Avoid losing your period on a vegan, raw-vegan diet

[UltraVid id=336 ]Losing your period (amenorrhea) on a vegan or raw-vegan diet could happen to anyone but it shouldn’t be that way. Don’t be afraid of going vegan or raw vegan because all these ex-vegans are discouraging people based on their biases and personal experiences to go back to animal products. In this video, we are going to clarify all these misconceptions around menstrual problems and will give you tips to avoid them.


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✯ The 80/10/10 diet by Doug Graham – To get a grasp of what this lifestyle is about and understanding macronutrients ratios: https://amzn.to/2G7Nhqp
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My name is Areli and I am a Physician, a Pathologist, and Neuropathologist and I am certified by the University of Winchester in Plant-Based Nutrition. Besides pathology, one of my passions is health promotion by teaching the benefits of a plant-based diet with an emphasis on raw foods. Since approximately 10 years ago I have studied nutrition and I’ve transitioned over the last 11 years from S.A.D. eater (all my life until 2006), Atkins (2007-2008), Vegetarianism (2009-2012), veganism (2013-until today) and I have leveled up my game to Raw-Veganism from 1/1/2018 until this day.

The evidence supporting the plant-based diet is undeniable and more and more research and people’s experiences prove it over and over again. My medically-trained critical mind, but most importantly, my own experience, observation, and analysis by following up of other raw vegans and their journeys, as well as self-experimentation, has allowed me to come to the conclusion that a well planned raw-vegan diet is one of the most optimal diets for humans. The plant-based diet movement needs to embrace the raw-vegan lifestyle as another version (the healthiest version in my opinion) of veganism, although there’s not enough published medical literature in the subject, the anecdotal evidence of thousands of people cannot be ignored. Despite being vegan for my health, I am also Vegan at heart: animals are here with us, not for us.

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✯ British Dietetic Association confirms well-planned vegan diets can support healthy living in people of all ages: https://www.bda.uk.com/news/view?id=179

✯ It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1…

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Lo’s Vegan Experience in Scandinavia

[UltraVid id=175 ]So we’re here at the Blue Lagoon after our long flight well i was actually five hours but it was the most uncomfortable flight ever yeah yeah my sweat on me constantly yeah well she was in the middle I just have to say that this dish vegan meatloaf with amazing side salad sweet potato salad potato salad while roasted potatoes and a medley of like fresh veggies it’s so good it’s got a mushroom gravy with a raspberry sauce that supposed to resemble like cranberry sauce it’s so good I’m in love with this even women is going crazy for it okay guys so it’s day two of our Icelandic trip in Reykjavik and we’ve decided to have lunch at a traditional Icelandic restaurant it’s called low key and I’ve ordered myself a vegetarian platter but I’ve asked them to take out the cheese and the butter off of my bread and I haven’t tried it yet but it looks good it smells really good got traditional rye bread is like sweet chewy nice so good traditional I splendid flatbread let’s try that we’re as well is a quinoa medley with like vegetables and potatoes and roasted potatoes and then a basic garden slip salad with like a balsamic dressing it’s got pumpkin seeds on it I’ve already tried the quinoa and it’s good it’s got like a pickle sort of flavor which I really like Icelandic food is very heavy and like pickling and like preserving so yeah this is perfect and it’s warm and just filling like making my my soul happy all right okay so now we’re at the Harbor and I’m trying to capture the beautiful mountains can you see them the crowds moving really really fast here and a moment ago is hailing and it was really great and now the sun’s coming out and you can see the mansions a whole lot better correct so at the end of day three we made it in time for our free dinner I had roasted potatoes rice corn niblets frozen veggies which whatever i’ll take salad and lots of bread and oddly enough it was perfect and I feel satisfied and I’m actually ending the night with some red wine to kind of just unwind it’s been a long long day it’s been an eventful last couple days and so every day is a moment worth celebrating you know basically treat every day like it’s your last you never know what’s going to happen in this world and you just want to treat it as if it’s the last okay so good night all right morning guys II woke up to first of all you can see the Sun is rising so pretty that is and then behind us Rick glacier / mountain there’s like a waterfall I can get to it there we go and we’re seeing in that little Hut anyways i’m off for breakfast and then we’re off for excursions and and i’m going to show you guys what is available for me for breakfast I had no freaking clue might is be a bunch of bread and jam which has a great but it’s better than an animal carcass and peace out we have made it to the crashed airplane it’s more like literally in the middle of nowhere and I’m just going to show you there’s the plane the famous plane crash plane morning guys its day six day six of our chip no sick ok so I made a few mistakes today is deep pore of our trip and we’ve departed now off to Norway where in the hay this I’m frustrated guys because I was really pissed off last night we ordered a pizza that was the size of my palm and I thought it’s going to be a lot bigger and i was making jokes because it was as if a else was eating the pizza i’m hungry and i was tired and I’m still feeling really grouchy but it was a savior at the airport a Joe and the juice and so we’re having strawberry banana smoothies and a avocado tomato sandwich on a very interesting paper I’d what it tastes really delicious anyways guys off to Norway very tired but very excited to see what’s ahead alright guys so today is our second day in Oslo we had a really great night last night we walked through the streets of oz whoa downtown here like the harbourfront area and saw quite a bit actually for one night and we had a lovely dinner Reuben loved it I’m me it was ok anyways today’s new today and we just had an amazing lunch at a place called the Loving Hut and it was a vegan and so I documented some of the pictures we both had the shwarma wrap which was part of this world it had the fake meat but I had lots of vegetables the sauce is really delicious honestly it’s amazing so we only ate half of it we’re apt to the second one up and put in our bags because right now we’re off to the viking museum and we’re learning that foods a little more expensive than we budgeted for so that will be our snack if we get hungry and hopefully if we can make it in time maybe go back to the loving hut for dinner to try their chef burger which was their second best seller anyways guys it’s a beautiful day here and we’re feeling good energized pumped all right good Morgan today I am in where are we bergen bergen norway so i have another video in a few days um the last one was in oslo and our last day and also and so i just want to show you guys just a little bit those are the old buildings kind of what Bergen is known for so we were in Oslo and then we left early morning and we took a really awesome train right actually to a little place called Flom & Flom was in the area of like the fjords so when we arrived we did this beautiful snowshoeing hike and I was a little apprehensive at first cuz I’ve never done it before so I was like oh god this could be really hard um actually it was so much fun like so much fun and then the next day which was yesterday we did a few words tour he had a bit of a late start to the day and I had a vegan burrito which I was thankful I’m lucky to have to have hi guys so we made it to a dense safely and we’re actually very tired we’ve had a long couple days of just traveling and you know trekking around and um we decided that we’re actually to stay in and I’m going to cook a dinner and I’m just going to show you what I’m making um I’m actually taking what the apartment already offers so it’s nothing fancy it’s nothing elaborate it’s just making do with what we have on hand i will show you i’m about to make vegetarian pasta so i’ve chopped up some garlic that he has seen around and it took us about like six because we do like garlic and he had some frozen veggies which always like to start a with a little bit olive oil use some dried basil and just season it with a little bit of salt and a lot of mine cover now we’re just gonna make pasta so i’m just waiting now for my pot of water to boil so a trip has finally come to an end I’m a little sad to be leaving to be quite honest I had a fantastic time it was a long journey but it was well worth the 14 days of traveling throughout the countries and experiencing the different landscapes and temperatures and weathers and just what nature threw at us so the last couple of days I have been in Copenhagen and the first night that we came kind of like a little scary to be quite honest Copenhagen single ghetto which is a little bit shocking i thought it was any more city but it was still you know great time we had falafel they weren’t that nice to me they seemed a bit upset when I had sent my food back because they put yogurt sauce on it so that put a bit of a damper on my experience on my first night in Copenhagen then our second day was amazing we rented bike and we saw the city and we saw quite a bit actually for one day that just shows kind of how small the city is and we went to the local food market and I had the Colombian vegan hamburger with planting fries and then yesterday we actually did a quick trip to Malmo Sweden and literally was just like about an hour’s trip on train so that just shows how small the countries are and how closely we walked on memo he went to the museum we saw the castle so quite a bit and it was really fun and then we actually went about a half an hour walk to the vegan bar and had a vegan hamburger which was out of this world and then here we are we’re now at the copenhagen airport waiting for our flight back to Reykjavik Iceland and often we go so overall I would say that the Scandinavian countries don’t really have veganism down pat they definitely have vegetarian down pat and i would say iceland and norway were probably my best food experiences and malmö sweden where we obviously had the vegan hamburger um I I would just say I had basically order vegetarian items and try to make them alter it which is fine I never thought once that you know I was going to be absolutely perfect so that is it if you plan on traveling to any of these countries that I’ve gone to again just do your research to see what restaurants are out there look at menus and see what you can get for you alright hi you


Vegan Gluten-Free Flatbread // oil-free and hclf

[UltraVid id=170 ]Oh my goodness whoever’s day we’ve had in months okay so anyways today’s recipe is kind of like a remake of a recipe did so long ago it was my brown rice flour tortillas that is actually my probably my most viewed video is that brown rice tortilla video and I’ve had some people commenting they have issues with it some people have said they have made it they like it but I have more people commenting like what can I substitute for potato starch and all these sorts of questions so I finally redone it with easier to find ingredients and it’s actually like a million times better just easier to roll out butter texture softer just all in all together butter only took me a year to do it so this is the new version the magic ingredient is basically two potato puree or potato goo or whatever you want to call it boil potatoes and water in the blender kind of makes this really weird sticky paste it would be terrible if you’re trying to make mashed potatoes but for this it’s a really great substitute for good because have that same star J stickiness to it it’s not the easy thing to clean onto your blender I will tell you that but just like let it soak it will work a few things that are important to note with this recipe one is that you want to cook them on fairly high heat and quickly so I use like probably like out of ten my burner is on about seven or eight and they only take about a minute per side to get like the bubbles and then they do a little bit of a brown spots on the side you cook them low and slow they’re just going to be really dry and not flexible at all they’re also the most flexible rafi cook them so when they’re fresh and if you stack them up the ones the middle kind of get like this steamed around they kind of like I don’t know stay really soft in the middle and that’s when they’ll be the most flexible if you want to reheat them all like I show you in the video there’s two couple of ways you can do it you can cuz I was just keeping them in the fridge after you make them and to reheat them you can either cover them in a wet paper towel and microwave them so they’ll stop they’ll be soft again and but not as Neversoft as when you first make them or you can put them in a toaster and actually toast it and you get like kind of like a crispy pita chip sort of texture this is not one of the recipes where you can leave out the tapioca starch or substitute something else it’s a really sticky gluten-free flour with a lot of binding power and it’s very necessary in this recipe another thing I want to mention is that when you boil your potatoes make sure you put a lid on them because you want to keep the water in because you’re going to use that starch and water to blend them with and the amount of water you have to add a little bit more water after they cook for blending you want it the consistency to look a lot like the one that I show in the video but that might vary depending on how big your potatoes are and how much water evaporates when you’re cooking them so that’ll be something you buy through just a little bit they’re super easy to roll out though they taste really good they’re really pretty soft I don’t roll them too thin again they’ll just kind of get dry and crispy you want to give them a little bit thicker what else so I hope the test tube works in your kitchen I’ve made it probably six times in the past two weeks just trying to get it just right and I love them I absolutely love them I haven’t made flat beds with it I’ve made rafts with them I’ve just torn about that eating them because they’re just so good and I think that’s everything I wanted to tell you so to the recipe you


People who CAN’T be vegan: the ethics of doing the best you can.

[UltraVid id=151 ]Dream great from being vegetarianism Oh reason you might not recognize right so a lot of people change their names and they change their avatar that change little photo so how would I how would I possibly remember you right but that’s great okay so you you you made the transition from vegetarian to because I’m happy to hear that so what was the problem was it b12 or what went wrong for you we’re taking about 70% of the veggies out there I can’t do not say really really well I don’t if you know Crohn’s disease Crohn’s disease was a funny turning point of my channel because you know durianrider was selling this myth that veganism would cure crohn’s disease because but you and I had a conversation where I hardly went to cheat a stream and I kept saying hey you know I watched your videos and you’re the reason I’m trying to transition because totally kissing his ass and I’m like you’re the reason I’m trying to transition because of all the wonderful benefits veganism his head under Crohn’s disease right so you were pretending pretending he really had Crohn’s disease we know he didn’t right yeah wonderful this and that and then I called them you know if you had friends what type did you have what parts of your body all this other chip medications were you he just literally shut me he also he also never gets the details right about the test he took he makes up stories but the diagnostic test he doesn’t even know what the diagnostic tests are that are used to establish that you had promised t so even that part of his story can’t possibly be true that’s right yeah there’s no way and on his diet he was ever vegetarian or vegan I just want to put in one footnote here it is true some people find improvement by having more soluble fiber in their diet with Crohn’s disease but some of people but right but some people their Crohn’s disease gets worse so I’ve had several vegans get in touched me to dispute this and very often they send me a link to some s some you know peer-reviewed paper on this and I just point out to them if you actually read the paper you think that’s what you’re gonna find a certain percentage got better but somewhat worse so Crohn’s is a very tricky very inconsistent condition to treat and some treatments were for some people some of the time that’s the state we’re at with the science there is like there’s a difference between an incurable disease and a disease for which there is no known cure but Crohn’s disease is definitely a case of a disease for which there is no known cure and in many cases we don’t even understand why people with the disorder respond to their diet the way they do okay the long and short of the answer of what causes Crohn’s to kick in is that you might be a genetic carrier for the trait but there are also mental issues that will throw you into I’m sure you know there’s also there’s also the basically the anti immune disorder theory then you can treat it by doing things like using bee stings and what-have-you so and again it sometimes works but you know the science doesn’t seem to be all the way done that way other wild covered in like cooking oil and doing the Lambada would help me I would do it it’s just if my highest was going between 24 and 27 times a day I’ve had over 20 surgeries I was the one that was in the hospital for a year because I ended up with having few emergency surgeries for blockages and then I was in the ICU and a coma two months I just want to see I think many people watching this video will be wanting me to state my moral position on this you’re not the only person I’ve talked to who for medical reasons as far as we now understand medical science has been ordered to go back on a meat diet or a vision or a non-vegan that I have known people and you know I do I do really sympathize the position they’re in I think that you know in the future I think these are exactly the gray gray areas of medical knowledge that probably will get ironed out like I think it would it’s very difficult for me believe that when Crohn’s DS when Crohn’s disease is fully understood that it would be impossible to be vegan and to have Crohn’s disease but that may be a hundred years from now I mean you know the scientific progress this area is not going to be that fast and you know for these people they’re there to question so just really briefly cuz I know my audience will want me to take some kind of hard moral stand on this there are people who are making the best decision they can with the available information there are people who are making a decision that is life or death and there are people are making a decision that has terrible impact they’re on their quality of life right now which is very very different from someone choosing to eat a hamburger just because they think it tastes good or just because so I really do I really do sympathise and I think it you know it reflects the historical period we’re in in terms of understanding crosses okay so you went you you you remained kind of a reduced read you try to be participating as little as possible in factory farms and so on right you know in my mind ethically aren’t harming the animals so or I just substitutes for things honey has has been a real godsend for me as tumeric for its healing properties but anymore because I feel like I’m adding to the problem so I just switched over to I’m not even sure just better really briefly I knew someone who couldn’t eat any legumes of any kind so no beans no nuts she had the most extreme form of that where she would actually have a heart attack if she ate anything with that and you know for those people even that so that’s a really extreme health condition so you could die on the spot if she ate beans I still do think there’s a moral obligation on them to figure out how what is doing the best you can because my whole approach to morality is based on doing the best you can for someone with severe Crohn’s disease the the answer is going to be very different or some of that kind of really insane allergy but I really commend you because you does sound I mean like eliminating honey and stuff it does sound like you’re making a sincere effort to do the best you can I mean back in the day and this is gonna sound ass-backwards were the easiest on my body because the simple sugars were the easiest for my body to digest things like Lunchables and I lived off that stuff for two years and I was losing weight the Lunchables diet the process I mean we have a burden now where the ileostomy I had last year kind of almost reset my system so that now I am able to increase a lot of the vegetables I wasn’t able to eat before but in small amounts now I can’t eat them and enjoy them good so again it’s like you say what causes this in my case if you like I know what caused my Crohn’s my mother my grandmother and my brother and two of my cousins Oh some type of gastritis ulcerative colitis just different GI problems given if still missing it seems clear there’s some genetic component to it have you have you looked into or have you experienced it’s given that you’ve already had multiple surgeries have you looked in or have you experienced the the treatments that that approached it as an autoimmune disease such as taking insects eggs the eggs of worms or yeah or or bee sting you know wasp sting therapy and I says any of that been tried with you or no so they were actually treating you with some kind of parasite to try to get the the autoimmune reaction to be directed towards the parasite rather than the body and I take it it didn’t work or didn’t work very well and again this being before I was vegan I was on the biologic Samara the Remicade Mouse proteins which now that I know that I would never go on them again just because I feel it’s kind of disgusting and it makes you susceptible to every cold cough and rash okay so it’s more a matter of just being hyper vigilant about watching what I eat you know making sure that I have a lot of imodium what I wanted to tell you was the age of 16 I started to get very bad cystic acne my nose like I was on that antibiotic for six years and then I started to develop antibiotic for that must impact your digestion right flora and bacteria and my probably is what propelled me into having a well as you know there’s really nothing I can say except I’m I’m sorry to hear that I mean you know yeah yeah you know I mean you know as I say there is you know it’s not the case that Crohn’s disease is an incurable disease but right now in 2018 it is there is genuinely no known cure and you know medical doctors are just human beings they’re not members of a vast conspiracy you know they’re not that’s also during writers approach is to vilify the doctors and say that the doctors are secretly trying to keep you down you know the doctors you know they may not know much more than you as a patient you’ve been a patient for so many years and researching it and reading about it because you’re suffering with it you know but the doctors are human beings coping with with very imperfect information and in this case of Crohn’s disease the same treatment can have totally different outcomes for two different patients and we don’t know why we do not know why so there’s this sense of trying all over the place my biggest whatever I I tried to stay out of the ER because I literally did spend all of 2016 I came home I fought for six months to have my second then in September a pound of cantaloupe cantaloupe sized my rate over which they said in the beginning was precancerous then after the surgery when they did more studies on biopsies told me that it was super early stage one so I’ve been avoiding the ER for a long time now and just self-regulating with the medications that I know worked for me but my husband being the brains of the operation and it’s like night and day all of the money that I spent on prednisone and biologics and antipsychotics all these different you know meds that give you 10,000 other symptoms and two tablets a few more today have helped so I’m gonna put up this video I’m not gonna edit that out but I’ve got to say again you understand how dangerous this can be on the internet cuz some other person you said before you were desperate for any hope you know someone like durianrider suggests this you’re you know you’re someone who if someone told you to use a magical talisman to cure it you know I’m also afraid you say that and I put this on my channel I’m afraid someone else is gonna quit all their meds and try to write so guys again keep them up as you said if I no no I understand no it’s fine it’s fine but I just say again this is this is an illness where different treatments have different outcomes for different people and this is not medical advice but she’s talking about something that worked for her or something that helped alleviate her symptoms okay look think look I’ve gotta wrap it up it’s been more than 15 minutes thank you for coming on the show no it’s okay I mean I do sympathise and it’s a terrible struggle that you’re in I mean it’s terrible struggle nutritionally it’s treble struggle of life and death but the thing I want to emphasize here is even for someone with a health condition this extreme where the consequences are so high in terms of your suffering when they’re in their d’art this is someone who is still trying to make the effort to do the best that you can


What A Vegan Boxer Eats In A Day (David Haye)

[UltraVid id=43 ]Oh crazy the incredibly successful boxer David Haye who was forced into retirement by injuries is making a comeback to the ring and he’s chosen a strict vegan diet to keep his health and athletic performance in peak condition he was plagued by a crippling shoulder injury that some believe can be correlated in part to his previous meat heavy diet and doctors said he would never be able to fight again consuming 24 raw egg whites and four tins of sardines a day their turning point came at the beginning of 2014 when he watched a TV documentary about how animals are farmed killed and prepared for us to eat and he explained I saw all those cows and pigs and realized I couldn’t be a part of it anymore it was horrible I did some research to make sure I could still obtain enough protein to fight and once satisfied that I could I stopped and I’ll never go back some argued that his strict vegan diet would be his downfall as a heavyweight boxer but after a hundred and thirty one second knockout of Mark de Maury hey is looking in the best shape of his life alongside his vegan diet he includes foods known as cert rich foods which are said to activate proteins in the body called sirtuins which regulate biological processes such as aging cellular death inflammation and metabolism and protect cells from dying when they are under stress some of these cert foods include blue briefs parsley turmeric walnuts arugula celery chili kale apples and red onions amongst others the properties in these foods seem to enhance muscle function and improved muscle adaptation so by incorporating these David Haye saw a greater response from his training and a better recovery which allowed him to gain muscle mass David consumes five meals a day and here is what he eats in a typical day first thing upon rising he consumes one green juice which includes kale arugula and parsley for meal one he has pea protein and buckwheat flour pancakes with sliced strawberries walnuts and coconut yogurt then for his first training session he has another green juice meal two is herb marinated tofu with carrot spaghetti red onion arugula and peas meal 3 is a smoothie made of oats vegan protein coconut frozen mixed berries medjool dates mix seeds chaga mushroom spirulina and oat milk meal 4 is white bean quinoa salad with fennel chicory celery red onion dried chili parsley olives and Hermus and finally meal 5 lentil and kale dal served with turmeric buckwheat interestingly studies have shown that vegetarians have a quicker recovery time for breeding rates and muscular performance the non vegetarians named Peters sexiest vegan celebrities of 2014 here in the UK David Haye believes with the help of his vegan diet he can once again become the heavyweight champion thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up I’d love if you could leave a comment below and subscribe for more upcoming videos if you want to see what I’m eating follow me on instagram at 80/10/10 in London you


What A Vegan Olympic Weightlifter Eats In A Day! (Kendrick Farris)

[UltraVid id=33 ]Kendrick Farris is an American weightlifter who competed at this year’s Rio Olympics 2016 six years into his weightlifting career he decided to become a vegan since making the start change in 2014 Ferris has moved up a weight class and set an American weightlifting record by lifting over 800 pounds at the 2016 Olympic Trials when asked about why he chose to go plant-based he said my son was born almost two years ago in September 2014 and something happened where I was just seeing the whole thing so I’m like I need to do something different like how do you get back to what is the most purest form of our life our being and it started with the food I was doing some research and wanted to know more about my ancestry and I traced it back to one of the tribes of Israel their diet was a kosher diet but I wasn’t sure about the process of animal preparation so I made up my mind to try if he can diet now my body recovers a lot faster I feel lighter my mind is a lot more clear I feel I can focus a lot better not that I wasn’t a focused individual before but now I feel like I’m totally locked in this focus helped him set that u.s. record of a combined 377 kilogram at the Olympic Trials in May which is around eight hundred and thirty pounds with a 209 kilogram clean-and-jerk that’s four hundred and sixty pounds and a hundred and sixty eight kilogram snatch that’s three hundred and seventy pounds when asked about beef burgers Ferriss said you can replace it and it can taste amazing and be better for your body it’ll help with recovery reduce stress and inflammation in the body here’s what he eats on a typical day for breakfast he usually has vegan pancakes he also said he eats a wide variety of fruit with his favorite being grapefruit blackberries and blueberries his midday snack is a vegan protein shake and/or homemade trail mix with almonds cashews and pistachios lunch will often be avocado quesadillas or Spinach Lasagna another typical lunch is a salad grilled vegetables sweet potatoes beans and rice for his post-workout snack he has guacamole and black bean chips and for dinner he has black bean quesadillas or burgers made of homemade mushroom and rice patties he says he drinks a lot of water with lime mixed in and when he eats out he usually has some grilled vegetables vegan bread pasta and the salad bar the final word comes from Ferris he said start paying attention to what you’re putting into your body these things will help you have not just a clearer mind and a longer life but man you’ll have a greater quality of life it’s a beautiful thing and that’s the message that I hope to give to people thank you for watching this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up leave a comment below and subscribe for more upcoming videos if you want to see what I’m eating follow me on instagram @ 80/10/10 in london


INSPIRATION | Famous Vegan and Vegetarian Celebrities

[UltraVid id=22 ]► LIST OF VEGANS IN THE VIDEO (Order of Appearance)
Natalie Portman, famous actress
Jennifer Lopez, famous singer and actress
George Laraque, famous NHL hockey player
Bill Clinton, former president of the USA
Jared Leto, famous actor
Jake Shields, famous UFC Fighter
Ellen, famous talk show host
Woody Harrelson, famous actor
Tim Shieff, famous free runner/parkour athlete
Mike Tyson, former boxing world champion
Christian Bale, famous actor (Batman)
Justin Timberlake, famous singer/actor
Ariana Grande, famous singer
Carrie Underwood, famous singer and songwriter
Rich Roll, famous ultra endurance athlete and author
Johnny Depp, famous actor
Carl Lewis, 4x Olympic gold medalist for track
Marcus Patrick, famous model
Ellie Goulding, famous singer/pop star
Al Gore, former vice president of the USA
Rob Bigwood, arm wrestling world champion
Mac Danzig, famous UFC fighter
Frank Medrano, famous calisthentics athlete
Brendan Brazier, formulator of Vega and former Ironman triathlete
Patrick Baboumian, Germany’s strongest man
Lea Michelle, famous actress from Glee
Olivia Wilde, famous actress from The OC and Her
Elijiah Wood AKA Frodo, actor from Lord of the Rings!!!
Shania Twain, famous Canadian singer and songwriter
Pamela Anderson, famous actress from Baywatch
Moby, famous musician
Ricky Martin, famous singer
Toby Macguire, famous actor (Spiderman)
Famke Janssen, famous actress
Leanne Ratcliffe AKA Freelee the Banana Girl, social media sensation
Harley Johnstone AKA Durianrider, social media sensation
Gary Yourofsky, famous animal rights motivational speaker

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