright with Hannah so I get to learn a lot about myself just you know you’re by yourself a lot here it’s like complete you know alone we were in a meeting and she touched out for blue jays was making a joke about somebody’s van in the parking lot and how it had grown grass all around it I saw like Nora’s kind of laughing so I introduced myself and I met dia I met the big hippie so guys you know most guys aren’t hotels or houses you know he’s just a simple guy so he parks it at the beach or the old Walmart there and you know sleeps out no one giving me a hard time because you guys are here they love it I always want me to make cook for him and stuff [Music] a little kind of a nice shake I hold it [Music] every time I start it up like it’s it takes five minutes for me to get going so I like stop at a red light and all just die out you deal with it and you just gotta be patient really take that into other forms alive I guess I think my first year in pro belong to us in twelve I had an eight-and-a-half er a that’s not good that’s really bad and I became a bulldog on the mound it’s controlled chaos you know off the field I don’t really I never get like that but I’m human and baseball gets into my mind on my car maybe I can remember out some push-ups like it makes you feel like you know I did something to get better today I think of all day there’s an opportunity to do more just like tonight like before I lay down to sleep I’m gonna go to pull ups at Walmart well basically this is where I do my pull-ups like see if I can demonstrate a few before I get kicked out of here her Cyrus get a roll start and she’s off right now see that kind of I guess into it I can fill it up for 25 bucks but I usually try to my stop it gas station I felt like usually like five to seven bucks Inc if I have a full tank I’m always gonna go off on some kind of crazy adventure never know where I’ll end up so I gotta keep myself inside of a little window there’s time try to drive and I’ll kind of like start kicking myself because I’ll see something interesting and I’ll pass it by I’m just like dang it should I should I like check that out and so I I think recently I’ve done a lot better job if I see something I’ll hit the brakes or even like turn around you know but like now it is like I’ll just pull off to the shoulder and and like kind of get in the grass you know and then just go to it and walk this is what I look for like this is the way I was raised up and that’s what I enjoy just because money is there doesn’t mean that it’s you know you gotta have nicer things and you used to have you know no I’m not a money could really buy this I’ve been offered more than what I paid for it before and I just it’s easy for me to say no just because it’s like it’s a part of me just ever been in it and all that stuff sounds weird but it is you


Emotional Intelligence Documentary

[UltraVid id=133 ]If you think this is all a bigger do know that science has found that people with high IQ levels are surpassed 70% of the time they’re emotionally intelligent people know how to control their emotions reflect on them and put their findings into practice can make you take better than the genius of the glass incidentally it is clear that this is not a competition between intelligence the aim here is perhaps to make you start notice that your thoughts have a logic that perhaps you even unknown and seek to understand their own emotions is one of the most exciting activities of all people with well-developed emotional intelligence are generally considered self-confident persistent motivated and able to control themselves it does not mean however that we are talking about people known as kind or cute or someone who is looking for constant approval that is a fairly common confusion according to an expert on the subject Travis battery people with a high level of emotional intelligence try to be successful they can control their emotions have a good social life and constantly values their own attitudes and thoughts recent research has proven emotionally intelligent people are those who most do well in their work environments one such study just so you get an idea the size of it evaluated the lives of 17,000 people for when they were children until they reach adulthood for 50 years the result people considered emotionally intelligent were more successful in their careers than those with high IQ scores and it does not end here there is research to suggest that people who have developed emotional intelligence in adolescence or early adulthood if let’s only succeed in their professions they live long and stable loving relationships in addition to having low levels of depression and anxiety there is evidence also these people are even healthier according to psychologist Daniel Goleman the five elements that need to be worked to develop an emotional intelligent mind are self knowledge self-control motivation social skills and empathy of these items which may still be unknown is empathy which in general is the ability to put yourself in someone else some social and political scientists say that little world of immense significance could greatly improve the world in which we live doubt so how about starting to think twice before judging someone by their social status or their attitudes in some situations only those who feel on the skin as it is to go through certain experience can speak properly about it and yes it strengthened this kind of fear can make you not only a more sensible person but also successful person also according to Goldman people who exercise the five characteristics above tend to look confident are good at what they do professionally achieve their goals are adaptable and flexible they are resilient and able to recover from stressful situations people life is much smoother if you have a good emotional intelligence says the psychologist only psychology professionals can accurately identify whether a person has or not a higher level of emotional intelligence still a popular way to try to find out how is your emotional intelligence is to evaluate their ability to recognize facial expressions so you are good to know what someone is feeling just by looking facial expressions of a person emotional intelligence meaning emotional intelligence is a concept related to the so called social intelligence this psychology was created by American psychologist Daniel Goleman an emotional intelligent person is one who can identify their emotions more easily one of the great advantages of people with emotional intelligence is the ability to automotive eight and move forward even in the face of frustrations and disappointments among the features of emotional intelligence is the ability to control impulses channeling emotions for appropriate situations practice gratitude and motivate people and other qualities that can help encourage others according to Goldman emotional intelligence can be subdivided into five specific skills emotional self emotional control self motivation empathy develop interpersonal relationships social skills the control of emotions and feelings to be able to achieve some goal today can be considered one of the main assets for personal and professional success for example a person who can focus on the work and complete all its tasks and obligations even felt sad anxious or upset emotional intelligence for most scholars of human behavior can be considered more important than the mental intelligence IQ you to achieve satisfaction over all the characteristics that make up the emotional intelligence is a portmanteau of the interpersonal intelligence and interpersonal present in the core theories multiple intelligences developed by the American psychologist Howard Gardner the first three factors are linked to the intelligence interpersonal the ability to understand himself to produce true and accurate representation of yourself and use it permanently and creatively the remaining two are connected to the intelligence interpersonal the gift of understanding others which elements stimulate them how they operate and how to act with them associatively Charles Darwin was perhaps the first theorist to use a design similar to emotional intelligence he defends the value of the expression of emotions for subsystems and accommodation to a given context although some scholars bounds the elements of knowledge in the composition of intelligence many other famous scholars are beginning to highlight the significance of non-cognitive factors the psychometrist Robert L Thorndike Columbia University appealed in 1922 the use of emotional intelligence expression to refer to the ability to understand and encourage others 20 years after David wetzler spoke about the ascendancy of the aspects outside the intellect of the field on the intelligence performance he also claimed the intelligence standard would only be full when these elements are properly considered in the analysis of this concept it was only in 1983 the Vasai college estrade Gardner developed his theory of multiple intelligences in this study he entered the purpose of covering both the concepts of intrapersonal intelligence and the interpersonal intelligence according to this scholar tools like the IQ does not fully elucidate the potential of knowledge acquisition IQ vs. QE the intelligence quotient IQ and the emotional quotient each you are different capacities but not antagonistic rather one should seek to articulate the intellectual skills and the emotional using emotion to facilitate reason and reason to manage emotion functionally although separate realities there is an interdependence between our intellect and our feelings which reveal the importance of mastering both dimensions people with well-developed emotional intelligence have extreme ease of integration and relationship adapting successfully to organizational dynamics in addition to communicative and creative emotional intelligent people have a strong sense of responsibility and remarkable ability to adapt to change although there is no scientific method to measure or assess the emotional quotient the truth is that organizations have playing increasing attention to this factor in the recruitment and selection processes especially for senior positions it is usual the development of tools to assist in the evaluation of emotional intelligence over this is always done subjectively the real test of these professionals lies in the very organizational everyday it is often the experience the company would realize its value and unveil the results that simplistic assessment tests allowed to realize in the assessment of rational skills we have added the analysis of the personal and social skills which increasingly assume as differentiating factors 14 signs that you have emotional intelligence what makes some people more successful than others at work and in life IQ and ethics are important but not everything our emotional intelligence how we manage emotions both our own and those of others can have a critical role in determining our happiness and our success Plato said that all learning has an emotional base and perhaps he is right the way we interact with our emotions and regulate has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives to put it in colloquial terms emotional intelligence e.i is like the wisdom of the street as opposed to wisdom books and is responsible for much of the ability of a person to navigate efficiently through life who has emotional intelligence is usually confident knows how to work towards your goals is adaptable and flexible you recover quickly from stress and is tough said The Huffington Post psychologist Daniel Goleman author of focus the hidden driver of excellence life runs much more smoothly if you have good emotional intelligence the five components of ie as defined by Goldman are self awareness self regulation motivation empathy and social skills we can be strong in some of these areas and deficient in others but we all have the power to improve in any of them not sure what your level of emotion intelligence he are fourteen signs that you have a high ie first do you feel curious about people who do not know do you like to meet new people and of course tend to ask many questions after being introduced to someone in this case you have a degree of sympathy one of the main components of the ie people highly empathic those are extremely attuned to the needs and feelings of others and act in a sensible way these needs have one important thing in common they are very curious about outsiders and interested genuinely to know more about each other be curious about others is also a way to cultivate empathy curiosity expands our empathy when we talk to people outside of our usual social circle finding lives and very different world views of our Road Roman Kozma rich author of empathy handbook for revolution in his greater good bloc second you are a great leader exceptional leaders usually have one thing in common according to Goldman in addition to the tradition requirements for success talent work ethic and ambition for example they have a high degree of emotional intelligence in his research comparing those who fared extremely well in leadership roles with those who were just middling he found that about 90% of the difference in their profiles was due to ie but the cognitive ability the higher the rank of a person considered an excellent actor more emotional intelligence capabilities appeared as a reason for its effectiveness gomen wrote in Harvard Business Review third do you know your strengths and weaknesses a great self-consciousness factor is honest with yourself about who you are you know where does very well and where you have trouble and accept those things an emotionally intelligent person learns to identify their areas of strength and weakness and analyzes how to work more effectively within that framework this the wareness creates confidence which is one of the main factors of ie according to Goldman if you know it is really effective can operate from that trust he says oh do you know how to pay attention you’re distracted by each tweet message and sword that goes through your head in this case you may be preventing you from functioning at its highest level of emotional intelligence but the ability to handle distractions and focus on the task at hand is a great secret of emotional intelligence says Goldman without being present with yourself and others it is difficult to develop self-awareness and strong relationships your ability to focus on the work you are doing or your homework and allow to read that message or play that game when finished their level of efficiency in this respect during childhood has to be a stronger predictor of your financial success as an adult that your IQ or the wealth of his family says Goldman and we can teach children to do this fifth when you are upset you know exactly why we all experience some emotion fluctuations throughout the day and often do not even understand what is causing a wave of anger or sadness but an important aspect of self-awareness is the ability to recognize where they come from your emotions and know why you’re upset self-awareness also comes to recognize in motions when they sprout instead of identifying them badly or ignore them emotionally intelligent people retreat to step forward emotions examine what they are feeling and the effect of emotion on them six do you get along with most people having satisfactory and effective relationships this is a sign says Coleman seventh you care deeply about being a good and moral person an IE aspect is our moral identity which has to do with the extent to which we see ourselves as ethical and caring people if you are a person who cares about building that side of herself regardless of how you acted in previous moral situations may have a high iie index H do you get time to slow down and help others if you make a habit of slow to pay attention to others is slightly out of his way to greet someone or help an elderly woman on the subway you demonstrate emotional intelligence many people a lot of the time are completely focused on themselves and often it’s because we are so busy running around in a state of stress trying to do things that just do not have time to realize others the less help there is a spectrum that goes from complete self absorption to see and to feel empathy and compassion Romans said in a TED talk on compassion the simple fact is that if we are focused on ourselves if we are concerned which often are throughout the day not really fully realize the other be more attentive in contrast to being absorbed into your little world plan the seeds of compassion the crucial component of ie9 you are good at reading facial expressions of people being able to feel how others are feeling is an important part of having a good eye II take this test at the University of California at Berkeley to find efficiency in reading the emotions of others tense after falling you get up quickly how do you deal with mistakes and setbacks says a lot about who you are individuals with Heidi I know that if there is one thing we all have to do in life is to move on when an emotionally intelligent person suffers a failure or setback she can recover quickly it is partly because of the ability to experiment with attention negative emotions without letting them get out of control which offers a higher degree of resistance the strong person is not tied to negative emotions but let them stand side by side with other feelings said Barbara Fredrickson author of positivity the experience life so while they are feeling I am sad because it also tends to think but I’m grateful for that eleventh you are a good judge of character you can always have a sense of who a person is from the beginning and their intuitions fairly cheat 12 do you trust your instinct a person with emotional intelligence if someone who feels comfortable following your intuition says Goldman if you can trust yourself and your emotions there is no reason not to listen to that inner voice or that feeling in the stomach that tells you which way to follow 13th have you ever been self-motivated you’ve always been ambitious and hardworking as a child even when he was not rewarded for it if you are an active and motivated person and can focus their attention and energy to pursue your goals probably you have a high level of high e 14th can you say no self-regulation one of the five components of emotional intelligence means being able to discipline themselves and avoid unhealthy habits people endowed with ie are well equipped to tolerate stress a trigger for many of the bad habits and control their impulses according to Goldman how to expand your emotional intelligence our emotions can provide us with valuable information about ourselves about others in various situations an explosion of anger directed to a co-worker can alert you to the fact that you are feeling overwhelmed by overwork a sense of anxiety about a presentation can inform you that needs to be better prepared with facts and figures frustration with the customer may suggest you need to find other ways to communicate with them using the information that your emotions you provide can change their behavior and their thinking to reverse situations in the case of a burst of anger for example you could look for ways to reduce your workload or facilitate their work process as you see emotions play an important role in your workplace from anger to elation frustration to commence every day in the office you face with his and others emotions the trick is to use your emotions intelligently what comes to be simply defined by what emotional intelligence – intentionally your emotions were for their benefit using them to help guide their behavior and their thinking to obtain better results the good news is that emotional intelligence can be nurtured developed and expanded this is not an impossible feature to acquire the way to expand your emotional intelligence is to learn and practice the techniques and skills that comprise among them self-awareness emotional control and motivation as large of the self-awareness at work over working day you may have to talk to a customer angry calm and anxious boss present an idea during a meet are several factors that influence their performance in each of these activities for example if the angry customer has made an unreasonable demand after another and then you might as well lose patience with them if you’re confident about your rope in a project probably able to calm the concerns of the head it is believed that his colleagues believing experienced too much place work you may feel Shine insecure for them to present fair ideas during a meeting awareness of your own feelings and attitudes as well as the perception that others have of you can influence their actions in such a way though they work that benefit let’s assume that you are aware that your client is abusing you and you know that antagonize it could have tragic consequences in the first instance your cause action may well be trying to calm him rather than irritated further showing a lack of patience in the case of an anxious boss if you notice that he is concerned because anything’s was dependent on the success of particular project so could care to tell you who made and assured you that the project will be well received in the last example you are aware that his colleagues consider him inexperienced probably want to be well prepared before presenting their ideas the trick in this case is to use the wealth of information about yourself that are your fingertips feelings sensations assessments actions and intentions they will help you understand how to react act communicate and operate in different situations and have self means to process them we have learned that self-awareness is essential for emotional intelligence as it is important to your success at work and how the lack of it impairs their efficiency now let’s examine how you can expand your self-awareness you do not need to spend hours on the couch of a psychiatrist to expand their self-awareness you need a period time of serious introspection and coverage to explore very comes to people and events of his professional life it is specifically required examine how you do reviews be sensitive you your senses contact your feelings identify your intentions pay attention to your actions examine how you do reviews the views are all different impressions interpretations assessments and expectations you have for yourself and other people and situations they are influenced by various factors that configure a personality and generally have the form of thoughts of internal dialog aware of their assessments you learn how your thoughts influence your feelings your actions and reactions thus being able to change them watch out for your senses your senses sight hearing smell and taste are the sources of all your information about the world it is through them that you get information about yourself on others and different situations but often happens with your senses something interesting they are filtered and modified by the ratings let the example of that boss that you consider through no capacity for work it does during the conversation he said he had not had the opportunity to study the subject better because he had been busy with other things as I wanted that meeting was a preliminary discussion of the issue well you were so convinced of his incompetence that you did not hear it so considered the lack of information it a consequence of stupidity not lack of time what happened there was that his assessment of his performance acted as a filter erasing some important things that your boss told you contact your feelings your feelings are spontaneous emotion reactions to their interpretations and expectations a sensory information they provide you with important data which will help you understand why you act like apps they alert you to your wellness level given a situation and help you understand your reaction why is this so important to pay attention to them let’s say you are angry with a colleague because he is not doing the party it is up to you and you have to do his job you do not talk about to anyone but and he is not entry just overwhelmed tell yourself that your colleague is young therefore has no notion of what it should be doing it is shown impatient with him tired and nervous home without knowing the reason but if you’re asked what was really going on becoming aware of your anger and your resentment would be able to find out the reason their perception of the inability of his colleague recognizing anger you have the opportunity to control it productively can go out to lunch with him and ask if he is having trouble with work whether you can help him you can also chat with a boss about the problem what should be emphasized is that to ignore or deny their emotions you are deprived of the ability to act on them negative things can often degenerate refuse leaving him worse than if you have paid attention to them to recognize them you will be able to control them and move on identify your intentions the intentions may refer to their immediate desires what you would like to achieve today or in a particular situation or next weekend and also to your long-term desires what you like to do by the end of the year or throughout your life as well as feelings your intentions could be sometimes difficult to understand in the case of intentions the reason is that we often confuse an intention to another confuse our hidden purpose with a apparent intention his hidden purpose it may be that his patterns who have always told that you would be useless in life staying pressed with your success if the parent intention is that you want the promotion to vice-presidency in this case recognize that impress his parents is his true intention was not change of plan to fight for the vice presidency but made clear that fact another difficulty when dealing with intentions is the bay sometimes seen conflicting if you know that you’re the real intention is to have a good working relationship with his secretary have more chances to control anger and less yelling at her when she makes a mistake pay attention to your actions as the acts are physical they can be observed by others and we can watch them if they decide and the word the key here is we decide in general we are aware of our more general acts why self-awareness is the basic element of emotional intelligence as we learned you can expand your emotional intelligence learning to control your emotions and motivate yourself and can also maximize the effectiveness of their emotional intelligence developing your communication skills your interpersonal skills and your skills as the emotional mentor self-awareness is the core of each these skills because emotional intelligence can only start when the information comes in perceptual system for example to be able to control anger you have to be aware what causes it and how this powerful emotion affects you then you can learn how to reduce it and use it correctly the circumvent despondency and be able to motivate you need to be aware of your emotion involvement in the relationship the heightened self-awareness allows you to monitor observe in action being you in the center of your universe you must first understand what makes you act as you do before starting to change your behavior for better results you need to understand what is important to you the way you experience things whatever like feelings and how are the others this subjective knowledge about the nature of your personality not only directs your contact in every situation as we have seen in the examples above but also it provides a solid framework to make better choices this choices may be trivial that refusal to go I give first or critical if you accept this new job I will be working with 50 people and I know that this kind of situation makes me feel shy and insecure if I stay here I earn less but I’ll feel safe and comfortable and that’s what I need now the intelligence of use emotional at work one way to understand the importance of AI in leadership is analysing the four basic emotional and social skills for Goldman these skills are listed in seven items as follows first emotional self-awareness emotionally self-aware leaders can be candid and authentic able to speak openly about their emotions or conviction of the goals that a second self leaders endowed with self remain calm and continue with the head in place even under high stress or during a crisis third adaptability can be flexible in adapting to new challenges nimble in adaption to continues and flexible change in their ideas or new information realities o optimism see others in a positive light wanting for them the best fifth empathy these leaders listen attentively and can put in place the other sixth conflict management those leaders who best manage conflicts seventh teamwork and cooperation leaders who work well together produce an atmosphere of friendly solidarity and are themselves mottos of respect helpfulness and cooperation also according to Goldman the leader has ultimate power to control emotions of all when they were pushed to the side of enthusiasm performance can shoot if people are insightly to anger and anxiety they lose their way the six perfections according to the Dalai Lama in his book leadership for a better world the six perfections are of great value to humans and the leader who has these characteristics has a great ability to affect people in a profound way the six perfections are first generosity giving attention love teachings and help to those who need it we know that a leader who wants to be with everything to destroy his motivation second patience be careful not to harm others and do good patience must be cultivated and be seen as justified patience third ethics realize that the desires and pains come and go and it is not worth it upset about it before any action we must get rid of any thoughts negative that can hurt us and hurt our neighbor or commitment we need to establish transcendent goals and dedicate ourselves to them since I degree of enthusiasm depends on our belief in the importance of the objectives that we want to achieve if concentration means doing one thing at a time with full and total attention sixth wisdom is to have a correct vision or the ability to see the things as they really are and recognize that nothing lasts forever final considerations ie can be defined as our ability to relate assertively and positively with people with astral terms even in adversity the systems in pursuit of our goals and characterizes the way people deal with their emotions and the people around you it implies self-awareness motivation resistance empathy understanding and social characteristics as persuasion corporation negotiation and leadership the eye is not genetic I learned skills and improved in the course of our lives that way we can say that we have two minds therefore two different kinds of intelligence rational and emotional our performance in life is determined not only by IQ but mainly for ie in fact cannot give best of themselves without the ie since there are full partners in mental life when these partners interact well the ie increases and intellectual capacity it dropped the myth but we should override recent emotion that is we must seek a balance between both ie can be achieved through training and effort but it requires persistence people have to identify exactly what they want to achieve by performing this type analytical exercise methodically for a few weeks or months the person may replace the habits you want to delete by others who end up becoming automatic and can completely change for the better the way of life both professionally and personally the key to successful leadership is in the fields of ie not IQ leadership requires skills to persuade and inspire emphasize and articulate feelings many signs show that the emotionally competent people take advantage in any field of life assimilating the unspoken rules that govern success in organizational politics the leaders of this new era increasingly value the human being as a partner and not as a two persons with well-developed emotional practice are most likely to feel satisfied and be efficient dominating the mental habits that foster productivity those who cannot exert control of emotion life waging in a bath rules that sabotage the ability to concentrate and work and think clearly we note that according to the author’s society they argue the emotional competence in leaders can be one of a few competitive advantages really lasting since the project a clear vision for your team inspire them and motivate them managing conflicts and relationships the leader of Resident can multiply their own potential and that of each child stimulating creativity cooperation and enterpreneurship unlike the head dissonant that has no ability to interact productively and it ends up paralyzing the initiative of subordinates I provide talents and reduces the effectiveness of group as a whole and of course to discourage the whole team and the people who are around us although immediately can present seemingly positive results it would prove the medium-term an unconscious saboteur of own goals it can be understood as the ability to manage our emotions to facilitate achieving our goals it seems very obvious now but it was necessary that the psychologist Daniel Goleman warns about the importance of emotions in everything we do and what goes cheap the coolest of the term emotional intelligence is that it automatically leads us to influence our thoughts on our emotions being smart is being able to think clearly is to be able to think objectively about our emotions it can give us control over ourselves every time someone misses an opportunity to stay dead to speak of shame with a boss every time someone fails to make this wonderful trip because it has fear of flight our times when they were not emotionally intelligent they did not use emotional intelligence emotional intelligence can be innate but can also be learned I believe that everyone can have the potential to be intelligent but may need training to be emotionally intelligent we must respect our emotions validate them that is give us the right to feel what we feel but work these emotions so they do not dominate us when they are harmful possession is very good at delivering positive emotions give us to love to enjoy a conquest to enjoy a good time but when your emotions are limiting your life and blocking your happiness it’s time to be smart and try to manage these emotions so that work to their advantage for example you need to talk to a person who makes you very nervous if an intelligent emotional level you may have one of these attitudes escape an excuse and never talk to that person speaking bluntly and elegant putting nothing to lose any chance of success speak and do not want to give more than you should but when using emotion intelligence assertiveness may emerge perhaps you can tell what needs to be stylish and family


Vegan Athletes on WHAT THE HEALTH.

[UltraVid id=86 ]This is a clip from the documentary WHAT THE HEALTH, where Vegan athletes talk about the benefits of a vegan diet and how their health has improved exponentially after becoming a Vegan. They also break the protein myths about a plant-based Vegan diet. I do not own this video and it is being uploaded only for educational purposes. To learn more go to http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com

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VEGAN 2018 – The Film

[UltraVid id=67 ]In our previous film we showcased the increasing health environmental and ethical awareness around the globe as more and more people began to speak out why do we rarely hear climate change campaigns targeting the animal agriculture industry let’s follow the money stream funded study disproportion between that little bit of extra pleasure you might get from eating meat and a phenomenal amount of destruction required to produce it should surely commend it to anyone as a stupid thing to do what do you think is the biggest misconception about a vegan diet the biggest misconception is everyone says where do you get your protein and I’ve had a long-term health condition and I’ve seen a dramatic shift in my health in the last 12 days it’s recognized again by the American insurance industry that there’s only two dietary plans that can reverse heart disease there’s no meat in those programs they’re plant-based programs it’s blatantly obvious now that we do not need to consume animals to be healthy will be far healthy without them [Music] as veganism continued to grow in popularity and garner mainstream appeal the meat industry found themselves under increasing pressure you say yourself you have a vested interest Cormack in this are you worried about veganism growing in popularity because the meat and dairy industry let’s be honest and not pull any punches it’s a sunset industry [Music] it has no place in civilized society period this film says 2018 story behind the changing conversation for me I want to bring a message which is veganism and that there doesn’t have to be torture in fabulous fashion 2018 this next year is our year like it’s the year we go mainstream we’re definitely seeing for 2018 the theme overall is plant-based eating have fights but there are doctors that there are lawyers that there are people out there who are also embracing this as people use digital technology more than ever the lies created by powerful industries were revealed and the shape-shifting began what’s for dinner what’s with it steroid injected minced cow bollocks courtesy of the farming industry tearing up rainforests to plant animal feed I have slowly and reluctantly come to the conclusion that as it stands now honest doctors can no longer practice honest medicine we have a complete healthcare system failure we are contemplating an agricultural crisis an ecological crisis as well as the climate breakdown crisis and it’s being driven by the food that we eat and the way that it’s produced there’s a 500% increase in vegans in the United States since 2014 that’s like a growing growing number Simone from eat free food increased by nearly eight thousand percent last year and the number of people who are going vegan has quadrupled in the last five years now more and more people are cutting out meat and dairy products and adopting a plant-based diet and we can live well without causing harm to other animals why wouldn’t me we felt like you know what I agree with you I’m just gonna saying I agree with you completely there you know the evidence is clear the the future is definitely plan based it’s not just a trend it’s not just a phase people have been hit with multiple sources of in and still hasn’t hit everybody but more and more people are seeing some pretty dramatic and compelling research that long while vegans all the time is more about people taking the emphasis to change their life and be active and to spread the message in 2018 I have seen an explosive growth in the vegan movement we’re gonna be looking at a very very different world in about five years where a huge percentage of people will be vegan I think we’re very close to that tipping point what was once a fringe movement is now mainstream there’s no stereotype anymore I mean we really are heading into a plant-based revolution the world is changing the new year assured in vegan Yuri an initiative that has seen explosive growth over the last few years and encourages the public to try a plant-based diet in case you hadn’t noticed this month is being called V January it’s vegan January it’s people cutting back on meat and dairy foods for their new year’s resolution and many retailers and restaurants have picked up on the trend in January 2018 it broke new records grabs headlines and set off a series of TV debates if people want to do is get on with it quietly do whatever you want to do and arguments against veganism flooded the mainstream go back to the time of the caveman for God’s sake its nature do you understand that what happened in jungles we’ve developed we’ve met we’ve we’ve grown k-19 we’re put me right off him I found it it was a wimp because it couldn’t order a good psychical red-blooded man you can order a good steak so if you think about PETA and environmentalist groups veganism they’re all able to exist now in 2018 because of the meat eaters of the past who built this amazing civilization that allows unfocused adults to chase their fringe causes what do you think people need meat just stupid not eating meat that’s just stupid it’s not a real thing why is it stupid because everybody likes me how would you know unless you ate who can’t eat a good piece bacon and you say that people who are on vegan diets are malnourished and people who are malnourished are more likely to commit crimes presumably you’re not going out and collecting your own nuts and seeds and plants are you know and so I think he’s healing those clocks oh yeah who’s killing all those plants well who’s collecting them because you make the the anti vegan backlash continued when iconic cooking show Great British Bake Off announced it was going vegan for a week with some unable to hide their fury on social media boycotting the show on principle vegans were branded demons at meat industry conferences senior editors made jokes about killing vegans and the rhetoric on mainstream media became weaker and even irrelevant now if you look at avocados for example which many vegans consume and we’re now consuming six times the the number of avocados here in the West than five years ago even you know that the Mexican rainforest is being completely destroyed but is it possible that the vegans and the vegetarians have gotten hold of the Agriculture Department and infiltrated it so to speak and are pushing a meatless menu on the rest of the world Americans eat two times as much that’s because we win all the world wars we gotta go we’re undefeated you don’t think as a steak dude oh I don’t want to think about it arguments against veganism were tested on mainstream platforms and the debate was raging if you saw an animal die right if you’re the animal die for slaughter they’re slaughtered the beef in front of you could you then eat a steak because that’s the hypocrisy icon would anybody here go plant-based those are practical questions I want to get to the weave question the moral question do we do we have dominion over the animals they are peers Angie says there is real evidence of a plant-based diet thing not only healthier for the individual but the planet now veganism was gaining mainstream appeal its detractors were finding it hard to provide credible arguments and their weaknesses were being exposed I mean to you show that people come to your farm things like the the artificial insemination do you know what happens to the carbs to show them the pens that kept in for upset at time whether or not allowed to see their mums allowed to nurture like to socialize you tell them to the slaughterhouse as well and show the knight being pulled across their front I do keep up their head and then just show currently cows grazing it mean facts I like to think that we show everyone the full spectrum well do do you what you either do what you don’t well I like to think that we do yes so do you show that people have come to your farm what happens to the dairy cows they take it from their mother yes I do show the fact they stuck on people’s fingers because they want to suckle from their mother to obtain the milk that we take those right into that when you take a car away from its mum what is that process like in response to V January in the TV appearances it brought came an increasing backlash from the dairy industry which launched Feb you dairy led by livestock specialist dr. Judith capper farmers were instructed to spread a positive message of the dairy industry throughout February I thought it was rather a shame not to celebrate all of the fabulous dairy products that we all have access to every single day so for example we have butter on bread here and lastly of course nice cold ice cold belt that’s the old slogan used to go Febby dairy did little to convince the public to rally behind the dairy industry instead it had an unexpected effect many used Furby dairy to create awareness about the dairy industry and initiatives were launched including the switch for good campaign at the end of February which aired an anti dairy advert during the Winter Olympic Games is closing ceremony I did it and I got stronger I did it to take back my life I did it to run faster and I ran faster the next day I did it for my athletic performance and it worked I made the switch at almost 40 for my health I didn’t need dairy milk to make Olympic history twice going back to cow’s milk no way I made a switch for good for good for good I am proud to be dairy free as the message around dairy spread things were also starting to change behind the scenes powerful investors were joining forces with food tech leaders and this by the end of 2018 would put significant pressure on the animal agriculture industry we could produce all the protein required by the world’s population 2050 with 2% of Earth’s land if we did it the way we’re producing our meat as opposed to more than 45% of Earth’s land that’s currently being used raising animals for food as we get closer and closer to building a piece of meat that has no differences from its animal protein equivalent we welcome in literally hundreds of thousands of new consumers with every incremental change and step we make forward to making this product as good as it could be the meat analog industry which laid down its roots in Europe in the 1970s with products like textured vegetable protein was traditionally seen as tasteless and unfashionable but in 2018 it had morphed into a more lucrative and exciting market one company beyond meat insisted that their plant-based burger be positioned in the meat aisle it was a gamble but knowing the product’s taste and texture had begun to mimic traditional meat bosses didn’t want it hidden away in the free from section within months of merchandising the burger it was out selling beef in some stores in Southern California and one of the largest conventional retailers in the country we are now the number one selling patty in any case so a head of Angus ahead of 80/20 beef ahead of Turkey chicken burger patties and our belief is that we will transform the meat section into the protein section so it’s no longer just hamburger chicken over chicken breast it’s cow protein chicken protein and plant protein and the results have been phenomenal we have launched this now into two largest retailers in the United States in several regions the beyond burger is the top-selling packaged burger in the meat section to have that level of interest in the products in the meat case itself this was really exciting other supermarkets began to position plant-based products in the meat aisle the meat analog industry quickly attracted high-profile investors such as one of Asia’s richest men leek King Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio among others as influences around the world became increasingly aware of the impacts of animal agriculture the scale of the impact of the environmental impacts of my culture is really hard to appreciate it blows almost everything else out of the water it’s responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all planes cars trains and other transportation combined that is really shocking when you read that above the fossil fuel industry takes at least ten times as much energy and resources to make a pound of animal protein as it does for plant-based protein we cannot continue to sustain our population on the level of meat consumption that we are without having something change and what we’ve heard now is that we need to keep it below one and a half degrees temperature rise and in order to do that we must absolutely cut down on meat and dairy consumption and so it’s the quickest way that we have for grabbing the thermostat of the planet and turning it down even if we don’t care about ourselves we have our children eighty percent of all US antibiotics are fed to farmed animals getting too dangerous incurable human diseases the world has plenty of scope to feed 9 billion 10 billion 12 billion people but not if we’re all eating steak and chicken and pork we have to go to that plant-based diet if you know if there’s would be any fair settlement fair dispensation for the rest of the century so that we don’t have a situation where the rich can just pursue whatever desires they want while the poor die as a result the most striking statistic for me is that 100% of famine is a result of animal agriculture and I sometimes have people challenge that fact I’m like it takes 280 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef you fed that grain directly to people and building meat from plants quickly became a huge scientific research effort new facilities were set up and the stage was set for huge change we live in an age of disruption we have uber and lyft disrupting the taxi cab and limo industry we have Airbnb disrupting the hotel industry and we need to disrupt the entrenched fast-food industry those dinosaurs we are almost 50 percent preferred by meat consumers over the meat they get today and so in two three years we’ve essentially caught up to the cow but we’re only getting better and we already know a bunch of ways that we can make our product better from the fat system the way the flavors generate the texture and the chew and as we continue to research and build that with our team we’ll start delivering this and you know next year and the year after it’ll be better and better to the point where the cowl really is completely obsolete as a technology for food oh you’re gonna love this you can have a great tasting juicy burger without the meat like my husband has an impossible burger and he is like this tastes like a regular burger to me I don’t know everything else on this thing we did the burger itself what do you think I like it this thing tastes like me it smells like me if you put it in the pan or put it in the grill it acts like meat and I’m telling you in the next let’s say five to seven years the impact on the meat industry is going to be strong none of what you say here comes from an animal not even the egg what we tend to do no matter what it’s focused on the things that matter or we’re reaching more people are we doing in a way that’s actually helping the planet instead of harming the planet and if the answer is yes to those things we feel good and if the answer is not we feel like assholes and our biggest question is is this thing is this person we’re hiring is this thing we’re doing increasing the probability that we do more good and if the answer is yes we’re going after it to test this out we got 10 regular cheeseburgers in ten impossible vegetarian burgers to do a little compare and contrast as businesses capitalized on the selling power of plant-based alternatives many physicians within healthcare dug deeper tastes great and you get to live longer that’s what plant-based eating is all about using the remarkable power of whole food plant-based nutrition to prevent and treat disease say goodbye to the days of just hot dogs and hamburgers on the hospital menu Good Samaritan is starting to incorporate healthier plant-based items in their patient diets every diet requires a little bit of thinking a little bit of learning some new tricks in the kitchen maybe learning some new tastes but a plant-based diet emerges as not only better for blood sugar control better for your weight better for your cholesterol better for your blood pressure but better in so many ways that we really think that’s the thing to recommend in 2018 a number of studies were published supporting the increasingly accepted idea that a Whole Foods plant-based diet is optimal for health one example being a review paper published in cardiovascular medicine stating that the only diet shown to reverse heart disease is a plant-based diet a sentiment echoed by physicians for a number of years heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and heart disease is reversible and preventable with nutrition we know we have the cure to heart disease we have the ability to eradicate heart disease a plant-based diet has also been shown to reverse type 2 diabetes hypertension and prostate cancer as well as prevent 14 of the 15 leading causes of death eating a plant-based diet has extraordinary health benefits reduce risk for hypertension reduced risk for high cholesterol reduced risk for cardiovascular disease I’ve seen patients who have full-blown diabetes go off of their insulin completely I’ve seen patients with hypertension that have been on multiple antihypertensives for years come off of all of their medications the British Dietetic Association and the American Academy of dietitians have both said that a well-planned vegan diet can be a completely healthful and optimal diet for anyone at all stages of life but this gushin opened up not just about how healthy plant-based diets are but also about what is wrong with our current system right now we have a system that is based almost completely on sick care instead of health care we call it health care but it really is sick care is money in dollars behind sickness we spend more money in this country than any other country in the world on health care and we don’t have better outcomes so somebody has to stop and say hmm what is going on here when you eat the standard American diet you get the standard American diseases and I don’t wish chronic disease on anybody but if people are eating a debilitating diet they’re gonna have debilitating diseases heart disease the diabetes the autoimmune diseases certain forms of cancer milk does a body good it’s not science it’s marketing it’s nonsense we were made to believe that meat based diets are superior to plant-based diets lie that has been exposed by medical experts again when people get a lot of animal products typically based protein your arteries are more likely to get clogged your arteries are more likely constrict the arteries are more likely to get clogged up with plaque and other things you get chronic inflammation which is an underlying causes so many chronic diseases your risk of premature death from pretty much everything goes up correspondingly and yet when you go on a plant-based diet you’re only getting a double benefit because not only you’re not eating the things that are disease promoting but you’re getting literally hundreds of thousands of other substances that are that are protective what you put in your body is either going to create disease of fighting there is no middle ground I’ve seen them reverse their high blood pressure reverse their diabetes reverse their obesity simply by telling them to go home and instead of using a scalpel use a knife and use a fork also in 2018 a number of athletes ditched animal products and films were announced that would slay the myth that you can’t be strong as a vegan someone asked me how could you get as strong as an ox without eating any meat and my answer was have you ever seen an ox eating meat vegan athlete started appearing in major magazines with bodybuilder NEMA Delgado gracing the cover of muscle and fitness and Jeremy rinder’s the fittest man in the Netherlands featuring on the front of men’s health I love you always asking like so where do you get your protein and love you don’t have a clue that there’s protein implants stop worrying about the protein because you’re good enough you know the strongest land animals horses elephants rhinos I don’t know gorillas they get their protein from plants during the winter Olympics Canadian figure skater and decade-long vegan Meaghan dermal made headlines around the world when she claimed to medals record holding marathon runner and vegan Fiona Oakes completed the atacama ultra marathon and as 2018 progressed numerous athletes spoke out about how a plant centred approach to eating had made them stronger including NHL players Ino Chara boxer Mike Rasheed soccer players Hector veteran jermain defoe and Chris Smalling as well as Lewis Hamilton I do feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life and went 32 years physically do any of you guys still eat meat nothing how hard was that not as hard as it is living at one and 25 is absolutely I’ve watched hundreds if not maybe thousands of people at this point have dramatic transformation plant-based athletes from a wide range of sports claimed podium positions in various competitions from world-class surfer Tia Blanco to power lifter Juliette Rosie’s Conroy and ultra runner Vlad axel as well as many others who also achieved stunning successes [Applause] thanks Aviva reckonin gives him a little nudge towards the right-hand side how about some moves into the lead of the Italian Grand Prix as more and more influencers adopted a plant-based diets businesses were starting to see how they could cash in on the movement why invest I blogger now my logo Naik promoted the plant-based lifestyle Stella McCartney made trainer history when she launched a vegan version of adidas iconic Stan Smith shoe and other fashion brands became increasingly aware of consumer demands for animal free clothing and accessories while luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Michael cause started ditching fur in 2017 even more names followed suit in 2018 including Belstaff Burberry John Galliano and Versace Versace for so long you know they were leaders in the fur industry and for Donatella Versace to literally come out and say you know what I’m done with that we’re winning for the first time ever the catwalks of London Fashion Week were completely fur free prompting calls for other cities to follow suit Helsinki banned leather and both Los Angeles and San Francisco voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur Burberry announced it would no longer use angora and fashion giant ASOS pledged to bans silk mohair feathers and cashmere a decision many credited to animal rights charity Pizza which inspired a number of high street shops including Topshop H&M and Marks & Spencer’s to stop using mohair away from fashion a key moment came when supermarket Tesco after hiring a director of plant-based innovation in 2017 launched a major plant-based line with more than 20 options rolling out across 600 stores it started an avalanche of dedicated vegan sections and product launches from vegan butter cheese and ice cream to sandwiches and other ready-made meals in light of new consumer demand due to less meat there’s a lot of meat people and meat industries gonna go down you know as stores expanded their meat free offerings these products became for the first time ever headline news alerting more and more people to the options available everywhere icky sweet potato yam banana and tomato cabbage spinach avocado cha-cha button bean and Coco courgette million planting rice and peas and pumpkin mango dates and guava chickpeas and cassava brussel sprouts and cauliflower onion fennel and cucumber plum Pierre and papaya aubergine and style I meant to thank in our home your bread in Homer flower watercress and okra tofu and sweeper bar couscous Ankara broccoli a coconut peaches apples apricot Redfoo Jack was so us our pistachios cashews and almonds Warren a peanut are so freakin sesame seed sunflower lemon orange pineapple and melon logo eaten garlic EG king a rocket photo and pomegranate ki week on and turning berries cherries and strawberries be too great see there’s a lot of food your now I heard this morning in twenty five thousand stores we are yeah which is fabulous it’s a wonderful experience yeah and certainly the buzzword that I’m hearing here as we walk up and down the aisles is plant-based everything is where it’s at people are now starting to recognize the abuses that exist in animal agriculture not only to animals but to workers to rural communities to the environment you know you look at the role of animal agriculture and climate change and antibiotic resistant and rainforest deforestation and ocean acidification so many things converge around the same intersection of what we put in our mouths every day but then everything went a step further when it was revealed that another product called clean meat could be brought to market by the end of 2018 what you’re seeing on your screen may like ground chuck but no animal was harmed making it instead this beep was grown from animal cells the results meet without the animal antibiotics or waste there’s a whole host of startups that are racing to commercialize the world’s first-ever meat and milk and eggs and leather and other animal products that as you correctly point out are grown from animal cells rather than from animal slaughter so go into a little more detail about how that is done so imagine taking a tiny sesame seed sized biopsy from an animal’s muscle tissue you put that biopsy inside of a cultivator where those cells which would grow into muscle inside of the animal’s body think they are still inside the body and then they grow into muscle exactly as they would in the animal’s body outside of the body and what that gives us the chance to do is to produce real meat that is much safer to eat and takes far fewer resources if meat boxes had been scared before now they had a real reason to be as a powerful vision was being created of a confinement and slaughter free world and the conversation around what the future of meat looked like reignited in an unprecedented way when we have a burger we have a piece of chicken or we have duck today the idea of eating meat and eating animal is one in the same tomorrow I think those two ideas will be separated we can eat meat we can eat all the meat that we want but it won’t require the slaughter or the confinement of an animal as clean meat gained widespread attention and funding the effect on meat industry representatives that rely on breeding and killing animals for profit became visible I’m not quite sure what it is and I’m not quite sure how it’s derived but I’d call it fake food you know when somebody’s been following a certain tradition for a long time they feel a threat by new people coming in who may also question the traditional ways in which they bought there’s a lot of guardianship of different categories of jobs and there’s often resistance I don’t believe it is meat but if if they call it meat then then how would they differentiate it and all of a sudden this new group comes in and they just want to call their product beef and right on our coattails and I think that’s wrong the US Cattlemen’s Association a trade group made up of 10,000 ranchers was one of the loudest detractors u.s. Cattlemen’s Association filed a petition last month with the Department of Agriculture it argues lab-grown and plant-based products should not use the terms meat or beef on their labels the United States Cattlemen’s Association is now petitioning the country’s Department of Agriculture to define meat is coming from the flesh of an animal slaughtered in the traditional way we don’t agree with the term clean meat that implies that traditional ranching is dirty the biggest concern is that it implies real meat is somehow dirty politics and corporate greed they go hand in hand do not believe the labels and the lies and the adverts and the propaganda and the scams are these industries we are approaching the tipping point we have the momentum but the other side is fighting back every action has an equal and opposite reaction animal rights groups have been exposing shocking videos of inhumane conditions at factory farms I am an undercover investigator and I have never gone into an operation that we’ve targeted and seen happy animals it’s institutionalized torture on a scale that we’ve never seen before in the history of humankind time and again our undercover investigations behind these closed doors of the meat milk and dairy industries are revealing systemic animal suffering I defy any person here anyone yeah to look at the images of those animals and say that this suffering is ok it’s not it is unacceptable but what we’re doing is unspeakable it’s despicable and it’s ignorant and I see a clear change a change is going to happen very soon I can see it as information around the impact of animal agriculture was disseminated worldwide companies began to accept the inevitable fate of the growing plant-based sector the future looks really really bright for plant-based and it’s being recognized by leaders in the industry not only the plant base but even but companies big meat companies like Tyson that are invest and plant-based the more insightful meat bosses had already started investing in alternative protein with Tyson president Tom Hayes saying if you can’t beat him join him before investing in clean meat company Memphis meets Canadian conglomerate Maple Leaf Foods bought vegan brand filled roast and German poultry company phw backed vegan seafood and as 2018 progressed investment funds took notice and transferred significant capital into the meat analog industry however it was one business man that really stood out Jeremy Collard one of the most influential businessman in financial equity founded the fair initiative an anti factory farming investor group with assets worth over 8 trillion dollars which included Swiss banking giant UBS as well as injecting large quantities of wealth into the plant-based sector this group also encouraged supermarkets to offer more plant-based options and lobbied for a meat tax farm animal investment risk and return initiative says that a tax on meat is inevitable we’re not talking about PETA here or some lobby group this is a this is a influential group while some sort of meat tax is the answer to a number of environmental issues others laughed at the idea you hear environmentalists are pushing for attacks on me claiming hamburger steaks and other delicious delectables are harmful to the environment the media are up there as guilty parties with the oil industry with the coal industry and they stop us from thinking they stop us from questioning they stop us from recognizing where we stand with respect to our multiple predicaments and in so doing they perform a grave disservice what they do is what I call fake environmentalism they tell people to change their lightbulbs and drive an electric car but they’re not telling them to do the most important thing if you’re an environmentalist which is give up meat and dairy and switch to a plant-based diet while the mainstream media stuck to the traditional narrative social media was used any good movement that is successful as those extreme people it also has a softer people try and get people to grow any number of celebrities started speaking out why the mission here’s why I’m tired of being pimped by food companies and then eating bad poisonous food and then feeling horrible in the morning and then working working working and not taking care of my body that’s why innovative chefs started actively casting off the limitations of traditional cuisine offering mainstream audiences vegan food here break it down the British plant-based chefs and authors of the new cookbook Bosch Henry Furth and ENFP speak we’ve got three vegan chefs and they’ve all prepared some of your favorite dishes a daughter kabob and a pizza yeah mac and cheese for anybody that’s out there and they’re thinking like they want to change the life and they want to go plant base and they just think they can’t do it I just want people to understand that like no matter what your tradition is you can make a new one you know I’m saying like the same traditions and the same laws that you follow somebody thought that up it wasn’t like it wasn’t like some God came on the earth wrote this on the tablet it was like that’s how we have to do it and that’s it if you see something’s wrong and you see something feels better go for what feels better and the good news is there’s a convergence of forces that after four decades you know finally makes this the right idea at the right time and basically as I look around the table dr. Dotson no meat is that is that what I’m sensing here good concision I don’t know anything is in it Thanks you know we’ve been hearing so much about plant-based eating lately haven’t we right and I don’t know I’m a meat-eater but it gives you food for thought I think the most important message that I have is to remember that you and I’m speaking to you watching this film you make a difference you as an individual make a difference what you do each day actually is affecting what’s going on in the world each day so your life matters you matter and use your life work wisely we’re going to pack up I pack up all the sides pack up all the food pack up all the tables take it all to the car okay and about 15 minutes we’re gonna hang out any of the cars all right and then we’ll come back okay so then what they do well they probably will do is radio through to the trucks apparently there’s some trucks being held back then they’ll send them through and by that time we’ll be back here and yeah tricking they trick us we’ll trick them throughout 2018 an increasing number of people engaged in activism shining a light on standard practices within industry by either waiting outside slaughterhouses to bear witness to the animals facing death raiding slaughterhouses themselves making videos on the kill floor or partaking in cubes of truth NBC 6 anchor Trina Robinson joins us tonight with more on this new group that you may have seen in protests around the area Trina yeah the group is called anonymous for the voiceless they want people to think about the rights of animals and where their food comes from dairy found the right owner Terry Bob now can’t face the reality how can you morally justify pays for it difference in church what about the choice the animals the other preference to live that life you see we can eat other things it’s not a necessity for us to be animal products we can survive and thrive but a plant-based diet often what people mean when they say it’s their personal choice is that it’s a free choice they’re making and they’re not making their choices freely because without awareness there is no free choice and the vast majority of people are not aware of how they’ve been deeply conditioned knowledge is power and when we’re giving both sides the argument we can make a conscious decision based on how we truly feel about the situation it is so long we infect the same kind of propaganda you need me for protein you need and dairy cows milk for calcium but actually this isn’t true and when we can kind of level the playing field and put across what’s actually happening to animals the terrible suffering that they go through and the environmental damage that it causes to our whole planet I think when people have that power that more compels them power to make informed decisions I didn’t change until I truly knew the horrific nature of how these animals were treated and so what these activists are doing the only thing they’re doing is really journalism they’re they’re going and filming inside of these facilities as public awareness started to grow farmers found themselves under increasing pressure for then of course you did get death threats which was quite ironic coming from with one farmer Allison wall insinuating she had received death threats during a segment broadcast by the BBC she later clarified that she personally had not been the target of death threats but it was too late as a vaudeville of unsubstantiated accusations against vegans spread across the globe it was clear the media witch hunt had begun these guys are terrorists for the farming community they’re terrorists vegans are traveling down the path to radicalization they put my picture up with these claims without evidence or no me d-don’t to figure in the most cases it is peaceful and legal but farmers say they’re also facing regular harassment and abuse it’s summed up the strange mood of our time where even though veganism had never been more popular and initiatives like plant-based News’s world plant milk day reached record numbers vested interests impeded momentum it’s true that animal agriculture and many people within it are trying to hold on to the status quo and activists are up against an industry that makes billions even various social media platforms which had once been heralded as driving the Information Age were believed to be censoring environmental and vegan related pages and as this happened it left the public questioning institutions and corporations susceptibility to collude with the world’s most powerful industry do you know what is a multi-billion dollar Lobby the cheese Lobby has a multi-billion dollar Lobby the dairy industry the beef industry there’s also a gag laws that prevent people from filming agricultural gag laws that prevent people from filming on these factory farms because they don’t want people to know how horrific those conditions are that’s completely closed the meat industry you cannot see behind the curtain and you can’t even talk about it in certain states there’s laws where you’re not even allowed to talk about what goes on this is huge business and so there’s a lot of money being funneled into ensuring that we are deluded into this idea that these have a place on a healthy plate not only did the animal agriculture industry continue to siphon off tens of billions in the form of subsidies but there was more evidence of how federal agencies were working with the meat industry to intimidate activists and that’s why these corporations which control the government in control law enforcement are prosecuting them they’re punishing them in response to the journalism that they’re doing to chi’lan deter people from shining a light on what it is the fees that really goes on inside of American industrial farms and the horrific torture and suffering that animals endure in in in our name the meat industry invested in nitrate-free so-called healthy bacon and at a contentious move desperate meat bosses even licensed superhero images in an effort to peddle processed burgers and sausages to children the way advertisers subliminally equates mean eating and dairy consumption with values that we cherish is really sinister and it’s misleading they equate meat to masculinity they equate eating dairy to femininity they equate meat and dairy to upward mobility patriotism social status keeping up with the Joneses Family Values it has nothing to do with any of it in fact quite the contrary it’s hurting families it’s creating disease it’s a bad influence on our society so what they’re doing is really really morally wrong three major meat boards joined forces in a bid to push their products onto consumers whose data showed we’re starting to turn their backs on meat meat products are rapidly losing popularity right across Canada as many people are switching their diets to vegetarian or vegan in fact by the summer of 2018 it was revealed that the vegan sector had skyrocketed and growth of plant-based food sales were outpacing that of meat and dairy tenfold this story was being repeated in regular market forecasts which predicted even more growth saying the global plant milk market would exceed 21 billion dollars by 2024 this was helped by vegan milk brand to emblazoned major transport hubs and buildings with ads that said oat milk is like milk but made for humans a local group promoting veganism is using some bold imagery to get their point across [Music] as sales exceeded targets leaving shelves bare but the message amplified around the world resulting in pushback from the dairy industry well I got milk you may be one of the millions of Americans who prefer a plant-based substitute like almond milk or soy milk but the FDA is looking to change what those products are allowed to be called just the other week the FDA announced a proposed rule that would ban the use of the term milk for all non dairy products in similar fashion to the meat industry the dairy industry crackdown on the labeling of its plant-based counterparts but then took things further by firstly calling on the Canadian and US government’s might for financial assistance secondly branding anti milk posters a hate crime and thirdly funding research that produced headline-grabbing claims in an attempt to conceal the real impact of the dairy industry from the public you can’t hide the Sun you can’t hide the moon and you can’t hide the truth and the truth will come out [Music] I’m here so excited to be a part of this because I think this moment can be about so many different things and for me I want to bring a message which is veganism and that there doesn’t have to be torture and fabulous fashion throughout 2018 celebrities continue to share information about the benefits of a plant-based diet including Miley Cyrus Kings of Leon starred Jared Followill Alicia Silverstone Bryan Adams and Zac Efron iconic actor and activist Pamela Anderson said a vegan diet improved her sex life Chris Hemsworth credited the lifestyle for his muscular physique as did Jackass star steve-o and neo while other well-known personalities announced they had ditched animal products including Chris Packham Tom Ford Shaun King Ellie Goulding and Ellen Pompeo former cardiac surgeon and entertainer bassem youssef promoted the plant-based lifestyle to the Arab world and the diet even reverberating around royal families thankfully my passion and my field is not in finance or in or in Investment Banking but it’s in making the world better celebrities used their profiles to share an animal-rights message for example Alan Cumming actively campaigned against dairy Sopranos star Edie Falco protested the treatment of animals outside McDonald’s in Times Square Evanna Lynch spoke at London’s animal-rights March and Lewis Hamilton shared animal rights videos across social media I can’t imagine going back I think those things that I see my friends eating and I used to eat it and I’m like I feel sick to think what you’re putting in your body but it’s because now I’ve read about it and I understand I understand it I’ve read some of the science that’s been I don’t like it here even without me it is a diet trend growing in popularity with athletes and celebrities including of course Tom Brady Detroit Lions running back the or it ik and Red Wings player David Booth also following plant-based diets and you know who does as well Beyonce while Beyonce promoted a plant-based diet using social media other celebrities took to film to spread awareness the most notable being James Cameron who executive Li produced the game changes which Arnold Schwarzenegger artists Fortson ager one of the most recognizable figures and symbols of power is in this documentary so this is the best plant-based documentary in human history other films were announced many with high-profile casts including eating our way to extinction eating animals running for good taking note let us be heroes what you eat matters and cowspiracy sequels cease pharisee set to expose the fishing industry when we first embarked on this project we had no idea that we’re becoming across the levels of destruction that we have been we’re looking at be probably the most serious problem on the planet right now is diminishment of biodiversity especially in our ocean towards the end of 2018 the urgency around climate change made headlines there is a new report out about climate change and it is not positive to say the least and you’re gonna break it down for us yeah it’s not positive I mean it just keeps getting worse urgent transformational change that is the headline that is what we’re talking about that’s what needs to happen for us to really make a difference here and we’re not just talking on specifics we’re gonna nail down the numbers here because they got very specific in this report I’ve been reading through it a new study described as the most comprehensive of its kind added more weight to the discussion around the impacts of animal agriculture the UN branded meat the world’s most urgent problem and by the end of the year mankind’s effect on the planet was blamed for hurricane Florence which ravaged the east coast of America and highlighted the damaging consequences of industrial farming in the lead-up to the storm millions of animals were locked up and left to drown so that farmers could claim insurance a damning example of how animals are viewed as mere commodities over 99% of farmed animals lived on factory farms most of the population does not understand nor the abuse that goes on in these farms this was further highlighted in Dominion a cinematic expose of factory farming in Australia narrated by Kat Von D Sadie sink SIA Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara premiers of the movie sold out globally from the UK to China with Australian agricultural groups reportedly bracing themselves for a backlash it was clear the meat industry was growing weary of how the expose might affect its business as the Dominion movie kick-started a movement with thousands taking to the streets to protest the global exploitation of animals a powerful and stark vision started unfolding of the coming battle between two sides of history [Music] and animals in our society are the most vulnerable with that we have you know and you know if there’s anyone in this world that should be protecting the vulnerable it should be us guys you know we should be leading from the front and and you know I think that’s what being a real man is it’s not a bit you know doing all this macho shoot it’s actually about you know acknowledging what’s what’s true and being honest to that get back it’s like the stuff we’re doing to animals is so fucked like honestly it’s so fucked up when when you take a step back and look at what we’re doing [Music] just give me a sec every revolution starts with a whisper but the real change comes with the roar I fully expect to go to prison someday and I’m totally fine with that because I think it is the cost of creating change I think what Mahatma Gandhi said you can judge the society by the way it treats its animals that’s pretty reasonable observation from a very wise man so why don’t we get wise mean possible farmers transparent is anything but transparent the things that we do to animal in terms the mutilations are not transparent what happens in slaughterhouses is not transparent and even on a dairy farm things like male calves and femur caste was separated from their mothers many people don’t know about all the who do not know that this makes you feel stupid like oh let’s leave I feel stupid if I don’t look and see something’s wrong I don’t do the wrong and we keep continuing doing the wrong just because of horrible traditions because just in some tradition it doesn’t make it right you know for me it’s an ethical decision you know I don’t want to I don’t want to fuck with something that can’t defend itself none of us are trying to be horrible people we’ve just been brought into this world well we just all this fucked up shit has been seen oh there is no such thing as humane slaughter what to say I’m calling time on this industry I think time is well and surely passed make no mistake there is no happiness in the dairy industry if any other organism did this a biologist what corner the virus this is a big big leap this is the ultimate test for Humanity the Arctic Ocean is heating up at a much faster pace than the rest of the earth temperatures over parts of the Arctic will increase as much as 54 degrees Fahrenheit this month if there is a future for Humanity that future will not involve using animals for food veganism is the solution and it encompasses a much wider range of possibilities for happiness as a species than any other type of diet or life style you know if you really think about it veganism is the cheapest shit out there you can go get rice and beans every day and you’ll be satisfied that’s the Chivas that you can get it’s filling its nutritious it’s healthy it saves the environment and it’s ethical looking back at the last 12 months 2018 like last year showed significant progress in the way the mainstream started to adopt veganism major magazines repeatedly brought up veganism including the New Scientist and the FT weekend’s government institutions like the NHS began to acknowledge the benefits of a plant-based diets and companies like wework implemented major changes it was revealed this week the global office sharing company we work are going meat free organizations gave awards to vegan entrepreneurs including the World Economic Forum and the United Nations let’s start to take protein directly from plants and use science to design and implement that against the blueprint of meat honestly if I’m bein serious I wouldn’t be surprised if we say mmm I see massive shift in the next 10 to 15 years the quickest and easiest way for an individual to be to feel empowered and to make a difference and to be able to look at their face in the mirror in the morning I think I’m making a difference I’m doing something positive not just for myself my own health and my family’s health but for the health of the planet is to change how we eat veganism isn’t a pursuit for perfection it’s about living in a way where you can just try and cause the least amount of harm to the environments of animals veganism is no longer viewed as a fringe lifestyle choice it is a moral framework searing into the consciousness of huge numbers of people the question now is what will you bring to 2019 hi this is Klaus and I want to say big thank you for watching plant-based needs people like you who mean we can continue to create films campaigns and up-to-the-minute plant-based news I wanted to let you know about pbn insiders a subscription-based platform where you can receive exclusive perks and content not available to the general public if you’ve become a PPN inside you will automatically be entered into a drawing for the chance to 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