GMO Foods are Toxic!

[UltraVid id=191 ]Doctor we hear a lot about a lot of bad things about genetically modified food GMOs why is that bad and do we know since it’s a relatively new science do we know the long-term effects yet we there’s a couple of answers that are really really important that people get these answers first of all the answer is Jeffrey Smith Jeffery Smith the author of seeds of deception the most sold book of its kind of all times Jeffery is one of the most fundamental researchers on earth being capable and able to talk about GMO foods genetically modified foods now imagine Monsanto started to put pesticides into seeds so that the plant grows a pesticide so if the pests are eating it they are dying okay would you go home and take your roach or spider spray or the spray that’s made to kill fleas or flies or whatever and use it orally and spray it into your mouth and say I think it does something good you know it might kill some bacteria in my mouth you’re going to have MS or cancer or Parkinson’s or something some neurological disease really really fast and when you understand that that’s what you eat I mean with I’m going to come to the genetically modification and all that dangerous but if you just think about the pesticides in the corn you eat it’s in the granola oil it’s in anything that that’s genetically modified you eat the pesticides that kills the pests just for common-sense sake so now genetically modified food is genetically modified how come we can digest everything the Earth’s growth because we are part of that earth it’s really like humans are like pigs and I don’t mean takes in the way of a negative kinetic condensation takes it everything that they can digest everything humans we have a very similar digestive tract like pigs we can pretty much digest everything as long as it’s natural my dear friend miss Australia a great great friend TV and movie personalities speaking was me tomorrow and on Sunday she wrote a book called the earth diet and you wouldn’t believe she is miss Australia she’s one of the most beautiful girls in the world she is perfectly healthy perfectly fit and she eats everything chocolate she makes her own peanut butter cups but everything the way it grows nothing is chemically altered or any way shape or form modified and this girl eats more than I do and I like to eat believe me and this girl is skinny and I’m perfectly healthy and I’m just saying that because we’re talking about the opposite of genetically modified food now here’s a real answer we cannot digest anything that’s genetically modified because we do not have the fitting enzymes to digest it now the body is basically handing it as toxic waste and this is what’s so dangerous the the the dead mutation in the food that food is now dead and mutated filled with pesticides or whatever it might be the body has no idea what to do with it keeps on producing enzymes trying to get produce biochemical and Nero Nero electrical reactions to somehow get rid of it digestion is the main cause of loss or the main use of energy digestion takes the most energy out of us but now usually you digest for a certain amount of time and then you stop but with an ethically modified food it’s in your body for hours or days or weeks and the body keeps on trying to get rid of it their toxic gases being aided by this by this process of rotting away the food is not being digested it’s rotting away and constantly producing toxins and toxic gases and this is God where where were just one element of the stars so now and and you know you might think oh okay dr. Coldwell just lost it we are in frequency what we eat I learned I studied was African witch doctors or medicine man I studied was American native Indian medicine I stand it was all the healers in the world to to create my instinct based medicine system and I found out that that all healing powers are just caused on the same route with using the same powers no matter if they called voodoo or whatever they call him it’s really if it works it’s the same it’s the same kind of power and when I when I even work very close was a couple of medicine men here in the US and they told me do you remember that in old movies sometimes in old western movies the the Indians killed the Buffalo and they apologized and they they prayed was a buffalo and said brother Buffalo and ma’am I’m sorry had to kill you but I had to live and don’t be upset and I was thinking about this as a kid even I’m thinking that’s really eerie you know the killer they eat it so what you know it’s dead but then the the the medicine man explained to me everything has a vibration and this vibration everything that we eat changes our vibration so we come frequently as a frequency everything in life is frequency in vibration that’s all there is it’s light and sound and we adapt to the frequency or the frequency adapt to us from anything we eat and the more I studied that most scientific sense that all of a sudden made all of a sudden it didn’t sound so absurd anymore no because the Indian prey to the Buffalo or worth the Buffalo to to harmonize the frequency to not make it’s enemy to not have something like like when when you when you kill an animal in a horrible situation in a slaughterhouse and the animal is really really terrified and knows it’s going to die it produces all these stress hormones adrenaline and everything it’s all over the body and that’s what we eat that’s why it’s so highly toxic that’s why I house the environment where this poor animal yeah this animal get killed and yeah yes I eat meat so I’m not kind of like there’s people out there saying never eat meat but there’s no reason to torture the animal you just you know if you have to slaughter do it you mainly and then you also don’t have all the toxins in the meat from the stress hormones and all this biochemical neuro chemical reactions and it was a genetically modified food what what Monsanto is doing it’s basically two things they poison our natural crop they poison our natural seed they have been accused of artificially infest ating fields from from farmers that grow natural corn natural food and then sue them for patent infringement saying you’re using you’re abusing our patents you’re growing our seeds and it’s said that they blew it on the on these fields to later to come back and basically tell these these farmers they have to destroy the crop and their seeds and why their seats only from them otherwise you get million dollar lawsuits for patent infringement what the plan seems to be is to take over the world food supply and make sure we have only food left for Monsanto only genetically modified food we know for a fact at least I know for me in my opinion as a fact and Jeffrey Smith’s can really really tell you a lot about this genetically modified food will cause cancer I am sure there is only a matter of time of years three to seven years of eating genetically modified food to develop cancer it’s a foreign object we cannot digest it the body doesn’t know what it is and what to do with it but also it changes our frequency like a microwave oven and it has no nutritional value to certain points then on the other end remember there’s a pesticide coming with it you’re eating what kills the bugs with your food so everything Scott what’s really really important for your viewers to understand many many many experts in the world confirming that in their opinion at the highest can security in the world as a high schooler for terminal disease period as I believe and many many experts believe and the reason is that I have a philosophy one of the main reasons if it didn’t exist 150 200 years ago you don’t need it you don’t want it you don’t want to eat it you don’t want to have it you don’t want to have it done to you because in 1900 there was a 7% cancer rate today we have a 56% cancer rate every second person in America has cancer or will get cancer so wait a second what did they do different in 1900 now they are saying Oh today’s people grow older that’s why our cancer risk is so much higher the most people that have colon cancer at 24 to 28 so that doesn’t work they have all these excuses and that’s how they abuse the mainstream media that they control to get all these lies and disinformation out there but Scott everything is natural nourishes us if if it’s organic and you juice it it gives you the all the power and life on Earth if it’s it needs to be organic and now it you always have to add it non GMO and it is just so horrible and and then the you horrible tricks they are using was all natural all natural means nothing I don’t know if you remember they put on the 7up all natural for a couple of weeks until people were so upset about that because everything by definition is all natural it means nothing you know and and your plastic cap is all natural try to eat it and we need to just put more emphasis on non GMO food and there is law coming up that’s going to be voted on in California really soon and people who are watching this please research seeds of deception Jeffrey Smith and read his books go to his website is a lot of videos on there sign up for his free newsletter he is fighting out there a fight that I’m fighting on my life for cancer patients we have death threats we have I mean I’ve been shot at at my husband bomb we have up to 27 desperate sad a our office now jokes with these people when they call up and they just say come by can you kill us now you know we’re waiting the board come over here because that’s how I was hurt that Scott and Jeffrey is in the same spot and he was a lone fighter out there he got it before any of us got it I didn’t even get it Jeffery got me on and that’s why I’m saying we need to communicate more with each other and stick together even if somebody is a tree hugger that I always thought I’m not talking to a tree hugger please go shower and get something else in broken structures and today I’m thinking wait a second that person said just transfer me really really smart back to nature and I’m thinking I’m saying back to nature too just in a different way so let’s come together and so stay away mud genetically modified food GMO food and there are no circumstances not one single time can be accepted as food it will kill you not maybe it will kill you you