These 4 vegan apps and 2 websites cover most common questions! Such as: What restaurants are vegan? What vegan makeup brands are there and are they cruelty free beauty products? Where can I meet other vegans? Where are vegan social events? What food items are vegan and non vegan? What alcohol brands are not vegan and not cruelty free?

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How Vegan Diet Affects The Psychology of Humans: Dr. Will Tuttle

Hi my name is ken Specter with happy cow and I’m here in Las Vegas Nevada at the health healing and happiness Expo and I’m here with dr. will Tuttle he’s written a book called the world peace diet it’s an amazon.com best seller and he is an author a composer pianist and a speaker who is heard internationally he’s also heard all over the internet in his various videos dr. Tuttle how does the vegan diet affect the psychology of humans yes thank you so basically as I discussed in the world peace diet can eating animal foods being forced to do that from time our little children is not good for our psychology for our emotional stability for our capacity to be sensitive to the sufferings of others it really represses our natural wisdom and compassion being forces little infants to participate in rituals mealtime rituals where we’re eating the flesh of animals who are abused and killed and the secretions of those animals dairy products and eggs and so once we move toward a plant-based diet a vegan diet when we especially when we do it for compassion for animals then we open the doors for our psychology to begin to heal our emotions to begin to reconnect actually we going to reconnect with our emotions and our feelings and our sensitivity and we begin to take the armor off our natural self-confidence can begin to flow again our natural self respect because when we’re not respecting other beings we’re not going to really respect ourselves and I think eating animal foods essentially reduces not only our natural wisdom and compassion but also our natural self-respect so I think it’s very important for us to understand these things whether we’re vegans or whether we’re previous and as we move toward a plant-based diet for ethical reasons to also understand the reasons why that when we cause suffering to other beings we’re simply going along with a cultural program that is not in our best interest so one of the things that going vegan does I think psychologically is it helps build our character we have to go against the current of not only our own programming but the programming of our society as well the other thing I want to emphasize is that when we go vegan it’s important for us to make an effort to understand the big picture of our culture’s food system and I go into this in the world peace diet quite a bit but basic idea is that in the beginning we’re usually pretty shallow in our in our understanding and it’s quite easy to fall back and to be eating meat and dairy again because the doctors or our friends and family or the boss or whoever it is makes life difficult for us but if we are able to persevere through that we very often come to what I refer to as the second stage of veganism which is the angry vegan stage because now we’re angry because people we understand why don’t they get it I’ve went vegan why don’t they go vegan don’t they care we get outraged and angry so it’s very important I think for us to move beyond that stage because that’s a not a good stage to be in and and not to move into the other stage which very often often happens which is the closeted vegan stage so then if being angry is so miserable then I just won’t tell anybody I’m a vegan and I’ll just hide it and do not let anybody know and then maybe they’ll leave me alone that’s also not satisfying and healthy either so the third or I think there’s multiple stages actually beyond these beyond the shalour stage the angry stage the closeted stage and these are what I refer to as deep veganism where we are actually understanding the whole picture and a much deeper level we realize that people are programmed to eat animal foods we’re not opposing them we’re seeing together that even as a vegan I’ve been in many ways programmed by my society and so we realized that veganism is essentially a path of psychological and spiritual growth where we’re adopting a whole new way of relating not only to animals but to other people into ourselves and we’re being a force for compassion and healing and radical inclusion and we realize that veganism isn’t really nothing to be proud of it’s simply coming home to our own heart to our true nature and seeing beings when we see beings rather than seeing things and to be effective as vegan advocates were called to live this understanding at a deep level which basically means to understand that our cultural programming so when being so competitive and judgmental and shaming other people and getting angry and all that to really have compassion and kindness for everyone this is the path of veganism it’s really to me an enormous ly positive thing it’s something anyone can engage in and I think the more of us to do it well we have to it’s critical times we live in Kent I think we all know that in our bones it’s time for us to make these kinds of positive changes and veganism is really a path of liberation of Awakening and fundamentally of empowerment it’s empowering and and getting out of the prison of being a consumer only caring about myself but you actually have compassion for animals future generations hungry people ecosystems slaughterhouse workers and really for even other people who are eating animal food to have compassion for them and realized that as we live our life with joy and abundance and with delicious food and so forth and support that we are making the most positive difference anyone can make in our planet today so thank you all for listening and thank you happy cow for the great work you’re doing to help bring the vegan message to the masses to everyone thank you great thank you so much well I’m Ken with happy Cal this is dr. will Tuttle and thank you for watching bye-bye


Top 3 Things Vegans Can Do To Increase Their Longevity: Dr. Michael Greger

hi I’m Ken Spector with happy cow and we’re here in Las Vegas Nevada at the health healing and happiness expo I’m here with dr. Greger and he is a physician an author a nationally renowned lecturer and he’s the founder of nutritionfacts.org what are the top three things that vegans can do to increase their longevity in terms of life span beans actually so it’s a legume consumption or pulse consumption so beans peas lentils the one if you look at long live populations around the world so the longest living formally started population in the world are these Adventists at Aryans living in California then there’s the okinawa japanese if you go around the world and see who lives the longest the one thing they all have in common is leg them they all eat their beans whether they’re eating you know brown beans the Mediterranean or the reading their tofu and you know whatever it whatever bean it is that seems to be the best predictor of longevity is whether or not and how many beans we number two is probably nut consumption eating nuts may cut our cardiac mortality number one killer in half just that alone I’m so encouraged even ounce and nuts like a palm full nuts everyday nuts or seeds and probably the third thing they can do is you know stuff their face with as many fruits and vegetables as possible the healthiest fruits berries the healthiest vegetables dark green leafy vegetables so the study I recently profiled on nutrition facts that are that just a single daily salad could literally add years to one’s life span right healthy years so these aren’t just you know years of disability healthy years literally just doing something that’s delicious and so you’re a second delicious and you get to live longer that’s what plant-based eating is all about and as a bonus question what would be the top nuts and then the top beans for nutrition that you would recommend whatever not you like whatever not you’ll eat but walnuts are the healthiest nuts number two pecans in terms of beans actually black beans topped the list but look if you don’t like black beans you know you can go to Pinto which is I forget down the list you know dark red kidney beans are good actually chickpeas are kind of lower down the list but look if you liked it please like comment go for it absolutely any be anything you’ll eat is a healthy bean lentils are wonderful to me okay terrific thank you so much dr. Greger be sure to check out dr. Greger on nutritionfacts.org he has incredible videos and an exorbitant amount of information check them out and check out happy cow comm thank you I’m Ken Specter bye bye