Hotel/Traveling Raw Vegan Fruitarian – Fast Food with The Raw Outlaw (San Diego Fruit Fest 2019)

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My name is Rebecca, and I have been vegan for the animals since 2009, but still continued to get very sick. I began my raw vegan fruitarian journey on October 12, 2014 to battle “incurable” debilitating Multiple Sclerosis, in addition to Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Alcoholism, Benzo Withdrawal/Damage (as prescribed), Caffeine Addiction, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression, Acid Reflux, Obesity, Pansinusitis, Sleep Apnea, and Narcolepsy. I initially lost 80 pounds, quit all medications, regained function of my body and mind, and found new purpose in sharing this healing message with anyone it may help.

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My Vegan Medical Doctor: Dr. Linda Carney (Buda, Texas)
My Vegan Dentist: Dr. M. Sylvester Gonzales (Round Rock, Texas)
My Plant-Based ENT: Dr. Oscar A. Tamez (Round Rock, Texas)


8 Puerto Rican Vegan Meals

[UltraVid id=262 ]Hispanic vegan meals or as non- Hispanics like to say Spanish vegan dishes. We had all Puerto Rican meals this week. Here is a list of what we ate.
Sopa De Guandules y Bolitas De Platano (Pigeon Pea Soup and Plantain Balls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSXYUQSBdb8
Arroz con Habichuelas y Calabaza (Rice with Beans and Pumpkin)
Arroz Con Maiz (Rice with Corn) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Arroz con Vegetales (Rice with Vegetables) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Tofu Guisado (Tofu Stew) https://youtu.be/35ib5BHvdkI
Arroz con Guandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas) https://youtu.be/gSwIL8gTSTo
Ensalada de papas (Potato Salad) https://youtu.be/e0l8nWcTiNE
Tostones (Twice fried green plantain)
Maduros (Fried Ripe Plantain)
Aguacate (Avocado)

Positive vibrations. I’m grateful you’ve been led to this channel. I hope something I’ve said hasn’t just inspired you, but has moved you into action





Top 7 Reasons People Fail on a Vegan Diet: Plant-based Pitfalls

[UltraVid id=135 ]Hey guys Aaron and dusty here welcome back to eat move rest and Happy New Year yes happy 2018 so with the New Year here a lot of you are probably thinking it might be time to clean up your diet lose a little bit of weight maybe you’re even entertaining the idea of going vegan after all dr. oz did say that it was like the trend of the year yeah so 2018 it’s only building steam we want to share with you guys seven pip pitfalls or seven reasons that people fail out of plant-based or vegan diet yep so let’s get right into it number one people don’t eat enough calories I know that when I started or we started this journey I got rid of meat and dairy and all of a sudden I was just starving I didn’t know what to eat what’s left right so make sure and get your calories number two too much vegan junk food yes there is such a thing if you go to Whole Foods or any grocery store you’re bound to find plenty of processed packaged junk foods labeled vegan and all the sudden you see the halo 4 minutes glowing light and you grab it snatch it up throw it in your cart bring it home prepare it and you maybe don’t feel any better than you did when you ate your regular burger no Aaron will tell you I am a vegan junk food addict I do my best but every once in a while I just have to order that vegan pizza and eat the whole thing and I feel like dying yeah so steer clear of the junk foods and stick to the Whole Foods plant-based foods yeah more on that later number three being unprepared now this is something that we still struggle with nobody’s perfect but being prepared is going to help I know again when we first started we didn’t know what to buy at the grocery store we didn’t know what to prepare at home and basically we were unprepared and then always hungry yeah so has the same goes if you fail to plan you can plan to fail right number four the fourth reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is criticism yes and criticism can be harsh it can be downright mean we haven’t had to deal with a whole lot of that especially from our online community it’s been overwhelmingly positive things on YouTube but it can also be just joking around and just giving you a hard time which can also be uncomfortable right so my father-in-law Erin’s wonderful father is the biggest jokester in the world and I don’t know how many vegan slang word nicknames that he’s called me and us but hey we have survived and you will too just stand up to that criticism yes stand firm be confident just walk the walk and eventually people will start to ask you questions right okay so number five money people say it’s too expensive to be vegan and that is simply not true we were just at our families for the holidays and somebody was cooking up a big hunk of meat sitting on the counter we looked at the price and it was $50 a $50 piece of meat do you know how many rice and beans we can buy with that and cases of bananas no kidding we buy beans rice lentils potatoes by the bay it’s so cheap they last forever you can do it for six reason why people fail at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is impatience patience is a virtue my friends yes it can be tempting to want to go cold turkey and switch overnight and think that everything’s just gonna be like all happy sunshine and rainbows but it can actually set you up for failure and you’ll end up reverting back to how you were before yes so it took me at least two years and it was a little bit quicker but yeah we started out with vegetarian we did it for 40 days then we went back and like it was a two-year journey for us and we’ve right here and we’re happy now but be easy on yourself and have patience and we’re still learning new things every single day that the journey continues and you’re okay with that because we feel great and we’re continuing to feel better right so finally number seven the reason people fail is confusion they’re like what I thought this but this guy says that and we’re all just confused what’s right dr. Oz says one thing Oprah says another thing and ritual dr. Gregers say another thing yeah our best advice is to check your facts yeah for example wheel of nutritionfacts.org dr. Michael Greger all of his research is pulled from medical journals that are not backed by industry it was unbiased it’s gonna be clean pure truth okay so to recap the top seven reasons people fail on a vegan diet are number one not enough calories yes number two vegan junk food number three being unprepared yes number four criticism number five money or budgeting number six my biggest one impatience and number seven confusion yes so if you guys like this video you know the drill give us a thumbs up leave us some love down below leave us a comment hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and follow us on social media yes at Aaron stanczyk at DB stanczyk and click that Bell that’ll make sure that notifications will be turned on yes you’ll get alerted when we put out new videos here because the next video we’re gonna do for you guys will be the top 7 ways to succeed at a vegan or plant-based lifestyle right so stay tuned we’ll give you all the best answers to this videos problems oh yes happy new year okay crazy and how much of that is just like meat that you have to shave off earth not me yeah alright yeah that’s okay that’s right


I went Vegan for 30 Days – Here’s how it affected my health…

[UltraVid id=13 ]Hi, my name is cam and on average I’d say I eat pretty healthy I try to follow the classic food pyramid you know the one that we learned in elementary school your base layer is fruits and veggies the next is grains then dairy and then meat however lately I’m noticing that my diet has gotten pretty bad pop-tarts pastries chips candy bars with absolutely no dietary restrictions I’ve gotten pretty lazy with what I’ve been eating and something’s got to change so for the next 30 days I’m going vegan I’m going vegan because I want to see how it affects my health and my dietary habits on day one I weigh in at a hundred and forty-five pounds with an estimated body fat percentage of 17.6% [Music] my fridge is filled with a lot of dairy and a lot of meats which are no good to me anymore what I do have that is vegan is half a lime quarter jar of peanut butter chickpeas bread crumbs banana clove of garlic and one single pickle on the way right now to the grocery store I have to stock up on some vegan foods not really sure what I’m gonna buy I’m guessing lots of like fruits and vegetables [Music] – word bountiful harvest let me show you strawberries happen Tomatoes Kiwis oranges great spinach avocado high net not sure why but I bought a butternut squash vegan vegetarian sausages not sure how that works but we’re gonna give these suckers a try and see how these fraudulent wieners stack up to regular wieners that’s everything that I got at the grocery store I have never had such a colorful shopping cart in my entire life I am a bit nervous about being full I have a lot of really healthy food a lot of really tasty food but it doesn’t really seem like a lot of substance because it isn’t despite eating three meals a day in snacking on an endless amount of bananas hunger became a serious problem throughout the week for me having trouble falling asleep because I am still hungry by day I get fed up and decide to consult a pro how are you good good I’ve come seeking counsel for the vegan ways this is my friend Linsley Lindsley has been a vegan for quite some time now and I’m hoping she can give me some solid advice on how to combat my hunger you really need to get to know like what is the ratio of like grains vegetables fruits and like not from seeds and your meals to know like to get a roundabout idea of how many calories your kids it sounds like a lot of work which like becomes really natural my go-to Phillip foods or things like brownies typically likes grains things like oatmeal and like whole wheat if I can have those like any part of those net meals I’m getting all you know potatoes starchy foods the next day I take Linds Lee’s advice and start to analyze my caloric intake and try to find out what my body requires to be full throughout the day the first thing to finding out how many calories I should be consuming per day is to use the BMR equation to find my basal metabolic rate once I plug in my information I get my BMR then I take that BMR and multiply it where I fall on the harris-benedict formula times osoo number together and my daily required caloric intake comes out to around 2,000 598 calories per day now that I have a good understanding of how many calories I need in a day what kind of foods should I be eating to meet that caloric requirement for instance on a per 100 gram basis bananas only have 89 calories whereas a carrot has 41 whereas on the other hand things like black beans have 339 and almonds have 576 calories per 100 grams so for the rest of this challenge I’m going to be much more deliberate in eating more protein more fiber and more fats through things like beans chickpeas almonds seeds trying to really boost my caloric intake and hopefully in return subdue my hunger [Music] over the next few days my hunger problem goes away I feel like I finally lock in on my meal prep and I’m able to start meeting my calorie targets with ease and really start to actually enjoy the food that I’m cooking [Music] [Applause] [Music] now today marks day 25 of my vegan challenge once I got past the initial week and the initial hunger problems I’ve been having due to my lack of preparation and understanding of what I should be eating in a vegan diet things have been really really easy I’m not having cravings for the things that I thought I was gonna have cravings for and I feel like I’m being healthy I feel like I’m eating more fruits and vegetables I’m definitely drinking a lot more water than I normally do and I’m not just going out and eating whatever I want whenever I want which was so easy to do when I had absolutely no restrictions on my diet um yeah this month is going surprisingly really well I’m able to finish off my month as a vegan without any problems and I have to say this month was an overwhelmingly positive experience as far as my health goes I ended up losing six pounds in cutting 0.5% in body fat and even my blood pressure dropped a full point down to a 1:21 over 80 outside of the health benefits I’ve learned a lot about the environmental benefits of being vegan going forward I feel like being vegan has helped me become a more conscious and informed consumer as well as to help me solidify some healthy dietary disciplines so my month as a vegan huge success [Music] [Music]